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I'm still alive

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Nearly a fortnight had passed since Serena and her children had been told of Major Bernie Wolfe' s passing whilst out on active service.
The army chaplain had been in contact via the phone,several comrades had been to see Serena, who offered their condolences to the family, but no one had been to see the family in regards to certain arrangements which needed to be sorted out.

Miles away in the countryside, Major Bernie Wolfe was being questioned repeatedly about events which happened in Somalia, how no one knew that the informant was double crossing them, and how much information he had gleamed from any officer or soldier.
Bernie just kept reiterating everything that she had already told them, how the events unfolded minute by minute and how she came to fire a rocket launcher and wipe out most of the top hit men who were ruling Somalia.

Charlotte Wolfe had followed in her Mumma's foot steps and joined the army, attended Sandhurst Military Academy, and graduated as a Lieutenant, a rank which she would hold for a year, before furthering her army career.
She had graduated from Cambridge university Medical School with a first class degree, and the army wanted her to study all about Trauma surgery and rehabilitation, so she was studying for her Master's degree and then hopefully a P.HD also in trauma medicine.
However, being in the Army she knew that sooner or later someone would have to go to the family home and discuss the repatriation of Bernie Wolfe and then there would be the funeral arrangements would have to be made, but she kept her thoughts to herself, she didn't want to bother her mum, so she discreetly began making her own inquiries.

Charlotte began emailing certain officers at Holby City Barracks, to see if anyone had heard anything about any repatriation services, which may be in the process of being arranged OR if repatriation services had already taken place, without any one being informed.
24 hours later she began checking her emails and she had received one from Holby City Barracks , it read:

Lieutenant Charlotte Wolfe,
Thank you for your recent inquiry in regards to repatriation services I can categorically tell you that There Are No Repatriation services for any fallen soldiers from anywhere in the united kingdom,Scotland, Wales, or Ireland.
I can also categorically inform you that there have been no fatalities to any soldiers from anywhere in the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland or Ireland.
Thank you for your enquiry.
Major Anthony Jackson Browne (Acting).

Charlotte quickly printed the email off, and went and showed it to..............Cameron.
And they both agreed NOT to show it to their mum,until they had made further enquires.