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june prompts

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“What are we reading tonight, Mommy?” Lily asked as she crawled into bed next to where Denali was sitting.

“I think it’s Mama’s turn to pick tonight. What are we reading, Mama?” Denali asked as Rosé sat down on the other side of their daughter.

“We’re reading Sleeping Beauty tonight!”

“Yay! I love Sleeping Beauty!” Lily cheered, clapping her hands.

Every night Denali and Rosé made sure to read to their daughter before bedtime. Currently Lily was obsessed with fairy tales, and they were slowly but surely making their way through them.

Rosé made it to about page five before Lily was fast asleep, and they snuck out of her bed making sure to not wake her.

“Aww, she’s our own little Sleeping Beauty,” Denali cooed, leaning her head on Rose’s shoulder as they stood next to their daughter’s bed. They watched her sleep peacefully for a moment before heading to their own room for the night.

Over the next couple nights, they read different fairy tales, each of them getting their chance to choose one.

But one night, when it was Lily’s turn to pick, she pulled something out of her backpack that she’d made at school.

“What’s that, honey?” Denali asked as Lily got settled on the bed between her and Rosé.

“We got to make our own fairy tales at school! And I made one with two princesses! Like you and Mama! And I’m going to read it to you tonight!” Lily exclaimed, sounding almost as excited as she was when she got new ice skates for her birthday.

Denali was already starting to tear up before she could even start reading, so Rosé took over, squeezing Denali’s hand as she spoke.

“That sounds so great, Lil! Let’s hear it.”

Lily read her story to them, about an ice skating princess who fell in love with a princess with pink hair and a beautiful singing voice and lived happily ever after with the coolest princess daughter ever who was so good at everything.

“That’s the best story I’ve ever heard,” Denali said through tears when Lily was done.

“Mommy, why are you crying?” Lily asked.

“Because I love you so much!” she answered, wiping her eyes before engulfing Lily in a huge bear hug and peppering kisses all over her face.

“Hey! I want in on all this love!” Rosé yelled before doing the same, and Lily giggled happily between them.

“Goodnight Mommy. Goodnight Mama. Love you,” she said through a yawn once Denali and Rosé had gotten their fill of hugs and kisses and stood up to tuck her in for the night.

“Love you too,” they both said before giving her one last goodnight kiss and making their way to their own room.

“How did we get so lucky with the sweetest daughter on the planet?” Denali asked as they got ready for bed and crawled in on their respective sides.

“Because she takes after me,” Rosé said with a wink.

“God help us if that’s true,” Denali retorted, earning a “Hey!” from Rosé.

“Love you Rosie,” Denali said, chuckling and batting her eyelashes at her wife.

“Love you too, baby,” Rosé replied and leaned over to give Denali a goodnight kiss of her own.