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Naughty Good Boy

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Chris had been aware and upfront about most of his kinks from early on in their arrangement, though there had been a few he had learned he was into, exclusively with Mariska. He knew open and honest communication about what he liked, and what really got him going was a necessity.

He loved fucking her. She gave back just as much as she took, which is why he knew he was in for it now.

They were well rested and the night was still young. She hadn’t let go of how long he made her wait for release earlier, and she knew since he had already cum once, he could hold out for longer this time.

He now sat on a chair in the middle of the room, hands at his sides, eagerly awaiting for her to come out of the bathroom. He’s already nursing a semi when he hears the door open, and his jaw drops. She’s in stilettos that are at least 4 inches, completely naked, wearing dark red lipstick.

His dick is now completely hard as she walks towards him, her hips swaying with a purpose. She stops just short of being in arms reach of him, and he wants to lean forward to grab her, but knows better.

In her hand was a leather flogger, which she gently strokes the strands of, before giving it a gentle hit into her palm. She smirks at him, licking her lips before she takes a step closer, now within grabbing distance.

She’s testing him.

She sees the muscles in his arms flexing as he clenches and unclenches his hands, resisting the urge to reach out and touch her. She takes this time to gently stroke his cheek with her left hand. He leans into her touch, closing his eyes.

“Such a good boy,” she coos, yet there is still seduction in her voice.

She sees his hands moving to touch her, and suddenly the hand that was just stroking his cheek was now slapping it. His eyes snap open, and he gulps, biting back a moan. “Keep your hands to yourself and at your sides until I give you permission. Got it, asshole?”

He simply nods.

He loves hearing her moan, and calling him Daddy when he was in the Dom role. She loves testing the limits of how long he can be quiet when she’s in charge, and he is more than willing to comply for as long as he can.

Having both a degradation and a praise kink was a rollercoaster. He’s never quite sure if he wants to obey or disobey commands. He also absolutely loves pain and the feeling of adrenaline pumping through his body.

He watches as she dangles the end of the flogger from her fingertips, letting the strands hang just above his tip. He watches as a glint of mischief dances in her eyes before she lowers it, and moves her wrist in a circular motion, causing the leather to circle around his cock.

He lowers his head, closes his eyes, and takes several deep breaths, before biting his tongue. She will be the death of him tonight, but what a hot way to go.

When she sees he isn’t going to break, she stops, properly holding the flogger once more. She then stands between his legs. And reaches down, taking his dick in her hand, giving him three gentle tugs. “You’re doing so good, baby.”

She then drops to her knees directly in front of him, placing the flogger on the floor next to her. She looks up at him, and give him wide, innocent eyes that are anything but. She isn’t playing fair. She knows that brings out a deep, primal need to control the situation.

“I’m gonna take you in my mouth, okay?” she explains to him as though he doesn’t understand what’s about to happen. He nods. “You do NOT move your hands, and you do NOT move your hips, otherwise I will stop.” She licks from base to tip, swirling her tongue around the head, before looking up at him again. “Am I making myself clear?”

He nods, and then drops his head back and open his mouth as though he were groaning as her warm, wet mouth takes him in. His hands are literally itching to grab her hair and fuck her mouth.

Her head bobs up and down as she hollows out her cheeks, before deep throating him and gagging around him. She does this several times as her hand works in sync with her movements. It’s when she creates a seal and sucks once again, he can’t hold his movements back anymore. His hips buck involuntarily, causing his cock to hit the back of her throat once again, this time unexpectedly.

She gains her composure and immediately pulls away from him, looking at him with disappointment. She grabs the flogger from where it had been resting, and stands up, towering over him. She shakes her head and sighs. “I had two simple rules, and you couldn’t even follow those.” Her face gets a hard look on it, and she stares him right in the eyes.

“Stand. Up. Now.” She commands.

He shoots up to his feet, and they are now eye to eye. “You now have to be punished.” She sees lust dancing around, and grabs his jaw. “That’s exactly what you wanted, isn’t it?”

She pushes his head to the side, and walks around him once, before standing in front of him again. “You will answer me. You want to be punish, don’t you, you naughty motherfucker?”

