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Karina was lounging in her bed, facing the wall. She was scrolling through her phone, reading the newest chapter of a webtoon she liked and starting to feel sleepy, when she felt a sudden presence behind her. Fear seized her; she jerked around and saw a figure looming over her bed and let instinct take over. Her legs kicked out with force.

“Hey!” The figure squeaked, catching Karina’s ankles in their small, cold hands.


“Who the fuck else?”

“Language,” Karina muttered, shaking her feet free from Winter’s grip and letting them flop back onto the bed. She blinked a few times, adjusting her eyes to the light of her beside lamp that Winter had just switched on. “What are you doing up?”

Winter stared at her, expression unreadable as always, before giving her retort. “Could ask you the same thing.”

“I was almost asleep, actually, until I thought I was about to get murdered.” Karina sat up in bed and rested her back against the wall. She crossed her arms over her chest. “I thought I going to have our first sasaeng horror story.”

Winter scoffed, incredulous. “Please, before me? Get over yourself.”

“Wow, Winter, greedy for popularity to the point of wanting stalkers. Real nice.”

“You wanna die?”

“Try it, shorty.”

Winter bared her teeth and balled her fists. She climbed onto the bed, got close. Karina tightened her core in preparation for the fight. She braced herself.

“I want you to put your fingers in my mouth again.”

What the fuck.

“What the fuck?”

Winter slapped her arm. “Don’t make me say it again.”

“What are you even talking about?” Karina said, flabbergasted.

“That photo we sent on Bubble earlier. You put your fingers in my mouth. Come on, are you that stupid? You forgot already?”

Karina most certainly had not forgotten. She had thought about it more than she would like to admit since it happened. Winter’s lips, soft and wet, closed around her fingertips. The tip of her tongue hitting the skin. Shocking, exciting, maddening. The memory alone made her feel hot.

“N-no,” Karina stammered. She cleared her throat. Get ahold of yourself, Jimin. “I remember.”

Winter sidled up to her. She folded her legs, letting her knees fall onto Karina’s lap. A cool hand found its way to Karina’s exposed collarbone, and a single fingertip stroked along its length. “Unnie,” she whispered. “Please?”

It was almost nauseating, the way Winter could switch her temperament like that. This sweet act was fake, of course; Winter was a mean little sprite who lived to aggravate Karina. But even if it was an act, Karina couldn’t help the goosebumps that raised on her skin when Winter leaned in, pressed her lips to her ear, and whispered the filthiest shit Karina had ever heard in her life.

“Come on, unnie, make me your little slut. Fucking make me drool on your fingers, gag me, shit, hnnn,” she whined, pressed all the way up and down Karina’s side. Her hand strayed from Karina’s collarbone down to her chest and squeezed her tit. “I fucking want it. Want you to give it to me.”

It was so ridiculous, all of it. Karina didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She didn’t have time to make that decision, though, because then Winter shoved her, knocking her flat on her back, and started undoing the buttons of Karina’s pajama top.

“Shit, Minjeong, what the hell are you doing?” Karina’s hands flew to grip Winter’s out of surprise. Winter just slapped her hands away and continued her task.

“You’re our leader aren’t you? You’re supposed to be there for us. And right now I need your boobs to be there for me to smush my face into.”

“You’re sick, you know that right?” Karina scoffed, but she didn’t stop Winter’s deft fingers undoing a second button, and then a third, and then reaching into the fabric to pull her tits out and let them hang over the opened sides of the fabric. Her hands were cool enough to leave a chill on Karina’s skin, but the fact that it was happening was enough to heat her right back up. She used to not really like having her chest touched. Or looked at. Or even noticeable. But recently, she had started to feel that maybe it wasn’t so bad. Especially not when Winter’s strong fingers massaged them, squished them together, played with her nipples. It felt…fun. Like her boobs weren’t just annoying attachments, but instead parts of her that, if she could get out of her own head about it, could serve as a gateway to pleasure.

“Mmm,” Winter hummed. She didn’t even spare Karina a glance before she dove right in and buried her face in between her tits.

Then it started.

Insane, unhinged noises. Shrieks and squeals of delight, pitched up to sound like a shoujo anime protagonist, all pressed against the skin of her tits. Filthy words, spoken in that innocent tone of voice, which made it even dirtier. It was so sick and so strange that Karina didn’t even think she could enjoy the rest of whatever this was.

“Oh my god, can you just shut up?”

“No!” Winter shook her head vigorously, her bangs and her short pixie cut hair swiveling with the movement. She scrunched her nose cutely and then made a show of pushing Karina’s tits together and running her nose along the high line of her cleavage. “It’s like a pillow,” she sighed. “Like clouds. So fluffy.” She poked them several times. “I’m going to sleep on this pillow.”


Unnie,” Winter crooned. “Don’t act like you don’t like this. I’ve seen those webtoons you read. The lesbian ones. I look just like the girls in those, don’t I?”

