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Mutsuki : So our Netflix party is still for tonight ?

Hibika : Yes but Mii-chan can’t come today she’s grounded

Shiki : Yes my dad will drop me, Chizuru and Rio by 8 normally

Chizuru : ^

Rio : Yes, I’ll bring soda

Kinu : kay

Riku : I’m in but Sora is out

Sawa : I’m so sorry I can’t today bc my mom is home

Shiki : Oh no…

Mutsuki : :/ it won’t be the same without you Mitoma

Sora : I’m glad I cant come

Hajime : Sora why you can’t join us tonight ?

Sora : I have hw

Riku : She’s cappin she’s grounded

Mutsuki : U deadass What did she do???

Sora : I had a fight with my parents

Kinu : shes lying again my dad called me

Shiki : My dad laughed so hard about it

Riku : actually its hella stupid usually I stand with u Sora but now im blind

Hajime : What did she do ?

Riku : Y’all didnt hear ???? Really

Hibika : I was dying Sorachi you’re so funny

Mutsuki : SPILL IT

Riku : sis took our mom’s car and she drove it into the estate’s canal

Riku : *video*

Sawa : Sora are you okay ? That was wild

Sora : Aw Sawacchi Sora’s okay she broke the window to GET OUT, I felt like a spy on a mission

Hajime : Why Shigure-san is laughing like this ?

Mutsuki : Riku your dad said ‘cut the cameras’

Riku : he was upset lmaooooo

Kinu : im wheezing

Hibika : First Mina getting arrested and then Sora crashing a brand new car

Chizuru : this family is mad

Shiki : Sora you are acting like a hero in front of Mitoma but I know why my dad laughed like that

Riku : Sora lies a lot lately

Kinu : also you kissed my dad

Mutsuki : WHAT

Hajime : Sora if you need to talk I’m here

Sora : yes DAD

Shiki : It was not a kiss she was too scared to face her parents so she pretended she was unconscious and Uncle Hatori did mouth to mouth first aid


Sawa : As you should Sora, it was a brand new car.

Rio : She said ‘’i’m a opossum today’’

Kinu : that’s on zodiac years

Chizuru : I know she closed her eyes and stopped breathing

Shiki : My dad had stitches for laughing so hard

Hajime : Let’s plan this party for another day

Shiki : Yes

Sora : Shikun wanted to share a blanket with Sawacchi anyway

Rio : Actually, he prepared pillows

Chizuru : big. fluffy. pillows.

Mutsuki : SHIKI

Hibika : Bachelor shit

Kinu : He took after his dad awwww

Shiki : I’m exhausted

Sawa : Well, it was slumber party. Don’t worry Shiki you know how they love to tease you

Sora : Were family <3

Hajime : We’re* no wonder why you’re grounded you can’t write

Kinu : Father Hajime

Hibika : El padre

Sora : Daddy <3

Hajime : Anyways, let’s do this when Mitoma and Sora can join us

Mutsuki : so Shiki and Rio shoot their respective shot

Hajime : Mutsuki stop talking. Stop.

Kinu : Yes but protect yourselves please Hajime is too young to be a grandpa

Hibika : Papijime

Shiki : NO

Shiki : Sawa they are teasing

Sawa : I know

Rio : Everyone knows

Sora : Shiki aren’t we cousins tho, I’m flattered

Shiki : we’re not related just member of the same clan

Riku : No idiot its Rio, he has a crush on you

Rio : What

Riku : What

Sora : Wht

Mutsuki : Breaking news

Chizuru : it was low-key obvious, he let her win badminton so she can flex

Kinu : i knew it

Hibika : everyone knew it

Rio : How ?

Hibika : Your mom snitched

Hajime : We can’t hide anything to Aunt Saki

Sora : Rio-chan you like me in that way ? Im happy thats dope

Rio : Yes but I wanted to wait until we go to high school together in march, so I’ll be taller than you

Sawa : That’s beautiful

Riku : He has my blessing, that’s how our dad confessed to our mom btw

Sora : Kay

Sora : ill wait for your confession Rio-chan, I want flowers and stuff because Papan told me I am his princess

Rio : Fine

Rio : I’m not even embarrassed that was quick

Chizuru : Well I am

Hibika : Chizu baby you’re always embarrassed

Chizuru : because my family is embarrassing

Rio : he’s jealous

Chizuru : i’m not, you like Sora because she looks like your mom

Riku : lmao chizu what’s the point ?

