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Son Of a Deadly Flower

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Son of a Deadly Flower

Stiles was many things, but wholly human was not one of them. His mother before her passing had told him stories about his birth (if it could be called that) and with wide eyes he would listen. Stiles was fundamentally a flower child; his human mother an avid gardener had seemingly gained the attention and affection of the goddess of spring herself. Together they grew a plant that with a little bit of magic gave birth to a half human boy; one Mieczyslaw “Mischief” Stilinski.

After her passing things changed quickly for the young boy a mere six, his Pop’s was no where to be found but at the bottom of a bottle and the stories his mother once told him became all too true.

A women came to his door and Stiles knew as soon as he laid eyes on her that this was the women who’s magic helped to create him. She lifted him up on her hip and gave him a daisy then with a stern look told Noah Stilinski she was taking the young boy until he got his shit together as she promised Claudia. The man begged the goddess, but she only budged an inch for supervised visits.

From then on, Stiles was raised in the underworld. He took after his mothers with his green thumb and soon even had the king of the dead wrapped around his little finger. He gained Hade’s blessing. Stiles could now always travel to his home, the Underworld, and had an affinity for sliding by unnoticed, but still remained a demigod.

His immortal mother took time to teach him all Stiles could ever need to learn from the world at large while showering him with love. He took in all the knowledge until he yearned for more while also showering his parents with affection back; warm hugs, tender flowers, and soft words.

Stiles grew up loved by two immortal parents, had a head full of magic and knowledge. He was smart, sly, and brave. And when he turned 11 his parents knew it was time he was sent to camp. (Making him a year younger than Percy)

Stiles began camp as any of demigod and was smart enough to keep his mouth shut about his childhood and immortal parents so he did what he did best; slipped through the cracks.

That is until one Percy Jackson laid eyes on him. Percy had first saw the boy when he was sent to Hermes’s cabin. The boy had a bunk off to the side that had a few plants at the bottom with books stacked underneath. But what Percy noticed the most was the startlingly caramel eyes of the boy.

He went through a fast puppy love crush with Rachel, but could really only think of those eyes. Then with Annabeth, he loved her, but not like that. She was his best friend, his anchor, and platonic soulmate, but still he thought of those eyes and the boy no one seemed to notice.

It was the night after Percy had turned down immortality and asked for the demigod’s immortal parents to claim their children and unlike the other who were still celebrating Stiles sat off alone legs dangling off the pier.

Percy with his disarming smile asked the boy, “You been claimed yet?”

Stiles smiled gently shrugging and bumped shoulders with the hero.

Percy sighed, “So why you out here by yourself?”

Stiles raised an eyebrow, “I could ask you the same thing shouldn’t you be kissing the pretty girl?”

Percy had one of his arms loosely wrapped around one of his knee as the other leg dangled, “I don’t know it’s girls I really wanna be kissing.”

Stiles looked down at the water a flickering smile on his lips, “Then who do you wanna be kissing, birthday boy?”

Percy blinked in surprise and felt a surge of courage fill his chest, “Well, my best friend was telling me of this pretty boy who I have a massive crush one was down by the pier by himself.”

Stiles for all his wealth of knowledge couldn’t really process what the other boy had said, “What?”

Percy smiled, “I would really like to kiss you.”

Stiles’s mouth feel open before flicking up into a grin and pressing a kiss to the other boy’s mouth. Flowers sprung around the pier as Percy gently nipped at Stiles’s lower lip.

Percy pulled back with a twinkle in his eye noticing the flowers, “You sure you don’t know who your parent is?”

Stiles smirk, “I never said I didn’t know.”

Percy grinned about to pull the boy in for another kiss when a sudden shout could be heard and Annabeth appeared her hand on her hip, “It’s about time.”

And before long the new couple was thrown in the lake and many more kisses where shared before either had to come up for air.

When they both came out and joined the others around the fire and Stiles could firmly say it was one of the best nights of his life.

It wasn’t long before everything turns to shit though. Percy is taken and Stiles falls into the background again, but this time Nico is watching him closely. It’s not like Stiles doesn’t want anyone to know it’s just hard to explain.

