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Helper from the Side

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Imma make myself clear:
Yuu, the in-game protagonist, and the Reader are not the same. They are two separate characters who appear in this story. But I will use for both gender-neutral pronounces.

But if you want to the Reader can be your OC too, since everything about the Reader/OC is something you decide upon.
We have the typical (Y/N) stuff going on for only the Reader/OC.
This Chapter is more of an...introduction.

I really have no idea where this trip of a story will go and what will happen. But I'm going to say that that Yuu/Reader won't happen
(I'm just trying to find out how these tags work -0-).
I will maybe let Yuu be forever single throughout the story or one of the other first years will be with them.
As I said I don't know what will happen here.

When it comes to Yuu I would say they have like one of these "normal" designs. Just short, black hair and the school uniform. When it comes to gender I will make them neutral's up to you to think of them being a he/they/she.

The Reader, or if you want your OC, will to have neutral pronounces. But the looks are up to you to decide with these shortcuts:

(y/n)-your Name
(l/n)-last Name
(f/c)-favorite colour
(e/c)-eye colour
(e/s)-eye shape
(h/c)-hair colour
(h/l)-hair lenght

(s/c)-skin colour

I will always post them at the beginning.
So no need to memorize all now 0^0 (eventhough I believe people know them already since some are obsessed with reader inserts 0-0 I'm no exception).

If there are heavier topics appearing in the chapter I will make a warning at the beginning.

Smut will probably not happen cause I don't know how to write it T.T.
And if there is a pretty much... passionate scene to happen and could maybe end in a make out session I will probably skip it. Like it happened's up to your imagination what happened there 0^0. You will only know that it happened and that is already next morning or something like that.

That's probably the end for now.
I will maybe post later a chapter here, with actually story material, but if you are still here reading this. Wow. Thanks.
I welcome you to a wild ride with no real regulated schedule and no real planned story line.
Thanks for reading

Chapter Text

So...yeah...uhm...that's a thing.

So imagine you were like eating your favorite food and watched a nice series. It's a nice sunny day but you decided to shut yourself in like the home goblin you are. But a friend wanted to go out with you today so you packed your bag with all your most important belongings like your phone, the charger of your phone (you can never be to sure about it), your ID card, keys from your home and a lot of more different small stuff. Basically your backpack was a mess but you are a master of chaos so it's no problem, eventhough you should maybe be concerned about all these new bacteria breeding in your bag. Like, holy moly there are things in this bag which you should maybe filter out. But yeah.

So you walked out the front door, all nice in comfy clothes, when all of a sudden you slip down that one god damn stair.
Just that one itty bitty stair.
'Ah yes. My own doom right infront of my own house. I guess I'll die here'
I guess I had a...normal life...?
Ok there were a lot of downs in my mental health care department cause surprise surprise b*tch. I never really cared about it until my friend tried to get me to a therapist.
But even they are...not that good doing but that is for another day.

So thinking back I had a pretty ok shut in life. Playing twisted wonderland to get these damn rare SSR Cards from my favorite characters, while not being tempted to spend real life money on it.

And just now all is black. That's the end I thought. But again a surprise awaited me. I hear screaming and smell smoke and thought 'Yep I'm in hell'. I was never surprised about it but still it's exiting.


"I'm Grim! And I will become the greatest magician in this World!"

Screaming and running and more screaming and more running.
Wow even in death I have no peac-...GRIM?!
I think that this was the fastest, in my entire life, I woke up and just smashed, whatever held me captive, down. But that moment everyone just went silent.

"G...g...get o-of me human!", I heard a tiny voice say.

Rubbing my head slowly I retreat from my position of lying on this...lid from the box I were in and a small movement can be seen under it.
And then I saw it.
Grey fur, blue flames and that grin which is his signature.

I was never one to show that much emotions or movement when I saw something I liked or adored. So basically my eyes where shining!
Well in my world they are shining.
Others probably though I death stared that little cat to death, as my big dark circles under my eyes easily show my sleep deprived nature.
I mean come one it's hard having so many series to watch and having almost no time. There is no time to sleep.
But yeah it resulted in an unhealthy life style.

Anyway Grim thought I would kill him so he ran towards the arms of the other human. I looked up and saw...well...Yuu. Black hair, the cult like robe and that...confused face, as they stare right back at me.
And I look at them.

No sound was heard in the Mirror chamber until a very loud and far to exited headmaster started to talk.

"Oh my, what do we have here! Who let their familiar come here? This is not something what should be at such a prestigious school, you know?"

"The Law of the Queen of hearts forbids cats and other animals in this place so off with their heads!"
Riddle almost yelled and pointed at Grim, Yuu and well myself.

Wait a minute.
"Ok, hold on there red head I'm not familiar in any sort of way with these guys."
I point out while looking at Yuu and Grim.
Riddle, being not used to any sort of nicknames, got quite red.
"H-how dare you call me l-like that??!"
"Huh? Sweety, listen I'm sleep deprived and got here without wanting it. If anybody should be allowed to complain than it's me."
My tone of voice did not allow any sort of back talking so I moved on.

"Well then if nobody will tell me who this cat belongs to we will just kick it out, I guess. But the student who came here with it can naturally stay, as I'm so gracious."
Gracious my ass.

So without further ado the typical "tell the Mirror your name and you get into a dorm"-thing starts. Still being quite confused as to why I am here, since Yuu is here, I start to look around.
Yes, almost all the dorm Leaders are here, except for Malleus as he is like always forgotten.
But instead I see Lilia! And he saw me too and that was a very awkward look exchange so I just looked away.

Out of nowhere Yuu approaches me.
"Uhm...hey..? I wanted to thank you and ask you if you know anything that is going to happen here...maybe..?"
'Oh boy, I know far to much but will I tell you anything? No. Suffer just how you were destined to do.'
"Nope, I have no idea either. Still think we are about to be sacrificed by some sort of cult."

Quite shocked about my straightforward and blunt answer Yuu stutters a thank you and just then stands by my side quietly.
When are they going to be finish-

"And now you two! Come on I don't care who will go! Just do it!", I just heard Crowly awfully close from behind me.
"U-uhm sir...? We don't quite understand what you mean with our turn."
"It's simple. Just go to the Mirror, say your name and you get assigned to a dorm."

Will I take the embarrassment of being called out first as magicless or discover I have secret magic abilities?
Do these two get on my nerves?

"God damn if you don't want to than I go."
And quite pissed I stand before the Mirror.
I can just feel the piercing looks of all the people in this room.

'Damn just like in school when you would come in late for minutes and everyone thought you died and wouldn't make it.'

"State thy name."
"(Y/N) (L/N)."
Silence. The mirror still doesn't answer.
"I don't know."
Schock on everyone's faces.
Well exept my own so I wait for the rest of the talk.
"What do you mean with you don't know? Explain yourself, Mirror!"
"This soul is empty and just a void without anything. I can't sense any magic here..."
Small laughs and giggles could be heard behind you.
"A magicless student...this school has seen better days...chitter chatter.."
Ugh, that is annoying.
Silence again.

"This far more better then anybody here. A true empty soul with a far more bigger power than anybody elses."

What...the...hell? I mean ok. Ok, call me out on my empty soul, I can relate to that, but what power.

I started to look around and saw various faces. Some with envy, mainly pomefiore students, some with greed, Octavinelle I see you there, and some with just plain curiosity, like Lilia from Diasomnia.

God, these Dorm Leaders look like they will either kill or use me.
Vil definitely wants to squish me under his heel.
Yes, definitely.
And Azul looks like he hit a Jackpot or something.
Kalim is just pure curiosity while Lilia is more scary curiosity.
Idia is unknown cause only his floating pad is here, gotta get one of those so that I don't need to talk to people, and Riddle just stands there.
Leona is kinda interested but he is just looking away again.

Thanks for your...weird judging of me.
As if I am a criminal in a court or something.

"W-well a magicless student who should be better than those with magic? We will see, I guess. Now dear last student, go to the Mirror."
Crowley is definitely sweating under the mask.

I go back to my previous spot, with far to many eyes following me, and give Yuu a small pat on the shoulder.
"Don't worry, you can do it. If something happens blame me."
" not needed. I promise."
They go to the Mirror and me to my previous place.

And as you know the story, Yuu is considered magicless too.
But they do not get any cool mysterious extra lines like I did.
So more just laugh at them.

They come back to me and the chatter gets louder.
"Hey, Yuu? Mind closing your ears?"
"Huh? Why?"
"Cause I'm going to yell at these assholes if they don't shut up."
I responded loud enough for everyone to hear.

Silence appeared again and I turnded to the headmaster.

"Well then Headmaster Crowley, what will you do?"

Chapter Text

As I have my bagpack with me I had some sort of ID Stuff and my phone. Nice.
So, after a lot of going here and there and trying to figure out how all happened and how we could go home, and me wanting food, we decided to rest as it is already very late.
Don't want to meet some shady eel twins doing something illegal out here.

I was excited to see this dorm, as it is the home of our dear protagonist.
But...ho my god...I hate to say it but I didn't except to see how really badly this dorm looks like. Like you can't call this a home for magicless humans to live in, if we consider human rights.
Do human rights exist here? I bet yes,but the headmaster probably ignores them.

"Now then my dear magicless students,this will be your place to reside in as I can't just let you die due to coldness outside! Ah, I am so gracious aren't I?"
Is this a serious question or is he purposely mocking me? This is the biggest and definitly most ugliest barn of shit I have ever seen! Not even the game let's it look THAT bad. I die due to fucking sickness, infections or accidents in there than some small coldness outside!

Yuu seems to notice how I'am about to explode.
" are so gracious Headmaster Crowley", they mutter out very quite"It would be nice if we could rest now and talk about the details tomorrow?"
"Sure sure my dear magicless students! Rest now and tomorrow we will figure something out!"

The Headmaster then finally leaves and I let out a breath I didn't knew I held.
"You good?"
"Yeah, sure. I just hope we don't die in this barn. It reeks of instability and being abandoned for years."
Should I make a joke about possible ghosts? Nah.

Yuu and I go to the dorm and I swear the door is about to fall of it's door frame.
"It seems the Headmaster is truly about his money."
Wow Yuu, never knew you could be more than a passive existing person. But that is nice. A sassy (Y/N) and a Yuu with personality. Nice.

[Due to a stressed Author, who had an energy rush to write, we skip to the moment of the next day.
Grim is now in our dorm too and naturally the ghosts. ]

I wake up.
Pain in the back.
Almost died. 
Hungry und stressed.
Go down Into the living room.
See Yuu.
Fall onto the couch beside them.

"So, how bad was your sleep?"
"Ah. I see."
Annoyed stare at Yuu.
"The Headmaster came by and brought us some fo-"
And I run into the kitchen. Nothing is better then food. You can fight me about it, if you dare.
But what do I see when I enter the kitchen? Grim barging in the food!

Now Grim reacts to me! God damn this cat will be my death.
And not for being to dumb but because he will eat all my food before me!

"You know you don't live alone here! I didn't had food for far to long and you won't get all of it before me!"
"And you should never interrupt Grim the Great Magician!"
"Oh?! Well you know what I can do?"
I took him and yeeted him out of the kitchen window.
Crashing and rustling sounds are being heard.
Ha, never stand between me and my food.

"What happened??"
"Survival of the fittest, that happened."
Yuu run to the window and looked out.
Me, the true watcher I am, starts to eat the first random box of probably magical food and just stares at Yuu.
They run out of the dorm to get Grim back inside.

After these two are back I look at them and say:
"Hey, see it positiv. If this food is poisoned or far behind it's fresh date I die first."
"What is wrong with you?"
"Hon, it's a lot trust me."
They don't need to know how mentally wrecked l am.

Knock, Knock.

The moment it knocks I go to the door, with Yuu and Grim behind me, and a far to happy Headmaster greets us.
"Well, good morning my dear magicless students. I'm back with some news for you."
"And these were which one?", asks Yuu.
"That we can't stay here for free till you find a solution on how we can get back home?", I blurted out.
Ups. Story getting mixed up here.
Crowley just stares at me with wide open eyes and then looks to the side.
"Y-yes, that is what it is. But I can't let you starve to death so you three will be working here as handymen!"
True shock from my duo behind me and fake suprise from me.
Come on, guys. Don't be so dumb. There is nothing free in this world.

"Do we get at least some work clothes? Working in cult robes is kinda annoying."
"Well, sure I guess."
And this man just did a snap with his finger and we had some comfy clothes for work.


So, anyway.
We are right now at the Statues of the great seven or how I like to call it the disney villians Broadway. Only the good old classic ones. Seriously, Ursula was the coolest. That scheming personality and her non-typical looks are the best. But Scar too was great, as he is just pure good evil. The evil Queen and Maleficent are just fabulous Queens, the other one more edgier than the other. Hades is best boy. He is the king of Sass and that is why he is best boy. I don't like Jafar and the Queen of hearts that much, don't know why. It's as if something is missing, when it comes to them.

But anyway.
The drama is about to begin and I really want to see how they pulverize the statue of the Queen of hearts.

"Hey, aren't you two the magicless students?"
Ace is here. Finally time for drama.
"Yes, how may we he-"
Not today, Yuu. Not today.
"Why asking? Aren't you one of the other first-year students, little heart. Shouldn't you be in class?"
God, annoying people. I missed it.

Yuu only threw me a very shocked look, which afterwards turned into a "don't even dare"- look.
I just grinned back.

"Humph. And so what? At least I am allowed to do real magic school stuff,!"
"Which you can learn even without magic? Don't make me laugh, little boy."
Ace was clearly pissed that his plan of ruining our day didn't went the way he wanted. Well,I never cared about it in the first place.
'But we still need to bring the story to roll how it should...'

"HEY! Don't you think you can do all this magic stuff without me! Grim, the greatist magician ever!"
Well, that was easy.
"Oh, that fire throwing cat. You are even uglier the more and closer I look at you!"
"How dare you!!?"

And Grim shot fire at him.
Yeah, that is the good stuff, right there.
A hand is placed on my shoulder from behind.
"Hey (Y/N), shouldn't we stop them before something bad happens?"
"Nah. Grim needs to learn on how to solve his own problems alone."
You are about to go through so much stuff.
Well, time to leave the scene.

"I gotta go to the toilet."
"What? Wait! You can't leave me here!", was the last thing I hear in the distance from Yuu.
I hide behind a corner and watch the crowd from a safe distance. Once the Statue of the Queen of hearts is pulverized I give myself a silent 'yes' and go for a walk away. Gotta let the story form itself.
And that means I'm not getting expelled, since I have still a lot of annoying to do.

But I can't help this feeling of being watched.
Like that when you go up the stairs from your basement and once you turn off the lights you feel as if a literal demon is behind you.
That kind of feeling.

"Huh, neat. A food vending machine. And here I thought that I won't find a-"
No. It can't be.
I just stare into this vending machine with far to much hunger and pain.
Yes, I am having an existential crisis...over food.

I won't taste new things. It could be a waste of money and this poor excuse of a Headmaster did not give us enough! These prices are huge! Not all are rich kids, you know?

"Be dommed, Headmaster..."
"Oya, is there a problem, oh so powerful and magicless (Y/N) (L /N)?"
"Little fish is having problems, right?~"

Oh no.
I can feel, no, see two extreme tall shadows leaning over me.
And I don't like it.

Chapter Text

There are times in life, where you know you fucked up. If it is bad or really really bad doesn't matter. You just know it.
But I never knew I could fuck up so badly to meet the two worst people on my first day.

'They aren't even supposed to appaer yet!'

Slowly I turn around to see the Leech Twins, Jade and Floyd.

'God damn are they tall.'

I try to lean on the vending machine, all cool and relaxed, while my face was probably a mix of 'please don't eat me' and 'heyyyyyy?'.

"Hi. Jade and Floyd Leech, I assume?"
"Oh? So you know our names already?"
"Well, there seem to be rumours about you. Your looks quite gave you away...?"
This is the badest excuse ever.

I still want to live!
Out of nowhere they both hold me between themselfes with each holding one of my arm.
Jade, the gentleman he fakes to be, holds my arm quite light but with a threatening look in his fake smile.
Floyd on the other hand almost crushes my god damn arm!
Boy! I want to live!

"We would like to talk with you, for a small bit."
"And 'we' means Azul, too~."
"It would be very good for you to cooperate with us."
"Y-eah... sure..."
l am so fucked.

These two assholes lead me to the Teleport Chamber, or however it is called, while Floyd talks my ear off.
On the way there I see Yuu, Grim and Ace with the Headmaster Crowley going into his office. I throw Yuu a 'l am sorry' - expression and they just look tired back at me.

They proceed to drag me to the Octavinell mirror.
'I need to stop it, somehow!'
"Our prefect Azul would like to talk to you about a potential contract."
"Azul-chan seems so eager to meet little fish-chan. I wonder why?~"

I hate this atmosphere. These two have definitly the upper hand here.
I need to get away.
"So. Guys. Twins. Can I say something before we go?"
"Huh? What does little fish-chan want from us?"
Jade just looks curious at me as if I tell him one of my greatest weaknesses.

" is kinda embarrasing but..."
These two just leen more into my face and ho my god do i hate it.
I will probably be embarrassed for the rest of my life but I need an excuse to not go with them.
"I am going to vomit."
"In seconds, to be clear, if can't go to the toilet now."

These two backed up and looked at me with suspicion.
The magic food from today morning does not get along with my body that good.
I'm not even lying.

"Fish-chan just wants to flee from us~!"
"I'm sorry but we can't let you go now."
"Ok you two shady mereels, if you don't want me to vomit onto your shoes, then let me go."
They started to discuss what to do now!
Oh, fuck it.

I run to the toilet, which was the first thing I memorised here, and smash the door to the room and stall open.
I vomit the hell out of myself and sense some presence behind me.

"It seems fish-chan was not lying..."
"Oh, you poor thing."
Omg, shut up. Let me die in piece.
"Let us help you."

Shortly after talking I feel a hand on my back slowly strocking up and down.
'These two just want a favor.'
I could sense it.

"Is fish-chan sick~?"
'Sick of you.'

And another wave of dread came over me and I vomit again.

After some minutes of vomiting and panicked breathing Jade gives me a glass of water.
"Don't worry. It's not poisoned. Seeing you right know, I guess you kinda got poisoned somehow before,"
"He..he...fucking food from the headmaster."
I slowly drink the water with shaky hands.
God, water is a blessing.

"Do we bring fish-chan to Azul-chan or not~?"
"I guess we can do that later. We want to talk to a healthy (Y/N), am I right?", he smiled towards Floyd who just grins, showing his row of sharp teeth.
"Sure sure, Jade. I'm going to squeeze a healthy (Y/N)-chan and make them talk~."
They both look down at me and I swear they both grin like two devils.
And why did Floyd said my name that evil? I want my nickname back.

I'm going to just curl up into a ball and die.
But now I have a reason to stay away from the meet-up between Ace,Yuu, Grim and Deuce.
The chandelier accident will happen, then the mine and the friendship will start.

"We will help you get home, at least."
And up I go onto Jades shoulder.
"You know, if you carry me like that I vomit onto your back."
"You prefer in arms then?"
"Nah. I'm no little princess."
"Well, then don't complain."
"Awww, I wanted to carry fish-chan~."

And now, on Jades shoulder, I am getting carried home.
After some time we arrive there, with a lot of weird faces following me.
Some just run to the side others stare terrified at me.

Yeah yeah i'm fucked, nothing new.

Arriving at the Ramshackle Dorm, Jade puts me infront of the door down.
"I hope you get well soon. We really would like to talk with you."
"Ok, shady boy. I know you want your favor, from when you kinda helped me, so I know that I have no free will about that matter. Thats why don't make it sound as if I have a choice about the talk."
They both look surprised at me but just grin then.
I hate these sharp teeth. They are terrifying.

"Well if we look at it like that, then I request your presence on behalf of Azul once you get healthy."
"Yes! The first thing you do, once you get healthy, is to see us, fish-chan~."
I guess I have no choice? My luck is terrible.

"Y-yes...sure. But I have one request!"
I need a warm soup to calm down my body. And I will definitly not touch the food from the Headmaster.
"Which is what~?"

"Can I get some warm and fresh soup to caIm my body down? This household has nothing for me, which doesn't make me vomit. If we want to meet up fast then some light and warm food would do the trick."
I'm a god at begging for food.
I almost never made myself food for school, so I had to beg.

"That seems logical. Well then, I will bring some food later or Floyd. But do you have any money on yourself."
I just look at him with crushed hopes.
"Do you accept food exchange? You can have some of the stuff I can't eat."
"That would be nice but Azul-chan is the one buying and controlling everything regarding food~."
"How about we talk about this later? At the Mostro Lounge? Where we can talk in peace."
These assholes really want a favor.
"Ok. Then till later to one of you two."
"Very well. Till the next time."
"Bye, fish-chan ~!!!"

Jade bows down slightly and Floyd just walks to the exit and waves back.
I get inside and slide down the door.
Face in my hands and I just scream into them.
Yuu heard this and comes to me with an equally annoyed face.

"What happened to you?"
"To much. And you?"
"As well to much."
"Wanna talk in the living room?"

So we walk there and start talking. Grim is already sleeping and I retell the most embarassing first meet-up with the twins and how probably the food is poisoned.
Yuu said, that nothing happened to them but they felt a little bit sick.
Yeah, probably food poisoning.

A little bit later Jade shows up with some food, saying Azul doesn't know about the food but about the accident.
I thank him and he leaves.
Luckily, it's enough for Yuu and myself so we feast tonight on soup.

This night I had a pleasant night without any further ados and my body was able to recover a little bit.


[In the middle of the night]

I wake up because of some noise coming from the outside.
'God, body! Sleep already!'
I can sleep trough everything but when I'm sick I'm sensitive towards every sort of noise.

I slowly stand up, put on some slippers I found and my cult robe, because it's the only long and warm coat I have.
I step outside, trying to be quite as possible.
I stop at the Mirror and see just how messed up I look.
Messy (h/l) (h/c) hair, deep dark circles under the eyes and extreme pale skin.

"I hope I get better.", I mutter under my breath and step outside.

Everywhere cold white snow.
I take a deep breath and slowly walk to the gate.
Suddenly the well known green fireflys appaer and shortly after I hear a deep and soothing voice.

"Oh, a child of men. I thought this building was abandoned."
Seeing me in my worst state.
"But by the looks of yourself you seem as if your time will soon come."
"Thanks, horny boy. I know that I'm sick and look like a fucking corpse."
Two days here and already sick. I hate myself.

Surprised by my blunt and direct approach he looks at me with big eyes but then smiles a bit.

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that you are in a state of a sickness, child of men. May I ask your name?"
I lean back at the fence, close my eyes and just take in the coldness.
"(Y/N) (L/N). Nice to meet you too, Malleus."
After hearing his name he looks quite disappointed.
"I already wondered when you would appaer. You always come here during night time to appreciate the gargoyles, am I right?"
"How did you know? Didn't you appaerd only two days ago? Beside aren't you one of the two magicless students?"
"Yes, I know that I'm magicless! No need to remind me."
Yes, I sound annoyed. I'm sorry but I'm just to tired and sick to care about my tone of voice.

"I-i am sorry, Mal. Is Mal ok? I just got sick after some food poisoning and I can't sleep and I just...ARFARGAF."
Having a breakdown on our first meeting. Nice.

He just looks at me and puts his hand on my head.
"Then you shall go and rest, child of men. And yes, Mal is OK. I hope we can talk on another night again. But maybe if you feel better by then."

He randomly dissappears and I'm left alone.
I suddenly want to sleep and instantly go to bed.
'He probably put some spell on me...but I'm OK with that...'

Once I fall onto my bed I instantly fall asleep.

Chapter Text

I knew how badly you can feel after waking up, when you'r sick nonetheless.
But this magic food did nothing good to me.
The moment I woke up I thought I die.
It was the moment to perish.

I small crack in the door opens und Yuu enters it.
"Hey...", they speak softly, "should I say the Headmaster that you are sick?"
I just nod and they leave my room.
God, Yuu is to nice and good.

A bit later, which seemed like an eternity of suffering, I hear a soft knock on my door.
Yuu comes in with a bowl of soup and who seems like the nurse/doctor of this school.
"I brought you some non-magical warm soup ( Y/N). The nurse/doctor is here to check on you too."
Is the only manageable word I can say.

After a quick check-up the nurse/doctor tells me that I got food poisoning.
Well for some food poisoning I feel as if I'm dying.

"Is there anybody who could help or take care of you?"
I desperatly look at Yuu but they shake their head, disapproving my look.
"That is a problem. As I have other students to attend to, as there was a fight or something, I will look for someone to watch over you."
The nurse/doctor stands up and gives me some normal medicine, meaning non-magical one, and explains how to use it.
Just in case, Yuu listens to it too and then the nurse/doctor dissapears.
They leave me later on alone as they need to wash the windows now.

I go back to sleep and just hope I don't die.

About 2 hours later someone rings at the door.
I somehow stand up, somehow put my blanket over me and go to the door.
This takes me about 10 minutes alone and whoever is at the door just destroys the door bell almost.
'Can you please shut up?'

I slowly open the door and almost die because of the light.
"Ok, I don't care who you are or what you are but you better explain yourself!"
"You are supposed to be the famous (Y/N) (L/N)? Don't make me laugh."
I must say my current state of looks is not that...pleasent.
I look like a fresh borne baby bird.
But not that fluffy one but that wet and sticky one.

I slowly open my eyes even more and see Vil standing here.
Rook was actually not with him.
He looks down at me and just looks disgusted.
Like the Queen he is he just enters the dorm past me.
"I didn't except you in such a state...that is just embarrassing."
"I'm sorry Mister Arrogant but i'm sick. Food poisoning to be precise."
"And so what? At least put on some make-up to look somehow acceptable."
"Well I want to RECOVER, not be a stylish corpse. Besides I have no money here and I'm searching for a part-time job to at least buy food, which doesn't kill me!"
Not impressed but rather annoyed he looks at me and fucking cat-walks into my direction.
"Then recover fast and go working."
"Why are you even here?!"
"I'm here to deliver food! The cafeteria staff asked me as I was just there by chance. Beside Mister Crewel will come by and kinda look after you, I guess."

Mister hot-oh-teacher, who is husbando/dom/daddy material and has a potential dog-kink?
Give him to me.
I live in horny jail so let me be.
But I'm going to act suprised.

"Who? I don't know him."
"You will see. I bet he will be disguested like me. He is extremly...sensitive about his looks and especially his fur-coat."
I know.
"Farewell, little potato."
And he is gone. But a box of food is on this chair.
Well let's hope it won't kill me.

It actually did not killed me.
But I still feel bad and just go to sleep.

Later I feel someone poking me with a stick like thing.
I slowly emerge from my slumber and see the man of dreams.
'I feel so horny.'

" ..."
"A little puppy being sick on their first days. What a pity. And it's the Headmasters fault too."
"Can you stop poking me?"
"Well, how should I else wake up a sick little puppy? Before we start with your treatment you need to get clean", he says and opens the curtains, or what remains of it lasted.

"Ugh! Close them! "
"No, puppy. We will get you clean so tell me where your bath is."

Wait wait wait!
Is he going to wash me?!
"You will wash yourself while I prepare the medicine."
"Uhm...Mister Crewel-"
"Master or Sensei.", not today bitch.
"Mister Crewel we have no running water here."
His eyebrow starts to twitch and he slams his stick onto the next table.
"This...this cheap excuse of a Headmaster! Making me do things I'm not paid and qualified for and not even giving the nessacities to work with!", he screams.

I hide more in my blanket and close my eyes.
"S...sorry...", I mutter out with my sore voice.
He exhales loudly and then turns to me.
"All ok. I can't let one of my puppies die, which were assigned to me. My job record would get a huge gap I can't afford."
Ah. His job record or something...nice.

"Can you walk, pup?"
"If I could walk I would have run away from here."
"Tse...well then. I will prepare the medicin in the kitchen and clear your water problem. Rest till later.", he finishes and walks out of the room.
He was actually quite and didn't slam the door shut.

30 minutes later.
A disgusting stench of something is right infront of my face and I almost fall out of my bed.
A look of horror and fear is on my face.
"Do not fear, little pup. I created it myself. It is high quality and heals you in at least 30 minutes fully."
As promising as it sounds it is always the smell or taste which determines everything.

He hands me the bottle and I first sniff on it.
This smell.
If I didn't had the food poisoning going on this would have killed me.
The asshole I am throws it back at him.
Mister Crewel almost manages to catch it, since he didn't expected this to happen.
I roll into my blanket, shut my mouth and stare deadly at him.
"Drink this, little pup! Take it yourself or I make you drink it!"
He shoves that 'medicin' of disgusted and doom into my face but I mange to stay resistant.

After about 2 minutes Mister Crewel loses his patience and forcefully grabs me.
"Listen here, you little sh-pup. If I get a death count on my perfect job record I will make sure to drag your soul out of hell and kill it again! So drink this shit and drink all of it or die like the disgusting creature you are!"
Didn't need to get that hardcore aggressive.
I slowly take the medicin and just drink it in one go.
'Yeah. Smells like shit and tastes like shit.'
But I could feel my body becoming lighter and well...healthier?

Mister Crewel sighs loudly and starts to go for the door.
"So, sleep or rest now and no hard or big activities. The healing process should start about now."
And he leaves.
That is one sort of experience.
I stay in bed but don't fall asleep. But the medicine in actually heals me completly and I am able to walk around.
I go into the bathroom and the water actually starts to work.
I search for a towel and some clothes, which I luckily find, and start to shower.
"Showers feel so good..."
I missed it.
Since I am clearly awake I start to clean this place a bit after showering.

With the money from the Headmaster I go to Sam's, to hopefully get some normal food, and afterwards back to the dorm.
But I accidently buy to much, which is why I'm stuck infront of the store.
That it is heavy is not the problem. It's just the amount which is the problem.
Starting to think of possible ways to transport all of the food, and especially the canned tuna for Grim, someone taps me on the shoulder.

"Didn't fish-chan promised to meet up with us first after being fully healed again~?"
Oh, come on.
I turn around and see actually only Floyd.
"Oh. Hey, Floyd. I'm sorry but I recently healed. Mister Crewel made me a potion and now I'm buying food, which won't hopefully poison me."
"Ooooh. But you need to come to us afterwards~!", he whines and comes closer.
He starts to walk closer but I know the trick! Capturing me between himself and the wall won't work!
"We make sure to not make you overwork yourself~!"
Ok, not going back was a mistake. Now I'm pressed against him and we are practically body on body contact.
I look up and stare him dead in the eye.
"I come immediately with you, if you help me transport the food to my dorm."
He blinks and then looks at the food I bought.
He goes past me and takes all the food at once.
"W-wait I can take some too!"
"But then we would be to slow! I can carry all of it so you can focus on keeping up with me~!"
And off he goes.
Oh, he is fast.

Arriving at the dorm out of breath I quickly put everything away, with a Floyd in the back annoying me to go faster, and go with him to the Octavinell dorm.
'Yuu should be at the chandelier no-'


'Ah, there it is.'
But Floyd didn't seem to mind and even grabbed my arm, so I don't slack off.

We arrive in the Octavinelle dorm and get greeted by a smiling Jade who bows slightly down.
"Welcome (Y/N) - san. Our prefect Azul awaits your arrival."
That's one way to make someone afraid.

While walking to the Mostro Lounge I look around and only now realise that we are practically underwater.
It's amazing how perfectly everything fits together.
But the Mostro Lounge.
It's so cool.
The low jazz music in the background, the dimmed lights and let's not forget this giant ass aquarium!
Noticing my obvious amazed self both eels chuckle.
"You know (Y/N) - san. We did not forget-"
"How you called us two shady mereels~."
"Since you are here since about 3 days you can't know that much."
"So fish-chan either heard a rumor like you said or you know some things about...", they both came awfully close to my ear, "the people here~."
A shiver run down my spine and I could feel both their breaths at my ear.
Time to make a fool out of myself, so that I don't die.

"You know...
that was kinda hot."



I'm so disappointed in myself.
Both Twins just laughed but held me even thighter then before.
Now they just dragged me to Azul.
I guess time to be tortured.
Unless I can prove myself worthy.

Chapter Text

Sitting down in the V.I.P. Room, meaning Azuls office, I nervously look around and in the end at Azul himself.
This motherfucker grins at me and folds his arms.
"Welcome, (Y/N). I'm excited to see you. I-"
"Ok, cut the crap, Azul. You just want something from me, I can feel it."
He looks suprised first but grins more afterwards.
"Good. I'm gonna be short: You seem to have information on others, which I clearly want. l offer you a deal. You give me informations when needed and I pay you, depending on how valuable it is."
I lean back into the couch, and may I say that this thing is soft as hell?
"Oya, I heard you are quite short on money... thanks to the Headmaster.", says one twin from the right.
"Easy money for fish-chan! Super convenient~.",explains the other from my left.
They really now what they are doing.
But I need to stay resistent.

"It sounds nice but no."
All three look suprised at me.
Azul rises from his seat and walks towards me.
"But ... you can have money...more money for some words! It's so easy!", he explains and sits beside me.
The twins sit each on one couch arm and look at me.
'I see, they are caging me. Closing any possible escape routes for me.'

"I thought fish-chan was friends with us!"
"Being one of our acquaintances can give you a lot of benefits, (Y/N)-san."
'And a lot of problems.'

"Ok, guys stop right there. Trying to seduce me with words and closing possible escape routes is a weird tactic. Let me show you how it goes."

