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friend with benefits

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Warm sunlight seeps into Hermione's skin, and Hermione groans as her eyes squeeze shut, beads of crystalline sweat gathering on her skin, cooled slightly by the breeze blowing in through the window. The air was thick with the musky and tobacco-scented pheromones and the scent of fresh coffee, truffle oil and bacon. She struggled to open her eyes, blinking rapidly in the bright morning sunlight. Strands of brunette hair clung to her face at her temples, Where am I? Hermione sat up, scratching her brunette hair with her hands, half-smiling as she surveyed her surroundings.


"You're awake Let's get you up for breakfast . " Bellatrix leaned against the doorway wearing only shorts and a thin tank top and winked at her.


Hermione dazedly pulled on her shirt and shorts and allowed Bellatrix to lead her downstairs to the kitchen, where several mismatched glasses sat on the table, filled with freshly squeezed orange juice and an assortment of drinks made from coffee, black coffee, rose lattes, and hot milk for herself. The freshly baked bagels were coated with cream cheese and topped with a perfect tower of smoked salmon and dill. Topped with baked eggs coated with cheese and truffle oil, served with freshly baked spelt sourdough.


Hermione just stared blankly at the food on the table, the pheromones of Bellatrix's musky and tobacco scent still lingering on her body, her thoughts still in a trance, she closed her eyes trying to remember what had happened last night, a normal Friday night in a bar where she had drunkenly flirted with a beautiful and handsome brunette woman and then unsurprisingly Bellatrix had gotten angry She got what she wanted. With butterflies still dancing in her stomach, she gave a shaky gasp and rubbed her fingers gently over the hickey on her neck, reveling in the madness of the night.



"Hey, whats up? Are you okay?" asked Bellatrix softly, her soft voice snapping Hermione out of her memories. She nodded heavily and swallowed down her dry throat before walking to the fridge to fetch some fruit. She was getting thirsty, but she didn't want to drink too much coffee, it would only make her harder.


"Yhea, I just wanted a milkshake." Hermione replied as she put her fruit collection into the blender, "You're drinking something cold this early in the morning . " asked Bellatrix. Yes, it was morning but she really just wanted a cold milkshake at the moment.


"It's like 7 in the morning! Can't you eat the breakfast I made for you . " Bellatrix looked at her incredulously.


"I didn't say no .Is there a rule against milkshakes in the morning ?" Hermione retorted defiantly.


"All right, you eat up and get out of here, and don't let anyone see you."


"Why can't anyone see me ? What are you guilty of, Bella ?" Hermione stared at Bellatrix with a provocative look on her face, the alpha's attitude was getting to her and she wanted some revenge. Her cunningly rolling eyes thought for a moment, then she took a juicy peach off the counter, her blinking eyes taking a bite of the flesh, the sweet juice running down her chin. She took another slow bite of the fruit and Bellatrix didn't answer the question just looked at her blankly.


"Fuck that's so good. "Hermione let out a deliberate moan now and Bellatrix watched as a drop of juice trickled down Hermione's cheek and slowly slid down her neck. Bellatrix's breathing suddenly heaved as she felt a wave of tension and pain in her lower abdomen.


"Why, why are you acting so weird all of a sudden. what's gotten into you ? " Bellatrix looked at her in confusion, her voice becoming more husky with lust.


"What do you mean?" Hermione replied with a pout, trying her best to act like an innocent schoolgirl, Bellatrix's eyes quickly went from confusion to anger. There was no doubt that she hated it when Hermione played deaf and acted like a brat.



Hermione smiled triumphantly as she felt the musky and tobacco scent grow stronger in Bellatrix's air, then she passed Bellatrix as if nothing had happened, deliberately rubbing her hips against Bellatrix's straddle. But the alpha The strong pheromones stimulated her too and a sudden surge of heat surged through her veins like piping hot tea down her throat, her blood boiled and her body began to shiver, her panties clinging to her moist lips. She closed her legs as tightly as she could, but it was no longer helpful. She needed to be touched and she began to remember the feel of Bellatrix's slightly cool fingertips sliding over her skin as she scanned Bellatrix's body with eyes full of lust.


