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Court Order

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Talon!Dick Grayson x Reader

Warnings – Language. Smut. Kidnapping. Bondage. Breeding Kink. Darker Themes.



He remembered the way you looked when you left him. Exhausted. Tired of fighting. There wasn’t anything left to say. You’d shouted, screamed, sobbed and then, silence. Dick understood. All of the late nights, the injuries. You couldn’t take it anymore. You couldn’t keep watching him destroy himself. You loved him too much. The bitter irony.

Dick watched you from his perch on the fire escape, his black suit camouflaging him perfectly into the dead of the night. He’d been ordered to kill you. The court had deemed you trouble. Your work with the DA’s office was getting too close to them and that meant you had to go. And who better to send than their top assassin.

Dick wondered if they knew of your history together. The nights you’d spend entwined together, swallowing each other’s names. Dick wondered if the court knew of his intentions to one day ask you to marry him. Was this some kind of a punishment? Sending him to kill you? Had he upset the court somehow?

He watched you pad through your apartment in a pair of tight-fitting shorts and an oversized hoodie. He looked closer. He was sure that was his old college hoodie. Why would you still have it…why would you still wear it? His stomach churned at the thoughts before letting his gaze linger on your bare legs. The pit twisted lower in his body and he groaned under his breath. Memories of your toned legs wrapped around him flooded his mind.

He sank his teeth down into his bottom lip. The metallic taste caused him to concentrate. He had to kill you. That was the order. Dick couldn’t disobey them.


You danced around the kitchen, singing lowly to the radio as you microwaved the leftover Thai food from last night. You rolled the sleeves of Dick’s old college hoodie up your arms as you went to wash your coffee mug. It still brought you comfort. You should have thrown it months ago. What were you hoping to achieve by clinging onto it sill?

Large gloved hands wrapped around you from behind and your body went stiff. You tried to scream but a gloved hand covered your mouth, holding you firmly in place. You went to thrash but your intruder was too strong. Tears dropped down your cheeks at the images flashing through your mind. What were they going to do to you?

Dick pressed his cold cheek next to yours, “Shhh, shhh baby, it’s me”, he still felt you twisting against him, accidentally rubbing your ass across his crotch. He fought back the moan and pinned you to the kitchen counter, your hips hitting the edge with a bruising force.

Your whimpers were swallowed by his palm and he brushed some of your hair behind your ear, “It’s going to be ok baby, they told me to kill you…but, I have a better idea…I have a much better idea that’ll keep you alive and…well, you’ll be back in my arms, forever”.

The world around started to become fuzzy, when a puff of smoke spiralled up into your nostrils. Your muscles started to become weak and everything turned black.


Your eyelids felt heavy when you started to come round. You groaned groggily and tried to rub your eyes. Your movements were restricted. Why wouldn’t your hands move? You tried again and winced when the rough material binding your wrists bit into your skin. Your heart began to beat erratically, memories flooding back to your apartment. Dick. He kidnapped you. He drugged you. And now, you had no idea where you were.

A surge of adrenaline rushed through your body and your eyes flashed open. Your vision met Dick, he was watching you intently, teeth sunk down into his bottom lip. He was deep in thought. He walked across to you, with the stealth of a predator.

You squirmed on the mattress, eyes flickering around the room in panic, “Dick?! What the hell?”, you spotted the knives beside the bed and gasped, “Please…please don't hurt me”.

Dick knelt on the bed beside you, “Darling, I could never”, he traced a finger under your jaw softly. You shivered at his touch, leaning into it instinctively.

“Why am I here?”, you whispered, eyes pleading with his, “What are you doing?”.

He dipped forward and kissed your forehead, “Shhhh, you're ok, darling…it’s going to be ok”.

It wasn’t until then you realised you were completely bare. His skin rubbed against yours and the sensation was familiar. It warmed you, falling into old familiar territory. 

