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"Take me, take me, take me to your paradise, I'll follow. You've got me going crazy for you, got me going crazy for you. I will echo every word you say about tomorrow. Even when I can't see what you, even when I can't see what you do" - Speechless by GLADES 


Wen Kexing sighed, bored. Snow fell around him as he sat on the peak of their mountain. Warm arms made themselves known, wrapping around his shoulders lovingly.

"What's wrong?" Zhou Zishu's warm and velvety voice asked, a hand reaching up to play with Wen Kexing's white strands of hair. 

Wen Kexing hummed, gripping Zhou Zishu's hands, "Ah-Xu! I'm so bored!" He pouted, leaning back onto Zhou Zishu's chest. 

Zhou Zishu laughed, rolling his eyes slightly as he leaned forwards, whispering, "I think I know how I can help solve that." 


Zhou Zishu started to lay peppers of kisses on Wen Kexing's neck, starting to suck on the junction of it and enjoying the wonderful moan he got in return.


Zhou Zishu hummed, reaching a hand in-between Wen Kexing's clothing and starting to play with his nipple, rubbing and then moving down his stomach. 

Wen Kexing writhed in Zhou Zishu's arms, grinding against him and making them both moan. Placing a hand on his cheek, Wen Kexing brought Zhou Zishu into a heated kiss, moaning as their tongues moved together. 

Wen Kexing gasped for air when Zhou Zishu pulled away, saliva strung between their now pinked lips.  

"Ah-Xu, please-" Wen Kexing started to beg, spreading his legs slightly to emphasize. 

Zhou Zishu rolled his eyes in amusement, leaning over Wen Kexing as he pulled the rest of their robes apart, enjoying the view of Wen Kexing's robes pooling around his naked form in an enticing picture. 

And from the look on Wen Kexing's face, he was also enjoying the view of Zhou Zishu.

Immediately even more turned on by the look in his eyes, Zhou Zishu spread Wen Kexing's legs apart and started to lick. Starting with his puckered entrance, Zhou Zishu flicked his tongue teasingly at it, making it circle the muscle and enter slowly. Enjoying the small whimpers of his lover. 

Zhou Zishu pulled his tongue out, and started licking up, leaving a small trail of saliva to Wen Kexing's balls. Zhou Zishu sucked on one of them and fondled with the other, before trailing up to the tip of Wen Kexing's cock. 

He stopped, his tongue laying on the tip, and stared at Wen Kexing, who was looking back with just as much intensity and heat. Wen Kexing was breathing heavily, his own hands playing with his nipples as he watched Zhou Zishu work. 

Zhou Zishu smirked, opening his mouth and impaling himself on Wen Kexing's dick, making Wen Kexing gasp and moan loudly as his tongue and mouth worked up and down slowly, teasing. 

One of his hands reached up Wen Kexing's legs, playing and pinching gently, while the other hand started to slowly work open Wen Kexing's entrance. 

"Ah-Xu!" Wen Kexing begged as the second finger slipped in, grinding against Zhou Zishu's fingers and mouth, "Ah-Xu! I'm-" 

Zhou Zishu hummed around Wen Kexing's cock, and moved his fingers in and out, faster and harder into his entrance, a third finger sliding inside.

Wen Kexing breathlessly screamed, his back arching beautifully as he came. His legs twitched, closing slightly, and his entrance pulsed and clenched around Zhou Zishu's fingers. 

Zhou Zishu pulled away, drips of cum falling out his mouth. 

Wen Kexing reached his arms out, whispering, "let me help pleasure you too, Ah-Xu." 


Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu laid next each other, their hands intertwined as they stared up at the now night sky.

They sighed, content.

"Ah-Xu?" Wen Kexing asked softly, his body turning to face Zhou Zishu. 

Zhou Zishu hummed, his head turning. 

"What do you think about leaving, just for a little while, to see how it is down there?" 

The silence lasted a while.


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I've been hearing symphonies. Before all I heard was silence. A rhapsody for you and me. And every melody is timeless" - Symphony by Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsson




"Alright," Zhou Zishu said, patting Wen Kexing on the head, "We can go, but we must be careful."

