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Waverly weaved franticly through the hordes of people, desperately scanning her eyes across the room. Of course, of all the demons Wynonna accidentally lost track of, she just had to lose the one a few inches tall in quite possibly the busiest hotel lobby she had ever seen.

The hotel in question must’ve been running some sort of event for the local high schools based on the endless sea of pubescent faces and the overwhelming scent of lynx body spray Waverly was having to wade through. She was about ready to yell out in frustration when by some miracle the students started filing out into a large conference room.

“At least something seems to be working out for me today” She muttered gratefully.

As the last dregs of reluctant students meandered out of the lobby, she suddenly spots a 4-inch tall, flash of blonde hair shoot out from one of the teenager's discarded backpacks. Dead focused on her target she sprints after it full pelt, gaining on her quickly. She was just about to dive onto the demon when the conference room door opened. Before she could even think to stop herself Waverly crashed into the figure who stepped out, bouncing off them to flop unceremoniously onto the floor with a shocked squeak.

“Oh my god!…are you okay?” A slightly muffled voice rushes out from above her.

Facedown on the hotel lobby's slightly sticky blue carpet Waverly manages to grunt out a small ‘I’m fine’, as she awkwardly flips herself onto her back so that she can stare up at the hotels ceiling and contemplate how her day could possibly get any worse. Her self-pitied wallowing is abruptly interrupted though when her view of the hotel's tacky chandelier is blocked by a pair of the most breathtakingly deep brown eyes she has ever seen.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” she hears the kind but muffled voice ask again, as she feels gentle strong hands wrap around her arms to help her sit up.

Without the lights above her, Waverly can take in that the stranger was a woman with bright red hair, tied neatly into a tight braid. But the most noteworthy thing she noticed about her was that she had the most gorgeous face she had ever seen…or at least from what she could see it looked like the most gorgeous face she had ever seen. The stranger seemed to be wearing a big chunky oxygen mask like the ones firefighters wear when they run into burning buildings. It, unfortunately, blocked the majority of her face with its chunky mouthpiece and visor, but it still showed the most intensely kind eyes Waverly had ever seen.

She eagerly took the hand the beautiful woman offered to help her up to her feet as she asked if she was alright yet again.

“Honestly, I’m fine. The only thing I’ve bruised is my ego… although this is making me think I may have hit my head harder than I thought” Waverly chuckled as she pointed at the mask quizzically.

“Oh, the mask?... yeah I can see how’d that’d seem a bit odd” She laughed, and even being muffled by the mask Waverly was sure she hadn’t heard a sweeter sound in her life.

“I’m a firefighter we’re doing a demonstration for the careers event” the woman explained gesturing towards the conference room.

‘Of course, it’s a sexy firefighter that I have to make an ass of myself in front of’ Wavery groans internally.

“Are you sure you’re okay? I always do my best to sweep beautiful women off their feet but knocking them clean onto the floor is a bit too much…even for me” the firefighter chuckled with a wink.

‘oh my god, she’s flirting with me!’ Waverly thought excitedly, she hadn’t had any opportunities to talk with anyone new since she’d broken up with that man-child of an ex-boyfriend, let alone someone as cute as the woman in front of her.

‘quick think of something flirty to say back’ Waverly thought, despairing at the complete and utter lack of any and all words in her brain… ‘Or, you know, just think of anything to say’ she chastised as she continued to just stare blankly up at the woman.

 “I-I’m fine. Completely good…umm…more than good actually...I’m extraordinary!” She blurted out uncontrollably, grimacing as the last word left her mouth.

One of the redhead's eyebrows shot up as she looked over Waverly in amusement, her chocolate-brown eyes glinting in mischief.

“Oh, I’m sure you are” She drawled out in a deep voice that even through the mask sounded endlessly sexy.

Waverly couldn’t even begin to start forming a response, too taken aback by how unbelievably attracted she was to the flirty redhead despite only really being able to see her eyes. Her breath hitched and her eyes fluttered closed as she picked up the scent of smoke and vanilla dipped doughnuts,‘I must be dreaming, there’s no damn way she also smells like my favourite snack!’ Waverly thought to herself.

