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Five years ago if anyone told the Roses their lives would be so much better off after they lost their fortune, they’d have been met with blank stares before Moira released the hounds.  Just kidding.  They didn’t have hounds. But the audacity to suggest the raid and everything to follow would be a good thing?  They wouldn’t have believed a word.  And they should have.  The family was closer and happier than they ever thought possible in that cold, ostentatious mansion.   Plus there was no way could Johnny come back from financial ruin, much less rise from the ashes with a business model even smarter and more sustainable.  Moira was her own biggest fan but she knew it was highly unlikely her star would ever rise again.  Alexis settled down in a career she loved and innately talented doing was…doubtful.  And David would have shut down any suggestion of a life he was actually proud of with a devoted husband by his side.  Impossible scenarios all.  


The Rosebud Motel Group was expanding at an unbelievable pace with revenues exceeding the initial projections.  Televisions Moira Rose was in demand again.  Correction, that should read Emmy winning Televisions Moira Rose.  Alexis was setting the PR world on fire with consistently original and effective campaigns.  The business David and Patrick built from the ground up was not only thriving, it revitalized the entire town where they had been so unceremoniously dumped with nothing but the suitcases full of designer clothing on their backs.


They were rich.  But not like they used to be.  Bank accounts were flush again, yet they had so much more than money.  They openly loved each other.  They were kinder.  Their family expanded with a brand new son-in-law and a woman who was for all intents and purposes their adopted daughter and sister.  And nothing made the Roses happier than sharing their newfound success with the people who helped them most when they had nothing.  Stevie, Roland, and Jocelyn had done what all of their former “friends” had not.  So their loyalty and generousity was rewarded with considerable wealth of their own.




David was delighted to remain in Schitt’s Creek.  Staying meant he would be near his first and only best friend.  Every day he saw the people who loved him for who he was and not what he could give them.  Above all, he had his Patrick.  A man he fell in love with at first sight who loved him right back.  A man who was good and supportive and protective.  A man who loved all of David.  Even the parts people from his old life hated, dismissed, or ridiculed.  


After the divorce was finalized, Patrick and David found their own apartment as the family’s trajectory was beginning to rise.  Wendy got a big fucking check when she sold her business name to a global corporation, no small thanks to David.  She rewarded him with his own not quite as big fucking check which was enough to fund his idea for the general store.  The dream job.


Stevie came around pretty quickly to the idea of David being with Patrick.  From the day he came searching for him, she saw how deeply and genuinely he loved her best friend.  As they got to know each other, their own friendship deepened.  Tag-team teasing David was becoming their favorite pastime.  Patrick adored her take no prisoners attitude and how fiercely she loved David.  Considering the ugly way they first met, they certainly came a long way.




The day Patrick proposed took David completely by surprise.  Seeing him on bended knee nervously clutching the four custom engagement rings, David couldn’t believe how lucky he was after the constant disappointment of his old life.  His Patrick wanted to get married.  To him!  The yes couldn’t come out fast enough.


As not-quite-lavish ceremonies go, theirs was lovely with the whole town in attendance.  Rachael flew in with Patrick’s parents and was thrilled for her best friend.  After an awkward introduction, David was completely shocked for liking her as quickly as he did.  She was good people too.  And she selflessly stepped aside to give Patrick his life.  Their life.  He’d never be able to thank her enough for that. 


After the uncertainty of their “courtship”, Patrick never wanted David to feel an ounce of insecurity ever again.  So a few months after the wedding, he surprised his husband with a gorgeous stone cottage for them to live in.  David had casually mentioned he thought it was a nice house and his husband bought it for him.  Who does that?




They were enjoying their first Monday off after a very busy holiday shopping season.  David finished packing away their Christmas decorations and the silver menorah Patrick gave him for Hanukkah.  He had just settled on the sofa when his husband called out from the kitchen.


“Honey, my mom wanted to thank you again and let us know they got back safe.”


“Good.  Tell them it was our pleasure and I’ll call her tomorrow.”  Patrick’s heart was so full from the growing relationship between his parents and his David.  He hung up the call to join his husband.


“Well they couldn’t stop gushing about the house.  Or you.  So I guess that settles it.  My parents officially love you more than me.”  


Patrick kissed the top of David’s head and flopped beside him.


“Can you blame them?  I’m fucking delightful.  And to be fair, my family loves you way more so we’re even.”


“It’s not a contest David.”  Patrick stroked his husband’s leg.


“Isn’t it though?  And for the record, you’re the one who's winning.  Your parents love everybody.  But my family and Stevie??  It’s almost impossible to win over that group of carneys.”


“Hey!   Those ‘carneys’ welcomed me with open arms.  Even after they found out what I put you through.  I’ll always love them for that.”


“It wasn’t exactly ideal but look how things ended up.  Totally worth it.”  David closed his eyes and nuzzled against his husband.


“Yeah.  I was so afraid we’d never get here.”  Patrick was starting to lose himself in the ‘what ifs’ and David sensed it.


“Well we did.  So shut up and kiss me.”  Patrick happily obliged.  The crackling fireplace was the only sound in the room other than a few assorted sighs.


“I should start dinner soon.  You hungry?”


“I could eat.”  Patrick will never get tired of hearing that.


“Anything in particular?”


“Hmm...”  David considered the possibilities.


“David.  Just tell me what you want.”




It was a tall order.  But Patrick gave David exactly that.


Zey zehen bashert.