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I'm still alive

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Serena Wolfe and her eldest 2 children were all sat in her office, trying to come to terms with the news that their mumma, Serena's wife of some 30 years,had been killed in action The 2 soldiers who had delivered the tragic news, had left the office only to be replaced by Mr.Henrik Hanssen, who had been informed that 2soldiers were enroute to deliver the terrible news about Major Bernice G.Wolfe who had been killed in active service.

Mr.Hanssen insisted that all 3 go home and take as much compassionate leave as required, he phoned for a taxi to take all 3 home.
All 3 gathered their belongings and made their way to the taxi rank, with Cameron and Charlotte supporting their mummy.
Once they had left the hospital Mr. Hanssen gathered all heads of departments, and informed them of the death of Major Wolfe, and told everyone that "Mrs Wolfe and her 2 children will have as much compassionate leave as required, so any electives that they had planned for the next few weeks would be handed to other surgeons and that they would be in charge of AAU and the trauma unit which Bernie and Serena were co-leads,".
Once Serena and her 2 eldest children arrived back home, Serena collapsed on to the settee and sobbed uncontrollably, as did her children
They couldn't believe that she was gone, gone from their lives, how could they continue without her, Bernie had always been the heart of the family.
Once everyone had composed themselves they knew that sooner or later Bernie's commanding officer would arrive at their home with letters that Bernie would have written, one for her wife and 4 for the couples 4 children, Cameron was the eldest at 27, then Charlotte, 23, Matthew 18 and the youngest Little Bernie ( Serena decided to name their youngest son Bernard because he had been born on Bernie's birthday 09/02).and he was 14.

24 hours later Bernie's c.o.arrived at the family home.
Lieutenant colonel James Walker Brown, began to express his deep sorrow at the loss of a fine officer but a brilliant trauma surgeon.
He handed Serena the letter that Bernie had written to her, but she would read it privately later, he then handed all the other family letters to the couple's eldest 2 children, who like Serena would read them privately later, but the letters for the youngest 2 Serena would hand them to them when the 'time was right, if was ever going to be a right time to tell them that their mumma had gone '.

Serena wanted to know the details of Bernie's demise ,the c.o. began:
" Bernie was working a double shift at the medical compound at the rear if the military base, and there had been several bombing raids, the terror attacks were becoming more and more worse, but we never envisaged that they would attack a medical compound.
However, they had bombed clinics, schools, even churches but when they bombed the hospital,they hit the trauma section...........That's where Bernie was working.
He then opened his briefcase, and handed Serena Bernie' s dog tags.
He then explained that he had to go and tell other families that their loved ones had been killed in action, he also explained that all victims would have a full military funeral complete with honours, but they would in contact later to arrange the details.

Some 3 hours after Lieutenant colonel James Walker Brown had left Holby City Military base, to inform the families of their loss, called a meeting, all the military 'top brass' had been assembled, he then called for the following soldiers:
Captain Alexandra Dawson.
Sergeant Ian Jenkinson.
Private Robert Hillman.
Colonel Daniel wilkinson
Major Bernie Wolfe.