She wore a thin tank top and short nightgown that perfectly framed her naturally curvaceous figure and outlined the contours of her hips. The tank top that reveals her navel and belly, her soft, strong arms, the outline between her legs so pronounced that the thin fabric easily seeps through.


"Hermione, don't tease me. you'll regret it."
Bellatrix's tone was full of warning, but her eyes betrayed her, her emerald green eye's flickering in the juice of Hermione's neck before returning to Hermione's juicy lips, which were covered in the sweetness of peach.


"I love it when you call me that, Bellatrix" Hermione whispered, barely audible, but it was clear that the faint sound had not escaped Bellatrix's ears and her eyes snapped up to look at Hermione chose that moment to pick up a banana, peeling it slowly to reveal its fleshy centre with a small smile, she opened her mouth and licked one side of the fruit, rolling her tongue over the top as she walked to it, hearing Bellatrix giggle as her spoon touched the bowl.


Her plump lips were now dripping with the white silk of the banana Hermione finally took a bite of the banana, chewed it and then handed her a milkshake of her own making.


"Here try it. i promise it's good." Hermione cooed, winking and striking a damned seductive pose. Bellatrix reluctantly took the glass from omega and began to drink it, it was actually very tasty and the cool liquid immediately made her dry mouth and throat feel much better. Just then she felt a rolling breath, her lips dragging against the skin of her neck as she choked on her drink. She dropped the glass on the floor splashing Bellatrix and Hermione all over it.


"What the fuck do you think your doing?! " Bellatrix shouted angrily. Within moments, Hermione was shaking herself off the floor and pinning her to the fridge with her hands. "You have no idea what you've just gotten yourself into."


"Oh, am I supposed to be afraid? Are you gonna punish me for being a naughty girl?" said Hermione easily, continuing to taunt Bellatrix.


Hermione was suddenly put down and quickly pinned to the counter as Bellatrix's body was fully provoked. Bellatrix was grateful that she could feel Hermione's slight gasp against her cheek while the girl's stomach shrank a little. Bellatrix grabbed one of Hermione's stiff nipples and twisted it, making Hermione cry. This shouldn't be happening, she shouldn't be doing this, but this is what Hermione did. She needed to be punished. Bellatrix twisted harder before releasing Hermione's red, swollen nipples, using her mouth instead of her hands. She leaned down and licked the irritated nerve bud around it through the thin fabric of her shirt before sucking it into her mouth.



"Oh my god. "Hermione's breasts rose and fell, her hands wrapping around Bellatrix's hair, not realising that this was a mistake. Bellatrix let go of Hermione's nipples and grabbed the girl's wrists. She jerked them down and pinned them to the counter.


"Touch me without permission again and I'll make you regret it." warned Bellatrix. Hermione looked like she was going to argue, but when she saw the look on Bellatrix's face she shut up. "Good girl. "Bellatrix reached for the blender and unplugged it, holding Hermione's arms together and twisting the length of rope around Hermione's wrists tightly. Hermione whimpered, but her voice was cut short by Bellatrix's attack. Hermione could barely breathe when deeply Bellatrix ground kissed her, her mouth and tongue almost suffocating in the relentless chase of Hermione's mouth. Feeling dizzy, Hermione fell into Bellatrix's arms and soon felt the strong alpha grab her ass and lift her up, squeezing their bodies together.


Bellatrix smiled smugly and moved away little by little, hearing Hermione's harsh gasp as she purposely deprived her of the air she was breathing. She barely gave the brunette girl a moment to recover before she was back to biting her mouth, kissing her slowly so she could slip her tongue between Hermione's lips. alpha fondled Hermione's erect breasts, kneading the soft muscles roughly, making her hands sticky with the milkshake that had stained Hermione's skin. Bellatrix left Hermione's mouth and pressed her lips against the delicate skin of her throat, sucking the delicate arteries inside all the way until she could feel them beating as fast as Hermione's heart.



"You were right That was a really good recipe but I think it could use something else. "Bellatrix thoughtfully slipped her hand between Hermione's legs and ran two fingers through her petals. Hermione gasped and trembled in Bellatrix's hand, but when Bellatrix withdrew her hand she immediately lost consciousness. Bellatrix lifted her hand to where the sorbet collected in Hermione's clavicle bush and dipped it in the nectar before handing Hermione her fingers.