“No, ma’am.” He’s looking straight ahead, past her. “It was an accident.”

“So you can’t control yourself. Is that it?” She walks behind him, and it’s only a moment before he feels a stinging on his ass. He can’t hold back anymore, and a loud groans rips from his throat, almost echoing in the room.

A second and third hits to his ass come in quick succession, with no time to register them. She runs the leather up and down his back twice before taking three swings. The lashes in addition to the scratch marks from earlier in the evening add an extra layer of pain.

Once again, he moans, and he prepares for another hit, but it doesn’t come. He hears her heels on the floor as she comes back around to his front.

“Go lay on the bed. Lay on your back, hands at your sides.”

He does as he’s told, crawling into the bed, placing his head on the pillow behind him. He watches as she walks over, and slips off her heels.
She crawls up from the bottom until she’s sitting on his hips, just above his cock. He can feel just how wet she is, and he wants nothing more than to be able to fuck her. “You’re going to eat me out.” He looks at her confused as to how this was a punishment, since that was one of his favorite things to do. “You’re hands must stay on my hips, or on the bed.”

She gives him a stern look. “You break these rules, and we are done for the night. You won’t get to cum again.” The look on Mariska’s face told him there was no arguing. “Understood?”

Chris nodded. “Got it.”

She gets up from where she’d been sitting, and moves so she’s hovering just above his face. He takes this moment, and grasps onto her hips, squeezing tight enough he knows she will have bruises in the shape of his hands. He pulls her down so she’s right on his face, and he starts licking at her immediately.

He loves the taste of her, and this is one of his favorite things to do, almost more than actual sex itself. He loves giving her pleasure, and hearing her moan his name as she gets it. He shifts her hips back just slightly so he can suck on her clit, and then circle it with the tip of his tongue twice.

Mariska moans, riding his face. Truth be told, this is more about her pleasure than his punishment, but she knows he loves tugging her hair and squeezing her ass, not to mention plunging his thick fingers inside of her.

She reaches down and scratches his scalp gently. “You’re doing so good, baby.” She throws her head back in another moan, grinding down on his face. “So fucking good.” He laps at her like he will never eat anything else again before moving back to her clit, sucking and teasing with his tongue.

She reaches up to her breasts, and tugs at her nipples, and he moans against her clit at the sight. “Be a good boy, and make me cum.” She moans before dropping her voice to a whisper. “I’m so close.”

Chris is good at a lot of things in the bedroom, but eating pussy is something he excels at, and she’s grateful.

He’s now on a mission as he licks, and he starts to fuck her with his tongue before he sucking on her clit. His movements are quick, but fluid. He’s lapping at her clit as she cums. He hold her in place until her orgasms subsides.

He lets go of her hips as she rolls off of him, needing a moment to catch her breath. She rubs his bicep before taking her hand into his, and interlacing their fingers. She brings the back of his hand to her mouth. “You did such a good job.”

His dick is nearly painful from how much he wants to cum. He needs relief badly.

Mariska walks to the dresser and pulls out a bottle, tossing it to him.

He looks down and see that it’s lube. He watches as she moves to the chair he had been sitting on before, turning it so it faces the bed.

She sits, putting one leg up on the seat near her ass, while the other hangs down to the floor. Her legs are spread open and he’s staring at her.

“Touch yourself, but don’t cum.” Her hand starts lowering to her pussy,

He flips to bottle cap open, and squirts some lube into his hand. He works his hand up and down his length a few times before grazing the tip and moaning. He does this several times, his eyes never leaving her hand as she circles her sensitive clit with her fingers twice before pushing two of them into herself, throwing her head back and moaning. “Oh this feels so good.” She then looks him in the eye and smirks. “But not nearly as good as your big, thick cock.”

He closes his eyes, trying not to thing about pounding into her while he’s still stroking himself.

“Look at me!”

He opens his eyes, and watches she she starts to circle her clit with her thumb while continuing to fuck herself with her fingers.

She’s close to another release, and his fist is working furiously on his dick. He’s leaking pre-cum, and every few strokes he wipes the tip with his thumb.