Taking in Waverly's dumbfounded expression and silence the firefighter began to backtrack “Sorry I can be a bit forward sometimes -”

“No! Don’t apologise, I love-I mean I like that you’re flirting…I’m just a little flustered, I’m kinda rusty at this whole talking to…well you know…” Waverly said pointedly, gesturing up and down at the woman, gulping loudly as she finally noticed their significant height difference.

The firefighter chuckled lightly as she tilted her head endearingly looking down at Waverly like she was the most adorable thing she had ever laid eyes on.

“I just mean, you know… I haven’t had anyone to try and flirt with for a while, let alone a sexy firefighter…that is…I’m assuming you’re sexy, I don’t actually know what you look like without the mask” Waverly continued despite her desperate attempts to keep her mouth from spurting out more embarrassing ramblings.

The hearty chuckle this earned from the redhead had Waverly’s stomach exploding with butterflies.   

“Well, if you’d be willing to let me buy you a cup of coffee, I can show you what I look like without the mask?” the firefighter asks winking confidently.

Yes!” Waverly blurted out loudly, her cheeks flushing at how excited she sounded.

The redhead's eyes crinkle as she beams widely under the mask “Awesome, my name's Ni-“.

“BABYGIRL I SEE IT!” Her sister interrupts the firefighter as she shrieks and careers past the pair in a wild blur of brunette.

“Umm who’s that?” The woman chuckles as Wynonna disappeared quickly around the corner behind her.

“Oh, that’s just my sister,” she says as nonchalantly as possible.

“I think I’ve got it…oh wait...NO I DON'T” She heard her sister screech accompanied by a chorus of loud bangs and profanities.

“Is she okay?” The redhead asked concern flooding her eyes as her stance stiffened into firefighter mode.

“She’s fine!...I’ll be right there Wy!” Waverly called back, cursing how their demon-hunting couldn’t even give her a minute to finish flirting with this gorgeous woman.

“Trust me, she’s always like this” Waverly flashed her most charming smile at the unconvinced redhead, desperately trying to think if there was a smooth way to lead this conversation back to their tentative coffee date plans. She opens her mouth to ask for Nicole’s number but an unbearably loud ruckus erupting from the corridor interrupts her.

“It really sounds like she needs help?” the redhead said as she started to move around Waverly towards the distressed noises.

“NO!” she squealed loudly jumping in front of the woman, placing her hands up to stop her. ‘Wow her arms feel amazing, I bet she’s strong enough to pick me up no problem’ was the only thing Waverly’s useless brain could think while she stood blocking the clearly concerned firefighter.

“Babygirl!...I need some help here like right NOW!” Wynonna yelled loudly.

“Umm, I should really probably go” Waverly sighed, as she disgruntledly took her hands away from the tall woman’s arms.  

The redhead was starting to speak as Waverly stepped back when a man poked his head out of the conference room and yelled “Oi, you’re on!”.

“Damn it!” the firefighter groaned tilting her head up to the ceiling closing her eyes in frustration.

“I gotta go, you sure you guys are okay?” She said as she started backing towards the door.

“Yup, we're fine, no need to worr–“ Waverly started but was interrupted by Wynonna’s indignant screech “IT BIT ME!”  

“I’m just going to…” Waverly mumbled apologetically as she shuffled backwards glancing back to catch the firefighter being drug unceremoniously into the hall.



Nicole swore loudly right in the middle of her presentation when she realised she hadn’t got the beautiful brunette's number, earning a lot of glares from teachers and a chorus of snickers from the students. Once she finished she hurried out desperate to beat the sea of grumbling teenagers to go in search of the adorable rambling woman.

To her despair, she was no longer in the lobby, but refusing to give up Nicole decided she was going to search each floor, resolved that she’d knock on every damn door in this hotel in order to see that woman’s smile again.

As she was standing in the lift impatiently pressing the door-close button, she felt her heart practically jump out of her chest as her eyes land on exactly who she was searching for disappearing into the stairwell opposite her. Immediately she started towards the doors ready to run after the angel when she was unceremoniously thrown back by a tall brunette woman diving into the elevator, cursing loudly as the metal doors sealed shut in front of her.

“Woah, what’s got your panties in a twist big red?…Wait! You’re the woman who was giving my sister googly eyes in the lobby earlier…never caught your name?” the brunette smirked.