"Suck them." commanded Bellatrix. Hermione obeyed without hesitation, taking in the entire length of Bellatrix's fingers, sucking on them as she savoured her own taste.



Bellatrix looked with delight into Hermione's deep amber eyes, knowing that they reflected her own darkness. Bellatrix leaned back and admired Hermione like this, lying completely naked on the kitchen counter of her home. She sat still, save for the slight trembling of her thighs as Bellatrix watched the faintly aroused glistening of water between Hermione's legs, Bellatrix removed her own tank top, exposing her own perky breasts, and grabbed the milkshake jar that sat next to Hermione as she did so. She grabbed Hermione's hair and gently pulled her head back, tilting the jar of water and dripping the sticky liquid onto Hermione's flushed skin.


"Never got to fully appreciate the taste of this smoothie before. "As the milkshake slid down Hermione's neck, between her breasts and onto her smooth abs Hermione laughed softly. Bellatrix ran her fingers over some of the thick liquid on Hermione's stomach, moving her wet fingers to the already stiff nipples, spreading the moisture to the outer edges, then brushing her fingers over them with more force. Hermione shushed and tried to rub her lower body against Bellatrix's cock, but instead Bellatrix held on for dear life.


"No, please! I need more!" cried Hermione, immediately regretting her words as Bellatrix withdrew her fingers and left her body, Hermione wriggled her hips in an impatient attempt to rub her span for relief, she wanted to be touched. Before Hermione could beg, Bellatrix roughly lifted her up and turned her around, bending her over. Bellatrix quickly grabbed a nearby stool and used it to place Hermione's legs on it, supporting her lower body so that her bottom remained exposed.


"You're going to shut the fuck up like I told you, and you're going to stay still like a good girl while I stretch you until you cum so hard that you can't feel your legs. understand?" bellatrix lifted her hand to grab Hermione's brunette hair and leaned her face against the counter, her hips higher as Bellatrix's tightened around her waist and all Hermione could do was let out a small whimper, but she looked absolutely sexually aroused and not the least bit scared.



"Yes. " Hermione agreed and then Bellatrix followed her hand down the contours of her back and buttocks before teasing her fingers at Hermione's glistening petals.


"You want me to fuck you hard. "Bellatrix encircled the tip of Hermione's cock at her entrance.


"Yes! God, Bellatrix pleaseeee! I want it soo freaking bad!" pleaded Hermione impatiently to grind Bellatrix's leg. Bellatrix nibbled on Hermione's back muscles, placed her cock at Hermione's entrance and then shoved it into her core without warning. Hermione screamed and moaned as she felt herself being stretched and filled far more than she was prepared for.


"Oh fuck! Faster! Please faster!"


"I decide how hard I fuck you." growled Bellatrix, squeezing Hermione's ass hard. Hermione wrapped her arms around Bellatrix's waist, Hermione let out a desperate whimper as she struggled to hold on to Bellatrix's waist.


"Ohh please k . Bellatrix......please, your girl needs you to fuck her so hard." Hermione whimpered, wriggling her hips to meet Bellatrix's movements.


"You just can't keep your mouth shut can you?" chided Bellatrix, pulling the cock from Hermione's dripping canal and pressing it against Hermione's face to across. "Suck it. now." hermione immediately complied, cocking her head to one side and sucking her own cum from that mouth of hers. hermione licked it from bottom to top with her flushed cheeks. Bellatrix caressed Hermione's brunette hair, feeling her tongue warm and soft, feeling the wet heat of her mouth wrapping around her cock.


Hermione curled her tongue around the tip of Bellatrix's cock. Bellatrix shuddered and a clear liquid oozed out of it, which Hermione immediately inhaled. She found herself lost in the rich, arousing musk and tobacco scent that permeated Bellatrix's body and the desire that seeped from Bellatrix's pores when Hermione tenderly wrapped her hand around Bellatrix's thick cock, which she licked and sucked as she leisurely stroked it with her hand , reveling in the soft moans coming from above her.


"Mmmmmm . . mmmm" Hermione whined, her lips near the base of her cock, more saliva dripping from her mouth, her throat aching and her pussy aching, exciting, pain and pleasure in one.


