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A Verbal Contract

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Saliva clung to Zhongli’s gloves like dew to morning webs, his thumb tugging Tartaglia’s jaw open. The pad of the skin tight fabric brushed along his tongue, his other hand guiding his cock to kiss his teeth.

“Lick it.” He spoke, firm and deep.

Cerulean eyes met Amber, brows knotted as his jaw dropped, and Zhongli slid into the wet heat of his mouth.

“Open up, let me feel you.” He groaned, twitching against his tongue.

Tartaglia shuffled down the bed slightly, allowing his head to tip back, tongue out over his bottom lip. Like this, his heavy balls pressed against his chin, drool rolling down his cheeks as Zhongli pressed deeper. His fabric gloves took hold of ginger tufts, tugging and holding him firm.

Tartaglia lied beneath him, supported by his arms behind him. With his feet deep into the bedding, Zhongli stood over him, watching as the man beneath him writhed between his legs, swallowing around him.

“Get it nice and wet for me, the last thing I want is to hurt you, right?” He explained, glove clad hands leaving the ginger strands.

He did as he was asked, his tongue running along the underside, feeling a protruding vein pulse against him.

Tipping his head back, Zhongli moved his hands to his over coat, nimble fingers pressing the gold latch. One after the other, he tugged off the coat, brown fabric ruffling around them both. The heavy silver shoulder guards dropped to the ground and his vest soon followed.

From below, Tartaglia watched as the other’s attention wavered, and instead gave his tip a particularly hard suck, watching his reaction. Zhongli moaned out, low and long, brows knotting as he rolled against him.

"Stop that- Tartaglia." He seethed, taking hold of his hair once more.

Tartaglia whined in response, eyes squeezing shut as he fucked into his mouth, jaw forced open around him. Tears pricked in the corner of his eyes, feeling a gag bubble up his throat.

Zhongli's head fell back with a sigh, holding him flush against him, nose buried in black pubic hair. Thick musk clouded the younger man's head, the scent filling his lungs. Tears rolled into his ears, matting his ginger hair as he sighed around him.

“Stay there for me.”

Tartaglia strained to stay upright, arms trembling behind him as he swallowed him down. Zhongli groaned as he felt him ripple and tighten, before going slack.

His white button up hung loose around his shoulders, his tie running over his soft pecs and carved abdomen. Cerulean eyes peeked open to watch his stomach roll in arousal, veins along his lower stomach pulsing, before disappearing behind scruffy pubes.

Zhongli stood in a wide open shirt, his pants fallen down mid thigh, the weight of the belt having tugged it down. Between his legs, Tartaglia had forgone his mask, discarded somewhere on the ground. His jacket was ruffled, his scarf twisted, yet all attached down to the last latch.

Gloved hands found their way back into his hair, slowly, gently, tugging him back. A string of saliva connected his red lips to the tip of his cock, as he coughed on desperately needed air. Zhongli took him by his jaw, looking him in the eyes as his middle finger ran along his teeth. He bit down on instinct, and the fabric came off in one swift movement. He swapped hands, the two black gloves falling heavy to his hammering chest with the weight of the jewels on either hand.

“Mmm, that's better.” He hummed, smiling down at him.

“Shut up.” Tartaglia coughed, swallowing down with his own hand around his throat.

Zhongli tugged his pants up higher around his waist to kneel over the man, palm flat on his chest to push him down onto his elbows. His rough hands tugged at the latches on his jacket, pulling his scarf over his head to let them hang off of his shoulders.

“Stay still.”

Tartaglia groaned as the other man pulled the belt from his pants, rubbing his palm over his straining bulge, hot and hard to the touch.

“Don’t- do that, dammit.” He sneered, bucking up into his hand.

“So sensitive.” Commenting, Zhongli tugged the small buttons open, the crotch of his pants giving way to his straining erection.

He quickly pulled his trousers down and off, socks along with them, before his briefs quickly followed. He gasped when his erection slapped up against his stomach, Tartaglia sighing with the pressure released.

“There we go. I love the sounds you make, you know that, right?” Zhongli smiled, taking a quick stand off of the mattress to shuck off his uniform bottoms. “You sound so sweet like that.”

Zhongli climbed back over him, planting his knees between his to force them wider. He wasted no time in pushing his knees to his chest.


