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Helper from the Side

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Imma make myself clear:
Yuu, the in-game protagonist, and the Reader are not the same. They are two separate characters who appear in this story. But I will use for both gender-neutral pronounces.

But if you want to the Reader can be your OC too, since everything about the Reader/OC is something you decide upon.
We have the typical (Y/N) stuff going on for only the Reader/OC.
This Chapter is more of an...introduction.

I really have no idea where this trip of a story will go and what will happen. But I'm going to say that that Yuu/Reader won't happen
(I'm just trying to find out how these tags work -0-).
I will maybe let Yuu be forever single throughout the story or one of the other first years will be with them.
As I said I don't know what will happen here.

When it comes to Yuu I would say they have like one of these "normal" designs. Just short, black hair and the school uniform. When it comes to gender I will make them neutral's up to you to think of them being a he/they/she.

The Reader, or if you want your OC, will to have neutral pronounces. But the looks are up to you to decide with these shortcuts:

(y/n)-your Name
(l/n)-last Name
(f/c)-favorite colour
(e/c)-eye colour
(e/s)-eye shape
(h/c)-hair colour
(h/l)-hair lenght

(s/c)-skin colour

I will always post them at the beginning.
So no need to memorize all now 0^0 (eventhough I believe people know them already since some are obsessed with reader inserts 0-0 I'm no exception).

If there are heavier topics appearing in the chapter I will make a warning at the beginning.

Smut will probably not happen cause I don't know how to write it T.T.
And if there is a pretty much... passionate scene to happen and could maybe end in a make out session I will probably skip it. Like it happened's up to your imagination what happened there 0^0. You will only know that it happened and that is already next morning or something like that.

That's probably the end for now.
I will maybe post later a chapter here, with actually story material, but if you are still here reading this. Wow. Thanks.
I welcome you to a wild ride with no real regulated schedule and no real planned story line.
Thanks for reading