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KJ's first baby tooth.

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(Over at Kane Tower Kate's at her desk working on some paper work as Mark walks into the office followed by Calamity who come into Gotham to see them as they

both walked in Mark said something that made her laugh and being who she is threw something at him which got him to look at her.)

Mark: I am so telling Beca you said that.
Calamity: Yeah please don't.
Mark: Awe you're no fun.
Calamity: I am too. Just ask Beca.

(He looks at her and then looks off as he grabs out his phone and calls Veracity who answers on the first ring.)

Veracity: Hey.
Mark: Hi. Your lead singers perv.

(Kate looks up at them trying to keep from laughing. As Calamity looks at him and then looks off as Mark remains on the phone with his girlfriend.)

Veracity: Yeah honey i know she's a perv. Why you think you get along so well.
Mark: Well thanks babe i feel loved.

(She starts laughing then calms down.)

Mark: Some girlfriend you are.
Veracity: What you want me to do. Go and beat her up?
Mark: Sure why not.

(Kate's looking at him still trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: It'll be two hot Everhotties members beating on each other.

(And Kate not being able to hold in her laughter anymore bust up laughing at them and falls out of her chair hurting herself but she's able to get her barring's which

gets both Mark and Calamity to laugh at her.)

Mark: Babe I'll call you back.
Veracity: Okay. Love you.
Mark: Love you too.

(Then they hang up and they walk over to Kate whose still laughing at them.)

Mark: We've got a Kane down.

(She looks at them still laughing.)

Mark: You are right Kate?
Kate: Yeah.

(He reaches down and helps her stand up as she continues to laugh.)

Mark: Shut up.
Kate: I'm sorry.
Mark: No you're not.
Kate: I'm really not. It's you two and my sister.
Mark: Yeah well who ever said picking on Evermoist wasn't fun. Is full of it.

(Calamity looks at him as he starts laughing.)

Calamity: I can still kick your ass Buchanan.
Mark: Oh due tell.

(She looks at him and then looks off laughing.)

Mark: Anyway. How's KJ?
Kate: She's fine. She's teething. That's always fun.
Mark: Wow.
Kate: I would ask Oliver.
Mark: Or you can always ask your father about toothing children.
Kate: I have he's no help.
Mark: I know someone who you can talk to about children and them teething.
Kate: And won't make jokes?
Mark: No.
Calamity: Who?
Mark: My mother.
Kate: Yeah okay. I don't know why i didn't think of her.
Mark: That's are right. I hardly ever call her for advice anymore.
Calamity: Why's that?
Mark: My brother's normally answer the phone and we end up making jokes and pulling pranks on the other over the phone.
Calamity: Explains a lot actually.
Mark: Yeah.

(He grabs up a pen and paper then writes down his mother's number once it's written down he thinks about it and writes down someone else number once their both

written down he tears the paper off of the pad and hands it to Kate who looks at the second number. And looks at him.)

Mark: Her names Sarah she works at sandwich shop down in Tucson. She's the General Manager there.
Kate: Why'd you write her number down?
Mark: She's got two kids. She knows something about teething. In fact her youngest is about KJ's age so. She could tell you what you and Reagan can do in order to keep from well getting bite marks on your finger.

(She looks down and laughs.)

Kate: Yeah KJ grabbed my hand and stuck my finger in her mouth and bit down.
Mark: Yeah she can tell what not to do.
Kate: Yeah. She sounds like she'd be more helpful.
Mark: She is. Tell her you're a friend of mine and i just hope she won't be to mad that i gave out her number.
Kate: You haven't even used it?
Mark: I have. But her husband's well. I'm not going to go into what her husband is?
Calamity: A prick.
Mark: But Beca's girlfriend will.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Kate: Are right. What time is it in Tucson right now?
Mark: I don't know. Maybe about noon.
Calamity: And if this sandwich in Tucson.
Mark: They'd be in the middle of their lunch rush.
Kate: Okay.
Mark: You want the store number?
Kate: Actually no. Just then name of the store.
Mark: Okay. It's called Baggins and no before you say it. It's not a joke for Lord of the rings.

(She laughs at him.)

Kate: Yeah are right.
Mark: Smartass back here are ready made that joke.

(Calamity starts laughing at her face.)