Nicole turned to the woman, immediately recognising her shade of brown as the brunette blur she had briefly seen flash past her earlier.

“I’m Wynonna, the girl you were just melting over in the lobby like a big useless lesbian was my sister, Waverly”.

“Waverly that’s a beautiful name” The redhead whispered to herself a slow smile spreading across her face.

Wynonna laughed at the women’s giddy smile causing the redhead to blush furiously.

“Umm my name's Nicole, Nicole Haught” she said, her cheeks blushing.

“Your last name is Haught!? Christ, it’s like you walked out of one of Waverly’s romance novels” Wynonna snorted loudly.

Suddenly there was a loud crash and the lift jolted aggressively, knocking both women back so they were having to cling to the handrail to stop themselves from falling over.

“oh, that’s not good” Wynonna muttered as the lights flickered, reaching to her left to hold down on the emergency call button.

It rang a few times before Nicole heard the voice of the woman from earlier breakthrough the speaker “Wynonna are you okay? I checked the stairwell and I’m waiting for you, but the lift is saying it's just stopped between floors”.

“Babygirl thank god you’re there, the lift is broken, I’m thinking our little friend's penchant for mischief may have caused some issues”.

“Ahh fudge-nuggets!…I think I should be able to fix it, but it’ll take me a sec” Waverly muttered, already working to remove the panel to start rummaging through the wires. 

“Don’t worry Wave, me and ginger spice will entertain ourselves while you use that oversized brain of yours to try and get us out”.

“Ginger spice?” Waverly questioned as she pulled a bunch of wires out of the wall.

“Yeah, I’m stuck in here with an amazonian ginger firefighter”.

“Oh my god! Please tell me you haven’t gotten stuck in an elevator with the utterly gorgeous redhead from earlier?” Waverly pleaded.

“Which one is that?” Wynonna asked, Waverly too distracted with the looming dread to notice the suspicious scuffling sound behind her sister's voice.

“Come on Wynonna the tall one with the sexy puppy dog eyes that made me weak at the knees and the arms that made me want to - ”

“Eww did you just lick my hand Red-Haught, what are we five!?” Wynonna interrupted Waverly as she was about to ramble through all the various ways she wanted to climb the firefighter like a tree.

“You’re on speaker!” She heard the unmuffled voice from the lobby cough out, obviously just escaping from its place underneath Wynonna’s hand.

Mortified…that was the only word Waverly could think of to describe what she was feeling…No actually that wasn’t true, she was also incredibly angry, specifically at her sister who she could hear chuckling smugly to herself.

“Yeah me and Captain Haught-to-trot are stuck in here together”.

“You know you can just call me Nicole or Captain Haught…I’ve heard all the puns already”.

“Of course her name is Haught” Waverly groaned loudly, her hand firmly lodged in the electrics panel.

“Umm you’re still on speaker baby girl” Wynonna chuckled.

“Oh my god! Wynonna please just hang up on me now before I can embarrass myself anymore” Waverly groaned.

“Haha, sure thing babygirl” Wynonna laughed.



“We should probably take stock of everything we have since we’re not sure how long we’ll be stuck in here” Nicole said matter of factly as she started opening her backpack and placing its contents neatly in the centre of the lift. 

“Good plan Haught-cakes, as long as I don’t have to share” Wynonna said proudly as she placed her flask amongst the pile.

“Seriously, Wynonna?” Nicole looked up in disbelief.

“What?...fiiiine…I’ll maybe share a little bit” she said picking the flask back up clutching it protectively to her chest.

“That’s really all you have?” Nicole asked incredulously.

“Well, not everyone packs like they’re going on a 4-day wilderness adventure Ginger Dora the explorer” Wynonna quipped back sarcastically.

“Nothing wrong with being a planner” Nicole sing-songed as she finished emptying her backpack onto the floor.

“Urghh, you and my sister are going to be unbearable…Wait…why’ve you got a rope and a harness?…Unless it's kinky then I don’t want to know”.

Nicole chuckled loudly “I like to climb so I keep some equipment on me for impromptu excursions…get your head out of the gutter”.

“Mmmm-kay suuuure” Wynonna drew out sarcastically earning a disapproving glare from the redhead.