Tartaglia whined at the cool air against his taint, his hands quickly covering his face.

“No, don’t be like that.”

He delicately wrapped his fingers around his wrists, pulling them back to meet him in the eyes.

“Look at me, Tartaglia.”

He sneered in response, looking off to the side.


“Ajax.” He swallowed.

Zhongli frowned slightly, amber hair shifting to frame his face. “Pardon?”

“Call me Ajax.” Tartaglia looked up toward him, dried tears clinging to his eyelashes.

“And in return?” He hummed, placing a hand on his cheek.

“Didn’t you say it yourself?” He smirked, “Not all contracts benefit the contractor.”

Zhongli laughed, “Well, you’re not wrong. Offer, acceptance, consideration; verbal or not, a contract is a contract.”

Tartaglia looped his arms around his neck, fingers toying with his cool, dark hair.


He pulled the man below him into a kiss, lips sliding along the others, when Zhongli forced his tongue inside. Tartaglia moaned out when his tongue ran along the top of his mouth, eliciting the nerves to run haywire.

“Hoh god-”

He tucked one arm between them both, his fingers running down past the other balls and taint, rubbing at his tight ring.

“Relax-” He stuttered against him, biting down on his bottom lip, “Open up for me, Ajax.”

Tartaglia jumped, an open mouthed gasp when Zhongli forced his middle finger inside. His walls squeezed tight, sucking him in deeper.

“Stop messing around d-down there-” He cursed, head falling back against the silk pillow, hair forming a ginger ring around him.

“In due time.” He retorted, the rough pad of his finger prodding deep inside.

Zhongli kissed under his jaw as he pushed his second finger inside, one knuckle turning to three. The dry friction had Tartaglia cringing, and yet bucking into him with a cry when we padded his prostate.

“That’s better, just like that.” He reassured, rolling into the soft bundle of nerves again and again. He spat against his rim, fucking his saliva inside to make the slide easier.

“N-No more-” Tartaglia moaned out, hips meeting every prod of his fingers.

Zhongli, with his left hand, took hold of his own cock, pre-ejaculate rolling down his length to flick onto silk sheets. He eased in a third finger, watching as Tartaglia’s eyes rolled into his skull, mouth hanging open to spew cries of dirty overstimulation, of greedy pleasure.

Sweat began to bead on his forehead, his brows knotted as his shifting flew under his radar. His hammering chest thundered, his heart stuttering when he felt him slide his fingers out, and instead lined his cock up with his asshole, winking and waiting.

“Hurry up, old man- you take too lo- ohh-” Tartaglia is cut off with a gagging moan as Zhongli sinks inside, his head easing in. His chest stammers as he forces himself against him, slowly sliding in before he is flush against his ass, cock pulsing deep inside.

“Please- please Ajax, tell me if it becomes too much- please-” He manages, before hitching himself up higher into the mattress.

Like this, Tartaglia’s thighs are forced open by his knees, his arms looped over his shoulders as Zhongli buries against his neck.

“Your scent.” He begins, “potent as it is, you’re rather sweet. And by word-” His teeth tug against his ear lobe, “you are addicting.”

A slow rhythm starts up, Tartaglia moaning against him, feeling his pace quicken over time. It’s not long, only a matter of minutes, before his motions become erratic, bruising force against the firm yet delicate skin of his behind. He wraps a hand in Zhongli’s white tie, tugging him down to make dirty, teasing eye contact.

“Not- nearly done already old- hhaah- oh god oh- ha- Not gonna cum already, right?” He laughed, arms dropping to strain in the fabric of the bed.

“I can’t help it, you feel so good.” He sighed, pulling him into a deep kiss. His hot breath blew over his face as he felt himself, teetering on the edge of a harsh climax.

“Ha- Ajax-”

Zhongli, relying on his last draw of self restraint, pulls out as his orgasm slams through him, hand coming to desperately jerk himself to completion. He feels his balls draw up, fucking into his closed palm, tight around himself. His brows furrow, head falling back as cum splashes in thick ropes over Tartaglia’s abdomen. His jacket, having long fallen aside, allowed spend to settle between muscle dips and creases. One arm supports him, hand and elbow planted deep in the mattress next to the other's head, bent over him.

