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A SKK High-School AU I Don't Have a Name For

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Everyone at Bungou High School (creative. ik) knew one very simple thing. So simple, to the fact that it could be sensed by bystanders taking a nice stroll along with the neighborhood. The rivalry between Chuuya Nakahara and Dazai Osamu was...annoying, a light way to put it. Poor Kunikida had to hear the complaints about the “slug” trying to get Dazai to work. Meanwhile, Tachihara would invite Chuuya to karaoke to hear his amazing voice, only for the tables to turn and HE had to sing while Chuuya constantly complained about the “mackerel”.

In a nice summary, everyone would be glad when senior year of high school would be over . They wouldn’t have to deal with the chaos that makes up Chuuya and Dazai’s….friendship…? No one knows at this point. However, maybe they shouldn’t get their hopes up too high...there is the possibility of those two going to the same college...and maybe some other students will attend that said college...but for now--

“YOU BASTARD!!!” Chuuya’s yelling was instantly recognizable by everyone who was here for a single day.

Dazai yawned, yawned , as he turned around to face Chuuya. Someone who is a good head shorter than them. He smirked, “What is it now, slug? Is your test grade still lower than mine?” and Dazai emphasized their remark by waving his test in front of Chuuya’s face, tauntingly.

Chuuya sneered, ignoring the new students who were eyeing them warily and worried. He smacked the paper away, surprisingly resulting in no paper cut, “I’ll get ahead of you next time, asshole.” Chuuya growled, pointing his index finger to Dazai’s chest.

Dazai blinked for a second, processing, before returning to their usual smug self. “Oh Ch-uu-ya~” he drawled out his name for dramatic effect, “you say that every time I do better, since freshman year, and nothing has changed, Shouldn’t you learn from ‘The Boy Who Cried, Wolf?” Dazai asked, feigning innocence.

Chuuya’s eyes widened, fury and rage rising, just before he kicked Dazai in the stomach, causing them to topple over. The new students began to grow more worried, but others around them assured that this was completely normal and it’s best they get used to it, in which they received the most ‘What’s wrong with this school?!’ look. Chuuya turned quickly and started stomping away. Just as Atsushi, a good friend of Dazai’s who would often get a front-row seat of Chuuya and Dazai’s shenanigans and then have to help Dazai recover, if there were any major injuries.

“Dazai-san!!” Atsushi bent at his waist to help Dazai, “Are okay okay?!” he worried.

Dazai still gave his confident smirk, as they straightened (hah- not-) up, as if nothing happened, “Of course, Atsushi-Kun! Why wouldn’t I be?” he piped. Their eyes had a shine, a happy shine that rarely accrued in Dazai’s eyes. Usually, he was just bored or reading his suicide book amused. Maybe even sometimes just spacing out, letting his mind wander into the dark depths it would travel.

Atsushi gave his bewildered look, as usual, predictable , boring . But, he shook his head and sighed, “You really shouldn’t be provoking Chuuya-san…” he continued to worry.

Dazai patted Atsushi’s head as they held their other hand to his hip, “Oh! Don’t be such a worry-wart, Atsushi-Kun!” he exclaimed, taking his hand off of the other’s head, “I’ll be fine! I’m simply teaching the slug some helpful lessons!!” their eyes closed as they smiled this time, and Atsushi merely sighed again.

Not long after, Kunikida stomped into the conversion, dragging the two to where their friends would hang out, as they were late and Kunikda gave them an earful about it.


Meanwhile, with Chuuya and his friend group. They were obliged to suffer the complaints of Chuuya’s 3-year-long-about-to-be-4-year-long- rival, Dazai Osamu. It was annoying, but at the same time humorous to see how riled up this simply grey person could rile Chuuya up so much, though it was also terrifying, they humored him.

“He doesn’t even pay attention!!! Or bother to takes notes, and I’m 99.9% sure he doesn’t fucking study! How the hell do they get a higher grade than me?!” Chuuya argued, shoving his food in his mouth aggressively (which was highly unnecessary but let him go off ig-).

