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“What are we reading tonight, Mommy?” Lily asked as she crawled into bed next to where Denali was sitting.

“I think it’s Mama’s turn to pick tonight. What are we reading, Mama?” Denali asked as Rosé sat down on the other side of their daughter.

“We’re reading Sleeping Beauty tonight!”

“Yay! I love Sleeping Beauty!” Lily cheered, clapping her hands.

Every night Denali and Rosé made sure to read to their daughter before bedtime. Currently Lily was obsessed with fairy tales, and they were slowly but surely making their way through them.

Rosé made it to about page five before Lily was fast asleep, and they snuck out of her bed making sure to not wake her.

“Aww, she’s our own little Sleeping Beauty,” Denali cooed, leaning her head on Rose’s shoulder as they stood next to their daughter’s bed. They watched her sleep peacefully for a moment before heading to their own room for the night.

Over the next couple nights, they read different fairy tales, each of them getting their chance to choose one.

But one night, when it was Lily’s turn to pick, she pulled something out of her backpack that she’d made at school.

“What’s that, honey?” Denali asked as Lily got settled on the bed between her and Rosé.

“We got to make our own fairy tales at school! And I made one with two princesses! Like you and Mama! And I’m going to read it to you tonight!” Lily exclaimed, sounding almost as excited as she was when she got new ice skates for her birthday.

Denali was already starting to tear up before she could even start reading, so Rosé took over, squeezing Denali’s hand as she spoke.

“That sounds so great, Lil! Let’s hear it.”

Lily read her story to them, about an ice skating princess who fell in love with a princess with pink hair and a beautiful singing voice and lived happily ever after with the coolest princess daughter ever who was so good at everything.

“That’s the best story I’ve ever heard,” Denali said through tears when Lily was done.

“Mommy, why are you crying?” Lily asked.

“Because I love you so much!” she answered, wiping her eyes before engulfing Lily in a huge bear hug and peppering kisses all over her face.

“Hey! I want in on all this love!” Rosé yelled before doing the same, and Lily giggled happily between them.

“Goodnight Mommy. Goodnight Mama. Love you,” she said through a yawn once Denali and Rosé had gotten their fill of hugs and kisses and stood up to tuck her in for the night.

“Love you too,” they both said before giving her one last goodnight kiss and making their way to their own room.

“How did we get so lucky with the sweetest daughter on the planet?” Denali asked as they got ready for bed and crawled in on their respective sides.

“Because she takes after me,” Rosé said with a wink.

“God help us if that’s true,” Denali retorted, earning a “Hey!” from Rosé.

“Love you Rosie,” Denali said, chuckling and batting her eyelashes at her wife.

“Love you too, baby,” Rosé replied and leaned over to give Denali a goodnight kiss of her own.

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“We have a surprise for you, gorge!” Mik greeted Denali with a kiss when she walked through the door after work, and he led her outside into the back yard. “You sit here,” he instructed, practically pushing her down into a chair.

“What’s going on? Where’s Rosie?” Denali asked, looking around for their girlfriend or any clues she might be able to find.

“You’re gonna love it, trust me.” Mik told her, not giving away anything else.

So Denali sat and waited, and after a few minutes she heard some music start playing. Mik clapped excitedly from where he was standing next to her before moving away toward Rosé when she walked out of the back door of the house.

"Hi baby," she greeted Denali with a gorgeous grin.

"Hi Rosie. What's going on?"

But Rosé didn't answer, only shook her head and looked over to Mik with a wink. "Ready when you are."

Mik squealed, gave Rosé a quick peck on the lips, and walked over to where the garden hose lay on the lawn. He picked it up, turned it on, and turned in the direction where Rosé was standing. In a white t-shirt. And Denali started putting the pieces together.

"Holy shit," she murmured, gripping the arms of the chair she was seated in, hardly believing what was happening.

Rosé grinned at her devilishly when she heard her and started dancing, never breaking eye contact with Denali. By the time the first water droplet from the hose hit her, Denali was already having the time of her life.

"Yesss!" Mik yelled as he turned the hose up and Rose's shirt started becoming see through.

Denali stared open mouthed at her girlfriend, putting on her own personal wet t-shirt contest just for her, with the help of their boyfriend.

"Rosie," she groaned as she watched her run her hands over her tits, nipples hard and protruding through the sopping material. "Fuck, you’re hot!”

Rosé laughed as she continued to put on a show.

Denali watched for as long as she could before she couldn’t stand not touching anymore. She stood from the seat Mik had sat her in and approached Rosé.

“Babe,” she said, unable to form any other words as she ran her hands along Rosé’s chest.

“Glad you liked your surprise,” Rosé breathed out, voice deep and husky.

“Liked is an understatement,” Denali replied, brushing her finger against a nipple and earning a gasp from Rosé. Denali leaned forward then, capturing Rosé’s lips in a searing kiss as she felt her shirt start to soak through from being pressed up against her. Then she felt hands grip her hips from behind, and she pushed back instinctually into her boyfriend’s body.

“Let’s go inside for part two of the surprise,” Mik whispered in her ear before kissing her neck, and Denali felt a shiver run down her spine.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve this,” Denali said on a gasp as a thigh pressed between her legs. “But I fucking love you both.”

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The sun was shining overhead as Denali and Rosé walked hand-in-hand through the farmers’ market. These kinds of days were Rose's favorites. With her girlfriend by her side and the fresh summer air around her, everything just seemed perfect. And she had a feeling that today was going to be the best day ever.

Denali was rambling on about something that Rosé was having a hard time focusing on. Her mind was on other things, on making sure everything went according to plan.

So far, so good, she thought. She'd snuck out early in the morning while Denali was still sleeping to take care of phase one. Phase two had been getting to the farmers’ market, which was easy since they came here almost every Saturday, and it was where they'd first met. Phase three was going to be the most nerve wracking part, but Rosé was more excited than nervous.

"Where to next, Rosie?" Denali asked after they'd picked up a few veggies for dinner later that night.

"Something sweet," Rose answered.

"Okay," Denali said and pulled her in for a kiss.

Rosé smiled as they pulled apart. "Not exactly what I had in mind, but I'm not complaining,” she laughed and stole another kiss. "How about some fruit?" she suggested as innocently as possible.

"Ooh yeah! Let's get some strawberries!"

Rose's heart started beating faster with every step they took toward the fruit stand, knowing that her life was about to change forever. She was thankful that she knew Denali so well to know she would want strawberries, or she’d have to make some tweaks to her plan.

When they reached the correct fruit stand, Rosé made eye contact with the girl who was working, the girl she’d spoken to that morning, and nodded.

"Hi! We'll take your best strawberries," she said with a huge grin on her face that she wouldn't be able to dim down even if she tried.

"Thank you!" Denali said as she grabbed the container from the girl, and Rosé felt like she was about to burst with excitement.

"Open it!" she practically shouted at Denali, who gave her a strange look, but complied with a judgmental “okay." After she opened it, her expression changed drastically.

"Rosé," she gasped upon seeing the ring that was nestled in a velvet box inside the otherwise empty strawberry container. When she made eye contact, there were tears glistening in her eyes and a genuinely happy smile on her face.

"Denali, baby, I love you so much," Rosé started, grasping Denali's hand in hers. "And I can't imagine ever living my life without you in it. Ever since the day we met, I knew you were special, and every day with you proves it to me again and again. Will you marry me?"

"Yes!" Denali answered with a wet sounding chuckle, tears welling up and spilling over as she threw her arms around Rosé in a tight hug.

Rosé squeezed back before pulling away to grab the ring and slide it onto Denali's finger. Denali looked down at it, absolutely beaming, before cupping Rose's face and pressing their lips together in a fierce kiss.

"I love you," Denali murmured against her lips, going back in for one more kiss before pulling away. "I love you so much. And I can't wait to marry you!"

Rosé grabbed Denali's hand again, pulling it up toward her face to see how amazing the ring looked on her finger, and she felt like the luckiest woman in the world.

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"Thank you for calling in to 106.9 WGGT! What's your request today, caller?”

"Um, hi. My name is Crystal. I'd like to request ‘There She Goes’ by The La’s for the girl I have a crush on, Gigi.” By now Crystal had the routine down, considering she did it every day when they were taking requests.

Every day she had another song ready to play over the radio in hopes that Gigi would hear it. She was too shy to talk to her in person when they were actually at school together, but the radio was a safe space for her. It was something Crystal had always loved, hearing all her favorite songs and listening to people dedicate them to their loved ones.

Then every day she went to school, after each request, and hoped that maybe Gigi had heard that one.

The next day Crystal looked at Gigi across the cafeteria, and Gigi waved politely, but she didn’t show any indication that she’d heard Crystal's song.

So Crystal requested more. First ‘Linger’ by the Cranberries, then ‘More Than Words’ by Extreme, and every other song she could think of to get her point across on the radio.

But after each one Gigi still didn't react. She either hadn't heard any of the songs, or worse, heard all of them and just pretended she didn't because she didn't like Crystal like that.