Becoming a fool to escape... again.
Eventhough it's clear that it never worked that well.

"Sorry, Azul. You will be my victim in this example."
I just grab his thigh and he gives of a loud and high screech noise.
Not being used to any physical contacts from strangers he becomes red and tries to scramble away.
But I grab his thigh really hard.
I'm sorry but he and the twins definitly have something going on.
At least sexually.
So that shouldn't do that much.

"W-w-what are y-you doing?!!!"
"Making my way down town."
"Come on, you and the twins at least fucked once, I know it. I can sense a bottom bitch miles away."
I could hear Floyd laughing out loud and Jade chuckling. Azul however was not fond of it and was just a red mess.

'Now is my chance.'
I jump over the couch and run for the door.
I manage to get out and run to the teleport mirror.
Somehow I got away but probably because no one followed me.

I just run and crash into another person.
"Ow! Young people these days just rush around."
I look into the face of the small Fae and smile nervously.
"Uhum... sorry Mister Vanrough. I'm kinda running away from...potential killers."
"Oh my, so polite no need for formalities. Aren't you that one magicless student? My my, let me help you get away from them."
He gives me a flashy smile, showing his sharp teeth, and points at two figures speed walking towards me.

"Fish-chan~!! Don't leave us yet! It's so much more fun with you~."
"It would be good for you to cooperate with us, (Y/N)-san."

Panicking I look at Lilia and he just grabs my hand and teleports us away.

Opening my eyes I see a dark gloomy room with green flames everywhere.
"Are we ...?"
"In the Dinsomnia dorm? Yes, we are."
Lilia drops onto one of the many couches and so do I.
"Is something. (Y/N)-chan?"
"These couches are so soft and nice ..."
"Well as the crown prince of the Valley of Thorns resides here it's quite luxurious. But I would say that Pomefiore is even more luxurious because of the dorm head Vil."
I know that very well.

"I'm just going to relax ...for... a bit..."
All the running plus my sickness from today morning, which healed only resently, made me extremly tired.
And so I fade into the dream world.

Time passes by und I can feel someone shaking me awake.
I mumble something along "5 more minutes ...please..." before I feel a hot breath near my ear.
"It's time to wake up ... it's already morning..."
I slowly open my eyes und see a horned shadow looming over me.
"Morning... Mal...", I somehow respond and stretch myself.
"Good day, (Y/N) - san. I hope you had a good rest."

Wait! He lied! It's in the middle of the day!

Emerging from my slumber I feel a soft blanket over me and see three other faces.
1.Lilia humming softly, while reading, 
2. Silver sleeping on another couch and
3. Sebek holding back the urge to kill me.

After seeing me awake Sebek approaches me with big steps and holds me by my collar.
"How dare you, human?! How can you just fall asleep without the permission from Malleus-sama?!"
Me, being sleep drunk, just stare at him.
"Sebek, calm down. (Y/N)-chan is our guest and a good friend of Malleus, how it seems."
Sebek slowly let's me go but death stares me at the same time.
Oh, crocodile boy.

I put the blanket over me and stand up.
Slowly approaching Malleus he turns around and Iooks at me.
'This boy needs some love.'
I hug him with the blanket now around us and smile at him.
He is tall, alright? It's not easy to reach him.

Sebek just gasps and looks with shooked eyes in our direction.

The perfect ignorant person I am I look up at Malleus and smile.
"You are a cool dude and thanks for letting me sleep here. But I have a question."
He blinks several times at me but then nods.
"As a prince you probably have a lot of blankets. So, you wouldn't mind giving me two old ones you don't need anymore? I'm right now on a stuff getting tour so don't worry, you are not my only victim."
"Well, I certainly can hand some old ones over but...what can you offer back?"
He slightly pats my head and I immediately answer:
"I can offer my friendship to you as I know you are feared by most. So a good friend would always be good a helper. "

I was certain he would say no but the lonely person he is he agrees.
"Well, then I shall accept your offer, child of men. I will give you two blankets on the way back. But I have some questions for you so..."
"Sure I can answer them!"
"Thank you, my dear friend."
He called me his dear friend!
I let go of him and sit on the couch, blanket still on me.
"Hey, you can't let an old men like me out of this!"
Lilia joins in and Sebek actually too.
Silver shortly wakes up and walks to us to only lean onto Lilia in the end.

"So, throw your questions at me!"

"Oh, me first!", Lilia waves his hand to get the attention, " why were you running from the twins? How did you anger them?"
"Well I didn't actually anger them but I kinda made Azul feel a bit... unpleasant... I tried to survive, ok?"
"Then I will continue.", Sebek says," How did you and Malleus-sama even met?"
"Well I met him during the night at the ramshackle dorm, since I and another magicless student live there."
A sleepy Silver continues,"Where is the other magicless student?"
"They are currently away. Trying not to get expelled because of an accident."
"The final question would be, my dear friend, how you know so many things about all of us."
Fuck, I can't just tell them everything!
"What is the matter (Y/ N)-chan? We thought you are family now."
Hold up! We are no family!

Seeing my confused face Lilia starts to explain:
"Well, as you said Malleus grew up being feared for his powers. So someone willingly offering their pure friendship towards him, without using him for said powers, is considered family!"
Oh, make more pressure as it is.
"I still would like an answer, my dear friend."
"I mean I would tell how if it wouldn't be so... weird..."
Slowly getting nervous I look down and start to play with my hands.
"I guess I just know it? I know it sounds dumb but I myself don't know how..."

I can't just tell them they are from a video game.
"Could it be... that you have some sort of all-seeing like abilitys?"
"Well, in the past there used to be people who could see the past, present and future by looking into peoples eyes. So maybe you can't use magic because all your power goes to that ability (Y/N)-chan."
"I am from a different world so I don't know if that description fits."
"Well why not test it out? Look at me (Y/N)-chan and tell me something about myself what I didn't tell you."
He is not serious, isn't he?!
This will go wrong. So wrong.

I think a bit and decide to say something normal.
"Uhm... you are actually far more older then you look like, at least 100+ years old I would guess. You adopted Silver and raised him and Sebek to be knights for Malleus once he ascends to the throne."
Lilias actual age is never mentioned in the game so I kinda guessed stuff.
They all looked quite impressed at me and I start to sweat nervously.
"Well that was a suprise but a good one. And all of it was even right! You definitely have some powers, (Y/N)-chan."

Ah, yes.
My powers.

Later I go out of the dorm and start to search for the garden, with the food from Malleus.
It's about noon actually so I'm trying to find some peace alone.

'Oh my.'
Infront of the what seems to be the garden I see a cute hyena boy walking around.
I walk towards him with a big smile.
He seems to notice me and smiles back.
"Hello there! Is there something I can help you with?"

Shit! Right!
I actually don't know him!

"Uhm, actuall yeah. I'm in search of a relaxing place to well...relax."
His eyes start to shine as if he found a hero in me.
"Then go into the garden! But beware the mighty lion in there!"
"You mean the sleepy chonk?", I slightly chuckle at my own joke.
"Shishishishi~. So you know Leona?"
"Know him? The lazy prince is a cutie! Plus I got some snacks to share, cute hyena boy."
He gets a little bit red and then looks at my basket.
I laugh slightly and give him a small packed box with food.
"Take it. I know you need it."

He accepts the gift and curiously looks at it.
"Go on. You can eat it."
His eyes shine bright and he opens the package.
"Thank you very much... Uh..."
" (Y/N) (L/N). Nice to meet you Ruggie."
"Thanks a lot! But how did you know my name?"
"That is a secret I tell you one day ... maybe."
I walk into the garden but before I enter it I turn around to Ruggie.
"I'm going to tame the fiercy chonky lion!"

I walk in and hear him laugh in the far back.


Listening as close as possible I soon hear a small snoring sound and follow it.
I spot a sleeping Leona on a bench, bathing in the sun like the king he is.
Slowly I approach him and but can't get far as I get dragged into a bush.
"Bonjour beauty, may I ask why you approach my prey?"
"Rook?! Let me go first!", I aggressively wisper to him.
"Oui, my beauty!"
He let's me go and I stand in front of him.
He wears his purple dorm uniform, which is my favorite Outfit of him till now, but ho boy do I need to say.
His hairstyle bugs me.
If he wears it like a ponytail or braids it it looks so beautiful.
But right now he looks like a mushroom head or Hee-man in french.
I really like his character but...hairstyle.

"Now then my beauty, may you answer my question?"
"Why I approach your prey, right? I didn't approach him! I sneaked up on him to wake him up because I have snacks!"
"But you can't approach a fiercy lion like that! You get eaten, my beauty."
"Let me show you how it works."


I approach the lion and sit beside his sleeping figure.
'Now, time to sing.'
I look back at Rook with a 'don't judge me - look' and then to Leona.
'Gotta embaress myelf like always.'

"In the jungle
the mighty jungle
the lion sleeps tonight~"

He starts to move around slowly.


"In the jungle
the mighty jungle
the lion sleeps tonight~"

"Fucking... Let me be in peace!"
The Lion turns to me and looks really pissed.
"Good morning, Leona! How are you?"
I start to get out a sandwich and eat it.
"Huh... didn't except anything else from the second prince of the Savanna Afterglow. Still sulky you didn't became the king?"
"Better watch your mouth, little herbivore," he slowly rises up and puts his chin on my shoulder," Or someone will stuff it full with something."
He snatches my sandwich away looks dead into my eyes which makes me rise from my seat.
"Was nice to meet you, Leona. Hopefully you survive Rook hunting you."
And I make my way out of here.

I walk out of the garden and see a struggling blue flame head.
He walks here and there with a smaller flame head following him.
Nervously he plays with his fingers as I approach him.
"Hey... can I help you?"
Idia shrieks up and Ortho looks at me as if we were a savior.
Poor India hides behind some boxes and tries not to explode out of nervousness.
"Hello, magicless student! Can you really help us? Please?"
How can I say no to this cute artificial voice?
"Well I offered help, so sure."
"Thank you so much! You see, my brother can't lift all these boxes and we need to get them into the storage room."
"Why boxes? And why him?"
Idias head pops up and he looks at me.


"I-i-i...was accidently here and got tasked...with it."
"Sure then. I can help. By the way I'm (Y/N)! "
He tries to smile but quickly turns away.
"Then let's go!"
I go to the first box and try to lift it but...
"Oh, no!"
"What is (Y/N)?"
"My weak nerd arms!"

Ortho looks at my arms and then at me.
But the peace did not last long, as I heard someone running towards me.
In the distance I see Leona running towards me with Rook behind him.

Idia is panicking and me too.
He is fucking frozen on spot and won't move an inch out of fear!
Time to take matters into my own hands!

"Sorry, Idia."
I scoop him princess style into my arms and run off into the distance.
"W-w-wh-at are y-you doin-ig!?!!!"?, he screams while blushing like a madman.
His hair even becomes red.
"W-well... you didn't move so... I took matters into my own hands?"
He hides his face behind his hands and stays like that.

After some time we arrive at the Ignyhide Mirror and I let him down, earned some weird looking faces on the way but who cares?
Oh, right.
Idia cares.
He faces me and then thanks me, mumbling something along the lines like "...achievement for the special encounter with the magicless student..."
And he is gone.
Ortho thanks me too and dissapears after his brother.

It's already too late so I decide to go back to the dorm.
Cook some nice dinner for my two warriors who succesfully managed to defeat the monster in the mine...hopefully.

Doing what I said I prepare the food and hear the door open.
I immediately run towards these two and see the ghost camera.
'So they made it! Perfect.'
But these two look super bad. Good thing I bought a med kit too.
"Hey, you too. How has it been?"
"I'm so tired and as you can see Grim too."
"Yeah...he barely hangs on your shoulder. But you two look really bad."
"No need to remind me of that (Y/N) need..."
"Ok. You go take bath and I lay Grim to sleep for now. I'm preparing dinner so don't worry about anything for now, got it?"
Yuus face lights up a bit and they hand me over Grim.
"Oh, I bought a med kit so this time I will patch you up!"
We both laugh and then go along our way.

After laying Grim to sleep on Yuus bed said person comes into the kitchen.
"I saw that you kinda cleand up here. But don't overdo yourself, Ok? It's nice to know it's clean but if you feel bad the-."
"Yun everything is fine. I feel good and i'm happy I could do something today instead of just sleeping."
"Seriously, 'Yun'? But anyway how was your day?"
I take the med kit and start to disinfect all the wounds.
"Ah, nothing important. Wanted to buy food but instead got almost dragged into a shady deal, slept over in another dorm, made a chunky lion angry and met a cute flame boy. What about you?"
"Oh, well it started with window cleaning, went to a chase after Grim, met another person, almost destroyed the chandelier, searched for a magic crystal replacement and got almost killed. But we didn't got expelled and I found some friends. And now Grim and I are one student and are allowed to attend the school."

I stop in my movement and realise...
'How do I attend...'
"I asked about you but it seems someone already made sure you would be able to attend."
"Oh... you know who maybe?" I proceed with the treatment.
"Sorry but no. The Headmaster instantly banished the topic but we should go next morning into his office because of all the organisation stuff."
"That's no problem."
We talked long and in details, laughing about one thing or another, while eating together.
Once it got extremely late we decided to go to sleep, leaving the dishes for tomorrow.

But before that I give them a blanket from Malleus, which is even for an old one super comfy.

'Now is time... the proloug ends here.'

Chapter Text

I wake up and start with my normal routine in the morning.
But a lucky accident happen!
I searched for my phone but I found my earphones instead!
'Finally a good reason to ignore people.'

Meeting up with Yuu and Grim we instantly head to the Headmasters Office.
He gives us the list with the classes assigned to us and our uniforms!
Grim has his magic stone since yesterday so that's clear.
But I still had one question.

Getting money is hard. And not wasting everything is harder.
So a job is required.
But after what happened I won't go to the Mostro Lounge.
"Headmaster I have a question."
"Yes, what is it (Y/N)?"
"Is it possible, naturally for work purposes, to go outside the school?"
"Only if you have a similiar situation like Vil, as he is basically a model and actor."
"So if I'm famous I can go out?"
"Shortly, yes."
So I can't leave the school ground legaly during school hours.
"Oh ok, I understand."
After this quick talk we made our way into our first classes, which is... SPORTS?!

I stop and stare at this plan.
Yuu and Grim look confused at me but then check their plan too.
"Oi, human! Why do we have sports!?"
"I would like to know it too!"
"But Ace and Deuce are in our class. So we are not alone!"
'You are not alone Yuu.'
"But what about our sports uniforms?"
"If you look closely, human, there is a second uniform inside the school uniform."
Wow, Grim is actually right.

So skipping to class our trio comes late but it seems the far to muscular version of Gaston knew about it.
"Ah! Our two last student! Welcome!"
Yes, I already don't like him.
"So it's time for class!", he almost shouts.
Yuu drags us to the Adeuce combo and we start with class.

Vargas first explains how magic won't help if you have no muscles and so on.
And you thought that we could just, i don't know, fly a broomstick out of nowhere.
But fuck that.
We can't.
Only Grim.
And since magic is required here Yuu almost death stares Grim not to fuck up, as he is mainly responsible for the grade in this class.

I really tried to fly on it but...
"Fly you dumb stick!"
"Wow, (Y/N) don't be so aggressive."
"I waited...for so long... I will not not fly!"
"You know sometimes it just doesn't work..."
"I'm sorry Yuu but shut the fuck up."

And then Mr. Vargas told us ,in the case of Yuu, that Grim needs to do this lesson alone and that they will only be able to 'help' the grade a little by doing other exercises.
I mean hey, they at least have someone do most of their stuff.
My entire grade depends on normal exercises alone!
So here I am, running my...third round?
But I can't show weakness. I must manage to pull through!

But Mr. Vargas calls me over and who do my eyes spot?
Vil Schoenheit.
I run towards them and almost collapse infront of them.
"I have some news for you, (Y/N). As you are responsible for your Grade alone, without a magical second part, I thought I would be unfair since Yuu and Grim have each other. So I asked around and got you a... MOTIVATOR!"
"A what...?"
"Vil Schoenheit is your motivator and will carry about 1/3 of your Grade. Naturally he will gain extra credit too but as I can't always look after you, since a bunch of fresh teenagers fly above me I need to be ready for, he will report your doings to me so I can grade you."
Seriously? A babysitter?
"Then I leave you alone for now."

I really don't want to. But I guess it's time to be screamed at 24/7.
"Hi.... Vil. Nice to meet you...again."
I stretch out my hand towards him and he takes it but really slowly.
"And here I thought I would get the other little potato."
"Yeah, anyway pretty boy. Why are you doing this? Don't you have more important stuff to attend to or not?"
"I can do a lot of things I want here, as I am famous. So yes, I can afford it to torture you."
This is going to be hell.


After school I decided to look for a job.
It was hard. Far to hard.
Mostro Lounge was out of question... at the beginning.
So I'm standing here, infront of Azuls office, ready to get potentially smacked.
'I'm going to make it quick.'

I smack the door open, eyes closed and scream:


I slowly open my eyes and see a very confused and scared Azul.
But the most important thing is... is that he is in his merform.
"Hi... I just go out and pretend I... didn't see you."
I turn around but before I can go out one of his tentacles lashes out and keeps the doors closed.
Talk about range.
"You now if you are that into tentacle play you don't need to use force to have me ."
" being of a human!"
I turn around and get a better look at him.
Eight cute tentacles in black and this...grey/purple.
"You want a job?! Well I don't want you to work here! So leave! NOW!"
"No. I'm not leaving till I get that whore."
"Till you get...what?"
"I MEAN...Job... yeah... till I get that job."
He looks at me with a lot of suspicion in his eyes and turns me towards the wall.
"Wait... what are you-"
And a giant poof smoke cloud appears.
"I'm not going to talk to you like this, you know!"
"But you looked so beautiful."
He stops in his movement but quickly proceeds and turns me around.


"A job you say?"
He sits beside his usuall chair.
"Yes. Oh and maybe not an illegal one."
He smirks and pulls out a normal contract.
"Then let's hear of what you are capable of."

After 1 hour of talking I managed to get a job as a server, which is quite easy as they don't have enough staff here.
I choose my not so hard school days when I want to work and head home.


And finally the long arrival.
Ace and the heart-shaped-collar.
The moment I opened the door and saw him... I died of laughter.
Yuu and Grim must have heard my outburst and came to look.
In seconds Grim laughs too and Yuu chuckles slightly.
"What are you all laughing at?!"
Grim can't even form a normal sentence.
"OMG! I can't anymore!"
"Then stop laughing!"
Some time later we all calm down and I get a good look at Ace.
He sees it and turns slightly to the side.
"Stop looking at me."
"But I can't."
"Well I feel uncomfortable because of you!"
"But you weren't so uncomfortable when you got the collar on, right?", I smirk at him and he turns red.
And now he is a red mess.
"Yuu! Get your dormmate under controll!"
"Sorry, can't do that. I'm not in the position to control the only financial source in this house."
We all mess around with him for a bit but stop at some point and move into the living room.

"So, pretty boy. Why are you here?"
'I know exactly why.'
"I fled from my dorm."
"And why...?", Yuu asks him.
"Because I..."
"Because you..?"
"Ate a tart, which did not belong to me."
We all exchange some looks and and proceed to interrogate him.
"But why would you eat a tart, especially if it is not yours?"
"It had NO name on it, ok?! Plus I was hungry!"
The useless discussion went on for a bit till we finally got to the point.
"Can I sleep here for a night? I won't go over there no matter how much you push me."
"Since you are in such a need of help I, Grim, allow you to stay!"
"Wait, what about our all opini-"
"Thanks guys! You really help me out here!"
And it's decided.
"But under one condition, Ace. You apologize towards Riddle tomorrow."
Ace looks down but then agrees to it, while not being that fond of it.
"If we have this cleared now I suggest we go to sleep. Ace the couch is yours."
Not interest in the rest I go up into my room waving a goodbye at all of them.

Onto the next day.
We all went to school, visited all our assigned classes, Vil tortured me in sports again, and went straight to the Heartslabyul Dorm.
Infront of the mirror I see Ace and finally Deuce.
Deuce and I quickly introduced ourselfes to each other now formally/officially and head into the mirror.
'Yep, still hate that feeling.'

Arriving in the dorm I look around and hear a very energetic Ace say:
"Welcome! To the Heartslabyul dorm!"
It is far more larger and weirder than I could imagine.
The maze with the white roses catches me first and I remember.
The moment I thought about him he instantly appeared.
"You all arrive at a perfect timing!"

We turn towards the happy voice and there he is:
The selfie maniac.
"Good day, Cater-san.", Deuce says.
"Go..of d..ay..", Ace mutters quietly.
"You two seem to have brought company! Tell me your names!"

"I'm Yuu and this is-"
"Im the great Grim! A great magician!"
"Awwwww! Aren't you two cute!"
"Wha!? No human! I'm not cute! I'm powerful and feared! I-"
"Yeah yeah Grim, we understand. Hi Cater, I'm (Y/N) (L/N)."
"Wait aren't you two the magicless students everyone talks about?"
"We need to take a selfie! Now!"


"Awww how cute! Im going to post it on magiccam. Do you have it? I could add you!"
"Dude, Yuu here doesn't even have a phone and I don't know if I can download otherworldly apps soooo, chill."
"Oh, right! But if you have it then tell me your names!"
He finally shuts up and starts to talk about a problem, which includes the white roses.
They need to be prepared for the unbirthday party.
We need to paint them red.


So here we are painting roses red.
It's so boring.
"Hey, Yun. I'm gonna put on some music, ok?"
"Huh? Yeah, sure."
While Grim and Ace practically race each other on who is faster.
Yuu and I paint them all relaxed.
'Which music should I put on?
Mh....Ah! That one!'
And I push on play.
From Aaron Smith we hear the song 'Dancin' the Krono remix!

If the rhythm game part soundtracks don't play randomly I will put on my music!
"Is this 'Dancin'?", Yuu asks fully exiting.
"Yeah! You know it?"
"So we are both from Earth!"
Nice to have this cleared.

We slowly start to dance to the music and even sing some passages!
Now that is motivated working.
We are a bit far away from the others, so you only see us just dancing to it.
Getting to the good part we practically forget all the others.

"Dancing is what to do"
"Dancing's when I think of you"
"Dancing's what clears my soul"
"Dancing's what makes me whole"
"Dancing is what to do"
"Dancing's when I think of you"
"Dancing's what clears my soul!"
"Dancing's what makes me whole!"

Forgetting the fact that paint is all over our uniforms we spin around, holding one hand of each other and just have a good time.


"Hey! Why did you do this!?"
Cater just grins and shows us the picture.
Yuu and I are dancing around while his face is in the right corner of it.
"Once you get magiccam i'll post it and add you on it!"
"It's kinda cute."
Yuu inspects the picture closely, while I look at the other three dorks.
But Trey is already there talking to them.

I leave Yuu in Caters hands and go to the other bunch.
'The baking thing!'
"Ace! Don't forget about the apologize promise!"
Said person flinches, as if he hoped not to be reminded of it again.
"Hi, I'm (Y/N). Yes, I'm one of the two magicless students and we could need some help!"
Throwing info after info at Trey he smiles and shakes my hand.
"Trey Clover, nice to meet you. Is it about the tart accident?"
I nod and we get into talking.
Ace tries to sneak away but I manage to hold him strong enough at his Jacket.
"The easiest way is to make a new tart for Riddle. A replacement you could say. If you want I can help you.
"That would be sooo nice! Right, ACE?"
I hope I won't become their caretaker.

[Some timeship after the finishing touch.]

It will be fun, they said, you won't need to do anything, they said, ACE WILL HANDLE HIS OWN PROBLEM, they said.

I will never ever help Ace.
Fuck that guy.
I ran two times to Sams because he forgot there some stuff and had to take over his baking part, since he is to dumb for it!
Grim was more of a nuisance and Cater only took pictures of all!
Deuce and Yuu were the only pure worker.

'Should I say something about the Oyster sauce?"

"What is going on here?!", a loud and angry voice can be heard.
Everyone in the kitchen freezes, including me, and turns around slowly.
A very angry Riddle can be seen who's about to burst.
Trey is the first to speak.
"Hey, Riddle. We are making a tart. Ace wanted to apologize for his actions by making you a new one."
Hearing his name Ace grabs the finished tart and goes to Riddle.
Approached person is still quiet.
"I know I shouldn't have eaten your tart so as an apology... would you accept the one I made?"
Thanks for not mentioning us, Ace.
"For the matter of fact, you did absolutely nothing Ace."
"Shut up, (Y/N).", he hisses.

"You all...", Riddle starts.
'Don't get your hopes high, guys.'
I can see everyones hopes and dreams in their eyes.

The fear is written in the faces of all people, except me cause saw that coming.
Trey looks around and scratches himself on the head and then opens his eyes wide.
'He realized it.'
Ace is about to die infront of Riddle and Deuce quickly grabs him and pushes him away.
"Sorry, Riddle! I forgot about the Law and didn't inform them! They only followed my instructions so don't punish them!"
Oh, Trey.
Sacrificing yourself.

Riddle looks really pissed and I hope that we won't die on the way out.

Chapter Text

If anybody would walk past the kitchen they would run for dear life.
But nobody is probably even near the hallways because Riddle just screams at this point.
'This feels far much worse then when I was playing the game.'

"You ignored the preparations for the party, made a tart on this day at this hour and brought outsiders in!"
He points towards Yuu, Grim and me while lecturing the elder Heartslabyul ones.
"As I said Riddle, I'm sorry I forgot the rules and they all are not needed to be punished."
"Well Trey, I never knew someone like you could fail so much. Then fine. Only you will be punished for this!"
Ok, that's it.
I walk towards him ready to break his little head but Yuu holds me back.
"Give me the knife first, (Y/N)."

What? Oh.
I hand them the knife over and walk towards Riddle, who still screams at Trey.

"Ok, listen here you little shit. I spend this whole day helping this fucking idiot make this TART so YOU forgive him! All the others tried too and this this your thank you?! If you don't like it so much then make it yourself and do never except anybody to do anything for you ever!"
I throw the tart out of the window and the sound of it, hitting the ground and splattering into multiple pieces, makes it obvious that the tension is high.

"I'm not going to listen to any of this shit anymore."
I take my stuff and leave this place.
'Let him Overblot quickly. This little tyrant needs a lesson.'
What happened after didn't interest me but some other Heartlabyul students said Riddle was furious and a literal devil right now.

'I hope I can just go to sleep now...oh no...'
Vil wanted to train with me.
And who stands infront of my dorm?
The drama queen.

"You are late to our meeting, little potato."
"Well, I'm sorry but I can't give less of a fuck right now."
Arms crossed he looks at me and raises an eyebrow.
I look down at me and realise that my uniform is probably dead.
Red paint, baking goods and probably dirt mixed together on my uniform.
"If you want you can wait inside while I change."
He doesn't answer but just follows me inside.
But before I could go further he grabs my shoulder and turns me around.
"What cleaning products for showering do you use?"
"Now only one basic shampoo...?"
"What? Only one?"
"Uh, yeah? I don't have money since all went on food. If you would look around you would see that this dorm practically falls apart."
He waves at me, signalling I should go showering, and starts to look around.
'Ok, then pretty boy.'

I grab my sports uniform, yeet my clothes into the basket of dirty clothes and shower quick.
Finally getting rid of the mix of disguest I take my time.
'I really shouldn't have exploded like that...I'm not even better then Riddle at this point.'
My little self-reflecting session gets disturbed by a door opening.
"What the fu-!"
"I brought some self-care products, different shampoos and more. Today we won't train in the physical way but the self-care way."
"Can you please leave?! I'm fucking naked!"
"Put on a bath I'm going to teach you how to take care of yourself."

So here I am, in a bubblebath with Vil explaining EVERY product to me.
I'm going to die here.
"This shampoo is for after your hair dryed and-."
"Ok, hold it there. I appreciate a lot but I really need to get going. I need to apologize to someone."
"Oh? And to who?"
I explain the whole ordeal with Riddle to him and he goes out of the room.
I clean myself, put on some clothes and dry my hair.
Time to apologize.

"Do you have magiccam maybe?"
"Well, I have a phone but no magiccam. Wait a minute."
I quickly look and somehow download it...
"I'm going to make an Account later. Give me your number so you can call me, or I call you."
He gives me his number and I safe it immediatly.
"Thank you. Now go onto your quest, little Potato."
We walk to the door and he turns to me, slightly smiling.
"Next time, when you get your pay, we will go shopping. I can't bare to see you in only the uniforms."
"Fine by me."
We part ways and I make my way to Riddles office.

On the way there I see a bunch of Heartslabyul students running around, without a pause, and find Trey.
But he talks to the original troupe, meaning Ace, Deuce, Grim and Yuu, about the possible ways of becoming a Dorm Leader.
'Right, they want to get his place.'

I just rush trough the dorm and hope to find his office that way and it actually worked!
I knock and hear an passive aggresive "Come in".
Opening the door, I step in and go to him with big steps.
"Oh, it's you. Gonna embarass me even more?"
"I would like to but no."
He raises his eyebrow and stops writing on his papers. With folded arms he just stares at me.
"I'm here to apologize for my behaviour. I really don't know anything about you or the party so I'm not one to judge any of that. How important it is is up to you, as the dorm Leader, to decide. So, would you accept my apology?"
"You are not lying about your apology, are you?"
'Sadly I'm lying to you right now.'
"I'm not, Riddle Roseheart-san."
Hearing me speaking so formal has something done inside him, consider his suspicious look.
He looks a moment more at me and then sighs.
"Fine. I accept your apology."
"Thank you! Oh, and I heard something regarding you."
"If it is some sort of complain I'm used to it."
"No!", I walk closer to his desk," I think Ace and Deuce are trying to challenge you for your spot as the dorm Leader!"
He immediately shots up from his seat and looks at me with wide eyes.
"What did you say?"
"Ace and Deuce want your spot. On the day of the party they will challenge you. BUT don't do anything against it for now. You will win it, no problem. But you could take some revenge in the meantime...maybe."
What I'm doing is maybe considered an asshole move but no one told me who I should help.

The impactfull info makes him sit and be silent for a minute.
He suddenly grabs my hand and pulls me down, so I can face him.
"Where and how did you find out about this...?"
"I can kinda...see /predict stuff, which is important so...I wanted to warn you..."
'This will probably bite me back in my ass but I wanna see drama.'

I maybe change the story a bit but I will make sure that everything will go as intended in the original, considering the main events.

"So you are not as magicless as how you sell yourself?"
"Dude, I'm magicless. I tried to fly a broomstick and it didn't work plus letting things float doesn't work."
With a lot of suspicion he looks at me but then relaxes.
"I guess... thank you....? You can leave now..."
I move towards the door but get stopped by Riddle calling out to me.
"I would like to ask you... to come to the unbirthday party. I would like to apologize to you and your other dormmates, as you only tried to help."
I turn around to him and smile.
"No problem! We will be there!"
Leaving the place I go to the Ramshackle dorm with a feeling of relieve.


[The day of the unbirthday party.]

This day was sooo hectic.
But for everybody a different way.
The Heartslabyul students had to prepare everything perfectly, just like Riddle wanted.
Yuu and Grim were nervous because of this important event while I feared the shit out of me because of the incoming Overblot.
'Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and fuck you life. I'm going to die. How bad can an Overblot be? Will I survive?!'
Yun notices my troubled face and even Grim tries to cheer me up.
"Don't worry, (Y/N). You apologized to Riddle so everything will be alright!"
"Yeah, human! Thanks to my encouragement you are on good ground with Riddle!"
'You don't know anything!'
I try to calm down and pet Grim on his head.
"I really need that."
I keep on petting Grim and even cuddle him once.
But what I noticed was the uneasy feeling from Yuu, probably plotting something behind my back.

Arriving at the party Riddle walks towards us, but mainly looks at me, and greets us.
"Welcome, dear guests of the Ramshackle dorm. I will lead you now to your assigned places."
We all three thank him and follow his lead.

Oh, I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be like that but...why do I literally sit on the right side of Riddles seat and Yuu and Grim on a complete different table?!
This is not right!
Oh, me being in this world isn't right at all to begin with but this doesn't makes sense!
I glance towards my two dorks but loose sight once all the other students gather and sit at their assigned seats.
A big hand lays itself on my shoulder and I look at the owner of said hand.
"All ok, (Y/N)?", Trey asks.
"Yeah...just...Why do I sit here? Isn't it supposed to be a...special seat?"
"Well, Riddle kinda anticipatet your arrival and you are the representative of the Ramshackle dorm. So you kinda sit with the big shot."
'Please don't have a crush on me, Riddle.'
I nod and he sits on Riddles left, waiting for the boy Queen to arrive.


The boy Queen arrives and makes an announcement speech.
The usual formal blabla talk.
But what I noticed was that all the students sit straight up and just...really try to keep themselfes from exploding.
Once the speech ended we start to eat and drink the tea.
He turned slightly around to me but the moment he opened his mouth two loud idiots appaer.

"We challenge you to a magic duel, Riddle! Winner gets to be the dorm leader!"
I can see his eye twitch and his face becoming red.
He turns around, all red and ready to kill these two, but holds it after seeing the Headmaster there.
'Right. Only if a teacher or someone of same authority power is present you can perform a magical duel.'

