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What? Naked?

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“Okay so you just sit on the stool and don’t move, easy,” Zach explained as he sat the stool down.

“That’s it? Okay that sounds easy enough,” Shaun said as he sat down, shifting around as he tried to figure out what to do with his hands. “Or maybe not. Where should I?” he asked holding up his hands.

“Rest them on your legs where you think you can hold them but first you need to strip,” Zach said as he frowned into his backpack, “how where did I put that book?”

“Wait what?” Shaun asked in surprise as he stood up.

“Yeah, we need to do the human form without any clothing making it easier by hiding the details,” Zach said as he headed to his art counter and started searching through it.

“You sure you want, ah, me for this? Not someone else, maybe younger?” Shaun asked as he looked around the small space they’d set up for Zach’s art.

A handful of other works were scattered on the counter next to his charcoals and pencils. Most of them half finished rough drafts of other assignments. They all had had people in them, standing, siting, groups, alone, and all of them looked Zach’s age.

And were fully dressed.

“Come on Shaun. You were fine with posing last night. What gives?” Zach asked as he started rummaging through his sketchbook until he found an empty page.

“Yeah well, last night I’d had more than a few beers. I would have agreed to just about anything you asked,” Shaun countered honestly as he turned toward his lover, “and I don’t remember you saying anything about being naked last night.”

“Sure? I must have,” Zach said confidently as he busied himself picking out a couple of pencils, “I mean the assignment is a nude sketch. I said that…right,” he added, sounding less sure.

“No, no. I think we would both have remembered Gabe’s jokes if you had and I don’t recall any,” Shaun pointed out as he hopped up on the barstool.

“Yeah, right I, ah, kept waiting for Gabe to go off and flirt with someone to tell you that part,” Zach remembered with a nod as he started the drawing.

“And then he stayed at the table all night like the third wheel little brother he is,” Shaun said as he pressed his lips together and taking a moment before going on, “at some point one of us needs to talk to him about that because he’s my brother, I love him, I know he’s your best friend but he really needs to stop crashing our date nights. They aren’t even double dates. It’s just him,” Shaun complained a bit.

“He is doing it more and more often isn’t he,” Zach agreed before going on, “but it’s Gabe.”

“Yeah. It’s Gabe,” Shaun echoed with a frown, letting his shoulder’s drop. “We’re stuck with him aren’t we.”

“He is the reason we met,” Zach pointed out. “You’re going to need to keep your shoulder’s up but can you take off the shirt. Pants too,” he said, stopping his drawing.

Looking at the other works again Shaun hesitated, his hands holding the collar of his shirt, “You sure you want me for this and not-I mean some of your classmates must be willing to work together. It doesn’t have to be completely naked right?”

“She said underwear was fine. Just minimize it. The whole point is a draw the body. And I want your body Shaun,” Zach answered as he stepped closer to Shaun, “I want to show everyone the body of the man I love,” he added with a kiss before helping Shaun pull his shirt up and over his head.

“But do they want to see it. I’ve got like 8 years on you and you’re one of the oldest in your class,” Shaun countered, not letting go of the shirt even as he went in for another kiss.

“Student like that master is older, so much to teach student,” Zach said as he pulled the shirt the rest of the way out of Shaun’s grip as he slowly started kissing his way down Shaun’s chest, letting Shaun’s now empty hands held guide him to all the right spots.

“And student has learned well, very well,” Shaun gasped out as he felt Zach’s tongue, teeth, running across different erotic spots.

“But I think I still need some more practice, don’t you?” Zach asked with a smile as he popped the buttons of Shaun’s jeans.

“Practice, practice is good,” Shaun replied, pulling Zach into another kiss while kicking off his jeans.

“Glad you agree,” Zach said as he dropped to his knees, pulling the last of Shaun’s clothing off as he stripped away his boxers. Smiling at the hard and eager cock that was revealed.

Shaun’s pleasurable murmur and hands running through Zach’s hair, made the younger man smile as he ran his tongue his lover’s cock. Listening for the hitch in Shaun’s voice each and every time he reached the head or one of the other sensitive spots of Shaun’s cock to bring him to the edge.

Until Shaun’s grip was tighter, his guiding hand more frantic, his pleads boarding on begging and finally Zach took him further, swallowing Shaun’s come as he held onto his quivering lover.

“Fuck, Zach. I did not expect that to happen today,” Shaun said with a smile as he pulled Zach up for another kiss. Slowly, longer and deeper than the ones that came before.

“Can’t say I minded it. Pretty sure you didn’t either,” Zach replied with a smirk, running his fingers over Shaun’s softening cock.

“Oh, nope, no. I did not mind it at all,” Shaun said, his voice trembling at the touch. “Wouldn’t mind getting my own practice in,” he suggested, kissing Zach again, letting his hands roam down Zach’s body to his pants.

“I think I can support that…after my homework,” Zach said, pushing Shaun back onto the stool. “Student needs to practice drawing too. And you are naked now,” he added with a grin.

“Really? You just, really,” Shaun said with a laugh as he shifted to make himself comfortable on the stool, “I’m totally getting you back for this you little shit.”

“Mm, sounds like more fun,” Zach answered still grinning wide as he picked up his drawing pad and pencils, getting to work while Shaun smiled and posed for him.