But then one day, when Crystal was listening to the radio during request hour, she heard something that made her heart skip a beat.

“Thank you for calling in to 106.9 WGGT! What's your request today, caller?”

"This one is for Crystal from Gigi. Can you please play ‘Simply the Best’ by Tina Turner?”

Crystal's mouth dropped open in shock, hardly believing her ears. Once she got over the shock, she listened to the song with a huge smile on her face and butterflies in her stomach.

The next day at school, now having the courage after hearing Gigi’s song dedication, Crystal walked over toward her in the cafeteria.

"Hi Gigi,” Crystal greeted her shyly.

"Hi Crystal!” Gigi replied enthusiastically, the smile on her face making Crystal practically weak in the knees.

“Do you want to go out on a date with me?” Crystal asked, Gigi’s enthusiasm giving her all the confidence in the world.

"I would love that."


"Thank you for calling in to 106.9 WGGT! What's your request today, caller?”

“This is Crystal and I want to dedicate the song ‘Head Over Feet’ by Alanis Morissette to my girlfriend Gigi.”

And as soon as the song started playing through the radio, Crystal wrapped an arm around Gigi’s shoulders and pulled her in for a kiss.

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"Get dressed, puta!" Kandy shouted as she entered Denali's bedroom. "It's time for the block party!"

"I think I'm gonna sit this one out," Denali replied. Normally she loved any kind of party, but she just wasn't feeling in the social mood at the moment.

"Girl, no way. You're coming,” Kandy protested.

"No, I'm not." Denali argued.

"You have to," Kandy insisted, starting to sound desperate. "What can I do to make you change your mind? Because you have to go.”

Denali started growing suspicious at how insistent Kandy was being. Her cousin could be kind of annoying at times, just like any relative could be, but usually she knew when to drop it.

"Why do I have to go?"

"Um... No reason…” Kandy trailed off and completely avoided eye contact with Denali.

“Kandy!" the blonde groaned. "What did you do?”

“I might have told my friend Rosé that you would meet her there."

"Kandy!" Denali yelled again. "What the fuck?"

"What? You keep talking about how lonely you are! I'm just trying to help you out."

"I'm gonna beat your ass," she warned, and Kandy knew full well that she had a black belt and it was entirely possible. But Denali started getting ready nonetheless, not wanting to stand the poor girl up just because her cousin pissed her off.

When they got outside, the block party in full swing, Denali met Rosé and she decided that Kandy was the best cousin ever (not that she'd tell her that).

Rosé was one of the hottest women Denali had ever seen in person, and they hit it off immediately. It was like she'd known her for years instead of just a few hours as they got drinks and snacks and walked around just talking to each other. When Rosé grabbed her hand, holding it as they walked along, Denali swore she felt electricity where their skin met. And when Denali leaned in for a kiss later in the night, her whole body felt warm when their lips connected.

“Wanna get out of here?” Rosé asked with fire in her eyes as they pulled apart from the kiss.

"Absolutely," Denali answered without hesitation, willing to go anywhere and do anything with the gorgeous redhead. "Let me just go tell my cousin I'm leaving and I'll meet you back here in like five minutes." She couldn't help but drop another kiss on Rosé's lips, pulling away with a smile and a giggle before going off to find Kandy.

Denali found her with her girlfriend Joey, looking halfway to a public indecency charge.

"I knew you two would hit it off!" Kandy practically shouted when Denali told her she was leaving with Rosé. "Aren't you glad I dragged you out here to meet her?"

Denali snorted. “Even though she's as hot as the sun, and I'm for sure going to go to her place and let her fuck my brains out, I'm still gonna beat your ass."

"Denali! Don't play like that!" Kandy shouted after her as she walked away, and Denali laughed the whole way back to Rosé.

“Let’s go,” she said when she reached Rosé, a smirk playing on her face, and she couldn’t wait for what the rest of the night had in store.

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Gigi has always loved tattoos, and ever since she got her first one when she was 18, she hasn't stopped. A lot of her body is covered, but she's been saving her right forearm for her favorite tattoo artist ever, Crystal Methyd. Ever since she saw her work on Instagram, she's been obsessed, and she's been determined to one day get a tattoo from her.

And today's that day.

Gigi is in LA for a tattoo convention that Crystal is going to be working at, and she's not going to leave until she gets a tattoo from her, no matter how long she has to wait. There's already a line by the time she gets there, and Gigi bounces around excitedly as she enters it. She can see Crystal from where she stands, looking focused as she permanently inks the man's leg she's working on. Gigi watches her as she works, dipping the tattoo machine into different colored ink, and the way she sticks her tongue out in concentration is so cute.

Gigi stares, mesmerized by the tattoo artist and blown away by how much hotter she looks in person. Sure, when she's looked at Crystal's Instagram, she's been mostly focused on the artwork she posts, but Gigi would be lying if she said that she doesn't also enjoy the selfies and other pictures that Crystal posts of herself. Because not only
is she a super talented artist, but she's also really fucking hot.

As Gigi gets closer and closer to getting the tattoo she's been waiting for, she gets more and more excited. By the time she gets to the front of the line, just one more person to wait for, she can barely contain it. She has a huge smile on her face and she can't stand still.

"Hey beautiful," Crystal greets Gigi when it's finally her turn, and Gigi swoons.

"Oh my god, it's so great to meet you," Gigi blurts out. "You're my favorite tattoo artist ever. I just love your work."

"Aww, you're so sweet," she says with a smile, and the way it lights up her face makes Gigi want to kiss her. "What can I do for you today?"

Gigi describes what she's looking for but she mostly gives Crystal free reign. She knows that she'll love whatever it is that she comes up with. She watches her sketch her piece, looking even more adorable close up, and she's absolutely blown away by the design when she sees it.

"You're perfect," she breathes out, and realizes what she said when Crystal starts chuckling. “I mean, it's perfect. I love it so much."

“Good! I'm glad." Crystal smiles at her again and Gigi’s pretty sure she's in love. "Let's get started."

Crystal puts on the stencil and gets everything ready to go, and Gigi's dream comes true as she puts needle to skin and gives her the best tattoo that she's ever had.

"Thank you so much! It's so fucking great. I love it!" Gigi gushes once she looks at the final product and she can't help but hug Crystal.

"You're welcome," Crystal replies sincerely, hugging her back. "Now I'm sure you already know about aftercare, but here's some info anyway." She hands her a pamphlet about basic tattoo care. "And the most important part is right here." Crystal points to the bottom, where a phone number is written down. "You need to check back in with the artist to make sure everything is healing fine. That can be done over dinner and drinks, among other things," she says and winks.

Gigi can hardly believe how amazing her day has been. She's met her favorite tattoo artist, got a sick tattoo by her, and now they have a date for later. Best fucking day ever.

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Rosé had been chatting with Denali on Bumble for a few weeks when they finally set up a date. She was so excited to finally meet her in person that she couldn't keep the smile off her face for the whole drive to the restaurant. When she walked inside, and saw Denali standing there looking even hotter in person, Rosé just knew it was going to be a good date.

"Hi," Denali greeted her with a hug, and Rosé couldn't help but notice how good she smelled as they wrapped their arms around each other.

"It's so good to finally meet you," Rosé said as they pulled apart, and she was blown away by the smile and the accompanying dimples on Denali's face. She also enjoyed the view of Denali’s very impressive backside as they were led to their table.

Their meal was fantastic, but the company was even better. Rosé was pretty sure it was the best date she'd ever been on, and she didn't want it to end. The waiter had long since brought their bill, but they were still sitting there chatting, the conversation flowing smoothly. It seemed as though Denali felt the same way, because when the waiter walked by for the fifth time, glaring at them, she was just as reluctant to go their separate ways.

"Let's go get ice cream," she suggested with a glint in her eyes.

"That sounds perfect," Rosé accepted, and she gladly took Denali’s hand when she offered it to her on the way out the door.

"I can drive if you don't want to take separate cars," Rose said, not wanting to be away from the blonde even for the short drive to the ice cream shop. She held open the car door and admired Denali's dimples again as she smiled and climbed in.

Rosé sang along to the radio on the way there, and when Denali told her how amazing her voice sounded, she preened under the praise.

They enjoyed their ice cream together, cookie dough for Rosé and mint chocolate chip for Denali, and got to know each other a little bit more. Soon though, they were done with their ice cream too, and Rosé knew they would have to end the date eventually. But she took her time walking to the car, drove much slower than she normally did, and considered taking an unnecessary detour simply because she wanted to be around Denali for as long as she possibly could.

When they got back to the restaurant, and Rosé parked the car, she prepared to say goodbye.

"I had a really great time,” she told Denali sincerely. “I'd really like to see you again."

"I'd like that," Denali agreed and her dimpled smile lit up her face once again. "You know what else I'd like?”


"To do this," Denali said before leaning toward Rosé, cupping her cheek, and pressing their lips together in a sweet kiss.

