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An endless dream.

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They returned to the state one day before of the ceremony, even tough Cale’s condition had improved he still looked skinnier to the point it was noticeable; the carriage ride was slow contrary to how it had rushed out, before when they were running away, now it seemed uncomfortable coming back even Ron had an awkward look.

After a few hours they arrived and a joyful face greeted them, Deruth himself had come to receive his son. Maybe he was blind as he didn’t protest after having Cale’s looks in front of him, however he flinched when his eyes met with his red and now longer hair, he looked like a male version of Drew, even like Drew’s brother, he resembled him a little tough.

They got inside right away. There were two young kids waiting on the lobby, one of them was only two years younger than him while the girl was just a three year old baby, they were close and expecting him with a smile, the boy had a shy smile whereas the baby girl was smiling bright at him, after all his mother had told them they would have a bigger brother and both were anxious to meet him.

Cale felt weird, for some reason those kids looked more like his father than like him, their hair was the same ash brown and their eyes were oddly similar, but he couldn’t openly show his astonishment, this was an important moment for the future so he smiled back at them, it was a good opportunity he always wished for siblings and now he had them, it didn't really matter if they were not blood related even when it was awkward at least for him, .Both the children in front of him were seemed happy, his father asked him to show them around and they toured over the mansion, while they followed him with expectant eyes.

Cale reached the back garden filled with roses his mother had planted all of them were as red as her hair.The baby girl got closer and tried grabbing a flower but the thorns cut her flesh and she started crying, his brother took care of her, while Cale mind was focused on the blooded stained stem; they were only a few drops but it reminded him of the day he had tried to grab the roses and ended likewise, that time his mother had dealt with the torn encrusted on his hand. He hadn’t cried like the baby girl but he felt pain, remembering was painful.Would his old memories be buried by new ones? Would he be able to forget? He brushed those scary thoughts aside. It was a little bit late but he asked anyway.

“My name is Cale and yours?” He grabbed her hands and swiftly pulled out the thorn, making eye contact and smiling softly.

“She is Lily Henituse” The older brother answered for her “And I am Basen Henituse”.

His last name sounded so distant when he pronounced it, and suddenly he realised, this was happening, they were now part of the Henituse’s household, well they would be starting tomorrow he didn't knew how to feel, many emotions were collaiding inside him, in the end the only real thing he could sense was a knot on his throat, it would take him time to assimilate but they were apparently nice children, and they were happy with this ordeal, so who was him to deny them a name that wasn’t his to give.

The sunset mingled with his hair and Lily enjoyed the sight. She thought that his new brother was part of the sun, such a childish idea crossed by Basen's mind as well, truth be told they were excited to have a new home and new family members.

What Cale did not know was that his younger sister Lily actually shared some blood with him as she was a daughter born between his father and his new stepmother that meant two years after his mother’s dead his father had not only found another woman, but he had also a child with her before marriage .Deruth had postponed it because he concluded it was too soon for his son to know and now everything was good (according to his own perception), he would tell Cale after the ceremony.

The day arrived. Ron helped Cale to get ready. He was the one giving his father the rings so he needed to be as impeccable as his stepmother. He was wearing a black suit, with a flower pattern vest and an ascot tie, his red bright hair was tied on a low ponytail with a black silk ribbon leaving his forehead uncovered. He was young and handsome, of course his eye bags were covered with makeup so nobody could see them.

The ceremony end well it was a joyous occasion, however, Cale was absent in mind he just fulfilled his part and let it slide, his new sibling were on him all the time, it was not bad he now had two children following him around, the two of the were cute, Basen was on the serious side while Lily was as lively as a child could be they were starting on the right feet.

Days later a package was sent to the house, it was a big family portrait with all of them in it, Cale looked at himself, then at the others, surprisingly they all share the same ash brown hair and had similar eyes except for him, his red hair stood out as a wine stain, he shared some features with his father but it was almost imperceptible, he thought that if his family were a puzzle he would be a piece that couldn’t fit anywhere, a piece from a different puzzle all together, that conception would remain with him for the years to come.

The same day the portrait arrived he was summoned to his father's office unknowing that a bomb was about to blow off.

The reunion was nothing out of the ordinary; his father asked him about his lessons and how were his vacations, but suddenly Deruth tensed up and mechanically asked him.

“What do you think about your siblings?”

There was nothing much to think about they were agreeable, also it was fun to spend time with them although Cale had noticed how the servants treated Basen, contrary to his younger sister and himself the employees seemed to mock Basen behind his back, maybe it was because he was not a direct descendant of Deruth but if that were the case they would treat Lily the same way and they didn’t, there was something fishy on that and to prevent it Cale had spent most of his time relating with his new family his cousins were against him since he was younger after his mother’s dead all because he was the only inheritor known to the Henituses’s fortune so if he were to disappear as there was no other successor the title would go to the closest relative; in this case his cousins now there were other candidates but as he had grown being trashed over he could understand the feeling of being left out.

Also after knowing they were other people with whom he could share the burden make him lighter, he had to be prepared for a future where he could die before his own father so having someone to replace him in case of it being necessary, was on equal terms reassuring and scary, but he had to steal himself for the possibilities, that was why he was covering Basen, he was probably going to be the heir anyway.