Sora : Aunt Saki is so pretty thanks Rio I’m flattered

Rio : now I’m embarrassed
Mutsuki : Chizu is a psych-analyst now

Kinu : He always been

Hajime : Conjugate the verb

Mutsuki : Since theres no Netflix party tonight lets have a gc party

Sawa : Yes !

Sora : OUI OUI

Kinu : y e s

Hibika : First event of the party : Rio’s confession, now who’s next

Mutsuki : is THAT even a kestion ? Shiki

Hajime : he wrote question with a k

Chizuru : ignore him

Shiki : Leave me out of this Mutsuki, it’s my last warning

Mutsuki : He be blushing rn

Hajime : Mutsuki, your parents bribe your teachers so you can pass classes. ‘He be’ REALLY ??


Riku : I remember Aunt Machi’s leather case, full of cash

Sora : shes flexin that Yuchi tech money

Mutsuki : Father Hajime you should calm down because ill call hina nee


Hajime : Okay I’ll stop.

Mutsuki : Since Shiki won’t confess I shall do it, I’m a sinner

Kinu : We been knew

Sawa : Guess we’ll play Father Hajime :)

Rio : yes

Sora : LOL x) i’m in

Shiki : I’m reading

Chizuru : i’ll confess

Riku : same

Hibika : ^

Kinu : Hajime has to confess too

Hajime : Why ? I’m Father Hajime.

Kinu : Because we’re having fun ^^

Mutsuki : Father Hajime, I’ve sinned again…..

Hajime : What have you done ?

Mutsuki : Last weekend as you know I went back home, I took my dad’s luxurious watch so I could flex with the hot senior girls at school but the director confiscated it, my folks tried to call me a hour ago. They know.

Michi : Good luck we’re not together in this shit

Sora : OOF

Sawa : I got so scared I thought Machi-san has joined the gc

Michi : Lol :p I was waiting for the perfect moment to say hi

Chizuru : that was the most ghetto shit I’ve ever seen


Riku : Did you smash tho

Mutsuki : Not at all

Kinu : Mutsuki you have a problem

Hajime : Your dad said to not touch his watches, never.

Kinu : But he did anyway I’m so done with him lmaooo

Hajime : I hope you’ll be grounded

Michi : My dad is laughing so hard rn

Chizuru : wait I’ll tell my dad

Mutsuki : :((((

Mutsuki : Michi since you’re late to the party, it’s your turn

Michi : I don’t have any secrets

Hajime : True, she’s untouchable

Sora : Sis is transparent

Sora : Riku your silent, so talk now

Hajime : your ????

Riku : I have a girlfriend it’s official since last weekend

Kinu : OOOH

Mutsuki : you won

Hibika : Yessss my boi

Hajime : Congrats do we know her ?

Riku : y e s

Sawa : it’s my friend Amane-san !!!!

Shiki : That’s cool

Rio : She’s nice

Mutsuki : Did you smash tho ?

Hajime : Mutsuki mind yo business

Mutsuki : Yo

Riku : yes, twice actually

Chizuru : We don’t care we didn’t ask

Shiki : ^

Mutsuki : Twice ? It’s been less than a week, what about the ABC of love ?

Riku : have u ever heard of the letter D ?

Mutsuki : DICK

Sawa : WHAT


Kinu : welcome to the f club

Riku : thanks

Sawa : Kinu nee you have a boyfriend as well ?

Kinu : *girlfriend :)

Sawa : What

Hajime : What

Mutsuki : What

Shiki : she said she has a girlfriend

Chizuru : what


Mutsuki : Me too lol

Rio : ^

Riku : wow that a surprise

Kinu : Why the surprise ? I never hide it

Hibika : Y’all late, I know it since high school

Kinu : totally

Sawa : you’re so private with your life, you sleep all day and you study all the night

Kinu : I know it’s not serious so I didn’t introduce any of them to the fam, I don’t plan on getting married before I’m 30 like my mom so there’s no rush, don't rush yourselves too

Mutsuki : Can we at least a picture ?