Tachihara sighed, knowing for a fact they’ve discussed this at karaoke and during school hours, “There’s a reason people refer to them as a ‘prodigy’, Chuuya.” he deadpanned.

Chuuya glared at him, but drifted towards Akutagawa coughing (no one knows if he is trying to get their attention or his lungs decide to stop working on him for a quick second. How long is it till he dies again? (if you get this- I’m not sorry)), “Dazai-san is a respectable individual-” Akutagawa got interrupted mid-sentence.

“Respectable my ass.” Chuuya counters, gripping his chopsticks as if they could transfer whatever pain they were going through, to Dazai.

Akutagawa cleared his throat (this time was surely for attention, right? Yeah- he ain’t dying yet.) “As I was saying” Akutagwa continued, “he is a respectable individual and with a gift, someone to look up to, I think you should use them as an example, Chuuya-san.” Akutagawa defended, his voice held little to no emotion.

“USE HIM AS AN EXAMPLE?????” Chuuya yelled, practically grabbing the attention of all the students around them, rising from his seat. Thank whatever god out there that Dazai and their friend group hung out in the Student Council with Oda and Ango watching over.

Gin, the other half of the Akutagawa’s (and the fucking best one.), jumped at the sudden noise and tenses at the sudden attention, signing to Chuuya ‘ Calm down, please ’ her expression made it show that they were pleading.

Chuuya glanced at her and sighed, sitting back down and began to wait when everyone’s eyes were no longer on them. Once it was safe, he glared at Akutagawa, “I don’t see how anything that bastard does is worth taking the example of. I, however, am a model student.” he muttered, holding his head high, and sitting straight (again- not-you fucking fAgGoTs).

Higuchi thought for a moment, looking up, and then looked back at Chuuya, “Well…” she hesitated, “since they have better marks than you, even when you study..” Chuuya snapped his head at Higuchi, glaring, causing her to flinch, but she didn’t back down, “maybe you two can study together..? It should be better and allow your marks to get higher, if not, as high as his.” she argued, beginning to avoid looking at Chuuya. As if eye contact would be a sign of aggression.

“I don’t need or want his help. I am perfectly fine on my own.” Chuuya disagreed, going back to pay attention to his bento. “I just need to work harder, that's all, then I’ll get higher marks than them,” he promised, mostly to himself (practically only to himself because no one else cares about this- why tf r u obsessing Chuuya).

Tachihara began to look at Chuuya, leaning in, making sure no one else, aside from them and whoever was at their table, heard them, “Chuuya..” he began, “you shouldn’t push yourself, that’s not healthy.” he worried, but the voice was concerned, yet his face was quite stern as if giving an order.

Chuuya glared at Tachihara, they weren’t truly angry at each other, more trying to prove the other wrong. Before Chuuya would counter though, Higuchi interrupted, “Yeah, well..neither is his obsession with Dazai and being better than him, but here we are.” she rolled her eyes (GO OFF MY BISEXUAL BITCH).

Chuuya jumped, snapping his head towards Higuchi again, “I- what- It’s not an obsession!!” he sputtered, a light embarrassed flush lighting his cheeks.

Everyone gave a deadpan look, Gin began to sign ‘ Chuuya. I love you like a brother. You are smart, and a great example to look up to ’ Chuuya proceeded to pride himself with the compliment, chest puffed out, ‘ but… ’ they continued, ‘ the fact that you are unable to admit the obvious makes you seem like a tsundere school girl who everyone cringes and is disappointed at. ’ she finished.

Chuuya glared, “It’s not an obsession. That bastard came up to me and bragged about his score.” he countered. It was more like Dazai announcing to everyone that he succeeded at something others couldn’t and they were “the best” (Chuuya begs to differ- but we all know this is him reflecting and having an internal conflict and hating himself and his inhuman self which then leads to his hatred towards Dazai- but they are normal teenage students, I’m working with what I got, okay?).

Tachihara still looked disappointed, “Whatever you say, Chuuya. Just don’t push yourself? Please?” he sighed, concern written all over his face.

Chuuya let the silence settle for a moment, letting things pause, before he sighed and agreed, “Fine. I’ll try. But I can’t promise that I won’t, got it?” he tried to seem intimidating.

