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Helper from the Side

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"I would recognize that weeding shattering voice! I'm Eliza from the house of the undead and I'm here to protect my prince and kill you!"

"Sounds fake to me but I guess."

Oh, you wonder how this happened, I guess.
Eliza appeared!
Eliza the ghost who wants to marry Idia! Forcefully!
Not on my watch, bitch.
But let's look back how it all started.


[ One hour before Ghost attack ]

What a beautiful day it is.
Right now I'm sweeping the frontyard while talking to Lilia.
He decided to randomly drop in but never left.
But he still is no help at all.

"And what did he say? Like his first word?", I ask the old fae.
"I don't really recall that moment. Silver slept so much that just mumbling could be considered his first word!", he answered.
He is sitting on a bench, swinging his legs back and forth.
We were talking about Silver and Sebek but got interrupted by a fast running Ace.

He is sweating and panicking heavily.
His breath could probably run faster than him considering how fast he is breathing.
"(Y/N)! We got an emergency!", he yells.
I turn towards him and put my free hand on my hip.
"And what is it again? Ate a tart?"
I didn't thought that any of the events would happen.
Like the camping one or the Beans day.

But it seems that a new foe appeared...apparently.

"It's worse!", Ace yells.
He points towards the school building, which by now is surrounded by ghosts.
"Some ghosts are attacking."
Lilia gasps in fake horror while I stare at the castle like building.
"What are we gonna do-"

I drop the broom and storm past Ace towards the school, trying to reach the mirror chambers.
But all I see are panicking students and a bunch of soldier ghosts chasing them.
Searching for the bridegroom for the princess of the undead.

From far away I hear a high-pitched voice, cussing at some poor person.
So, I run towards that direction.

"I demand a prince!", shouts the flying ghost of a princess.
"But there won't be a fitting groom, your highness! Better leave and search somewhere else! I recommend the RSA."
The rest was blended out.

From behind I feel a tap on my shoulder.
I turn around and see the soon-to-be-bridegroom of the day, Idia.
"H-hey... you know what is going on...? These ghosts are chasing literally everybody."
He fumbles around with his fingers and nervously looks around.
Definitly uncomfortable.

"This...princess is searching for a perfect prince, what I could overhear."
Idia looks past me towards Crowley and the us back-facing princess.
I was about to push him away, so he is safe but a ghost spotted him.

"Your highness! Your highness! I found the perfect one! I found your perfect prince!"
They swarm around Idia and hold him in place.
He struggles and tries to flee but the ghosts are kinda good at capture.

She turns around instantly and looks at the now captured Idia.
Her cheeks start to blush, her hand lays over the place were her heart was once and she gasps in a happy motion.
"Shroud-san! Flee!", Crowley screams but was attacked by a bunch of ghosts.

The princess floats towards him and smiles at him.
But Idia is far from happy.
"My perfect prince... you finally came! Now we can become the perfect couple."
"W-wait no! This is not real! Stop, don't come closer!"
She almost kissed him but this is were I interrupt them.

"STOP! You violated the law!"
"The law of marriage!", I add.
I'm trying, ok?
"What law of marriage?", asks the princess.
I stand now normal infront of her and clasp my hands together.
Idia looks at me with hope while the princess is annoyed.
"You know that you kiss AFTER the formal ceremony and all?"
Now the princess looks like she forgot something very important and Idia as if he got hit by a truck.

She gets a hold of me and comes far to close for comfort to my face.
"You are sooo right!"
She let's go and starts to float around, calling all her minions.
"My dear companions! Today is the day! As we found my perfect groom we shall soon hold our weeding and seal the deal with a kiss during the full moon!  We need to start the preparations now!"

The ghosts cheer in unison while some other important main characters yell against it.

And thus starts the moment everything got very stressful.

As Idia got abducted all the dorm heads hold an emergency meeting to try and save him.
There were exactly 3 days till the next full moon.
As we gathered information we came to the conclusion that we need a better groom.
One who can take down Eliza too.

