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I'm still alive

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Charlotte had been tossing and turning all night, wrestling with her conscious, does she tell her mum what she had found out or not, eventually she decided to get out of bed and go downstairs and sit in the family living room.
She had been sitting downstairs for about an hour, when Cameron joined her, and she told him of her dilema, do both Cameron and Charlotte tell their mum about what they had found out.

They had been sitting downstairs discussing their dilema, when suddenly they heard " ok what's the problem you two?".
Both Cameron and Charlotte were shocked to see their mum, standing in the doorway.
Charlotte went into the kitchen and made all 3 a cup of coffee.
Once all 3 had finished their drinks both Cameron and Charlotte invited their mum to sit in between them, as they wanted to talk to them about something very important.

Charlotte went upstsirs and re printed the email she had printed the previous evening, she then went back downstairs and gave both Cameron and their mum a copy of the email.

Serena began reading the email and she asked Charlotte " why have you done this for?."
Charlotte replied " why has no one been in touch with regards to the repatriation service? Or why has there not been anything reported on any news channel?, why were we told at work and not here, at home?, mum there are so many unanswered questions, and we deserve the truth about what happened out in Somalia, that is why I am doing this mum".
Charlotte then went on to explain that there are protocols in place to inform families of their loved ones, if they have fallen in active service.
Serena then went on to ask her daughter " and what if you are wrong about all this, what if the army have already bought mumma back home?, what if they have made other arrangements aswell?."
Charlotte answered her " mum, the army will inform the family when the repatriation service will take place, and they leave the funeral arrangements to the family involved.".
Serena looked at her daughter and said " ok then, we will make discreet enquiries, but if any thing comes of your investigations, you are on your own understand".
Cameron then had his say " mum, what if Charlotte is right, what if mummma IS STILL ALIVE then what?, will Charlotte still be on her own, or not, because whether Charlotte is right or wrong I will stand by her, at least she is trying to find anything out, which is more than what anyone of us sons are doing, and more than what YOU are doing, at least Charlotte doesn't keep knocking the shiraz back like you.

Serena began to break down, she hadn't realised just how much alcohol she had consumed since being told her beloved Bernie had been killed in action, she hadn't realised just how much her children needed her, she hadn't realised that it was Cameron and Charlotte who had been trying to keep everything as normal as possible, and when they tried to find out if their Mumma alive, she threw it back in Charlotte's face.
Once Serena had composed herself, she apologised unreservedly to both Cameron and Charlotte, and she would apologised unreservedly to both Matthew and little Bernie later.
She went and sat in between both Cameron and Charlotte and told them " OK WE ARE STILL THE WOLFE FAMILY, LET'S FIND OUT IF MUMMA IS STILL ALIVE, SO LET'S GET TO IT.