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june prompts

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Every Sunday Mik, Rosé, and Denali did their weekly grocery shopping. They’d tried going by themselves before, but someone always got mad that someone else forgot something, so they started going together to make sure that didn’t happen. It also made something boring like grocery shopping a lot more entertaining with all three of them.

This Sunday was no different, and they were almost done with their shopping list when they made it to the produce section.

“What kind of fruit do we want this week?” Denali asked, looking over their options to see what looked the best.

“Peaches!” Mik said excitedly, looking at the display in front of them.

“Ooh, yum.” Denali turned to look too, getting ready to pick out the ones that looked best.

“Yeah, I like peaches,” Rosé agreed. “Especially this one right here,” she said and reached out to pinch Denali’s ass.

“Hey!” Denali squeaked, turning around to see her girlfriend grinning and wiggling her eyebrows behind her. “Ouch,” she said, swatting Rosé on the arm, the redhead laughing the whole time.

“Did she hurt you?” Mik asked, coming closer to Denali. “Don’t worry, gorge. I can make you feel better.” He reached out for her and enveloped her in a hug. Before pulling away he rubbed his hand down her back until he reached her ass, caressing it and squeezing lightly.

“Oh my god!” Denali practically shouted, pulling away and looking at her boyfriend, who was now laughing along with Rosé. “We are literally in the middle of a grocery store! You two are the worst!”

“We just love you so much we can’t keep our hands off of you, baby,” Rosé said, trying to reach out for her again. But Denali moved away before she could get to her this time.

“It’s not our fault you have an ass that won’t quit,” Mik added, not quite getting the sentence out before he started laughing again.

“I’m going to wait in the car. You two better hurry up and finish, and then you can show me how much you love me in the privacy of our own home,” Denali said and turned on her heels, making sure to exaggerate her hip movements on her way out.