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His Favorite Sweet is Her And Chocolate

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It started out as a good plan, a simple plan: make Levi homemade chocolates for Valentine’s Day. That was all Hange wanted to do.

Simple. Easy. Hange was a person of science. Of course she could follow a simple recipe.

Or so she thought.

But that February 14th, about five minutes before Levi would ordinarily return from work for the day, Hange laid on the kitchen floor, covered nearly head to toe in specks and splotches of chocolate.

Chocolate was literally everywhere, and Hange had no idea how it happened.

One minute, she was just pouring the chocolate mix into the heart shaped molds- the next, she was lying flat on her back, the bowl of chocolate thrown halfway across the kitchen, chocolate in places Hange never thought chocolate would or should be.

Maybe she could salvage this, she thought. Maybe she could work with what few molds she was able to fill with chocolate and clean up this mess before-

The telltale click of the front door opening told her there was no way to salvage this.

She closed her eyes and awaited her fate. Surely, her clean freak of a husband would throw a fit about the mess she made in his previously spotless kitchen. She listened as his footsteps approached her cautiously.

“Hange?” She heard him call out to her in concern.

She opened her eyes but felt too defeated to sit up or look him in the eyes.

“I’m sorry, Levi.” She began to apologize. “I tried to make you something sweet for Valentine’s Day, but I failed-“

“How did you fail?” Levi was suddenly standing over her, one foot placed carefully between her legs. “I see my favorite meal covered in chocolate right now.”

Hanji tilted her head and stared blankly up at him. “What? Your favorite meal? A spinach and three-cheese omelet?”

Levi rolled his eyes at her naivety. “You, you idiot.”

Hange blinked as it took her a second to absorb the suggestive meaning behind his words. “Oh, Levi-“ she chuckled. “That’s so cliché.”

“Is it?” He threw his work bag onto the counter- which was probably covered in chocolate- and he began to kneel down over her, his left knee settling between her legs and his hands framing her shoulders.

“Very cliché.” Hange giggled mirthfully as she watched him hover over her, his eyes traveling slowly up her body.

“Well, regardless- it’s true,” Levi murmured before he lifted one of her hands to his mouth and began to devotedly lick off the chocolate, swirling his tongue around each individual finger and sucking on them one at a time.

“Levi?” Hange gasped lightly.

Levi released her index finger from his mouth with an audible pop.

“What?” Levi kissed her now chocolate-free finger. “I’m just enjoying the meal you prepared for me. You went through all the trouble.” He reached for her other hand and repeated his actions, slowly licking every drop of chocolate from her hands.

Hange just stared open-mouthed as he paid such careful attention to her hands, kissing and licking them until they were clean.

“You’re- not mad about the mess?” Hange stuttered out. “You’re not going to force me to clean up immediately?”

Levi moved on to licking her wrist, dragging his tongue along her skin and making Hange shiver. He licked all the way up to her elbow before pausing and making eye contact with her. “Am I not cleaning up the mess right now?”

“It’s not the most efficient way to do it.” Hange teased him.

“Then you want me to stop?” He lightly kissed the inside of her elbow.

Hange shook her head, biting her lip. “No.”

“Good.” Levi leaned down closer, grabbing her chin and tilting her head to the side so he could more easily lick the shell of her ear. “Because I really don’t want to stop.” His voice low and husky. “You taste so good, Hange. So sweet.”

A shiver ran through her as he took one of her chocolate-covered earlobes between his teeth, biting it lightly and then using his lips to suck on it gently. He did the same to the other earlobe, then licked and kissed his way down her chin, all over her neck, finding and removing every last drop of chocolate on her with his tongue.

Hange moaned as he sucked on a particularly sensitive spot right above her collar bone.

Levi’s tongue reached the edge of her shirt, and he pulled away. He stared intently at her shirt, as if analyzing it for something.

“Well, this is definitely unsalvageable.” He clicked his tongue, looking her over. “A white shirt with chocolate stains? Unfortunate. Let me get rid of it for you.” Before she could react, he had taken the collar of the white t-shirt between his hands and began to rip it in half.

“Levi!" Hange protested. "You do realize that’s your shirt?”

Levi shrugged and ripped the material entirely off her body. She had nothing on under the shirt, meaning her torso was completely bare to him now.

