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“Cap’n, do not ‘Now Starsky’ me!”

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“Cap’n, do not ‘Now Starsky’ me!”


The night had been very successful, with multiple arrests ending the gruelling month long investigation. Starsky knew his partner was exhausted as they left the precinct in the early hours of the morning. The long night shift had taken its toll on both of them - but also had its benefits.  They could crash at one apartment without anyone batting an eyelid which meant waking up with his lover and if he had his way-he’d have his way!


God, he loved that throaty groan Hutch made in response to his tongue.  Starsky curled closer to Hutch’s back slowly tracing his fingertips up the inside of his lover’s thigh.  As his fingers found the furry sacks he teased them, warming them, loosening his hand as they enlarged at his touch.  He loved to mentally map the body he held. Not that he needed to.  He knew his lover’s body intimately, knew the exact spots that caused those special noises Hutch only made for him.  

“Starrrrsss.” Oh yeah, he loved to hear his name said with such hunger.  

His strong hand gently stroked Hutch’s enlarged cock.   

“Arrrgh” Hutch rolled his head back as he covered Starsky’s hand with his, pressing it down harder.   

 Starsky continued kissing down Hutch’s back. The taste and smell of his lover’s hot, damp musky skin was something he could never get enough of. 

His hand increased the firm rhythm on the pulsing cock as his lips caressed down on the firm smooth ass.    

“Hmm” Starsky loved knowing he could make his big strong partner melt in his hands and savoured hearing those deep groans of pleasure.  He kissed and traced his tongue round Hutch’s firm ass, as the body he held started thrusting.  His hand slowed down as his thumb swept over the pre cum and teased the slit at the crown of the fully aroused cock.  Hutch thrust forward as Starsky moved up licking and kissing. Hutch hissed as his ear received relentless tantalising attention.

“Not yet, babe.” But even the heat of Starsky’s whisper hit him hard.  

Hutch knew he was close, moaning and rolling his neck to feel the wet tongue. 

‘God, that tongue should be listed as a lethal weapon, even if it is only used on me.’ He loved and hated that Starsky knew his body so damn well.  His partner knew exactly what he was doing to him, his hand and that hot heavy breathing in his ear was sending him crazy.          

“Ssssarrrs…need you!”

“Not yet, babe!”  He listened to Hutch’s breathing even out a little. 

Hutch rolled on his front raised his knees and widened his legs, knowing Starsky was as hard as he was.  Starsky reached for the tube in the bedside cabinet.

“Starrsssk noww…need you, babe!”   He felt the warm caressing mouth and hands returned to roam his body and gasped in anticipation as fingers stroked down the crevice of his cheeks, separating them. “Need you…Now Starssss!”

“Easy, babe.”

Starsky’s finger slipped in as he kissed Hutch’s back.  Hutch rocked back in pleasure, his breathing catching with the loss as the finger was pulled out, but then two fingers stroked his inner body and soul.

“Now, Starsky…Now!”  Hutch almost screamed out his plea.  The fingers stroked and teased him. His legs started trembling but Starsky’s firm hand gripping his shaft prevented any release.

“Now, Starsky, now.” The plea repeated.   

“You’re mine. God I love you.” Starsky whispered as he entered his lover. 

“Always…love you.” Hutch pushed back, taking him in further.  Starsky gently pulled out and re-entered, controlling his own desire. 

“Deeper…faster! Now, Starsky.”  This demand was one that he was more than happy to fulfil. 


Starsky slammed into the smooth ass with ease. “Oh God, babe” His hand relaxed and gently held Hutch’s massive swollen organ.

“Now Starssss…now…now.” Both were so close, their pants and groans echoing throughout the bedroom. 

It felt natural, deeper and faster until he found Hutch’s magical spot.  Starsky rammed hard and suddenly into his lover.

“Starrrrr…yessss” Hutch’s whole body went into spasms as Starsky continued pounding that sweet spot.  He held and supported his partner as his muscles tightened and then gave way as his orgasm ripped through his body.  Hutch’s spasms vibrated through Starsky and his own body reacted uncontrollably filling his partner before they collapsed, both spent and exhausted. 

“God Stars, that was…” Neither of them were capable to speaking much, let alone moving. “Love you.”

“Love you, babe, you’re my world…did I hurt you?”  

“You could never hurt me.” 

Starsky went to the bathroom and brought out a wet towel.

As he returned to the bedroom the phone rang.  Hutch, half asleep, automatically picked it up but Starsky stepped forward and took it from his hand.  

“Starsky, you there?” Although the phone had been answered no one had spoken. Dobey presumed he’d woken Starsky up.  

“Cap’n?  We’re not due in for another three hours.”

“I know but I need you both in now. It’s important. There have been developments from last night’s arrests.”  

“I’ve just woken up!” His temper flared, but truth was all he could think about was going back to bed to rest and recover with his lover.   

“Now, Starsky!” Dobey wasn’t sure how awake Starsky was and raised his voice.

“Cap’n, do not ‘Now Starsky’ me!”  Starsky began, then suddenly melted with a smile as he recalled Hutch’s pleas of ‘Now, Starsky!”

“Starsky! I know you just woke up and weren’t due in, so I’ll let that slip.  Just get you and your partner’s butts in here ASAP!” 

Starsky didn’t respond, dreamily picturing Hutch’s smooth, firm ass.  

“Starsky! You still there?”

Starsky hastily dragged his attention back to the phone.  “Uh…Yes Cap’n. Sorry. Just give us time to get dressed.”  Dobey was confused by Starsky’s sudden change in mood. 

“Just get in ASAP” Dobey sat back in his chair feeling slightly guilty at having to call his boys in early after the hard month they’d had. Starsky was obviously still tired or had gotten out the wrong side of the bed when he called.  He decided that once the issue was resolved, he’d let them leave early.

That was the least he could do for disturbing their sleep-they obviously needed to get back to bed as soon as possible.