Kinu : *picture*

Sora : She’s hot

Mutsuki : ^

Mutsuki : Kinu nee, my relationship with you won’t change still love you

Sawa : Absolutely

Shiki : Yes I hope you’re not embarrassed or anything

Chizuru : ^

Hajime : It’s not the 80’s anymore stop it everyone it’s normal

Kinu : For real, it’s not a big deal

Mutsuki : Kinu nee may I add that I love lesbians, im a big fan I’ve seen all of their movies

Kinu : I’m bi Mutsuki

Mutsuki : well this is NOT a unknown territory, I’m a man of culture



Shiki : I used the unseen option but I still remember what he said

Hibika : I’m screaming

Chizuru : I’m tired of yo ass

Hajime : Chizuru language and Mutsuki seriously ?

Shiki : We don’t care we didn’t ask

Sawa : If I had your parents as my parents I’d be bisexual too, like they are so hot

Sawa : Respectfully

Hibika : Damn Sawacchan

Chizuru : the ‘respectfully’ took me out

Kinu : Im sending this to my parents lol

Sawa : NO

Riku : Sora then Mitoma, Uncle Hatori is popular for sure

Hibika : My dad is getting new rivals I guess

Mutsuki : Shiki be punching the air rn

Rio : Shiki be doing his hw so he can get into medical school asap

Riku : Shiki be searching on Google ‘how to get medical degree asap’


Hajime : I feel so bad for laughing

Shiki : Yes make fun of me

Hajime : If we put his hair aside he will look like Uncle Hatori, just saying.

Kinu : RIGHT ??? The personality is the same

Hibika : We don’t need to worry about the height, he’s growing up so quickly

Shiki : I’m sighing

Rio : Mitoma

Sawa : Yes

Rio : Are you blushing rn ?

Sawa : I’ll be back everyone I have to cook dinner for my mom

Sora : She rAn away

Riku : Sora dad said you need to put the phone in the box
Sora : Nonononononono

Rio : What

Sora : pls tell him I’m constipated

Kinu : I’m wheezing lmaoo what

Riku : k, go to the bathroom bc mom will check on u

Hibika : Sora remember to cry a bit so it looks more realistic

Chizuru : don’t forget the pushing noises too

Kinu : lock the door what if she sees your constipation simulation

Rio : What is the box ?

Riku : It’s where we put our devices when we’re grounded, she can’t use her phone from 8pm to 7am

Mutsuki : Waw that’s crazy, we’re not together in this shit. Respectfully.

Hajime : Mutsuki your dad is calling me rn

Mutsuki : NO


Parents' stuff


Sora : Guys my dad is soooooooooo annoying rn

Hajime : Still constipated ?

Riku : My dad found out she was lyin so he got upset, he called her Pinocchio

Kinu : Sora when will u learn ?

Chizuru : we told her to lock the door

Riku : She did turned the lock but idk how to explain, the door was not even closed but she thought she closed it. She locks in the void

Hibika : Soracchan lol this is so funny

Sora : My dad knocked and opened the door, he took my phone :(((

Sawa : how can u chat with us ?

Sora : the fridge duh


Riku : My mom managed to talk to my dad and calm him down, so Sora got her phone back

Sora : Maman is the best she said ‘Haru it’s my fault pls don’t be rude with your bby’

Kinu : your mom is a gem

Mutsuki : totally

Sora : We had to go upstairs to our rooms, I hate when he’s like this

Kinu : You shouldn’t have used the car Sora

Hibika : we know how he gets when his family is in danger

Sora : But i needed to train for my driving lessons because Papan and Maman are too busy with work I have my driving exam soon

Hajime : did you tell them ?

Riku : Yes that’s why my mom is way cooler than expected

Kinu : also Soran you could have killed yourself in this accident you know how Uncle Haru loves u, he’s just overprotective

Sawa : Yes aren’t you his princess ?

Rio : I know your dad is going to be a hurdle in my way to you Sora, he needs to make sure I’ll make you happy

Sora : Thank you everyone you’re so right, I’ll hug him tomorrow <3

Sawa : yay <3

Mutsuki : your mom told you to go upstairs right ?