Rosé kissed her back eagerly, starting off slow before growing a little frantic. She felt Denali's tongue slide across her lips and she opened her mouth, inviting Denali in. Soon their simple kiss turned into a full blown make out session, each of them getting way too into it for being in a car in the parking lot, but Rosé never wanted to stop.

"You're a really great kisser," she murmured against Denali's neck as she left kisses there too.

"You're not so bad yourself," Denali replied breathlessly and moaned when Rosé bit down slightly.

Eventually they stopped before they ended up taking things too far, knocked out of the moment when Denali's phone started buzzing incessantly. She grinned sheepishly
and silenced it, but it was probably for the best.

"Until next time," Denali said as she opened the car door, ready to head back to her own.

"I can't wait.”

And when Denali turned back to smile at her one more time before getting into her own car, Rosé felt like the luckiest girl in the world as she smiled back.

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Denali was definitely excited that Rosé and Mik were getting the chance to tour, performing and doing what they loved. But there was also a small part of him that was a little bit sad and a lot bit jealous that they got to go and he didn’t. He wanted to be on tour with them too, wanted to make it to the top four just like they had. But he wasn’t, and he didn’t, and now his boyfriends were leaving him alone for seven weeks.

“We’ll call and text you every day, gorge,” Mik promised.

“And you’ll see us on the Chicago stop,” Rosé reminded.

And Denali knew that these things were true, but that didn’t make it any easier.

“I know, I’m just gonna really miss you both,” he said quietly, trying not to sound as whiny as he felt.

“And we’ll miss you too,” they both promised, wrapping their arms around him from either side.

He knew they would, but at least they got to be together. Denali was going to be all by himself, left alone with only his thoughts.

They spent the last day together, just the three of them, before Mik and Rosé had to leave to fly off to San Francisco. They made sure they got their fill of cuddles, kisses, and some other things that Denali would also miss very much.

The first couple of days were alright without them. Denali missed them obviously, but it wasn’t like they hadn’t gone a few days without seeing each other before. They were all busy drag queens after all. But as the first couple weeks passed, he started missing them more and more. The phone calls were nice, and he was already counting down the days until they’d be back in Chicago, but he just missed their presence, missed being able to cuddle up with them on the couch, missed being able to spoon with them in bed, missed kissing their lips and touching their bodies.

He was going crazy with how much he missed them.

So the first postcard came at exactly the right time. Denali checked the mail, full of mostly bills, but something caught his eye. A postcard from Seattle with the Space Needle on the front. Curious, he flipped it over, and was met with Rosé’s looping scrawl and Mik’s chicken scratch.

Hey Gorge! We miss and love you SOOOO much!! Can’t wait till Chicago.
XOXO Rosie and Mikalina

The smile that broke out on Denali’s face lasted the rest of the day.

There were more postcards, one from each of the other cities Mik and Rosé stopped at on tour, and each of them lifted Denali’s spirit, having something to touch and hold from his lovers, and having something else to look forward to.

When the tour reached Chicago, and Denali was finally reunited with his boyfriends, he laughed when the first thing they did was present him with a postcard of the Chicago skyline. He grabbed it, excited to add it to his collection, but he was much more excited that they were finally together again, and that he could finally hug and kiss them and do everything else that couldn’t be done on the phone or with a postcard.

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Ever since Denali met Rosé at the block party, they’ve been having a lot of fun together. This weekend, their version of fun is going to a music festival with Kandy and Joey.

They rent an RV to drive and spend the night in, Denali hits up her dealer so they’re stocked up on weed, and they hit the road.

Once they get there they get really high and go off to find some music that fits with the vibes the weed is providing. Kandy and Joey head off in one direction while Denali and Rosé go in the other.

They find a band that sounds pretty cool, and Rosé wraps her arms around Denali from behind as they sway along to the music, feeling it in their bones. But they only pay attention to the music for so long. Eventually other thoughts invade Denali’s mind with Rosé close up against her, and she flips around in Rosé’s arms. She turns to face her and connects their lips in a searing kiss that she can feel down deep. She moans as they pull apart and Rosé attaches her lips to Denali’s neck.

“Oh god,” she groans. “You always make me feel so good.” She’s not sure if Rosé can hear her over the music but she really doesn’t care as she kisses her again.

Denali’s really starting to get into it when Rosé flips her around again, plastering herself against Denali’s back.

“What-” she starts, but all thoughts leave her brain as Rosé slips her hand down the front of Denali’s shorts, touching her over her panties that are well on their way to being soaked through. She gasps as Rosé presses a finger against her clit, and she’s not sure if she wants to push forward into that or push her ass backward into Rosé.

The fact that they’re in public, right out in the open where anyone could look at them, see where Rosé’s hand disappears, makes everything so much hotter to Denali. She doesn’t think it’s going to take too long for her to get there, already feeling heat flash through her body with Rosé’s slow movements.

“Fuck,” Denali whines when Rosé dips her finger underneath her underwear finally, pressing against Denali’s wet pussy and rubbing through the folds, quickening her movements. She throws her head back, resting on Rosé’s shoulder, exposing her neck for Rosé to bite rough kisses into.

The loud music on stage covers up the moans that Denali can’t hold in, and she comes with Rosé’s fingers rubbing fast circles into her clit as the drum solo starts. Denali’s hips twitch as Rosé works her through it, and as she starts winding down another flash of heat hits her as she sees someone stare at them. Applause starts once the drum solo stops, and Denali wants to applaud Rosé's performance.

“Fuck,” Denali mutters again when Rosé removes her hand from her shorts, and she turns around to kiss her again. “You’re amazing,” Denali mutters against her lips. “Now let’s go back to the RV. We’re gonna need more privacy for what I’m gonna do to you.”

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Denali was so excited when Rosé and Mik finally agreed to come skating with her. The ice was her second home, and she wanted the most important people in her life to see the most important aspect of her life.

When they got to the rink, Denali stepped onto the ice first. She took a quick lap around, her skates gliding along underneath her as the cool, crisp air hit her skin. She had a huge grin on her face when she got back to the entrance, and reached out for her partners’ hands.

“Come on! Let’s skate!”

Rosé wasn’t too bad on skates, able to hold her own as she skated next to Denali with a casual grip on her hand. But Mik was a completely different story. He shuffled along nervously on Denali’s other side, holding her hand in a death grip with a terrified grimace on his face.

“It’s okay angel, I’ve got you,” Denali reassured him and leaned over to kiss her boyfriend’s cheek. “Are you good Rosie?” she asked, turning to her other side.

“I’m good, baby,” she promised, and Denali kissed her girlfriend’s cheek before letting go of her hand. She turned around to skate backwards, grabbing both of Mik’s hands in hers to help pull him along.

Mik screamed as they picked up speed, and Rosé skated at a much slower pace behind them, giggling at the two of them. Eventually Mik started enjoying himself once he wasn’t afraid of falling anymore, and Denali was so happy that she got to share what she loved with the people she loved.

After a few laps around the ice together, Rosé and Mik’s ankles were feeling it, so they were ready to call it quits. But not before they begged Denali to show them some tricks. With the encouragement of a few more kisses, she agreed.

They took a seat on the benches as Denali made her way to center ice. She took a deep breath before she started, spinning around and sticking her leg straight out behind her.

“Good job baby!” Rosé cheered her on.

“Yeah, that’s hot! Do a jump!” Mik shouted.

Denali laughed and did a quick jump to appease her boyfriend, landing it and taking a bow.

She skated over to them, helping them up and off the ice, and Denali couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

Chapter Text

The tiles were cold on Denali’s bare feet as she shuffled into the kitchen, following the amazing smell that was wafting through the apartment. She found Rosé standing in front of the oven, ingredients strewn out across the counter.

“Whatcha doing, Rosie?” Denali asked, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend’s waist from behind and resting her chin on her shoulder.

“Hey, baby,” Rosé greeted, turning her head to kiss Denali’s cheek. “I’m baking cookies. Wanna help?”

Denali nodded and kissed Rosé’s shoulder before letting her go and leaning up against the counter next to her. “What do you want me to do?”

As they mixed ingredients together for more dough, Denali was pretty sure she ended up with more on herself or on the counter than in the mix. By the time they put the new batch in the oven, taking the first one out to cool, she was covered.

“How did you manage this?” Rosé asked with a chuckle, brushing flour out of Denali’s hair before tucking it behind her ear.

“No idea,” Denali shrugged with a laugh of her own. “Now what?”

“Now we wait for them to be done.”

“And what do we do while we wait?”

“I have some ideas,” Rosé replied with a smirk, and helped Denali up onto the counter. She stepped between Denali’s legs, resting her hands on her thick thighs before leaning in to kiss her.

Denali kissed back eagerly. She wrapped her arms around Rose’s shoulders and her legs around her waist, pulling her in closer.

They lost track of time, losing themselves in the kiss until the timer on the oven went off, signifying that the second batch of cookies was done.

Rosé gave her another quick peck on the lips before stepping away. She opened the oven door and took out the cookies, placing them next to the others on the cooling rack. She grabbed two from the first batch, biting into one and handing the other to Denali.

