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Without Me

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The loud grunts coming from the bedroom were easily recognisable to Claire. She had elicited similar sounds from both men when she had bedded each of them as their wife. Now they were clearly eliciting them from each other.

She opened the door quietly, wanting to see exactly what was happening. The air was thick with wood smoke, lingering scents of whisky and the not unpleasant smell of male exertion. Both men were on the bed, Jamie’s back to the door, his scars glinting like a silvery spider’s web. He was slightly raised up on his knees, his sculpted arse bare and in full view. His head was bent low, dipping up and down rhythmically. He was so big, she could hardly see the slightly smaller man beneath him but she heard his voice as he moaned her husband’s name, his clipped English accent unmistakable.

Claire took a step into the room and closed the door behind her, the click causing both men to freeze like deer caught in the crosshair of a hunting bow. She saw Jamie slowly raise his head and swipe his forearm across his mouth. He turned his head to look over his shoulder and as he saw Claire, his mouth opened as he went to speak. Claire wanted to be the one to get the first word in however, as she said,

“What the bloody hell do you think you are doing…..”

She saw Jamie’s eyes widen and his eyebrows crook up in the middle, looking worried.

“…….without me.” Claire couldn’t help her mouth twisting into a knowing smile as one eyebrow raised high on her forehead.

“Sassenach…”, Jamie’s voice was deep, almost a growl, with a note of warning contained therein. She had better not be teasing him. His own mouth split into a devilish grin as he began to crawl off the bed and Claire walked over to him. She could see he was mightily aroused, his cock standing up hard and thick from between his thighs. She heard a growl come from within herself as she reached forward with one hand, grabbing him towards her as he grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her mouth to his for a passionate kiss. His free hand began to scramble with her bodice, pushing it aside roughly to allow him to grab one breast and pull it free of its laced restraint.

Claire suddenly became aware of movement in the room with them. They had never had another present during their lovemaking and she thought she should feel surprised or somehow ashamed but she didn’t. All she felt was an intense lust to be taken by both of these men. Lord John Grey had gathered his clothes and, wearing just his shirt, was beginning to tiptoe towards the door to leave.

Claire forcibly pulled away from Jamie and quickly turned.

“And just where do you think you’re going?”

John looked from Claire to Jamie, fearful of their intent. He remembered all too well the feel of a fist cracking into his jaw from the mighty Highlander back at Helwater. But looking between the two of them now, Jamie’s huge hand still massaging Claire’s ivory breast and their eyes looking at him with wanton desire, he could hardly believe this was real. Did the want him? Together?

John was still confused; he had misinterpreted situations in the past and didn’t want to make the same mistake again. As if sensing his need for something more explicit, Claire, with her characteristic frankness, stated, “Don’t go. And bolt the door.”

John practically gasped at her brazenness but he supposed he shouldn’t have been surprised. When they were married themselves, she had been shockingly frank with her needs and desires. It would seem she was continuing to be so. He quirked his eyebrows up, catching Jamie’s oceanic blue eyes as the huge Scot gave a small nod of assent. John quietly turned and slid the bolt into place across the top of the door. Well, they were in this together now!

Before he could turn back around, John felt heat radiating behind him. He knew it was Jamie even before the huge hand pushed the clothes out of his hand and grabbed his waist to turn him around. Jamie bent his head down, his red curls falling forward onto John’s face. John was powerless to resist Jamie’s wide, soft mouth and the tongue probing between his own full, pink lips. He began to melt into the embrace when he felt a smaller, delicately boned hand brushing the flaming curls away from his face and then pulling him round to kiss her. Claire’s own dark curls were even wilder and longer than Jamie’s. John felt like he was surrounded by intoxicating spirals of red and brown, twisting him into a forest of desire.

Jamie’s long arms enveloped them both, his right hand gripping John’s arse and his left hand pulling Claire towards him by the waist. There were a few minutes of frantic kissing, each of them trying to kiss the other two almost constantly, fighting in desperation for shared passion. Their breaths were coming loud and fast as hands roamed everywhere. Jamie had been naked to begin with and John’s shirt was quickly pulled off over his head. Claire’s skirts and bodice, as usual, took the longest to free herself from but with two men working on the laces and ties, it didn’t take long for her to become completely naked too.

Their mingled groans were getting louder as hands became more insistent in their explorations of each others bodies. Finally, Claire pulled away slightly, taking each man by one hand and walking backwards towards the big wooden bed. “I think I need to catch up with you two, don’t I?” she smiled at them, sitting down and then slowly laying back, pulling the men towards her and allowing her legs to fall wide open. Jamie growled like a wolf stalking his prey as he quickly lay down in between her thighs and began to kiss his way up to her already glistening core. John took position laying next to Claire as he dove his mouth down to suck one peaked nipple into his hot mouth.

As Jamie parted her folds with his fingers and began to lap at her wetness, Claire moaned and arched her back up off the bed. “No, no, mo nighean donn”, he chided her gently, shaking his head and placing one huge hand over her pelvis, pressing her firmly to the bed, “You’ll stay still so we can ravish you. John, keep her back down on that bed.”

