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little boys shouldn't climb trees.

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“Shawn! Get down from there!” Shawn looked down and smirked- climbing upwards instead of down as he was instructed to do. “Shawn!!” Jasmine huffed- the boy was a lot to handle, Sammy hung onto her arm hiding behind her back with a wobbly whine. “Hey, it’s alright, doll.”

“Shawn, if you don’t come down now i’m gonna come get you!” Shawn frowned, he didn’t wanna come down! He was having so much fun! Just as he was about to jump to the next tree- the branch he was on snapped, and he landed a branch a few feet down. Usually this wouldn’t bother him, but in this state he just burst into tears and held on for dear life.

“Crap, not again…” Jasmine shook her head. “Doll, you stay down here well I got get Bubby alright?” Sammy's eyes widened but she nodded, watching as Jasmine Began to climb up the tree- it looked scary to Sammy, she didn’t understand what Bubby found so fun about it.

Jasmine climbed up the tree, Shawn keeping his eyes on her in panic, sniffling more. “Shhh” Jasmine hummed, reaching the branch and scooping the small boy into her arms, who just huffed a bit and snuggled into her. “It’s okay, little guy, shhh” She rubbed his back, as she carried them down, setting Shawn down against the base of the trees trunk. “I hope you know you’re in a lot of trouble, mister.” Shawn frowned, wiping at his eyes. Jasmine sighed “but, since you’re hurt i’ll let it go- just please don’t do that well small again”

Shawn nodded, rubbing at his arms- they were sore, his whole body was but he was tough! And he knew nothing was broken. “Is bubby alright?” Sammy asked.Jasmine turned around and smiled at her, petting her on the head. “He’ll be fine, sunshine. Just a few scratches and bruises from what I can tell” Shawn has already moved from his placed area, going to crawl-chase a butterfly. Jasmine giggled at his and turnt back to Sammy, picking her up in a swift motion- making her gasp. “Shawn! Were heading out for food, Bud” Shawn perked up and looked up from the butterfly, jumping up and latching himself onto his caregiver with a grunt. “Alright, let’s go.”