“Mmm,” Denali moaned around the cookie, the chocolate chips melting in her mouth. “These are really good.”

Rosé nodded, finishing her own cookie and returning to her spot between Denali’s legs, and she leaned in to steal another kiss. Denali could taste the chocolate on her girlfriend’s lips.

“But that was even better.”

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Right around nine o’clock every night, the same blonde haired girl walked by with a little dog on a leash. Crystal watched her as she sat on her porch, enjoying the fresh air. She got used to seeing her, looking forward to when she would walk around the corner.

The first time that Crystal waved, and the girl smiled and waved back, she couldn’t keep the smile off her face for the rest of the night. It became their new routine. Crystal would watch for her, ready to smile and wave and admire the smile she got in return.

“What’s your dog’s name?” Crystal asked one night, working up the courage to talk to her.

“Her name is Nancy,” she answered, stopping in front of Crystal’s house and leaning down to pick up the tiny tog, scratching behind her ears.

“Aww, cute,” Crystal replied. “And what’s your name?”

“I’m Gigi.”

“Nice to officially meet you Gigi. I’m Crystal.”

“Nice to meet you Crystal.” She smiled, set her dog back down, and continued on her walk.

They started a new routine after that.

“Hi Gigi! Hi Nancy!” Crystal called now when she saw them every night.

“Hey Crystal!” Gigi called back and smiled as she waved, then continued on her walk.

Crystal’s smile lasted a long time after Gigi walked by.

Then one night, Gigi didn’t pass by. Crystal waited for her longer than usual, but eventually she gave up and turned in for the night.

The next night, Gigi was back around her usual time, and Crystal was relieved that nothing had happened to her.

“I missed you last night,” Crystal told Gigi when she stopped out front, standing up to walk down her porch steps. She bent down to pet Nancy when she was close enough.

“Nancy wasn’t feeling well last night so we had to skip our walk. But I missed you, too,” Gigi replied sincerely.

Crystal straightened up, matching the smile on Gigi’s face as they looked at each other.

“Do you want to join us on our walk?” Gigi asked after a beat.

“Yeah, that’d be cool.” And Crystal fell into step next to her.

They chatted as they walked, getting to know each other a bit, and Crystal started liking her even more. She was sad when they got back to her house, but as she walked up her porch steps, she was happy that she’d had the chance to talk to Gigi more.

That night started another new routine for them that soon became the highlight of Crystal’s night. She still waited for Gigi to walk by her house, but now she joined her on her walk, and they got to know more about each other. They got closer on each walk, becoming more and more comfortable with each other.

One night Gigi slipped her hand into Crystal’s, and she eagerly held on. And it gave her the courage for something she’d been wanting to do for a while.

When they got back to Crystal’s house that night, she used the hand that was still in Gigi’s to pull her in closer. She used her free hand to cup Gigi’s cheek and lean in, slowly enough that Gigi could stop her if she wasn’t feeling the same way. But Gigi didn’t stop her, and their lips pressed together in a sweet kiss.

As Crystal pulled away, and she and Gigi shared a small smile, she thought back to the first night she saw her walk by when she was sitting on her porch. She immediately thought that Gigi was beautiful when she passed by, but she never thought that one day they’d end up like this.

Chapter Text

Rosé’s job as a grocery store cashier was monotonous, doing the same thing over and over again day in and day out with very little to break it up. Every once in a while there was an irate customer who would scream at her as she rang up their purchases because they couldn’t use an expired coupon, or someone who spilled shit that she had to clean up. But most of the time she just scanned their groceries, bagged them up, and told them to have a nice day with a fake smile on her face.

So she put in her two weeks notice, ready to move on and try something else that didn’t suck a part of her soul out during every eight hour shift. And it was on her last day that she was finally grateful for her job.

The day started like any other, customers coming and going in a blur. But toward the end of her shift, a blonde girl stopped before her, placing a single water bottle down on the counter.

“Hello,” Rosé greeted her. “How are you doing today?” she asked, looking up at the girl and almost doing a double take when she saw her. She was very attractive, one of the most attractive girls Rosé had ever seen, and she was trying not to get flustered talking to her.

“I’m good,” the girl replied with a smile, and the dimples in her cheek nearly knocked Rosé out. “And I really like your pin there, Rosé.” She nodded her head in the direction of Rosé’s name tag where the lesbian pride pin that she wore every day was attached. That was one thing Rosé did like about her job. They were very open and always allowed her to show off her true self, which she was always proud to do.

“Thanks,” Rosé said softly with a mirroring smile on her face, absentmindedly running her finger along the pin as she looked at the other girl.

“How much is it?” she asked, bringing Rosé back to reality and making her realize that she’d been staring.

“Oh, sorry, it’s uh, one dollar.” Rosé watched as she pulled her wallet out of her purse, and her smile grew wider when she saw a matching lesbian pride pin attached to the front of it. “I really like your pin, too,” Rosé said as she took the dollar from her hand.

“Thanks! Hey, what time do you get off work?”

“In a few hours. But if you’re asking, I’ll leave right now.”

“Won’t you get in trouble?” she asked with a giggle.

“It’s my last day. What can they do? Fire me?”

“I guess not. Well, what do you say then?” She raised her eyebrow in a challenge.

“I say on one condition.”

“And what’s that?”

“You tell me your name,” Rosé said, dying to know who this girl was that was flipping her whole day upside down.

“Easy enough. I’m Denali,” she answered, popping her dimples again and solidifying Rosé’s decision to leave with her.

“Denali,” Rosé repeated, trying it out on her tongue, liking the way it sounded. “Gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl,” she said, growing even more bold. “Now let’s get out of here.”

Chapter Text

“Denali,” Mik whined. “Please! Let me have some!” he pleaded, eyeing the fries that Denali was snacking on.

“No. You should’ve gotten your own,” Denali scolded her boyfriend, popping a fry into her mouth.

“But I wasn’t hungry then!”

“That’s not my fault,” Denali said, eating another fry slowly and exaggerating how good it was, just to tease Mik.

“Stop being mean to me!” Mik whined again.

“Stop whining and maybe I’ll give you one.”

“Wait, really?” Mik asked, returning his voice to normal. “Can I have one, please?”

“Hmm.” Denali placed her thumb and index finger on her chin, pretending to think hard before answering. “Nope.”

“Ugh! You’re so mean. When is Rosé coming home?”

Denali shrugged and continued eating her fries.

But she knew that Rosé would be home any minute, and she knew that Mik would want some fries, and she knew that Rosé was picking some up for him on her way.

“Rosé,” Mik started whining the second their girlfriend walked through the door. “Denali is being mean to me! She won’t share her fries!”

“That’s because I have your fries right here,” Rosé said, presenting him with a fresh order.

“Yay!” Mik said, making grabby hands at the fries, moaning as he shoved a handful into his mouth. “Thanks, angel.”

“Don’t thank me, thank Denali. She’s the one who told me to buy them.”

“Aww, Denali, you do care,” Mik cooed over a mouthful of fries, going over to hug her.

“Of course I care, you dummy. I love you,” she replied, kissing Mik on the cheek before snatching one of his fries.


Rosé looked between her girlfriend and her boyfriend, rolling her eyes, and she wondered for what must have been the hundredth time how she ended up being the only mature one in their relationship.

Chapter Text

“Mommy, can we go to the stream today?” Lily asked, wiggling in her seat at the kitchen table as Denali fixed her a sandwich for lunch. “I wanna see if my frog is there.”

“Sure, we can go,” Denali answered, cutting Lily’s sandwich in half diagonally. “As soon as Mama gets home.”

“Yay!” Lily cheered as Denali set her sandwich down in front of her. “I get to see my froggy!”

“I’m sure there are tons of frogs there, Lil. How are you gonna know if it’s your frog?”

“I’ll just know,” she answered solemnly. “We’re connected.”

“Okay, whatever you say.” Denali chuckled as she made her own sandwich and sat down to join her daughter.

Rosé arrived home from work just as they were finishing up with their lunch.

“Hi baby,” she greeted Denali, kissing her quickly on the lips.

“Hi Rosie,” Denali said, smiling up at her wife after their kiss.

“Hello my little Lily Pad,” Rosé said, moving on to her daughter and kissing her on the cheek.

“Hi Mama! Did you know that frogs like lily pads? My frog loves them. That’s why he loves me! And Mommy said we can go to the stream so I can see my frog!” Lily babbles excitedly.

Rosé and Denali shared a look, smiling at their daughter’s penchant for talking a lot. It was inevitable really with the two of them as her moms.

As soon as Lily finished the last of her lunch, she made sure to remind them that it was time to go to the stream to see her frog.

“Alright, let’s go.”

They walked to the stream, Denali’s hand fit snugly in Rosé’s as Lily skipped along in front of them.

“What’s with this frog thing?” Rosé asked on their way.

“No idea,” Denali replied. But that wasn’t new when it came to their daughter. She had a very vivid imagination, and they both highly encouraged it.

“Mommy! Mama! Look! It’s my frog!” Lily shouted at them once she reached the edge of the stream, pointing down to a big frog perched on a leaf.