I know, I know…I’ve missed you too”, Dick hummed and ran his nose along yours, his lips hovering over yours. So close yet never touching. He smelt like fresh pine. Just like he always did. The scent soothed you and your body relaxed instantly, aching for him to press into you.

Dickie…”, you breathed and bit down onto your plush bottom lip, “What’s going on?”.

His gaze flickered over you, taking in every minute detail about you, he gave you a small smile, “Taking care of business my way…keeping you safe, like I promised I always would”.

“Safe from who, Dickie?”, you murmured, eyes glittering with worry. The nickname sent shockwaves of happiness surging through his body. Nobody said it the way you did. Nobody made him feel the way you did.

His lips brushed over yours teasingly, soft as silk, “It doesn’t matter darling, just know that you’re safe here, with me”. The kiss he pressed to your mouth was passionate, filled with all of the pent up emotions he’d hidden for the last few years. You moaned into his mouth, accepting the way you fit against him perfectly.


Dick let his tongue lick a stripe down your stomach, slowly edging towards your soaked core. Just the idea of having him touching you again, drove you wild. No one had ever driven you to the brink like he did. It was as if only Dick knew how to play your body, like a finely tuned instrument. He stopped and you frowned, your hips jostled from side to side, trying to encourage him to continue.

Dick”, you breathed out and gasped as you tugged on your ropes, the rub of the material setting fire to your skin.

Shh”, he smirked against your flesh and bit gently, “I’ll take such good care of you darling”.

His hands gripped your hips and angled you better, groaning when he saw your slick glisten in the low lighting of the room. He loved how your body reacted to him, even after all this time. His breath fanned over your core and you threw your head back, whining with need.

His thumbs pressed into the junction of your thighs as he delved into your pussy, tongue swiping along your folds. Dick growled huskily into your cunt, the taste of your desire sending him delirious. Sparks shot up your spine and you ripped desperately at your bindings, the burn only fuelling your passions higher.

Dick!”, you cried and scrunched your eyes shut, incoherent whimpers falling from your lips.

He grinned against you and continued with his relentless administrations, enjoying the way you screamed his name as you teetered on the edge of insanity. His talented tongue circled over your clit, the moans you released were depraved. 

Pulling away for a second, his amber eyes locked onto your face, ecstasy colouring it perfectly, “You going to cum all over my face darling?”, he drawled, long fingers teasing over your drenched folds.

P-Please”, you looked down at him, your vision throbbing with euphoria, “Please Dick…please let me cum”.

Dick pushed his fingers deep into your pussy, grunting as your wet heat enveloped him perfectly. Your soft mewls like music to his ears, “Good girl”, he muttered before wrapping his lips around your clit, sucking and flicking his tongue over the sensitive bud.

You thrashed, feeling your climax igniting deep within your stomach. You sobbed his name loudly, your pussy clenching tightly around his digits, your desire drenching them. He sped up the thrusts of his fingers, pushing your orgasm to erupt into a blaze behind your eyes. You went blank, body limp as you succumbed to the intensity of your orgasm.

Such a good fucking girl for me”, Dick moaned into your pussy, the taste of your desire thick on his tongue. You shivered as his voice washed over you, still spaced out from the climax. Fingers dipped slowly into your core, the sinful wet sounds of your cunt made you spasm around them, pulling him impossibly deeper.

He smirked smugly and laid soft kisses over your inner thighs, nipping occasionally, “You look so perfect when you cum…let me see it again darling, just once more…go on, for me”.

The pace of his fingers picked up drastically, thumb swiping over your swollen clit. You groaned loudly, torn between wanting to dive into the glorious feeling but wanting to push him away because it was almost too much to take. The tightly bound rope around your wrists reminded you, you could do nothing but accept Dick’s perfect exacted torture.

The flames consumed your body again, the heat flushing over your flesh. You felt the hot tears running down your cheeks as Dick violently pushed you into another earth shattering climax. Your pussy squeezed tightly around his fingers as they curled perfectly, brushing your g spot with a calculated precision.