“Umm Haught-shot…” Wynonna said as she tugged on Nicole’s shirt.

“What?” the redhead snipped back disinterestedly as she counted her snack bars.

“Haught!” Wynonna said louder hoisting Nicole off the ground.


“Please tell me you keep some kinky vibrator in your backpack?” the brunette asked hesitantly as she pointed behind the redhead.

“Wynonna, if this is your way of coming on to me -” Nicole snapped frustratedly as she turned to look behind her, immediately jumping almost a foot in the air when she sees her backpack thrashing around on the elevator floor. 

Wynonna was already frantically pressing the call button, dragging the freaked-out redhead into the corner next to her, getting as far away from the seemingly possessed backpack as possible.

“Wynonna you can stop pressing the button!” Nicole heard Waverly’s voice cut through the speaker right as the demon backpack started rushing across the room towards them. Yelling and clutching at each other they both jumped over the backpack and booked it into the opposite corner.

“Why are you too yelling? Is Nicole okay?” Waverly's shrill worried voice broke through their panicked squeals.

“I’m okay, my backpack’s just attacking us!” Nicole stammered out loudly.

“I’m also fine by the way…your concern for me is astounding Waverly!” Wynonna quipped as she kicked out at the rapidly approaching bag.

“Why is a backpack attacking you?” Waverly questioned choosing to ignore her sister's comment.

“Well, it seems like we’ve got a typical case of a miniature demon hiding in scarlet-fever’s oversized backpack…so anytime you can get us out of this hell box would be greatly appreciated” Wynonna snipped out sarcastically.

“Demon?” Nicole squeaked out yanking Wynonna out of the way as the backpack charged into the elevator mirror.

“WYNONNA!” Waverly scolded loudly, sighing as she saw any potential coffee date with the gorgeous firefighter evaporate in front of her eyes.

“She’s going to find out anyways, we’re literally being attacked Waves!” Wynonna argued as they shuffled along the walls keeping as far away from the angry thrashing backpack as humanly possible.

“Just catch the thing so it doesn’t escape when I fix this” they heard Waverly groan frustratedly before there was a curt snap and a loud dial tone.

“Just catch the thing…okay…that should be easy enough” Wynonna shrugged unconvincingly as she eyed up the very angry backpack.

There was a long awkward pause before Wynonna turned to look at Nicole expectantly.

“Well…go get it Haught-rod”.

ME! Why me?” Nicole yelped.

“I’m not the one whose job it is to protect and serve” Wynonna quipped.

“I fight fires not demons Wynonna” The redhead snapped back.

“Meh, same thing” Wynonna shrugged.

“It most definitely is not the same thing!” the redhead squeaked incredulously.

“Let’s agree to disagree!” Wynonna heaved dismissively as she launched Nicole into the center of the lift. The redhead stumbled forward, spinning to fix Wynonna with the strongest death glare she could muster.

“Just think how impressed my sister will be if you catch it all by yourself” Wynonna said teasingly as she attempted to clamber onto the handrail.

The firefighter huffed before turning to face the demon backpack, using her long limbs to clumsily herd it into the corner. With some impressively quick reactions, she dove down and swooped up the furiously spinning bag into her arms, having to use all her strength to stop the thing wriggling out of her hands. 

“Umm, what now?” She panted as she turned to Wynonna.

“Get it out”.

Nicole looked at the brunette for a long time to make sure she was being serious and that she was expected to put her hand inside the now growling backpack, sighing dejectedly when she realised she wasn’t joking.

When her hand met the zipper, she came to an abrupt stop “…this thing isn’t going to bite me is it?” she glanced worriedly up at Wynonna.

“…Probably” the brunette shrugged with a smirk.

Nicole groaned back at the infuriating woman as she reached into the bag grabbing whatever was flailing around inside. Gripping around the squirming thing she dropped the backpack to the floor, revealing a tiny angry woman in her hand about 4 inches tall.

“I DID IT! Waverly’s voice broke through the speaker suddenly, shocking Nicole enough that she almost dropped the demon.

“It was an issue with the manual user control!… did you know the first elevator that had manual user control was installed in the New York Marriott hotel?…Sorry I’m probably boring you guys to death with my random elevator facts” Waverly said self-consciously.

