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I'm still alive

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Charlotte walked into the living room where her mum and brothers were sitting and told everyone " get upstairs and pack as much as possible, mum go and get everyone's phone's and laptops and the chargers and any other mobile devices.
While everyone was busy packing, Serena went into her daughter's room and asked her " what is going on ?".
Charlotte replied " mum my commanding officer had no knowledge of the meeting, then there is the red car parked outside, and no one seems to know where mum is, and then there are the emails I have received, so I am taking no more chances we are going somewhere safe".
Serena looked at Charlotte and asked her " and how do you plan to get us out of here without being noticed?,
Charlotte replied " please just have a little faith in me just for once ok mum".
15 minutes later everyone was packed and ready to go, Charlotte looked at everyone and told them " ok let's go".
Charlotte lead everyone through the kitchen, out through the back door, which Serena locked up and continued to follow her family, once they reached the top of the garden Charlotte opened the back gate, and ushered everyone through and directed them to a double garage.
Once Charlotte had relocked the back gate, she too made her way to the double garage, where she asked Cameron to open the garage door, and to everyone's surprise there was a new 7 seater vehicle, Charlotte asked everyone to get their luggage and put in the back of the vehicle she then asked everyone to get into the car, with the boys in the back, Charlotte driving, with Serena in the passenger seat.
Once everyone was ready, Charlotte slowly began to drive from the back of the house, out from the under the noses of the occupants of the red car.
Charlotte was soon driving on the motorway, she was aiming to get to Holby City Barracks as quick as possible, but Serena alerted Charlotte to the fact that whoever was in the red car, they were not that far away from them, but they had quickly caught up with them, so Charlotte made for the nearest exit on the motorway, but whoever was in the red car they were not determined to loose track of Charlotte and her family.
Charlotte instructed her mum to get out her phone and search through her contacts until she got to the number for Holby City Barracks.
Once Serena had got the number for the barracks Charlotte told her to put it on loudspeaker, which Serena did.
Once Charlotte had got through she immediately asked to be put through to Colonel Charles Whittington.
Once she was in contact with him she informed him what action she had taken as to getting her family safe, but she was more concerned that whoever was in the red car they had been parked outside the family home, and now it was following them, the Colonel advised Charlotte to make her way to the barracks and upon their arrival the family would be let through straight away.
Some 30 minutes later the family had made their way to Holby city Barracks, once Charlotte had told the sentry on duty who she was and who she was there to see, he immediately lifted the barrier to let her through, only to be closely followed by the red car.
Charlotte looked at everyone and told them "you all stay in the car, I will find out just who these people are.
Within minutes both vehicles were surrounded by armed soldier's and most of the senior officers.
The driver of the vehicle was the first to get out of the vehicle and then his colleague followed him.
Charlotte demanded to know who they were and what were they doing outside her families home.
The driver was the first to speak
"My name is Malick Anton Malick and I am an officer of Her Majesties intelligence services and I was instructed to make sure that you were safe at all times, he then reached to his inside jacket pocket and produced his identification.

The second man began to speak
My name is Byrne Joseph Byrne, and I am also an officer of Her Majesties Intelligence services and along with my colleague I too was instructed to make sure you were safe, he too reached into his inside jacket pocket and produced his identification.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, but Serena asked them both, under whose orders were you acting on.
When suddenly they heard a very familiar voice say " They were acting on my instructions Serena".
Serena turned around very slowly and thought she had seen a ghost, but she had not, she had seen the woman she loved, the woman she thought was dead, she stood rooted to the spot, until HER MAJOR, HER WIFE wrapped her big strong arms around her.