His name was nothing but a prayer falling from your lips, each whisper of it fading into the night air wrapped around you both. Dick watched your rise and fall throughout your orgasm and finally pulled his fingers from you. He waited until you opened your eyes to look at him before he licked them clean, “You taste so sweet darling”. The way he said it made you shudder with delight.


The rope rubbed against the skin of your wrists, leaving behind angry red marks. Your joints ached from the way Dick had your hands tied above your head, the loss of circulation making your arms tingle.

You mewled as his hands travelled over the expanse of your naked body, touching and caressing each lush curve. Searing it into his mind.

“You look so beautiful”, he muttered before letting his tongue drag down between the valley of your breasts. Your back arched upwards, eager for more of him. More that he wouldn’t give. He laughed against your skin, before kissing each of your nipples delicately. The sensations drove you wild causing you to thrash at your bindings.

Dick clicked his tongue at your impatience then tugged one of your nipples between his teeth. A sharp shriek left your throat at the sudden change, desire pooling at your core.

“Such a pretty prize and all for me”, Dick muttered to himself but loud enough for you to hear. He gave the same treatment to your other nipple before sucking, flicking his tongue over the sensitive peaks.

Roughly, he spread your thighs, settling between them. His cock rubbed against your leg, smearing precum over you. The wetness caused you to moan his name, urging him to sink into you. With your legs around his waist, Dick let his palms stroke up your outer thighs. The tip of his cock brushed against your opening. He could feel your desire coating him. The growl that rumbled from his throat was primal.

“You’re so desperate for me…aren’t you?”.

You could only nod. Delirious from overstimulation.

Inch by inch, he slowly eased his length into your sopping pussy. When he was finally to the hilt, he stopped all movement. You tugged on the ropes and circled your hips, pleading with him silently. He only smirked, his amber eyes shining with delight.

“Use your words darling”.

The more you tried to coax him into moving, the harder Dick pressed down on you. Holding you in place whilst your pussy spasmed around his cock.

“Please”, you pleaded, “Please fuck me”.

Dick looked deep into your eyes, he could see the lust clouding them. You needed him like oxygen. He could feel how wet you were, all for him, your slick leaking down his shaft. Your desperation feeding his ego.

“Ok darling”, he pressed a kiss behind your ear, muttering darkly, “I’ll give you what you need”.

With that, Dick began to thrust into you deeply, the long drag of his cock making you sob his name. He groaned with you, whispering sweet nothings into your ear. Telling you how good you were, that you belonged to him. Your moans filled the air, you couldn’t stop yourself. The feeling over taking you was too powerful to fight. You felt his smirk against your ear as he nipped it, “I still know exactly how to make you scream”.

His pace caused your nipples to brush across his hard chest and you shivered, your thighs squeezing around his waist, pulling him deeper. Dick pushed himself up, his hands travelling down your stomach whilst he pushed into your tight core, “I’m the only one that will ever make you feel this good darling”, his thumb brushed over your navel, dipping ever lower, “I’m the only one that can give you what you truly need”.

His voice was gravelly with want as his hand settled on your lower stomach, pressing down hard as he drove into you. The moan he released was depraved and your pussy clenched around him, the sound like a sweet symphony for your body. Dick continued to push down on each stroke of his cock, “I-I”, he choked out, “I’m going to fill that pretty pussy of yours”.

Your legs gripped him hard and tried to force him back down to you, desperate to have his lips back on yours. You whined bucking your hips up to meet each slam of his. His hair fell into his stunning amber eyes, damp with sweat. You longed to brush it out of his eyes and rub over his chest, his back…everything. You needed to feel him but the hot burn of the rope biting at your wrists reminded you, you couldn’t.

Dick”, your voice laced with desire.