During one of Annabeth rather frantic meetings on finding Percy she demands to be taken to the Underworld and Stiles almost wishes he would step forward do it, but fears the others reactions.

Later when the meeting is over he grabs her and pulls her off to the side with a watery smile, “I can’t tell you how I know, but I can promise you that Percy isn’t in the Underworld. I have heard rumors that the gods did something, but I don’t know what.”

She hugs him tightly and seems to calm down. It’s not long after this that Percy recovers his memories and the seven unify. But nonetheless it would be a long time before he gets to see his boyfriend in person again although during his quests he IM’s him as much as he can. Stiles does what he can to support the war efforts but doesn’t want more death. When the news reaches him of Percy’s fall he can hardly stop himself from going himself, but his dad’s watchful gaze and plea stops him.

Before long the war is over, but love ones have been lost and Stiles even sees his dad is exhausted by the influx of new souls.

Percy and Stiles relationship seems to be blooming again with shared kisses, stories, and a building love when Percy is faced with the fact that his boyfriend still hasn’t told him everything.

Mr. D and Chiron have the usual subjects and camp counselor gathered when Mr. D clearly bored with Will’s firm no on Nico transporting anyone to the underworld sighs loudly his head thrown back, “Why doesn’t the flower boy do it then?”

Will stops and everyone interest is peaked, “The flower boy?”

Mr. D hum’s, “That’s what I said wasn’t it?”

Annabeth leans forward, “Who’s the flower boy?”

Mr. D sighs again, “Aren’t you the smart one Miss. Pursuit?”

Annabeth grits her teeth but before she could say much more Will anxious says, “Mr. D just tell us already we need to get this to the Underworld.”

The god groaned before looking at them all like they are stupid, “Peter Johnson’s little boyfriend why don’t you ask him?”

Percy is taken back surprised that his unassuming boyfriend might have some unknown way of getting them to the Underworld. Annabeth opens her mouth to ask questions, but Mr. D holds up his hand while sipping his diet drink. A messanger is sent for the boy when Mr. D refuses to break his silence.

Stiles appears in the door way and try’s to shrink back when all eyes latch on to him, “Umm so you asked for me?”

Mr. D twirled his finger in a circle, “Listen Mystery or whatever your name is your little boyfriend here and his bestie need an in to the Underworld. These documents need to be in the hands of Hades yesterday and with Hermès otherwise unavailable you’re our best option kid.”

Stiles eyes burned, “Who say I can get into the Underworld?”

Mr. D stood and leaned over the table madness in his eyes, “I know about you’re mothers madness and her thoughts revealed more about your birth and life than you want any of these heroes knowing little Mischief. Now why don’t you be a good little demigod and do what you’re asked.”

Stiles stood stock still eyes wide and trembling. Annabeth grinned, “So you’re a son of Hades right? That’s how you knew Percy wasn’t in the Underworld when he disappeared, right?”

Nico shook his head as Stiles stayed frozen, “No, Hades said I had no other biological siblings.”

Percy breathed out, “Flower child.”

Stiles eyes filled with an unidentifiable emotion finally spoke, “Well I guess cat’s out of the bag. I’m a literal flower child son of one Persephone and Claudia Stilinski.”

Piper looks confused as she asks, “Is that why you can get to the Underworld because you’re mom lives there?”

Stiles shook his head and sighed, “No, but I can get you there.”

Percy made his way crossed the room papers in one hand taking Stiles other hand with the other. He then turned to the rest of them with dark stormy eyes, “I think Stiles and I can complete this quest on our own.”

The other looked like they wanted to argue, but were silenced with one glare from the prince of the sea. He then pulled Stiles out of the Big House.

They walked for a long time in silence before Percy asked in a quiet voice, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Stiles sighed, “It’s not even who my mom is that I did tell you. I didn’t have a normal upbringing like you guys did,” he stops in the woods and pulls Percy down onto a fallen tree taking one knee between the boys legs so he can look him in the face. He took a deep breath, “I was raised by Persephone and Hades after my human mom died. My Pop’s didn’t take my Ma’s death really well and started drinking. He blamed me for her death so Persephone took me away. I was literally raised in the Underworld and blessed by Hade’s. I literally see them as my parents. When they sent me to camp they were going to claim me, but I didn’t want to be remembered for being the only son of Persephone and the blessed adopted son of Hades. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I just didn’t know how.”