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All 5 military personnel were questioned at great lengths about what really happened the night the hospital compound was bombed, they also gave statements to the 'top brass'.
Lieutenant colonel James Walker Brown told all 5 soldiers that their respective families had been informed of 'their deaths in active service'.
Major Wolfe was the first to speak.
" we were all wotking double shifts, as some medical staff had gone home as they needed a rest, as they had worked a double shift the previous day, and had to have a 12 hour rest period before starting another double shift.
Myself and Captain Dawson were in theatre operating on a wounded officer, he had suffered cuts and grazes and large cut across his face.
I was the most senior medical officer, and we had been given information by one of our sources that ariel bombing would begin that day, but we were not given any information as to :
Who was responsible for the bombing raids.
What the name was of the terrorist organization who had sent coded messages.
We didn't know how big or how small the bombs would or could be.
However, the c.o had called a meeting of all senior army officers, and it was decided that ALL medical staff would not be in any medical compound for the time being, and any patients would be smuggled out of the compound and sent to military hospitals in Germany, Greece, and United Kingdom aswell as any other medical hospitals who would be able to treat any of the patients.
Once all patients had been sent to other military hospitals their bodies were replaced with life like mannequins and dressed as in patients.
All staff were removed and sent to other military compounds where they could be of use, and senior medics were told to go and get ready for a covert operation.
Colonel Daniel wilkinson was the most senior officer in charge, followed by myself, the Captain Alexandra Dawson and several other soldiers.
Once we were given the details as to what we were going to do to try and stop the attack, even just get information as to where the head quaters were and what kind of guns and ammunition they had at their disposal, the plan was to try and get as close as possible, and get an insight as to how many there was and any other detail that could or would help us to try and stop them.
However what we weren't ready for was that our ' source of information' was actually telling us what they had told him to say, because they were ready to..............kidnap us all patients aswell and hold us to ransom, they would release us if several other governments released terrorists.
We found out about our informant had doubled crossed us and we went out on the evening in question and they began shooting at us, I got a rocket launcher, and fired at their head quaters and killed most of their ' top hitmen' and 12 hours later all personnel were back in protective custody for our safety.

Everyone agreed with what Bernie had described how they killed most of the ' top hitmen ' from the terror group.
The Lieutenant colonel then went on to tell everyone " The british government is currently getting plans in place to give you all and your family members new identities, but it may take upto 6/8 months, but once you have your new identities, then you can go back to your families.

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3 days after Serena and her eldest 2 children had been informed of the untimely passing of Bernie, Serena had decided that the time was right that she tell both Matthew and Little Bernie about their Mumma's passing.
She composed herself and walked into the living room, where Cameron and Charlotte were already waiting, and they would be there not only for Serena , but also Matthew and Little Bernie.

Serena went and sat between Matthew and Little Bernie she took their hands and began.
" There is something you both need to be told, 3 days ago myself Cameron and Charlotte, we were all on duty at Holby City Hospital, and we had 2 army officer's come and visit us, and they gave us some devastating news regarding Mumma, Matthew began crying, he knew exactly what Serena's next words would be, and Little Bernie, he to began crying ( in truth Serena didn't need to go any further, as they both knew what was coming next).
Serena never got to finish what she intended to tell her youngest 2 boys as they looked at Serena and the eldest 2 children, and everyone was weeping for their beloved Mumma and Serena's darling wife.
She didn't go into detail about her passing as it was painful enough for everyone listening to each other crying, however she did give both boys the letters that Big Bernie had written for them, and she told them " you can either read them in private or read them with myself or with Cameron or Charlotte.
All the children saud " that they would sit down with Serena one by one and read them, Serena agreed to that, however she also told all the children, that senior army personnel would be calling at the house in regards to 'certain arrangements which needed to be sorted out'.

Over the following days it was a non stop, with friends and staff from Holby City coming to pay their respects to the Major, as well as soldiers who had had the pleasure of serving with Bernie over the years, and aswell as officers who had started with Bernie, but had either retired or left the army, owing to the fact that their comission had finished and they didn't want another comission.

However, somewhere in the english countryside, there was a military compound where a certain blonde haired, leggy Major, who had been placed in the compound for her safety, she was not a military or a political prisoner, she was there because she was the one who had wiped out most of the top hit men in a terror cell that was ruling Somalia, and she was being kept safe, but where her comrades were being held she had no idea, she just wanted her beloved family with her.

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Nearly a fortnight had passed since Serena and her children had been told of Major Bernie Wolfe' s passing whilst out on active service.
The army chaplain had been in contact via the phone,several comrades had been to see Serena, who offered their condolences to the family, but no one had been to see the family in regards to certain arrangements which needed to be sorted out.