He rides out his high for a long minute, gasping down heavy breaths as he feels Tartaglia’s right hand slide over his back, down betwee-


Two gloved fingers, slick with spit, force their way into Zhongli’s rippling hole, punching a heavy moan from his chest, along with another spurt of cum.

“What are you- gah!” He near collapses into Tartaglia when two smooth pads press against his prostate, overstimulation ebbing at his balance, cock twitching at the sensation.

“How do you like that, ah?” Tartaglia scoffed, “Only two fingers and you’re cumming like a girl.” He laughed, pulling his fingers down and out, feeling him clench down around nothing.

“Жалкийй..” He sighed.

Zhongli sits back, holding Tartaglia’s thighs apart to watch his thick seed dribble over his lower stomach, some over his balls and taint; groaning as his softening cock left him gaping. The younger man shuddered, feeling hot cum roll over his pink ring, watching as the other man rubbed the tip of his own cock through the spend, around and over his hole.

“Stop that-” His cheeks flushed.

Zhongli took hold of the other’s length, dark, almost brown pubes, scruffy around the base.

“You.. You haven’t finished yet, have you?” He asked, slowly catching his breath, chest stammering, heart racing.

“No, I’m definitely not done yet.” Tartaglia pokes back, a smirk plastered to his face, oozing with his signature confidence and cocky nature.

He makes a point in pushing Zhongli down onto his side, before climbing over him before grabbing hold of his tie.

“Who said you could play me like that?” Tartaglia asks, pulling him closer to his face, “What happened to ‘nice guys finish last’?”


“Shut up.” He passes off.

Tartaglia pulls on his tie, “Sit up for me.” He instructs, tugging Zhongli’s white button up down his arms, before using the fabric to bind his wrists behind his back.

“Lay down.” He allows the man to get comfortable, before tugging the tie from around his neck.

Tartaglia sits back, pushing the others leg upward, exposing his taint, a crimson flush peppering across his cheeks, peeking down his neck. Zhongli feels the man's fingers prod at his hole again, pressing inside, from one knuckle to the next. It’s not long before he’s letting out a breathy moan when his prostate is pressed against himself, eyes fluttering shut.

“And how’s that, Mr. Geo Archon?” He teases, a third finger squeezing in along the other.

His eyes shut, breath picking up, collapsing deep into the mattress, letting the pure sensation wash over him, a slow build after his orgasm high had settled.

“Wonder if I can make you cum with my fingers in your ass like this, having just finished.” An amused smile tugged at his lips at that thought. “Actually..”

Tartaglia took his spare hand to dip his fingers into the warm pools of spend, thick and settled in the dips of his abdomen. Two fingers dragged through it, as he leant forward.

“Open up, Zhongli.” He said expectantly. When his eyes opened and his jaw dropped slightly, he took the pleasure of wiping his gloved fingers, coated with the others’ cum, across his tongue.


“What was it that you said?” He pondered, looking him in the eyes. “Get it nice and wet, was it?”

Zhongli gagged on his fingers, eyes prickling with tears when his own spend was pressed onto the back of his tongue. The foul, salty taste had him desperately swallowing it down.

Tartaglia laughed, voice cracking, eyes crinkling. “Well look at you, one step ahead of me already! In that case-” His fingers inside picked up, running unforgiving circles on and around his prostate, an almost orgasmic sensation that had his cock filling out, making him lightheaded.

He pulls his fingers from his mouth, watching as Zhongli gagged on the lingering taste, head tossing across the sheets. “S-Stop- too much-!”

The smooth pads of his gloved fingers pressed into his sweet spot again and again, his cock twitching heavily on his stomach. His chest hammers, nerves running haywire with overstimulation. “Oh- Ajax- I-”

“What was that, Zhongli?” Tartaglia brings his spare, supporting hand to the others drooling cock, thumb swiping over his tip to watch his eyes squeeze shut. “Try that again, yea?” He mocked, twisting his wrist to jerk his cock, motions fluent and unforgiving.

“Stop stop sto- I think I-!”

His hold on his mock vision fell, and a tweaked version of his archon form begame to ripple through his skin. His pale complexion along his arms and shoulders shuddered, slowly flicking to a dark, earth brown, warm shades giving way to metallic gold, shifting like scales.