"May you tell me why you two challenge me for this position?"
"We are sick of your tyrannical ruling and constant punishments for things which are completly human!", Ace explains aggresive.
"We don't want to listen to someone who doesn't even listens to his own people!", Deuce shouts.
starting to worry if they don't go to for my mind switches to that one meme.
'No, no. They got a point.'
I hate myself.
Riddles pride was probably getting ripped apart.
"Fine! If the Headmaster approves of this then I accept!"
"As I am so gracious, I allow this magic duel to happen. Winner becomes the next dorm leader. For the sake of fairness Riddle-san needs to dissaple his unique magic on Ace & Deuce."
Riddle follows the order and moves on the opposite side of the duo afterwards.

The fight was quick and probably painful, but Riddle is definitly about to explode.
I go to him to calm him down but he pushes me away the moment I reach him.
"I will make sure... to behead you all!"
Using his magic he seals Ace and Deuce magic but one student after another starts to rebel.
"We don't want to listen to you anymore!"
"Why should we obey a tyrant?"
"You are not fit for this position!"
More and more insults start to be thrown at him and Ace smirks at him.
"See? No one wants to listen to a selfish, absolute tyrant like you!"
He points his finger at Riddle and Deuce nods along.

'I need to stop this but the Overblot needs to happen!'
Was it always this horrible? Riddle is practically surrounded by insults.
I look over at Trey who is very concerned, which is understandable as he is his childhood friend, and afterwards to Yuu.
They look concerned at Ace and Deuce, expecting something bad to happen.
'So they will cheer for them.'
I will help Riddle.

"Shut up."
The Adeuce combo looks at Riddle irritated.
"I said: SHUT UP!", Riddle shouts.
His expression becomes enraged, his stance offensive and his magic crystal gets more and more black.
'Soon it will happen.'
Everyone else becomes silent and the boy Queen screams at this point.

"I try to manage everything PERFECTLY and follow ALL the rules, so that this event goes smoothly!"
His chest starts to get inky black.
"Does ANYBODY else even tries to HELP?! By at least following the ORDERS right?!"
The ink proceeds to consume him more and more.
I try to approach him slowy but he turns at me, not knowing that his body is getting consumed.
"Riddle? Can you please listen-."
"No! You all LISTEN to me NOW!"

Fear strikes everyone faces as he gets consumed by the dark, black ink.

'Oh no.'
I frown and stay still, not hearing how the others warn me, as I stand the closest to the dark black void.
The clouds get dark, a storm rises and the students try to hide somehow.
"Everybody! Go into the dorm for safety!", Trey orders them.
A majority manages to run away but then Riddle emerges from the void.
His one eye decorated by the red flame, the dark ink dripping from his body and his black/red attire just scream 'dangerous'.
"I'm absolutely, positively right! And whoever disobey will get BEHEADED!"
Those who run get attacked by his magic, meaning getting a collar on.

For a moment I just stand there and admire his looks but get dragged away by the Headmaster.
"Are you alright, (L/N)-san?!"
"Yeah, yeah all ok!"
The original group and Trey and Cater run to us, panicking or scared.
"Headmaster! What is going on here?!", Yuu asks.
"This is not good, students. It seems Roseheart-san has an Overblot and is out of control!"
Before the Headmaster can answer I blurt out the answer.
"Through overusage by magic and a lot of pent up negative emotions he kinda 'exploded' and his magic consumed him to the point where he can't think straight."
They all look confused but Riddles rampage takes their attention back.

"I will make sure that you all will become the perfect servants who don't DISOBEY!"
More and more students are getting their magic sealed away and for a short moment Riddle and I lockeges but he proceeds with his rampage.
"Just look mother...I will make you proud...and then you acknowledge me."
'His mother issues.'

He looks towards me and smiles.
"You are right (Y/N)! Reveng tastes better!"
Everyone looks at me but I scream back:
"That's not what I meant!"

"How can we calm him down?!"
"He needs to be exhausted. The less he can attack the less the magic can reach him.", the Headmade explains calm.
"So we basically attack him?", Ace blurts out.
"Basically, yes."
"Then let's do it!"
Cater and Trey nod to each other and go into the fight against Riddle with Ace, Deuce and Grim.

Yuu wants to go too but I hold them back.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm going to help!"
"No, you won't! We both won't! We are magicless! Let's help the others to at least escape!"
"But we should support the others in the fight!"
"Think, Yuu! Think! We can't do shit! We either help the other now temporarily magicless students escape! Or escape ourselfes!"
Our quarrel escalates more and more but out of the corner of my eye I see how the magic gets thrown around.

"But we must help the-!"
I push Yuu away the moment a fire ball comes flying towards us.
'Fuck, this shit will burn.'
"(Y/ N)!"
I roll onto the ground and groan out of pain.
Parts of my clothes are burned but luckily only small parts.
Yuu runs towards me and takes my face into their hands.
"(Y/N)?! Talk to me! Please!"
I cough and blink probably an unhealthy amount of times before I can properly look at Yuu, but even then I need to focus a lot.
"I know this hurts but you need to stay awake!"
I slowly sit up and look around.
But I barely can see shit.
I guess magical fire has more side effects.
Yuu helps me and caresses my back slowly.
"You feel a bit ok?"
Their face changes from scared to slightly annoyed.
"I'm your friend! Of course I fucking care!"
Yuu swearing means they are 100% being honest, I think.

Another magical attack comes towards us but this time I pull them and myself behind a fallen table for protection.
But the moment I move so drastic my head gets dizzy and I fall onto the ground.
"All is ok. We can do this."
The pain intensifies out of nowhere and I curl up into a ball. The smaller burns fell larger and my senses were almost gone.
Side effects from being hit by a fireball from an Overblotted person.
Oh and while being magicless and having no resistens.

Not nice.

It gets more and more painfull.
Not even the Headmasters healing helps that much.
'Wait...when did he get her- PAIN! SO MUCH PAIN!'
It got dark and at somepoint I passed out.
The last thing I see is a clear sky.

Chapter Text

My head feels dizzy and my entire body heavy.
I don't know where I am but all l see is black.
Huh? Who is there?
" depe.....o...the...."
Am I dead? No. I can breath and hear small things.
I'm trying!
"Open your eyes!"

Bright fucking light meets me in my eyes.
I only hear some people talk but like only parts.
My eyes adjust to the light and the first see thing I see is Crewel checking on me.
"Reaction trough eyes confirmed the potion has worked..."
"Oh little pup, talk to me. Say anything."
"Po... ti...on...?"
God my voice is sore.
He slightly chuckles and holds an empty bottle infront of me.
"Let me explain to you. Since you have no magic you have no resistens against it. The magic fireball, which was filled by the power of a person who had an Overblot, could have almost killed you. But luckily it caused a side effect, beside causing a lot of external pain. The fire kept on burning 'inside' you and almost burned you from the inside. So I had to make a special potion on spot once they brought you here. It was a 50/50 chance to work but your body took it well. Only some burns will be left as scars."
I could have died on the inside by burning.
Someone try to copy tha-.

Grim jumps at me and hugs me...kinda.
He is small and I'm half lying on my back.
Have fun with the image.

My throat still hurts so I just push him very lightly away and now see Yuu and even Riddle.
Yuu hugs me too and smiles all happy at me.
They are a sobbing mess.
"I'm so h-happy...that you are safe...sniff!"
I pat their back slightly and show them a thumps up.

"I will take my leave now, little pup. Rest for now and when your ready you can go to your dorm."
Crewel leaves and the nurse/doctor explains to me how to take my medication, with Yuu listening too.
"These medications are made by Mister Crewel himself so you can't take more or less whenever you want. They will hold the burning magic inside you down, so that they don't burn you. Once there is no medication the magic should have died by that point and won't come back. Understood?"
I nod and they teach me on how to take the medication right.

I managed to do that and they leave the room for a short time.
In that time Riddle comes to my bed, looking down with a very guilty look.
"l...", he starts but pauses the moment he sees the many bandages.
I take a nearby pencil and sheet of paper to write my thoughts on.

"It's ok, Riddle. It was an accident."
I show him the piece of paper and he nervously gulps.
"But it was one which could have been prevented.", he explains and sits down by the side of the bed.
"I'm so sorry for...for...everything...I.."
He actually starts to sob and tears fall down his cheeks, making him look more like a mess.
His alredy messy hair and uniform show how he probably wasn't ok at all after the Overblot.

I write something down and show it to Riddle.
He starts to cry even more.
"But you survived the Overblot so everything was worth it."


After a lot of time I manage to get back to the Ramshackle dorm, but with a lot of help from Riddle and Yuu.
Grim walks infront of us to keep all obstacles away.
Once insided I collapse onto the couch and lay down for a minute.
Yuu told me that I would be alone, since the Headmaster forbids me to take classes for now.
They would be in class but I shouldn't worry as long as I take my medications.

As told they all leave for class but I stay in the dorm without anything to do.
'What can I do...?'
I know I'm sick but doing something is better then nothing.
I quickly register and look at my profile.

[Insert Profile pic]
The magicless one

Followers 2 / Following 2 / Posts 0

I quickly follow Vil and Cater and these two follow back.
Cater posts sometime later that one picture with Yuu and me dancing in the maze to music.

[Authors advice: For the mood put on the OST 004 - Spaces In Between from the game Omori. You can put on the 1 hour loop if you want 0^0.]

I stand up and go for a small walk.
After some walking I find an empty meadow with an empty tree in the middle.
'The perfect place for some bathing in the sun.'
I walk through the grass and enjoy the light warm breeze.
I shut down my phone and lay down.
The tree gives me some shade to hide from the potential sunburn while the warm breeze keeps me warm enough.

Somehow I remember Mr. Crewels words.
'Right. I have no magic resistance and could have died. Why did I even protected Yuu from the fireball? Because I'm the side character which shouldn't exist in the fist place?
But I wouldn't be here if I wouldn't have a purpouse...right?
Who am I even talking to...My own head or my unconsciousness? Or...nobody?'
I roll up my sleeves and look at my bandages.
Slowly undoing them I bite my lip, since the pain isn't gone completly, and look at the scars.
They are not thin but not to long.
They are like scattered wide patches from my hand till my upper arm.
Suprisingly I am free from scars on my legs and upper body.
Except my back.
That one got something.
Left side, shoulder-blade and lower right of my back is full with burnt scars but they seem to fade thanks to the medication.
'I really need to look out after myself. Next time I surely will die due to my wounds.
Can the burning fire reactivate if I get hit by another magical attack?
I will die here... if I die I want to be buried under this tree...definitly.
It's so calm and relaxing...truly a peaceful place in this twisted world.'
I take out the magical cream for my skin from Mr. Crewel and apply it onto the scars.
I hiss but proceed.
"It's so fucking cold."
The cream is kinda sticky but it goes fast into the skin layers to build up a barrier against the magical fire.
Mr.Crewel explained it like this:
The fire goes under my skin layers and proceeds to spread. Since I have no magical resistance, there is no barriers under my skin. The potion is mainly for my back, since I can't reach it. But the cream builds up a cold barriere deep under my skin layer and holds the fire at bay. Once the fire reaches the barriere the barriere 'cools' it down and extinguishes the fire. Therefore any skin parts get red the moment I apply it.

I keep on applying it until it's all sticky and keep my sleeves rolled up.
'Don't want it to stick to my sleeves.'

Closing my eyes I lay down on my back and just...think about what happened.
Since I blacked out really fast I can't recall what the others did but I saw a clear sky.
Riddle visited me too, so most things are fine.
I should maybe prepare for the Savannaclaw arc but it would be no fun that way.
But I should prepare for the Overblot.
'I don't want to get injured again but otherwise I can't find a different purpose.
If I don't protect Yuu... why am I even here?'

I can feel a shadow looming over me but I keep my eyes closed.
"Move, Herbivore. You are in my spot."
"Actually, we humans are Omnivores. We eat leaves and meat."
The lion prince snorts and just lays down by my side, but with distance.
We just keep quiet but I can feel his starring.
Especially towards my arms.
"You can ask if you want."
"Why should I ask about something so obvious. You almost died by magical fire and got scars. End."
"A precise answer by the Savannaclaw Leader. Would be nice if you could be this precise in every lesson."

Out of nowhere he just grabs my burning arms and my eyes shot open.
"What the actuall fuck?!"
"First look, Omnivore."
He keeps holding my arm but now more gentle. He takes out his magicpen with the other one and holds it over my pulse.
"Since magical fire can go under your skin, eventhough it hit you on your surface, so can magical water."
Water magic starts to pour out of his magicpen and I can feel it go under my skin. But the cream is getting washed away with it too.
My skin is less red and I no longer feel itchy or burning.
"Use your medication to not risk anything. Now shut up and go home."

I keep on looking at my arms but stand up now and pack my things.
I take my phone and turn to Leona.
"Wanna share numbers?"
No reaction.
Ok, then.
I turn around but he whistles at me and just throws his phone at me.
"Put your number in. Maybe I will remember it."
"Wow. What a prick."
I safe my number in his phone and throw it back.
"Have fun plotting your doom, Leona."
I leave the meadow and leave the slightly confused Leona behind.

I go home and go straight to sleep.
Next time it will be the magical shift, or called Magift, tournament where drama will happen and then I will be prepared.
And look at it in a positive way.
I'm not addicted to drugs.
But got scars over my body.

Chapter Text

Magift here, Magift there, Magift everywhere.
The hot topic of NRC.
I know it's a big thing but I don't need this talk everywhere.
But beside Magift I heard about rumors regarding some accidents.
'So Ruggie got active.'
About a week passed since the Overblot and I was allowed to attend classes, but only non-practicle ones.
In sports I sit by the side and gossip around with Vil and in science I sort stuff or write instructions on the board.

Right now we have sports but with two classes collaborating.
Class A and B.
So now we have from class A the Adeuce combo, Yuu, Grim and from class B Jack!
Epel is gone...kinda... but oh well.
Even Vil is not here today.
But back to the topic.

Today class A and B will play Magift and need naturally stretching.
And since Vil has been training me a little, so my body doesn't give up on me, I'm performing the exercises.
But it seems I'm not that good at explaining.
"I'm sorry but may I explain to exercise?", Jack asks.
"You may Howl-san!"
Jack walks to me and bows slightly.
"Nice to meet you, (Y/N). Can you please perform the exercise while I explain it?"
Fuck, his tail is wagging.
'He is so cute!'
"Yeah! Sure!"
He nods and starts to explain it properly and more better then me.

I'm suprised no one hurt themselfes while listening to my exercises.
'I should be able to reach fur-!?'
Jack just...grabs my hips and pushes me further, so I reach my toes.
Just you know.
I'm sitting on the ground, legs spread and trying to reach infront of me as far as possible.

He almost sits behind me.

"(Y/N)? Does it hurt?"
"I'm in constant misery and my body is burning."
"Good." He smiles and explains why it should hurt but only a bit.
You are a good boy but I'm in pain.

After the exercise I go to the side and just watch the mess of a game unfold infront of me.
And some minutes later Jack approaches me.
"(Y/N)? How are you?"
"Oh, me? I'm horrible."
My blunt answer makes his ears go flat and his big posture shrinks in guilt.
Feeling sorry for him I reach for his arm and place my hand on his.
"I'm sorry, Jack. I'm just in no good shape after...", I roll up my sleeves, showing him my scars, " accident."
After seeing my scars his ears perk up but then flatten again.
We do not talk more and he goes back to practice.
I watch from far away how my dorks try to play properly but fail at some point.


After school I go to Sams to buy a small dessert for Jack as an apology.
On the way there I see a cute hyena boy being suspicious till nowhere.
Ok, maybe only for me he is suspicious but I know what he is up to.
But before I get far the Headmaster calls me into his office.
'But...I don't want to...'
Standing in his office with the original troupe I only listen half to what he is saying.
'I have work to go too...'
I need to deal with customer service.
The most horrible part of any job.

Oh, we got the task to find the culprit but I need to work now in the Mostro Lounge so yeah I don't care about the task.
Our original troupe takes care of it.
Coming in late for my first shift.

A far to happy Floyd greets me and wants to hug me.
But before it could happen I throw the present, originally for Jack, at him and speed walk to change my clothes.
"Choke on this present and where can I change?"
"For me~?"
Being stressed I decide to change in the Lounge, since no one's here.
"No, it was originally for someone else, ARGH fuck it!"
I start to undress and hear a whistling behind me but ignore it on purpose.
"Oya?(Y/N) - san is giving us a free show."
"Fish-chan has such interesting scars~!"
"Can you both please shut your mouth?"
Both Twins giggle and and I return to change into my given uniform.
While changing they explain shortly to me how everything works.
Floyd cooks the food, Jade makes the drinks and sometimes serves and I serve and order the food.
To bad we are understaffed.


The moment I start to put on my blouse Azul comes in and just...stares.
He doesn't even tries to hide it.
"You good there, buddy?"
He blinks multiple times and gets red at the same time.
Getting his thoughts togethere he looks red and angry at me, not being pleased seeing me dressing up in the lounge.
"Why are you changing here?! Hell! Go at least into my office!"
"So you want that I give you a private show?"
"What?! No! I-I-I just tell you where to change!"
I turn my back on him and he seems to want to lecture me but... I bend a little bit over, wiggle my ass slightly and let the blouse slip onto the ground.
"Like what you see, Azul-chan~?", I almost purr at him.
Now he really just stares. No other emotions.
"Uuuh~. Fish-chan is giving Azul-chan a private show! I want too~."
"You! J-just get to work!"
And he goes back into his office.
I laugh and put my blouse properly on, while Floyd nags in the back that I look good without one and should keep it off.
'I'm sorry but no fanservice today Floyd.'


Starting the shift was ok.
Not to much people were here since it's still early for school to end.
There is this one guy... ho boy.
"I would like to have a medium-rare steak, bathed in butter oil cream but not to long with some parcels on top but added after and before the process of cooking it,  so the flavor is still there AND in melted cheese bathed potato with an icy cold drink for the end."
I legit stopped writing and went autopilot after he started to talk about butter.
"Sir, we serve food here."
Is my only response and I just write down steak with potatoes.
This will be good enough.
After about 4 hours it got really crowded.
But I keep my cool.
I'm dead inside and that's what keeps me all cool.
During breaktime Jade comes to me with a drink and hands it to me.
"Here, take it. I must say for your first time you got quite the hang of it."
I take the drink and just drink it.
"I worked once in a cafe. I just get emotionally dead and all is well."
"Oh? That is an interesting way to do it but I have a question."
"Is it about the scars?"
"Actually, no. But now I'm interested in their origin. Anyway, what I wanted to ask is if you could...well... be interested in talking to some customers, who are here for a deal."
"I what?"
"Just go to Azul. He wanted to talk to you but your show...intimidated him...a bit."
"Ok then."
Still on my break I go to Azul to talk.

I open the door and see him sitting behind the table.
"Hello, (Y/N). So Jade talked to you?"
"Yeah, but I heard you wanted to talk to me?"
I sit down on one of the extreme comfortable chairs and look at him.
"So, (Y/N). I guess you are no idiot and know how the buisness, especially my buisness with the contracts, works."
"Yeah, sure. I think of it like this:
I get a customer,
You make a contract with the customer,
The customer tries to fulfill the requirements,
And if he doesn't fulfill their part of the contract the Twins beat the shit out of them and he potentially dies, right?"
"Well this sums it up about. As you work here you could use your silver tongue to...well...lure some customers here and I bet more people would come here too! A lot of people are suspicious of me and mostly just run away, so you will bring them to me from now on!"
His eyes shine with excitement but I look with a stern face at him and click with my tongue.
"It sounds like a very...interesting job but...nah."
The moment I declined he smirks and leans back in his chair.
"I will pay you extra~", he cooes.
"Pay me what extra?"

Hey, you can never be to sure about payment. He could maybe pay with something else like... sea shells.

I stand up so hard that the chair falls back and I almost trip.
"Wonderful! Then let's seal it with a contrac-!"
"A normal contract?"
"Still no."

This conversation goes on for some time but I excuse myself with the reason I need to work.
After leaving his office Leona walks past me towards Azuls office.
But after seeing me here he stops.
"You are working here, Omnivore?"
"Uh, yes? Not everyone is born rich and my home currency is worthless here."
We just look at each other until he starts to laugh.
I blink, completly perplex, towards him and look around.
A lot of students look in our direction but quickly return to their own convos.
"Here, Omnivore. Buy yourself something nice."
He just takes out a small stack of money and puts it into my pocket.
"Wait! Take it ba-!"
I still have a sense of dignity ok?
"It's about 10.000 Madol and should be enough to afford some basic clothes. Now, were is this shady Octopus, Omnivore?"
"Just behind this door, kitty."
I point behind myself but get pushed against the door by Leona.
He talks in a low voice and comes far to close to my face, doing these eyes but these dangerous eyes.
"You really should now your limits by now, Omnivore. Don't chew of more then you can take."
'Ok, (Y/N). Don't panick now, just imagine him in his underwear.'
I do what I thought and all I see is a hot, tan predator with a six-pack, in only boxers, who makes these bedroom eyes.
'Oh no, he's hot!'
I nod and slowly move my horny ass away from him.
"Yeah yeah, I know all my actions have consequences but I really should work otherwise my horny ass takes over bye!"
I move so fast that I almost crash into Floyd. Meanwhile Leona goes into Azuls office.

I could stop but he catches me in his arms and swings me around in his hug.
"Fish-chan ~! Let's have a good time talking!"
"Work is over and I want to talk to you now!"
"Floyd! Don't be so ridiculous!"
He throws me up and catches me afterwards in his arms.
He will give me a heart attack one day.
For SAFETY reasons I interlock my legs behind his back and put my arms around his neck.
"Put me down!"
"So you have someone giving you money? You doing some secret buisness~?"
What secret buisn-
After realizing what he was talking about I look with shook at him, while he grins all happy.
"You-! He just pushed the money in my hands! I didn't even want it!"
I start to punch him in his arms but he just laughs and won't let me go.
The other twin approaches from behind and at first stands behind me.
But he puts his arms around me from behind and grins towards his other Twin.
"Oya? Are you having fun without me? You exclude me?"
This is so bad.
Both press me between themselves like a sandwich without any chance of escape.
"Can you let me go?"
"Why should we~?"
"I quite like it like this. You don't (Y/N)-san?"
"Hey, you two leeches. Let the Omnivore go."
The lion prince walks over and pushes Jade away.
He moves away but Floyd keeps on holding me. My saviour!
"But I want Fish-chan to be here~."
"But your "Fish-chan" doesn't seem comfortable, so unhand them."
"Since when are you, Leona-san, someone to help?"
"Since the moment I knew that this Omnivore can lead me to success."

The tension is fucking high.
'Time to act.'
"I am about to puke!"
"Again?!", Jade and Floyd look at me with fear and me, being an A class Actor, fakes sounds of throwing up.
Floyd runs to the toilet with me and Jade...I don't know.


[Skipping 0^0]

Getting finally away from the Mostro Lounge I meet the troupe with Jack outside the dorm.
But the moment I get there somebody else runs me over and makes me fall.
"Ok, that's it! You bitch apologize better now! I am so pissed right now!"
"Oh? Is that how you speak to older ones? Fufufufu~"
"Lilia, I had a fucking horrible day so don't make it worse."
(Y/N)-chan so angry, well then I leave you."

I walk past the group and am about to reach the door when Yuu calls me out.
The group shrieks togethere after hearing me scream.
I hold my mouth and go to them.
"Sorry. Had a bad day."
"A really bad one how it seems." Yuu caresses my arm and the others just keep quite.

"So... what is it?"
Ace and Deuce tell me about the accidents and how it mostly involved the potential Magift players from different dorms, while Grim and Yuu retell the meet up with Ruggie.
"All hurt students weren't hurt seriously but they won't be able to play.", Ace informs.
"They too told us that, for them, their bodies moved on their own.", Deuce mentions.

Yeah, definitely Ruggie.

"When we met Ruggie he asked for my sandwich! I said no but somehow my body gave it to him! He stole from the great Grim his food!"
"Jack? Mind telling us something about Ruggie?", Yuu asks.
The wolf boy nods and tells us how suspicious the dorm head Leona and Ruggie were acting.
"The training is really hard and I must say I don't feel good about the training. I value fair sportsmanship but I feel something bigger is being planned out in the background."
Jacks ears flatten and he looks down like a kicked puppy for no reason.
"Don't worry, dude. We are on the case!"
Ace tries to cheer up Jack and it works a bit.
He still looks down but not so sad anymore.
"Ok, guys. Let's go to sleep. We need to sleep a night over it. Ace and Deuce, keep on helping. Jack, try to gather useful information if you can. Yuu and Grim, keep up with the work and I will try to squish something out of Leona."
Everyone nods and the magical students go into their dorms.


After the others left Grim had the great idea to play Magift.
So here we are playing with the Grim and the ghosts, while Yuu and I just throw one like a frisbee to each other.
Naturally after changing into some sporty clothes.
'Reminds me of home...'
I smile to myself and manage to make Yuu smile too but seeing my burned scars me the chills.
'I should just enjoy the moment. Who knows what might happen next time.'
We play till night and with my plan set for tomorrow I fall asleep in less then 2 seconds.

Chapter Text

So I'm experiencing a writer's block for the first time.
I'm stuck on how to introduce the Savanclaw arc because I don't want to make it short but it seems so...short now.
I will upload a chapter today.
A real one don't worry.
But after a lot of try end errors I made a design for my, extra made for twisted wonderland, oc.
Funny thing is that you don't get a normal character sheet naha.
You probably get an info text on stuff I have about him and a pic I drew with him and Yuu in some weird situation 0^0.
I'm new to digital art but I draw since 8 years traditionally so I hope it's kinda ok?
I mean I like it a bit, after who knows how long I tried to draw him 0-0.
I first wanted to make a full body character sheet but it just wouldn't work.
So the first time you see my oc for this story, or as we know this person as Reader-chan, is drunk with Yuu by their side, one having the time of their life.

I hope I could make myself clear why there is no new chapter but can find the pic I drew on Tumblr under azureboom!
If it isn't not there when you read it I forgot to upload it. But I'm making sure it's there.

Have a fun time!

Chapter Text

I got no sleep and I'm ready to kill.
Coffe, Energy drink and a lot of sugar.
I'm ready to die.

I got a message in the morning  that there will be a meeting with the dorm heads but I had a very bad sleep because my skin just burned in the middle of the night.
I guess the fire inside me was finally extinguished and got it's final blow.
It felt like hives!
Burning, itchy and just pain.

So with Yuu in my pack we go to the big conference room.
Grim was given to the Adeuce combo to babysit.
On the way there Yuu gave me a concerned look, since I carry about one coffe, two energy, five sugar cubes and what seems to be the Twisted wonderland version of coke with me.
I know it's unhealthy but I'm dead.

"Bonjour, bit- beautys."
We enter the room and I sit down at my assigned seat, which is beside Riddle.
Said person greets me with a smile.
"Good day, (Y/N)-san. How was your sleep?"
"Terrible.I almost got cooked alive in the middle of the night."
"Oh...but are you okay now?"
"We will soon see."
While talking I takeout all my stuff and a big mug for my mixture.

"Good day, my dear dorm leaders! Hereby I, Headmaster Crowley, officially start the...(Y/N)-san what are you doing?"
Now everyone looks at me but I proceed with my alchemy crafting.
"Well... I'm doing something."
I mix all the stuff in one mug and then take it into one hand.
I take a deep breath and hold the mug up like a wine glass.
"If I die because of to much caffein then I give my phone to Yuu."
I drink the entire thing in one go and slam that bad boy onto the table.
"Oh my god this is so disguesting!"
This mixture was the worst ever.
But I need the caffeine.

"You ok, (Y/N)-san?", Riddle asks full of caution.
"Huh... this stuff is not working..."
I sit down and look at my mug.
It's a beautiful mug.
"Anyway. We shall proceed with our meeting! First and foremost, the Ramshackle dorm Prefect! Who is it going to be?"
"We need to decide upon a prefect just like in the other dorms. As I am so gracious I will let you two decide."
Yuu and I look at each other and speak up at the same time.
""You can do it.""
We stare at each other and have a silent 'no you'-talk.
But I take advantage of my stupidness and incapable lifestyle.

"I must say that Yuu is an emphatic being, capable of an organized lifestyle and very trustable. In comparison, moi, is unorganized, lazy and not trustable. Therefore I recommend Yuu as the prefect/dorm hea-. "
'Fuck! I don't want even more responsability!'
"(Y/N)-san is more capable of being the dorm head. They are better at approaching other people, solving problems and they don't get easily influenced by others."
"Wait a minute, I'm very easily influence able!"
"No, you'r not!"
"Oh, hell I am!"
We bicker at each other more and more, trying to push the responsability onto the other.
Probably getting a headache from our discussion someone Crowley decided to talk in-between, but we ignored him.

Out of nowhere a tan hand lands on my shoulder as well on Yuus.
"You two are the only oes in that dorm. So one is the head and the other the Vice! That way you can just split the responsibility in half! The titles are just titles."
My pure boyo!
"Well, I would prefer the (h/c) haired little potato would take over as the head, but since these two can't agree on one point, that would be a good solution."
Vil threw his hair back and looked down upon us, eventhough he was on the other side of the table.
'Ok, bitch.'

We finally decided who's who and moved onto the next stuff.
I'm the Vice by the way.

After clearing the talk about the upcoming sports event, and Leona and Azul not giving an even hint of suspiciones, we part ways and I start the search for Ruggie.

After sometime I find him outside collecting dandelions.
Petals you call them petals by the dandelion?
Petals are all over his uniform plus he put some already in his mouth.
Since when does this school have so many dandelions?
I slowly approach him but he, with his hyena ears, immediately hears me.
He turns around and tilts his head slightly.
"Can I help you,  (Y/N)-chan?"
'He remembers me!'
"Hi! I wanted to talk to you. Not to long don't worry."
"No problem! Want to sit down on that one bench?"
I nod and we both sit down.
Folding my hands in my lap I breath in and out and confront him immediately with the facts.
The hyena boy keeps munching peacefully on his dandelions.
"You are behind these accidents, am I right?"
Ruggie chokes on his dandelions but quickly collects himself.
"W-what do you mean?"
"Don't play dumb. Leona ordered you to do it just so your dorm could win against Diasomnias top player."
He nervously gulps and backs away.
"Let me guess, the proud lion can't sustain a loss and now needs to sabotage the other dorms."
I stand up and corner him on the bench, locking away any possible escape route by placing my arms on each side of his head.
"And as the king he is he let's an underling, meaning you, do the hardwork. A little hyena from the slums who is potentially disposable...just in case..."
I really don't want to hurt him like that but I need clear evidence.
To push Leona over the line.
"I ..."
He avoids eye contact and curls together into a small ball.
I sigh and stand up now properly.
"Sorry...I won't tell a living soul about it... trust me. But please be cautious...for the time which will come."
" do you know all of this...?"
I look down on him with a sad look and smile.
"Just somehow. Maybe one day I tell you. You are just too cute to resist."

I leave this place and go to the big garden to find the lion resting there.
No movement.
"Hey, Lion King! When is the magic modifier ready?"
His eyes shot open and he slowly sits up.
"What is it, Omnivore?"
His voice still sore and rusty from his deep slumber and his hair a pure mess.
'God, that sounded so good.'
"I'm here to warn you, dear king."
I slowly walk in circles around him.
Like a hunter watching their prey.
"And from what?"
His eyes follow my movements but his body stays still.
"Nothing more then from possible...well...failure? betrayel? personal damage? Your terraforming ability is scary, you know? Besides, since you can't become king of the Afterglow Savannah you now need to be the king on the playfield at least."
He raises an eyebrow but lays back on the ground with a smirk.
"That is why you will lead me to success, Omnivore. Don't even think I didn't noticed your assembled knowledge about everyone here."
I stop in my tracks and look at him.
"Why do you think that I will help you?"
He slowly stands up and walks towards me.
I retreat to the wall and he manages to corner me.
'Now It's the reverse of what I intended to do! Now I'm the pray!'
One arm blocking my escape route to the right and a far to close face on the left.
He wisphers with a deep voice into my ear, which actually makes me horny.
"Because you will talk to the prince of the Valley of Thorns. He is a very lonely fae and some new company will out...a little."
So this motherfucker wants to use me against Malleus! Good thing he doesn't know I'm kinda friends with him.

He pushes a small package into my hands and puts one hand over my clenched one.
"Make sure he takes all of it. How I don't care. In a tea or in food. This little thing right here knocks him out for good."
Well that wasn't something which happened in the original.
My confused face seems to amuse him and he smirks at my dumb face.
"But if you want to know what it does that badly..."
He now comes closer to my ear and I swear to god he almost bites it because his breath is on it!
"It will send him into a 1 week rut. He is animalistic too and if I were you...I wouldn't want to be near him. So make sure he takes it in that 1 week before the match, Omnivore."

He moves away and starts to walk off into some direction.
He screams back into my reaction before finally wandering off.
"You want to do something about your legs maybe."
I look down and holy moly!
They are shaking!
A fucking earthquake is happening down there!
I start to walk slowly and somehow manage to get to my dorm.
'Ok. I'm going to try it. I guess. I don't know...but Mal is my friend...fuck...'
We will see.
I guess.

Chapter Text

Ice cream in one and the little package of Leona in the other hand.
I nervously gulp and look up the Diasomnia dorm.
'If I just play dumb it should work. '
Was my initial idea.

