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I'm still alive

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The next few days passed with everyone being on cloud nine, after all in a few days time the Wolfe Family would get more information as to exactly what happened in Somalia.
Serena had taken the family out and bought them all a new outfit, shoes, etc, as she didn't want the family looking untidy ( not that Bernie or Serena would let them go out looking untidy).

Charlotte was begining to feel uneasy about the email that she had received from 'her superiors', so she decided to call them to confirm the arrangements and times.
She got her laptop out and kept looking at the name at the bottom of both emails ''Major Anthony Jackson Browne ( Acting).
Charlotte printed the emails off and then looked through her phone for the number that she had dialled to make the arrangements, and again when she dialled it the name once again came up as Major Anthony Jackson Browne ( Acting), but she couldn't think if there really was a officer answering to the same name.
Once again Charlotte wrestled with her conscious does she tell the family about her concerns about the emails, and does she tell them that she doesn't recall a Major A.Jackson Browne, even if he is only an acting Major or does she go straight to Colonel Charles Whittington, ??.

Serena was getting more nervous as the day of the meeting drew nearer and nearer, and on the Sunday ( as the meeting was due to take place on the Tuesday) she asked Charlotte which route they would be taking to Holby City Barracks as there was road works on the route and she didn't want to be late, so Serena and Charlotte as well as Cameron found other routes to and from the barracks,so if they took the direct route and there were road works they would have another route to follow.
Matthew had noticed that Charlotte was begining to become a little bit worried, so he asked her " what is the matter Charlotte, don't you want to know what happened to mumma?" Charlotte replied " of course I do, it's just that".
"Just what Charlotte?" both Matthew and Charlotte looked at the living room door only to see their mum standing there.
Charlotte looked at her mum and told her " it's about the emails and the phone call, I am having some reservations about them, I don't know what it is but something doesn't seem to add up".
Serena went and sat by her daughter and held her hand and told her " talk to me Charlotte, what is bothering you in regards to the emails and the phone call, ".
Charlotte just told her " I don't know what to do about anything, maybe it's just me and my imagination running wild or are my other thoughts right and this is ruse to get to leave the house and go to the barracks where someone or terrorist group think mumma is, or oh I don't know anymore mum".
Cameron then entered the living room, " has any seen that red car that is parked just before the electronic gates???.
Charlotte lifted her head and shouted " what red car?".
Everyone went upstairs into their parents bedroom, and quickly spotted the red car that had been parked up some 30 minutes earlier.
Seeing that red car made up Charlotte' s mind there and then.
She went into her bedroom got out her mobile phone and immediately phoned her superiors to ask them about the arranged meeting, so she decided to call the Colonel, and she asked him to confirm the arrangements for the Tuesday.
The Colonel asked her " what meeting are you talking about Lieutenant Wolfe"
Charlotte replied " The meeting for Tuesday when we get to find out exactly what happened out in Somalia".
Colonel Charles Whittington replied " we have not got any meeting arranged for Tuesday"
Charlotte replied " but sir, I have copies of emails sent to my personal email address and they were both sent by 'Major Anthony Jackson Browne" (Acting), and he also included his mobile phone number,which I called him on to arrange the meeting".
Colonel Whittington replied "give me 30 minutes and I will call you back about the information you have just given me"
Charlotte then replied "ok sir, and thank you for your time".
The colonel immediately got on to his office phone and made the following call.
" Hello Wiltshire, this is Colonel Charles Whittington, this is a code red, I repeat a code red, remove Major Wolfe immediately and get her to the second safe place."
The Colonel then made a second phone call " security services, get a team to Major Wolfe's house and get her family out there now, there has been a major security breach and Major Wolfe and her family could be in danger, "
Now the search began to unmask the phoney Major, who was he?, which terror group did he belong to?, or was he a lone terrorist.
Only time would tell, but could the army get Bernie safe, and could they get her family safe..........?