He again stared at her now exposed chest and stomach, analyzing.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Hange squirmed under his intense gaze.

“Needs more chocolate,” Levi replied suddenly and stood, walking towards the bowl of melted chocolate Hange had thrown across the room during her fall.

Levi picked up the bowl and stuck his hand inside, scooping up some of the melted chocolate. He walked over to where Hange still laid, half-naked on the kitchen floor, and began drizzling the chocolate over her chest and stomach.

“Levi!” She giggled as she felt the warm chocolate drip and coat her skin. “What has gotten into you? Making such a mess-”

“Didn’t eat lunch,” Levi huffed as if that explained everything. “Now I’m starving, and you’ve made such a perfect meal for me, Hange, I can't resist devouring.”

He scooped one final handful from the bowl, coating his hand in chocolate before he knelt down over her again. This time both his knees framed her own, pressing her legs together between his own.

He took his chocolate-covered hand and inched it forward, purposefully smearing chocolate specifically over her nipples. Hange’s back arched as his chocolate-coated fingers squeezed and pinched her sensitive skin.

“Fucking perfect,” Levi murmured as he leaned forward to lick at the chocolate he had just smeared on her breasts.

His tongue only glazed over her chest at first, the broad muscle painting intricate patterns across her skin. When his tongue brushed across her nipple, he paused, his tongue retreating back into his mouth as instead he exhaled hot breath on her nipple. He hovered there for a long minute before he finally captured it between his lips, swirling his tongue around her peaked flesh in tauntingly slow circles. When he was satisfied with that, he began to suck on her nipple in full, pulling it in and pushing it out of his mouth with the muscles of his lips and cheeks.

"L-Levi-" Hange groaned and gripped tightly onto his shoulders.

Levi continued to suck at her breast until Hange had to push his head away from the sore, oversensitive skin.

But that was fine with Levi as he had another perfectly good breast to work with. He moved his head over, pressing his nose into the soft flesh of her other breast before kissing it gently. His lips lingered on her skin for a bit until he added his tongue as well, again licking the chocolate delicately from her breasts before fully sucking on it.

He anticipated Hange’s limit this time, removing his mouth from her skin before she could push him away.

He instead began to lick away at all the chocolate he had dripped on her stomach.

His tongue paid homage to every taut abdominal muscle, every inch of soft flesh, every freckle, every drop of chocolate.

He paid careful attention to her belly button, dipping his tongue inside it, twisting it around inside to get every last drop.

And finally, his tongue traced the hem of her shorts.

“I think I'll have something better than chocolate now.” He gripped the hem of her shorts between his teeth and hooked his fingers around the waistband, tugging the shorts and her underwear down and off her body.

He leaned back on his knees and stared at her legs appreciatively, making Hange blush with how intently his gaze focused on the area between her thighs. She rubbed her thighs together, desperate for some friction between her legs.

“Open your legs for me, Hange.” Levi locked his eyes on hers.

Hange obliged him quickly, lifting her knees up off the floor and then moving them apart from each other, presenting herself in full to Levi.

“You know, it’s kind of unfair you’re still fully dressed." Hange murmured. "Here I am, exposing myself completely, and you still have on a tie.” She teased and reached for him between her legs to tug at his black necktie.

“I don’t need to be naked to enjoy all you have to offer,” Levi retorted. “You’re my meal. I’ll enjoy you how I want.”

“And how do you want me?” Hange spread her legs just a fraction of a bit wider for him.

“Exactly as you are. Naked, dripping wet, moaning my name.” Levi reached forward to drag a finger up along the lips of her cunt.

He dragged his finger back down and pressed it right against her entrance, pushing his index finger inside her and then just as quickly bringing it back out.

Hange gasped as he brought his finger, glistening with her own lubricant, to his mouth and gave his finger a tentative lick. His eyes closed as exhaled a moan, savoring her taste.

“Even better than the chocolate.” He murmured and dipped his head quickly between her legs.

If Hange thought his tongue felt wonderful before, now she felt it was surreal.

“Levi- god-mmn-“ Hange whimpered as his tongue circled around her clit.

She knew he was teasing her by not hitting the mark directly. Instead of targeting her clit right away, he licked just around it, pushing against it with his tongue every other lick or so but not applying enough pressure to really build her up.