'Ok, and a one and a two and a three, fou-'
"Hello there, my dear friend."
Malleus just came out of nowhere!
Ah, yeah right.
"I'm sorry, did I starteld you?"
"No, no all"
"So, why are you here?"
"I actually wanted to surprise you!"
"Oh? And with what?"
His eyes shine with curiosity and interest.
With a big smile I present him the Ice box I got.
Chocolate because...I didn't knew what he liked and so I bought a basic one.
His face lights up a bit until he sees the other package.
He first inspects the package and...sniffs a bit?
His eyes shot open and he looks with a face of betrayel at me.
"What is that?", he asks with a deep, terrifying voice and points at the package.
Oh, I can't play dumb.
My smile turns into a desperate, in need of help, face and his expression softens a bit.
"Can we talk inside? I fear someone might hear me.", I whisper and he nods.

He steps aside and leads me into...his room?
He places himself onto one of his many couches and levitates the Ice cream box onto the table.
I yeet the package into the next corner and hide my face in the couch.
"I...I don't even want or know what and...and..."
"Oh, how about you sit down and explain to me why you have it and... how you got it?"
I sit infront of him, he magically lets two spoons appear and gives me one.
I immediately start to eat.
"So, I was talking to Leona because no accident happened to one of his Magift players, and I found that really suspicious, so I interrogated him but he then flipped the switch and then I was cornered and he threatened me and gave me the package to somehow make you take it and I'm so happy he doesn't know that we know each other, but now I'm scared and I don't know what to do cause you are so precious to me and I don't want to hurt you in any sort of way and and and...and..."
I speed talked my way through this, possibly confusing him, but I got it out of my system.
I finally look up and see him thinking, with a hand on his chin and legs crossed.
He looks up and smiles slightly at me.
"Do not worry, my dear friend. If that is you concern, I will provide you with protection and-"
"No! That would be to suspicious! Can't you... act as If you were affected?"
"It is a possibility but sadly other things happen beside obvious, actable procedures in my body, if I would take it."
"Well, he said I should give it to you one week before the match. So, I guess we have time to think of something. What would be all the symptoms?"
"First of all, this... thing would start my rut. My desire to mate would shoot through the roof and could affect others. Since beastmen have much more sharper senses they would be able to smell my oncoming rut. So I could act the heavy breathing, the difficulty to walk and create some fake marks on my body like scales showing more often and just...more animalistic traits but...the smell and the uncontrollable changing pupils are something which just happens."
"Ok, the smell could be created by perfume but the pupils...I don't know but we probably figure it out!"
A moment of silence and Malleus looks up at me.
He tilts his head to the side and closes his eyes.
"Why did you tell me about? Why did you bother to get into involved into my and Kingscholars bothersome relationship?"
"Because I don't want to harm you in any way."
Once more silence occured and we just ate the Icecream box empty.

After some time Malleus spoke up again.
"Even if you would have succeded my servants and probably even mother would have found out about it quickly."
"Your mom seems really invested in your life huh?"
"Well, as the future king she can't afford accidents to happen to me. But she is a caring mother and a fearsome queen."
" nice..."
I gulp nervously and lay back.
"Say, my dear friend. I'm quiet curious about your world. Mind telling me something?"
"And what? Be precise, please."
"Well then.Tell me something about your family."

I look at the ceiling and breath in and out.
My heavy but shaky breathes don't go unnoticed but the dragon boy keeps silent.
Slowly I sit up and look at him with my most tired and angered face which I manage to pull off.
"My family? Ok then...but first let me ask you. Do you know the term 'designer babys'?"
Malleus puts a hand on his chin and closes his eyes.
"I could imagine something under it but please, enlighten me."
"Sure. I like to say that designer babies are genetically modified babys. At first people did the modifying to prevent the development of a sickness or life threatening diseases. They would cut out the biological component, which would be the cause of the development of the sickness, before the baby would be put inside the mothers womb to normally grow. Understandable?" "Understandable.", he answers. "Good. The sad thing is that at some points scientists and doctors reached a level where the gender, part of the looks, their smartness and more could be 'designed' by the will of the future parents. But it became extremely expensive, which caused a trend in the high society world and out of nowhere every celebrity wanted a designed baby."
I pause and look over at Malleus.
His eyes are wide with shook and disbelieve.
"But... that takes all the beauty away from a child. To see how your child would develop after birth is the most thrilling thing! By doing...that modifying I would steal my childs individual path and more!"
'Someones excited about children.'
"I know. In forms of moral and ethic it's highly discussed because a lot people see it like you. But to get to the point. My mother was a narcissistic and rich woman. At the same time an evil plotting but young witch. She was so full of herself that she wanted the perfect child which would be a practical clone of her. But she didn't wanted to 'damage' her body with the process of pregnancy, so she first hired a female scientist to modify me and then another woman to carry me out. She only wanted the final product in the end. Me."
I caress my arms and look down at the ground.

Eventhough I lived a rich life it was pretty empty.
And well fun fact: my mother is to this day a virgin, since she never found a man worthy of her 'pure glory' called her body.

I slowly breath out and look at Malleus.
"But that's not all. I was not only a big attraction in the high society world but also in the science world. The scientists knew my mother was rich and to get that money they persuaded my mother with promises like 'Your legacy will live on forever' or 'Your dazzling beauty will be seen by all'."
"But why did they said that? Didn't she made you a big attraction already by just creating you that way?"
"My mother loves the attention. No matter how she can gain it." If I would describe Malleus right now, then I would say he is ready to destroy something. It's not this obvious anger but more his eyes have a certain angry glance, if I would interprete it that way. I put the spoon to the side and lay back onto the couch completely and stare at the ceiling. "But yeah...these science freaks wanted to test something new on me. A far more better and stronger modified health system. Because of that I had to go for a yearly check-up to the scientist who modified me. Overtime we became kinda friends since she found my body interesting. I once broke my leg, and the bone looked out, but my modified health system healed that in seconds. Since that moment the science world looked at me."

His face just screams how speechless he is.
Not knowing such witchcraft exists must have knocked the air out of him.
"My only purpose to exist was to be a nice accessorie for my mother and a scientific achievment for the science world."
I honestly believe that my mother dropped me at least once.
'That would explain a lot.'
'How long will you let us sleep?'

"Everything ok, my friend? You just starred into the void."
He just snapped with a finger infront of me and sat back.
"Yeah, all fine here..."
What the hell was that?
"Your past surely is...interesting but...horrifying. So you were raised without any love?"
"Well, almost. There was that one servant who even knew my mother before she was born. She was the sweetest person alive. If I could I would like to live a life as a nobody like her. But now I do live that life and I actually enjoy it."
I smile to myself.
Thinking about all this alone time and just pure loneliness.
But not the bad one but the enjoyable one.
Still I feel like something is missing.
About myself.

"I won't pity you, because you maybe don't want it, but you have my gratitude for telling me about something so personal."
"Can I ask you something?"
"Sure, what is it?"
"Did something bad happened to you? I mean during your childhood and generally..."
I face-palm myself and mumble a "sorry".
'It's obvious that as a prince, especially if he represents Maleficent, something happened to him.'
He smirks and chuckles slightly.
"As you know I'm a prince. As a royal, a lot of people want to get on my good side and enter the royal family by marriage. Best outcome would be a child, as that safes the place in the royal line. It doesn't matter if my partner would be female or male. With the help of magic even a male person could give birth."
"So main objective was getting a baby?"
"That is right. When I was a child, people would introduce me to their children to get the connection, possibly the 'childhood friend' status. My mother usually said to be cautious with my friends. This led me to never have a real friend, because my mind told me they would only use me."
"You had a fear of being used then? And trust issues?"
"Pretty much yes."

We stay silent and start to space off, probably.
After some time I clap my hands togethere, stand up and go to him.
"Ok, Malleus. Time to stand up and do something. Because I don't need a sad, sulking, probably over 100 years old fae with no motivation at all after such a talk."
I pat his shoulder and smile towards him.
"I bet everything will be alright if we just can find someone to trust."
With a gentle smile I look at him and he shares a gentle smile with me too.
"I should go now I guess. It's getting late and my dormmates are probably waiting."
Not waiting for a response I slowly approach the door and am about to open said door but the dragon man doesn't let me.

One hand is on my own, which rests on the doorknob, and the other beside my head.
I can feel his presence right behind me but I keep staring into the door.
"You are so interesting, my dear friend. A human but at the same time not. Fragile but sturdy, weak but strong, sick but healthy. I'm going to be gentle with you, friend."
'W-w-wait why gentle?! With what!?'
"Uhm Malleus? What do you mean?"
"I will leave a mark on you. Do not worry, it will be small. It should be enough for Kingscholar to leave you alone without arranging some bodyguards."
"B-but w-why a mark?!"
"Remember when I said beastmen have far more better senses? He will smell the mark and so he and most beastmen will leave you alone in my absence."
My brain is a mess and starts to panick, my body trembles and my face heats up.
'Why am I even allowing this?! OMG I can feel his breath in my neck and ARE THOSE SHARP STINGS HIS THEETH?!'


I slowly rub my neck, feeling the bitemark, which hurts a lot.
'I will be gentle, he said. Aha, yes well fuck you!'
It was pure pain! His theeth are no joke!
And this 'mark' is not even small! I would need some really good make-up to hide it but I can't afford it.
I won't ask Vil because he doesn't need to know the drama.
"Should I disinfect it? It's kinda like a wound...but he said his saliva would be sufficient enough and disinfected the mark.", I mumble to myself.

Rustle Rustle
I stop in my tracks and look over to the rustling bush.
'What the...'
The rustling and shuffling gets louder till I close my eyes and just hear something come out of it.
I was ready to be killed but...nothing happened.
"Oh, what the hell...awww..."
A small kitten, maybe 3-weeks-old, emerges from the bush and stumbles towards me.
"What are you doing here, little buddy? Where is your mama? Huh?"
The little (f/c) fella keeps looking up at me, expecting that I take him with me but...I legit have nothing for him.
I kneel down to get on the kittens level but they crawled right onto my lap and start to meow at me.
'Oh (Y/N), don't get attached to it. We need to find the mom.'
And that's exactly what I did.
I took of my jacket and put the little kitten in it, so it's all warm and cozy.
After that I started to search for the mom but she was nowhere.
I gently crawl with one finger the head of the little one and talk to it.
"Seems your lost or your mom abandoned you, huh? Let's go to Sams. Maybe he can take care of you."
So I walk into to Sam and what do I see? Sam and what seems to be a fresh mom cat!
"I'm sorry but we are close - Oh, hello!"
Sam turns around and stops once he sees the kitten.
"Where did you find this little guy?"
He walks over with a blanket and puts the little one into it.
"This little fella was outside. They came at me and just crawled onto my lap. But I guess they do not belong to the bunch over there, right?"
"Yeah. Mama Noodle just gave birth so I don't think so. But why did you came to me of all places?"
I scratch my head and smile nervously at him.
"I actually thought you could take them in but I guess you have bigger responsibilities now."
He nods along, as understanding my way of thinking, and sighs sadly to the end.
"Sadly you are right. Another one would be to much so I can't take them in."
He seems to think until, what seems to be an idea, hits him.
"I can give you for some days some supplies for the little one. I can't give more due to buisness but you should be able to keep this little fella alive."
"That would be so nice!"

With a bag full of kitten supplies, including food, toys and more, I carry them home in the fluffy blanket from Sam.
On the way there I pat them a bit and tall with them until I arrive in my beloved dorm.
It's pretty late so Yuu and Grim are probably already asleep.
Arriving in my room I feed, now knowing it's a male, him some milk formula and tuck him into the blanket back. He immediately starts to fall asleep and curls up into a tiny little ball.
'I should name him.'
I put him, wrapped up in the blanket, on my second pillow so he has a soft underground.
' to cute...Loaf! Nah, he isn't loafy enough....Maybe after a sort of pasta? No....What if I name him after one of the teachers? That would be funny. But I guess not so funny for the choosen teacher. A different name...a good one...'
I look at the sleeping furball and notice that he has this one white spot on his forehead.
'SPOTS! Yes!!! That's it!'
Little spots.
"Hello my little buddy. I will make sure you survive."
Slowly I drift into my dream world and finally fall asleep.


Next morning!

I don't know how it happened but Spots just chills in the hood of my sweater.
And I'm in class now.
Luckily it's history with Trein.
He knows Spots is with me but he doesn't care.
If I may be so bold I would say he is quite interested in Spots.
Maybe potential adoptio-?!
"I'm sorry but no."
"But Mr.Trein! I'm an student. I can't take care of him for a long time!"
"Well (Y/N), I have my own cat to take care of and he does not like it when there is another one."
And that concludes my try of convincing the only obvious cat person in this school.

I sit down at a bench in the garden of the school and let Spots run around in a small area.
I constantly walk with him to not lose him.
In a certain sunny spot he meows at me and waits till I sit there down, so he can climb into my lap to take a nap.
I baby him all the time, make sure he is all comfortable and talk in this high pitched baby language towards him.
I stroke his little head and body gently with one finger.
"You have your time of your life, right? Safe, warm and getting all the pets of the world."
I completly forget about any exposed neck till a certain lion suddenly stands behind me.
"What do I see on your neck, Omnivore?", he says in a threatening and angry way.
I cover Spots with my body and look back at him.
His face is full of disbelieve and...anger?
My prideful self just grins at him and says:
"What you see, kitty."

Chapter Text


Kneading: So you know when little kittens kinda knead their mothers belly or something before they drink milk or just for orientation or to make it comfortable? And sometimes they tend to keep that habit when they grow up? I know Leona is a lion would be cute, right? When he would lay down near you and then just out of a past habit start to half-asleep knead you to make it comfortable.
"Be a good Herbivore and be comfortable."

Little tounge: when asleep he accidently stucks his tongue probably out. But only a little bit. When talking to him about it he will definitely refuse the probability that he does it.
"As if you, little Herbivore, see things right."

Fake Play: It is said that male lions tend to fake pain to encourage young cubs. Leona might not be the greatest actor and child lover but Cheka will make him fake play pain. But seriously he just gets annoyed so hard he does it once and it's done. That's it.
"This little beast will leave after he got what he wanted."

Courting: Fucking meat. Not just like...cooked meat. No. FRESH, ALMOST STILL ALIVE, HUNTED DOWN PREY. If he will do something than he will impress you. All the way. Flaunting his mane, presenting himself in his best form (You will probably see him in his sports uniform during NRC) and a freshly hunted down prey. If you are a vegetarian or vegan he probably knew and got you seomtheing else of equal quality. But expect him going all the way of impressing you.
"Are you so blind, my little herbivore? I'm doing this for you."


Submissive: No matter in what form you represent yourself as female, Ruggie will probably, due to instincts, be quiet submissive. The Hyenas hierarchy is a so called matriarchy, meaning the female lead, and so will probably Ruggies instincts work. It does not mean if you are any sort other gender or none he won't be submissive (if you are that much of a dom) but he too can be dominant, no matter the gender. He will probably try to be your strong boyfriend but if you are of the female gender and show him love and cuddles he will submit to you instantly (the other genders are not forgotten!)
"Shishishi, you are sooo meeeeean. Making me submit to you through your kisses and cuddles."

Food: This boy was raised in the slums so he became the bio can for food left overs. You can't manage this burger? No problem, Ruggie inhaled it in seconds. Have troubles with eating certain food due to allergies? Ruggie is your man. Some bones from some meat are left? HE STRAIGHT UP BIT THEM TO DUST. You hear it right. The jaw of a hyena is strong enough to bite trough bones just you know. And he got that jaw and will use it to not let a single piece of meat go to waste. You are vegan/vegetarian and don't want to eat it? HE inhales that thing down and you won't find the bone ever.
"You going to eat that? If not I happily eat it up!"

Courting: No matter who you are he will probably initiate the courting. But he will definitely follow your decision in the end. Unlike some lion he won't hunt the biggest boar of time. No. He will try to get you something YOU like. He will give you attention all the time to get some information on what you want. He might harass you a bit, but the funny way, which turns at some point into only friendly behaviour towards you.
"Wait so all you ever wanted was this thing!?"


Happy tail wagging: If you make him happy expect a strong tail wagging. I mean, look he is a good boy and a good boy gets them pets and lovey dovey kisses. That means you will be rewarded with all these things back just about 10 times more and stronger. His tail will wag till it breaks.

Pack/Family: If you get into his family be ready to be examined by his parents. Or grandparents. The older the person the higher their rank in the pack. But knowing Jack his family is probably all nice and will accept you, if you are no asshole who only uses him. He thinks highly of family bond and he won't hesitate to talk to you about a future own little pack.
"I guess we are family now, right?"

Courting: Good looks, hunting the biggest prey he can get or just buying something you really want. He will do what he needs to show himself off towards you. His pure heart will depend on you solely and will definitely shatter into millions of pieces if you reject him. But if you explain yourself he will understand...maybe. Only you can become his mate and no one else.
"There exist nothing more I pursue then your heart."


Hugging: If you are in a relationship be aware of private hugging sessions. Octopuses tend to hug their significant other and keep them as close possible. Octopus boy tends to hug you all the time because it gives him the feeling of safety. A feeling of knowing he is not alone. And if he is ready he will hug you with his tentacles and won't let go of you even if your skin gets all this wrinkles for being a long time in the water.

Hiding: His trusty hiding pot is always by his side! Ok, not side but nearby. Yeah no, during school it's his private cauldron or his bed. If nervous or scared you actually find him hiding under his bed being quite and all scared of whatever happened before. Getting him out will take hours of trust talking.
"No no no! I will never get out of this place!"

Strategies: This man is a half fish mafia boss so expect him to be a devious, crafty and sharp planner. But so are normal octopuses too! Especially when it comes to hunting! And guess who he will probably hunt down? Innocent students for his contracts? Maybe. Or you as his ever loving mate? Rather that.
But be prepared for once he starts to court you he goes all in.

Courting: His true form is the key. Once far away from other people in the ocean he will reveal himself to you. If he can he would be able to change texture and colour of his body to show of how impressive he is. But showing his form alone already is a very big step for him and will show how much he adores you that he can start to finally accept himself.


Petting: First, try to reach this man's head. Second, gain his trust. Third, once you start a routine he might, just extra for you, bow down so you can reach him. It takes some time but it will definitely start to become a thing between you guys and he might miss it if you would stop.
"Back for our annual exchange of affection? Fufufu~."

Bite: The bite of this eelman could couse a secondary infection if not treated instantly. It may not occur that often but if he wanted to he probably would infect others with his poison. The more you get and lesser you treat, the more serious the infection will be.
"Oya oya, what do we have here? A withering small fish about to die."

Courting: Take my advise and never ever yawn during the peak of summer in the water near them. Or infront of them. Or at all. Let's say they just open their jaw wide to kinda 'show off' and court others. So if this gentleman in disguise constantly yawns or shows his jaw like...REALLY wide, then respond on your own behalf. Have fun with your new, probably killer boyfriend.
"You have so small teeth, my dear. But still my favorite."


Second set of Jaw: Floyd is a simple man. Ask him and he shows you his teeth. But be aware of him shutting his mouth out of nowhere. He is full of energy and is spontaneous too! So it's very dangerous but tempting too. I mean if you are a sucker for sharp teeth then go on an adventure of pure danger. He will maybe sit down infront of you and keep his jaw open but beware the tounge. He would actually mess around with it or lick your hand and just annoy you.
"Like what you see, shrimp?"

Ambush: Jesus Christ this man ambushes people in all kinds of ways. The threatening way in form of physical contact or the psychological 'I talk fear into you out of nowhere'-way. But when it comes to you you get ambushed with the power of hugs and spins in the air. He laughs and you probably scream out if fear.
"SHRIMPYYYY! Let's have some fun!"

Courting: Who needs courting when you can just ask? Right. Floyd doesn't need it. He might show off with his eel form and just wrap himself around you but only if he feels like that. He will be to overjoyed to hide his feelings and probably be blunt. He might not even realise that he is confessing or courting in the moment! As we know and love him he will probably just say it! So you can lay back and wait if you want but it's good to take the initiative sometimes too!
"You make me feel warm and fuzzy inside and I need to show everyone that...that WE belong to each other!"


FIRE BREATH: Look he is a dragon fae boy. If he doesn't breath fire then we will have a problem. Since in your world such things, like fire breathing, do not exist he tends to...well...impress you with it. This man is proud of this ability and he will do so much stuff extra just to make you adore him more (and maybe even court you), " You seem to enjoy yourself, child of men. But do not worry because you make me happy too."

Shedding (?): I mean he is technically a reptile creature. And it's probably a very private process where you won't see him for some days. If you are a couple he may or may not lets you in. If you are in be prepared for never ever getting out. Ok, not never just till it's done. For some animals shedding is a natural, none painful experience which happens due to reasons. But since Malleus can't just transform into his dragon form whenever he wants he gets to experience it the painful way. He mostly turns certain body parts dragon like so the scales can shade but never fully as to not destroy the dorm due to his massive size. Poor boy just struggles and is in pain and you will keep him all good by taking care of him with instructions given by Lilia.
"I'm sorry that you have to see me in such state, my love. But I could really need your assistance."

Courting: He is definitely quite old and is rather used to the 'old ways' of dating. Meaning courting. There is no bio on some app which lists your interests. He goes straight to visiting you at night, ready to present you a song/poem of love and adoration not caring if there are other people around you. Heck, you could stand all classic like on a fancy balcony in some crappy pyjamas and he sees you as the most beautiful being in the world.
"Oh, my dear (Y/N). May I present you this poem of love and adoration? In hopes it will sway you into my arms."
"Ok, Malleus what the fuck. It's 3 in the morning."

Chapter Text

Sometimes I regret things.
But only sometimes.
Like right now.

The angry lion prince glances down at me with pure...disgust and anger.
His eyes are very fixated on my neck but eh.
It is how it is.
I still cover Spots but for a second I let my guard lose and he pushes me back and grabs the little kitten forcefully out of my lap.

"Well well well...where did all this confidence go, huh?"
I stand up and try to reach Spots but he holds him even higher.
"And so what? There exist something like natural selection, Omnivore.", he snorts and spits his words out like venom.
Full of disgust, anger and hatred.
"But you should know it better. Submitting to that princely boy and letting him mark you.", he narrows his eyes and directs them at my neck.
His other free hand then grabs my neck and turns me around, so my back faces him.
"Ok, what the fu-!"
He legit puts his own fangs over the mark from Malleus but he never bites.
"HEY! Let it rest, ok?! YOU wanted me to give HIM that...stuff! I gave him a little to test it ok!? This was his reaction!"
His grip around my neck tightens, to make sure I dont escape like some prey he just caught, but his fangs stay near the mark.
I can feel how less air I can intake but I try to stand my ground.
"So? You could have escaped. But it seems I thought to much of you, '(L/N)' ."
He says my name with so much disappointment and tiredness that it seems as if he is bored.

He finally lets go of my neck just to turn me around and grip my arm with far to much force.
The kitten, which was surprisingly not harmed, gets put on top of my head.
He sighs and caresses his forehead with his free hand.
"I'm surrounded by idiots."
"That's rough, buddy."
I'm not sorry for that one.

He inhales and exhales but then looks me deadly in the eyes.
"Listen here, Omnivore. If I catch another mark of anybody else on you I won't hesitate to annihilate that bitch, understand?"
"Yeah yeah all clear but...why so possessive? You jealous or what?"
His face gets darker and he pulls me forcefully towards himself, while a dark and deep voice comes dangerously close to my ear.
"You mean it's not obvious? A little bird told me about some all seeing powers someone special might...have...", he keeps an intense eye-contact," and later on you will help me to celebrate becoming an ONLY child."
He chuckles slightly and waits for what seems to be a reaction from me.
'Wait did he quote Avatar unintentionally...OOOOOH!'
I knew that in the original Scar killed his brother and put the blame on Simba.
But Leona, the one who 'symbolizes' Scar, never made any reference to that in the original!
"So you plan on killing your brother and put the blame on your nephew?"
He blinks, then laughs and even lets me go.
So I immediately take Spots into my arms and start to pet him.

After laughing he grabs me by my shoulder and holds it with...soft force?
"I like the way you think but...that would be too nice. He might as well die along his...annoying father..."
He lets go and starts to walk off.
Before he leaves the garden completely he turns around and grins towards me.
"I await great cooperation, Omnivore!"
And he is gone.
Well that is the first time he is excited about something.
'But this shouldn't happening...He should only be focused on Malleus.'

I absenlty stroke Spots and walk off with him.
At some point I reach the Mostro Lounge and enter it.
I sit down and just stare off.
'I mean his ways are cruel and should be stopped but...not unusual.
After reading to much dark stuff and having experienced so much bad stuff I don't see it that...horrible?'
My mind start to wander off until one particular eel comes to me.
"Oh no..."
I immediately take cover in the booth and duck down.
This man wanted to ambush me but I took cover fast enough.
"Fish-chaaaaan~ Don't hide~."
I sit up and put little Spots on my shoulder.
He just chills there and grabs with his paws and claws my hoodie.
"Ooooooh! A kitty!"
He goes for the little one instantly but I smoothly evade him.
"Not for you!"
"Pleaseee~! Why so mean? Did someone hurt you? Should I hurt them?"
"No no...all...fine..."
I look away and Floyd is...actually kinda worried?

He is far to silent but vanishes shortly after.
Enjoying the loneliness I sink into the booth and keep cuddling Spots.
He begins to purr and curl himself onto my body.
"Time for some scratches and cuddles then..."

Sometime later I realise I actually have a shift and I enter Azuls office all unmotivated.
"Hey Azul."
"Look after Spots while I work?"
I plant the little guy into his lap and he curiously looks up.
"Wait a minute no animals are allowed! So-!"
"He is all chill and relaxed, don't worry. Besides I found him recently and still search for a home. So for now you are his cat dad and I'm his...other parent."
After realizing what I said he becomes slightly red and just nods.
"Fine. But only till the end of your shift!"
"Good with me!"

So I start with my shift and experience some stuff again.
One guy comes in and ask me what he can afford and my unmotivated ass just groans in annoyance.
"What's your budget?"
This poor guy is getting nervous but I try my best.

Then somebody else asks me about fucking love advice.
"You want love? Buy a dog!"
Yeah, I'm done with him.

4 hours into work I sit down at the bar and slam face first into the bar counter.
"Hello, (Y/N)-san. You know what would be endusing more happiness into customers beside a smile?"
"Being dead or anything else."
"Ok, what is going on with you? You bring a depressing mood everywhere."
"Tell me something new."
He sighs and puts the now finished cleaned glass away.
"What is on your mind? You can talk to me."
"Won't you blackmail me?"
Jade chuckles slightly but becomes serious quite fast.
"No. Not when a friend is in such a state."
"So I'm a friend now?"
"Naturally! Once joined us you became family instantly!"
That is suspicious. But I'm going to be blunt.
"Hey...Jade..come closer..."
He tilts his head slightly but still comes closer.
In a low tone he whispers towards me:
"What is it?"
His creepy smile plastered all over his face.
But don't worry.
This face will be gone in some seconds.
"Do you know a place where I can get a good hook up?"
"Dude, I'm pent up since I arrived here and with all these attractive people it's hard to contain myself! I need a good quicky! One-night-stand! No feelings just pure pleasure."
I finger gun towards him to make myself hopefully more clear doesn't work that well...

Ok, I think I broke him.
The oh so ever composed gentlemen is confused? Irritated? Has no words? What a great achievement.
I sigh and put my face back into my arms.
"Forget it. I find something on my own."
I stand up, ready to go back to work, but someone grabs me and stops me.
"Wait! I...may know a good local where you could possible the night."
He smiles like usual but it's so off and...does not fit.
I don't care I just want a good night.
"Then tell me after work, ok?"
"Yes, (Y/N) - san."

Before you ask I didn't ask permission from anybody.
I'm at least 18 years old!
I can do what I want! Besides it's a Friday night and I got a free car ride from Vil, since he had an appointment in the city.
And some days before we went shopping so I'm looking like fire, bitches!
With some small help from Vil naturally.
He was not so satisfied with me finding a hook up but he didn't hold me back.

Right now I'm at a local bar where mostly youths are.
Or rather said 18-35 years old.
How it seems.
But people after 27 years are rarely seen but not impossible.
Spots is in Yuus care and my money is ready to be spent on some good drinks!
Entering the building I first realize how big it is.
There are actually a lot of people here but because there is so much space it doesn't seem so.
'NICE! No squeezing and accidently starting fights by running into someone!'
This will be a great night my friends.

To sum up the few first hours I got myself some fancy drinks, which taste good, but are super expensive.
My ass spent a lot of money during the shopping spree with Vil and is in need of some money.
I found a loop hole.
You can suprise pole dance here!
And get the fucking cash!

I guess they knew some broke 18-year olds would be here and made this possible.
So I signed up for this and even got to put my stuff in a small safe for my own, after I signed the paper that if something happens to me I'm responsible for myself.

'Welp! Time to put on a show!'
I step up on the stage and lost most memories after this part.


[Next morning]


Not gonna lie.
I blanked completely out.
My brain gave up.
There are only some bits and parts alive like...a lot of money being thrown at me and...I lost almost all my clothes and that people spend drinks on me.
But the most memorable thing that happened to me?

I woke up on the side.
Face away from this dude and...I'm pretty sure it's someone from NRC. I can see some clothes which resemble the NRC uniform.
'Am I actually afraid of finding out with who I spend my night with? But if I know them and see them in school it would be so awkward! Better get out. But still...'
Omg this night!
It was intense!

Thinking back to what I remember makes me almost horny, again.

I slowly sit up and look down at my body.
Bitemarks, hickeys and even scratches!?
This dude went wild!
My lower body part is a bit in pain and my legs feel like they give up any second but...I got the best night ever.
'If I make it quick I won't even need to see him and I can keep this night a mystery!'

So, I guess it's time to showe-!
"Awake already? Fascinating how you can still...feel your legs..."
This man just put an arm around my waist and dragged me back against his chest.
I grasp after air, surprised that he is awake.
Noticeably, he is naked too.
His hand starts to wander over the bites and marks and just...everything.
As I said it was a wild night.

"I wouldn't mind repeating it, to be honest I'm thrilled to see more of you. More of your wild side. But..."
"We wouldn't want to be involved to much with each other, right sweety?"
Whoever it is, he knows how to push my buttons.
And I hate it.
"Ok, hold it what did even happen last night before...this ordeal happened?"
"Nothing much. Just a little bit drinking from both of us and dancing from your side. But I must say your hips do know a way on how to seduce a man."
"OK, who the fu-!"
I turn around and...shit...
I'm in trouble...
"How do you do now? After seeing me?"
He boobs my nose but afterwards goes down to my neck.
Which has a very noticeable, red and quite thight collar on, which is why I didn't saw it immediatly.

" are you...little puppy?"

Chapter Text

I feel so...horrible.
I could cry.
But at the same time I feel empty.

I fucked with my teacher.
Alchemy teacher.
Hot alchemy teacher.
The teacher who has some serious kink issues.

I rip the blanket out of his hands and cover my body with it.
With an angry face I start to lecture this man.
"You know you could have stopped this."
"But why should I have done this? I'm outside the school and here I'm no teacher."
"BUT I AM YOUR STUDENT! Listen! As long as I'm in that school I'm a student UNDER your wing! I-!"
"Well you were this night definitely more than just under my wing."
"Omg shut up! AGH!"
Still covering my front I fall onto the side on the far to comfy pillow.
Anger transform into disappointment and disappointment transforms into sadness.

I only now take a look at him and see that he was not left out during the night.
His neck is full of marks and going more down...fuck he got some abs.
'What a damn good V line and these shoulders.'
I throw the other half of the blanket at him but he doesn't even cover up.
I guess covering his crotch is enough for him.
He sighs and rises up slowly.
I lay back and look at him only to see his muscles and all moving and flexing, getting me almost horny again.
"You going to drool? Or get a shower?"
Getting back into reality I blink an unhealthy amount of time at him to only roll away.
"I'm fine."
"You might want to cover that ass of yours before I get a far to good look at it."
"Go shower you asshole."
He laughs slightly and goes to the bathroom door.
I roll around and see a back full of scratch marks.
'Was that me...? Oh god that was me...'



Crewel smashed me on the wall and attacked my neck.
His hands ripped my clothes off while mine removed his.

[NEXT flashback]

"Be a good puppy and stay still~", he purrs into my ear.
His hands put a very beautiful, red and extreme tight collar around my neck.
"Your such a good puppy for me, darling. To bad all your friends are such feral beasts~." He pets my head and makes me knee infront of him.


"Creweeeel~♡", I moan right into his ear, which seems to give him a power up in his now more intense thrusts.
I scratch his back all bloody with marks which will last for days. He groans right back and does he like pain!?

[Flashback end]

I'm just red.
My face is red, down till my shoulders.
Crewel is already in the shower so I grab all my stuff, put it on and almost manage to run out of the door till he stops me.
"Wait a minute, puppy. Where are y-?"
I turn around and lean all chilli milli on the door.
My legs still hurt as fuck and we don't talk about my...sensitive area.
"Ok, listen. This was a one-night-stand. We won't talk about that anywhere and it's a one time thing, ok? I won't fuck with you for better grades or anything else!"
"Good. Because I won't give you better grades just because you can wiggle with your ass a bit."
I inhale and try to smile but it's really forced.
"Then listen good here, Mr. Student-fucker."
I approach him one step at a time.
"No touching in classes."
I take another step.
"No approaching during breaks."
He looks at me with one eyebrow raised and one hand holding the towel around his waist.
With my final step I stand face to face with him and tap his upper body.
"And no surprise visiting."
I turn around to leave but he stops me again with his words.
"But I have one...let's say proposal."
"And it is?", I ask fully annoyed.
He steps closer and softly caresses my arm, which by the way feels sore too.
'Wtf were we doing that my arm hurts...?'
"If you ever need it again or can't find a good partner I gladly accompany you for another night."
He smiles and kisses the back of my hand.
I take it away and leave the place for good.