“With pleasure.” John shifted his weight so he was laying half on top of Claire, his hands firmly pinning her upper arms down to the bed, next to her sides. “My dear,” he smiled at her, swooping down to take her mouth, plunging his tongue in before she could speak. He heard her high moans coming into his own mouth and he smiled as he released her mouth allowing her keening wail to ring through the room.

With Jamie’s tongue working insistently against her clit and John’s mouth sucking and nipping at her nipples, Claire knew she would not last much longer. When Jamie thrust two fingers into her and hooked them forward into her pleasure spot, she crashed down from the peak her body had climbed to, orgasm washing over her whole body, her legs trembling and twitching. Jamie held her firmly but gently, grounding her as she came down, while John peppered light kisses up her neck. She could feel hands lightly grazing up and over her body and the bed shifting as weight was adjusted and bodies moved. She opened her eyes to see the two men kissing over the top of her, one hand of each still resting on her and the other roaming each other.

Jamie shifted himself so he was lying back with his head in Claire’s lap. John, on his knees, bent forward and took Jamie’s huge length in his mouth, heavy on his tongue, the tip already leaking. He swirled his tongue around the tip, dipping it into the slit, provoking a deep groan from the Scot. Claire was licking her lips, desire rising again within her, heat starting to burn between her legs. She bent forward herself, grabbing John’s hard member and stroking it up and down. John released a moan of pleasure, briefly taking his mouth away from servicing Jamie.

Jamie’s eyes flashed darker with desire, his pupils blowing wide with lust. He flipped himself over to lie on top of Claire and with one hard thrust, sunk himself to the hilt inside her slippery depths. Claire flung her neck back, hand still working John’s cock, as Jamie lifted himself up onto his arms, pounding into her.

“Oh fuck, oh god, Jamie, I want more.”

Claire looked up at Jamie, a silent question passing between their eyes. Jamie’s lips quirked up into a smile as he emitted a low growl, bending down to bite her neck as he rolled them over. With Claire now lying on top of Jamie, her legs spread and her pale round arse bouncing high off his cock, John couldn’t resist sinking his teeth into her flesh there, moving his fingers to find their joining. Twin moans of, “Oh John”, rang in his ears making him feel like a God.

“John, I think the wee vixen is asking you to fuck her.”

“When you have satisfied yourself, my Laird, it would be my absolute pleasure.”

Jamie snorted as he clarified, “No, my Lord, she would like you to fuck her. Now.”

John’s eyebrows raised as he realised exactly what they were asking of him. “You can’t mean…? But, are you quite sure, my dear?”

“Oh god yes, John, please fuck me.” Claire was practically begging now, panting to slow her rhythm on Jamie’s cock to stop them coming too soon. She wanted them all to be joined, to come together, as one. God she wanted to be filled with both of these delicious men’s cocks.

Jamie grabbed one of her arse cheeks in each of his huge hands and spread them apart, looking at John over Claire’s shoulder with the dirtiest smirk John had ever seen.

“Oil, we’ll need some oil. Claire I don’t want to hurt you.” John leaned over Claire’s back, pressing a tender kiss to the point of her shoulder. He reached to his bedside drawer and took out a small vial, uncorking it and drizzling some oil into his palms. With one hand slicking his own cock, and the other pressing against Claire’s arse, he carefully pushed one finger into her. She bucked against his hand, arching her back and groaning loudly. His own desire now demanding to be sated quite desperately, John pressed a second finger in and quickly but gently worked her open. When he thought she should be ready enough, he pulled his fingers out and lined himself up between both Frasers legs, looking down at two pairs of eyes, one whisky, one blue, staring back at him with wanton desire.

Claire took a breath, then said, “Do it now, and don’t be gentle.”

John grabbed her hips and pressed the tip of his cock against her arsehole, firmly sliding himself in. He lost his usual restraint, moaning “Jesus Christ, Claire, you’re so tight.” Claire’s own moan was long and loud as she was filled with both cocks. All three of stayed still for a few seconds, everyone adjusting to the feelings this new joining produced. Then Jamie gave a shallow thrust in and out of Claire. “Christ, man, I can feel your cock.”

And then it was all movement and moaning, skin slick against each other with sweat and oil, slipping in and out as their three bodies sought pleasure together. It was a sensation unlike anything they had ever felt. Claire felt all consumed, lost in desire between these two men taking her. She couldn’t control herself as she began almost thrashing in between, each man thrusting in and out of her in a delicious, unrelenting rhythm. She cried out both their names as she came, bright explosions of light bursting behind her closed eyelids, head thrown back, curls wild. Jamie followed just after, a few short thrusts and a string of Gaelic expletives spilling from his mouth as his seed shot deep inside Claire in hot strings of pleasure. John could hold on no longer as he too came, deep within Claire’s arse.

John collapsed onto Claire’s back, spent from orgiastic exhaustion. Claire was herself flat on Jamie’s chest, barely coming back to consciousness. With both his loves lying on top of him, Jamie smiled to himself, wrapping his long arms around the two bodies, holding them close to him as he closed his eyes and with a smile of pure bliss on his face, said simply,