"Oh fuck baby girl..." moaned Bellatrix, writhing her body and clutching at Hermione's hair, pulling her closer. Her cock rubbed against the brunette omega's cheeks as Bellatrix gasped hard. Her twitching cock kept grazing Hermione's lips as the brunette omega sucked into her mouth with rough sucking cock. Hermione's amber eyes filled with desire as she coated the Bellatrix cock she was wrapped in with her tongue.


Hermione's eyes locked on Bellatrix, licking her length before sucking on the tip. As Hermione sucked her deep into her mouth, Bellatrix's long lashes fluttered as she exhaled a heavy, shuddering breath.


Hermione grunted, a wave of peace swirling around her heart as Bellatrix's cock gently pulsed against her tongue and


Bellatrix taps Hermione on the cheek and invites her to start moving. Slowly, Hermione pulls her mouth back and gently licks the tip of Bellatrix's cock before wrapping her hand around her width once more.


Bellatrix gently pulled her hard cock from Hermione's mouth and pulled Hermione up, kissing her passionately as Bellatrix's deft hand squeezed Hermione's ass so hard she knew it would leave bruises, while her other hand gently caressed the soft, delicate skin on the back of Hermione's neck.


Bellatrix then sat back in her chair and patted her thighs, gesturing for Hermione to mount her and ride her cock. Hermione's voice rasped as she seductively climbed onto Bellatrix's lap. alpha's cock quivered in anticipation as Hermione made a show of taking off her half-open shirt while she swayed her curvaceous hips as she crawled forward.


"Fuck babygirl get over here. now." ordered Bellatrix. Hearing Bellatrix's impatient tone, Hermione quickly obliged, squatting over Bellatrix's firm cock, lowering the top into her soaked canal and slowly sliding it down, Hermione threw her head back and a low moan escaped her throat as white fluid dripped from her chin and slid down her neck all the way to her chest. Bellatrix ran her fingers over some of the thick fluid on Hermione's chest, moving her wet fingers to Hermione's collarbone and already stiff nipples, bringing the wetness to the edges of her nipples before taking them in her mouth and nibbling on them with more force, Hermione whimpered and subconsciously clamped down on Bellatrix's cock.


"Naughty girl. don't you dare close these while I'm playing with you." bellatrix commanded. She patted Hermione's outer thighs gently, but Hermione still felt a great deal of pain as the poor girl howled, a red handprint on her wet thigh. bellatrix tugged Hermione's hair and pulled her head back, sucking on her neck and cleaning up the thick fluid that had collected there. She licked the underside of her chin, biting the edge of it, and a wail escaped Hermione's throat.


"Aww, poor little girl. you want me to move, don't you?" mocked Bellatrix making Hermione whine.Bellatrix took in Hermione's earlobe and licked it with tongue wrapped around and licked then bit down again, her hand grabbing Hermione's hair and forcing the omega's head to the side.


"B-Bellatrix Please I need you soo bad!" cried Hermione, desperate to find some relief from the throbbing between her thighs.


"I thought I told you not to talk. you won't get what you want unless you do as your told." Bellatrix warned.


"I'm sorry!" said Hermione, looking at Bellatrix with mock aggression, hers quickly disappearing when Bellatrix slapped her other thigh and bit her nipple, forcing the brunette to scream.Bellatrix quickly relieved the sore area by gently sucking and licking the bud, causing Hermione to pant even more. She licked the sticky red trail that spread along Hermione's chest, cleaning her silky skin and forcing Hermione to fidget and pant against her body, her hips moving subconsciously in an attempt to get a reprieve.Bellatrix went lower and lower, tickling her belly, pulling the cock out of Hermione into the sizzling canal, then moving to kiss her hipbones. bellatrix seemed hell bent on torturing the poor omega as much as possible before giving her what she really wanted.



Bellatrix began to thrust into Hermione, "OH!" Hermione gasped, opening her mouth and watching with wide eyes as Bellatrix buried her cock inside her body, electricity coursing through her body and squeezing her pussy, as the pussy muscles squeezed her cock, Bellatrix moaned in pleasure. Delicious sensations crawled up and down her spine, seeing sparks explode and soon building to a steady pace.


