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Cherry blossoms

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The 2 of them sat underneath the cherry blossom tree, watching the leaves fall like rain in slow motion. The petals that's coloured shades of pink falls gracefully every some seconds.

The white haired one spoke up, disturbing the silence with his melodically raspy sounding voice,

"Hm, hey Nanami"

"Yeah? "

"Want to collect petals? "

"And eat them? "

"I'm not sure if they're edible but sure"

Both stood up and went to catch the falling petals with their hands. This went on for over 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes passed, they went to one another, sitting at the same place they sat before. They showed their puddle of petals that was resting on their cupped hands.

Nanami has more petals than Komaeda while he has more interesting shaped petals than Nanami. Nanami kept one hand cupped and pour the petals there. She picked one petal up and placed it on Komaeda's hair . Komaeda decided to do the same and so they did that until both of their hair was mostly decorated with petals.

They placed the remaining petals in Nanami's cat pack.

They sat together for some more minutes, watching the sunset in peaceful silence.

Oh and the wind is kinda cold too.