Her frustration was growing as he continued playing games with her. He would give her a full, broad lick over her clit every once in a while and then return to teasing her. Once, he began to really flick at the bundle of nerves with his tongue before promptly retracting his tongue, returning to his teasing circles.

She tried desperately to hold his face to her core, hoping he would take the hint, but Levi was apparently adamant on not quite giving in to her just yet.

Just as she was about to scream in frustration, Levi enveloped her clit between his lips. He began to suck on her, using the same motion he had on her nipples. 

Hange’s back arched off the floor, her head pressing harshly into the tile. One set of fingers scratched helplessly at the floor while the other set buried themselves deep in Levi’s dark locks. She let out an impossibly loud, exaggerated mewl as he sucked on her clit, simultaneously flicking his tongue fast and firm against it.

She was so enveloped in her pleasure she didn’t notice Levi slipping two fingers deep inside her wet and throbbing walls until he was knuckles deep inside her. He curled his fingers with every inward stroke and it felt to Hange as if he was scraping the inside of her abdomen with his fingers. It was a delicious, naughty feeling of having him finger her so well. He applied firm pressure, fucking into her with a needy and senseless rhythm and sucking and licking at her clit to help her reach her peak even faster.

She could feel the coil of tension tighten and tighten inside her as he brought her higher and higher. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she could swear she saw stars. If she was moaning his name or jabbering complete nonsense, she couldn’t tell, but whatever she was doing seemed to encourage Levi to fuck her even faster.

Her toes began to curl, and her legs began to shake, her whole body heating up, coiling and coiling until suddenly- gloriously she crashed over the edge, her body curling in towards itself and subconsciously holding Levi close to her core.

"Fuck- fuck- fuck-" was all she could chant over and over again as Levi let her wind down, his fingers slowing but not completely stopping their pulsing in and out of her.

She began to squirm as she finally reached the point of overstimulation. “Levi, please-“ she whimpered.

He obliged her, pulling his fingers out from inside her and bringing them to his lips to lick the taste of her off them.

She just watched through heavy eyelids and let her knees fall lazily to either side of her.

Levi smirked from between her legs. “That was delicious, Hange. Thank you for the meal.” He murmured against her inner thigh before he kissed it tenderly.

Hange struggled to catch her breath, panting heavily as he snaked his way back up her body.

“You know what I wanna do now?” Levi kissed the corner of her mouth and grinned.

“Hmm?” Hange mustered a rather weak response.

Levi kissed her warmly, prodding her mouth open further with his tongue, licking the back of her teeth as she helplessly allowed him to do as he pleased inside her mouth.

He broke the kiss, and stared at her, brushing a lock of her hair from her sweat stained forehead.

“I wanna clean up the rest of this fucking mess.” Levi admitted.

Levi stood up so quickly Hange barely had time to register the absence of his heat against her.

“Levi?” She blinked and rolled to her side, watching him open the cupboard under the sink to fetch cleaning supplies. “You’re seriously going to clean right now?”

Levi moved to place the supplies on the counter and rolled up his sleeves. “Of course.”

“You realize you are fully hard right now?” Hange pointed out, eyeing the full-on erection he was sporting practically poking out of his pants.

“I’m aware. That can wait.” Levi explained as he sprayed the counter down and started scrubbing.

“But eating me out couldn’t?” Hange smirked at him from her position on the ground.

“It could not.” Levi didn’t break his attention from the dirty counter. “And I’m not done with you yet. But I’m not fucking you in a dirty kitchen.”

“But you just-“ Hange began and quickly shut her mouth, shaking her head. “You know what, I won’t even bother trying to understand your weird habits, clean freak.” She slowly ambled her way to a standing position and then moved to stand behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. His focus on scrubbing the counter didn’t waver.

"But if you decide that the kitchen can wait-" She murmured and kissed the back of his neck. “I’ll be in the shower.” She strutted off towards their bathroom.

Levi continued to scrub for a minute before pausing when he heard the faucet of their bathroom shower turning on.

He looked at the sponge in his hands, the kitchen covered in chocolate, then glanced towards the hallway Hange had disappeared down.

“Fuck this.” He murmured, tossing the sponge into the sink and quickly going to find his wife in the hot shower.