The two women began an intimate dance, sweat covering their bodies and their hips as they rolled gently. The pace was still gentle at first, Bellatrix nibbling on Hermione's neck, making sure to leave marks, pushing deep into her cock and when the emotions got too much she could hear omega chattering and moaning at her. The pace remained slow and steady, increasing her thrusts, at regular intervals, making her cock deeper and harder. Natasha removed her mouth from her neck, ready to take things a step further, grabbing Hermione's throat and holding it tightly as she began to push her cock harder and harder, deeper and deeper, shorter and faster, as Bellatrix saw the reaction on Hermione's face.


Hermione was out of breath, the air in her lungs was failing, her eyesight was darkening, her mind was failing, she didn't care ---- she just stroked the hand alpha held tightly around her throat and chased her earthly pleasure.


"shh... " Bellatrix saw the brunette moan and gasp, gyrating her hips with nothing but desire and pleasure in her eyes. "Now, take a deep breath." Natasha sighed and released her throat, kissing Hermione, swallowing her moans, gripping her nipples tightly, enjoying the soft muscles beneath her fingers, feeling her legs tremble at the waist. Hermione moaned, her hips bouncing erratically as she chased the sensation, scratching Bellatrix's back, leaving a red trail as her canal began to bite rhythmically into the cock, Natasha felt the burning pain in her back, causing her to bite the omega's lips and thrust quickly and hard into her canal sending her to her limits.



Hermione screamed and rushed towards the ceiling as Bellatrix's cock continued to slam against her cervix with a wet, watery sound. Hermione was completely at the mercy of the redhead in this position as she struggled to her feet and put her hands on Bellatrix's shoulders as the alpha continued to thrust upwards, slapping her wet bottom mercilessly and Bellatrix could see Hermione's muscles contracting and uncoiling in an almost intoxicating way as Hermione was clearly struggling to thrust his huge cock deep into her. There was a hint of pain in Hermione's expression, but her head was still thrown back in a frenzy of hand-to-hand combat, her mouth open and her eyes rolled back as she let Bellatrix manipulate her.



"Oh Gods Bellatrix there! Right there! Keep hitting that spot! " Hermione's moan contained a sob as Bellatrix roughly grabbed Hermione's legs and began thrusting harder, her thick cock now slamming against Hermione's soft upper walls, causing the brunette to cry out. Hermione's tumbling out pussy flesh made a mess on Bellatrix, the cock and lower belly covered in vaginal fluids, the vagina tightening around the cock.



"Oh fuck baby, your so fucking sexy. your clenching around me so hard, ah fuck! I can't take much more of " Bellatrix moaned and Hermione let out a hoarse moan, her mind a blur and her eyes dull, her petals opening and closing to suck on Bellatrix's cock. As she began to climax, Bellatrix's cock still pierced her body. bellatrix heard Hermione moan with excitement at each stimulation, the wet sounds echoing around the room as Hermione's pussy squeezed her cock harder, satisfying her own pleasure in the girl's body as her rhythm quickened. Hermione moaned loudly, her back arching in pain, her hands pulling at Bellatrix's curls, and as she rode Bellatrix's cock she leapt onto the thick cock with all her might, each blow hitting her womb directly, pushing air out of her lungs, and she was soon seeing stars again, while at the same time an abundance of nectar stimulated Bellatrix the top of the cock and the petals kept sucking on the stigma.



"Fuck I'm cumming!" screamed Bellatrix as she shot a thick stream of cum into Hermione's clenching core, filling the entire canal as Bellatrix's cock continued to twitch and pulse deeply embedded in Hermione released the last of her load, the thick fluid stimulating the omega's delicate, sensitive pussy, and Hermione crouched over Bellatrix shivering lightly for a while before she eased up a little. Then Bellatrix gently lifted Hermione off her lap and left the brunette lying on the table, Hermione winced as the cock slid out of her sensitive canal and struggled up to kiss Bellatrix on the lips.


Bellatrix let out a moan as she saw the beautiful reddish petals open and her white fluid drip from between her plump, wet lips, and her cock began to feel sore again as she felt Hermione's body press against her once more.


"Can you hold on Can we do it again" Bellatrix's lips caressed Hermione's shoulder slightly, her voice low and rough.