Going back into my dorm I ignore the confused Yuu and Grim and go to the shower in my room.
Ah, may I say he legit took me to his own room?
In the school?
Were people could have seen me!?
I fucking hate my life.
'I wanted one good night and what did I get?! A good night with the wrong teacher! Ok, not wrong just a teacher just overall a...teacher...yeah.'
I quickly shower, dry myself, put on some yoga stuff and go into the living room where all the others are.

"Hey guys. I wanted to do Yoga outside, anybody wanna join me?"
"Never would I join you, human!"
"I'm sorry, (Y/N). I promised Grim to go out and meet with the others. Plus we even considered taking Spots with us, so we could find even more potential forever parents."
"You sure? I-i could take Spots. He can do Yoga with me!"
'Please, don't leave me alone right now.
I need a distraction.'
"I guess you could take Spots out. But the place needs to be secure!"
I take Spots into my arms, the bag with all the necessary stuff like food and a play den and my own stuff.
"I'm out!"

I go out and stop on the spot.
A pain shoots right trough my legs because of the far to fast movement, which my body can't handle that much.

'I need to rest.'

Together with Spots I go to the meadow in which I met Leona once.
You know, that one with the tree and were almost no one is.
Putting down the Yoga mattress, Spots claims it as his resting place instantly.
He rolls around a bit till he finds a sunny spot to sleep, again.
"I swear you can only sleep, little one."
He meows back and just rests.
"If that is what you want."
I sit beside him and start to pet him again.

"Fufufu~ Young people and adorable baby animals are cute don't you agree, Malleus?"
"Adorable indeed, Lilia."
I look up and see two Faes looking at down at me.
Why are they here?
"Hey guys. Why are you here?"
"Well, my dear friend, I consulted Lilia about our current well...situation.", Malleus explains.
"And we searched for you so we can better prepare for it!", Lilia exclaims far to excited.
"Nice! Then what are your thoughts about it?"
I sit up and Lilia immeaditly takes Spots from me.
That moment an idea strikes me.

"LILIA! Would you like to adopt this little fella?
His face turns into a thinking one while Malleus looks terrified.
"Lilia, please think good about it. Remember what happened to your last pets."
What seems to be a...flashback strikes both of them and Lilia then looks with a sad expression at me.
"I'm sorry, (Y/N)-chan. After my last...pets I decided to not take another one in."
He scratches his neck and looks at me with an 'I'm sorry' - expression.
I guess it's for the best.
We all know his parenting skills are good but cooking...this pore thing wouldn't survive...probably.

I sigh in defeat but let Lilia play with Spots.
"So...the thing with Leona..."
"Ah, yes. The lion prince! Malleus and I thought about some things to fake his smell and pupils, for the fake rut of course."
"And that would be?"
"With a bit of magic we could create a certain perfume which produces the smell of someone in a rut. Same goes for the pupils.", Malleus explains.
"Buuuut it won't last that long. He would need to use that stuff whenever he sees Leona."
"That is not that productive. But nothing seems to be in my favor at all this time."

The entire Savanclaw arc is just...messing with me.
First Leona picking back on me, then the one-night-stand with Crewel and now this.
It seems I spaced out so both of them look quite concerned at me.
"Hey, (Y/N)- chan? You ok there?"
"Can I a bit about what happened? I need to let it out."
"Naturally, my dear friend."
I inhale and exhale slowly before I tell them what happened after I left Malleus place with the mark on my neck.

But the part with Crewel is naturally left out.

"He said he would use me to celebrate him becoming an only child. Or how I heard to 'kill his brother and nephew', so he can become the next king."
Both of them nod along and Lilia is the first to speak up.
"Well, in any royal lineage it's a common thing for the first born to succeed the throne. But because of that those children, who were born after, would try to kill the current crown prince/princess/royal."
"So if you have only one heir it's an almost guaranteed safe ascending to the throne?", I state.
"Not directly. Other family members could try to kill the heir and current king/queen/ruler to ascend the throne themselves!"
And Lilia just had to burst my bubble.
"Almost like Kingscholar-san tries to do."

That reminds me a lot of how Scar got to his king position.
Should I tell them the story? About Scar, but how it is told in our world?
Ah, why not.
Imma just change names.

"That reminds me of a tale from my world. About a betrayal in a royal family."
Lilia eyes shine with exitment while Malleus seems interested too.
Both lean near me, which indicates I should tell them the story.
"Ok...But before I tell it to you I won't say what the characters are. Meaning they can be humans, bestmen, fae or other beings."
"Very well, (Y/N)."
"Now tell us!"


" there was once a king who had everything he needed. He had a loving queen by his side, a wonderful son and a brother who helped him sometimes.

The king and queen teached their son about the kingdom and were very happy.
But the brother of the king was very upset.
Unlike his brother he was not strongly built or that magnificent looking.
His body was quite thin and his face got a nasty scar.
But he had something the kind didn't had.
The mind of a tactician.

Instead of overpowering him by force he decided to go about it in a clever way.

One day the king explained to his young son where the borders were.
He even explained the forbidden parts so the son would never go there.

But the son was naive and once tried to go there and was catched in the act by his father and scolded badly."

Yes, I'm changing the story a bit.
I don't know how scars story goes in this world.

"The brother of the king saw a chance.
He approached the young prince and talked to him.

"Hello there, young one. Why such a long face?", he asked.
The Prince explained to his uncle the situation and the brother just snorted in fake disbelieve at him.

"What should I do, uncle?", he asked full of hope.

That is when the brother saw his chance.

"Why not prove your father that this place is safe? Go there and show him how much of a brave prince you are! But only if you want.", he didn't want to make it a mission so he could say that he decided to do it himself if he would do it.
The Prince, how naive he was, believed him word for word and decided to go there."


"The Prince is really naive.", Lilia pointed out who was now laying on his stomach with Spots infront of him.
No shit, Sherlock. 


"Yeah he is. But back to the story:

The Prince was in danger and the brother run to the king and told him where he is.
The king hurried to his son. He found him and managed to bring him to a safe place, where he could not see the next scene.

The king tried to escape said danger, which consisted of a hord of non stop racing beast, and climbed up a very rocky hill.

At the top of the hill was the brother of the king.
The king reached to him, hoping he would help him up, but the brother just snarled at him and felt great.

The kings fingers started to slip.
One after one.
Full of fear he looked up to his brother and spoke:
"Help me, brother! Otherwise I will fall!"
"Oh, surely you will fall. But that is only a very small inconvenience."
"What do you mean? We are brothers! We should help each other!"

The brother laughed at him and started to release one finger at a time from the cliff.
With pure, twisted joy he laughed and felt so happy.
"This is the best day of my life!", he said.
"I stood far to long in your shadow! Now I will be the king and get what I deserve!"
The brother felt betrayed and after the last finger remained he stood up and looked him deep in the eyes.

With a look full of twisted joy he stared at him and said the most memorable line in my world."


Both Fae looked with huge anticipated at me.
So I put on my deepest voice and looked both men in the eyes.


" "Long live the king."

And he threw him down the hill.

The brother got caught up in the hord of beast and died after he got trampled to death.

After the mess ended the prince emerged from his hiding spot and and spotted the corpse of his father.
He ran towards him and shaked him, hoping he would wake up.
But he didn't.
The brother now came and looked with a fake face of disbelieve at the scene he caused.
"What happened?", He asked full of worry.
"Father...he...he died...", The Prince explained.

He started to cry and asked his uncle again what to do.

"Isn't it obvious?", the brother stated.
"Run away as far as you can! If you wouldn't have went here your father would still be alive! Once you come home they will ban you or worse kill you!"

The Prince got sacred and the brother told him to run away and never come back.
And so the prince ran away and the brother became the next king, who turned out to be a cruel tyrant."


And so ends the story.
Both Fae look at me with curious eyes, wanting to hear the end of the story.
But I let it be an open ending.

"But...Why do parents tell their children such dark stories?"
"I must say I enjoy these dark stories more then the far to happy stories."

"My dear friend, could it be that this story..."
"Is a reference to Leona? Yes. I fear that he will do something as crafty and disgusting like the brother of the king. Besides he will Overblot at the sports festival, considering everything goes how it should."
Lilia nods, not questioning my predicament, and looks at Malleus.
"We will be prepared, (Y/N)- chan. So don't worry about us."
"I will be in your dept, guys. But now I need to prepare myself for future confrontations with Leona."

[Day of the Event]

Today is the day.
I'm ready.
Leona thinks Malleus is ready.

In the last week Malleus successfully convinced Leona that his rut started.
It was hard because we had to always be ready for his approach but Malleus was able to act perfectly.

Ok, I asked Vil to teach me about acting a bit first and then I teached Malleus because he didn't want to face Vil about it.

I nervously enter the arena while keeping an eye out for Ruggie.
'Soon he should start with his attack.'

Besides meeting with Malleus I overheard some conversations between Azul and Leona.
I even witnessed Azul making that certain potion for Leona, who would give it to Ruggie, but decided not to mess with it.
Ruggie will get hurt later on even worse but will survive.
I don't want to change it because he could die if I change small things.

After some walking I find Ruggie but he dissapiers as fast as I found him.
"I'm going to be gone for a short while Yuu."
"Ok, but come back fast! I want to watch the game!"
'If the game even happens...'
I run after the hyena boy and find him on a higher place.
Kinda plateau where you can see everything but not everybody can see you.

"Hey, sweety."
He shrieks up and turns towards me, not having expected any visitors.
"Won't you come and watch the game?"
"Ah, I will something to do..."
He scratches his neck and avoids eye contact.
I sigh and cross my arms.
"I know what will happen here, Ruggie. And I won't hold you back."
He looks at me surprised and asks me full of confusion.
"But why?"
"Because sometimes things need to happen in order to be solved."
I hate that this will happen but no one really dies and I know that, so I will leave it to Yuu this time.

Ruggie speaks up in a small voice, which is full of concern.
"Then...please...leave this place...for your own safety."
I nod and then slowly start to leave but turn one last time around to face him.
"Please be careful."
He smiles and nods before he focuses on his task.

Leaving his place I turn my back on the arena and go towards the botanical garden.

'And now I wait...hopefully...'

Trying to pass some time I look around until I hear a very big explosion.


And I run towards the arena, hoping not everything is destroyed by now.

Chapter Text

A big explosion can be heard in the distance, while the screams of the students fill the air.

Over the arena is a big storm forming slowly.

'Why do I need to help?'
I think as I run into the arena.
But instead of heading straight into the arena I run around and look at the scene from a safe hiding spot.

Looking around the corner I see the original troupe and Trey, Cater and Riddle facing Leona.
Behind the prince is Ruggie, poking over his shoulder.

"Stop it, Leona! We know that you were behind all these accidents!", exposes Ace the lion prince.
"And don't even think of getting away from the consequences!", adds Deuce after.
Both ready to fight the lion and hyena.

Cater and Trey stay close behind the duo and try to calm them down.

Now it was Yuu who approached Leona.
With a calm but not understanding voice they started to talk to him.
"Why did you do this, Leona-san? Why did you tried to hurt somebody just to win a sports game?"
Leona snorts and puts one hand on his hip.
"Oh, what a pathetic question, herbivore. Because I wanted to win, obviously. And this would only be possible if that stupid crown prince would have met his demise."
He clunches his fist and stares onto it.
He then breathes out and stares up into the sky.
"You people will never understand. You will never understand how much precious time and power I wasted just for my plan to be ruined."

He starts to walk forward which puts the group into defence mode.
And now he begins with his, what I like to call, reveal of his ambitions.
"If I can't win this event then nobody will. If I can't have the first place then nobody will!"
His magic crystal has gone black and the black blot starts to lack out of it.
This sends Riddle into an alarming mode.
"Leona-san, please calm down! Otherwise you will Overblot and that will only hurt you! I speak of experience!"
The Prince laughs and his expression becomes that of an insane person.
"Oh, you shut up, you false queen! I should have been the first! I am the BETTER one! I'm the SMARTER one! But I keep on being the SECOND in EVERYTHING!"
His shirt is stained black and his eyes then slowly become pure dark.
Ruggie starts to back away but trips and falls.
This makes the prince turn around and look at him with hate.
"And YOU! You are so useless it's almost embarrassing to be NEAR YOU! First you fail to hide the evidence and then that useless Omnivore fails to poison the fucking prince!"
"Wow...Leona...let's calm down, won't we...?"
Ruggie gulps nervously and his voice cracks a bit.
His fear is visible trough his flattened ears and shaking figure.
The prince looks at him with disgust and turns away, not giving him a second more of attention.
He then looks at Yuu.
"I will make sure that nobody else except ME will be the one with the power for EVER AFTER!"
The storm rages on and he vanishes into a giant, black, inky ball.

"This won't be good...", I mumble and look for the group.
But the first rainy storm turns into a giant ass sand storm and keeps me from seeing shit.
The storm calms down and the arena is full of sand.
In the middle of it is Ruggie, stuck deep in sand with no escape options.
The black, blot ball now explodes and out it comes Leona in his Overblot form.
The first think you hear is his loud roar.

'Right..."Kings Roar"...his ability with which he does a small chant and everything he touches afterwards turns into sand...'
All members of the group are shocked and full of fear.

"Leona-san! Please, listen!", Yuu screams towards him.
"NO! YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME NOW!", he screams back and starts to attack the group.

While they have their own situation I try to think of a way to save Ruggie.
He himself is busy not trying to die trough the sand and spots me out of nowhere.
I look at him and somehow gesture him that I want to help him but he points at a potion laying around, with a very scared expression.
I look over and see it laying a bit out in the arena, away from my hiding spot.
I nod towards him and quickly text Cater.

[ Chat: Cater ]

Me: Hey, selfie boy. Distract Leona for me so I can think of a way to save Ruggie and get that potion the hyena boy wants me so desperately be gone.

Cater: Sure! But make it quick! It's a very bad situation right now.

[ Chat end ]

From the distance I see Trey lecturing Cater that he should focus on the situation but he explains to him what to do.

Seeing I'm safe I start to run quietly towards the bottle and see from the corner of my eye how Ruggie struggles to cover me up.
I grab that bottle and see on the label that it's that power up shit.
Looking inside I see that some is still in there so Ruggies concerns has a reason.
I slowly retreat to my previous hiding spot but my greedy ass got to confident and tries to run.
Key word: tries.
I slip on the sand and groan a bit to loud.
'Oh, fuck.'
The moment I voice myself the prince looks back at me and sees the bottle instantly.

"Well well hello there, little Omnivore."
He grins and...floats? Walks? He kinda moves towards me, that's for sure.
Anyways I stand up and slowly retreat towards the hallways.
"Where do you think you are going, huh? How about you give me that...flask of yours..."
" nice as it sounds I think I...won't..."
I almost reach the hallways but then the prince snaps.
And he starts to chase me.
That is my cue to run for my life.
I run trough the empty hallways, which are quite narrow, and should give me a small advantage...maybe.
Yeah, nah Leona just straight up destroys the walls which are in his way.

Behind myself I hear the crashing of walls and probably destruction of a lot of lockers and more.
I keep running trough this labyrinth of halls until I accidently run OUT into the open.
There I see the group discussing a plan, hopefully, with Ruggie shouting in the middle.
And that moment of not paying attention bites me back in my ass and makes me trip.

'Deja vu, bitch.'
I roll forward, towards the wall, and stop when my back hits the wall.
I groan out of pain and rub my back.
My entire body feels sore and now a very angry lion approaches me.

This asshole takes his time and makes those long, slow steps like the predator he is.
The inky, black droplets fall after every step and mark his entire chase route after me.
He grins at me, with a face full of victory.
At some point, before he is in my reach, he starts to clap.
But like very slow as to make fun of me and my attempt of running away.
"Oh, you poor poor Omnivore. Your disobedience and idiocity put you in your current situation, you know?"
He laughs and then kneels down on my level.
But he still keeps his distance.
"If you would have just listened to me. rather ran away. Like everyone."
He throws his words like venom at me.
Full of hate and disappointment.
"I really thought you were better then these fools.", he points at the group, "but it seems you are to nice too."
"What do you even know, huh? You really thought I gave Malleus this...poison or whatever it was? Think twice, kitty. You should know me better by now."
I stare right at him back and his expression becomes furious.
But he tries to contain it as he still needs something from me.
"Let me offer you something, Omnivore. You give me that bottle of yours, so I can achieve of having more power, and I keep you by my side as a good pet. Doesn't that sound wonderful? You stay as an obedient, little thing by my side while I rule over everything."
Towards the end he gets a bit aggressive and looks at me with a look as if he made the best offer ever.
Meanwhile I look at him with disgust and absolute horror.
He sees it and sighs.
"You dumb Omnivore. Not accepting my offer."
"I...have a better idea."
His ears perk up and he looks at me with those predator eyes.
"Oh? Which one?"
"I give you the bottle but you have to get Ruggie out of the sand before. All of my friends stay safe and you won't harm them."
"That's a lot you ask of me, Omnivore."
I gulp nervously and clench my fist around the bottle more.
"Beside the bottle I...will...accompany you...on your way. Not as a pet but just"
He grins like the devil and then stretches his arm out.
"Then give me the bottle first."
His eyes are full of greed and sadistic joy.
I slowly hold my arm out until it's one arm length out of reach.
Before he can grab I look him deep into his eyes and grin.
"You know what, Leona?"
"I would never help you."
I open the bottle and chug the rest of the potion down in one go.
His eyes widen, his posture becomes more aggressive and the sand around him starts to twirl up.
"You filfthy, useless, disgusting piece of shit!"
I smash the bottle to show it's empty and he grabs me by my collar just to throw me right next to Ruggie into the sand.
"That was...not planned."
"You don't say."

The panic and fear rises the moment I start to sink in the sand.
"Why did you not tell me that this sand makes one sink?!", I question Ruggie.
"Isn't that obvious?", he counters.
"Ok, fuck it. We need a plan."
In seconds I snatched my phone to write Cater again but Leona snatches it away and crushes in his palm.
I gesture around with my arms and look angrily at him.
He smirks back and throws the rest pieces in my face.
"You should have known better before you took my curretly only option of power."
He turns around and then starts to fight the others.
'This won't STAND!'

I throw sand into his eyes and he actually backs off into safety.
His rage becomes more and and he tries to get the sand out as fast as he can.
"AVENGE MY PHONE!" This moment I gesture towards the others to attack him.
Deuce and Ace were confused but Cater and Trey get it.
'Naturally those with siblings get dumb gestures like these.'
All of them start with their attacks but once Leona has the sand out he uses one of his attacks and pushes them away.
Ruggie puts a hand on my shoulder and wisphers a plan into my ear.
I nod and then throw sand towards Leona again.
"Hey! Prick! I have an offer!"
He turns to me and eyes me suspiciously.
"What can you offer me?"
I cross my arms and smirk.
"Power, maybe a kingdom to rule...?"
"And how do you want to do it?"
"Mh...Let me tell you in secret, won't want anybody else to now?"
He grins and then goes down to me.
Now he is face to face with me and eyes me directly.
"GO GET HIM, (Y/N)!", Ruggie shouts.
I grab his shoulders and pull him towards myself.
The moment our noses touch each other I grab his face with force and smash our lips against each other.
Ruggie starts his own part of the plan and I keep a hold of the prince.
'Ugh! I think black blot got into my mouth!'
I only feel how something enters my body but what I don't know.
Better keep it a mystery.
Leona himself tries to get free but I keep a hold of him, leaving scratches on his face.
His own claws scratch my shoulders and even my sides.
I don't know how I keep a hold of him but I somehow manage.

"ATTACK! NOW!", Ruggie screams at the group and they start their magical assault at Leona.
The impact of the magic hitting Leona makes him getting pushed more into my direction.
This results in me getting pushed towards the edge of the...sand pit? And actually getting out.
It could be a win/win situation if no black BLOT WOULD ENTER MY BODY!

Out of nowhere Ruggie grabs my shoulders and pulls me away from Leona.
He grabs onto something and a giant magical ball of something hits the lion and the impact throws him against a wall.
While Ruggie and I are getting pulled out by what seems to be a rope attached to Leona out of the sand pit.
Sadly my landing was not very...graceful.
I probably hurt every bone in my body while Ruggie landed on all four and did some badass flips and flops and what not.

Leona lays on the ground trying to stand up but then a very big, heavy cauldron lands on him and pins him down on the ground for good.
' back is dead...'
I stand up and take a nearby fucking random bat.
Slowly I walk towards the struggling Leona and see out of the corner of the eye the others approaching.
He looks up at me with anger and tries to grab my feet but I hit his hand with the bat.
"Bad kitty."
"Shut up, you underling!"
"Wow how hurting."
He growls at me and tries to roar but the cauldron takes away all his air.
"I'm sorry Leona but..."
I get into the position as if I'm about to hit a ball with the bat.
"I'm going to avenge my phone."
And I hit him at the head.
I know it can leave brain damage but that Overblot made him surely resistance to things like this.

The hit actually knocks him out and he starts to return to his normal form.
I throw the bat away and fall onto my knees.
Suddenly a hand lays on my shoulder.
'Oh, Ruggie.'
And I throw up.
I threw up infront of a unconsciously laying Leona and the stuff is even black...
I guess it's the...blot?!
"Hey! HEY! Can you hear me!?"
Somebody talks to me but I can't hear nor see anything.
I only see a red silhouette, probably Riddle, who waves his hand infront of me but I can't focus on shit.
I start to shake and hold my hand over my mouth only to throw up again.
Out of nowhere my eyesight focuses, but only on my hand, and all I see is the black, thick liquid dropping from my hand slowly.
My breath speeds up and my body shakes even harder.
But before I pass out I see a familiar green head picking me up.

Chapter Text

So, here I am. In eternal darkness again.
Not sure what I should think of it.
But what I know is that some voices keep bothering me.
'Wake up.'
'Yes, wake up.'
That's pretty much what I hear all the time.

'Yuu? I hope it is Yuu.'
"Look! Their finger is moving!"
'Omg Ace keep it down.'
"They will be ok...right?"
'Such a sweety Deuce.'

Slowly, I manage to open my eyes but get blinded by the lights.
But one hand covers my eyes so the light doesn't destroy them.
"Oh, (Y/N)!", Yuu says excited and comes for a hug.
'Just like after the first Overblot.'
After some light adjustments I see that it was Ruggie who held his hand over my eyes.
I show him a thumbs up but he just scratches his neck and turns away.
"What is with him...?"
"Oh, he feels really bad for what happened.", Yuu answers.
"He kept telling himself that if he just would have not helped Leona all this could have been prevented."
I look away to Yuu and now finally see the Adeuce combo at the end of my bed.
Both excited to finally see me awake but not sure if they can approach.
I open my eyes and look at them.
"Ok, boys. Come and give your oldest friend a hug-!"
The moment I give them The permission they throw themselves onto my bed and give me a good group hug.
"It's so good to see you alive!", Ace tells me.
His joy seen in his wide smile and shining eyes.
"You were knocked out so fast! What happened that you spilled so much blot?", Deuce asks curiously.
"Wait did you said blood or blot? Just to clarify any misunderstandings."
"Blot.", comes from a very serious Ruggie.

He caresses his arm and sits on the chair beside my bed.
For a short time I see a sleeping Leona in another infirmary bed.
But my attention gets back to the hyena boy who sighs out loud.
"I'm so sorry...(Y/N)...I-i-i should have know better...I..."
He seems as if he is about to cry so I take his hand in mine and smile at him.
"Everything is ok, Ruggie. I'm alive and the others too. So you are not to blame."
"But because of me...", his eyes become so wide as if he saw something extreme horrible, " blot entered your body and"
I slowly caress his hand and look at the others, who are now standing.
"What happened after I passed out?"
All of them look away and start to excuse themselves for various reasons.
Yuu needs to find Grim, Ace has practice and Deuce has a meet up with Riddle.

After they leave the doctor comes in and probably thought I died otherwise they wouldn't have blinked that much.
They sit down and I look at them with a serious expression.
"So...what happened here?"
Even the doctor is nervous and looks with a complete serious face at me.
"The blot...well...let's say...we couldn't extract everything."
"What? Why?"
"With the help of magic and some handmade potions by Mr.Crewel we could 'destroy' some of it. But some ist still inside you as if it stuck itself to your body.
Which is why I thought of this."
The doctor takes out a small necklace thing with a crystal at the end.
They give it to me and start to explain.
"It's a special anti-magic necklace. Since you got hurt trough a magical fireball before and now by blot we thought of something that can neutralise magic. Before you ask, it only neutralizes magic that touches you. Not if you touch it. It's for your own safety, since we don't know what the blot will do to your body."

I hold the necklace in my hand and look at it.
"So what you are going to say is that...I'm invincible to magic?"
"Basicaly, yes. As long as you wear it and only if it touches you in any form."
I put it on in an instance and look at Ruggie now.
He kinda relaxed a bit and smiles slightly.
The doctor then excuses themselves, after checking on me, which seems to be the cue for Leona to wake up.
"What is this noise?", he complains.
"Welcome back, kitty. How do you feel?"
He rolls to the side to see me and groans in annoyance.
"I feel ok? What do you want, Omnivore?"
"Well beside a good health insurance you own me a new phone, after destroying it right infront of me."
"Fiiiiine. Whatever."
He waves his hand at me and then turn away to sleep.
"Pf, prick."
I cross my arms and the moment Ruggie wants to talk a very excited Cater storms in.
I cover my ears and Ruggie signals him to keep it low.
"Oh, sorry. But here! Look what I got for you!"
He holds an USB stick and shines with full glory.
" this...?"
"Data. All the data from your previous phone."
"Yes! Got a...friend of mine to form it back buuut he said that's impossible so he build back as far as he could and extracted all the data he could."
Probably Idia got talked into this but that's fine.
I still angry eye Leona for destroying it in the first place but just sigh in the end.
"Thanks Cater."
"Oh, and another surprise for our brave warrior!"
Now Trey appears with a so good looking cake.
'God damn this man will be a great housman.'
'Wait who?!'
'Shshshshhssh~ Enjoy the sight of a hot Trey who is baking with his *strong* hands.'
Did my horniness become an own person?

"I hope you feel better, (Y/N)! Because I made this extra healthy and light cake for you alone."
He smiles and puts the cake on the night stand on my side and gives me a 'get well' hug, with Cater afterwards too.

[Skipping a bit]

Sometime passed by after the incident, it was just 1 week, and I'm sitting in class.
In alchemy class.
The only good thing is that Leona bought me a new phone.
The latest model in Twisted Wonderland, I guess?
He even got Yuu one, saying it was an accident that he ordered two.
But still the flashbacks of the night come to my mind and I need remember that he was the one who kinda saved my life twice now.
To prevent myself from thinking to hard about it.
But he is not that sneaky himself.
I can see him looking at me but if it is because of the incidents or the night I honestly don't know.
Since I'm officially not allowed to be alone in any magical class I got a partner from the upper classes.
'I guess he finds it either to arousing to be partnered up with you or embarrassing.'
'Oh, shut up.'
The worst part is is that this voice now exists with me.
It's always talking.
Making sarcastic comments and what not.
I hate it!
Anyway back to class.
I'm standing infront of the cauldron, not allowed to touch anything, eventhough alchemy is just like chemical classes in my world, but with magic, waiting for my partner.
"If he is going to be late I will partner up with you, puppy."
Crewel says and stands behind me.
And a tad to close too.
"Ok, listen. I know you kinda saved my life twice but do not come that close to me-"
"I'm sorry for being late, Mister Crewel."
"Ah, there you are, Ashengrotto-san."
The octopus.
He is a master in potion making and stuff.
My very disinterested face doesn't go unnoticed and is now making fun off.
"Aw, don't make such a face, puppy. Maybe that way your grade will get better."
He pets me onto my head and then leaves to his desk to write down the task for today onto the blackboard.

I turn around to Azul and wave.
"Hey...I didn't thing it would be you I would need to assist."
"Seriously? You don't know why? I thought that you would be the first to know about it."
"Well, then tell me why I have to assist you from now on?"
He crosses his arms and looks me dead in the eye.
For more context he gave me some lessons in alchemy so I could get better.
So, yeah. He is probably disappointed in me.
Now it's my time to cross my arms.
"Well, I got hurt in a serious incident and since I get affected by magic very bad I'm now not allowed to be in any magical class alone."
Beside my scars from the fireball some black spots sometimes appeare out if nowhere.
Like, today they are gone but tomorrow they can be on my back or what not.

He eyes me suspiciously and spots my necklace.
"What is that? I never saw you wearing it?"
"Oh, that?"
'Think of a lie. I want to keep it for good.'
"A gift from Leona. He was a participant in the incident and he gave me it. As an apology."
Not believing me completely he shrugs the topic off and points his attention onto Crewel.

During the class nothing special happened, except that Crewel made rounds to look at the process and was to long by our side.
Or rather said my side.
If I recall correctly he stood first behind me, while I looked at the book for more instructions, and then kinda leaned forward over me?
To point at a 'detail' I missed.
His big coat prevented from stuff being seen but I swear Azul knew a bit what was going on.
He was the closest to us and he looked at me afterwards very weird.

The bell rang and I'm packing my stuff to leave for the Mostro Lounge, as my shift is about to start, when all of a sudden Crewel asks me to stay.
"What is wrong, (Y/N)?", Azul asks.
"Nothing. I need to stay a bit because Mr.Crewel asked so. I come afterwards to the Lounge, ok?"
"Ok then. But don't run to late. There is something big I got to discuss with you and the twins."
"No problem."
I wave at him and turn towards the man in the coat.
I use the desk of him to keep a certain distance but it still feels like nothing.

"How do you feel, puppy?"
Why such a question?
"How do you feel? You know after the second incident I had to make another handmade potion for you so you don't die. Again. So would you be so kind and tell me how you...feel?"
He takes my one hand in his gloved one and caresses it slowly with his thumb.
I pull back my hand and put it under the desk for safety reasons.
"Fine. Thank you for saving my life...again. But I really need to go now."
"That is wonderful to hear, puppy. But I need to examine you from time to time, since the potion is not something I make a lot. So, it would be nice if we could exchange numbers. For only this purpose naturally."
My expressions seems to be a combo of 'I don't trust you' and 'wtf'.
But he keeps on smiling and pull out his phone.
"Do not fret, puppy. If you feel to uncomfortable I will just give it to you and you write me when you want."
And he actually writes his number down on a small piece of paper and hands it to me.
"I wish you a good day, puppy."
I nod and stand up, heading straight for the door.
But he interrupts me in my doings again.
"Oh and don't forget. The offer still stands."
"I know."
And I leave the room for good.
My heart is pounding to fast and my legs just speed me to the Lounge.
But for my surprise the sign says it's closed.
'Weird but fine by me.'
I still enter and see a very happy Floyd running towards me.
He throws himself onto me and just hugs me to death.
I pat his back and he lets me go.
"I'm happy to see you too, Floyd."
I look past him and see that one of the table is filled with food and probably alcoholoc drinks.
"So...what is the reason to celebrate?"
At the table sits Azul and claps into his hands full of excitement.
"First sit down, (Y/N). Then I tell you the great news!"
Now all of us sit at the table, each with a nice special drink in one hand, celebrating the incoming season of tired students making contracts with him.

My third drink in I just eat the food and try to not reveal shit.
"Why is Fish-chan so sad? Can I do something for you?"
"Huh? No, all is fine. I'm just...tired..."
I eye the number from Crewel and just put it on the table beside my new phone.
"I'm sorry to intrude in your private life but from who is this number, (Y/N)-san?", Jade asks.
The alcohol makes my private walls crumble and I start to sob.
"Remember when I said I need a good hook up? Huh? It was so fun! I had a good time until I found out with who I slept!"
I hide my face in my hands and just sob.
"(Y/N)? What happened?"
Azul looks worried and the twins have this 'we beat the person up' aura.
"You need to promise me to not tell anybody ever."
"We promise. If one of us breaks it I will give up my contract business."
'That's a serious one.'
"Ok...", I put myself together and breath in and out.
"It was...Mr. Crewel."
In this moment there are various emotions displayed.
Azul is kinda angry.
Floyd is confused.
Jade is full in regret.
"YOU SEE MY PROBLEM NOW?! This man is everywhere I go! I just wanted a good night and not even that is left for me!"
My hands are flying around with gestures while they just let the info sink in.
The first one to speak is Azul.
"B...but why does he keep being so...persistent? Giving you his number? And..."
"Because of this god damn incident! He needed to make me a handmade extra potion which he barely makes! He needs to check on me to see if no side effects occurs. But he wanted to give me at least a choice if I first write him.", while talking I make a very bad impression of said man.
"Then why don't you keep it on this professional level?"
"Oh for fucks sake, Jade. He almost harassed me in class! YOU saw it Azul!"
I point towards him and he just puts up his hands in defense.
"I only saw that he was awfully close to you! But he did not harassed you!"
"Fuck, Azul! Be on my side! Or I'm going to make you my hook up!"
He instantly blushes and just stands up to excuse himself to the bathroom.
"Well, I don't mind being your hook up, fish-chan~."
"Not now, Floyd. Not now."
He pouts and starts to eat again.
I take another drink and ex it down.
In a sudden rush of confidence I take my phone, register the number and write him a message.

[ Chat: Damn Crewel ]

Me: Hey. So you know this is only that you know it's me. Don't expect any other messages!