Zhongli cried out, brows perking, back straining as his second orgasm crashed through him. Cum splashed up in weak ropes onto his abdomen, a light sheen of sweat that had his rolling muscles glowing. The thick veins running along his cock, disappearing under his scruffy, black pubes, pulsed with each hammering heart beat.

Amber eyes rolled into the back of his head, tears rolling down his cheeks as he moaned out, hands clenched into fists, tugging against the silk sheets, thrashing against cotton binds.

“Ajax. En-Enough- Please-” He gasped, clenching down around his fingers, body desperate to ride out his ebbing high.

“Take it, Zhongli, take all that I give you.” He ordered, pumping his cock right through his orgasm, feeling him buck into his hands. “Good boy.” Tartaglia laughed, his speed eventually slowing to a stop, fingers sliding from his throbbing hole. Slick stringing them together.

By the end of the ordeal, his body had reverted back to his old, adeptus form; adeptal markings, reminiscent of the first mora glowed like liquid gold, like burning embers in the eternal night. Small scales shimmered along his jaw and temples, protecting his weakest points.

He watched as Zhongli collapsed back into the sheets, body relaxing in long awaited relief, eyes falling shut as tears dried on his pale skin. He pulled in stuttering breaths as his climax rested to calm, his high coming to fall.

“Ajax..” He huffed, panting and straining. “What about yourself?”

Tartaglia did not reply, he instead wiped his soiled hand clean against Zhongli’s cheek, watching the glowing skin shift under the spend.

“Who knew, that with simple overstimulation, you’d lose your hold like this.”

“I’m no dream trawler, Ajax, you’ve seen me like this before. This should come as no surprise.” He huffs, watching the man over him study the small, flexible scales that crept along his neck and shoulders, down his arms, rippling with each lax of his jaw.

A breath was punched from his chest when Tartaglia sat back and rolled him onto his front, before hearing the shuffling of clothing. His grey coat was shucked off along with his scarf, falling aside them both before he peeled his gloves from his hands, tossing them aside.

With his arms at the small of his back, there was no support for Zhongli, and he sank deeply into the mattress, cock pressed against his stomach.

The sound of spit was quickly followed by warm saliva splotting onto his taint, and cool fingers rubbed it around his winking hole, stretched out, yet clenching around nothing.

“Hold yourself open, with your hands.”

Tartaglia took Zhongli’s golden palms and pressed them against his own ass cheeks, fingers instinctively digging into the pale skin. The cotton shirt around his wrists did not give as he pulled apart his soft flesh, hole stretching with it. The cool air against his rim, coated in saliva, has a shiver running down his spine.

“Just like that, good boy..”

One hand tugged on Zhongli’s shoulder, the other moved in front of his mouth as he levered him onto his side slightly.


“Ajax, you can’t b-”

“Spit.” He spoke firm, thumb and index coming to hinge his jaw open.

He heard his tongue run inside his mouth, before he spat into his palm, a string connecting to his lips.

“Wasn’t so hard, now was it.”

Tartaglia pushed him back onto his front, wet palm wrapping around his own cock, hard and an angry shade of red. His head lolls to the side, a sadistic, and yet relieved smile tugging at his cheeks, as his eyes flutter shut, the sensation of his cock finally receiving its desperately needed attention running hot through his veins.

He makes a point in pulling Zhongli’s hips up, his face buried into the sheets with his ass at waist height, his thighs spread, supporting him below him. His cock hung heavy beneath, slowly, ever so slowly, filling with blood once more.

Two fingers slide into his stretched out hole, tugging down to expose his pink inards.

“Oh- Oh my-”

Tartaglia feels him ripple when he blows cold air on his hole, taking his cock to press against his pink rim. One hand comes to rest on his lower back, the other supporting his cock as he eases inside.

Zhongli’s breath is stolen from his lungs as he slowly bottoms out behind him, an overwhelming sensation of him sliding deep inside. He groans when he brushes his prostate, his cock sinking deeper, and deeper, and further into him until-

“Hh-oh fuck!” Tartaglia cursed when he bottomed out, balls pressed against his taint pelvis, panting in long awaited stimulation. “Oh my god-”

He rolled into him, feeling him tighten around him.

“Fffffuhhggg..” Zhongli sighed into the mattress, feeling his insides open up and shift around his cock, twitching inside him.