Her moans are starting to get louder, and he’s close to the edge. He feels his balls starting to tighten, and she yells. “Do not cum. Stop it now.” He regretfully let’s go of his cock, and fists the sheets at his side, wanting nothing more than to finish.

He watches as she cums around her own fingers, and he whimpers, wishing it was his dick.

He’s laying on the bed, still throbbing, and she’s panting on the chair. They stay like this for several minutes before she stands up and walks out of the room. He lays there for a little while, trying to think of things other than her orgasming around her own fingers.

She comes back into the room, and he sees that she’s holding a glass of ice.

She’s walks over to him, setting the glass down on the nightstand, and grabs one of the cubes out of the glass. She holds it in the tip of her fingers and touches it to his neck. Goosebumps break out at the cold sensation on his heated body. She slowly moves down his collarbone to his pec and circles his nipple, before moving to the other one. His muscles contracting when the ice comes in contact.

As this cube melts, she grabs a second, and starts to run it down his abdomen, and over his thighs, getting precariously close to his dick. She reaches for a third, and he gulps. He’s pretty sure he knows what she’s about to do.

As she lowers the ice cube he knows he’s right. She touches his balls with the frozen water and slowly runs the ice cube up his dick, and he wants to scream, because the sensation is too much, a shock to his system.

“You look like you needed to cool down a little.” She runs the end of the ice cube around the tip, and he can’t stop the shiver. She pops the frozen water into her mouth, seconds before taking his cock into her mouth. The mix of sensations is confusing, and he’s not going to last long. He’s already on the brink, and she knows it.

His groans get louder, and once the ice has melted, she takes her mouth off him.

She crawls up his body, her pussy hovering just over his dick. “You’ve been so good.” She smiles at him, as his eyes light up. “I think you deserve this.” She reaches for his hands, placing them on her breasts, before grabbing his dick, and lining it up, sinking down onto him.

They both moaned as she moves up and down, riding him. She started to pick up the pace, quickly before slowing down again. HIs hands wander from her breasts, down her sides and back to her hips, trying to get some control, but she slaps them away.

“You have fucked so many people, and yet you still act like a teenager seeing tits for the first time.” She shakes her head as she continues to ride him. “Are you just a dick and some holes for them to use, too?” She laughs at him. “Your own wife prefers women. I think I top her better than you do, and I’m using a piece of plastic.” She grins down at him. “That doesn’t bode well for you abilities in bed.”

“Hey, I fuck like-“ his sentence is cut off by a slap to the face, followed by a backhand. She felt him jerks his hips up, hard into her, a moan releasing.

“I didn’t say you could talk.” Her voice was authoritative. “This isn’t a conversation.”

She leans down so they’re face to face, before tilting her head and biting his neck. Hard. Then sucking for a moment, leaving a mark.

She lets go, licking the shell of his ear and tugging his earlobe between her teeth, before she whispers. “Prove to me you know how to please a woman. Fuck. Me.”

That was all he needs to hear before he flips them over and drives into her. He’s been on edge for so long, he knew it would be over quick. He leans down, kissing and nibbling at her neck, as her moans start to get louder.

He sits back on his heels, bringing her with him, and he’s slamming into her. He reaches between them and circles her clit with his thumb. He feels her clamping around him, and that’s his undoing. He grunts and moans as he cums inside her, his thumb never stops working her clit until she’s pushing his hand away.

There are several moments of heavy breathing between the two. She moves off of him, and her legs are like jello. It takes a few minutes for her to gathering her bearings.

He has a satisfied grin on his as he watches her struggle to make her way to the bathroom, knowing he did his job.

She comes back out to the bed, and lays down next to him. She takes his hand in hers and interlocks their fingers. “Sorry if that Sherman comment was a little too far.”

He chuckles, rolling her over to him, and wrapping his arm around her. “No, no. I know you aren’t wrong about her preference for women. If one of the things we have in common.” They look at each other, and his gives her a mischievous grin. “Especially this one brunette, who popped into our lives about a year ago. We love sharing her.” He leans down, kissing her neck, and getting a moan. He then moves his mouth to her ear. “She’s gonna be in town in a couple weeks, and she keeps mentioning how much she wants to see you.”

There was no rest when these two are involved, she thinks. Oh well, she can rest when she’s dead.