“Hello Reginald,” she turned to speak directly to the frog. “I’ve missed you.”

“Reginald?” Denali whispered, turning to Rosé who was clearly fighting a laugh. “I love our daughter so much.”

“Me too, baby,” Rosé echoed, wrapping an arm around Denali’s shoulder and pulling her closer as they watched her chat with her frog, Reginald. “Me, too.”

Chapter Text

It was a bright, sunny day on Utica’s family farm as she went around feeding the chickens and cows. The smile on her face as she walked along was nearly as brilliant as the sun shining overhead. Once her chores were done, it was time for her favorite part of the day: watering the flowers.

Her parents let her grow whatever kind of flowers she wanted, just as long as she watered them and took care of them. She loved watching them grow and seeing them bloom, loved looking at all the pretty colors.

But what she really loved was using them to create things. She made arrangements and bouquets and anything that she could think of. Her favorite thing to make was flower crowns. And her favorite person to make them for was Olivia.

Olivia lived next door, at the neighboring farm, and Utica had the biggest crush on her. Ever since the first time she saw her walking her dog down the road past her farm, Utica had been enamored with the girl. When she finally worked up the courage to talk to her, Olivia was so cute and bubbly that Utica couldn’t help but be drawn to her.

Now every day, Olivia walked by with her dog, and she stopped to chat, and Utica’s crush grew bigger and bigger.

“Hi Olivia!” Utica greeted as soon as she saw her, waving and smiling widely at the shorter girl.

“Hi Utica!” Olivia echoed, a dazzling smile on her face as she skipped over to the fence where Utica stood. Her dog sniffed around as they talked.

“I have a present for you!” Utica told her excitedly.

“Oh gosh, really?”

Utica nodded enthusiastically and held out the flower crown she’d finished making the day before.

“Oh, wow! It’s so pretty! I love it! Thank you so much!” Olivia gushed as she looked at it in Utica’s hands.

“Can I put it on you?” Utica asked.

Olivia nodded and waited until the flower crown was placed on her head, resting on her curly hair.

“It looks great! You look great,” Utica said shyly.

“Aww, thank you,” Olivia said, blushing at the compliment. “Come here.”

Utica complied and was rewarded with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. If that was what a flower crown was going to earn her, she vowed to make one for Olivia every day.

Chapter Text

Denali wakes slowly, opening her eyes to the sunshine peeking through the gap in the curtains. She stretches her arms over her head and smiles as she turns to look at Rosé, still sleeping soundly. She cuddles up against her, resting her head on the redhead’s chest, waiting for her to wake up.

The first indication that Rosé is awake comes when she cards her fingers through Denali’s curly brown locks.

"Mmm, good morning, Rosie,” Denali practically purrs against her chest.

"Good morning, baby," Rosé replies and kisses the top of her head.

"Beach day today!" Denali says excitedly, moving off of Rosé to sit up and look down at her. "Come on. Get up!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm moving."

They get ready, putting on their bathing suits and coverups, packing up some snacks and drinks, and grabbing the kite on the way out the door. Denali holds Donut's leash in one hand and uses her other to hold onto Rose's as they walk to the beach.

When they get there, they let Donut run around as they set up their stuff. Denali and Rosé take turns rubbing sunscreen on each other before lying down on their blanket, taking a bit of a rest after their walk.

"Come on. Get up!" Denali tells Rosé again after a while, leaning over to kiss her to give her some motivation. "It's time to fly the kite!"

"Let's go." Rosé says, kissing Denali once more before getting up. Donut, who had taken her place between them on the blanket, excitedly springs up after them, ready to run around again.

Denali bends over to grab the kite, untangling the tail string, and Rosé enjoys the view, making sure to let Denali know with her whistle. She turns to smirk at her, still bent over, and wiggles her ass before straightening up, holding the kite.

She hands the string to Rosé and holds onto the kite, ready to let it fly.

"Ready, Rosie?" Denali asks.

"Ready, Dee," she confirms.

"Ready, Donut?" she turns to ask the dog, who barks in response. "Let's go!"

Denali backs up, Donut hopping around at her feet, holding the kite up as high as she can and letting it catch the wind before she lets go. Donut chases after it, jumping up to try and catch it as it flies through the air.

Rosé makes her way over to her girlfriend, letting out the string so the kite flies higher and higher. Denali rests her head on Rose's shoulder as they watch it fly and watch Donut spin in circles, trying to figure out how to get to it.

They take turns holding onto the string, flying the kite until they get tired of it. They relax back on their blanket for a few hours once they’ve brought it down, enjoying the sun and each other's company at the beach until it starts getting late and they head home for the day.

“Today was a good day,” Denali says as she crawls into bed next to Rosé later that night, snuggling up to her side and resting her head on her favorite pillow, otherwise known as Rosé’s chest.

“Yeah, it was,” Rosé agrees quietly, wrapping her arm around Denali and pulling her in closer.

Donut takes her place at the foot of the bed, and the three of them drift off to sleep, dreaming about their day of fun at the beach.

Chapter Text

"Can I get a piña colada, please?" A bubbly blonde asked as she approached the bar where Rosé was working. "Those come with those little umbrellas right? I love those things!"

Rosé grinned at the girl, who was super cute, and nodded her head. "Just for you," she said with a wink, causing the blonde to blush.

She made the drink and brought it back over to her new favorite customer.

"Here you go, diva," she said, smiling as she pushed the glass toward her, a purple cocktail umbrella sticking out of the top. "A pretty umbrella for the pretty lady."

The blonde's blush grew deeper, but she smiled back. "Thanks. I'm Jan, by the way."

"Great to meet you, Jan. I'm Rosé." She would’ve loved to stay and chat, but there was a long line of customers and her boss would fire her if she didn't do her job.

The blonde, Jan, became a regular at the bar, ordering every fruity cocktail on the menu, and Rosé made sure she always included a cocktail umbrella for her, sometimes two. After weeks of flirting back and forth, Rosé decided it was time to finally make her move.

The next time Jan came in, Rosé was ready. She had a cocktail umbrella set aside, with her phone number written on it, and she had a piña colada ready to hand over, remembering that it was the first drink Jan ordered from her.

"Hi beautiful,” Rosé greeted her, sliding the drink over to her before she could say anything.

"Hey gorge," Jan replied, smiling at Rosé as she accepted the drink. She grabbed the umbrella, twirling it around in her fingers before noticing the writing on it.

Rosé watched Jan as she realized what it was, her expression getting heated as she made eye contact with the redhead behind the bar.

"What time do you get off work tonight?" Jan asked. “So I can put this number to use.”

"I'm off at midnight. And you better be ready to put other things to use then, too.”

Chapter Text

While Rosé and Denali were both happy that Rosé landed her dream job, being able to do what she loved, they weren’t used to being away from each other for so long when Rosé was on the road. And it was starting to take its toll on Denali.

So Rosé planned a surprise for her.

“What are we doing?” Denali asked, talking to Rosé through the computer screen as she opened up the Zoom call.

“Do you have your cards?” Rosé asked, completely ignoring Denali’s question.

“Yeah,” Denali said, holding up the box of playing cards that she’d bought at Rosé’s request. “So what the hell are we doing?”

“We’re gonna play a little game. We’re gonna flip a card, and the highest card strips,” she explained with a smirk on her face.

“Ooh, I think I like this game,” Denali laughed, automatically excited for any chance at seeing Rosé’s boobs.

They got started, flipping cards and stripping off articles of clothing one at a time.

“Take it off, baby!” Rosé cheered when Denali stood up in front of the camera, bent over, and stripped her pants off, showing off the red thong that Rosé had bought her before she left.

“Your turn,” Denali encouraged when Rosé’s card was higher. “Let me see them titties!”

Rosé laughed as she unclasped her bra, letting it slip from her shoulders to give Denali what she wanted.

“Touch yourself,” Denali whispered, all pretenses of the game thrown out the window once she saw Rosé’s exposed chest.

Rosé complied, running her fingers along her chest, gasping as she pinched a nipple.

Denali echoed her gasp and slipped her hand into her panties. “You’re so hot, Rosie. I miss you so much. Wish I was the one touching you right now.”

“Soon, baby. So soon. These will be your fingers.” She sucked one into her mouth and ran it along her chest again, rubbing her nipple and moaning.

“Fuck,” Denali moaned, working to get herself off as she watched Rosé play with her breasts. “Rosie, I’m so close,” she breathed out.

“Come on, baby. Come for me.”

Rose’s words washed over Denali and her orgasm followed just seconds later.

“I love you,” Rosé told her girlfriend, watching her as she came down. “I love you so much, baby. And I’ll see you so soon. And I’ll be the one making you come like that.”

Denali shivered at Rosé’s words. “I love you too, Rosie. And I’m holding you to that.”

Chapter Text

Lemon hated practically everything about the country club. She hated how her mom always expected her to look and act like the perfect daughter. She hated how her dad cared more about golfing than he did about her. She hated how preppy and stuck up everyone who went there seemed to be.

