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My fault

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When Ranboo is finally freed from his enderwalk, all he wants to do was see Tubbo and Michael.

He opens the door to Tubbo's snowchester home. His expression softens as he sees his platonic husband curled up by the ladder to Michael's room.

"Tubbo, you know Michael won't sleep if you're there." He says with a smile. Tubbo doesn't move. "Tubbo." He moves to shake the smaller boy's shoulder, ending up pulling him onto his back. He's unconscious and he's bleeding. There's so much blood.

He doesn't know what else to do except call someone. Tubbo is unresponsive and there's so much blood. Tubbo had been protecting Michael that was clear to Ranboo. Michael! He must check on his son.

He climbs the ladder quickly, but his toddler is sound asleep, doesn't even know anything has occurred. Peaceful.

One less thing to worry about. Ranboo's mind races as he runs back to the side of his platonic husband, pulling out his communicator whilst keeping Tubbo pulled close to him and calling the only person he can think of.

Philza answers with his usual "Hey mate."

"Phil I need your help, there's so much, oh god there's so much blood." Ranboo babbles with little clarity.

"Hold on mate, what's going on?"

"Its Tubbo, I came home and he was bleeding and he won't respond and he's on his last life. I can't lose him Phil." Ranboo made a semblance of sense as he tried to shake Tubbo awake with one hand.

"Are you at Snowchester?"


"Alright, we're on our way. Try and stop the bleeding if you can."

He is left alone with his worry, pressing down on the wound and staining his hands with Tubbo's blood. "C'mon Tubbo! Don't leave us now."

Tubbo stirred, surprising Ranboo. "Ran?"

"I'm here, I'm here." Ranboo nodded, one weak hand moved to cup his cheek.

"You're back." Tubbo smiled, but it was weak. "I thought you were gone."

"What do you mean?"

"It wasn't your fault Ran, the enderwalk, it wasn't you." Tubbos eyes closed, his head falling to one side, his hand leaving Ranboo's cheek.

His death message flashed up for the whole server.

Tubbo_ was slain by Ranboo. 0 lives remaining.

"No!" Ranboo's despair could be heard from what was once L'manburg. His platonic husband was dead. Tubbo, war hero, ex president, builder of weapons of mass destruction, was dead. "No, no please, wake up Tubbo, wake up."

"The fuck did you do?" Tommy burst through the door, closely followed by Phil. "Tubbo?"

"I'm sorry Mate." Phil put a hand on his shoulder, looking at the body in Ranboo's arms. "I'm sorry."

"There has to be something." Ranboo's voice was weak, Tubbo had been dragged away from him by Tommy, who was staring at his best friend with a vacant expression. The blonde had already lost so much.

"I'm sorry mate, there's nothing we can do."

Ranboo closed his eyes. This was all his fault. He was so weak that he could be controlled. He was so weak that he let them use him to kill Tubbo. Tubbo's death was his fault.