Miles away in the countryside, Major Bernie Wolfe was being questioned repeatedly about events which happened in Somalia, how no one knew that the informant was double crossing them, and how much information he had gleamed from any officer or soldier.
Bernie just kept reiterating everything that she had already told them, how the events unfolded minute by minute and how she came to fire a rocket launcher and wipe out most of the top hit men who were ruling Somalia.

Charlotte Wolfe had followed in her Mumma's foot steps and joined the army, attended Sandhurst Military Academy, and graduated as a Lieutenant, a rank which she would hold for a year, before furthering her army career.
She had graduated from Cambridge university Medical School with a first class degree, and the army wanted her to study all about Trauma surgery and rehabilitation, so she was studying for her Master's degree and then hopefully a P.HD also in trauma medicine.
However, being in the Army she knew that sooner or later someone would have to go to the family home and discuss the repatriation of Bernie Wolfe and then there would be the funeral arrangements would have to be made, but she kept her thoughts to herself, she didn't want to bother her mum, so she discreetly began making her own inquiries.

Charlotte began emailing certain officers at Holby City Barracks, to see if anyone had heard anything about any repatriation services, which may be in the process of being arranged OR if repatriation services had already taken place, without any one being informed.
24 hours later she began checking her emails and she had received one from Holby City Barracks , it read:

Lieutenant Charlotte Wolfe,
Thank you for your recent inquiry in regards to repatriation services I can categorically tell you that There Are No Repatriation services for any fallen soldiers from anywhere in the united kingdom,Scotland, Wales, or Ireland.
I can also categorically inform you that there have been no fatalities to any soldiers from anywhere in the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland or Ireland.
Thank you for your enquiry.
Major Anthony Jackson Browne (Acting).

Charlotte quickly printed the email off, and went and showed it to..............Cameron.
And they both agreed NOT to show it to their mum,until they had made further enquires.

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Charlotte had been tossing and turning all night, wrestling with her conscious, does she tell her mum what she had found out or not, eventually she decided to get out of bed and go downstairs and sit in the family living room.
She had been sitting downstairs for about an hour, when Cameron joined her, and she told him of her dilema, do both Cameron and Charlotte tell their mum about what they had found out.

They had been sitting downstairs discussing their dilema, when suddenly they heard " ok what's the problem you two?".
Both Cameron and Charlotte were shocked to see their mum, standing in the doorway.
Charlotte went into the kitchen and made all 3 a cup of coffee.
Once all 3 had finished their drinks both Cameron and Charlotte invited their mum to sit in between them, as they wanted to talk to them about something very important.

Charlotte went upstsirs and re printed the email she had printed the previous evening, she then went back downstairs and gave both Cameron and their mum a copy of the email.

Serena began reading the email and she asked Charlotte " why have you done this for?."
Charlotte replied " why has no one been in touch with regards to the repatriation service? Or why has there not been anything reported on any news channel?, why were we told at work and not here, at home?, mum there are so many unanswered questions, and we deserve the truth about what happened out in Somalia, that is why I am doing this mum".
Charlotte then went on to explain that there are protocols in place to inform families of their loved ones, if they have fallen in active service.
Serena then went on to ask her daughter " and what if you are wrong about all this, what if the army have already bought mumma back home?, what if they have made other arrangements aswell?."
Charlotte answered her " mum, the army will inform the family when the repatriation service will take place, and they leave the funeral arrangements to the family involved.".
Serena looked at her daughter and said " ok then, we will make discreet enquiries, but if any thing comes of your investigations, you are on your own understand".
Cameron then had his say " mum, what if Charlotte is right, what if mummma IS STILL ALIVE then what?, will Charlotte still be on her own, or not, because whether Charlotte is right or wrong I will stand by her, at least she is trying to find anything out, which is more than what anyone of us sons are doing, and more than what YOU are doing, at least Charlotte doesn't keep knocking the shiraz back like you.

