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I'm still alive

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Once both Matthew and Little Bernie were sitting in the family living room,Serena once again apologised for her behaviour since hearing the news that Bernie had been taken from them whilst on active service.
Everyone agreed that they would put the last few weeks behind them, and look to the future, hopefully a future that included the beating heart of the Wolfe Family, Major Bernie Wolfe.

Serena asked both Matthew and Little Bernie to look on every news website they could think of to see if any soldier's regardless of nationality had been killed whilst on active service.
She asked Charlotte to email Holby City Barracks again, asking for any information regarding just what had happened to Major Bernie Wolfe and the soldiers/ and or officers who were out on patrol with Bernie on the night in question.

She tasked Cameron with checking all local hospitals to ask if they had received any injured soldier's within the last 14 days.
Serena, however was busy checking the army websites for any information as to what happens when a soldier is seriously or even worse killed whilst on active service.

Meanwhile at Holby City Barracks, one of Bernie's commanding officers Colonel Charles Whittington, was getting increasingly alarmed that a certain Lieutenant Charlotte Wolfe was busy emailing the barracks, wanting more information in regards to her Mumma's demise.
He in turn went and spoketo his commanding officer Brigadier Sir Henry Pattinson Jukes, and the Brigadier informed the colonel that he would sort everything out.

Some 2 hours later, the Brigadier,closely followed by 2 senior officials from the ministry of defence arrived at a secret location, the location, where a certain Major Bernie Wolfe was being held for her own safety.
They entered the building where she had been placed, ( she had the place to herself, including use of all gym equipment and swimming pool).
The major was asked to join the Brigadier and the M.O.D. officials in an interview room.
The Brigadier began :.
" We have a slight problem Major Wolfe, it would appear that your family believe you may still be alive".
Bernie replied
" why what is going on then?"
The Brigadier replied
" Lieutenant Charlotte Wolfe has emailed Holby City Barracks on a couple of occasions, wanting information regarding your repatriation service, and any other information she can gleam out of any one, he also told her about the reply that the acting Major had sent her.
" Bernie just looked at the brigadier and the men from the M.O.D, and told them.
" Please tell them the truth, because Charlotte will not let this rest, she will get to the bottom of what happened out in Somalia, if she doesn't then Serena most certainly will, and Serena will make sure heads roll, so it is in everyone's best intrests if my family are told the truth.