His long, drawn out moan perked into a surprised cry when Tartaglia shifted back to slam into him, his body jerking forward.

Zhongli is pushed along the sheets, eyes rolling into his skull, saliva down his chin, as Tartaglia drives into him, over and over. He chokes on his breaths, gasping profanities and meaningless pleads as his thighs begin to tremble, his cock aching once more.

“Look at you, drooling onto the sheets, aye?” He teases, “God, you sound so fucking good.”

His right palm releases on his hip, coming flat across his bare ass. Zhongli cries out, deep and hoarse, clenching down around him.

“Thaaat’s right, cry and moan and beg for it.” Tartaglia sneers, spanking him once, twice, three more times. “You get so fucking tight when I do that, you like a bit of pain to ground yourself?” He asks, free hand coming down to bury in his brown hair, shifting to gold and amber along the tips.

His fingers lock in as he yanks back, sighing as Zhongli cries out in pain. “You’re like a fucking vice, god you’re so tight..” He praises, feeling heat pool in his belly.

“Keep it up, I’m- gonna cum soon, alright?”

It’s not long before he feels Zhongli start to jerk against him, his soft chamber rippling around him, moans climbing higher and higher, voice breaking before-

“Aaj-ahhhh-!” He cried out, before he pulsed around Tartaglia, cock jumping with his over sensitising orgasm.

Tartaglia groaned at the sensation, rolling faster into him, chasing his own teasing, ebbing orgasm, heat boiling in his groin.

Zhongli dry orgasmed, thrashing against his binds as he writhed into the sheets, biting into the silk desperately with drool soaking the fabric.

“So close, so- fucking close-”

Zhongli began to shake as Tartaglia fucked into him through his climax, his chest hammering with ragged breaths as tears blurred his vision.

“Plea- Please, Ajax- Please please- oH-!”

“Shit-” Tartaglia cursed out, orgasm crashing through him with an almost overwhelming force, the knot in his belly coming loose.

His head fell back with a deep, long moan, shuddering into him to desperately ride out his high, brows knotted, eyes squeezed shut with his jaw hanging open. His flat palm came searing across the other’s ass, forcing a cry from his bitten, bruised lips.

“Fuck- Tighten up around me, good boy-”

Tartaglia felt himself shudder against him, cock pulsing, cum spilling into him.

He grinds into him for a long minute, the last sparks of his orgasm fading out into a content buzz, echoing warmth throughout his body. The ring in his ears gave way to Zhongli, body shaking, thighs trembling, panting heavily into the saliva soaked sheets.

“Holy shit..” The younger man sighed, releasing his grip in his hair.

He pulsed around Tartaglia, wrists tugging at his binds as he panted into the sheets, overstimulation coursing through his pulsing veins.

“Tha- That’s enough. Please-” He gasped, sobbing when he slapped his ass, striking hard three times over.

“Tighten up around me, I don’t want to see a single drop spill.” Tartaglia hummed, slowly shifting back, his cock sliding out. He watched as his ring winked around nothing, before he slid two fingers inside, spreading the warm skin.

Zhongli choked on his breath, feeling cum dribble and roll over his fingers, down over his taint.

His other hand came to spank him twice, hole clenching down, sucking him in.

“Aww, look at you! Already good to go again?” He teases, feeling his cock twitch as Zhongli began sobbing again, chest throbbing with broken cries and wails of ‘Not again- no more’

Tartaglia took to rolling him onto his back, his bound hands under his ass, pushing his crimson, soft cock into the air against his abdomen. His stomach convulsed, muscles pulling as he fingered into his prostate, pushing him further and further past his threshold.

“As the God of War and History, you have quite the tolerance to pain. But pleasure? Not, a fucking, chance.” He laughed, left hand coming to massage his balls, trimmed hair matted in sweat.

Zhongli’s trembling things lifted, heels planting deep into the mattress to buck almost uncontrollably into him. He cried out, mouth parted, tears rolling into his ears and hair as his belly swirled and boiled with pleasure, haywire nerves driving him insane.

He chanted pleads and begs, voice hoarse, cracking and breaking with each ‘Ajax- Please’ he wailed out.

Having cum far too many times that night, his orgasm bubbled under the surface, vulnerable with overstimulation. Tartaglia took the liberty to lick a stripe up the underside of Zhongli’s cock, feeling it twitch and jump as he sucked him into his mouth.