He met your gaze and hovered over your body, face close to yours whilst still thrusting into you.

You gasped and arched up, your breasts pressing into his solid chest before pleading with him, “Untie me baby, please?”.

Dick’s eyes brewed with conflict. All the possibilities racing through his mind, his pace slowed.

“Dick, baby, please untie me”, you circled your hips against his as your lips brushed over his, “I want to touch you. I want you. I'll always want you”.

His calloused hand snaked up your body as he slowed his rhythm, reaching your red wrists, raw from the burn of the rope. He tugged the knots until eventually they fell free, allowing your arms to drop. He almost winced when he felt your fingertips gently push his dark curls from his eyes. A touch he had longed for, missed.

Dick”, you breathed softly before pressing your lips to his. Your tongue darted out to run along the seam of his lips. He groaned throatily and met your tongue with his, gliding them together as he picked up the pace of his thrusts.

You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, nails delving into his skin when he hit your g spot over and over. You scrunched your eyes shut, the wave of your orgasm threatening to crash as Dick continued to hammer into you. Each of your moans, he drank up, fuelling him to fuck you harder.

“You feel so good darling”, he ground out, lifting your hips higher, angling them perfectly for you to take his load, “You fit around me so perfectly”.

The way he spoke only further heated your core, you clung to him when you felt the crash of your climax hit you, screaming out his name. The euphoria made your body tingle, shockwaves sparking through every nerve. You sobbed, tears staining your cheeks with an unmeasurable passion.

Darling- fuck-ah!”, Dick grunted huskily, your wet heat clamping down around his cock as you came. He pushed deeper into you, fighting against the spasm of your pussy before cumming hard. Thick ropes of his hot seed coated your pussy. You whimpered against him, feeling his shaft pulsating.


Your thighs quivered around his waist as you panted, sucking in deep gulps of air. The force of your climax made you delirious, “Dick…”.

Dick pressed hot, wet kisses along your shoulder, nipping your skin occasionally. His voice was husky as he spoke, “I know darling, it feels good being all filled up with my cum doesn't it”.

You shivered at his words and moaned softly, nails tracing shapes down his back. You’d missed the feel of his firm muscles.

“I thought about cumming on you but I think it would look better dripping down your legs”, Dick traced a hand down the side of your body, his lips travelling across your collarbone. You could feel the heat stirring in the pit of your stomach, his cock twitching inside you.

The idea of filling you with his cum repeatedly, the consequences of those actions made him harden again inside of you. The picture of your swelling stomach as you carried his child made him groan deeply, his thumbs pressed into your hip bones.

Dick…”, you whined breathlessly, digging your nails into his shoulder blades.

He smirked against your skin and looked up at you through his dark lashes, an endearing amount of love and possession shining through his eyes, “You'd like that, wouldn't you? Being so full of my cum that it leaks down your legs”. Dick gave a particularly deep thrust and growled at the wet sound of his cock sliding in and out of your cum filled pussy. 

You mewled under him, writhing your body to meet his agonisingly slow thrusts, his cock throbbing inside your pussy, “Please!”.

You weren’t entirely sure what you were begging for. All you knew was that you need him more than anything. You needed him to end this exquisite torture. It was hard to admit but you’d missed the way he made you feel. He was right. No one could come close to him.

Dick leaned up and grazed his lips against yours, “Tell me what you want darling”.

You- all of you”, you pleaded against his plush lips, your breaths mingling together as one.

His thumbs dragged down the curves of your thighs, keeping them wrapped firmly around him as he started to drive into you hard. The air surrounding you was filled with the sounds of your wanton moaning and the slapping of skin. Your fingers made their way into his soft curls, sighing at the silky texture.

“Fuck”, he grunted, feeling your walls flutter around his shaft as he drove deeper into you, his lips grazed your earlobe, “I love you so much darling”.

“I-I love you too”.