Serena began to break down, she hadn't realised just how much alcohol she had consumed since being told her beloved Bernie had been killed in action, she hadn't realised just how much her children needed her, she hadn't realised that it was Cameron and Charlotte who had been trying to keep everything as normal as possible, and when they tried to find out if their Mumma alive, she threw it back in Charlotte's face.
Once Serena had composed herself, she apologised unreservedly to both Cameron and Charlotte, and she would apologised unreservedly to both Matthew and little Bernie later.
She went and sat in between both Cameron and Charlotte and told them " OK WE ARE STILL THE WOLFE FAMILY, LET'S FIND OUT IF MUMMA IS STILL ALIVE, SO LET'S GET TO IT.

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Once both Matthew and Little Bernie were sitting in the family living room,Serena once again apologised for her behaviour since hearing the news that Bernie had been taken from them whilst on active service.
Everyone agreed that they would put the last few weeks behind them, and look to the future, hopefully a future that included the beating heart of the Wolfe Family, Major Bernie Wolfe.

Serena asked both Matthew and Little Bernie to look on every news website they could think of to see if any soldier's regardless of nationality had been killed whilst on active service.
She asked Charlotte to email Holby City Barracks again, asking for any information regarding just what had happened to Major Bernie Wolfe and the soldiers/ and or officers who were out on patrol with Bernie on the night in question.

She tasked Cameron with checking all local hospitals to ask if they had received any injured soldier's within the last 14 days.
Serena, however was busy checking the army websites for any information as to what happens when a soldier is seriously or even worse killed whilst on active service.

Meanwhile at Holby City Barracks, one of Bernie's commanding officers Colonel Charles Whittington, was getting increasingly alarmed that a certain Lieutenant Charlotte Wolfe was busy emailing the barracks, wanting more information in regards to her Mumma's demise.
He in turn went and spoketo his commanding officer Brigadier Sir Henry Pattinson Jukes, and the Brigadier informed the colonel that he would sort everything out.

Some 2 hours later, the Brigadier,closely followed by 2 senior officials from the ministry of defence arrived at a secret location, the location, where a certain Major Bernie Wolfe was being held for her own safety.
They entered the building where she had been placed, ( she had the place to herself, including use of all gym equipment and swimming pool).
The major was asked to join the Brigadier and the M.O.D. officials in an interview room.
The Brigadier began :.
" We have a slight problem Major Wolfe, it would appear that your family believe you may still be alive".
Bernie replied
" why what is going on then?"
The Brigadier replied
" Lieutenant Charlotte Wolfe has emailed Holby City Barracks on a couple of occasions, wanting information regarding your repatriation service, and any other information she can gleam out of any one, he also told her about the reply that the acting Major had sent her.
" Bernie just looked at the brigadier and the men from the M.O.D, and told them.
" Please tell them the truth, because Charlotte will not let this rest, she will get to the bottom of what happened out in Somalia, if she doesn't then Serena most certainly will, and Serena will make sure heads roll, so it is in everyone's best intrests if my family are told the truth.

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The next few weeks passed without any incident, and still no word from the army, with regards to Bernie, whether she had been repatriated back to the United Kingdom.
Serena, had, decided that as there was no news from the army,that it would be in everyone's best interests if both Serena and Cameron went back to work at Holby City Hospital, Charlotte went to work at Holby City Barracks, while Matthew, who was starting at Holby City medical school and Little Bernie was due to start the 3rd year at Eton College in September,they would go with Serena and just sit in her office and take their computers or they could use the post graduate library to understand the rudimentals about all aspects of medicine starting with how long it takes to become a Doctor, and all aspects of learning and training in either a G.P surgery or in Hospital.

Both Cameron and Serena had been in touch with the H.R. department and informed them of their desire to return to work, after all sitting at home looking at 4 walls and watching daytime t.v.had become rather unappealing, and everyone agreed that they needed something to focus on.