Percy grabbed his boyfriends face pulling him in for a hard kiss before pulling back and asking with a cheeky smile, “So is this me meeting the parents?”

Stiles grinned and shrugged, “If you want it to be.”

Stiles stood and held out his hand to Percy. Percy took it but didn’t start walking instead he gave the other boy a soft look, “I know why you didn’t tell me and I get it, but if you ever want to talk or want to tell me something I’m here okay?”

Stiles nodded before pulling the older boy close and teleporting them to the Underworld.

Stiles lead Percy through the castle his parents lived in and waved at people along the way a smile etched across his face. Percy just took it all in but more of his attention was on his boyfriend.

Finally, they stood before Hades and before Percy could say anything Stiles stole the show, “Hey Dad, Percy’s got some paperwork for you. The camp kind of found out about who I am because of Mr. D so Percy and I are going to stay for dinner cool?”

Hades sighs glasses resting on the tip of his nose before lifting his head smiling fondly at his son, “Of course Mischief. Now give me that pesky paperwork and head out to the garden to inform your mother.”

Stiles rolled back on his heels, “Coolo Daddio.” Percy then blushed as he let go of the younger boy’s hand and handed the god the paperwork.

Hades gave Percy an
almost fond smile before sighing again and shooing the boys out.

Stiles then began to lead Percy to the gardens his hand firmly clasped with the others. Persephone was humming a sweet song to her plants as she gardened, her overalls covered in dirt and her brown hair pulled up. She turned when the two boys got close, “Hello boys!”

Percy watched as Stiles smile took over his whole face as he wrapped his mother into a hug. The goddess smile was equal to his boyfriends though and in that moment something in Percy relaxed. He smiled tipping his head just the slightest, “Lady Persephone.”

She stood and pulled the hero into her arms, “None of that now just Persephone will do.” She let go and turned to her son and begun to talk rapidly about the new plants she was working on and how the garden was coming. Stiles followed her every word throwing one of his own in occasionally. And for the first time in his life, Percy saw the type of relationship the Olympians should have with their children. He saw the love the goddess had for her child and maybe it’s because she had so few, but Percy knew things still had to change.

Dinner came and went with Percy seeing another side of his Uncle; a fonder, calmer, loving side. He treated Stiles as if he were his own, Percy guessed in someways he was. They teased the two demigods but never mocked or threatened their relationship. And by time they had to leave Percy found himself relaxed in the presence of the gods for the first time.

Stiles pulled them back to camp, but didn’t walk back immediately instead he paused, “I made a deal with my Pop’s that I would spend my senior year with him in California. I know you have been thinking about going to college for marine biology and I would like to go for botany when I graduate, but even with the distance I would still like to make this work.”

Percy grinned something mischievous, “Well, then it’s a good thing that we have braved the distance before.”

Stiles gave a shy smile before holding out his hand for his boyfriend to take. Percy grinned even wider taking his hand, “Andddd I’m going to college in New Roman so I should be able to see you.”

Stiles flushed and eyes twinkled, “Really?”

Percy pulled Stiles close to him pressing a kiss to his forehead to his forehead taking slowly, “Really and no matter how far we are we will figure it out.”

Stiles felt a warmth fill him as he pulled his boyfriend into a kiss.


Scott was nervous when his stepfather and mother sat him down to tell him his step brother was coming to stay with them. He had met Stiles a few times but here soon the boy was going to be staying with them. His mother really wanted Scott to try and integrate Stiles into his friend group, but with his whole wolfie secret Scott wasn’t convinced.

Scott didn’t know what to expect when he brought Stiles with him to the loft for the first time after the boy has been staying for a few weeks, but Stiles bring a large house plant wasn’t it. Scott had noticed Stiles room being scattered with books and plants even so the damn thing barely fit in the car the boys were currently sharing.

Walking into the loft Scott held his breath when the pack was silenced. Stiles spun around still wrangling his plant with a spark of a grin formed on his face, “Oh hey.”

Derek grunted and Scott blushed, “So this is Stiles, my step brother.”

