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I'm still alive

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Serena Wolfe and her eldest 2 children were all sat in her office, trying to come to terms with the news that their mumma, Serena's wife of some 30 years,had been killed in action The 2 soldiers who had delivered the tragic news, had left the office only to be replaced by Mr.Henrik Hanssen, who had been informed that 2soldiers were enroute to deliver the terrible news about Major Bernice G.Wolfe who had been killed in active service.

Mr.Hanssen insisted that all 3 go home and take as much compassionate leave as required, he phoned for a taxi to take all 3 home.
All 3 gathered their belongings and made their way to the taxi rank, with Cameron and Charlotte supporting their mummy.
Once they had left the hospital Mr. Hanssen gathered all heads of departments, and informed them of the death of Major Wolfe, and told everyone that "Mrs Wolfe and her 2 children will have as much compassionate leave as required, so any electives that they had planned for the next few weeks would be handed to other surgeons and that they would be in charge of AAU and the trauma unit which Bernie and Serena were co-leads,".
Once Serena and her 2 eldest children arrived back home, Serena collapsed on to the settee and sobbed uncontrollably, as did her children
They couldn't believe that she was gone, gone from their lives, how could they continue without her, Bernie had always been the heart of the family.
Once everyone had composed themselves they knew that sooner or later Bernie's commanding officer would arrive at their home with letters that Bernie would have written, one for her wife and 4 for the couples 4 children, Cameron was the eldest at 27, then Charlotte, 23, Matthew 18 and the youngest Little Bernie ( Serena decided to name their youngest son Bernard because he had been born on Bernie's birthday 09/02).and he was 14.

24 hours later Bernie's c.o.arrived at the family home.
Lieutenant colonel James Walker Brown, began to express his deep sorrow at the loss of a fine officer but a brilliant trauma surgeon.
He handed Serena the letter that Bernie had written to her, but she would read it privately later, he then handed all the other family letters to the couple's eldest 2 children, who like Serena would read them privately later, but the letters for the youngest 2 Serena would hand them to them when the 'time was right, if was ever going to be a right time to tell them that their mumma had gone '.

Serena wanted to know the details of Bernie's demise ,the c.o. began:
" Bernie was working a double shift at the medical compound at the rear if the military base, and there had been several bombing raids, the terror attacks were becoming more and more worse, but we never envisaged that they would attack a medical compound.
However, they had bombed clinics, schools, even churches but when they bombed the hospital,they hit the trauma section...........That's where Bernie was working.
He then opened his briefcase, and handed Serena Bernie' s dog tags.
He then explained that he had to go and tell other families that their loved ones had been killed in action, he also explained that all victims would have a full military funeral complete with honours, but they would in contact later to arrange the details.

Some 3 hours after Lieutenant colonel James Walker Brown had left Holby City Military base, to inform the families of their loss, called a meeting, all the military 'top brass' had been assembled, he then called for the following soldiers:
Captain Alexandra Dawson.
Sergeant Ian Jenkinson.
Private Robert Hillman.
Colonel Daniel wilkinson
Major Bernie Wolfe.