Charlotte had already been in touch with Holby City Barracks, and they agreed that it would be in her best interests for her to concentrate on her medical training in trauma surgery, and she could also concentrate on studying for her Master's Degree.

Henrik Hanssen had agreed that both Matthew and Little Bernie could stay in Serena's office whilst she did her days work, and he also agreed that they could avail themselves of the library in the post graduate centre.

Miles away in the upper levels of certain government departments several officials were working around the clock to get new identities for Major Bernie Wolfe and her family.

One night, a week before everyone was due back at their respective places of work, Charlotte's laptop started pinging, so she opened up her laptop, and clicked on to her emails, suddenly she shouted for her mum.

Serena went straight over to see what the problem was,and when she saw the email, she immediately told Charlotte to get in contact with Holby City Barracks and arrange the meeting, not only with Serena and her family, Bernie's commanding officers, and men in "Grey Suits".
( that is what Bernie called them).
The meeting was arranged for the following Tuesday, and Serena and her family would need to make their own way to Holby City Barracks, and then they would be escorted to a secret location...................where they would find out exactly what happened to Major Bernie Wolfe whilst out in Somalia.

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The next few days passed with everyone being on cloud nine, after all in a few days time the Wolfe Family would get more information as to exactly what happened in Somalia.
Serena had taken the family out and bought them all a new outfit, shoes, etc, as she didn't want the family looking untidy ( not that Bernie or Serena would let them go out looking untidy).

Charlotte was begining to feel uneasy about the email that she had received from 'her superiors', so she decided to call them to confirm the arrangements and times.
She got her laptop out and kept looking at the name at the bottom of both emails ''Major Anthony Jackson Browne ( Acting).
Charlotte printed the emails off and then looked through her phone for the number that she had dialled to make the arrangements, and again when she dialled it the name once again came up as Major Anthony Jackson Browne ( Acting), but she couldn't think if there really was a officer answering to the same name.
Once again Charlotte wrestled with her conscious does she tell the family about her concerns about the emails, and does she tell them that she doesn't recall a Major A.Jackson Browne, even if he is only an acting Major or does she go straight to Colonel Charles Whittington, ??.

Serena was getting more nervous as the day of the meeting drew nearer and nearer, and on the Sunday ( as the meeting was due to take place on the Tuesday) she asked Charlotte which route they would be taking to Holby City Barracks as there was road works on the route and she didn't want to be late, so Serena and Charlotte as well as Cameron found other routes to and from the barracks,so if they took the direct route and there were road works they would have another route to follow.
Matthew had noticed that Charlotte was begining to become a little bit worried, so he asked her " what is the matter Charlotte, don't you want to know what happened to mumma?" Charlotte replied " of course I do, it's just that".
"Just what Charlotte?" both Matthew and Charlotte looked at the living room door only to see their mum standing there.
Charlotte looked at her mum and told her " it's about the emails and the phone call, I am having some reservations about them, I don't know what it is but something doesn't seem to add up".
Serena went and sat by her daughter and held her hand and told her " talk to me Charlotte, what is bothering you in regards to the emails and the phone call, ".
Charlotte just told her " I don't know what to do about anything, maybe it's just me and my imagination running wild or are my other thoughts right and this is ruse to get to leave the house and go to the barracks where someone or terrorist group think mumma is, or oh I don't know anymore mum".
Cameron then entered the living room, " has any seen that red car that is parked just before the electronic gates???.
Charlotte lifted her head and shouted " what red car?".
Everyone went upstairs into their parents bedroom, and quickly spotted the red car that had been parked up some 30 minutes earlier.
Seeing that red car made up Charlotte' s mind there and then.
She went into her bedroom got out her mobile phone and immediately phoned her superiors to ask them about the arranged meeting, so she decided to call the Colonel, and she asked him to confirm the arrangements for the Tuesday.
The Colonel asked her " what meeting are you talking about Lieutenant Wolfe"
Charlotte replied " The meeting for Tuesday when we get to find out exactly what happened out in Somalia".
Colonel Charles Whittington replied " we have not got any meeting arranged for Tuesday"
Charlotte replied " but sir, I have copies of emails sent to my personal email address and they were both sent by 'Major Anthony Jackson Browne" (Acting), and he also included his mobile phone number,which I called him on to arrange the meeting".
Colonel Whittington replied "give me 30 minutes and I will call you back about the information you have just given me"
Charlotte then replied "ok sir, and thank you for your time".
The colonel immediately got on to his office phone and made the following call.
" Hello Wiltshire, this is Colonel Charles Whittington, this is a code red, I repeat a code red, remove Major Wolfe immediately and get her to the second safe place."
The Colonel then made a second phone call " security services, get a team to Major Wolfe's house and get her family out there now, there has been a major security breach and Major Wolfe and her family could be in danger, "
Now the search began to unmask the phoney Major, who was he?, which terror group did he belong to?, or was he a lone terrorist.
Only time would tell, but could the army get Bernie safe, and could they get her family safe..........?