Tachihara gave a soft smile and nodded. He knew that’s all that he would get and that would be enough, for now at least. He just had to listen to Chuuya rant, and hopefully, that would get things out of his system and he wouldn’t result to unhealthy habits...again…(*insert flashback of Chuuya refusing to eat and sleep, drinking coffee and water only, for a week because his grade was at a 78% in Geometry or whatever math class he took during this time, and that was just completely unacceptable. It took forever to convince him to eat.*)


With Dazai and his friends, a much larger group than Chuuya’s, they began whining about how wonderfully-oblivious-Chuuya-is-which-makes-him-10-times-more-adorable. Kunikida was trying to focus on paperwork, Ango provided noise-canceling headphones in which he always had prepared, while everyone else was forced to humor their friend.

Dazai was sprawled on the couch, “I don’t even get why he hates me!!” he whined, turning around to stuff their face in the pillow Oda had provided.

Yosano, who was sharing snacks with Ranpo, did not miss a beat or even look at him, rather keeping her attention on her phone “Why don’t you talk to him? Ask him why?” she deadpanned, gesturing to have some more chips from Ranpo.

Ranpo handed her a chip bag, continued to suck on his lollipop. He took it out with a ‘ pop ’ (smut readers- q u i e t.) right before adding, “Or maybe you can ask him out.” with a taunting smirk, sticking the lollipop back in his mouth.

Dazai lifted his head to glare at Ranpo, “He hates me. I don’t even know why. Even if I were to ask him out, he would reject me.” Dazai pouted, going back to stuffing their face in the pillow, only change was that now he was groaning in frustration.

Ranpo went looking for a bag of chips in his bag (bag seption :o) “So it’s the fear of rejection that's getting to you?” he smirked, still focusing on his search.

Dazai grumbled something inaudible, most likely cursing Ranpo for his ability to read people and situations on point. Ango learned to tune out Dazai and his friends, so he was working with Kunikida on some school files. 

Atsushi perked up at Dazai’s grumbling, hoping to cheer them up, “Don’t worry Dazai-san! I’m sure things will turn out well!! You always have a plan that works perfectly, and your grades are fantastic so you’ll think of something!!” he piped 

Dazai turned his head to look at Atsushi, he was giving them a smile that was hopeful as his eyebrows furrowed sadly. Dazai examined his face, more specifically his eyes, they gleamed with truth and admiration. The room was silent, allowing Dazai room to give his response, but the intimate silence made him uncomfortable.

His shoulders tensed, and he was still, but he smirked, “Go ahead and tell me that when you start to gain the courage to talk to Akutagawa-Kun.” he teased, waving their hand in dismissal.

Atsushi frowned, “He will attack me.” he argued, his face worried yet disbelieving like Dazai had said the most absolutely insane thing.

Dazai nodded “Yep! But Chuuya might do the same for me. So we are both in a predicament.” he muffled, face being stuffed in the pillow for the third time.

Atsushi huffs before looking at the window, revealing the front of the school, admiring the view. Though it may not be dusk when the sun is setting, he still finds it beautiful, and the hope the sun gives with the clear skies (personally- I think clear skies sUcK and cloudy skies are the fucking BEST but go off ig-), he thinks things will work out without everyone’s help.

He turns back to Dazai, “I’m gonna go get something from the vending machine nearby, want anything?” he asks, knowing full well Ranpo (the selfish bitch-) won’t share.

Dazai lifts their head to put his chin on top of the pillow, humming as they thought, “Anything is fine, I guess. Nothing specific is coming to mind.” he shrugs, side-eyeing Atsushi, not wanting to turn their head.

Atsushi nods before looking at Oda, “You’ve been quiet” he comments, tentatively, worried he might cross a line.

Oda shrugs, “This is nothing out of the ordinary, besides, you guys are their friends, you help him with all he needs.” he nods, thoughtfully, a gentle smile on his face.

Dazai finally rises, by lifting himself with their arms, but keeping their lower half laying on the couch too, “Your my friend too Odasaku!! Help meee!!” he whines, as they plop back down again, with a grunt.

