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Maybe I love you, maybe I do...

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“Chaton? Chaton, wait up!” Ladybug called after Chat Noir, as he walked away. “What happened? Did I do something wrong?”


Ladybug followed Chat Noir a while until they ended up in the same alley where they hid the Miracle Box.


Chat Noir finally spoke, “I… Shadowmoth is my father….”


Ladybug froze. “So….so you really are Adrien?.....YOU ARE ADRIEN?” She couldn’t believe it! She fell in love with him twice…..She turned down ADRIEN AGRESTE MULTIPLE TIMES!!!


Chat Noir nodded and muttered, “ Claws in


Adrien sat on the floor and buried his head in his lap. Ladybug sat next to him and put her arm around him.


“Sorry I was yelling at you before….” Ladybug whispered, “I have no idea what you are going through now.”


“That’s alright Marinette… You should probably do your Miraculous Ladybug thing, before it’s too late.” Adrien whispered. 


“Right, can you meet me at night in my room?” Ladybug asked, and Adrien nodded.


“I have a feeling we have lots to talk about.”



Now that the Miracle Box is in it’s perfect place. Marinette room. Like promised, Chat Noir was there on his balcony.


“Kitty!” Marinette grinned and Chat Noir ran into her arms and started to cry. “ Claws in. ” he muttered.


Marinette hugged Adrien for a while and then he stopped crying. “Sorry about that…” Adrien muttered.


“You have nothing to be sorry about.” Marinette told him and Tikki giggled. Plagg rolled his eyes and demanded cheese.


Once Plagg had his cheese and Tikki had her macarons they were finally ready to talk. 


“So…. we fell in love with both of our sides… right?” Marinette shyly asked. Adrien grinned, “Correct.”


“Now that you know my identity, do you still love me?” he asked.


Marinette was about to reply duh but then decided to settle with something else. “Maybe I love you, maybe I do…”


Adrien groaned, “MARINETTE!!!” 


“Joking! Of course I love you!” Marinette giggled.


They lived happily ever after.