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Mastaba -

Revelations - Part II

Foley Square
Ten Minutes Later…

As soon as they had exited the Metropolitan Correctional Center, the three officers made their way to Foley Square near the fountain. Sergeant Bell was walking next to Olivia Benson as Elliot Stabler walked behind them both.

No one wanted to break the silence between the three of them. Ayanna was confused, but Olivia and Elliot were both visibly shaken as soon as they had exited the facility.

Olivia was busy checking her e-mails as she walked, her brow furrowed and sighing every few seconds as she flagged the ones that she had to follow up on, and quickly typed out responses to the ones she could before deleting them. Once she’d reached the end of her new notifications, she sighed and slid the work phone in her pocket.  She reached into her other pocket and pulled out her personal phone, unlocking it and opening her photos.

Scrolling through the photos she’d taken at Fin’s not-wedding, and past the ones for the last month she came to the photos she was looking for.

As soon as they stopped by the fountain, Elliot shifted and spoke, finally.

Liv.” His voice had an edge to it.

“Elliot. I know.” Olivia said, clicking on the photo she was looking for. “Son-of-a-bitch.” She whispered.

“What’s going on, you two?” Ayanna looked between her Detective and the Captain.

“Olivia, did you – “ Elliot walked next to her, his shoulder brushing up against hers as he reached forward and took her phone, looking down at the photo, and scrolling to the next photo in the gallery.

“I don’t even know how he would’ve – “ she began. “El, if he knows… “

“He said something about mine, after you two had walked out and I asked him how he knew.”

“Hold Up. Wait a damn minute. I don’t understand your shorthand…so, what are you two talking about?” Ayanna asked, quickly starting to feel lost in this half-conversation the two of them seemed to be having. She had witnessed their interactions three weeks ago and was enraptured by the way they spoke to one another and gravitated toward one another’s space, but at the same time, there was a quiet tension between the two of them – she guessed it had stemmed from their time apart and things that were seemingly unsaid still.

Olivia sighed and ran her hand down her face, “Do you think we could have –“

“We can.” He nodded, “We need to get back to our building, Sarge.” Elliot handed Olivia her phone back. “If he knows this…who knows what else he knows. We might need to have all our electronics examined at this point.”

“Is someone going to tell me what the hell is going on here? Captain? Detective?”

“What Richard Wheatley just said in that room, Ayanna, wasn’t just him waxing poetic. He wasn’t just trying to blow smoke up our asses.” Olivia seemed slightly agitated. “He has access to our phones. To our messages, to our call logs, to our photos.” She bit her bottom lip as she paced back and forward in front of her former partner and her mentee. “The words he was saying – they were related to a very personal letter I have saved in my phone so I don’t get caught pulling a piece of paper out of my bag to read a million times a day.” She gave Elliot a pointed stare and he just looked up like he was looking up at the buildings.

“I knew as soon as he said about missing his wife - missing her in a simple, desperate human way, more than he ever thought he could have believed he would. He was reciting the letter. That had nothing to do with his wife. No, those were verbatim lines from the letter I have saved in my camera roll.”

Elliot sighed, as Ayanna turned her attention to him, “Is that why you slammed the door behind us, Stabler. You knew about this letter?”

“I’m the one that wrote the letter.” He pressed his thumb along his eyebrow. “He was spewing my private words that I had written to Olivia back to us – letting us know that he knew everything about us, all the intimate details that were penned along the paper. It makes sense now, what he said in interrogation when Angela had asked to speak to him with me there. He’s not lying. I think he does have recordings of every conversation. Just like I think he has all the photos saved from our devices. We need to have encryption software put on everything.”

Ayanna was taken back by the realization that everything Richard Wheatley had just spewed back to them was an apology, an explanation, and a love letter. She looked between the two of them suddenly understanding the dynamic between the two of them. She knew Olivia after Elliot. She had just met Elliot, a somewhat broken Elliot, but he was working on fixing himself. She had suggested a good therapist for him to see to deal with the trauma – the new Elliot after having left Olivia. She had started to see the two of them interacting with one another around the Organized Crime Headquarters and when they had been in the Hospital. They made a great team, they made great partners – but from everything Richard Wheatley had just said, it sounded as though someone had some more than professional feelings for his former partner.  

It wasn’t any of her business.

Olivia suddenly realized something else that Richard had said. “El – “

“Hm?” He caught her eyes and saw the fire that was suddenly blazing behind them, her jaw set in place as though she was clenching it.

When?” She asked, her eye twitching. “When did you have time to – but you haven’t even...” She placed her hand over her heart. He knew, he was in deep shit. “Did you even mean –“

“Liv. I’m sorry.

“I tried to save her.


“You know what, I can’t.” Olivia shook her head, “Can we just get back to Organized Crime and have Jet look at our phones and then – I need some time.”

Ayanna looked over at Stabler and shook her head, as Olivia walked toward the spot where they had parked. After Olivia was out of earshot, Ayanna reached over and smacked Stabler on the back of the head. “You’re a damn fool, Elliot.”

Ouch. I know. PTSD, Sarge.”