Calamity: I couldn't help it.
Mark: Can you ever?
Calamity: Of course not.

(Both him and Kate laugh at her as he pushes her and they both turn and leave the office. As they walk out Kate picks up the paper with the numbers on it and picks it

up and grabs up her phone and calls the second number hoping she'll answer when she doesn't she leaves a message and her phone number hoping she'll call her

back when she gets off of work.)

Later that day.

(Over at Kate and Reagan's place Reagan's there with the baby as someone walks up the steps leading up to the apartment as they walk up she turns to see who it is

and laughs at her.)

Reagan: You know we have a front door for a reason right Ollie?
Oliver: Yeah i know. But it's much more fun walking up those then anything. Here she is.

(KJ looks at him and smiles at him as she puts her arms up for him and he takes her from Reagan and kisses her head then pulls away from it as she looks at him and

pokes his nose getting him to look at his sister who starts laughing at him.)

Reagan: Yeah she likes to play with noses.
Oliver: I can see that. You're lucky you're cute.

(She laughs at him as he kisses her head again as Kate walks up the stairs as her phone rings she grabs it out to see who it is seeing the number she answers it.)

Kate: Hi. I know you don't really know me but Mark gave me this number.
Sarah: It's fine. What's going on?
Kate: I need parent advice from someone who doesn't have two kids from two different mother's.

(Oliver looks at her as Reagan starts laughing.)

Sarah: Okay. What's up?
Kate: I was just thinking about flying into Tucson to talk to with you in person.
Sarah: Oh okay. Well you can come by my store and we can talk here.
Kate: While you're on shift.
Sarah: Yeah. Why not. I'm sure Mark wouldn't mind buying lunch.
Kate: I'm sure he wouldn't. But no it's okay I'll pay for it. My girlfriends brother is useless as far as parenting advice goes.

(She laughs on the other end.)

Sarah: Yeah it's fine. I'll see you when you come in.
Kate: Okay. And thank you.
Sarah: Anytime. Tell Mark i said hi.
Kate: I will bye.
Sarah: Bye.

(Then she hangs up and looks at Reagan.)

Reagan: You calling someone else for parental advice?
Kate: Yeah. No offence Oliver.
Oliver: Oh none taken. It just gives me more time with my niece here.

(She looks at him and smiles as he kisses her head then pulls away from it again.)

Kate: I'm gonna fly out to Tucson.
Reagan: Okay. You gonna go alone?
Kate: No. Vera and Mark offered to go with me.
Reagan: Okay.
Kate: You thought i was going to say Sophie didn't you?
Reagan: I might of.

(She laughs at her as she walks over to her and kisses her then pulls away from her.)

Kate: It's not. And Mark promised he'd behave himself.
Oliver: Yeah I'm sure he did.
Kate: He really didn't but then again Vera's gonna be there so he better be good.
Reagan: Fifty bucks say's he flirts with this woman in front of her.
Oliver: Fifty bucks?
Reagan: I've seen pictures of this woman she's gorgeous. And i love you.

(Kate looks at her trying to keep from laughing.)

Kate: I know.

(She kisses her then pulls away from her.)

Kate: As for you.

(KJ looks at Kate and smiles at her.)

Kate: You be good for your uncle and momma okay.
KJ: Ga.

(They laugh at her as she kisses daughter's head then pulls away from it as she walks off to go and pack for her flight out to Tucson. Over by Oliver and Reagan KJ

grabs Reagan's boob getting Oliver to laugh at her.)

Reagan: Really KJ?

(She laughs at her as Kate looks up at her and sees what she's doing.)

Kate: Well we officially know KJ's my kid Oliver.
Oliver: Yeah. How you think we figured out Mia was mine.

(They start laughing then calm down.)

Reagan: She grabbed Sara's boobs.
Oliver: Older or toddler?
Reagan: Jokingly it was older Mia.
Oliver: Oh my god.

(She starts laughing.)

Kate: And then she grabbed Serenity's.

(They continue to laugh as they remember her face.)

Oliver: Oh my god. You remember Emily's face?
Kate: I do. And i have never seen her kiss someone so fast it was funny.
Oliver: Yeah.
Reagan: When was this?
Kate: About two weeks before i went missing.
Reagan: Oh. And just before you saved Ryan right?
Kate: Yeah. It's amazing how i saved some ones life and they became something that my father hates.
Reagan: Why not. You did.
Kate: Well yeah. But i only became Batwoman to help the Crows find Sophie.

