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Wrong B!tch

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To say the least Buck was very nervous.He was about to go to his high school reunion.Now if you don’t know high school was a living hell for him.He got picked,jumped,everything in the fucking book.

But now he isn’t alone and he isn’t that same small naive kid.

Eddie knew his husband was nervous,he kept tapping his foot up and down,while scratching his birthmark.

Eddie took the hand that was scratching the birthmark and kissed both Evan and the birth mark.

”You need to stop,mi amor,” he says softly against him.

”I know I’m just nervous,” Buck says going back to tapping his foot.

”There is no need to be nervous,I got you.And if anyone hurts you they will have to deal with me.”

Buck nods then gets up so they can leave.As he’s getting up he finally takes time to appreciate his fine ass husband.

Eddie had on a red silk shirt that made him look like he was glowing(to somewhat matched Buck’s black silk shirt)the shirt made his biceps look big and Buck was loving it.To go with the red silk shirt were some black dress pants and belt.His shoes were of unimportance but if you insist they were so matte leather boots.

”Damn baby you look good,” Buck says,lust definitely somewhere in his voice.Because the way he is eyeing his husband like he is water in a drought is insane.Eddie waves him off because they will probably not be going to this reunion if Buck keeps staring at him like that.

They step of the house getting into Buck’s jeep and heading to the old high school.

The place still looks the exact same.His own personal hell.


This reunion is so boring I mean Jayden Howard,Kadi William,Connor,Mira Bohdi,and Black Jetson  still think they the shit.Didn’t his wife cheat on him with her yoga instructor?I don’t know.All I know is my ass is on this wall,just watching 

Then the doubles door open up and in walk…DAMN.That is one fine ass couple.The silk is doing it’s damn thing.Everyone goes quiet then whispers arise.Eddie smiles knowing they have all’s these people in attention,he gives Buck arms a reassuring squeeze.

A bell goes off in my head and I spit my drink out eying the couple some more.It’s Evan Buckley,we’ll I’ll be damned.I’m surprised he even decided to show.The “popular kids” were always dicks to him.I remember one time I had punched Connor in the nose for hitting him.I got suspended for a week because his dad was a teacher there at the time.

Good god he is hot,Mira thinks,but then she notices the birthmark and OMG it’s Evan she thinks.The man next to him is hot too.She tells Kadi Evan got to hot and Kadi agrees.Both girls decide to go over and shoot their shots.

But as they walk over they see the shorter man cups his face and gives him a dirty kiss leaving Evans lips swollen and smirking.

The girls slowly back away going back over to Jayden,Blake,and Connor.

Connor feels his fist curl into his palm.There disgusting he thinks.They shouldn’t even be here.

After Eddie kissed him Buck got a new sense of confidence.He went around showing off his husband sometimes even showing people pictures of Christopher.The time he was showing off Eddie,Eddie would be very possessive,making sure no one got the idea that they could Buck anymore happy than he already was but also making sure no one would let their eyes roam to long.

Buck and Eddie had gotten a table away from people to have some peace.But peace never last.

The people that made Buck’s high school life a living hell walk up to the their table.With their fake smiles already cued up.It’s honestly disgusting,Buck starts to chuckle.They give him a weird look then quickly change it.

”Hey Evan man,long time no see,” Blake says going giving his fist so Buck and bump it.Buck stares him and up and down,and then says “I feel like I said this in high school,the names Buck,” he said but their was something under his tone that made Blake pull back,that made Mira step back,that made Kadi and Jayden shiver,Connor acted like he wasn’t affected but he was.And well Eddie just smiled lovingly at his husband.

”I don’t think you’ve meant my husband yet.This is Eddie,” Buck says wrapping his arm around him.

”Hi,I would say it’s nice to meet you,but if I’m being honest…” a moment passes the group waiting to hear what he is going to say, “but it’s really not,” he say nonchalantly taking a sip of this awful punch .Jayden gasp,Mira face just looks ugly.

”Well I’ll have you k-“ she is cut off my Eddie. “Please,give my ears a rest.Has anyone ever told you your voice is annoying?” Eddie asks.She huffs and walks away,Buck bust out laughing.Eddie laughs with him. “Your mean,” Blake mutters like a 5 year old then walks away.