There was only one reason she ever went there anymore. And that reason’s name was Priyanka.

Priyanka was a waitress at the country club’s restaurant. The first time Lemon met her was when Chad, the annoying, entitled son of one of her dad’s friends was being a dick to her. Lemon could only watch for so long before she took matters into her own hands, quite literally. When he tried to put his hands on her it was the last straw for Lemon. So she went over to him, told him to fuck off, and punched him in the face, threatening to do much worse if he so much as looked at the waitress again.

When Lemon went to ask her if she was okay, she threw her arms around her, enveloping her in a tight hug, thanking her and introducing herself. Since that day, Lemon started looking forward to going to the country club, to going to the restaurant and chatting with Priyanka whenever she wasn’t busy serving the assholes who dined there. And every time she talked to her, Lemon liked her more and more.

“Do you wanna go on a date with me?” Lemon asked one day, enjoying the flirting but tired of waiting for something to happen, deciding to make it happen herself.

“I would love that!” Priyanka agreed with a blinding smile.

So they figured out the details, setting it for a day when Priyanka didn’t have to work. They still met up at the country club, just because it was easy and it was where they met after all, but Lemon was more than happy to drive away as soon as Priyanka was in her car.

They went to dinner at a fancy restaurant, they went to a patisserie to get some dessert, and they went for a walk after along the marina.

“Have you ever been on a boat before?” Lemon asked as they walked hand-in-hand.

“Nope,” Priyanka answered, shaking her head.

“Do you want to go on one?”

“Oh my god, yeah! That would be so cool!”

“Come on,” Lemon tugged on her hand, leading her toward where her very own sailboat was docked. A perk of having rich parents who tried to buy her love and affection.

When they reached the boat, she helped Priyanka on board and untied it from the dock, allowing them to float out into the water.

“Wow, this is amazing!” Priyanka gushed when Lemon sat down beside her. “This has been such a great night. I’m so glad you asked me out.”

“Me too,” Lemon replied, smiling at the other girl. “I’m so glad you said yes.”

“Of course I’d say yes. You’re the only person who has ever been nice to me at the country club. But that’s not the only reason I said yes. You’re also really hot.”

Lemon giggled and blushed at how upfront Priyanka always seemed to be. It was one of the things she really liked about her. She was so used to secrets and lies with the people that usually frequented the country club, and Priyanka was so different and so refreshing.

“You’re really hot, too,” Lemon said around her giggles before she turned serious. She turned to Priyanka and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. “Can I kiss you?”


So she leaned in, closing the gap between them, and when their lips pressed together in a kiss Lemon felt warm all over. It was the best kiss she’d ever had in her life, and she knew without a doubt that Priyanka was special.

Chapter Text

It was karaoke night at Rosé’s local bar, which meant Rosé was there with Jan and Lagoona, ready to win at karaoke. (Even though Jan and Lagoona had repeatedly told her it wasn’t something you could win at, she refused to believe that).

Rosé sang a couple songs on her own, garnering much applause from the crowd at the bar. But not enough. She needed more. She needed them to love her.

So she decided she would sing a duet. Duets always got more attention.

“Jan, I need you to sing with me,” she told the blonde, interrupting her conversation with her girlfriend.

“Yeah, I’m busy. And I know you can see that. So go find someone else,” Jan turned her down and turned back to Jackie.

Rosé rolled her eyes, groaned, and went off to find Lagoona instead.

“Lagoona!” she yelled at her across the bar. “Do a duet with me.”

“Absolutely not,” Lagoona replied immediately. “You’re way too intense and I’m not getting involved in that.”

“Ugh, fine! I’ll find someone else. Someone better!”

Lagoona just laughed as Rosé walked away.

Rosé scoped out the crowd, looking for someone she deemed worthy of being her duet partner. She’d heard a few people who had sung earlier that night (most of whom sounded horrible even in her slightly inebriated state) and when she laid her eyes on a brunette who’d sung Fergalicious earlier, Rosé knew she would be perfect. (It also didn’t hurt that the brunette was the most attractive person Rosé had seen in a while).

“Hey,” she said, approaching the woman. “Do you want to sing a duet with me? We’re clearly the two best singers in this place, so together we could be unstoppable.”

“Only if we can sing A Whole New World. And I get to be Jasmine,” the brunette answered immediately.

“Deal,” Rosé agreed. She knew that she would be amazing no matter what part she sang. “I’m Rosé, by the way.”


So they signed up for their duet, Rosé following Denali up onto the small karaoke stage when it was their turn to perform. (And she appreciated the view as she watched her step up).

They started the song, making a performance of it, singing to each other as much as they were singing to the crowd. And somewhere along the way, the words started sounding true.

As the song drew to a close, Denali was gripping tight onto Rosé’s hands, and there was hardly any space left between them. Without thinking, moving solely on instinct, Rosé closed the small gap just moments after they sang their last word, pressing her lips against Denali’s.

She vaguely heard the crowd going wild around them, signifying that she totally won at karaoke (no matter what Jan and Lagoona said), but most of her focus was on kissing the gorgeous girl in her arms, and that was a better win anyway.

Chapter Text

“God, I hate all these stupid dandelions,” Jan complained as she tried to find a good spot to put the blanket down for their picnic.

“I agree,” Gigi said, looking down at the field of them disdainfully.

“I don’t know, I kind of like them,” Crystal said, shrugging. “How they blow in the wind like free spirits.”

“Okay, you hippie,” Gigi laughed, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend in a hug and kissing her cheek before they took a seat on the blanket that Jan finally laid out.

Jan watched them as she sat down too, feeling the little spike of jealousy surge forward that usually came when she saw their interactions. She longed for something like they had. Specifically with Jackie, but she was too scared to admit it. Jackie seemed too good for her anyway. She was a year older and way smarter and just a better person than Jan was sure she could ever be.

“I like them too,” Jackie agreed with Crystal, a small smile on her face as she spoke. “I like how you can wish on them.”

“Oh come on Jacks, those wishes never come true,” Gigi snorted.

“Yes they do! They definitely come true! Mine have,” Jackie said, sneaking a peek at Jan as she sat down next to her.

“Like what?” Jan couldn’t help but ask.

“Like becoming friends with some really cool people,” she answered, never breaking eye contact, a smile still playing on her lips.

Jan smiled back and blushed, looking away before she revealed too much.

“Here,” Jackie started, picking up a dandelion next to their picnic blanket and holding it up to Jan. “Try it. Make a wish.”

Jan looked at Jackie one more time before closing her eyes, wishing for the same thing she’d been wishing for as long as she could remember. She opened her eyes and blew on the dandelion, watching the seeds fly away.

When Jan looked back to Jackie, she was still staring at her, a fond look on her face.

“Well, what did you wish for?” Jackie asked, voice barely above a whisper, moving even closer. By now there was almost no space left between them.

So Jan decided to be brave for once, trying to keep her voice even as she spoke.

“I wished that you would kiss me.”

“I told you that wishes come true,” Jackie said, closing what little gap remained between them and pressing her soft lips against Jan’s, causing her belly to flip flop and her own lips to tingle.

Jan vaguely heard Crystal telling Gigi something about owing her twenty bucks, but her thoughts were mostly elsewhere. She was much too busy savoring the kiss and the fact that after crushing on Jackie for so long, there was something finally happening between them.

As the kiss ended naturally, and they pulled away from each other with matching grins on their faces, Jan’s stance on dandelions completely changed.

Chapter Text

Rosé doesn’t usually go to strip clubs, but on a whim she decides to stop at one on the way home from work on a Friday. It’s been a long week and she wants something to take her mind off things, and looking at hot, half naked women sounds like a good way to do that.

She takes a seat at the bar, deciding to get a drink first. She’s taking her first sip when she hears Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls start playing, so she turns around to look at the stage. When she sees the woman dancing there, her mouth drops open.

When Rosé snaps out of it, finally closing her mouth, she downs her drink and finds herself in front of the stage before she even realizes that she’s moved.

Rosé stares up at her, the most gorgeous woman she’s ever seen, and watches her long blonde hair fly around as she dances. She watches her fingers as they work, nimbly undoing the buttons on the shirt she’s wearing before tossing it behind her. The sheer black bra she’s wearing doesn’t do much to cover her breasts, and Rosé can’t take her eyes off of them. At least until the woman turns around and reveals the matching black thong that shows off the greatest ass Rosé has ever seen in her life.

She’s absolutely mesmerized by the blonde, unable to function as she watches her move, her body perfectly in sync with the beat of the music.

She’s snapped out of it when applause starts and the blonde starts making her way off the stage, dimples showing up in her cheeks as she smiles and waves at the crowd.

Rosé is fucked.

She heads back up to the bar, flagging down the bartender, desperate for information about the dancer.

“Hey, who was that up there? That just finished dancing.”

“That’s Denali. She’s our best dancer.”

“Does she do private dances?” Rosé asks before she can chicken out.

So that’s how she finds herself in a private room, sitting on a leather couch, and waiting for Denali to come in and give her a show.