Oda looks up at the ceiling, as he thinks for a moment, “Patience, Dazai, I’m sure something will come up to give you your chance.” he hums, looking back down at Dazai.

Dazai has his head turned facing Oda, they scrunch their nose as he glares, playfully “You’re no help” he pouts.

Those who can hear the interaction laugh, as Atsushi goes out to get some snacks to munch on for him and Dazai.


Dazai began thinking as he approached their class, walking through the hallway. Wondering how he would achieve his goal in talking to Chuuya, civilly was practically impossible at this point, Chuuya didn’t trust them (“I used corruption because I trusted you.” -Chuuya Nakahara) . He shook his head, deciding to focus on something their mind would randomly come up with that wasn’t Chuuya.

He stopped, looking up when they noticed vibrant ginger hair in their periphery. Chuuya was pacing to his class, clearly avoiding something or someone , so Dazai picked up his slow pace (For someone who calls Chuuya a slug- you’re the slow one, physically at least) to catch up to his friend? Enemy? Colleague? Their something.

“Chuuya!~” Dazai drawled, a smirk on their face signifying they enjoyed running into the ginger to get a reaction, something so lively would always come out of the ginger and it fascinated him.

Chuuya flinched, slowly turning around, sighing exhaustedly once he noticed the Dazai Osamu approaching him. It was routine and he had a counter at this point, better act like he isn't prepared to catch Dazai off guard (since that is the best reaction)


Once Dazai was in front of Chuuya, opening his mouth to mention something that would most likely annoy Chuuya, Chuuya interrupted, “Sorry,” he smiled, passive-aggressively, “I have class.” and with that, he turned on his heel and strutted to class. Leaving Dazai utterly surprised by the outcome.

Dazai stood at his spot, blinking for a moment as he watched Chuuya strut away. Once their brain finally caught up with the fact that Chuuya made his predictions wrong, once again, he gaped before muttering, “You son of a bitch-” but they interrupted themselves with a laugh.

Just as he was about to start walking, the hairs on their back rose and he turned his head, quick, to reveal it was Ranpo drinking his Ramune, eyes closed yet also judging.

Dazai’s shoulders released their tension, and he raised an eyebrow in question.

Ranpo stopped drinking his Ramune, and smacked his lips before judging, “For someone who is in accelerated classes and gets A’s without trying, basically a prodigy, your quite stupid.” he nodded.

Dazai’s shoulders slumped, “Your opinion was not wanted” they deadpanned.

Ranpo shrugged, “Well, no” he started, “But,” he paused, opening his eyes for once to look at Dazai completely, giving the latter the chills, “It is necessary, besides you need my help.” Ranpo smirked, walking beside Dazai.

The two began to walk to their class as Ranpo continued, “Chuuya also has accelerated classes.” he commented.

Dazai looked at him, without turning their head, “Your point being?” they asked, tone cautious yet curious.

Ranpo looked up at Dazai (tall ass 5’11 mf-) “Exams are going to be coming soon, I believe in 2 or 3 months.” he began, bringing out his hand, all five fingers up but putting his pinkie down first, then continued, “Chuuya is a hard-working student, mostly straight A’s,” he put his ring finger down, “he will want to study to be prepared for said finals” he put his middle finger down, “you are good with your little facade and can pretend you care about school” he put down his index finger, “with you always having better grades them him, you can help him study and understand, an excuse to hang out with him and get to know him, talk to him since he barely talks to you, and so on.” Ranpo put his thumb down looking up at Dazai as they arrived at their class.

Dazai was stunned, blinking at Ranpo surprised, just before his eyes shined, “You're a genius. I owe you one.” he smiled.

Ranpo smirked, “Fuck yeah you do. Buy me snacks for a week.” he negotiated, about to open the door.

Dazai nodded, walking into the classroom first once Ranpo opened the door, taking his seat by the window. They didn’t pay attention throughout the class, already able to understand what was going on, rather, they looked outside, excitement fueling them as he planned out how to ask Chuuya to study with him, millions of outcomes having a plan B, C, D, etc. already.