Goddamn. Karina really needed to put a password on her phone. And also stop reading those. Because yeah, Winter did look like the girls in those. But she was nothing like them. The girls in those stories were actually sweet. They were what Karina turned to after a long day of having to pretend to give a shit about men while also not being allowed to show interest in them. The girls in those webtoons were decidedly not like Winter, who was demon spawn sent straight from hell to make Karina’s life hard by pretending to be cute.

“Please shut up,” Karina begged. She was at the end of her rope.

At that, Winter dropped the act. She stilled, moved up Karina’s body to look her in the face. That unreadable, haughty expression was back. “You know how to make me.” Karina gulped.

Then, before her brain could catch up to her body, she flipped Winter around, so that she was lying on her back on top of Karina. She heard Winter let out and oof from the impact of landing on top of Karina’s body. Her head was still pillowed on Karina’s tits, but she couldn’t look at her anymore.


“Oh? Done calling me unnie?”

“Please,” Winter gasped. It was shocking. Karina had never known her to ask, much less beg for anything. She always knew what she wanted, and how to get it on her own. No one could stand in her way.

So to have this girl on top of her, to hear her begging—it was really something.

Karina didn’t waste any more time.

“Open your mouth.”


Karina brought one hand around Winter’s head, her long fingers gripping her chin for a moment. She used the leverage to turn Winter’s head from side to side a few times, just to loosen her up. And to mess with her a little bit. Winter couldn’t have that, of course. She whined. The noise was filthier this time, because her mouth was still open. So uncharacteristically obedient.

“Here, take it,” Karina said, just as she put two fingers into Winter’s mouth.

As soon as they were in, Winter let out a noise. It was like a whimper, but it also sounded relieved. This was insane. Who was this girl? Literally every day she had a bone to pick with Karina. The smallest things—a choreography mistake, a stutter in an interview, and Winter was on her about it. It was aggravating. Which made this—whatever it was—so much more strange.

She hadn’t even realized it, but at some point, Karina’s other hand had come up to rub Winter’s thighs while she sucked on her fingers. Winter was, as always, not wearing pants. She preferred to roam the dorm in long t-shirts and cute underwear. And Karina preferred to pretend like she didn’t stare at the bright color of Winter’s underwear showing through her thin white shirts. Now, she let her hand wander under the hem of that shirt and in between Winter’s thighs. The flesh was soft, smooth, and hot to the touch. The more she stroked there, the harder Winter sucked on her fingers. Shit. This was getting out of hand.

No sooner did Karina think that than Winter closed her strong, small hand around Karina’s wrist and moved her hand up, up, up, until it was brushing against the crotch of her underwear. Fuck. How the hell was Winter suggesting this? She was the one who always had something to say about the way Karina handled being in a group. So how was getting off with a bandmate something she was okay with? It made no goddamn sense.

“Please,” Winter sobbed around her fingers. “I want it.”

She sounded petulant, like a spoiled brat. It made Karina angry. How dare she whine for something when all she did was drive Karina insane? Karina wanted to let her anger out, wanted to get her off fast and then just shove her out the door. But that wasn’t her. She sighed, resigning herself to this, and cupped her palm over the crotch of Winter’s underwear. Her fingers stroked up and down. The flesh underneath her fingertips was hot, even under the layer of fabric. There was wetness, too. Karina pushed one finger into the fabric, letting it get caught between the folds of Winter’s cunt, getting it soaked. She was wet enough already that the moisture seeped through the fabric and onto the tip of Karina’s fingertip. That was enough to make Karina’s cunt clench too.

Once Winter seemed satisfied that she had Karina’s other hand where she wanted it, she then gripped the one that was in her mouth. She tugged at another one of Karina’s fingers. Karina got the message. She pushed a third finger into Winter’s mouth, pushed down on her tongue. The little gagging noise that Winter made was fascinating. Karina wanted to hear it again, but then Winter was shoving Karina’s hand under the waistband of her panties, telling her to get a move on. She was so fucking demanding. Really a spoiled brat. Karina needed to stop giving into her.

She slipped her fingers in between the folds of Winter’s cunt. It was feverishly hot there, soaking wet. She gathered some of that wetness between her fingers, got them covered in it, and then began touching her in earnest. The slick from her cunt made the slide easier, so when she got up to her clit, she had only to rub it a few times before it was coated in the stuff too. Winter whimpered around her fingers. She planted her feet on the bed on either side of Karina’s thighs and used the leverage to roll herself up into Karina’s touch.

Honestly, Karina’s wrist was getting tired. This was hot, but it was obvious that Winter didn’t have much intention of returning the favor tonight, which meant that Karina would have to get herself off, and she was already sleepy. She needed to hurry this up.

“You really are a little slut, aren’t you?”

