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Sonic and the Band

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Disclaimer: I do not own Sonic the Hedgehog, or any of its associated characters and lore.


Sonic and the Band


Knothole City, Great Forest, Kingdom of Acorn, Northamer, Earth, 3234 Post-Xenomorph Event

As nighttime enclosed over Knothole, the hidden sanctuary that served as the Kingdom of Acorn's capital as well as a refuge for numerous Freedom Fighters from all over the continent of Northamer, lights were displayed at an open theater where the famous band, the Forget Me Knots, were to play music for the Mobian people who lived and worked there. While many attendees gathered to see the concert, the Forget Me Knots themselves were gathering off the stage to make light conversation before it was showtime.

"So let me get this straight, Big Blue." The lead guitar player, Sharps the Parakeet, was telling the band's hedgehog on keyboard, Sonic, while their friends, Mach the Rabbit on drums, Max the Monkey with his bass guitar, and the lead singer, Mina the Mongoose, were also with them. "The last time you were partying with that echidna dude and Tails, you guys thought up boy band names?"

Smiling sheepishly at Sharps' amused expression, Sonic replied. "Yeah, it was a weird night. If anything, though, Knuckles came up with a cool name like "Dude-itude" while the other big name we came up with was just plain awful."

"How bad are we talking?" Mach asked with a curious smile.

Sighing in exhaustion, Sonic just said two words. "Dreamboat Express."

While the other three Mobian males groaned in disgust, Mina showed an eager smile as she commented. "That's actually a good name, Sonic."

"It is?" All four boys could not help but ask in unison.

"Yeah." Mina confirmed as she then added. "All that would be missing is the right pop songs and glittery suits, and you'd be golden."

While Sonic looked questionable at the bits of detail, Max and the rest could not restrain their laughter much to the former's annoyance.

"Leave it to Mina to make the best joke at your expense, Sonic." Said the monkey just when another Mobian mongoose, their manager, Ash, popped up to say.

"Okay, people, it's almost time to start the music. Get ready for the stage."

As the Forget Me Knots prepared to get on the stage, Mina came to Sonic and said. "Just so you know, babe, I wasn't making fun of you about the boy band name." Leaving a quick kiss on his lips, she then parted to say. "At least not entirely."

As Mina and the rest of the band shared a laugh on their way to the concert, Sonic spread his arms in an uncertain way to a curious Ash before making his way to his keyboard on stage.

As the crowd cheered, Mina exclaimed in the microphone. "Good evening, Knothole!" Hearing the louder cheers from the crowd brought determined smiles to her and her bandmates faces before Mina then said. "This song goes out to one of my boyfriend's closest friends who's done so much for the Freedom Fighters' cause!"

"And he's a pretty good friend, no matter how knuckle-headed he is!" Sonic commented when Mina gestured to him to say something himself.

Amid the ensuring laughter, a red-furred echidna called out jokingly. "Just start the show, already, you clowns, before I steal the spotlight from you!"

"You do that, and I'll sure on their behalf!" Ash retorted humorously from the crowd.

As soon as the laughter died down, the Forget Me Knots then began to play.


Looking up scrapped Sonic ideas about him having his own band consisting of Vector the Crocodile and three characters I originally believed originated from Archie exclusively back when the first game was being developed gave me some thoughts of how that would work for Sonic in a story whether its Underground, Archie, or a combination of several media like this one-shot. However, while I would like to explore Sonic and Vector's friendship before the latter goes on to found the Chaotix, it is because of Vector's friendship with Charmy and Espio that I ultimately did not want to make Vector's place in the Chaotix look small compared to whatever musical career he would have had with Sonic, which is why I gave the keyboardist role in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Archie band, the Forget Me Knots, to the latter, especially since his Underground sister, Sonia, was the keyboardist herself in that show. Granted, I think Sonic could play both lead singer and keyboardist in a band alongside Sharps the guitarist, Mach the drummer, and Max the bassist, but for this, I still figured that a love interest was in order, which is why Sonic is a Forget Me Knot.

As for Mina's romance with Sonic, while I do find certain love triangles melodramatic if played too heavily, I can imagine that the ship could have worked under the right circumstances, which played with my suggestion to the DeviantArtist, KitareHamakura, that if Sally Acorn was to be portrayed with Sonic's superspeed, then one path he could take, instead of being a Freedom Fighter, would be being Mina's bandmate and boyfriend. Of course, when I had a Sonic band story in the works, the first love interest for Sonic to come to mind was Honey the Cat (Classic game character and, by Post-SGW depictions, fellow celebrity), although I can imagine that Breezie the Hedgehog (Post-SGW tycoon) could have been the band's sponsor or whatever which could also work, and, if I wanted to play on scrapped ideas, I probably could have found a way to make Sonic and Madonna Garnet (Post-SGW G.U.N. Agent inspired by a scrapped character for who would have been to Sonic as Tawna Bandicoot was/is to Crash Bandicoot) a realistic pairing themselves. Just saying.