“No- Please! No more no more nngghh!” He head tossed to the side, eyes squeezing shut, jaw coming to clench down as his cock began to slowly fill with blood once more.

Tartaglia took him as far as he could without assistance, tongue shifting back and forth along the underside as he bobbed up and down two thirds of his length. He whined in response, chest squeezing with each desperate whimper.

“I can’t take it anymore please please plegghhhhmmmmm...” Zhongli shook feverishly as Tartaglia’s fingers jutted against him, faster and faster again. He pulled off of him to suck a single testicle into his mouth, palm coming to pump his cock, velvety foreskin winking over his slit.

“You like this, don’t you?” He jestered, lips wrapping around the thick, sensitive skin, tongue flicking the underside to send powerful nerves, jumping up his spine, deep into his belly.

Zhongli bit his bottom lip, teeth near tearing the skin as his back arched into the feeling nerves overpowering his rational thoughts.

When Tartagalia took his length down into his throat once more, the sudden grounding had him barrelling toward his orgasm.

“Ajax- Fuck- Fuck fuckfuckff- aH-” His arms suddenly shook with tension, heading falling back as his cock jumped into his palm, cum dribbling over his crown, spurts flicking across his abdomen. A desperately cried out, body shaking violently with the force of his climax, draining the last bits of him completely.

He gasped in air, eyes wide, losing total control of his voice, body and geo form. The golden amber rippled further down his back, along his sides as the air around them shook with energy.

His orgasm lasted for what felt like years. Body burning, thrumming with sensitivity, as two fingers shifting against his prostate, over and over and over again. He shuddered with the strength of it, as it eventually came to a decline, long, torturous moments later.

Zhongli seethed as his high slowly fell, his body collapsing back into the mattress, legs falling apart as his body trembled and shook with overstimulation. His fingers pulled out from his quivering hole, cum oozing out over his digits and rim.

“So this is the power of Groundbreaker…” Tartaglia said in amazement, feeling his own vision pulse with energy, an elemental burst stored up, ready to be used. Zhongli’s hair glowed warm, geo scales along his skin shimmering and shifting with each breath..

Dust of gold had collected around them both, and a quick glance of the room has Tartaglia shocked. Iron in the area had oxidised, core lapis jewels like a fire in the night, emerald dust clinging to jadette screens.

“You’re eyes..” Zhongli hummed out, voice heavy with exhaustion. “they’re not unlike the noctilucous jade I’ve seen many a time.”

“‘That so..?” Tartaglia noted, wiping his fingers clean into the sweat soaked sheets.

“Kiss me- please- kiss me-” He sulked, eyes lidded, cheeks drying with tears.

Tartaglia leant down to kiss into him, hands coming untie the cotton from his wrists. It took a moment of tugging and fiddling, before Zhongli’s hands came to run through ginger hair, pulling him closer.

He could taste the traces of his own spend on his tongue, chasing down the salty texture before Zhongli shuddered, arms coming to wrap around him.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, yea?” He pushed.

“Mmm.” His arms fell lax.

Zhongli let his head fall back into the pillows, wet with soaked saliva under his knotted hair.

“That was somethin’.” Tartaglia chuckled, turning to stand from the bed.

His knees shook slightly as he stepped toward a far bench, taking purchase on a small bamboo shoot, carvings of dragons and fire along the sides. He passed the aged grass to the older man, helping him sit up to drink.

Zhongli gulped down the water, throat dry and hoarse. He took a mouthful without swallowing before he pulled Tartaglia into a kiss once more. The cool water passed into the others mouth, and he swallowed down with a groan.

They stayed like that for a moment, each taking time to catch their breath and regain their composure.

“Let’s head down to the baths.”

Tartaglia stood to pull Zhongli to his feet, his thighs still shaking as he leant into him. He took two robes from his closet, shucking them on without a need for pleasantries.

Silk sleeves slide over his shoulders, lined with flowing gold and raw earth, down to his calloused hands, glowing like molten iron.

“A place like this, private bathhouse, stunning views, high up from the harbour, and I’m still your walking wallet?”

Zhongli laughed, birth feathers creasing with age.

“Of course, and I don’t regret it for a second.”