”Takes one to know one!” Buck yells,he knows Blake heard him,because of the way his steps changed and the way his body tensed

The rest of the group is soon gone.But Connor is there staring at them.

”Connor,what’s up?” Buck asks tilting his head to side.

Eddie moves somewhat closer to Buck but also in front of him,like he is Buck’s shield.

”How can you live with yourself?” Connor asks looking at the couple.

”What?” Buck questions making sure he heard him right.

Connor doesn’t say anything,his mouth is moving though.

Buck gets up from his seat and in front of Connor. “Conn-“ He is cut off when right the barrel of a gun is  in front of his face and another pointed to the his husband.He wanted to hit him until his face turned red.

“GUN!” some one yells,some people leave but  lots of people are just nosey and terrible and are still standing or sitting,watching how this is going to play out.

OH SHIT!!!!! So you know me I’m still over on the wall minding my business when Connor pulls out a gun.Man I ain’t trying to die tonight.I’m telling you white people crazy.

The thing that’s even more crazy-not scary though.Buck and Eddie don’t look phased at all.

Connor is yelling some homophobic bullshit.

”You know sleeping with men will get you in a whole lot of trouble.Just pitiful.Evan-Buck-whatever the hell your name is,he's probably with you because your a pretty fuck,” Connor spits out,Buck knows it’s not true but words still hurt.Connor is so jealous and upset it’s embarrassing.Like if want to suck a dick just say that.Everyone is just watching and recording.Shouldn’t someone call the cops.

You know what,I’m going to be the bigger person and call the cops.

“Your going to end up in hell.”

Buck looks back at Eddie who just looks tired of the whole ordeal.

”I’ll see you there,” Buck says.As soon as the words leave his mouth he’s on Connor,twisting one gun out of his hand then breaking arm to get the other one.Now where the hell did he learn that?

His scream rings out in the cafeteria.They bounce off the wall as if the sound is being absorb by them-wanting to keep them locked away,so they could play it back to themselves.

DAMN Buck punches him the gut.My spidy senses say he definitely broke a rib.

Then Buck sees red,he is hitting Connor over and over again.For everything that happened.For every person he and his posse ever hurt.For every punch,every slap,every shove,every terrible word that was said,all the lunch money given away,all the terrible food they stuffed down his throat,for pointing a fucking gun at the love of his life,for thinking he even could.

He feels hands pull him off.He almost felt himself get ready the fight that person but then he hears his soothing voice.

“مرحبًا ، لقد حصلت لك يا حبيبي ، أنت بخير”(Hey hey,I got you my love.Your alright)Eddie whispers,running his finger gently over Buck’s knuckles,and kissing his cheek.

”كيف تشعر؟” (How are you feeling)Buck doesn’t say anything.Everyone is still processing Connor getting his ass beat to a bloody pulp.

”أريدك أن تخبرني” (I need you to tell me)Eddie commands.


Hold on hold on,is this man speaking some type of new language,cause golly.

Buck takes a deep breath, “I’m ok Eddie.”

Eddie smiles then kisses his husband once again.Everyone starts clapping even the police who as we speak are putting hand cuffs on Connor.He let’s out another scream of man,if he don’t shut up.Like no one cares your hand his broke.Ugh pick a struggle.

Buck is cleaning his hand with a towelette when a policeman walks over to him.

”I would just firstly like to apologize for that mans disgusting behavior.You two are just beautiful together.”

”Thank you,”Buck and Eddie say in unison.

”But I must ask I saw the video just now,where did you learn a technique like that?”

Buck clicks his tongue.The room is silent waiting to hear his answer.Hell I’m am too,I really should have brought some popcorn.He smirks,his blues swimming in excitement,Eddie has a dumb smile on his face as well,just looking at his husband.

”I was SEAL,” he states then him and Eddie walk out hand in hand.

People we’re left still scrambling through their brains, of what the hell happened tonight.Jayden,Mira,Blake,and Kadi pray that karma doesn’t bite them in the ass and they were so glad they didn’t get their ass kicked by a very different Evan Buckley.