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Charlotte walked into the living room where her mum and brothers were sitting and told everyone " get upstairs and pack as much as possible, mum go and get everyone's phone's and laptops and the chargers and any other mobile devices.
While everyone was busy packing, Serena went into her daughter's room and asked her " what is going on ?".
Charlotte replied " mum my commanding officer had no knowledge of the meeting, then there is the red car parked outside, and no one seems to know where mum is, and then there are the emails I have received, so I am taking no more chances we are going somewhere safe".
Serena looked at Charlotte and asked her " and how do you plan to get us out of here without being noticed?,
Charlotte replied " please just have a little faith in me just for once ok mum".
15 minutes later everyone was packed and ready to go, Charlotte looked at everyone and told them " ok let's go".
Charlotte lead everyone through the kitchen, out through the back door, which Serena locked up and continued to follow her family, once they reached the top of the garden Charlotte opened the back gate, and ushered everyone through and directed them to a double garage.
Once Charlotte had relocked the back gate, she too made her way to the double garage, where she asked Cameron to open the garage door, and to everyone's surprise there was a new 7 seater vehicle, Charlotte asked everyone to get their luggage and put in the back of the vehicle she then asked everyone to get into the car, with the boys in the back, Charlotte driving, with Serena in the passenger seat.
Once everyone was ready, Charlotte slowly began to drive from the back of the house, out from the under the noses of the occupants of the red car.
Charlotte was soon driving on the motorway, she was aiming to get to Holby City Barracks as quick as possible, but Serena alerted Charlotte to the fact that whoever was in the red car, they were not that far away from them, but they had quickly caught up with them, so Charlotte made for the nearest exit on the motorway, but whoever was in the red car they were not determined to loose track of Charlotte and her family.
Charlotte instructed her mum to get out her phone and search through her contacts until she got to the number for Holby City Barracks.
Once Serena had got the number for the barracks Charlotte told her to put it on loudspeaker, which Serena did.
Once Charlotte had got through she immediately asked to be put through to Colonel Charles Whittington.
Once she was in contact with him she informed him what action she had taken as to getting her family safe, but she was more concerned that whoever was in the red car they had been parked outside the family home, and now it was following them, the Colonel advised Charlotte to make her way to the barracks and upon their arrival the family would be let through straight away.
Some 30 minutes later the family had made their way to Holby city Barracks, once Charlotte had told the sentry on duty who she was and who she was there to see, he immediately lifted the barrier to let her through, only to be closely followed by the red car.
Charlotte looked at everyone and told them "you all stay in the car, I will find out just who these people are.
Within minutes both vehicles were surrounded by armed soldier's and most of the senior officers.
The driver of the vehicle was the first to get out of the vehicle and then his colleague followed him.
Charlotte demanded to know who they were and what were they doing outside her families home.
The driver was the first to speak
"My name is Malick Anton Malick and I am an officer of Her Majesties intelligence services and I was instructed to make sure that you were safe at all times, he then reached to his inside jacket pocket and produced his identification.