Wen Kexing jumped to his feet, grinning from ear to ear, "Ah-Xu! Let's go!" He exclaimed, starting to pull Zhou Zishu's arm and smiling as he heard chuckles. 

"Okay, okay," Zhou Zishu said, smiling, "let's get ready."


Leaves rustled as two animals sprinted down the seemingly endlessly tall mountain. The snow had disappeared a while ago, and the animals arrived at lush green paths that were momentarily disturbed by a winding stream. The animals paused, seeing a clearing of emerald green grass. Small bunnies ran around happily, making small squeaks accompanied by the sound of a child's giggle and an amused, but quite silent huff. 

The animals stepped out warily, keeping their eyes on the child and adult who were holding hands, both clothed in a gentle white and streaking blue. 

"Look, Look!" The child giggled, pointing, "Baba! Look!"

The man hummed, his serene golden eyes finding the two animals. His eyes showed a vague confusion at the sight, "Strange."

The child's face twisted, confused at the older man's words, "What do you mean, baba?" 

The man gently looked down, golden eyes shining with love. He leaned down, wincing slightly, "Look, Sizhui." The animals stepped closer, sharing an unnoticed glance at each other. 

Sizhui tilted his head, his eyes widening in realization, "Oh! Baba! I get it! They're a weird pair!" The child said, bouncing as he held his father's hand. Golden eyes closed in amusement, and the man nodded. 

Truly, the two animals must've been considered a weird pair: after all, who can say they've seen a great big stag and a bigger than average white haired fox hanging out together?

The stag and fox inched closer and closer, coming face to face to the father and son. And when the child laughed and reached out his small hands, the dark, dark brown, almost black stag leaned down to meet him. 

"Baba!" Sizhui exclaimed in excitement, gently brushing the tips of his small fingers against the enormous animal's snout and up, petting soft and fluffy ears. 

The man's golden eyes widened in bewilderment, speechless, "W-what..."

The fox laughed, it's brown eyes sparkling in amusement as it reached up to place it's paws on the man's legs- not unlike a dog. The stag huffed, seeming to be amused at the fox's antics. The man twitched, even more confused than before and even more irritated at his confusion. The fox chirped again, jumping back down and circling him before going towards Sizhui and doing the same. Sizhui giggled, reaching out to let his hands brush against the fox's white fur while it circled.

The stag huffed, air blowing the older man's hair and bringing his attention to it. The stag's deep brown eyes met golden. The stag tilted its head, bringing attention to the big, tangling and intimidating antlers it possessed. Dangling from it's large, twisting antlers were what seemed to be beaded, sparkling strings. The man reached out, keeping an eye on the stag for any threatening movements, and brought one of the strings closer. 

It was thin and silvery like a spider web, and small clear crystal-like dew drops were attached in an array of patterns. His golden eyes widened, shooting up to meet powerful and dark eyes. 

The fox chirped from its place on Sizhui's shoulder, and leaped onto the stag's back and up its neck. Brighter brown eyes met golden. 


"Ah-Xu," Wen Kexing muttered, leaning closer to Zhou Zishu as they walked around the small town. 

Zhou Zishu tucked a strand of stray white hair behind Wen Kexing's ear, "Careful. What is it, Ah-Xing?"

Wen Kexing flushed, "A-Ah-Xu!" he looked away slightly, before looking back, "Ah-Xu, listen to what these people are saying," he said, his face turning serious. 

Zhou Zishu looked at the crowd of people, and all of the sudden the world seemed to become louder as he focused.

"Did you hear?"

"Hear what-"

"He's dead! The-"

"Ha! Serves him right!"

"The Demonic Cultivator is gone!"

"That demon and his followers are dead!"

"Serves that Wei Wuxian right!" 

"What a shame, that boy could've been great."

Zhou Zishu turned to face Wen Kexing, his face turning just as serious. "Ah-Xu," Wen Kexing said, face blank and eyes sparkling with malice, "Something about this..."

"Feels like some sort of plan, doesn't it?" Zhou Zishu finished for him.