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You saved me

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Chapter 32


WOW was all Anne could think. She couldn’t speak because her voice seemed to have vanished when she open her mouth to say what she was thinking. Ann was wearing a beautiful wedding gown. It was a white trumpet mermaid tulle applique V-neck sleeveless sweep/brush train wedding dress. The train wasn’t very long and Ann looked gorgeous. Anne couldn’t believe her luck.

When Ann looked at her soon to be wife she smiled. Anne was dressed in a blue three piece morning suit with tails and a top hat.Ann had never seen such a  woman as handsome as Anne was. She smiled at her and Anne smiled back.  Her sister, Marian was wearing something similar. Catherine smiled at Marian. Catherine was wearing a purple chiffon with spaghetti straps and a v-line keyhole centre back detail with a pleated A-line skirt. Marian had trouble focusing on the ceremony as Ann walked down the aisle towards her wife. James was a very proud man. Ann linked her arm over his. He was wearing a black suit for the occasion. He was pinching himself that morning wondering if this was really happening. Now, he was walking Ann down the aisle. They smiled.

Then she spied her. Mariana Lawton was there. It seemed as though someone had invited her. Ann was wondering who. She would ask Anne when they were together. She kept smiling but she didn’t want Mariana to see how nervous she was.

When she reached Anne she leaned over and took her hand to pull her close. Then she whispered in her ear. ‘Did you know Mrs Lawton was here?’

‘No, Adney. I wonder who invited her. Then she saw who she was sitting next to. Bloody hell, Tib invited her as her guest.’

‘Let’s focus on our day, dearest. I am sure if she bothers either of us we can deal with her together.’

‘What do you think of the archway I had Rachel and Thomas put in?’

‘I love it, dearest and all the flowers. They look beautiful but they pale to insignificance to your handsome face.’

‘Adney, you look so lovely today. Thanks for coming.’ Ann laughed.

Donald leaned in. ‘When the CWA meeting is over can we get on with this ceremony.’ Both Anne and Ann blushed. ‘Sorry, Donald. We have a problem. Third row back third person from the aisle.’ Anne whispered to Donald.

‘Okay. Let me deal with her later.’ He clapped his hands to quieten the guests.

‘We are here today to join in holy matrimony Anne Lister and Ann Walker.’ Both Anne and Ann knew what he was going to say. ‘Can we skip the next bit?’ They whispered. They knew Mariana was going to object. So, they turned around and eyeballed her together. ‘Unfortunately we can’t but I do have back up to stop her.’ They both turned again and could see Vere was sitting directly behind Mariana. ‘If anyone has any objection as to why they shouldn’t be married speak up now or forever hold your peace.’ Both Anne and Ann expect Mariana to say I object. Only she didn’t. Vere had warned her not to because if she did there would be not very nice consequences. Well, Vere knew Charles. They were friends from when Vere was a rookie real estate agent and Charles was her mentor. Ann could feel Sackville move next to her. He was smiling. So, happy to be a part of the ceremony. His mother had told him to stand still but he couldn’t. He was rocking on the balls of his feet. He looked nervous. Ann grabbed his hand and massaged the back of it with her thumb. That seemed to calm him down. She let go and grabbed Anne’s hands into hers. ‘Do you have vows you would like to say?’ Donald said.

‘Yes!! We wrote our vows together.’ Anne said.

‘Would you like to start, Anne?’ Donald said.

‘Ann wants to go first.’


‘Anne Lister, when I saw you in the park that day. I couldn’t believe my eyes. You were on your lunch break. I had planned into going into the centre of London but changed my mind.’ She had read this so often she didn’t need her notes to remind her what to say,’I saw a divot in the ground and fel into itl.You saved me from the crowd that was gathering around me and have been saving me since then. I am so proud that we are becoming a family. I love you, dearest. I’m in love with you. I always have been. Today begins the best part of my life. I am with you for always.’ Anne had tears running down her face when Ann finished. Ann leaned over and wiped them off her cheek with her thumb. Anne too a deep breath then said her vows.

‘Ann Walker, when I heard you scream out. I didn’t know it was you until I walked over and cleared the crowd. I smiled because I did remember you. I never thought we would meet again. I was so happy when we did. You saved me from a life of misery. All I had was my job and an empty space in my heart that was waiting for someone like you to come along and fill it up. You are everything I ever dreamed my future wife would be. You light up my days with your smile. I feel I can relax more when we are together. When you wrap your arms around me I am in heaven. I love you, Adney. I always will.’

‘Rings please, young man.’ Donald said as he put his hand out for Sackville to put the pouch into it. Sackville felt so proud of himself. Anne and Ann chose the rings they were giving each other. Neither had seen what the other had chosen. Donald reached in and pulled out the first one. ‘Ah!’ Anne said.’This is the one I chose for Ann.’ Anne reached for Ann’s left hand and as she placed the ring on it she said. ‘With this ring I thee wed. With my body I worship you. With my heart I love you for always.’ It was Ann’s turn to cry. Anne wiped her tears.away. Then Ann reached into the pouch and pulled out the remaining ring. She grabbed Anne’s left hand and as she placed the ring on her finger she said. ‘With this right I thee wed. With my body I worship you. With my heart I love you for always.’ Their rings were similar. Ann’s rings was 24ct gold with a band of small diamonds in the centre. Anne’s ring was 24ct gold too only hers was plain with her initials carved in script on the outside. They both smiled.

‘Now, I pronounce you wife and wife. You may kiss the bride. Then Donald looked down. They were already kissing and kissing. Donald coughed.’I am sure we all know how much you love each other.’ Ann blushed. For a moment she had forgotten where they were.Anne just smiled. Then a small table and chair were brought out so Anne and Ann could sign their marriage licence. Ann went first. She was so nervous. Anne took her left hand to calm her. Then Anne signed it. They were married. They stood together. Donald grabbed their hands and said. ‘I would like you to cheer for Mrs and Mrs Walker Lister. Everyone cheered. Anne and Ann kissed again. Sackville said. ‘Yuck.’ it was a bit too mushy for him.

Their MC, Steph Belcombe said. ‘Drinks and snacks are being served in the garden. While Anne and Ann have photos taken with their families. Please make your way there and enjoy.’ Anne and Ann together with Marian, Catherine, father, Anne’s Aunt Anne and Ann’s Aunt Ann walked to the main entrance of the hall to have photos taken. Then out to the garden. Anne and Ann couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. They were wrapped in their ow world for a brief moment. They never imagined they could be so happy.