Damn Crewel: *Pic*

[ Chat: End ]

I spit out my drink and stare at the pic.
"Oh, this fucker did not..."
"What happened?", both Twins ask.
Floyd was faster and took my phone just to laugh.
Jade looked at it and started to chuckle.
Azul finally comes back and looks at the screen only to blush hard again and look at me.
"What is this (Y/N)?"
I groan loud and go towards Azul.
"If I fuck with you...will you forget this?"
"Ooooh~ Fish-chan I want to join~."
"If you want that we keep silence about this pic then better offer something good, (Y/N)- san."
The twins just grin while Azul is a flustered mess.

For context:
Crewel send a pic from his...body...upper body.
'You know what fuck it.'
I take the twins and pull them on their ties with me.
"If you want to join then meet us in one of the twins room, Azul."

And that way he was left out while I had my fun.

Chapter Text

So whatever you thought would have happened forget it.
Because nothing happened.
Because I passed out.
Yes, the alcohol did something to me.
But hey, at least I can still say I'm no fuck Bitch!

But I remember being tucked in a bed and the twins leaving.

So waking up and somehow still being alive I go into the Lounge to see a very impatient Azul.
He is sitting at the counter, tapping his finger on the far to shiny cleaned bar and probably waiting for someone.
I walk past him, behind the bar and get myself a glass of water.
He intensely watches me and pushes his glasses up far to often.
"Ok, pretty boy what is your question?", I ask him with my sore voice.
He straights his posture and and looks at me.

"So...anything happened the night?"
"Why you asking?"
"Because the twins were very strange when they came back into the Lounge last night."
I keep filling glass with water until I almost filled it far to much up.
"Well if you are so eager to know then-"
"My beauty were are youuu~!"
"Oh no."
Not just Azul but also I tense up and just look horrified into the direction of the hunter.

He spots me and runs over, taking a seat in front of the bar counter.
"Ah my beautiful cherie! My mon amie! My-"
"Ok, stop there Rook. What is it?"
He giggles and puts his chin on his hand.
"Well, yours truly has thought of something...great! To unstress the poor poor students of NRC we decided to make a stage play!"
"Its very nice that you are informing us, Hunt. But why did you came here when almost nobody is here?"
"Well, dear Ashengrotto-san. I'm here because this beauty will be one of the leading actors!"
I was drinking water but now I spit it right back out.
He claps his hand in exitment and grins at me.
"I even managed to convince two other actors to participate!"
"Wait wait wait what is the play even about?"
'If that is going to be something cheesy cliche romantic I'm out.'
"It's about a royal trapped in a tower by a dragon! In need to be saved by their prince!"
Azul just snorts and I laugh a bit.
But that never stopped Rook Hunt.
"But oh no! The royal heir fell in love with the dragon because they have been secretly meeting up! Their love for each other have become strong unlike that of the prince, the fiancee of the royal, and them."
"Well that took an unexpected turn."
"So please! My cherie! YOU shall be the royal heir! And the other two actors will be revealed once you come to the play."
I put a hand on my chin and start to think.
Rook has been looking at me with shyning eyes and once I looked at him he grabbed my hands in his and started to whisper sweet nothings.
"You will be the prime beauty of the play, mon amie! The one everyone will long for! The-!"
"Fine! Fine! I'll do it!"
I push him away and he spins in exitment.
"Wonderful! I will send you the script over soon!"
And he vanishes.
"What was that?"
"That was Rook, you dumb octopus."


Some times passed and one time I was hanging out with Yuu, Grim and Spots.
Grim sees Spots as an apprentice, since both are basically cats, and tries to teach him how to become a great magician.
He just plays with him.
Yuu and I are chilling on a bench in the botanical garden while Grim and Spots play.
"So I was so drunk I just passed out before anything could happen."
"But you know how dangerous these two are WATCH OUT!"
Yuu pulls me down and an arrow hits the tree right behind us.
"What the-"
"The script!"
I jump over the bench and get the big piece of paper, aka the script, for the stage play.
"What is this?"
"That is the script for the stage play I will participate in. You know to unstress the already to tired students who just learn for the upcoming exam season."
"Oh, that is cool! Who are you playing?"
"A lead role. The royal heir."
"Hey, henchmen! Did you get me a role?"
I giggle and kneel down before Grim.
"You Grim have the greatest role of all. Being the protector of Spots the young one."
He looks to Spots who stumbles his way towards Grim, taken a big liking to Grim and not leaving him alone.
I start to fear that he tries to mimic Grim and his annoying antics, but he rather seems to learn from it to know what not to do.

1 hour later and I'm at the stage.
Arriving there with the script in hand I see Rook standing beside Malleus and Vil.
He turns around, goes to me and hugs me.
"Ah, ma cherie! You made it!"
"Yeah yeah so...why are these two here?"
Now standing beside Malleus and Vil they both greet me.
"Roi de poison will be the prince while roi de dragons be the dragon! This will be such a fantastic play!"
"Ok, but who wrote this cheesy script? This is like a cliche after cliche."
I hold the script sideways and look at it in disgust.
That moment Vil snorts.
"Well, I wrote it for a competition. The theme was it should be a classic romance story but with a little twist. So naturally only I am fit for the role if the prince!"
"And I shall play the role of the dragon, my dear friend."
Malleus holds the script close to himself.
Happy to be apart of something.
"But why me?! I mean I acted sometimes in my world but a stage play? A leading role?"
Vil takes my script out of hand and looks trough it.
"Well I know you good enough to know that you can do it, potato. Besides, Rook wouldn't have stoped bothering you if you said no."
We all share a glance at Rook who just smiled, all innocent at us.
"I would say we should start with the practice."
"I agree with Draconia."
"Then let's do this shit!"

[A skip to the official day of the stage play some]

I'm so nervous.
Dressed up in royal attire made by Vil himself I stand on my position, with the curtains still down.
In fact Vil made all the costumes for the leading roles, since he didn't trusted anyone else to make something perfect.
I can still hear his cursing when someone tried to make a costume for him but he didn't liked it.


While making the costumes himself others tried to stop him from overworking himself.
"Maybe if you didn't know how to STOP ME, you wouldn't have made that cheap excuse of a COSTUME!"

A designer shows him a costume:
"This is an assault to my eyes."

Another costume later:
"My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined."

The last costume before he lost it:
"You people are proof that evolution can go reverse."

[Flashback end]

A cold shiver still runs down my back from these memories.

"You alright, my dear friend?"
Malleus is standing at the bottom of the tower in his black suit with gold and poison green embroidery.
Some necklace, bracelets and even earrings decorate his persona and his horns.
'I'm actually happy that it's the dragon I can kiss.'
'Imagine his giant dragon di-!'


Yes, there is a kissing scene.
Mostly with the dragon.
But Vil looks so god damn good too.
He really knew what he was doing when making those costumes.
Like damn both of them look fine.
Once in time I love being the one chased after.

"I'm fine! Just nervous!"
"Do not fret my friend! If you do like in practice everything will be fine!"
He tries to cheer me up and encourage me until Vil stopped him.
He wears a mainly white with purple/gold embroidery and a special made crown with a lot of accessories.
His make up is as well I'm spot just like ours, cause he did it himself.
But it's understandable.
As he told he needs to submit this play in a competition.
He like only does it because Neige participates in that writer competition too and he wants to beat him by all means.
So till the official play he gave us strict instructions on how to take care of ourselves, what to eat and how long to train.

"Malleus get on your position! (Y/N) stop being so nervous! You can do it!"
I nod and sit onto the floor.
The tower is just a big paper stand while behind it is a big staircase with a platform.
On the wall is a paper script I just can't remember and since I need to look in some scenes in different directions I can look on my cheat sheet in that moment.

The lights go off and Rook, as the Narrator steps onto the stage.

"My dear spectators of today's magnificent play, welcome! Today moi, Rook Hunt, shall be your humble Narrator of a story of passion! Love! And tragic!
Welcome to a twisted tale!"
The curtains go up, the light shines on me while I stand behind the window of the tower.
I lean over it and look with boredom out of the window.
Rook starts his Narrator speech.

"Once upon a time, there lived a royal heir who was destinied to have the fate of a cliche princess.
But fate had other plans for them."
The lights change now to Malleus who stands, for the viewers, beside the tower.
He starts his text.
"Your highness! I came here to kidnap you and bring you to my tower!"
Lights to Rook.
"The royal heir should have been kidnapped by the evil bad dragon and afterwards rescued by their prince! But the heir was so tired of their fiancee and bored of their kingdom that their curiosity struck. That way they were fascinated by the dragon prince."

'Now is show time!'

"Oh, please kidnap me, dragon! I want to escape this prison and discover the wide world! Would you show me the beauty of this planet? The nature and people? The animals and different places?"
I look down at him with a desperate look while he is surprised.
"Are you not afraid of me? Of my power and horrifying looks?"
"I'm more afraid of the endless nothingness in this tower and the horrifying weeding I was set up to have!"
"Very well then, your highness. I shall show you the world!"

I almost heard Lilia squeal in happiness and so does Malleus.

With magic and technical effects it looked like as if I floated down the tower and then flew of with him.

I actually manage to see most of the people I know who watch in high anticipation this play.

Rook goes bag to his his narrating.
"And thus the royal heir and the dragon escaped together for the night! To enjoy the outside world together.
Once morning returned, the heir was back in the tower, afraid their fiancee or parents would find out.
The dragon was labeld as a terrible threat for the kingdom so he was not allowed to be there."

The morning rises and now it's the inside of the tower, which is shown.
Vil, as the prince and fiancee enters the tower to meet the royal heir.
His natural professionalism made him a natural in talk and act.

"My dear love, how are you? You seem even more tired then usual?"
He sits on a chair beside the bed and starts to caress me.
"I'm fine. And well how should I put it...I'm tired of being locked up here with nothing to except to wait for this God forsaken wedding!"
In a lot of rage I sit up and look at him.
Hair and all messed up.
He chuckles and puts a hand under my chin.
"Oh, but my love. I only do it for your safety! Out there is a terrible beast, roaming the world! A big evil dragon! And I would not want to lose you."
He kisses me on the chick but I slap him across his face.

The viewers gasp in shock.

"Don't even touch me! You filthy Prick!"
He touches his slapped check and then laughs.
"Oh, you foolish child!"
In blind rage he walks to the door and takes the only key for the door with himself.
"Soon you will understand what I do is right! And I will slay that dragon and bring it's head back to you! As a trophie! And then you will love me!"
He slams the door shut and looks it from the outside.
I slam against the door and start to take cry.

"The Prince was eager the take on the throne but he first had to slay the beast which roamed the earth.
This was his only requirement.
The royal heir and he once were friends until their parents engaged them into a forced marriage."

Night struck again.
I lean over my window all sad and tired.
But then Malleus appeared.

"Your highness! I returned for another adventure with you together."
He smiles happily up but I looked away.
"My dear, what is going on? Do you not like me anymore?"

"Unlike the Royal heir, the dragon felt warmth and happiness when he was with the heir.
He never had a friend who wanted to travel with him or do anything beside trying to kill him."

"Oh, my brave dragon. I got locked up by my fiancee who wants to kill you! He wants to hand me your head as a trophie so I would finally love him!"
I put my face in my hands and pretend to sob.
"Do not fret, my friend! I will help you and release you from your prison!"
With his magic he freed me from this prison and we continued our adventure for the night.

For the next 10 minutes the plays Content was now shorter cut night meet ups and the confrontation with the parents and the prince to stop the weeding.
Even one kissing scene happened or better said the first kiss between the dragon and the heir.

"Over months the heir and dragon prince met up during the night.
The heir warned the dragon where their fiancee would strike and lie to their fiancee about loving him.
But their fiancee didn't trust the heir anymore.
Nights before he did not just locked them up but they even put multiple guard and lock spells on the tower.
He suspected them once their constant tiredness became a common thing.
After spying on the heir one night they found out about the heir and the dragon secret meet up.
The worst part for the prince was that the heir was definitely in love with the dragon.
So he decided to take matters into his own hands."

It turned morning again and the prince went instantly into the tower.

"Pack your things, love. You shall move back into the castel!"
"What? But why?"
"Why? Well you say you love me so much you can't be apart from me! So you shall live in the castel! And even better with me in my room! Soon will be the weeding so all should be fine."
I stare at him in shock and try to hide my own panic.
"But what about my parents? They wouldn't agree on something so easy after I confronted them."
"Don't worry. I talked to them and they agreed that we shall spent more time together."

"Once the conversation was over the prince and the heir moved together into the castel.
But onto the heir was put a spell so they couldn't leave the castle.
The dragon still came to the tower only to see no lights or his loved one.
So they tried to meet them days after days back at the tower, hoping they would appear one day.
But that way the prince found out who the dragon was and set up a trap.
One day he created a fake copy of the royal heir who was placed into the tower.
Once the dragon approached the prince hide, trap set, waiting to strike.
But the dragon was oblivious, to happy to see their love again."

Malleus run to the tower, happiness filled his eyes.
"My love! You are back! I thought you left me too! But don't worry! I found a way to break the spells and take you with me."
"My dear love was trying to run of the dragon? Not with me.", Vil whispers.
"My love? Why are you so quite? Did something happened-?!"
"Guards attack!!"

Malleus was attacked by guard while Vil lead them to capture him.
Once Malleus was captured, Vil put a spell on him so he could not move.

"So you are the dragon who tried to steal my love away."
"And you are the fiancee which my treasure hates that much."
Vil snorts and points his sword at his throat.
"I would like to kill you but I have a bigger suprise planned for you."

"The dragon was kept in a special cell while the weeding was prepared.
Once the weeding was prepared the prince and the heir stand at the altar.
But before the weeding could start the prince showed his surprise for the heir."

"My love, I prepared a surprised for you! You know that there is one requirement, which would allow me to become king, right?"
"Yes, but you never told me what it is."
"The I shall tell you. But before that, GUARDS? BRING ME THE ONE!"
The guards move to being the drenched and hurt Malleus into the weeding room.
I gasp and try to run over but a spell keeps me in place.
"I first need to slay the dragon that roams the earth to become the next king! And you shall assist!"
In shock I stare him and then at Vil.
"Why did you do this!?"
"Oh? Why so worried? So you admit your affair with the dragon? Shouldn't you be ashamed for that?"
The weeding crowd gasp and starts to gossip but Vil silences them with his talk.
"But don't worry, my dear. If you kill him it proves that it's not true and you are a loyal dear!"
He gives me a sword and releases me from the spell.
I slowly walk over to Malleus who kneels and looks slowly up.
For the viewers it's side ways shown.

While walking towards Malleus I see that even Leona is quite intensely looking.
Malleus people are even more on edge, especially Lilia with his napkins for his tears.
He is really emotionally attached, how it seems.
The jury, which will rate Vils play are quite I'm edge too.

I look Malleus in the eyes and smile at him.
"I'm so sorry, my brave dragon."
I connect our foreheads with each other and and put my free hand on his cheek.
He yearns after it and smiles fondly at me.
"It's not your fault, my love. We both got deceived by the prince."
"Sure we got."
I sigh and look sadly at him.
"But I don't want that you suffer from this. So please, promise me something..."
"What is it my love?"
"That you destroy this place."
I kiss him with passion and then 'stab' myself in my chest.
Slowly I fall on the ground and, well, die.
Only chaos left on stage.

The light shines now on Rook and on the stage.
"A tragedy occurred.
The heir killed themselves so they wouldn't need to hurt the one they love and marry the one they hate.
The dragon fell in blind rage and destroyed the kingdom for his love.
Once destroyed the prince got tortured and left to die to their own wounds.
The body of the heir was burried appropriately in a free place within natures grasp.
The dragon went from then in everyday to the grave of his love to tend and care for it."
Rook closes the book as the Narrator and bows to towards the crowd.

"Sadly they never got their happily ever after."

The crowd claps and I swear I can hear even people try to stop crying.
The whole crew bows in the front down and gets fucking flowers thrown at.
Once behind the curtains Vil talks to me.
"You didn't need to slap me that hard."
"Hey, give me the opportunity to slap someone and I slap someone."
We laugh and Malleus comes to us after he got interrogated by a very emotional Lilia, who said stuff like 'I'm so proud of you' and more.
"This was a beautiful play! Thank you very much for inviting me, Schoenheit-san."
"I should thank you for participating. Now I should go to the jury. I need to know my results, eventhough they are probably perfect as always."
We wave him goodbye and I start my march towards my group.

"That was so awesome, (Y/N)!", Yuu happy screams at me.
"I really thought for a moment it would be a "love beats everything" troupe but you surprised me.", Ace adds to it.
"It was a very nice change of pace.", Deuce explains.
"Aw, guys. Thank you. But anyway I'm gonna head home because I'm tired and my feet hurt. So see you later."
I wave them a goodbye and start to go home.
It's not even that much dark but the play took all of my energy which is why I immeaditly go to bed, not even changing clothes.

Chapter Text

Waking up, I remember that exam season starts and so I went back to bed.
'I don't care about school. I don't care about anything.'
But fate had other plans for me.

Yuu bursts in, with some sort of sick happiness, and shakes me back awake.
They stop once I make some movement.
"Can you stop? I know it's time to study but I don't want to."
"But don't you need to learn for something?"
"You sure?"
"Ok then."
And they leave.

I almost go back to sleep until I remember.
'Animal language!'
It's like my worst subject ever!
I mean Jack kinda helps me out with the animals on land and stuff but some dumb fuck asked if sea animals can be apart of the exam.
And now it's apart too.

After changing into some casual clothes I speed run towards the Mostro Lounge.
Once arrived I get greeted by a happy Azul.
"Hello there, (Y/N)! How are yo-?"
"Tutor me!"
"Woah, is everything ok? I thought you were actually good in school."
"I am. But not in animal language and no I won't make a contract with you."
He laughs and then takes my hands in his.
"Well, as you are a close friend of mine now-"
"Oh, am I?"
"-I gladly help you for free!"
"So, which aspect in animal language is your worst?"
We sit down at a booth and Jade brings some tea.
"All of it. Seriously, what is the difference between this 'meow' and that 'meow'?! I won't even start about sea animal language! Some fucker asked about it and now it's part of the exam!"
He chuckles and then takes a sip of his tea.
"As a merman I could help you out there but I think personal experience is better."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean, we go to the ocean! Meanwhile I make an potion which turns you into a mercreature. That way you can learn better!"
"Oh, that is cool! So when are we going?"
Jade turns around and looks at us.
"The sea?"
Floyd on the other hand jumps over the bar counter to us.
Azul massages his temple and stands up.
"Yes, the sea. With (Y/N)."


A bit later and we arrived at the sea.
Floyd is already in the water, having the time of his life in his merform while Jade is folding his and Floyds clothes neatly in a safe place.
Floyd basically ripped of his own clothes before jumping in.
Meanwhile Azul explains to me the potion.
"So, you drink this and touch a fish to become a mercreature. For about 3 hours you stay like that before you need to drink the next one. I made two so we have at least 6 hours learning time."
I look at him in defeat and horror.
"6 hours!? But what about a break!?"
"Ok, after 3 hours you get a break since you become a human again, fine?"
I nod and take the flask out of his hand.
I chug the sweet liquid down and start to catch a fish.
Easier said than done.
This bitch is fast and furious.

But a moment of not thinking I run so fast I slip and fall onto Azul.

*FREEZE FRAME* And that was the moment kids, I met your dad.
Nah that's a joke.

I feel a tingle in my whole body and roll more into the deep water.
Out of nowhere smoke is around me and I start to cough.
"Fuck! I can't see! I feel weird!"
"(Y/N)!? You ok?"
"I don't know!"
I hear a gasp and look towards the source of the sound.
"What is it?"
"Uhm...well...", Azul is stuttering mess while Floyd just shines.
"Wait what?"
I look down and see an octopus body.
Eight tentacles covered in (f/c) scales.

"D-Don't worry, (Y/N)! I can clear this I-"
"NO! I want to stay that way. This feels so cool."
Sadly, I don't know how to move the tentacles so I basically roll my way into the water.
Jade joins our group and with Floyd together he follows my rolling self.
From the distance I see a flustered Azul, slowly following us.

" I just...go underwater and...breath?"
"Well you could first try to put your face into the water and get over some boundaries. Like opening your mouth or-"
"Or I dunk fish-chan under water!"
"No, Floyd!"
Azul swims towards us, the only one who is not in his merform.
He wears like a full body swim suit with like swim shorts over it.
It's basic black with some light purple accents.
"Try to do it in one go. That way you don't build up to much fear."
"Maybe your right..."
I put my hand under my chin and start to think.
A bit later I smile at them and dunk myself with impact under water.
"Lets gooo!"

It's such a weird feeling being underwater.
Especially when you are not holding your breath.
It's so light and so easy underwater.
No pressure, no gravitation and just pure freedom.

Out of nowhere the twins start to circle around me, while Azul swims to me.
"So, how is your time down here?"
I smile at him and hug him.
"It's so cool! I love it!"
Some tentacles actually start to move and hug Azul.
"I just can't control these tentacles. Like, I have no feeling for them."
Azul blushes once a tentacle tries to poke his arm and he looks away.
"Well then it's time to find the first animal to practice."
I let go of him and basically pull my lower body behind me, since I can't move the tentacles to push me forward.
For help, Floyd comes to my side and helps me move faster.
Jade meanwhile helps Azul to not stay behind us.

"Fish-chan? Do you want to be an eel too~?"
"Me? Well, trying out would not hurt me, right?"
He grins and circles around me in a spiral form.
"This will be so much fun!"

We travel more and more till we reach a peaceful reef.
There are mostly small, nice fish and other creatures.
Azul floats beside me and points at a crab.
"So, I looked into the animals you are the worst with and I see that crabs are basically new land for you, right?"
"Yeah, I mean they don't talk so I don't understand what you want from me."
"Then instead of trying to listen you should watch."
"You mean the body? Body language?"
"Correct. Use your hands as the claws to make certain motions!"
While Azul helped me with learning the twins circle around and seem to look for something else.
That gives me and Azul a nice private moment of peace and tranquillity.
While teaching he often takes my hand in his, not realising how much body contact we have.
He is sunken in his role as a tutor.

Time passes by and with the watch, Azul took with himself, I still have one hour as an octopus.
But out of nowhere a small octopus approaches.
He has the same scale colour as me and pokes my arm with his tentacles.
I look at him and can't concentrate on Azuls teaching anymore.
"Awww, look at this little guy! Isn't he so precious."
Once I shifted my attention towards him he looked away, as he seems to be quite shy.
Azul clicks with his tongue and pulls me back to proceed with the learning procedure.
But my new acquired octopus powers make me stronger than him, for the moment, and he can't move me an inch.
"(Y/N), it's not half-time and we still need to learn."
"But he is so cute! Hey! Teach me how to talk to an octopus!"
"What? But- ugh fine."
Azul moves beside me to face the small one, who doesn't pays any attention to him.

The small octopus claps with his tentacles and moves forward to me.
He eyes my body and then holds one of my tentacles with his own.
He says something by I don't understand.
"What did he say, Azul?"
Said person is blushing and looks away.
"He...He says you look beautiful."
He turns away and I let my baby language slip.
"Awww. What a cutie! Thank you! You are so beautiful too!"
The little one gets a bit bold and swims closer to me now.
He closes his tentacles around my waist and looks up at me.
"Little one, you can't do it. You need to let go."
Not understanding me the octopus still just looks up.

The twins return from their adventure and just arrive at the scene.
Azul turned away, probably ignoring that I and an octopus are playing.
"Fish-chan! Did you made a friend?"
"Oya? Did (Y/N)-san dumbed Azul for another octopus?"
That seems to get an reaction out of him.

These three have their own conversation going one while I try to get rid of the octopus.
But my signs of restance just motivate him more and he know rests on my arm.
Won't move an inch away.
"Ah, guys...I need help."
That seems to stop to trio because now they look at me and Azul becomes furios red.
"I think fish-chan was chosen by this octopus as their partner.~"
"Well, Azul seems to have lost to this little one."
"Ok, that's it!"
His emotions get the better of him and he transforms into his merform.
He swims beside me and rips the octopus off with his raw power.
He scares the little one so much that he scrumbles away, after the, first not rivalry worthy, being asserted dominance over him.
"And you better leave this place!"
He screams after the one.
I put a hand on his shoulder and smile calmly at him.
"Hey, all is ok. It's just an octopus."
"But a very clingy one."
"You to seem to be clingy."
The twins giggle and I signal him towards his tentacles.
The already start to hold onto my ones and he shrieks away in fear.
Only know does he realise that he is in his true form.

All three of us look worried at him and he just swims off and hides in a small cave he randomly finds.
The twins chase after him while I struggle with the body.

"Azul, wait!", screams one twin after him.
But he still dashes deeper into the cave, until it's to dark to see.
His already dark purplish body makes him practically not seeable.

Once I finally arrive I see some shark merman infront of the cave.
The twins are protection the entrance.

"Oh, won't you move away, you nasty eels? This has nothing to do with you. We just want to the octopus."
"I think it's better for you to leave, sharks. We don't want to let things become..ugly..."
"You better leave or I will squeeze you to death!"
'Oh, this is not good."
I hide behind a big stone and watch how the twins keep off the four shark merman.

The situations heats up and the twins keep the shark merman at bay.
I sneak fast by and go into the cave.
Some parts of my body start to glow and result in a dot pattern.
'Nice. Now I'm a lantern.'
But after some swimming I see Azul, crunched together in a corner, tentacles hiding his body.
He seems to see the light and looks up at me.
He looks away and tries to curl up into an even smaller ball then he already is.
"Don't worry, Azul. I'm not disgusted or scared or anything. I mean...I'm only since two hours an octopus but it's so cool..."
Still no response.
I sigh and am about to turn around when suddenly he moves.
" don't find me...ugly...?"
I swim toward him and lay down on a nearby rock.
"No! I find you so beautiful! After being an octopus I must say that I respect you for being able to handle such a body! I still can't even swim and using all eight tentacles at a time would be a master task for me."
He chuckles slightly and curls one of his tentacles around my one.
"You are so...beautiful and now you even should consider becoming one yourself...", his voice is quite and sore.
There is no energy in it and not a single shred of happiness.
"But you are beautiful too...I really like the purplish tone you have and I must say your form is definitely better for hiding in dark areas."
Before I can say another word a shark merman barges in and grins.

"There you are, you ugly scammer! Was about time you return so I can take my revenge out on you!"
He is full of fury and only now sees me and how we basically hold tentacles.
"Oh, did you find yourself a lover? What a shame for them. They would be off with someone else way better. I'm surprised you were even able to talk to someone without trying to make a contract with them."
He laughs sarcastically and gets into a charge position.
"But who cares. Today is the day you die you ugly, fat scammer of an octopus!"

Every single insult actually made Azul shrink in form and hide even more.
But I only felt rage and hatred.
That was the moment my body started to obey my command.

I move infront of Azul and the calm blue light becomes red.
"Ok, what the actual fuck do you think your doing!? Get out of here! NOW!"
He laughs and doesn't seem do be intimidated at all.
"And so what? What can a defective octopus like you do? Tell me?"
One of my back tentacles secretly grabs a rock and holds it behind my body.
My voice becomes aggressive and hateful and my body language big and dominance asserting.
"I will shred your body apart so that no one will ever remember who you are!"

I charge him right at the wall of the cave and push him against it.
All the while I pull him across the spiky wall, which causes his back being scratched and sliced.
Since we are in the water the blood starts to go up around him and the red light, which illuminates from my body, makes it look like a scene out of a horror movie.
I smash the rock against his arm, which doesn't break it but definitely hurts it enough so it won't move.
In a moment of ignorance he pushes me away and bites into my arm.
Leaving a bloody bite mark.
He tries to swim at Azul but I capture him with my tentacles and throw him towards the exit.
Outside I see the twins practically demolishing the last person who was outside.
At the same time I see a very sharp rock spike or whatever it is.
It's spiky so that's good enough.
For a moment I stand wide at the entrance, not letting the shark trough.
He charges me again but bites me at my hip.
Letting blood come out there too.
Not letting go he grins at me but soon looks horrified at me.
I grin and capture him with four tentacles while I move towards the spike with the other four.
"I make sure that you won't go near him ever again."
I grab him by his tail and with a lot of impact and power I impail his tale onto the spike.
He screams and tries to move away but only makes it worse.
His other friends are definilty dead by now while he is like a fish on a spear.

The twins swim to me and look at the fresh prey.
"Oh my, I didn't saw that one slipped away from the group. Did you saw it, Floyd?"
Both circle the poor shark merman around like he is an attraction one can beat how much they want.
"I didn't see anything, brother! But fish-chan sure did a lot of damage! A bloody back, a broken arm and now an impaled tale! So strong.~"
They both chuckle and then turn to me.
"Don't worry fish-chan, we take over here.~ You look after Azul, ok?"
"And please tend to your wounds before they get infected. We don't want you to die out here."
I just nod and then swim back into the cave.

But halfway trough I see Azul rushing to my side and inspecting my wounds.
"What were you thinking, huh!? You could have get killed!"
He starts to fumble around with stuff to make something like a healing cream or so.
"But I didn't die. So all is ok. Beside that guy from before is getting, probably, shred to pieces by the twins. After I impaled him on a spike."
I scratch my neck and see blood floating in the cave.
It's probably mine and from that dude but I don't care.
Azul then comes back and puts a healing cream on all of my wounds.
It's very fast and very effective so the bleeding stops.
Not even a single scar is left.
"Thanks. Now let's go outside or the twins will get impatient."
Azul grabs my hand and then looks down.
"I wanted to...thank you...for saving my life..."
He looks up and smiles in the most adorable way I have ever seen.
'God, he is to cute for my heart!'
I smile back and nudge his tentacles with mine.
"No problem! Now let's go out, ok?"
He blushes and tugs me back to himself before I could swim out.

With the glowing from my body the cave transforms into a very magical place.
The light gets reflected from one end to another and even in Azuls eyes.
Out of nowhere he hugs me and gives me a kiss on the cheek.
In suprise I wide my eyes and he vanishes as fast as he could from the scene.

The trip back to the shore was kinda ok.
The twins told us, mostly Floyd, how they beat up the others while at the same time asking me what I did to that one shark merman.
Azul was a bit behind us but in his merform and he secretly held onto one of my back tentacles with his own ones.

Arriving at the shore I just transformed back and almost passed out in the sand.
But before, I quickly dressed up and sat on a rock at the shore.
The twins occupying both my side.

"So, fish-chan! When will you be an eel?"
"After the break, I promise."
"This will be quite amusing."
"Oh, come one, Jade. I won't be that bad."
We laugh a bit until Azul coughs to remind me of something important.
"You still need to study. And it seems that eels are your second worst animal you understand."
Floyd just shines in excitement, ready to teach me as well as Jade, but he is still a bit calmer.
"Then I guess it's time to be an eel!"


To explain the experience, being an eel, in short:

I'm so fucking fast.
Instead of learning I was racing Floyd the whole time.
I still got stuck on some rocks and very tight passages, since I didn't considered my now very long body.
But I kinda got the hang of it.
And I now understand why the always hug each other in this spiral form.
It's so relaxing and comfy.
Floyd teached me more about the active body language, like what they do when they are about to fight or stuff like that.
While Jade teached me about passive body language, like how you can see an eels is actually resting or sick and more.
At least once I hugged both eels in this spiral form and with Azul I chilled the last hour in a complicated hug position.
The twins made it even more complicated with joining in.

" you like it to be an eel more or an octopus?", Azul asks while looking down at me.
He basically carries us all, since we all are laying on him.
"Well, being an eel is cool because I'm fast.", he then looks away in dissapointment, "but I got stuck on so many rocks and more I rather pass on it."
"So fish-chan wants to be an octopus?"
"Well, I'm big, bulky and not to fast. I'm basically a tank and I like that. You eels are rather fast attackers and I'm not one for this adrenaline. I'm better of protecting those I care about as a tank."

Overall it was a fun experience and I had a super cool time.
I even scored a good grade in animal language!
It was good enough to pass but I'm still good enough in the other subjects.
That is why the teachers say that animal language just doesn't seem to fit me, like math does in my world.
It's this 'It's just one subject, everyone has that'-thing.

So I proudly presented Azul my exam sheet and this man had that audacity to to complain.
"It's good enough to pass. But it could have been better, probably."
'I barely pass this subject in normal so this was HIGH QUALITY WORK FOR MY STANDARDS!'
After the incident Azul has been more open to me and I even once helped him when it came to choose a new addition for the giant fish aquarium.
It was a big honour.
The new addition was named Henry. The twins are still weird but seem to respect me...a bit...?
Anyway it was a normal shift, eventhough most customers came in for a contract, until I spot the idiot trio which starts the whole charade.

"Oh no..."
And they spot me.

Chapter Text

I think you all now that meme with the smug cat surrounded by knives?
That is how I feel now, playing chess with additional rules against Azul.
But let's rewind back to when the idiot trio arrived in the Lounge.


The trio sees me and I sees them.
They are shocked I am prepared.
I turn around and walk away.
Until a certain small fire demon cat holds my leg.
"Henchmeeeeen! Don't tell Yuu!"
Deuce stands now infront of me trying to explain himself.
"I'm only here because I need to pass this exam for my mother! So please look aside."
Ace puts am arm around my shoulder and holds me some Madol over.
"Just...keep quite, ok? I really need to pass otherwise I get lectured by my brother...again..."
I keep the money but push all of them away.
"Just you know, you aren't the first to come here."
So, I do my own stuff and study in an empty booth.