Riku : yea she’s talking with our dad rn

Mutsuki : no she’s not

Hajime : Mutsuki stop talking.

Mutsuki : congrats you’re going to have another sibling lmao


Sora : NO WAY

Hibika : Last time I had to go upstairs so my parents could talk I was an only child just saying

Chizuru : Are we really having this discussion ?

Shiki : Ignore them

Riku : Mukkun u were right they went to their bedroom

Sora : lemme put some music on

Riku : setting the mood

Sora : uwu city girls volume 80

Mutsuki : My folks have the whole house to themselves

Kinu : Enjoy your last moments as a only child

Mutsuki : I don’t need to worry they said they don’t want another Mutsuki

Kinu : omg same with my parents

Mutsuki : omg are you an accident as well?

Kinu : I’m made in Okinawa, I was not planned at all lmaooooo

Sawa : I am an accident as well my mom reminds it to me every time she’s upset with me :(((

Shiki : I’m so sorry for you, that’s mean

Sawa : That’s okay don’t worry I’m used to it

Hibika : That’s even sadder :((

Sawa : it’s okay really I’m glad I was born bc I’m having you in my life !

Sora : We love you too Soracchi <33333

Chizuru : I can’t complain about my folks they actually planned us with dates and stuff, I’m made in London

Hibika : And everything went so well, made in Paris

Hajime : My parents wanted me so bad, they tried it for a year after settling down in their new town. My mom had a baby fever because of Hibika and Kinu.

Kinu : There are so many pics of your mom hugging us

Hibika : And your siblings ?

Hajime : She had another baby fever when Aunt Saki had Rio and another when Shiki was born

Mutsuki : Everyone was in love with baby Shiki

Kinu : he was the cutest thing in the world with his head full of black hair

Kinu : *picture*

Hibika : his pink lips aww


Shiki : Why the picture ?

Sora : Sawacchi this is your future



Rio : Shiki be blushing rn

Chizuru : shiki probably fainted

Riku : hes googling ‘How to make babies’ Respectfully.

Sora : ‘can I have kids at 13’ Respectfully.

Mutsuki : well Hajime is a 18 yo dad just saying

Hajime : Throw your phone away

Kinu : lmaooooo

Shiki : *picture*

Sawa : Thank you Shiki kun *-* you were so cute and your mom is beautiful

Sawa : you still cute !

Shiki : I understood don’t worry

Sora : I wonder if Akito-san will have another baby

Kinu : Shigure-san wanted a girl so bad he bought me so many dresses when I was a kid

Hibika : I had a dozen of headbands he spoiled us

Kinu : Fr

Shiki : Since we were talking about our parents’ personal lives, I’d like to add that I’m suspicious. I’ve heard them a lot lately. I don’t mind having a sibling, hope it’s girl and a healthy baby.

Mutsuki : Well y’all doors are made with rice paper it would crazy if you didn’t hear anything. Shiki could be deaf-ing

Kinu : he said rice paper I’m screaming

Shiki : My dad makes so much noise I don’t know what to tell him

Rio : I’m a trustworthy witness

Kinu : That’s why you’re slept at my house the whole weekend, just tell them

Shiki : My mom might cry she’s sensitive when it comes to me

Mutsuki : I’m wheezing because of your dad lmaooo my dad makes noise too

Chizuru : same lmao

Riku : my folks sound like they are wrestling

Sora : Yes Sora sleeps with TV on

Kinu : y’all parents still….? I think mine are too old for this

Hajime : This is so disrespectful

Riku : as if our folks don’t make fun our privates lives

Hibika : how my dad throw a whole festival when I got my first periods ?

Kinu : The ‘Wowstruation Fest’ still crying it’s been six years

Mutsuki : my mom called me the Milfer when she found out I searched ‘Milf’ on the TV search bar

Riku : I remember that lmaoooo

Hajime : Michi’s dad laughed so hard, my Dad too especially since your dad wanted to show off his new smart TV

Mutsuki : I was stupid back then

Hajime : Back then ?