To this day I never understood why Ace was choosen as part of the groom gang but at the same time I never really questioned the decisions made in the game.

Our line-up of grooms consisted of Ace, Riddle, Epel, Rook and Lilia (as a backup man).
Plan A was to use all the men we had to charm Eliza and Plan B was to challenge her.
But hopefully it would never come to this.

On the second day we prepared all the outfits and just all that stuff we would need so that on the third day we marched towards the made-up chapel by the ghosts.

As I was on the way to said destination with the fancy boys I remembered something.
It was the fact that Elizas slaps can paralyze one.
So we sure as hell need to-
"What the fuck happened...?"
I mean, I know what happened but... there is a sea of good-looking men, laying on the ground infront of my feet.
"Fish-chan!~ You came to rescue us!~", chirps Floyd happily.
Eventhough most of them were in quite the uncomfortable positions they looked...hopeful.
I dressed into some fancy clothes too, hoping I could charm her and get Idia back but that was now considered a master task for me.

Upon our group arrival, Eliza turned around and almost fell into a rage by seeing us.
"I told you I will not change my mind and will marry this perfect man, if he wants it or not! Soldiers, attack!"
A group of ghost soldiers attack us but with Lilia in the back it's quite easy to defeat them.
"Eliza? You are surroundid! Let the hostage go and we can clear it the good way!",  Riddle yells at her.
Soon Rook joins in.
"Oui, mon cherie! We wouldn't want to do it the hard way, would we?"
Lilia now jumps infront of me and goes down on one knee towards Eliza.
"My beautiful princess, if we are being honest I would be a more perfect fit then Shroud-san. At least we could probably match from age.", he chuckles slightly and winks at her but she just turns away and floats towards our very fine-dressed up groom of the day.
Just that his expression is that one of fear.
But till he looks good-

"Hey, (Y/N)."
"Huh? What is it, Ace?"
"Get out of here. We can handle this."
"But why?"
He explains that I should move to a safer location as with Lilias help they won't need more backup people.
But I kept on refusing.
We bicker around until we hear a loud slap noise and see how the ghosts take Lilias paralyzed body and 'sit' it down on one of the chairs.
He gives us an apologetic look and tries to warn us but Ace and Epel got taken out next and even Riddle.

Now. Rook and I stand side by side but the gentleman Rook was he moved infront of me, as if he tried to protect me.
He was able to defend some of her attacks and even the ghosts at the same time but his desire to talk became his utter demise.
"Do not worry, my damsel. I shall protect you with myself! I-"
And Rook got hit too.

Now it's only me and Eliza.
"Do you want to interrupt me too?!", she shook at me.
But I had a plan.
"No. I was about to leave. To leave you two alone...and let you have your wedding."
If they all could look at me they would stare me to death but I ignored it and went to sit down on one of the wedding chairs.
Eliza quickly gathered herself and went back to the altar.
The ghost pastor started his speech, while Idia still tried to break free.
But at this point it was to no vain.
The real rope thing kept him in place and wouldn't let him go that fast away.

"And now Elizabeth, princess of the undead, do you want to take Idia Shroud as your husband until all eternity?"
"Yes, I want."
The ghost pastor now turned towards Idia.
"And you Idia Shroud, do you want to take Elizabeth as your wife for all eternity?"
The poor boy tried to say no but something sealed his lips thight and shut when he tried to say it.
Which is why he stays silent the whole time until Elizabeth gets so annoyed that she forces a 'yes' out of him with magic.
The pastor closes his book and now looks around.
"What a beautiful couple! If no objections I proclaim you now as wife and-"

My time has come.
As dramatic as I could I rise from my seat, which make the chair fall with force onto the ground.
I hold my hand, with the bouquet, up in to the air and throw it at Eliza.
With a death glare she looks at me and l at her.

" I object."

[Flashback End]

"That's it! I challenge you to single combat and will end your life for good!"
As some sort of demonstration she powers up the seal, which keeps Idia in place.