“Hey, baby,” Denali says seductively as she enters the private room, the dimples prominent in her cheeks as she smiles. The smile falters a bit as she sees Rosé, and she’s not sure what that’s all about, but it’s quickly back in place as she speaks again. “What’s your name, angel?”

“Rosé,” she answers immediately, willing to tell Denali anything she asks.

“Hope you enjoy the show, Rosé,” Denali whispers before turning on the music and starting to dance for her. She’s still in the same bra and panty set she was wearing on stage, and seeing her ass up close and in person makes it feel like Rosé has won the lottery. And when Denali actually dances on her, and she feels that ass against her legs, Rosé is sure she’s died and gone to heaven.

“You’re so hot,” Rosé breathes out before she can help herself, and the giggle that Denali lets out at the words sounds like music to her ears.

“You can touch me if you want.”

“Isn’t that, like, against the rules or something?” Rosé doesn’t really know strip club etiquette as she doesn’t usually make a habit of frequenting them, but she’s pretty sure that’s a thing.

“I like breaking the rules with hot girls,” Denali says, turning around to straddle Rosé, wrapping her arms around her shoulders and shaking her now bare tits in her face.

Rosé can’t argue with that, and she can’t stop the groan that escapes her lips when she gets her hands on Denali’s ass. The groan is matched by Denali herself as she grinds down harder on Rosé’s lap, seeming like she’s just as into it as Rosé is.

Rosé gets lost in the heat of the moment, in the sight of the gorgeous woman on top of her, in the feeling of her skin under her hands, in the way her body moves against her to the beat of the song.

But then the song ends. And Denali stops moving as quickly as she’d started, climbing off of Rosé and leaving her feeling cold and empty.

“Denali,” she calls out, not sure what else she’s going to say, but she just can’t stop herself. The blonde smirks at her and approaches her again, sitting on her lap once more to lean down and whisper into her ear.

“I’m off at two, if you want to stick around. You can take me somewhere we won’t have to stop when the song ends.”

Chapter Text

“Good morning, gorge! Happy Pride!” Mik wakes Gigi up on the first day of June, straddling them on the bed.

“Morning Mik, baby,” Gigi replies, pulling their boyfriend down for a kiss. “I got you a present.”

“Oh my god, what? I got you a present!” Mik says, laughing about the fact that they’ve had the exact same idea.

“Well, they do say great minds think alike. Now what did you get me?”

Mik laughs again before leaning down to kiss Gigi once more, and then he climbs off of them to get their present. Once their boyfriend is no longer on top of them, Gigi gets up to find Mik’s present, too.

They sit back down in bed next to each other with packages in their hands and smiles on their faces.

“Okay, me first!” Mik says excitedly, practically buzzing as he shoves the present in Gigi’s face. “Open it!”

Gigi grabs it and starts opening it, peeling back the paper delicately.

“Mik, these are gorgeous!” Gigi gasps as they see what’s in the box, a beautiful set of pearl earrings. “I love them so much. And I love you.” They lean forward and kiss Mik, trying to show him how much.

“Love you too, gorge. But there’s one more thing in there.”

Gigi looks back in the box, and underneath the pearls they see a nonbinary flag. They start laughing as soon as they see it.

Mik looks at them, clearly puzzled by this reaction.

“I love it, so so much, but I need you to open your present right now.”

Mik rips the wrapping off, absolutely destroying it, a complete opposite of how careful Gigi was with theirs. When he gets it open, he sees a fancy watch nestled on top of a transgender flag.

“Wow,” Mik giggles. “Do we share a brain? I love it. Thank you, Gigi.” He leans forward and kisses them, getting lost in it.

They get a little preoccupied after that, thanking each other for the presents in a different way. They fall asleep again after, but when they wake up for the second time that day, they hang their flags up right next to each other’s.

Chapter Text

“Hey, guess what today is,” Denali tells Rosé as she’s scrolling through her phone with her head resting in her lap.

“What?” Rosé asks, absentmindedly running her fingers through Denali’s hair as she looks at the television screen in front of her.


“What’s that?” Rosé asks, looking down at her girlfriend.

“Okay, so I don’t know exactly what it is, but I went to Sweden when I was in college for a summer trip and we celebrated with a lot of eating, dancing, and drinking.”

“Sounds like my kind of party,” Rosé says with a laugh.

“Yeah, it was a blast.” Denali sits up and smiles, reminiscing about how much fun she’d had. “But the best part was the end of the night.”

“What happened at the end of the night?”

“Skinny dipping,” Denali answers with a seductive grin on her face. “We should do that tonight!”

“You know I’m always game for any activity that involves seeing you naked,” Rosé says, causing Denali to laugh and lean over to kiss her.

“Same,” she agrees.

So that night, right around midnight, they sneak onto a closed beach, strip off their clothes and run into the water hand-in-hand.

“Oh fuck, it’s cold!” Denali giggles as the water splashes around them.

“Come here and I’ll warm you up, baby,” Rosé says, reaching out for Denali.

She makes her way over, slipping into Rosé’s arms and feeling her body heat as she pulls her in close. Denali wraps her arms around Rosé and pulls her in for a kiss, warming her up even further.

They get lost in it, a frenzy of lips and tongues and bodies pressing against each other. They’re in their own little world until they hear someone approaching.

“Shit,” Rosé mutters once Denali pulls away, and they scatter. Their giggles echo throughout the beach as they frantically approach the shore, grab their clothes, and try to pull them on as they’re running back to the car.

Chapter Text

“I still can’t believe you drive a pickup truck,” Denali said for what must have been the hundredth time since she started dating Symone. She was sitting in the passenger side of said pickup truck as Symone drove, holding her hand as it rested on the middle seat.

“You can take the girl out of Arkansas but you can’t take the Arkansas out of the girl,” Symone replied.

Denali laughed before she spoke again. “I guess. But whatever the reason, I’m glad you do. Because these are my favorite dates.”

Symone snuck a glance over at Denali, smiling at her and squeezing her hand, before looking back at the road.

“Mine too,” she agreed.

They chatted for the rest of the drive until they reached their destination. Every month they drove out here, laid in the back of Symone’s truck, and looked up at the stars.

It was one of the things Denali missed about living in Alaska, being able to see the stars every night without all the lights in the city. When she told Symone about how much she missed it, she surprised her with their first stargazing date, and it became their tradition ever since.

Once they parked, Symone started unpacking the pillows and blankets, throwing them up to Denali to get them situated in the truck bed. When everything was set up, Symone climbed up and they lay down, cuddled up together under the stars.

“It’s always so beautiful,” Denali muttered as she looked up at the sky.

“So are you,” Symone whispered into Denali’s ear before kissing her on the cheek.

Denali giggled and turned her head to capture Symone’s lips in a sweet kiss.

“You’re so cheesy,” she said after the kiss.

“You wanna hear cheesy?” Symone asked giggling. “When we’re out here looking at the stars, I always think about how big the universe is and how many people there are out there, and I wonder how I ended up so lucky to be with you.”

“Aww, Symone,” Denali started, placing a hand on Symone’s cheek and smiling at her. “You’re right. That is really cheesy.”

“Shut up!” Symone laughed, pushing Denali away.

“But it’s so sweet. Just like you.” She leaned in to kiss her again. “And I love you.”

“Love you, too.”

Chapter Text

The light from the neon sign shines down on Rosé as she makes her way into her favorite club. Tonight she only has one thing on her mind.


She just wants to dance and ignore everything else going on in her life right now. She doesn’t want to think about how she can’t seem to hold down a job. She doesn’t want to think about how she barely has any money to her name. She doesn’t want to think about how it’s been years since her last significant relationship. She doesn’t want to think about any of it.

Out in the middle of the dance floor, Rosé feels at home. The music flows through her body, guiding her movements. It makes her feel alive as she moves her hips to the rhythm of the song pumping through the speakers. And when she locks eyes with a blonde in a tight pink dress across the dance floor, the heat from the crowded club isn’t the only kind of heat Rosé feels.

The blonde makes her way over, moving gracefully through the sea of bodies around them. They don’t need words to communicate, speaking with their bodies as they start moving together to a new song.

Rosé fits herself behind the blonde and enjoys the feeling of her pressed up snug against her. Her ass is fat and her thighs are thick and they feel heavenly under Rosé’s hands. Her touch seems to spur the woman on as she pushes back into her even further. When she throws her head back to rest it on Rosé’s shoulder, she takes it as an invitation, her lips mapping out the lines of her neck.

Soon, all pretenses of dancing are thrown out the window for both women. The blonde turns around in Rosé’s arms and wraps her arms around her shoulders. Rosé only has a few seconds to look at her face close up, admiring how beautiful she is even in the dim club lighting, before she closes the distance and kisses Rosé.

Heat rushes through her again as they make out in the middle of the dance floor. Bodies move around them but neither of them notice anything but the other.

Eventually, some asshole who doesn’t understand personal space bumps into them, breaking their little bubble. They make eye contact again, sharing a small smile, and they come to another unspoken agreement. Rosé grabs the woman’s hand and leads her off the dance floor toward the bar.