Rio : My parents lives separately because of work so I sleep at Shiki’s when he comes home

Shiki : All of this for nothing

Rio : yea but your dad helped to normalize men being louder than women

Chizuru : he got a point tho but still

Hajime : It’s a good thing if your parents still…you know.… That means they are happy together and in love that’s normal

Mutsuki : Remember when I spent summer at yours and we wanted to make breakfast to your parents before I leave

Hajime : Oh no

Kinu : Don’t tell me you didn’t knock

Hajime : we didn’t because they were silent but the bed…

Mutsuki : The bed was banging against the walls we were so scared so we wanted to make it was ok to make the breakfast

Kinu : LMAOOOOOOO you saw it

Hajime : My dad has quick reflexes when we opened the door he was alone and naked, years after he told me he hide my mom under the sheets before we could even see her.

Riku : low key wish my dad was quick like that

Sora : unlocked cursed memories

Sora : I saw Papan’s butt so many times

Sawa : Hahahahaha i feel so bad for laughing

Kinu : You’re killing me I can’t breathe

Hajime : You never walked on your parents doing it or anything ?

Kinu : Never, they are so meticulous they would drop me at a relative’s house

Hibika : Our sleepovers four times a week were lit

Kinu : Y E S

Chizuru : i feel so embarrassed rn

Sawa : At least you never caught your parents going solo

Shiki : WHAT

Sawa : She was on phone with her ex I was 13

Mutsuki : I’m screaming you won

Hibika : take your prize and leave

Hajime : it was not a contest

Kinu : ‘Papan’s butt’ is my number one tho

Riku : lmaooooo

Sawa : I’ve learned the hard way

Chizuru : poor thing that’s why you are so clumsy

Shiki : Chizuru

Sora : Maman taught me with drawings, she said it’s important to discover my BODY look her drawings

Sora : *picture*

Sawa : they are so cool wow

Sora : If you ever come over, I’ll show you maybe we can even talk with Maman shes cool

Kinu : thats genius my mom bought a pillow and told it was not to rest my head on it

Hibika : My parents told me together they even made a list of methods, they kept the list for Chizu

Chizuru : I know

Hibika : What ???

Chizuru : Why do you think we went to the restaurant ??? they told me everything they were so loud

Shiki : My parents told me too, really it’s embarrassing but useful and they started knocking before enter into my room

Sawa : your parents are so nice, my mother says it’s adults’ stuff and if I’m doing it now I will go to hell

Hajime : Your mom is a category of her own

Kinu : I’m so sorry I laughed, at least you won’t be alone in hell, since everyone here did it

Chizuru : we finna take the bus

Hibika : summer camp vibes

Sora : Don’t worry Sawacchi, Sora will talk to Maman so she will give you a whole class

Chizuru : my parents would delighted to do this a third time they are strong advocates of human nature

Hibika : honestly
Shiki : My dad would be delighted too actually he’s the one who told Mutsuki’s dad and Hajime’s dad how to…. well

Kinu : Shigure-san is an icon

Sawa : I’m crying right now seriously everyone is so nice with me it’s okay I don’t want to be a burden to your parents

Mutsuki : You won’t be, we are family and this is normal

Hajime : I agree, this is a natural human need. Your mother should have explained it to you.

Sora : Exactly Sawacchi plus you’re so stressed all the time now we know the reason

Sawa : what

Riku : Sora this is so mean, I laughed so hard

Sora : Shiki is really stressed too he should do it more

Shiki : Sora stop talking please.

Chizuru : hahahahaha she never miss

Sora : Chizu you’re so cold you should play less with your games and more with your oui oui

Mutsuki : y’all look how Sora wrote wee wee

Hibika : sis be speaking French

Hajime : But why do you all hate to conjugate verbs ?

Mutsuki : Hajime be asking dad questions

Chizuru : how about play less with your own wee wee because you’re a energy pill you need to calm tf down

Sora : thanks for proving my point, it’s nighttime go have fun with your baguette

Mutsuki : stop speaking French it’s killing me

Kinu : I’m laughing so hard I have abs now

Rio : i’m with Sora, some people here need some oui oui time

Chizuru : i’m going to sleep

Sora : bon appétit

Mutsuki : he said oui oui time Kinu nee I’m shedding tears my vision is blurry

Kinu : LMAOOOO she said bon appétit Mutsuki it’s over we lose

Michi : Guys it’s freaking 2 am

Hinata : jikppzpzjojpe