“I like them, they are nice with me” he answered curtly.

Deruth smiled unconsciously, if he liked them it meant that this family had the chance to become closer, he thought about if it was really necessary to tell him about it but he had made up his mind, he had the right to know, after all it would be a big problem if any other informed him.

“And what do you think about Lily?” Deruth inquired trying to lead the conversation to where he wanted.

“She is cute” For some reason he wasn't in the right mood for this conversation, he liked them but it was not as if he had completely gotten used to their presence.

Cale turned to the window, the day was sunny and the weather was perfect to be outside something he wanted to do right now, Deruth swallowed he couldn’t get his thoughts right the words were stumbling trying to be spoken but nothing came out, he didn't have the courage and instead resolved he would tell him eventually. He focused on his son looking at him without any other thing in mind. He discerned his son was thinner than before and somehow seemed extremely fatigued, the usual sparkle that remind of his mother was not there anymore. He attributed it to the last busy days but decided that he would keep an eye on him.

After what he believed to be an uncomfortable silence Cale dismissed himself, he walked leisurely out of the office, his father was acting strange but in the end he wasn't concerned, if it was nothing important then everything was alright.

When he returned to his chamber Ron was waiting for him, lately Cale was seeing him as a therapeutic person he already knew he was reliable but now he also felt a sensation of peace when he was there, his relationship with his son had also build up, Ron greeted him with his bening smile, and helped him undress, their conversation always revolt on if he was fine, he sounded like an overprotective grandfather and Cale liked it.

His routine had a few changes, he had a new training partner, Basen was taking classes along him, he deemed this new air refreshing but they would split up after the last course, and he would come back to his room until dinner, it was not that he like his room better than being outside but he was avoiding the employees it had been two years already since his last slumber surprisingly the period extended, he was sixteen years old now, however he was preparing just in case, his butler was preparing for it as well, even Beacrox was getting ready in case he was needed to drive the carriage urgently. While he was walking to his room he heard two maids talking. They were, according to them, whispering even so they were so loud that he could listen perfectly.

“How does the lord let that bastard take the same courses as our young master?” A loud nasal voice appeared to be upset.

“I know right, is not as if he were his real son like the little lady” Another equally loud voice answered.

“Do you think the lord is thinking about making Basen the next head of the household?” Now the annoyance had become real curiosity.

“Who knows young master Cale is always disappearing out of the blue, but taking away the inheritance right from him would be weird, he is his legitimate son after all” Cale stayed in the shadows listening to the quite revealing conversation, and he learned two aching truths.

The first one was although Basen was treated poorly he was being considered to be a competidor of his father title, he had made up his mind on that one, but realizing that other people were replacing him was shocking he thought that he had to make it clear that he was abdicating the position, obviously that was not the case, still he was alright with it, he was going to do it even if Basen was not recognized as a candidate.

However the most unexpected fact was what hit him hard on the back, his father had lied him, Lily was his blood related half sister, it made sense why she was treated better than Basen and sometimes even better than himself, she was the daughter of Deruth and Violan who he had just married a year ago, that could meant everything but one thing was clear, his father not only had found a replacement for his mother, he had found her earlier than he let on but he waited three years to marry her, forget betrayal someone had just stab him in the back, his eyes trembled and his mouth was getting dry, he knew what was about to happen but the rage burning inside him was stronger, he stormed to his father office now he was going to speak his mind loud and clear.

The doors burst open accompanied by a harsh crash, Deruth look up startled by the sound, he could see his son rushing to his desk so fast that he didn’t mind closing the doors after him, his frown made evident of what he was going to say, so Deruth ordered the servants inside the room to exit and close the door for him then he braced himself ready for whatever his son was going to talk, Cale was clenching his fist so hard his nails were almost piercing through his pale skin, he didn’t wait to the servants exiting, he spit what was on his mind.

“How could you!” His teenager voice cracked but it did not matter to him.

The door closed with a thud.

He was not angry because of Deruth having a daughter he was enraged because he had not told him about it neither about finding another person he loved, as if he wasn’t important enough he had the right to know before everything pile up like a fast ball aiming for his lungs, but not only had he keep it a secret he had throw everything at once expecting him to understand it right away, true he had no right to complained he had been hiding thing from him too but it was not because he not trust him, it was because he didn’t want to worry him with something that was beyond his control.

The things that Deruth held from him were things he would eventually find out but if he had told him beforehand he wouldn’t be feeling them like a sudden weight on his shoulders.

“Not only you didn’t tell me you were going to remarry… actually you told me nothing at all! Did you just expect me to be alright with everything? or you didn’t spare a second to think about me?..”

“Cale…” he was about to intercede but Cale didn’t allow him to, it was his turn to speak.

“... Have you ever thought about how I felt?” He stopped talking and his eyes were getting teary if he said anything else he would cry.

Deruth let a low sight and placed his head on his palms.

“I was alone, your mother is the woman I have loved the most in my life, losing her tore me apart.... He once again was cut up.

“...And what do you think it did to me?” Cale was no longer shouting, his voice didn’t tremble as before but it was filled with more sorrow and contempt than ever

“ ...I’m leaving” His words were dragging, but the resolve behind them did not falter.

“ ...Give... me some... time...”

The emotional speech died out.

Where would he run to?