(Reagan looks at her and laughs.)

Kate: Aside from her being my ex Reagan. She's one of my closets friends. Even if we didn't get a long very well at first.
Reagan: I hear ya.
Kate: Okay. Anyway. I better go.
Reagan: Okay. You gonna be are right?
Kate: Yeah. Mark's father sent out their jet earlier so.
Reagan: You gonna buy a new one?
Kate: Mark are ready did. It's being flown out early Tuesday morning so.
Reagan: Babe.
Kate: I'll be okay. I'll have Mark and Vera with me. I'm pretty sure she'll end up sitting in the backseat with me.
Reagan: Okay.
Kate: I'll see you guys again in a couple of days.
Reagan: Are right love you.
Kate: Love you too.

(She kisses her then pulls away from her as she gets the baby in the side and walks out.)

The following day.

(In Tucson, AZ Mark Kate and Veracity pull up to the restaurant as they pull up he stops it and puts it into park once it's in park he shuts it off and they all get out and

look around the area.)

Veracity: It's nice area?
Mark: It is. You are right Kate?
Kate: Yeah. I'm still trying to you know.
Mark: Seriously?
Kate: Mark someone brought that plane down for a reason. And if it hadn't of been for Safiyah.
Mark: Yeah i know. Come on.

(They walk off inside of the building as they walk in Mark locks up his rental then looks around the room.)

Veracity: Wow this place is really pretty.
Mark: It is. And it's got good food too. I'm gonna go find Sarah.
Kate: Okay.
Mark: You two can head up and order us something.
Veracity: Okay. What you want?
Mark: You.

(She looks at him and laughs as he kisses her then pulls away from her.)

Veracity: I meant food wise honey.
Mark: Oh surprise me. And i know you'll get me something i like. Unlike your bandmate.
Veracity: Yeah.

(He walks off to go and find their General Manager. As he gets towards the office he knocks on the door and the door opens to reveal the woman he was looking for


Mark: Hi.
Sarah: Hi.

(She hugs him then pulls away from her.)

Mark: I brought Kate.
Sarah: Okay. You know what i like?
Mark: Yeah.
Sarah: Okay.

(He walks off to go and have them order Sarah's sandwich as he gets there he sees whose at the register and laughs.)

Mark: Oh god it's Asher. I should run and hide now.

(He looks at him and laughs as Veracity smacks him.)

Veracity: Mark!
Mark: What? I'm truly lucky I'm friends with these people or they would hurt me.
Asher: He's right.
Veracity: Oh i know.

(He looks at her as she laughs at him.)

Mark: Gee thanks a lot babe.
Veracity: I'm sorry.
Mark: No you're not. You're mean.

(She smiles at him as she kisses his cheek getting him to smile at her and he kisses her head.)

Mark: I'm paying.
Asher: Are right.

(They start ordering their food and Mark order's Sarah's sandwich and he laughs.)

Mark: Shut up Asher.
Asher: I would but you know what my bosses favorite sandwich is.
Mark: And i know yours so shut up.
Asher: Sorry.

(They continue to order until their ready and they walk over to a table and sit down once their seated they wait for their food. As their waiting Sara walks over to them

sits down with them as she sits down they start talking. As their talking Mark say's something that gets them laughing then they calm down as their food arrives and

Mark watches as this person walks away and laughs. Veracity sees the look and smacks him.)

Mark: What? oh no. Babe it wasn't that.
Veracity: Then what was it?
Mark: I'll tell you two later.
Veracity: Okay.
Sarah: So what you wanna talk to me about?
Kate: Well me and my girlfriend have a six close to seven month baby and well.
Sarah: Boy or a girl?
Kate: Little girl.
Sarah: Oh wow. Okay. So what's the problem?
Kate: She's teething and biting everything and what i mean by everything i mean me.

(She shows her. Her finger and she smiles at her.)

Sarah: Yeah my son he's starting to teeth and he bites my husband all the time.
Kate: I know this is going to sound like a stupid question but.
Sarah: What's that?
Kate: What the hell can we do? In order to help her out?
Sarah: She your first?
Kate: She is.
Sarah: Toothing ring. It works wonders.