Your skin prickled with pleasure at the sinful sounds filling the room. Dick’s hot breath tickled you and fanned down your neck. Your spine tingled at the sensation. He tilted his view down to where you were both connected. The sight of his cock slipping between your drenched folds caused the muscles in his back to tense. The mixture of releases coating his shaft made it easier to fuck you so hard. His grip on your hips became punishing as his pace became brutal. Intent on fucking his seed back into you. Back where it belonged. He didn’t want you wasting any of his precious desire. Not if you were to carry his heir.

“I’ve missed you”, he cursed when you tugged his hair sharply bringing his face back to yours. He lightly kissed you, licking over your bottom lip. You moaned loudly feeling his cock drag against your g spot, “So damn much”.

You whined his name, tears running down your cheeks at the sheer pleasure overwhelming your body. Your nerves in overdrive at the stimulation firing through you. Dick kissed away the tears, nuzzling his nose against yours affectionately.

“I know I should have given you more time”, he murmured softly against your kiss swollen lips, “I should never have left you lonely on the nights when-ah! Fuck!”, he gasped when your core clenched around him, clinging desperately making his thrusts more shallow, “I-I should have been with you. I-I…fuck”, Dick grunted puffing air against you. He lifted your leg higher, hooking it further around his waist giving him better access to fuck you deeper, “I should have been wrapped up with you…that won’t happen again. I swear it”.

His words. Those words. The ones you had longed to hear for so long. They made you shiver. It was everything you needed. Dick. It was always going to be him. No matter what you did, where you went. It was always Dick. Your Dick.

“Tell me you understand daring”, he whispered, kissing you delicately. A complete contrast to the way his hips were snapping into yours. You didn’t know if you had the voice to speak. Drowning in the pleasure he was administering.

“Please darling”, he begged, he grabbed one of your hands pushing it above your head, threading his fingers with yours, “Tell me you understand”.

You squeezed his hand, “I do”.

Your choice of words made his amber eyes sparkle, cogs turning behind the scenes. He smirked and nipped at your lips playfully, angling his thrusts to repeatedly push against your sweet spot, “We belong together”, he ground out. You could feel his cock throbbing as your walls pulsed around him, “You’re always going to be mine”.

I am yours”, you whispered back, letting him swallow the words with his feverish kisses, “Always”.

Dick growled upon hearing your confession, thrusting deeper into your pussy, “Cum with me darling”, he squeezed your hand again, “Cum with me whilst I fill your tight little pussy”.

You canted your hips, purring with pleasure. Your body burned with raw passion as your orgasm raced through you, wave after wave crashing violently. You cried his name, gripping his hand tightly, riding the euphoria with him.

“Y-you look so beautiful when you cum”, he pressed his forehead against yours, groaning when he felt your desire soaking down his cock, “Fuck-ah!”.

He sank deep into your pussy once more before releasing inside you. Thick, white seed emptying into your core. You shivered when you felt his load fill your pussy, murmuring his name over and over, like a prayer to the heavens.


Dick tugged you into his arms, kissing the crown of your head. You snuggled in further, limbs entwined together. The heat radiated off both of your bodies. A light sheen of sweat covered both of you as Dick ran his fingers up and down your spine. You hummed happily, eyes closing as you soaked in the afterglow.

“We were made for each other”, his fingers danced across the skin of your arm down towards your hand. His thumb brushed over your ring finger. He so desperately wanted to feel the cold press of metal there. Platinum. With a big shiny diamond. He wanted nothing but the best for you. The mother of his unborn child.

You nuzzled your face into his chest, kissing over where his heart was beating wildly. He smiled at the action, stroking his hand over your body, resting it finally on your lower stomach, “I can’t wait to see you start to swell with my baby”.

Dick pressed his fingers against your soft skin, his eyes swimming with pride, “You’ll carry a son for me…sorry”, he bit his lip before starting again, “You’ll carry a son for us. And he’ll be perfect, like you”.