The second man began to speak
My name is Byrne Joseph Byrne, and I am also an officer of Her Majesties Intelligence services and along with my colleague I too was instructed to make sure you were safe, he too reached into his inside jacket pocket and produced his identification.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, but Serena asked them both, under whose orders were you acting on.
When suddenly they heard a very familiar voice say " They were acting on my instructions Serena".
Serena turned around very slowly and thought she had seen a ghost, but she had not, she had seen the woman she loved, the woman she thought was dead, she stood rooted to the spot, until HER MAJOR, HER WIFE wrapped her big strong arms around her.

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Both intelligence officer's quickly ushered everyone back inside Holby City Barracks, and then led them to a large conference room
Everyone was then invited to take a seat and then the intelligence officers would try and explain exactly what happened out in Somalia, and why Serena and her children were told that Major Bernie Wolfe had been killed in active service, but in truth was hiding in a unused army accommodation block deep in the heart of Wiltshire.

Colonel Charles Whittington asked his secretary to arrange a selection of hot and cold drinks aswell as savoury snacks and to have them delivered to the large conference room.
Once the drinks and snacks had been delivered and everyone had taken their fill of what was on offer, Charlotte and her brother's were politely asked to retire to the officer's recreation room, where they could have a game of snooker, or billiards, or chess or draughts, or just sit in peace and quiet and admire the surroundings, while both Bernie and Serena were asked to remain in the conference room.
Brigadier Sir Henry Pattinson Jukes entered the room and he was carrying a beige coloured folder, and he placed it on the table, and opened it and got out 2 photos of 2 men who had been lurking in and around Holby City Barracks time and time again, and they had been removed several times by the police, but they kept going back.
Both photos were shown to both Bernie and Serena and they were asked if they recognised either of the men in the photos.
They looked at each other and in unison said " The picture to the left is Edward Campbell and the one to the right Marcus Dunn".
Serena continued " both of these men are failed medical students, they were originally transferred from Plymouth university medical school to Holby City University medical school, but they had to redo their second year again, as they had spent to much time fooling around with other students from other schools within the university campus, but they were also turning up for lectures smelling of alcohol, and cigarette smoke.".
Bernie concluded with what Serena had told everyone about them, but Bernie also knew that Marcus Dunn had been kicked out of Sandhurst Military Academy, as he was accused of fighting with other cadet officers, but because he was caught on c c.t.v. he was dishonorabley discharged.
The Colonel then asked both Bernie and Serena if they would like some time together as the intelligence officers aswell as senior officers had to convene a meeting with regards to the information that bith Bernie and Serena had given them.
They needed this time together,along with their 4 children, so the couple made their way to the senior officers recreation room, Serena was the first to enter slowly followed by a very weepy Bernie.
Serena turned around to see her beloved wife in tears, she quickly got a tissue out of her handbag and passed it to Bernie, Cameron guided his mum over to one of the high backed chairs, and she slumped into the chair, Serena sat on the arm of the chair and wrapped her arm around Bernie's shouldes and tried to reassure her that everything would be ok, all their children consoled her as best they could, but no matter how hard the family tried she couldn't stop crying.
Some 15 minutes later Bernie had composed herself, and unreservedly apologised to her family for the hurt and pain they had endured over the past weeks,but all that was soon forgotten, all that mattered was that Bernie and Serena were reunited and they had their children with them.
The family had been together in the officer's recreation room for roughly a couple of hours when the Brigadier walked in and asked the family to rejoin everyone in the conference room.
Once everyone was seated, the Colonel was about to give them news that would change their lives completely.