Stiles grinned and handed the older man the plant, “This is for you.”

Derek looked from the plant then the boy a lost expression on his face. Erica grinned, “You and I are now the bestest of friends.”

Stiles grinned, “My mother always said it was polite to bring a gift when visiting.”

“Yeah but look at the look on his face it’s of pure confusion.” Erica grinned even wider.

Lydia pinching a leaf of the plant with a critical eyebrow, “So what is it?”

Stiles grinned with a spark in his eyes, “It’s a Ficus elastica aka the rubber tree. It’s a fairly basic house plant with medium sunlight, water every one to two weeks, and any humidity.”

Even Bloyd let out a chuckle at the name. While Derek eyed the plant apprehensively Scott pulled Stiles in to the seat beside him.

Lydia eyed the boy, “So Stiles what brings you to our little town.”

For whatever reason, Stiles felt the need to be alert and his hand was itching for his weapon, “I promised my Pops that I would come stay with him once he had settled in.”

Lydia cocked her head, “You’re father who has lived here for the last 20 or so years?”

Stiles fingered his ring twisting it as he answered, “Yes after my Ma died it was decided I would go live with my godparents while my Pops took care of a few things, then he married Melissa so we both figured it would be best if he settled in with them before I come to stay.”

Lydia’s smile was sharp around the edges, “So why now?”

Stiles shrugged, “Why not?”

Scott grinned trying to ease the tension, “It’s not so bad I have always wanted a brother.”

Erica showing a little fang turned to the boy, “So you dating anyone?”

The pack watched a pleasant warm smile spread over Stiles face, “Yeah.”

A ding went off and Stiles stood looking at his watch, “Oh I have to go.”

Just as the last syllable left his mouth Isaac came rushing through he door, “Guys!”

The whole group stood frozen before taking off seemly all at once. Apart of Scott ached as he watched Stiles get pushed along in the crowd of supernatural creatures pulling him along to clearing where Issac had spotted a new threat. Three large one eyed men sat wicked grins on their faces once the spotted the group, Derek had the others fan out behind him, Stiles stuck off to the side Scott’s arm holding him back.

The cyclops eyes snapped to the demigod and before Derek could say a word the large creature taunted, “Seems these wolfies brought us a little snack.”

The smallest one grinned even wider, “I always love demigod in the morn’.”

Stiles pulled away from Scott, “Well, demigod isn’t on the menu tonight boys, but an ass kicking is.”

Scott grabbed Stiles arm, “What are you doing man?”

Stiles pulled his arm free twisting his ring as a short handled scythe formed in his hand a small dagger in the other. He gave his step brother a small sad smile, “Listen we all got secrets, but I’m not about ready to let you die to these over grown chimps.”

He then attacked taking down the largest the leader first before his dust could settle Stiles had thrown his dagger between the eyes of another and spun facing the last. He fought for a few minutes, the pack watching on felt like it was hours and seconds at once, before his blade laid the last to rest. He spun his weapons again making them back into rings.

The pack turned a gasp. Stiles smiled and shrugged, “You’re not the only one with secrets.”

Lydia rushed forward words practically falling out of her mouth, “You’re a demigod?”

Stiles gave her a look as he heard the tell tale flutter of wings.

She sputtered, “Which god?”

Stiles smiled a little sadly and a little fondly, “Persephone,” he then turned to Scott, “Tell my Pops I’m sorry I really meant to stick around this time.”

Scott eyes crinkled, “You’re leaving because of this?”

Stiles shook his head as his boyfriend along with Blackjack and another Pegasus came into sight, “No, but something tells someone needs my help.”

Just as he finished Percy voice could be heard, “Jason needs our help.”

Stiles rolled his eyes and looped one leg over the back of the winged horse and pulled the other boy into a quick kiss. He turned to the pack, “Take care of that big tree; it’s giving me bad energy might fix your problem.”

Erica grinned, “Who’s that cutie?”

Stiles rolled his eyes as Percy peens, “That’s my boyfriend, Percy Jackson.”

Lydia and Erica nod approvingly. Stiles smiles fondly at them then before he takes flight says, “Don’t forget to water that plant I expect it to be alive when I come back.”