(Mark looks at Kate's face and starts laughing.)

Kate: You couldn't of told me.
Mark: I could of. But she's more help then i am.
Kate: You suck.
Mark: Yeah that's what she said.

(Veracity starts laughing at her sister's face.)

Sarah: You two have any kids?
Veracity: Only if you count my bandmates as children.
Sarah: Oh you're in a band?
Veracity: I am.
Sarah: How'd you two meet?
Mark: The USO tour back in 2017.
Sarah: Oh no way.
Veracity: Yeah. He flirted up a storm with me.
Mark: No more then Beca and Emily did.

(She starts laughing along with Kate.)

Sarah: What?
Mark: The name of her band is Evermoist.

(She looks at him and then to Veracity whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Veracity: Yeah.
Kate: Their Everlymoist.

(Mark's trying to keep from laughing but is failing.)

Veracity: Oh my god Kate.

(She's trying to keep from laughing but is failing.)

Mark: Anyway. Right as they walked in the Bellas that's the name of the group they went up against on the tour and well when two or well three of the members heard

the bands name they looked at each other and asked if they said if the name of the band was Evermoist.

Sarah: Okay.
Mark: One of them said. Yes why?
Kate: Yeah.
Sarah: Oh boy.
Mark: Yeah. She looked at her friends and said i thought he said Everhotties.

(They start laughing at Veracity's face.)

Kate: And my future brother in law being who he is. Flirted with my sister here.
Sarah: Oh she's your sister.
Veracity: I'm not blood related but yes i am.
Sarah: How?
Veracity: I was adopted. And her girlfriend was also adopted so.
Sarah: Wow.
Kate: Yeah.
Mark: Anyway.
Kate: You know my girlfriend wasn't kidding.
Sarah: About what?
Kate: You really are gorgeous.

(Sarah looks at her as Mark and Veracity are trying to keep from laughing then calm down.)

Sarah: Uh thank you. Whose her girlfriend again?
Mark: Reagan Queen?

(Sarah looks at him and realizes who Kate is.)

Sarah: Wait aren't the one who went missing?
Kate: I am. And thanks for the reminder.
Sarah: Oh god I'm sorry. It's just after you went missing both him and Reagan came here and well they ate here a lot.
Veracity: Explains how he knows the food is so good.
Mark: Yeah well with as hot as you are it's kind of hard not too.
Veracity: Kiss ass.
Mark: I better be.

(He kisses her head then pulls away from it as they continue on with their conversation.)

Veracity: You were going to call her hot weren't you?
Mark: I was. But i respect people's marriages unlike some people we know.
Veracity: Yeah.

(As they remain there and continue to talk and joke around Mark grabs out his phone and texts Calamity then puts his phone away.)

Later that day.

(Back in Gotham. Over at the Hold up Kate Mark and Veracity walk into the bar and look around it to see everyone there.)

Kate: What's going on?
Mark: I don't know.
Oliver: We just wanted to come and see how your visit with Mark's friend went?
Kate: Really well she was a lot of help. So we stopped by the store on the way here and i got these for KJ.

(She pulls the teething rings out and hands them to Reagan who looks at them and laughs.)

Reagan: We should go her more often.
Kate: I know right. She was a lot more help then Oliver here.
Oliver: Hey.

(They laugh at him.)

Mark: Anyway. Where are the others?
Reagan: Their coming.

(Through out the night they spend time with their friends and family as their spending time with them Mark and Oliver joke around as they bring KJ down and she

looks at them and she grabs Veracity's boob getting her to look down and Mark laughs.)

Mark: Hey you.

(She looks at him.)

Mark: Those mine. You can't have them.

(She laughs at him as he kisses her head then she let's Veracity's boob go and Mark smiles at her.)

Mark: You really are Kate's daughter.
KJ: Ga.
Mark: Ga!

(She laughs at him as he kisses her head again then pulls away from it as he lightly pushes Ryan who looks at him confused and Mary kisses her getting her to smile

in it then she pulls away from her. As everyone continues to spend time with KJ and her parents Kate looks at everyone and laughs because never once did Kate ever

think she would be a mother and knowing that she is one now she wouldn't change it for the world because as long as she has her friends her family and Reagan with

her she knows won't screw up to badly at being a parent.