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Bucky Barnes NSFW Alphabet

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A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
Bucky is so attentive it's crazy. Regardless of the type of sex y'all just had, he is giving you whatever aftercare is needed.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Bucky loves your thighs (and your ass of course). He loves how strong they are. When you wear shorts or short dresses and he sees them he damn near passes out . Not to mention when they are on either side of his head.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
Bucky doesn’t Necessarily like cumming on you; it's not something he is ever really liked. He does however love when you let him cum in you. His seed dripping out of your pussy and down your thighs; such a pretty sight to see.
He also likes if/when he can get you to squirt. He takes it as a sign that he is doing a good job (though he is never pressed if you don't)
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Good god! Does he love to see you in combat gear. Sometimes he will watch videos of you training or fighting to get himself off. He doesn’t tell you, but you figure it out so you wear it home for him every once in a while.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
Even though Bucky was out of practice for a few decades…his stroke game is still phenomenal. You had to teach him a few of the newer things but, honey, he knows what he is doing.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
Bucky will have you bending like a pretzel even though you didn’t think you could. He loves to have you with your feet by your ears as he's holding your legs in place with both large hands on the underside of your thighs. In this position he can see all of the faces you make but also drill the hell out of you. Though his absolute favorite is you sitting in his lap with one leg over his shoulder and the other around his waist. You can't do much more than whine and moan in this position as he manually moves you up and down on his dick.
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
When he gets you into bed, there are always moments when he becomes the lady's man from the 40's.
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
His top head is not like his lower head. He's got hardwood, not carpet (pun intended).
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
Bucky doesn’t know what tomorrow is going to hold for him mentally and emotionally, because of this he tries to make every time special in some way
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
He's extremely quiet when he masturbates aside from the small grunt of your name when he cums. You walked in on him once in the early stages of your dating and he felt horrible about it but you insisted him it was both okay and extremely hot
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Bucky isn't fond of bondage or restraints being used on him (though he doesn’t mind when you get a bit rough with him). He is however a slut for dirty talk, in the bedroom obviously, but especially in public.
"I can't wait till we get out of here. I am beyond ready to have you in my mouth. Don't you think that'd be nice?? Me on my knees swallowing you and all that you have to give me."
He would respond with a curt "we're in a meeting right now, sweets." but the look he gave you let you know that it was game on when y'all got alone time.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)
The couch is his favorite place. He likes that it's not as soft as a bed but it still provides comfort for you both. (He also likes the ease in which he can kneel on the floor and eat you out)
His second favorite place is the your kitchen counter; if you're on your tip-toes, it’s the perfect height for him to fuck you from behind
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
You in combat gear
Hearing you moan
Seeing you in his old sergeant's uniform (he is still very confused on how you found it tbh)
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Nothing that can hurt you is being done with his left arm. He'll use it to get you off but spanking, choking, anything of the sort is skin on skin.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Bucky loves when you go down on him. He is at your complete and utter mercy and he loves it. One of his favorite sounds is him hitting the back of your throat gently and you releasing a soft moan.
As much as Bucky loves to receive, he loves having you squirm under him as he noisily laps at your folds, three fingers messily driving deep inside you. It's one of his favorite things; to hear his name through thigh-muffled ears.
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
Bucky is whatever you need him to be. It usually starts out slow and sensual then ends with him pounding you into the mattress and telling you to "take it all like the good girl you are" as you pant heavily.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
He quickly became a fan of them. One between a meeting, another when you're running late for work. "might as well be late for a real reason" was all he said between your legs right before he began to dip his tongue into your pussy.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
He's basically down to try anything once for you. The latest risk was fucking in the common area before the others got back in. (He loved it)
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
I'm gonna say two words: super + soldier
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
You introduce him to the use of toys. He happened to get home one night when you were getting yourself off and he saw your body shake and convulse in a way that he never had before. He asked you the next day if he could use the toy on you and you immediately agreed. After he tried that one on you, he knew he had to try more.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Bucky was sex on legs. And once he figured out that this was how you saw him… it was over for you. He'd have you complete putty in his hands before he would even touch you.
Inside of the bedroom: it's wraps. He'd edge you three of four times before he would even think about letting you cum.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Bucky started out quiet. He would let out a grunt or moan occasionally but nothing more. You were determined to hear him be vocal. You put the work on him like you never had before.
Y'all got noise complaints.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
Bucky paused at the door of Shuri's lab rehearsing the question in his head before beginning to turn around.
"Hello, Bucky," Shuri greeted when she saw him in the doorway. "How's it go-"
"Can you make my arm vibrate?"
"Can I what!?"
"Well, not the arm, just the fingers?"
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
A little above average and a decent amount of girth. You can just barely wrap your hand fully around him.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
Bucky is horny often. It's mostly because y'all are together often. This man constantly wants to be buried inside of you.
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Bucky usually doesn’t fall asleep anytime soon after sex. He always likes to watch you drift off to sleep. It makes his heart skip a beat at the peace that’s on your face and it makes his dick jump knowing that he fucked you to sleep.