The best part about the Lounge is the relaxing jazz music in the background.
But I put my earphones in and listen then to some jazz music there.

So here I am, minding my own business until I decided to ask Azul something.
In that moment I hear them talking about the contract.
"Well you get the notes for the exam and need to get the highstes score! If you don't manage to do that you will work in the Lounge for the rest of your school time for free."
"But! You will need pay with your special ability! We can't just do stuff for free, can we?"
"Well, it's a safe deal so we can just go for it.", I hear Ace being to over confident.
"Ha! I don't even think with the notes you will manage to pass.~", Floyd provokes them.
"Oya, looking into your current notes it doesn't seem that the deal will even help you a bit better.", Jade joins in.

'Well, they are not that bad.'
But the worst part was when Azul joined in.
"Ah, out of pity to your grades I considered making a contract with you, to be honest. It's almost embarrising."
"Ok, I'm done."
I kick the door open and throw my learn book in Azuls direction, which gets caught by Jade beforehand.
"Listen here, you fuckers! YOU got three god damn seconds to apologize to my babys, now!"
"Oh, is something wrong (Y/N)?", Azul asks with an innocent voice.
I walk towards the couch and sit between Ace and Deuce.

"I said I keep away from this season of sleep deprived and last minute studying students BUT not from my small ones!"
"We are in the same year as you you know-?"
"Support me Ace or no help will be given."
"Yeah! (Y/N) is a good friend and would never leave us!"

The twins laugh and Azul pushes his glasses up.
"And what can you offer to me? As much as I like you business is business and I won't go easy on close ones."
"Well, just so you know these three, or at least two of them, are minors. Whatever they sign cannot be taken as legal because they didn't reach the age of 18. So, someone else has to take over."
The moment I said that the twins and Azul share a glance while the three idiots glance me.

"Please? Once? Only this time?"

"You know these rules don't apply to these sort of contracts-"
"Shut up I'm talking."
The octomer squints a bit away but then sits back up straight.

"What can you offer me to help you?"
"Free meals for the next month!"
"Shelter when you need it!
"My great help, henchmen!"
"I take the free meals."
All three of them cheer on it and now I turn to Azul.
"I have a proposal, Azul."
"Go on."

"We will play a game which will decide if you help them freely or if I sign the contract for them. But at the same time if I lose the game I get my own consequences."
"But why should I take this offer? A contract is a contract."
"Remember when I...'helped' you with those...sharks..?"
His eyes widen and give me a look of betrayal.
Afterwards he coughs into his fist and smiles hesitantly.
"Very well, (Y/N). What do you want to play?"
"A game of chess-"
"Very well."
"After the rules of my world."
His smug grin dissapiers and he looks confused at me.
To be honest the rules don't change at all but I want to see the octomer struggle.

"We will play chess with additional rules!"
Jade already placed a chess board onto the table and Azul sat himself across the couch I'm sitting on.
"What do you mean with additional rules?"
"You can add additional rules trough out the game but they need to be logical explainable."
He makes his thinker pose and looks up at me.
"Give me an example."
"You see the king and queen? If you were about to defeat my queen and it would be my turn I could add a rule and say: The king and queen were tyrants and therefore forced down from their thrones by the normal people. Now they established a democracy and the former royal couple is worthless now, so you can take them."
"So, as long as it is logically explainable I can change them when I want?"
"Yes. But be aware that when you add new rules, it can happen that some of your own rules deactivate some if your own. So if you have a lot rules you need to consider what effect they have on your own. And you can only establish a rule before you make your move."
He nods and then takes a sip from his tea.
"I think I understand now. Very well, then let's play a game of chess with additional rules."
"Before that I request a pen and piece of paper."
"On the way."
Jade as the gentleman brought said things which earn me a confused look from Azul.
"I need it to keep track of my own rules and yours if I want to remember them."
He smiles, insisting he doesn't need that after Jade offers him a pen and paper too.

'Let the fun begin.'

[Flashback end]

[Authors note: I you want to make this scenario sound hilarious put the Wii Theme on and I mean that Mii Channel music. But like in the background. I found it amusing.]

And here we are.
Me having the time of my life while Azul on the other side is stressed as fuck.
He already discarded his fedora, his scarf, jacket and even tie.
I swear I didn't add strip joker with into the game.
At some point he even snapped the pen and paper out of Jades hand.
Clearly, he was overwhelmed.
Not realising how frustrating and miserable this game made him feel.
His paper is full of noted rules, some crossed out, new ones added or rewritten because they aren't out of effect actually.

The game looks like this currently:
My side established a democracy and my pawns became bishops because they found their way to god.
At the same time a plague broke out and weakened the defense on Azuls side, which caused his pawns to die, as they were his weakest members (he established that rule).
But his knights became half bishops as their believe into god rose and so they immunized themselves against the plague, to protect the kingdom.
But I once almost got his king but he made the move that the king was a cheater and the queen therefore removed him from his position and he became a nobody.
But he is still very nervous.

Jade comes back with a cup of tea and offers it Azul.
But he is...kinda aggressive now.
"Hey, Azul have some calming tea-"
Still he drinks the hot liquid on ex down.
He is in no good shape.

"He doesn't look ok at all.", Ace whispers into my ear.
"Well I'm gonna have a nice time-"
"And he won't.", I whisper back.
I smile in smug.
I can't stop it.
Now I get my revenge.
"HA! Your smart merman intelligence is no match to my chaotic human intelligence!"

This poor man massages his his head to kinda calm down but can't and will probably never.
Grim is a cackling mess and Deuce just looks away to not laugh.

"I can't comprehend what it happening...", Azul says very calmly [ :) ].
His voice sounds as if he is on the verge of crying and his expression is just in constant stress.
Floyd is gone since the third rule and is laying half on the couch.
"Azul~. What is happening?"
Azul tries to explain to him but the eel twin now looks even more confused.
"You lost me.", is Floyds only response and he is back to doing something.

Azul then looks me dead serious in the eye and just gets more aggressions.
"We're in a fight from today on."
"What why?!"
"Because you forced me to play this game."
"But what can I do for you if you just willy nilly accepted it?"
He smashed his fist into the table and leans almost over to me.
"Because I thought it would be easy to defeat you!"
He sits back.
"But now my disappointed is immeasurable and my day is ruined."
I shrug with my shoulders but remember a tincy, wincy, tiny detail I almost forgot.
The story.

As much as I want to beat Azul I need to let him win so the story progresses.
I need to make a major mistake.
It was now my turn and I let my bishops become atheists, so they turned back into pawns, to give the octopus a chance at all.
He saw his chance and after some rounds of pity he won.
But only because I helped and let him win.
I never saw him so god damn happy.

Floyd joins in into the cheering.
He actually shows me his middle fingers.
'He is so happy.'

"Ok, what the fuck was that (Y/N)?", Ace complains.
"Yeah, what was that about right now?", Deuce joins in.
"It was about the journey for the experience, not the destination of winning.", I try to talk myself out.
"No, this sucked and you failed.", Ace finishes his sentence and turns away in disappointment.
"I really thought you were smarter, henchmen."
"Grim, I swear to god I throw you out the door."
He just shrugs and chills on Ace shoulder now.

"Now for the contract."
He holds me all three contracts for the idiots.
But before, I clarify some stuff.
"Ok, so you know whatever you have in for these idiots it won't apply to me."
"But something must be in if they fail."
"No. I lost to you in the game. We had the deal that if I lose in the game that I get my own consequences.
So like we don't need to wait till they fail.
"Oh! Then I want you to do something special to me!"
"What is it?"
He is so damn excited and happy he lost all shame.
"I will provide you with a special uniform for your work. If these three fail or not their consequences are not your consequences. You will need to wear this uniform to work for the rest of the time you are here."
I look at him in disguest but he just smiles.
"Don't worry it won't be anything to much revealing or anything that will make you feel uncomfortable."

Spoiler alert:
I got a maid dress. But like these long ones, till the ankles.

"Fine.Then let's get this over with."
I sign their contracts with their names in my handwriting, don't judge that, and Azul does his part of the deal.
"You get your uniform next week! So I wish you all a good day!"
He smiles his way behind his desk, while we leave his office.
I look into my phone to find that he posted something into his status on magicam.

'Just beat the magicless student in a intense game of chess ^-^'

This fucker.

Next week arrived and so the results of the exam.
The three idiots saw that they got scammed, Yuu and Jack lectured them and I got to start my work in an ankle long maid dress with no motivation.

I hear people pass by and ask what is with me because I just "stand there...menacingly...".
So Jade comes to me and stares down at me with his fancy fake smile.
"Good day, (Y/N)-san. How do you feel?"
I look up at him and don't even try to hide my hate.
"Rage, fury, irritation, humiliation..."
That was enough for him to shooo me back to work.

On a rare occasion I see Vil in the Lounge.
It seems he was the one who made this dress because he hums in satisfaction once he sees me in it.
"Hello there, little potato. How are you?"
I hear screaming and stuff in the background.
Probably all the students who made a contract with him got dragged here.
"With all due respect Vil, but I'm academically fucked."
"What do you mean?"
I gesture towards Azul who has his smuggest grin once he made eye contact with me.
"He won't stop rubbing it under my nose. Not even for one second."
"The chess game?"
"So you heard of it?"
"Everyone. He couldn't stop himself from bragging about it. So did Idia told me."
"So news spread fast but you know what?"
"What is it, darling?"
"I let him win extra because he was in so much misery and anger that I felt pity-"
"Fish-chan.~ You need to work, remember?~"
I shut up and quickly took the order from Vil.
One glimpse and I even see the trio of idiocity, but that's not my problem.

Since no new customers are here I chill myself beside Vil and look at the spectacle.

"Welcome to the Mostro Lounge! You all couldn't fulfill the terms of the contract how it seems-"
"BECAUSE YOU SCAMMED THEM!", I shout into his speech.
I'm going to annoy the shit out of him.
"Could you please keep it down, (Y/N)? Anyway since I fulfilled my part of the contract-"
He breathes in and out and just ignores me.
Vil snickers while eating his healthy, special super salad.
"Since I fulfilled my part you will fulfill yours and work here at the Mostro Lounge for free while I keep your special powers till the end of your school life-"
He now throws his staff at me and I still catch it.
That was the moment I broke out and laughed at him.

But that gave him an idea.
"Since (Y/N) is so smart they will teach the servers how to do their job."
I stop laughing and throw his stick at him.
He ignores me completely and returns to the students.
"Those who will ignore my orders will be handled by either Floyd-"
"-or Jade."
"Welcome to the Mostro Lounge."
"Any questions?"
I raise my hand but he just ignored it.
"Except (Y/N)?"
'You fucker.'

The late evening arrives and Grim and I arrive at Ramshackle.
Yuu greets us with Spots in their arms, who is now a full fledged ramshackle resident.
He likes to catch the mice so it's a good thing, he is even 1 month old now.
"So how was your day?"
Grim immeaditly rushes to Yuu and has a small tantrum.
"You need to help us! I can't stand to work there! It's so terrible and I'm so scared of the tweels!"
But that's when I step in.
"No! It's their own fault for doing so! They cheated, knowing the consequences and still did it!"
"Henchmen! You must help the mighty Grim! I can't live my life as a server!"
"Well I could maybe talk to...Azul was it?"
Sometimes I forget how less Yuu knows about everything.
I sigh in defeat and take Spots.
"Do what you want but don't cry and ask for help at the end."
I put Spots into one of my many pockets in the maid dress, which is the only good thing, and he sticks his little head out of it.
Soon I arrive in the kitchen and feed the little cat and myself.
Quickly, I undress and clean myself to go straight to bed afterwards.
Spots joining in by laying on my other pillow.

[Time skip and let the Wii music better go on]

The day was a normal day.
I hoped to be.
Yuu and Jack decided to make their visit in which I didn't participated.
And when they made the contract.
Or rather said I didn't got told about it.
Because one random morning the fish trio stood behind our door and I knew what was up.
"Hello, fish-chan! Is shrimpy here?~"
I hold a finger infront of them to prevent them from further talking.
Instead I turned my head towards the hallway.
"YUU??", I scream into it.
"YES?", Yuu screams back.
A moment of silent.
I look at the fish trio.
Floyd tries really hard not to laugh.
Never in my life have I heard someone rush down the stairs so fast that they almost tripped.
Like a mother, who catched their child in an act of lying, I stay before Yuu who smiles sheepishly away.
"What did I tell you about making contracts with strangers?"
"That it's a nono and we should never do it?"
"Right. And what did you do?"
"I made a contract with a stranger?"
"Is it a question or answer?"
Towards the end they became quite and played with their hands to distract them from my stare.
Floyd is just laughing and Jade chuckles while Azul interrupts us.
"As funny as it is to watch you but you will need to move out of the building. We will need to prepare everything for our second...investment."
I groan out and start to pack my stuff.
Yuu runs after me and tries to apologize but stops after I shut the door infront of their nose.

We quickly packed our stuff and cats.
"So...were do we sleep now?"
"Wait a minute."
I pack out my phone and call Leona.
He actually picks up.
"Someone better be dying."
"Hey, Leona. Please tell me you're having a miserable time too."
"What happened now?"
"Let me tell you when we arrive?"
"Wait who is we-"
I hang up.
"Lets go to Savanclaw. Now."

Arriving there I first see Jack who looks at us in surprise.
"Why are you here?"
"Where you the one who encouraged Yuu to make that contract?"
"What?", he tries to play innocent.
"Give up Jack, (Y/N) knows."
He sighs and his tail and ear hang flat down.
I sigh and pet his head.
"Don't worry. I know you wanted to help but now we have no home. We need a place to stay so...maybe give us some help?"
I hold Spots into his face, who paws his face and meows at him.
His tail starts to wag and he pushes his face into the kittens belly.
Now Spots hugs Jack face.
He holds the little one in his arms now and brings us to Leonas room.
I kicked his door open, which unfaces the lion.
But Ruggie jumped up in surprise.
"Why are you all here...with your luggage?"
That made the lion move.
"Let us explain."

[Wii music stops here for the better ;)]

After some story time Jack is an embarrassing mess, Ruggie chuckles and Leona has the time of his life.
'His laugh sounds kinda beautiful...'
"So you want us to give you shelter?"
We three nod and Jack already leaves the place.
But before he gave me Spots back.
"We don't have spare rooms so search somewhere else, you two."
Ruggie left with Leonas laundry and Leona turns around.
Since it's almost night now we went out of the room and decided upon the plan of all times.
Making loud noise.

I open the door and put Spots beside Leona.
"I told you to leav-"
Yuu and Grim started with the noise while Spots decided to play with Leonas tale.
We annoyed him till midnight until he gave up.
We high five each other and do as told.

We were allowed to stay but we would need to help Ruggie.
Yuu and Grim were put into Jack's room while I and Spots stay in Leonas room.

So I take out Spots favorite pillow and lay it down beside me on my makeshift bed until Leona stops me.
"What are you doing, Herbivore?"
"Making a makeshift bed for me and my kitten?"
"Come here. I can't watch you treat that small kitten like that."
As he said I moved over to his bed and put Spots pillow on my left side.
On my right side was Leona.
He decided boxers are enough to sleep and he was gone in seconds.
'At least I have a nice view while falling asleep.'
After some looking I was gone.

[Next morning]

I didn't expect anything.
But then this happened:
I wake up, hugged face first into his chest while he is snoring away.
I look back away and just...
'Holy great seven those are some big ass man tiddies.'
I want to touch but have to...resist...
I turn around but then he wakes up.
"What is the fuss about, Omnivore?"
Right now I'm just a blushing mess and he grins.
"Remember when I said I will obliterate who ever marks you?"
"Don't think I oversaw your last...marks..."
"He is gone. Went on an adventure trough the dorm."
He puts a finger on my lips and grins.
"Don't worry. Ruggie probably found him. Anyway back to the topic. We have some business to discuss."
He chuckles with his deep voice and and comes closer to my face.
'That is not how it should...go...'

Chapter Text

I couldn't escape.
I actually couldn't stop things from happening.

I heavily breath in and out, trying to calm my heart down.
I got some serious renewed marks and a very satisfied horny mind.
"You...asshole...could have warned me at least...", I somehow manage to tell him.
He snorts and pulls his hair back.
"Why should I? I warned you once but you didn't listen."
I fall back into the pillow and close my eyes.
I almost drift away into sleep until I hear a knock on the door.

"Leonaaa! I'm here with new help!"
"Fuck! Leona stop them!"
I grab his shoulder and shake him extremely, eventhough he doesn't even move a bit.
He smirks and turns away.
"Come in, Ruggie. Let the newbies out! I don't trust them with my stuff."
He tells Yuu and Grim something and I hear them leave.
But the moment he enters the room he holds his nose closed.

"WOAH! That is some strong smell! At least open the window you two!"
Ah, yes.
Beastmen have a higher sense of smell and the air must be thick in here.
I lay back and just die in embarrassment.
"Yes, (Y/N)?"
"If you tell anything anybody I cut your ears."
"Don't worry your not the first one."
"Oh god, at least one good thing...wait wha-"
"Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to, Omnivore."
I turn to him and half crawl on his side.
"Nonono. Give me the tea, tell me all the spice, I wanna know all. How did you even sneak someone in?"
To prevent myself from fucking students in school I need to learn on how to get strangers in.
So I'm gonna learn from the best.

He looks at me with a 'What is wrong with you?'-look and Ruggie just laughs it off.
"Shishishi!~ Leona doesn't sneak them in he sneaks out back into his hometow-"
"Ruggie, shut up."
"Ruggie, don't shut up."
He laughs it off and opens the window for fresh air.
"Gotta get the small of sex out."

I now press myself against his back and touch his packed chest.
"Can you please take me to your hometown? Please."
"But then I can meet some hot beastmen and won't need to bother you."
"There won't be any hot beastmen beside me."
"Are you jealous that I could hook up with another beastmen?"
"I don't care but still, I'm just telling the truth."
I groan and sit up, trying to find my clothes.
"Where is my shit..."
Ruggie throws my stuff towards me and I try to put my underwear one, while keeping myself covered.

"There is nothing to cover, Omnivore. Beside I need to travel to the Afterglow Savanna because my useless brother needs help."
"Your using your royal relatives to skip school?"
"He basically does."
"Ruggie shut up."
"No, Ruggie. Please never shut up."
We bicker around a bit until we finally get up.

On my way out I meet Yuu and Jack discussing something while Grim and Spots play again.
"Hey guys."
Jack sniffs a bit around until he gets really red.
He probably realised what's going on.
"Good morning, (Y/N)! Will you join us in our adventure to the sea?"
"Nah. I'm going to the Afterglow Savanna with Leona. I'm trying to hit in some hot beastmen."
I grin from ear to ear while Yuu and Jack look with surprise at each other.
Now Jack makes himself present.
"But what about Ace and Deuce? They would need some help."
"They can handle it alone."
'I only need to make sure that Leona help them one day before the deadline.'
I pick up Spots and put him on my shoulder.
"I gonna take my backpack with me so Spots can travel with us."
"Then we wish you nice trip!", Yuu wishes me.
"If something happens you can always call us!", Jack reassures me.

I show him a thumbs up and start to pack my stuff in Leonas room.

[One telerpotation later]

Arriving right in the palace Leona walks lazily trough, while I stumble my way out with Spots in my arms.
I almost fall face front onto the ground but manage to stay on my two feet.
"I know it's a lot but no need to fall, Omnivore."
"Shut up, Leona. Unlike you, I'm not used to teleportation-"
And that was the moment I met a handsome dad.
He runs up to Leona and hugs him, well tries to and somehow succeeds.
"Ugh! Stop being such a douchebag!"
"But I'm your eternal douchebag, brother!"
He grins while Leona has a face of misery.
All in all he is very uncomfortable.

He hugs him once again until he sees me.
"And who is your friend?"
He walks up to me fast and holds one of my hands.
His eyes are full of excitement and once he spots well...Spots...he gets all parental.
"Awwww! Aren't you a cute little kitten!"
He takes Spots out of my bag and cuddles with it.
"Aren't you a handsome boy? Such a good little boy."
"Spots is no dog, you know?"
He now looks at me and smiles.
"King Farena! Nice to meet you! You must be...", he actually sniffs on me, " brothers significant other!"
This shocks us both and Leona is the first to defy him.
"No, they are not! Why do you think that everytime I bring someone over they are in a relationship with me!?"
"But they smell like you! I mean, I'm not that dumb Leona but for the safety of my young cub I won't mention a thing."
Speaking of the devi- I mean young cub.
Cheka runs around the corner and runs towards Leona immeaditly.
Leonas eyes widen in fear and he actually crouched away behind the next pillar.
But that never stopped the tiny ball of sunshine energy from anything.
Except that Farena called him over.
"Cheka my son! Come and greet Leonas friend!"
His little ears twitch and his tail starts to wag.
He waddles over and looks up in utter awe.
The first thing he does is that he points at my ears.
"You are no beastmen! Are you a human?"
His eyes shine and his interest just increases.
"Well yes...but I'm kinda a...special human."
This time both father and son perk up.
"How special?", asks this little cub.
"Well...I don'"
"They don't have magical power.", Leona bluntly throws out.
Spots is now back in my arms.

Cheka is confused while Farena is interested.
"But...all people have magical powers! Even if it just means to create fire!"
He tries so hard so to find any magical affinity within me but he can't.
"I'm sorry little one but I don't have any magical powers."
He has a little tantrum about how it's not fair that I'm magicless but he calms down quickly once he sees Spots.
"Baby kitten!"
Spots meows back and jumps down to him.
They start to run in a circle and play around.
Farena giggles while Leona looks annoyed away.
He starts to walk into some direction but Cheka runs after him and so does Spots.
I guess he is babysitting the small ones.

This leaves me and Farena alone.
Only now I get a good look at him.
As he originally resembles Mufasa he has, just like the lion king, a wild, red/orange mane with some braids and extra stuff.
He wears some, I guess traditional clothes from the Savanna Afterglow?
Anyway he now looks at me and I just smile at him.
He puts a hand on my shoulder and starts to walk forward.
"So, I'm not going to judge you two but just tell me. Do you think my brother is handsome?"
What is that for a question?
My irritated look makes him laugh a bit and he starts to explain.
"Well, you know he is a prince and I really don't want him to well...end up"
"You try to make an arranged marriage?"
He blinks several times and chuckles.
"Noooo. I want to set him up with a blind date! And I can tell that you two are very familiar with each other in more than just the friendship way. So would you mind telling me what sort of person he likes?"
We enter a big room which has big, open, glass windows and a lot of...cushion? There are several hammocks and little waterfalls.
Most things are decorated with golden patterns on white silk.
But overall it's a paradise to sleep.
"Could it be that this place is Leonas hideout?"
"Well, he often hides in the piles of cushions from my son. So it's kinda a hideout."

No shame in my body, I yeet myself into the hammock and the king sits onto this fancy couch with all the cushions and blankets.
Some servants arrive and start to fan him air.
Even some hot dude wants to do the same for me but I tell him he doesn't need to.
He leaves and instead comes with a tray of refreshments back.
"So...would you help me..(Y/N)? Please?"
"I really don't know what sort of person he likes. Like we never talked about it. But all I can say is that if you can't peek his interest on your own you won't have a chance?"
He nods along and sips from his drink.
I get out of the hammock and sit on the sofa too.
"Why don't you talk to him? I mean you are brothers aren't you?"
"Well...we had a...rough start...or rather said he had a rough life..."
'Because he was the second born...'
He scratches his neck and looks down in sadness.
But he quickly cheers up or rather said tries.
"But anyway thank for your help but now about you?"
"You said you are magicless! And I can't just let a guest go around defesnless!"
The news about me being magicless make the servants gasp in shock, but silently.
They stop in their movements and look at me with a curious look.
The handsome servant man from earlier?
He just sits beside me and slightly touches me!
But like these light and small touches.
"Uhm...your highness...?"
" your servant doing?"
I mean I'm not opposed to this dude.
He is tanned, a cheetah beastmen and has some nice looks.
But I'm not going to make a servant a potential fuck friend!
"Is my presence not to your liking, (Y/N)-san?"
"I'm just...confused to what you are doing..."
"Am I not entertaining you enough...?"
He wears a white, long garment which is open on the back and where his tail is coming out.
It goes down like a long skirt but it's open on the sides.
He wears several bracelets and seems to have some perfume on.
I can just imagine what his job is.
"Why should you do this?"
He doesn't move and just looks at me, seemingly hesitant about his movements and starts caresses my arm.
"Well since you rejected his other attempts on being at your service he will stay by your side while your here. If you want I can summon different servants and you can choose someone else?"
"Wait a minute."
I turn to the cheetah boy and smile.
"If you feel uncomfortable you can just leave, ok? Otherwise...I don't can hug with me? Just don't overstep boundaries."
He nods and the moment I turn back to Farena I feel some hands around my waist and head on my shoulder.
'He is so cute...'

"So about being defenceless."
He stops eating and remembers.
He snaps with his finger and a buff, female hyena women enters the room.
Unlike the cheetah boy, she wears more covering clothes and a good set of armor and even a weapon on her waist.
She kneels down and looks down.
"You called your highness!"
"Yes! Shiza, you will be in charge of protecting (Y/N), since they don't have any magic."
She looks up and then looks at me.
"Pardon me, your highness but what do you mean with no magic? A curse? A sickness or..."
"No, Shiza. They don't have any magic. Which is why I can't let them roam the town safely, or this place overall."
"I understand."
She stands up, turns towards me and bows.
"I'm honoured to meet your acquaintances, (Y/N). I'm Shiza and I will protect you as long as you stay here!"
Straight back she stands proud and chest puffed out.
The cheetah men, being scared of her, hides a bit behind my back.
His tail curls around my leg and pulls a bit on it.
I turn around to face him and see him looking at Shiza in fear.
Or rather said the sword.
Out if instinct I start to scratch his head and he purrs into my shoulder.
Usually when Spots us scared I scratch him and he calms down.
I guess a cheetah beastmen is just a big cat.

What I noticed is that a lot of the servants are wildcat beastmen.
Otherwise hyenas and other Savanna predator beastmen are here.
'As dorkish as Farena is shown I believe he has a harem of wife's, if we follow the hierarchy of an actually lion pride (Yes, a lions harem is usually called a pride).'
Not noticing him slowly approaching I keep on scratching the nameless bestmens head and think.
Until I feel a soft mane under my head.
Farena looks down at me with big sparkly eyes and I knew what to do without talking.
I scratch behind his ear.
The serene moment lasted until an angry lioness stormed the room.

"Your highness! You need to see this! We-!"
She got interrupted by an slightly pissed of lion king, who looks at her while I keep scratching him.
"What is it, Kara."
"We have a stray kitten in this palace! Your brother is not properly watching over Cheka and...are you trying to flirt with that human?"
"Who is flirting with...who..."
Leona enters the room and with Spots in one hand and Cheka the other.
The moment he sees me with his brother and the cheetah boy, and the other very close wildcat beastmen, he wrinkles his nose and leaves.
Throwing the two little young ones on the ground before.
"Leona wait!"
I stand up quickly, accidently waking the cheetah boy up.
He wants to follow me and so does Shiza but they are stopped by Farena.

I walk behind the to fast lion who tries to lose me really hard.
"Leona wait! It was not what it looked like!"
"I don't care! Just go back to my brother if you find him and his nasty servants far more better."
His voice is stern but I can still hear a little crack.
"I didn't even want that! But since I didn't want to shoo away the servant boy I just told him to leave or hug me if he wants-"
He abruptly turns around, making me bumb into his chest.
I look up at him and see his eyes.
Full of betrayal and hate.
"You are just like all the others...getting trough me to my brother to have a far more easier life...forgetting about me..."
"We were just talking about..."
"About what? Huh? When you marry him?!"
"About finding you someone so you don't end up alone!"
I grip his shirt and hold onto it for dear life.
"Once we talked about it...he wanted to know more about my magiclessness...and for safety reasons he arranged me a guard to protect me...I couldn't say no because I didn't want to waste his effort so I just accepted it..."
He keeps quite and so do I.
After some time I let go of him and look down.
With a heavy and sore voice I turn around and almost whisper.
"Sorry for destroying your trip...I get Spots and just...go to my room instead...if that is what makes you happy..."
I speed walk away and quickly arrive back in the room where still all of the others were, except Farena is talking to that lioness.
Once they see me the try to talk to me but my head just shuts them out.
I take Spots and let the man bring me to my room.
No word was exchanged during the entire walk.
Once I arrive at my room I turn around and look at him.
"Where will Leona reside...?"
He points down the hallway, to the last room in the corner.
I nod but he still doesn't leave.
"What is your name?"
His ears perk up and he looks down.
" Matthew..."
"What an...not Savanna Afterglow like sounding name.."
"Yeah...I actually don't come from here but my parents moved back into the home of our grandparents..."
He smiles but then turns away.
"I will leave you alone then. If you need anything just call me."
He hands me his number for his phone and starts to walk away but stops before the next corner.
"And don't worry...", he turns around and smiles fondly at me," everything is going to be okay."
And he leaves.
I didn't plan on having it now.
I didn't plan for the black spots to appear on my body and even on some places in my face.
I didn't plan on breaking down now.


I walk in and close the door for safety.
' "Everything is going to be ok" '
Okay my ass.
I let Spots onto the ground and slide down the door.
My thoughts running around like a wild beast.
Claiming my alone time as theirs.
"As if I didn't suffer enough..."
'You really thought he would simply understand, did you?'
'And what did it brought to you? Your explanation?'
I hide my face in my hands and start to let my thoughts run free.
Just for today.
Just for now.
They can be free too.

I lay down on the ground, fully aware of the almost king size bed in the room, and close my eyes.
Spots lays down beside me and curls up into a purring ball.
"Why do people misinterprete everything I do..."
The black spots start to grow around my arm.
The become big, like full in ball size.
My left arm being complete engulfed in this blackness while my right one looks like my left one with holes in it.
"I thought this could be a funny, nice bonding trip for us all. Meeting his home people and more...but I guess I was ignorant too..."
After all he went trough, I think his home is the last thing he wanted to be at.
But he still went here for the sake
My breath becomes uneven out of nowhere and I struggle with my arms to get up.
I lay down on my side and start to pet Spots with my shaky hands.
I curl up into a small ball, making Spots the centre of it, and pet him trough the entire night.
Hopping my mind would stop thinking and my arms would turn back normal.


"S-somewhere...somehow...I'm going to be...found..."

Chapter Text

I don't know what time it is but I'm freezing.
The night was cold and my depressed ass was to depressed to get the blanket from the bed.
Spot is long gone on the bed while I lay on the ground.
The blot didn't retreat from my arms and I don't have any ideas left for how to cover them.
My first idea was to just cover myself with the blanket and make up some stupid excuse.
But something different came up.

I hear a knock and a soft voice calls out to me.
"(Y/N)-sama? I brought you some food and clothes to change."
"Uhm...thank you...", cough,"but I don't feel so good..."
I made up some fake coughs and hear a gasps on the other side of the door.
"Should I bring you something? What do you humans usually eat to get healthy?"
"I-it's ok...I just need...A big cozy jacket! I got cold during the night because...because..."
"It's ok! I bring you the jacket and a warm soup. Don't worry about the other's. I tell them you are sick and won't attend any meetings or so."
I hear some light footsteps run away and a more from the bed.

Spots points at my arms, which still don't stop dripping blot, and have now formed a puddle of the black liquid.
'Gotta clean it up...So nobody suspects anything.'
Easier said than thought.
My body hurts from laying on the ground and tired from not sleeping at all.

I try to stand up but almost slip on the blot.
My clothes are stained in it and an almost as big as myself puddle has formed.
I open the closet, just take all the clothes and use them as makeshift towels.
Afterwards I ruffle my bed so it looks like I slept in it and go back to the clothes.

The first white clothes are now stained black.
Since not all traces are completely gone I stuff the clothes into the closet and put the rug over it.
Hopefully no one sees it.
The blankets become my cover up for my arms.

After rearranging and hiding a soft knock is on heard.
"(Y/N)-sama? I brought you all the requested things."
"O-oh...yeah! Come in!"
The cheetah boy walks in with a tray with warm soup and a big coat jacket.
The sleeves being longer then my arms.

He quickly places the soup on the small table and hands me the jacket.
He comes to me and tries to put a hand on my forehead but I evade him.
He looks very concerned but I try to smile at him.
"I...just don't want you to get sick..."
He smiles and then pets Spots.
"Uh..uhm...could you...take a look at the clothes in the closet?"
"Yeah, sure."
He opens the closet and almost screams.
"What happened!?"
He takes all the clothes and looks at me.
"I don't know! I saw it today morning when I wanted to wear something warmer!"
"Alright. You stay and get healthy again while I get these clean of...whatever this is...Hopefully not paint."
I smile at him and he storms off into cleaning.

The moment the door closes I rearrange the rug but it's stuck to the blot spots.
"Come on..."
It won't budge so I throw the blanket over the rug and call it Spots play place.
But then the worst happened.

Leona slams the door and sounds very aggressive.
But not angry aggressive more like...worried aggressive?
"Uh, wait-!"
I put on the soft giant jacket and he immeaditly slams the door open.
He looks and sniffs around, as if an enemy is here, stance panicked and throws everything around.
Drawers get ripped open and so does the closet in which the previous clothes were in.
Black stains are on the inner walls and he turns around and demands to know where the source of the black spots is.