"Fine! I accept! But if you lose I get married to ldia and you leave for good!"
"Wait! Don't I get a saying in this-"
""Shut up!"", we scream both at him.
Idia instantly keeps quite and shrinks back into the background.

Since all the others are able to watch this spectacle they gave various comments.
"Little potatoe, stop this nonsense right away!"
"(Y/N)-chan!~ Don't hurt yourself! We need to take pictures after your heroic battle!"
"B-be safe, (Y/N)..."

I just showed a thumbs up and took a random chair into my hands.
Better something then nothing I like to say.

We stand there for a moment until she charges me.
But once she tries to hit me she hits a force field of something and getd thrown back.
'So it's working!'
I yeet the chair away and start to chase that women.
Everytime I get to close to her she gets zapped by some force field.

For understanding:
The jewels, which are sewn into any Outfit, are protection crystals.
Ecspecially harmful for echoplasma beings like ghosts.
Vil made my outfit and we both decided, for protection reasons, to integrate them into my outfit.
The only negative aspect:
Each time she hits my force field one crystal gets more damaged.
Overall there are six crystals embedded into my outfit.
One crystal can create up to three force fields.
Overall 18 force fields from which 6 are gone.

So, how do you terrorize a female ghost without let her think you are almost out of power?
You start to act.

"Wait Eliza! Let us talk this out!"
She stops in her tracks and turn towards me.
"Yes! Yes! Please!", she responds a bit terrified.
We now face each other infront of the Altar.
Idia still a terrified mess but with more hope in his eyes.

"What do you want? I-"
"Give Idia back!"
"Then I have to slap your ass-!"
To assert dominance I slap the nearest person, that being Sebek, and activate my borrowed powers.
Sebek is shocked but just keeps silent.
As I am the only way out of this, maybe.

She now summons a random sword and points it towards me.
"I am challenging thee! For the hand of my perfect prince!"
She now starts to float towards me, which results in my utter retreat.
But hold on!
I have something stored away.

She stops mid tracks and looks at me in confusion.
I run back out of the building to a side room.
I take the biggest, anime like sword and run back.
The moment I enter she focuses back on me and I walk towards her.

With a smirk she snorts and points her sword at me.
"Oh? You are approaching me?"
I smirk at her and point my sword at her.
"Yes! And I will end your existence if you don't give up!"

If I could have told my past self what legendary fuckery this action was I wouldn't have.
Because that was a moment everyone recalls till today.

From the background I could hear some of the more extroverted kind of people, meaning Ace, Floyd, Epel, Kalim, Ruggie and even Lilia, cheer me on.
Others tried to break free like the more power ones.
But to no veil, till now.

I fought a fierce battle against the princess of the unread but it soon came to an end.
Because she...stabbed me.
She hit me in a very crucial spot and I fell.
I could hear several 'Noooo's and so on but soon I passed out.

Or what I let the others believe.
Malleus was left out.
And I called for his help and he arrived.
As the super powerful dragon fae he is he uncursed...? All the others in an instant.

Eliza was overthrown and so the ghosts were chased out by some very angry first years.

I still pretended to be...dead I guess...But soon had to quit the act.
I heard some fast footsteps hurry over and a very worried voice, which belonged to Idia.
"Quick! We need to help them!"
"I'm on it!", responded a very stressed out voice.
But before they could do anything...
"Hey...why are they smiling?"

I started to laugh and pushed myself of the ground revealing the sword if Eliza.
It didn't even hurt me.
It was a ghost sword.
It wasn't even made of some actual materials.

"Y-your alive! But how?", Idia asks.
I pinch his cheek and chuckle.
"It's a ghost sword dummy. It can't even scratch me."

I sigh and look at the ceiling.
"I guess that was enough trolling for the day."

And so we vanquished the ghosts and rescued an Idia from his utter demise.


And made it my demise!
Bro, I just wanted to stand up and go and some of these guys decided to use the setting to their advantage!
To marry!
Come on.
This wasn't supposed to happen!
Can someone help me?