Me? Maybe…but your girlfriends looking at the speaker like it’s the fudge to her Sunday” Wynonna chipped in.

“She’s not my girlfriend Wynonna!” Waverly huffed angrily at her sister “you have to ask someone out before you can be dating and that requires having a sister that doesn’t interrupt or let slip about demons before you get a chance to-” Waverly's voice trailed off as the metal doors slid open to reveal Nicole standing in front of her, looking significantly dishevelled, a scowling demon in one hand and an adorable half-wave in the other. 

“oh wow” Waverly sighed breathily as she took in the firefighter's whole face for the first time.

“I’ll just umm take that from you,” she muttered as she awkwardly plucked the demon out of Nicole’s hands, placing her gently into the cat-carrier Wynonna had been using before her ingenious idea to let the demon stretch her legs right in front of a busy hotel.

“Ooooh Babygirl, I think we better get out of here, I’ve got about a billion angry texts from Dolls…apparently the hotel didn’t appreciate the mess I made earlier” Wynonna called out as she ran towards the stairwell.

Waverly groaned dejectedly, not only had she scared off the most attractive woman she had ever seen by locking her in an elevator with her sister and a demon but now she was going to have to go back to BBD and get yelled at by her boss…seriously this day just kept getting worse and worse.

“Sorry you had to go through all that, I hope my sister and I didn’t traumatize you too much!” She blurted out before hurrying down the corridor after Wynonna, not wanting to stay for the inevitable rejection and disgust from the redhead.

“Wait!” Nicole’s voice called out as she ran after her.

“Did you still want to grab that drink?” the redhead asked hopefully when she caught up with Waverly.

The brunette’s mouth practically hit the floor it dropped open so wide “Are you serious?”

“Umm I mean, it’s okay if you don’t want to-” Nicole backtracked sheepishly, her cheeks flushing furiously with embarrassment.

“Of course, I want to!” Waverly interrupted loudly. “I just expected you’d be running for the hills right about now” she continued honestly, looking over the redhead in shock.

“I mean that whole thing was confusing as hell and I honestly have absolutely no idea what’s going on, but I do know I’d still like to get that coffee with you…that is, if you still wanted to?”

“Yes, so definitely yes!” Waverly says quickly her head nodding so enthusiastically she worried she might give herself a headache.

“Awesome! Let me give you my card before you disappear on me again” Nicole grinned widely. Waverly felt herself practically melting into the floor when she noticed the redhead's dimples, furiously having to fight all her instincts telling her to reach out and touch them.

Nicole’s midway handing the slightly worn card she had pulled out of her back pocket when her arm snaps back at the sound of a door slamming loudly.

“Earps! What have I told you about making public scenes!” Dolls bellowed as he strode out of the stairwell.

“Nope!” Waverly screeched loudly. The stern man, obviously very taken aback by the outburst, dropped his mouth open to respond. 

“No, you can yell at us later!” Waverly barked out firmly before he could utter a single word, shooting him a dangerous glare letting him know not to test her.

“Now, I do believe you were just about to give me your number?” She beamed sweetly as she turned back to face Nicole. Snatching the card out of the redhead's hand with a speed and eagerness that would have embarrassed her if not for the utterly besotted expression the redhead was gazing at her with.



“That just happened right, you saw that?” Waverly said slightly dazed as she and Wynonna walked out of the hotel both actively ignoring the rant Dolls was going on a few steps in front of them.

“The tall sexy redhead with dimples for days who just asked you out, even though she's met me and knows you deal with all kinds of supernatural stuff? Yeah, I saw that” Wynonna smirked.

“Thank god! I’m struggling to believe she was real” Waverly chuckled, unable to stop the ecstatic grin plastered across her face.

“Me too! I mean seriously Waves, she’s a redheaded firefighter called Haught! Are you sure you didn’t just wish really really hard this morning?” Wynonna teased.

“Haha very funny, maybe I’ll text her now just to make sure” Waverly grinned down at her phone, already mid-way through typing out a message.


          I don’t want to come off as too keen but are you free tonight? I was thinking we could maybe skip coffee and go straight to dinner? 😊

Haughtie 🔥  :

          I’m more than happy coming off as too keen 😉

          I would love to go to dinner with you!