"I don't know what you are talking about-"
"I saw that cat come out of YOUR room with black stained clothes! I once Overbloted so don't think I won't recognize this stuff!"
I walk back and stay on the rug.
Leona can be everything, except dumb, and so he realises very fast where the source is.
He cat walks his way to me and looks down at my sleeves.
Dark spots start to form and even some droplets start to fall onto the blanket.

He looks at my arms and then closes the door.
Without looking he rips my jacket off and grabs my arms.
With eyes full of regret and sadness he tries to talk but can't.
Instead he slowly caresses my arms while even more droplets fall onto the now soaked blanket.
His ears are flat and his tail hangs down.
He mumbles something but I can't understand him.
"I said I'm sorry!"
His grip becomes stronger and his hands are soaked in blot too.
He slightly trembles but looks away before we make eye contact.

"Let you..."
He makes me sit on the couch and covers my arms with the blanket form the ground.
The rug moves a bit and the stains are even more visible.
Even the small layout of a puddle.
"When did it start...?"
"Yesterday...when I went to my room..."
"And since when..."
As if he can read my mind he looks down and shrugs his head.
"You don't need to. Back then you weren't yourself..."
He sits down and tries to relax but the constant blot dripping from my arms makes him nervous.
He sees the soup and holds it me.
"At least eat something...My brother thinks you are sick so...we have the whole day for us alone..."

My hands shake but the flow stopped a bit.
With my hands secure in the blanket I try to eat but fail misserabley, as the blanket almost gets into the soup.
Leona just takes the bowl and starts to feed me in silence.

After the soup is gone my arms stop dripping blot but they stay black.
He takes them into his hands and sighs.
"I'm sorry for what I said yesterday...if I knew you were affected by the blot I wouldn't have..."
"Said that? Honestly it's ok. I didn't slept the night so I had sometime to think and...I should stop fucking around so much...and I mean it not just literall..."
He snorts and smiles slightly.
"It's your life, Omnivore. You are not bound to me by anything and you are not bound to anybody else. You can do what you want..."
"I guess so..."

Forgetting the fact that I have literally nobody here I keep on smiling.
We start to talk a bit and one by one the blot retreats.

"And then he tried to get me into RSA! That school for all those two goddie shoe people.", he starts to laugh.
"You in RSA would be hilarious."
Leona in a RSA uniform is a whole disaster honestly.
That grumpy lion surrounded by all those male Disney princesses versions is something I would pay to see.
We both laugh at that imagine and by now only some black spots are left.

He was constantly watching my arms and didn't left them out of sight.
After the retreat of the blot he grabs my arms and starts to inspect them.
Sniffing, touching and even squeezing on some parts.
"How does this happen...?", he asks himself.
He even shakes my arms and then tries to cut small sections on it
The moment he moves his claws closer to the black spots, which are dangerously close to my veins, I pull my arms back and look in fear at him.
Leona only now snaps out of his concentrated state.

"You know if I want to kill myself I can do this very well alone."
"I'm just trying to find out from where that stupid blot comes out."
"You really don't know what the doctor told me? Weren't you in the same room with me when I got told the news?"
"I was asleep you idiot."
"So the lion once didn't pretend to sleep."
"Don't go to far, Omnivore."
He cracks a smile and his facade breaks, making him laugh and so myself too.

A little knock is heard and Leona shrieks up in defense.
The Prince knows that knock to well.
I curl up in my blanket and lay on the prince.
Hiding my face in the crock of his neck.
He looks confused but quickly catches up to my plan, laying one arm around me and caressing my arms.

The moment I close my eyes the little ball of sunshine burst trough the door.
"I'm sorry brother!"
Leona shshs both silent and gestures towards me.

The little cub gasps in surprise.
I feel how the couch we are sitting on gets heavier and a small presence moves on my right side.
"Is...(Y/N) asleep...?"
"Yes, they are. They don't feel good and need some rest.", Farena explains.
Leona just huffs and keeps a thight grasp around me.
But then the little tot got curious.
"Uncle...?", he whisperes.
"Did you know that one of my friends became a cousin?"
I can hear his eyes sparkle.
"And what does it have to do with me?"
"When will I become a cousin?", Cheka asks so innocently.

Leona chokes on his spit and Farena laughs.
I almost broke out laughing but I just pretend as if I wake up.
Stretching and yawning I make my presence clear.
"Morning...what is all the noise...?"
The small ball of happiness answers first.
"I asked uncle if I soon become a cousin!"
A small chuckle escapes from me and the lion prince frowns at it.
"What's so funny?"
He pinches my cheek but I start to laugh.
"J-just you...A father? That would be hilarious!"
"What do you mean with father? Why does uncle need to be a father?"
We all become silent and I look at Farena.
They clearly didn't talked about THAT topic with him.
Farenas face is in panic and Leona just grins.
He is about to destroy some child innocence.
But I stop that.

"You know your friends cousin have parents right?"
The little lion nods.
"And one of your friends parents must have a sibling, which is the parent of their cousin."
"So that means that your uncle, as the brother of your father, needs to have a child so you can be a cousin."
His little face scrunches together and I can see his brain working.
But once he gets it he looks at Leona and me and shines.
"Can you two have a child then?"
Oh, this innocent child.
Leona just looks away in silence and Farena tries to get Cheka away.
"Ok, little one that's enough. (Y/N) is sick, remember? Let's give them some rest."
"No, buts. You already woke up them up so let's leave them so they can rest."

Chekas ears flatten and he gets picked up by Farena.
Farena apologizes and leaves.

After they leave Leona lets out a laugh, which makes his chest vibrate in a very comforting way.
"You are very special, Omnivore."
I softly pat his chest and pout.
"I know so now keep quite! I want to sleep."
I nestle my face into his neck and pull the blanket over us both.
"All comfortable, Omnivore?"
I nod and try to fall asleep.
But Leona had other plans.

"Well I'm not."
Out of nowhere he carries me bridal style onto the bed and holds me close to his chest.
After some blanket rearranging we lay down in a comfortable position.
I'm almost gone until Leona puts a cushion for more comfort underneath his head.
"Nice dreams Omn-...(Y/N)..."
Not understanding him a lot, except for the 'Nice dreams', I mumble a "Sweet dreams..." back and fall asleep for good.

Chapter Text

The blot maybe left my body for the moment.
But it doesn't mean it won't affect me in the inside.

"I can't let you leave..."
A far to familiar voice calls out to me.
I'm standing in this long corridor, decorated with portraits of a child and woman, as well as some random ancestors.

Two giant doors are open, illuminating a light from the room behind it and only making the person, standing infront of it, see able as a shadow.
The shadow starts to move but so do I.
"It's all your fault..."

I cough up and blood spills out, my leg hurts and makes it hard to walk but I keep on going.
She is the reason I started all this!
This commotion.
This stand up.

If I could...I would just be a nobody.
Living in some random place, with a random family and being a nothing and nobody.
What would I give for that.

I stumble my way towards the shadow holding onto a random wound which appeared.
Making the walking even worse.
But before I can reach her she vanishes and becomes a black puddle of nothing.

The scene changes to a dark beach.
A strong wind is storming around.
While looking around I feel no pain but see a figure standing at the beach.
"It can't be..."
They should be dead.
But why does it feel so real? So warm? So familiar..?

I change from walking to running and try to catch up to this person.
But they soon start to dissappear into fog and dust.
" again..."
I fall onto my knees infront of the pile of dust.
Trying to form someone out of it.
But then the scene changes again.

Now it's a mansion.
On a hill.
It's the place I was raised in...but I would never call it my home...not after what she did to me.
I start to walk, only to hear the crunching sound of snow below my feet.
"So it's that memory..."
I run towards the window on the back of the mansion.
Said window is open with a child being held out.
The window is on the 3. Floor and screaming was heard from up there.

An adult women throws the child out of the window.
The child doesn't scream nor defends itself.
Taking the punishment as granted.
They land on the thick snow, not being hurt.
But the women screams from above the window.
The child, merely 10 years old, just looks down.
Clothed in only a fancy blouse and some black pants/skirt with a pair of white socks.

The temperatures are below 0°C and the child is starting to freeze.
But it flees into the safety of a shed, where servants secretly started to care for the child.

"How does it feel to remember?"
I look beside me and see an exact copy of myself.
But this (Y/N) is far more damaged and hurt.
Covered in bruises, scratches, big open wounds and even burns from a fire.
I eye them with suspicion and they laugh.
"You should see your face! It's like you don't believe me!"
"I know what these memories's nothing new..."
I try to walk away but get send into a different scene.

Gasps of pain and agony, choking, far to fast breathing and coughs are heard.
On the exact beach, where that one shadowy person stood, is now a fight.
A (h/l) (h/c) haired person fights a women.
The women is around 35 while the other one is around my age, but a bit younger.

"Do it..."
The younger version of myself pushes the women into the water.
"Finish it...please..."
They hold a giant rock from a nearby rock fromation.
"End it for fucks sake..."
They hold the women down, hold the rock up and ready to smash it into the women's face.
"They can't."
But they miss.

The moment they miss I run towards them and push the other version of myself away, not realising they vanish completely.
Without hesitation I take the rock and smash it into women's skull.
Another smash.
Her movements come to an halt.
"Why won't you just disappear!?"
The beach is again filled with crys of pain, but rather emotional pain.

Scene changes back to a green and peaceful meadow.
A man plays a guitar while a 10 year old listens carefully.
He tells story's and other things the child.
Always having an answer.

A smile appears on my face but without knowing my state worsens.
The hair becomes a mess, dried blood and sticky mud stains my body.
Rain mixes all together, covering my body in a disgusting stench.
But I could not care less.
I sit down beside the man, playing the guitar and listen.

After some times the child disappears.
And the man looks at me.
"What happened to you, (Y/N)? You look much more like an adult."
I smile.
"Because I'm kinda grown up..."
He chuckles and the green area starts to glow more in warmth.
Especially around him.
But the flowers around me die and start to fall.
"It's beans so long..."
"Yes it been..."

Before another word could be shared the worst memories appears.
We are back at the mansion but it's destroyed.
My messed up look fits the scenario now more.
And to my surprise to copy is standing beside or as me.
The marble garden ground is covered in blood and dirt.
The pool nearby a makeshift corpse grave.
Holding onto the reeling of the garden plot I spot a women laying on the ground.
Here appearance may make her look dead but she is not.
She laughs.
Mocking me.
Not fearing me.

The women starts to laugh more.
My voice starts to tremble and my confidence weakens.
I speak up to her.
"Tell me...what am you?"
She stops laughing and looks at me with an unreadable expression.
She tries to mimic a thinker pose but her arms are gone.
"I don't know..but you are no person for me...thats for sure..."
"And what am I then?"
I need to know it.
Eventhough I have know the truth for as long as I am in twisted wonderland.

"You investment...a subject of science to be a perfect human...but still more of an investment..."
"You kept me 18 years around just because I was that?"
"Yeah...should have get rid of you when I could..."
I know this women is alive.
She has too.
Otherwise she wouldn't act so confident in this hallucination.

I clench my fist and look at her, ready to strangle her to death.

"But now tell me...what do you want from me? What do you crave so much it's the only thing you want...?"
Silence occurs.
A storm appears and makes the mansion collapse more.
Something even explodes and makes the building catch on fire.

She smirks and tries to say something but I cut her short.



But the moment I try to say anything I wake up and sit up immediately.
This even startles the prince.
"Go back to sleep, Omnivore....Omnivore...?"
He sits up and looks at me.
I stare into the void, clenching fists while ignoring him completely.
Finishing my sentence I turn to him and speak.

"I crave no honor. I only crave revenge..."


She took my happiness, my love and just everything-
"What is going on, (Y/N)?"
I snap out of my stare and only now realise how worried Leona looks.
His eyes never leaving mine.

His hand is taking mine into his own and he seems to inspect my face.
"I know that look, Omnivore. It's a look which people wear before they do something dumb and butal."
His raspy voice is stern and commanding.
His grip thight and not easy to break.

My mind slowly snaps out of it and I lose emotions.
"Nothing is going on."
I lay back down and try to fall asleep.

The prince doesn't talk or anything.
He just lays back and turns away this time.

And thus the next day arrives.
The day when we travel back to NRC.

The morning was very quite and none of us shared a word.
Infront of the teleportation mirror Cheka just held onto Leona and wouldn't budge a centimetre.
The cheetah boy gave me a little hand made gift and then left to go to the hyena soldier.
If we are real cheetahs are kinda f tier animals.
They only used their points in the speed category and now need to pay the price for it.

Anyway, after getting the cub of Leona, with a lot of protests from Chekas side, we silently travelled back to NRC.
We silently walked towards the Savanclaw dorm and saw Ruggie, waving at us from the distance.
But once he felt the tense mood his cheerful self turned into a concerned one.
Leona just walked past him, while I stayed.

"What is with him?"
"Can I sleep at your place? He wanted some...self-time..."
I look down and the hyena boy smiles in an understanding manner.
He walked me to his room.
On the way there I spot Yuu, all drenched in water.

"Oh, hey (Y/N)-"
"Leona can help you with your problem."
"Huh? Ok, but-"
I walked past them, leaving them behind as fast as I could.
Since we got back, I had this feeling of guilt.
But im going to just...bottle it up.
It will be fine.

"Welcome! In my humble sleeping place!", Ruggie exclaimed.
He throws himself on his bed and grins at me.
A small smile escapes but I quickly noticed a guitar in his room.
Mesmerized I walk towards it, ignoring every call from Ruggie.

I point at it and turn towards him.
"Where...did you get it?"
"Oh, that? A student, who already graduated, left it here. I found it and just...kept it in my room. I don't know how to play it so it's just decor."
I turn back to look at it and takes it into my hands.

The window towards the bed is open and illuminates a warm, orange glow.
Slowly, I try to remember on how to play the guitar again.

The guitar itself has several handmade carvings in it.
Telling a story from the afterglow Savannah.
Small animals, nature and people are illustrated and more.
After some tries I start to hum a song while playing the guitar.
Ruggie just listens to it, all the while the door is a bit open, so a certain lion can hear the melody too.

For once in these past days, peace and tranquillity forms inside me and the warmth of the sun gives me back the feeling of being loved once again.

Chapter Text

There was no talking or anything else involved.
Ruggie fell asleep after some time but I still kept on playing.

I put the guitar back and pull my cardigan even thighter over myself.
'I should apologize.'
It was not fair to act this harsh towards all of them.
But things start to come up which my mind obviously shut away.
As a defense mechanism.
"I shouldn't make up excuses..."
I stand up and make my way out of Ruggies room, the sun having already set, and heading towards Leonas room.
From the outside I can hear Yuu and Leona talking.
How to destroy the contracts but something unexpected happens.
The lion tells them how to do it but refuses to help.

'Wait, wait, wait... this is not how it should go!'
Is it because of me? Because of what happened? I shouldn't have gone with him!

The door is getting ripped open and Yuu walks out, but in a thinking manner.
"Yuu, wait-!"
"Not now! I need to think of a solution for tomorrow, (Y/N)!"
They storm off, but I storm into Leonas room.

"What was that!?", I scream at him and point towards the now closed door.
He looks at me and shrugs his shoulders.
He is laying on his bed, all relaxed and comfortable but sits up the moment I enter the room.
"This herbivore is not my problem."
"But you are supposed to help them!"
I gesture around and walk in circles in his room.
My mind is going crazy due to this event.
"This is not how it's supposed to happen!"
l instantly shut my mouth and look at the, now at me suspicious looking Leona.
He slowly stands up and speaks in a low voice.
"What is not supposed to happen?"

The stress, the fear and all the secret holding makes me blurt out the most unconventional thing ever.
"This! The future will be in fucking chaos!"
He eyes me with a bit concern but dismisses it and pushes me out of the room.
"Then do something about it. But don't involve me."
The prince shuts his door and leaves me standing in the corridor.

I run towards Jack's room, in which Yuu currently resides.

"We need to talk!"
I burst into the room and see a concerned Yuu, walking in circles with the dumb trio and Jack sitting in different spots of the room.
All of them look at me but Yuu runs towards and holds my arms.
"(Y/N), please help us! The deadline is tomorrow after the sun sets and we couldn't break trough! Leona told me what to do but he won't help! Plea-"
"I know a way.", I mumble low. "Huh?", they blink several times and then shine.
"Yeah,'s...I mean..."
Jack now joins in.
"In order to destroy the magical contracts we need to separate the twins from Azul. We can't rip the contracts apart in a normal way but with some sort of magical power it could wor-"
"I know a way!", I repeat with confidence. The chatter chatter stops and I manage to breath in and out.
"I can help you."

[Next day]

As normal I went to work in the Mostro Lounge.
And as expected the twins were not there.
But Azul is still in his office, humming in satisfaction and happiness.
I bring him his morning coffee and he quick shoots a glance at me.
"So...why so happy?"
He puts down his own and paper, seemingly having worked on a big project.
"I'm going to able to start a second establishment! By that I can exceed my power of this school and the people!"
He shines in happiness and even stands up.
"Then no one will defy me or humiliate me!"
"Ah, yeah what about me? It's my second home bro."
He pushes his glasses in anime style back and grins.
"You shall be the chef of that establishment! I can't be at two places at the same time so-"
"But with your tentacles you can be IN 8 places at the same time."
I show him my shit grin and he just gets red.
He turns away from me but gets himself back together.
"A-anyway, I will soon meet the twins and still need to do some things. I hope you manage everything well."
He takes his stuff and leaves without any suspicion.

"Time to take action..."
In order to perform everything I need to try something out.
And that is to get my-
I hate customer service!

After getting rid of the customers and putting the closed sign up I run towards the VIP room and manage to somehow open the big safe.
A big ass bunch of these contracts are lying there but the moment I get one in my hands a person rushes in the room.
"What are you doing!?"
I first try to think of an excuse but then decide to face the moment.
I turn around and hold the contract in my hands.
"You can't possible break it, you know?"
I slowly tense the glowing paper and it truly won't make any sound nor sign of ripping apart.
"I know I can't break it..."
"Then give it back, (Y/N). You can't do anything against it."
"But I will make sure everything goes how it should..."
"What did you say?"
He starts to walk closer but I grab all the contracts in a nearby bag and run out as fast as I could.

He follows me, trying to actually attack me with magic.
We run out and I get greeted by the twins chasing the group of Yuu, which results in us getting caged by them.

"Fish-chan!~ You got all these contracts! But why?"
"This not of any concern because they won't be able to do anything to them! NOW get them back!", Azul screams at the twins.

"(Y/N)? What are we gonna do...?", the group looks at me with hope and I return a small smile.
"You are not going to do anything...for now..."
"What do you mean-", Ace tries to ask but I run out of the circle and step on a rock.
"Climbing on a rock won't make you bigger, (Y/N)-san. You will only be easier to catch.", Jade comments.
I chuckle and then take Yuus contract out.
"I actually never tried it. But if my theories is correct, the contract should be destroyed by it. Or rather said drained."
"What do you mean no no no NO! (Y/N)?! Don't do anything reckless again!", Yuu screams at me with fear, soon joined by the others as they now that something dangerous is going to happen.

'Enjoy your plot armor, Yuu. Because mine won't last that long...probably...'
I breath and and then speak at the top if my lungs.
"If Leona won't do his pre designed job then I will! Otherwise nothing will go as planned!"
I hold Yuus contract up and close my eyes.
"I'm going to make sure that the story goes on..."

"Stop this ridiculous act, (Y/N). You can't do anything about my golden contract! Hell you don't even have magic to harm it!"
The twins now step closer to me and so does Azul but this is my cue to show what I was probably designed for.
"You are so...wrong..."

Once I focus all on myself, I start to whisper.
Whisper bad things.
Bad things to myself.
And soon enough my mind becomes bad too.
'You can't possibly do anything, can you?' 'This is so go and stay in your room.' 'Don't bother me son. I got more important things to do then you.'

My arms become black and blot starts to drip from it. 'Stay in the forgotten wing where you belong too.' I open my eyes and see several different expressions.
Looking at Yuu, Grim, Jack, Ace and Deuce I see fear mixed with concern and shock.
While Jade is curious and Floyd a bit surprised, Azul just looks in fear at the contract in my hand.

It's now pitch black, full of blot and starts to crumble.
And since it's his magic he can sense how it's dissolving and dying.

"No! Not like this!", he screams.
"Nothing can destroy my contracts! NOTHING!"
He runs towards me and smashed me down from the rock.
Ripping the now faded paper pieces out of my hand to only see them vanish.
"How....", he mumbles.
"How did you do it...?", he now looks at me.
I stare at him with dead and empty eyes.
The blot forming a puddle.

"This will happen to all of your contracts or magical things If you don't release the people you scammed..."
I slowly sit up and grab his tie.
"But if you won't do it then I can make you lose everything you ever earned...including your own unique magic..."
His eyes are wide, his face in shock and hate as well as fear and confusion.

"But so you'power' comes with a price you never would want to pay..."
'To relive things you never want to ever see again...'

The octomer stumbles back and starts to lose his mind.
Screaming and panicking as I let all of the contracts be taken by the blot.
Some are still unscathered and he tries to get them.
But I keep a firm hold on it.

"Why do you do this?", he asks desperate.
"Why do you want to humiliate me so much!? Didn't I suffered enough!?"
Now he starts to lose it really hard.
"I have worked hard to get were I am today! And YOU won't take it away from me! Not even with your cursed power!"

As if he is magnetic, the blot moves from my arms towards him.
He only has eyes for his contracts and ignores everything else.

"I was looked down on since I was a child and planned everything out! Everything! How to get my revenge, my power my...everything! And the moment I thought I could trust someone... you betray me !", his voice shakes and breaks.
With tears and betrayel he looks at me and gets consumed by the blot.

I crawl away and look at the twins, who are focused on Azul alone.

But I need to do something.
If Leona won't be here then I will be that shit eating grin lion.

I stand up and run beside Yuu.
They try to help my arms but I quickly calm them down by saying it's all ok.

I think at some point we know how it all goes.
Our dear Azul Overblots and since Leona won't do his job we will gonna do it.

"It's pay day, Bitch."

Chapter Text

"I would recognize that weeding shattering voice! I'm Eliza from the house of the undead and I'm here to protect my prince and kill you!"

"Sounds fake to me but I guess."

Oh, you wonder how this happened, I guess.
Eliza appeared!
Eliza the ghost who wants to marry Idia! Forcefully!
Not on my watch, bitch.
But let's look back how it all started.


[ One hour before Ghost attack ]

What a beautiful day it is.
Right now I'm sweeping the frontyard while talking to Lilia.
He decided to randomly drop in but never left.
But he still is no help at all.

"And what did he say? Like his first word?", I ask the old fae.
"I don't really recall that moment. Silver slept so much that just mumbling could be considered his first word!", he answered.
He is sitting on a bench, swinging his legs back and forth.
We were talking about Silver and Sebek but got interrupted by a fast running Ace.

He is sweating and panicking heavily.
His breath could probably run faster than him considering how fast he is breathing.
"(Y/N)! We got an emergency!", he yells.
I turn towards him and put my free hand on my hip.
"And what is it again? Ate a tart?"
I didn't thought that any of the events would happen.
Like the camping one or the Beans day.

But it seems that a new foe appeared...apparently.

"It's worse!", Ace yells.
He points towards the school building, which by now is surrounded by ghosts.
"Some ghosts are attacking."
Lilia gasps in fake horror while I stare at the castle like building.
"What are we gonna do-"

I drop the broom and storm past Ace towards the school, trying to reach the mirror chambers.
But all I see are panicking students and a bunch of soldier ghosts chasing them.
Searching for the bridegroom for the princess of the undead.

From far away I hear a high-pitched voice, cussing at some poor person.
So, I run towards that direction.

"I demand a prince!", shouts the flying ghost of a princess.
"But there won't be a fitting groom, your highness! Better leave and search somewhere else! I recommend the RSA."
The rest was blended out.

From behind I feel a tap on my shoulder.
I turn around and see the soon-to-be-bridegroom of the day, Idia.
"H-hey... you know what is going on...? These ghosts are chasing literally everybody."
He fumbles around with his fingers and nervously looks around.
Definitly uncomfortable.

"This...princess is searching for a perfect prince, what I could overhear."
Idia looks past me towards Crowley and the us back-facing princess.
I was about to push him away, so he is safe but a ghost spotted him.

"Your highness! Your highness! I found the perfect one! I found your perfect prince!"
They swarm around Idia and hold him in place.
He struggles and tries to flee but the ghosts are kinda good at capture.

She turns around instantly and looks at the now captured Idia.
Her cheeks start to blush, her hand lays over the place were her heart was once and she gasps in a happy motion.
"Shroud-san! Flee!", Crowley screams but was attacked by a bunch of ghosts.

The princess floats towards him and smiles at him.
But Idia is far from happy.
"My perfect prince... you finally came! Now we can become the perfect couple."
"W-wait no! This is not real! Stop, don't come closer!"
She almost kissed him but this is were I interrupt them.

"STOP! You violated the law!"
"The law of marriage!", I add.
I'm trying, ok?
"What law of marriage?", asks the princess.
I stand now normal infront of her and clasp my hands together.
Idia looks at me with hope while the princess is annoyed.
"You know that you kiss AFTER the formal ceremony and all?"
Now the princess looks like she forgot something very important and Idia as if he got hit by a truck.

She gets a hold of me and comes far to close for comfort to my face.
"You are sooo right!"
She let's go and starts to float around, calling all her minions.
"My dear companions! Today is the day! As we found my perfect groom we shall soon hold our weeding and seal the deal with a kiss during the full moon!  We need to start the preparations now!"

The ghosts cheer in unison while some other important main characters yell against it.

And thus starts the moment everything got very stressful.

As Idia got abducted all the dorm heads hold an emergency meeting to try and save him.
There were exactly 3 days till the next full moon.
As we gathered information we came to the conclusion that we need a better groom.
One who can take down Eliza too.

To this day I never understood why Ace was choosen as part of the groom gang but at the same time I never really questioned the decisions made in the game.

Our line-up of grooms consisted of Ace, Riddle, Epel, Rook and Lilia (as a backup man).
Plan A was to use all the men we had to charm Eliza and Plan B was to challenge her.
But hopefully it would never come to this.

On the second day we prepared all the outfits and just all that stuff we would need so that on the third day we marched towards the made-up chapel by the ghosts.

As I was on the way to said destination with the fancy boys I remembered something.
It was the fact that Elizas slaps can paralyze one.
So we sure as hell need to-
"What the fuck happened...?"
I mean, I know what happened but... there is a sea of good-looking men, laying on the ground infront of my feet.
"Fish-chan!~ You came to rescue us!~", chirps Floyd happily.
Eventhough most of them were in quite the uncomfortable positions they looked...hopeful.
I dressed into some fancy clothes too, hoping I could charm her and get Idia back but that was now considered a master task for me.

Upon our group arrival, Eliza turned around and almost fell into a rage by seeing us.
"I told you I will not change my mind and will marry this perfect man, if he wants it or not! Soldiers, attack!"
A group of ghost soldiers attack us but with Lilia in the back it's quite easy to defeat them.
"Eliza? You are surroundid! Let the hostage go and we can clear it the good way!",  Riddle yells at her.
Soon Rook joins in.
"Oui, mon cherie! We wouldn't want to do it the hard way, would we?"
Lilia now jumps infront of me and goes down on one knee towards Eliza.
"My beautiful princess, if we are being honest I would be a more perfect fit then Shroud-san. At least we could probably match from age.", he chuckles slightly and winks at her but she just turns away and floats towards our very fine-dressed up groom of the day.
Just that his expression is that one of fear.
But till he looks good-

"Hey, (Y/N)."
"Huh? What is it, Ace?"
"Get out of here. We can handle this."
"But why?"
He explains that I should move to a safer location as with Lilias help they won't need more backup people.
But I kept on refusing.
We bicker around until we hear a loud slap noise and see how the ghosts take Lilias paralyzed body and 'sit' it down on one of the chairs.
He gives us an apologetic look and tries to warn us but Ace and Epel got taken out next and even Riddle.

Now. Rook and I stand side by side but the gentleman Rook was he moved infront of me, as if he tried to protect me.
He was able to defend some of her attacks and even the ghosts at the same time but his desire to talk became his utter demise.
"Do not worry, my damsel. I shall protect you with myself! I-"
And Rook got hit too.

Now it's only me and Eliza.
"Do you want to interrupt me too?!", she shook at me.
But I had a plan.
"No. I was about to leave. To leave you two alone...and let you have your wedding."
If they all could look at me they would stare me to death but I ignored it and went to sit down on one of the wedding chairs.
Eliza quickly gathered herself and went back to the altar.
The ghost pastor started his speech, while Idia still tried to break free.
But at this point it was to no vain.
The real rope thing kept him in place and wouldn't let him go that fast away.

"And now Elizabeth, princess of the undead, do you want to take Idia Shroud as your husband until all eternity?"
"Yes, I want."
The ghost pastor now turned towards Idia.
"And you Idia Shroud, do you want to take Elizabeth as your wife for all eternity?"
The poor boy tried to say no but something sealed his lips thight and shut when he tried to say it.
Which is why he stays silent the whole time until Elizabeth gets so annoyed that she forces a 'yes' out of him with magic.
The pastor closes his book and now looks around.
"What a beautiful couple! If no objections I proclaim you now as wife and-"

My time has come.
As dramatic as I could I rise from my seat, which make the chair fall with force onto the ground.
I hold my hand, with the bouquet, up in to the air and throw it at Eliza.
With a death glare she looks at me and l at her.

" I object."

[Flashback End]

"That's it! I challenge you to single combat and will end your life for good!"
As some sort of demonstration she powers up the seal, which keeps Idia in place.

"Fine! I accept! But if you lose I get married to ldia and you leave for good!"
"Wait! Don't I get a saying in this-"
""Shut up!"", we scream both at him.
Idia instantly keeps quite and shrinks back into the background.

Since all the others are able to watch this spectacle they gave various comments.
"Little potatoe, stop this nonsense right away!"
"(Y/N)-chan!~ Don't hurt yourself! We need to take pictures after your heroic battle!"
"B-be safe, (Y/N)..."

I just showed a thumbs up and took a random chair into my hands.
Better something then nothing I like to say.

We stand there for a moment until she charges me.
But once she tries to hit me she hits a force field of something and getd thrown back.
'So it's working!'
I yeet the chair away and start to chase that women.
Everytime I get to close to her she gets zapped by some force field.

For understanding:
The jewels, which are sewn into any Outfit, are protection crystals.
Ecspecially harmful for echoplasma beings like ghosts.
Vil made my outfit and we both decided, for protection reasons, to integrate them into my outfit.
The only negative aspect:
Each time she hits my force field one crystal gets more damaged.
Overall there are six crystals embedded into my outfit.
One crystal can create up to three force fields.
Overall 18 force fields from which 6 are gone.

So, how do you terrorize a female ghost without let her think you are almost out of power?
You start to act.

"Wait Eliza! Let us talk this out!"
She stops in her tracks and turn towards me.
"Yes! Yes! Please!", she responds a bit terrified.
We now face each other infront of the Altar.
Idia still a terrified mess but with more hope in his eyes.

"What do you want? I-"
"Give Idia back!"
"Then I have to slap your ass-!"
To assert dominance I slap the nearest person, that being Sebek, and activate my borrowed powers.
Sebek is shocked but just keeps silent.
As I am the only way out of this, maybe.

She now summons a random sword and points it towards me.
"I am challenging thee! For the hand of my perfect prince!"
She now starts to float towards me, which results in my utter retreat.
But hold on!
I have something stored away.

She stops mid tracks and looks at me in confusion.
I run back out of the building to a side room.
I take the biggest, anime like sword and run back.
The moment I enter she focuses back on me and I walk towards her.

With a smirk she snorts and points her sword at me.
"Oh? You are approaching me?"
I smirk at her and point my sword at her.
"Yes! And I will end your existence if you don't give up!"

If I could have told my past self what legendary fuckery this action was I wouldn't have.
Because that was a moment everyone recalls till today.

From the background I could hear some of the more extroverted kind of people, meaning Ace, Floyd, Epel, Kalim, Ruggie and even Lilia, cheer me on.
Others tried to break free like the more power ones.
But to no veil, till now.

I fought a fierce battle against the princess of the unread but it soon came to an end.
Because she...stabbed me.
She hit me in a very crucial spot and I fell.
I could hear several 'Noooo's and so on but soon I passed out.

Or what I let the others believe.
Malleus was left out.
And I called for his help and he arrived.
As the super powerful dragon fae he is he uncursed...? All the others in an instant.

Eliza was overthrown and so the ghosts were chased out by some very angry first years.

I still pretended to be...dead I guess...But soon had to quit the act.
I heard some fast footsteps hurry over and a very worried voice, which belonged to Idia.
"Quick! We need to help them!"
"I'm on it!", responded a very stressed out voice.
But before they could do anything...
"Hey...why are they smiling?"

I started to laugh and pushed myself of the ground revealing the sword if Eliza.
It didn't even hurt me.
It was a ghost sword.
It wasn't even made of some actual materials.

"Y-your alive! But how?", Idia asks.
I pinch his cheek and chuckle.
"It's a ghost sword dummy. It can't even scratch me."

I sigh and look at the ceiling.
"I guess that was enough trolling for the day."

And so we vanquished the ghosts and rescued an Idia from his utter demise.


And made it my demise!
Bro, I just wanted to stand up and go and some of these guys decided to use the setting to their advantage!
To marry!
Come on.
This wasn't supposed to happen!
Can someone help me?