Winter sucked on Karina’s fingers so hard she thought the skin would break. It was enough to make Karina wonder if she could use this to her advantage; next time Winter was nagging her during dance practice, or hovering around her while she cooked in the kitchen, could she just dangle her fingers in front of Winter’s face like candy in front of a child? Would Winter’s eyes go wide? Would she subdue her bitching and make herself obedient to earn a treat for her—what was it called—oral fixation? The thought was a nice one, but somehow Karina doubted it would be that easy.

Karina was pulled out of her daydreams when Winter crossed her legs, the meat of her thighs clenching and squeezing Karina’s hand between them.

“Let me go,” Karina said. It came out harsher than she meant for it to. She was just exhausted. Her wrist ached. This had to end fast.

When Winter loosened her legs’ grip on her hand, Karina focused her attention on Winter’s clit. She could feel the way it was slightly engorged, hardened. After gathering more wetness from below, Karina stroked it in earnest. Tight circling motions around her clit had Winter making choked out sobbing noises. Flicks of her finger across it made her cunt clench. Softer, more controlled movements of a single fingertip up and down made Winter’s mouth fall open, her saliva dripping out of her mouth and over Karina’s fingers.

“Ahh, ahh, more, don’t stop.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Karina wasn’t going to just leave her hanging. They might get on each other’s nerves, but, like Winter said, she was their leader after all. She should help them however she could. And if that extended to sex—(if that was just an excuse for sex)—then that was fine by her.

Suddenly, an idea came to her. She switched her hands out, bringing the one from Winter’s cunt up to her mouth, and taking the one covered in her saliva back down to her cunt.

“You wanted fingers in your mouth, didn’t you?” Karina asked.

She felt Winter nod. Her hair tickled Karina’s nipples.

“Good. Didn’t know you could be this good, Minjeong-ah.”

“Unnie…” Winter moaned. She reached out her two trembling hands to grip the one of Karina’s that was covered in the slick from her own cunt, and brought it up to her lips. She opened her mouth wide to accept the fingers. Soft, wet heat like warm silk enveloped her fingers, and Karina thought it felt so much better than it had any right to. She had no idea how Winter tasted on her own tongue. She realized she wanted to know. But that would have to come another night.

Karina pushed her fingers that were covered in Winter’s spit down under her panties, back in between the folds of her cunt. She made straight for her clit, picking up right where she left off, stroking it like she stroked herself. Slow at first, then a little faster, then, when she could feel Winter’s core tightening under her forearm, she pulled back. That had Winter moaning like she was going to pass out. She sounded like she was in pain.

“Almost there. Come on, Minjeongie, keep being good for once in your life.”

Winter shook her head, like she was saying she couldn’t do it, like it was killing her to be patient. Like she would die if Karina didn’t make her come right now. Right fucking now.

This time, when Karina felt Winter’s stomach tightening with her impending release, she didn’t stop. She quickened the pace of her strokes, tightened them closely on and around her clit, faster and faster until her wrist ached, and she still kept going. She herself never took this long to come when she got herself off, but of course, doing it with someone else was different. Having someone else get you off was even more different. Considering all that, Winter really was being very good.

Ahh, unnie, Jimin-ah, I’m—mmh!” Winter spoke while her mouth was still full of Karina’s fingers. Drool dripped past her lips and trailed down to Karina’s wrist. It was so dirty. And, to her surprise, Karina was finding that being this dirty was really fun.

A few more strokes to her clit, and Winter’s whole body seemed to clench and tighten as she finally came. Her mouth fell open, and sounds like windchimes fell out of it. Short gasps, full of air, punctuated with attempts to breathe again. Again, her legs clenched around Karina’s hand, keeping it where it was, stroking her through the waves of her orgasm. It lasted longer than Karina expected. As she rode it, Winter kept writhing on top of her body, squirming and wiggling and trembling. Karina felt the urge to wrap her arms around her and hold her still in place. But that was probably out of bounds.

Or maybe not.

After Winter finally came down from her high, she just flopped onto her stomach next to Karina, still half on top of her. No way. No fucking way Kim Minjeong was a cuddler.

“You can’t be serious right now,” Karina said. But there was no bite to her voice. If anything, one could hear the smile in it. She couldn’t help it—Winter’s face was just so cute. Her cheeks were like steamed buns filled with melted sugar. Yum.

“Are you eating my face?” Winter asked, her eyes closed.

“No,” Karina said, her mouth full of Winter’s fluffy cheek. She pulled off. “Okay, maybe a little bit.”

Winter laughed once. Eyes still closed, she pressed herself fully to Karina’s side. Then, so fast that Karina thought she’d imagined it, Winter kissed the corner of her mouth. “Don’t get used to it,” she murmured.

“Um. Okay.” Karina stared at her ceiling and wondered why on earth she had to meet this girl. She was so fucking infuriating. So confusing. At times, genuinely mean. And other times, like now—

Karina turned to look at her. She was already asleep. That bitch, she couldn’t even stay awake to help Karina get off too? Still, Karina couldn’t be too mad. Not when she looked like that. Cheeks drooping, mouth open and drooling. Eyelids fluttering.

—she was alright.