As they order drinks their communication finally becomes spoken. Rosé learns that her name is Denali, she’s in town for an ice skating show, and she came to the club to take a break from grueling rehearsal. She also learns that she’s staying in a hotel just a few blocks away, and they’re outside and ready to hail down a cab after finishing their first drink.

The light from the neon sign shines down on them as they climb into their taxi outside of the club. Rosé only has one thing on her mind as the driver takes them to their destination, and it’s almost impossible to keep her hands to herself on the way.

Chapter Text

Jaida wasn’t sure how it happened, but somehow she found herself hanging out with the international students more often than not during her senior year of college. And when she met Nicky, a French student there on scholarship, she wanted to hang out with them even more.

Nicky was gorgeous and her accent made Jaida melt, no matter what she was saying. But it was especially hot when she said it in bed, after they started hooking up. Jaida had no idea what she was saying, but she didn’t care. At least not too much, not at first.

But when Jaida saw how much Nicky loved talking to her fellow French students in their native language, she wanted to be able to make Nicky happy like that too. So she started taking a French class, she downloaded Duolingo, and she studied as much as she could.

The first time she surprised Nicky by speaking to her in French, she was rewarded by a kiss and then some, and it only provided more motivation for her to learn more. Whenever they hung out, she encouraged Nicky to talk to her in her own language, see what she could understand, and she tried her best to talk back. Jaida knew her accent wasn’t the best, and there were many things she definitely said wrong, but it didn’t seem like Nicky cared. She just seemed happy that Jaida was making the effort. And Jaida loved making her girlfriend happy.

One day they decided to go on a picnic, eat only French food, and speak only in French. Jaida made sure to tell Nicky that she required some French kissing, too. Nicky answered her with an eye roll, but that was soon followed up with a kiss, complying with Jaida’s request.

Do you want some bread?” Nicky asked her, pulling out a baguette from their makeshift picnic basket once they got their fill of kisses and were ready for some food.

I would love some, thank you,” Jaida responded, accepting half from Nicky.

They ate and chatted, enjoying each other’s company for the afternoon. Jaida was feeling really good about her French, not stumbling over her words too much during their conversation. Just as they were getting up to leave, Jaida saw a dragonfly buzzing around them.

Look Nicky, it’s a...” she pointed out, starting in French, but then realizing that she didn’t know how to say the word she needed. “Shit, how do you say dragonfly?”

Nicky laughed before translating for her.

Thank you,” Jaida said, going back to French and giving her a quick kiss. “Look, it’s a dragonfly. It’s so pretty.”

Yes, it is. But not as pretty as you, ma belle.”

Chapter Text

"Hi! I'm Denali! What's your name?” 9-year-old Denali asks the redhead who is on the swings at her favorite park.

"I'm Rosé! Watch what I can do!" 10-year-old Rosé answers the small brunette and then jumps off the swing, landing on her feet and throwing her arms up into the air in a flourish. Denali claps for her, and it's the start of a beautiful friendship.

That summer, they spend almost every day together. They meet up at the park to play. They have sleepovers at each other's houses. Denali teaches Rosé how to ice skate and Rosé teaches Denali how to hold a tune. They become the best of friends, completely inseparable.

So at the end of the summer, right before school is supposed to start up, they decide to do something to commemorate their friendship. One afternoon, they meet up at the park where it all started.

"You're my best friend," Rosé tells Denali on the swings.

"You're mine, too," Denali echoes. "I just know we'll be best friends forever."

"Yeah!" Rosé agrees, and then gets a twinkle in her eyes, the kind that Denali knows means that she's going to suggest they do something that will probably get them into trouble. But Denali also knows that she's going to agree to it immediately.

"Come with me," Rosé says and jumps off the swing, just like she’d done the first day they met. Denali does the same and follows after her. They stop in front of a big birch tree in the middle of the park and Rosé pulls a pen out of her pocket.

“What are you doing?" Denali asks.

"Well, I wanted to carve our names in the tree, but my mom saw me trying to get a knife and stopped me, so this will have to do." She holds the pen up to the tree bark and writes her initials and a plus sign. "Now you write yours,” she instructs and holds the pen out.

After Denali takes it and adds her own initials, Rosé takes the pen back and writes BFF underneath.

"There. Now we'll be best friends forever.”

And they are. Throughout that school year and the ones that come after, they're still the best of friends, and they get even closer. Rosé is the first person Denali wants to talk to when she’s 13 and her parents split up, and Rosé is there to comfort her. Denali is the first person Rosé comes out to when she's 16, and Denali is there to comfort her and say “Me, too.”

On Rosé's 17th birthday, Denali's present for her is a kiss, and they become girlfriends after that. That summer they spend almost every day together, reminding them of the summer when they first met when they were kids. But their preferred activities are quite different now. They spend some time at the park still, but they spend a lot more time kissing.

The night before Rosé's senior year starts they spend the night together, becoming each other's firsts, and as they lie in bed together after, Rosé gets that familiar twinkle in her eyes.

"Come with me," Rosé says, helping Denali off her bed.

"Oh god, what are we doing now?" Denali asks, but still knows that she'll agree no matter what the answer is.

Rosé drives them to the park where it all began, and Denali understands what's going on when she sees the birch tree.

"Remember when we wrote our names on this tree?” Rosé asks as they stop in front of it.

"I'll never forget," Denali answers. "Best friends forever."

Rosé smiles at her and kisses her. "Best friends forever," she repeats when she pulls away. "But now girlfriends, too. I love you."

Denali smiles back at her, never tired of hearing that.

“I love you, too," she says, never tired of saying it either. "But why did you bring me here?"

"To do this," Rosé says and takes out a pocket knife. "Now we can make it more permanent." She carves her initials carefully into the tree, adding a plus sign before handing it off to Denali. She adds her initials, too, and when Rosé has the knife back she draws a heart around them.

"Perfect," she says, holding onto Denali's hand as she admires their handiwork.

Their relationship isn't always perfect after that, especially hard when Rosé goes off to college and Denali still has one more year of high school to get through, but they make it work. They make it through the tough times because they love each other, and after all these years, they're still best friends.

That's how they find themselves, almost 15 years to the day after their first meeting, standing in front of their birch tree, freshly carved with their initials, ready to say I do.

Denali had been the one to propose, Rosé saying yes before she could even fully ask the question.

And now, here they are, back where it all started, standing in front of all their family and friends, ready to make it official.

Denali is sure that the ceremony is beautiful, but all she can focus on is Rosé. She's the only thing she really cares about anyway. She tunes back in when she hears "You may kiss the brides,” and she does just that, kissing Rosé for all she's worth.

They enjoy the reception, all the dancing and the speeches and the cake and everything else. But at the end of the night, they take a moment to themselves, just the two of them, to go back to their tree.

Denali runs her fingers over the letters carved into the trunk with a small, pleased smile on her face. When she turns to Rosé, she sees that she's wearing a similar expression.

"I always knew we would be best friends forever, but I never dreamed that I would be this lucky to be able to be your wife," Rosé says as she takes Denali's hands.

"Me neither," Denali agrees. "But this is the best day of my life. I love you so much."

"I love you, too."

Chapter Text

Every Sunday Mik, Rosé, and Denali did their weekly grocery shopping. They’d tried going by themselves before, but someone always got mad that someone else forgot something, so they started going together to make sure that didn’t happen. It also made something boring like grocery shopping a lot more entertaining with all three of them.

This Sunday was no different, and they were almost done with their shopping list when they made it to the produce section.

“What kind of fruit do we want this week?” Denali asked, looking over their options to see what looked the best.

“Peaches!” Mik said excitedly, looking at the display in front of them.

“Ooh, yum.” Denali turned to look too, getting ready to pick out the ones that looked best.

“Yeah, I like peaches,” Rosé agreed. “Especially this one right here,” she said and reached out to pinch Denali’s ass.

“Hey!” Denali squeaked, turning around to see her girlfriend grinning and wiggling her eyebrows behind her. “Ouch,” she said, swatting Rosé on the arm, the redhead laughing the whole time.

“Did she hurt you?” Mik asked, coming closer to Denali. “Don’t worry, gorge. I can make you feel better.” He reached out for her and enveloped her in a hug. Before pulling away he rubbed his hand down her back until he reached her ass, caressing it and squeezing lightly.

“Oh my god!” Denali practically shouted, pulling away and looking at her boyfriend, who was now laughing along with Rosé. “We are literally in the middle of a grocery store! You two are the worst!”

“We just love you so much we can’t keep our hands off of you, baby,” Rosé said, trying to reach out for her again. But Denali moved away before she could get to her this time.

“It’s not our fault you have an ass that won’t quit,” Mik added, not quite getting the sentence out before he started laughing again.

“I’m going to wait in the car. You two better hurry up and finish, and then you can show me how much you love me in the privacy of our own home,” Denali said and turned on her heels, making sure to exaggerate her hip movements on her way out.