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In a Shocking Turn of Events, Bakugou is the One who is Good with Kids

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"There's about 4 children that need to be calmed down. Red Riot, Dynamight, can you handle them? We have to get back inside the building to see if there are any remaining citizens." Kirishima nodded, turning to Bakugou. 


"We can handle some kids, right?" Bakugou nodded, still in rescue mode. The burning building in front of them didn't exactly help the boy's personality. Luckily, the fire was dying down, as the pro heroes had caught it fairly early. Kirishima and Bakugou, having been on patrol for their new 'Intro to Pro Hero Work' class, stepped in to help. But now it seemed like the only job to do was to make sure the kids were alright. Which was fine with Kirishima- he loved kids! He knew that Bakugou wasn't as good with them, but he figured his hero instincts would tie him over. 


They walked over to the grass beside the sidewalk on the other side of the street, where 4 small children waiting, sitting. The youngest seemed to be around 5, with the oldest looking to be around 9. Kirishima bent down instinctively, smiling. 


"Hi, kids! Everything is okay- we heroes are here to help!" 




Well. That didn't go over very well. 


Two of the younger kids started crying, another one begun shaking, and the third clenched his fists like he was getting ready to sock Kirishima right in the face. 


"B-back off! You're scary! Where's my mom?!" He yelled, tears beginning to spring in his eyes as well. Kirishima took a step back, shocked. He supposed he did look a little scary right now, especially to scarred children. His sharp teeth, 6'4" figure and spiky hair/mask combo probably didn't help. 


"I didn't mean to scare you! I'm one of the good guys! my name is Red-" Now all of them were crying, clutching onto each other. Oh shit oh shit Kirishima wanted to make them feel better, not worse! 


He turned to Bakugou with a look that screamed 'help me!' Bakugou raised his eyebrows, seemingly only now surveying the situation. His eyes grazed over the kids, then back to Kirishima. He drifted towards him, keeping his face neutral for once. 


"What the fuck did you do, dumbass," he questioned, keeping his voice low and near to Kirishima's ear. 


"I don't know, tried to comfort them! They said I looked scary," Kirishima wasn't pouting. He wasn't, because that didn't fit the situation. He was fine. He was a professional that did not pout when children found him scary. 


Bakugou sighed, looking at the group. He turned back to Kirishima and grumbled, "You tell no one about this, yeah?" Kirishima nodded, unsure of what was yet to come. 


Bakugou walked towards the kids, peeling his mask back to use as a headband. He slowly bent down, taking off his gauntlets as he did so. The oldest kid looked up, eyes filled with tears. 


"Hey buddy, you alright? Did that big sharky guy scare ya?" What the fuck was that voice. Bakugou's voice had risen by almost an octave, now sweet and filled with gentle tones. "It's alright, he looks mean but he's one of the nicest guys I know!" 


The kids looked back and forth in between the two heroes, trying to decide if they should believe Bakugou or not. One of the little girls, who looked to be around 7, chimed in with, "Prove it, then! Prove it or you're just as scary!" She looked like this action took a lot out of her, her tiny chest heaving with the effort. 


Bakugou stood back up, and walked slowly towards Kirishima. With his back to the kids, he whispered, "Take your mask and shoulder pads off. They're harsh, and make you look too tough for them. And for fuck's sake, don't react weird afterwards," Kirishima had no idea what he meant by 'afterwards', but he did as he was told and took off the pieces of his costume deemed too scary for kids. What happened next was... unexpected, to say the least.  


Bakugou wrapped his arms around Kirishima's neck, pulling him in for a tight hug. Kirishima slowly reciprocated, bringing his arms around his waist. He then felt one of Bakugou's hands run through his already messy hair, making the gel finally lose all it's remaining strength until his hair was hanging down around his eyes. 


Bakugou finally released after what felt like hours, only to turn to the kids and wrap his arm around Kirishima's shoulder. 


"See? He's a big softy. We hug all the time, don't we?" Kirishima knew his smile was forced- he could see it around his eyes- but the tone that left Bakugou's mouth was so endearing that Kirishima couldn't help but find himself nodding along. 


"One of our favorite things to do!" He ended the sentence with a close-mouthed smile, trying to hide his teeth. Oh god, did his voice crack during that? He sure hoped not. He was trying to pitch his up like Bakugou did, but was a bit less successful. 


The kids looked amongst themselves, then seemingly came to a verdict and nodded as a group. The oldest boy stood up, puffing his chest out. 


"Okay, then we trust you. Are... are our parents going to be okay?" He wrung his hands, looking back and forth from the heroes to the smoldering building. 


The two teens walked slowly towards the group, Bakugou's arm still around Kirishima. 


"Yes, they will be," Bakugou assured, using his free arm to ruffle the kid's hair. Then he turned to the other 3 and said, "Now, who wants to play a game?" 


~Later that night~ 


Kirishima flopped down on the common room couch, finally out of his hero garb and into some sweatpants. Bakugou sat directly next to him, scrolling through his phone. 


"So..." Kirishima begun. 


"Nope. Not gonna talk about it, didn't happen," Bakugou interrupted, huffing. 


"Dude. C'mon, we're not going to talk about how you're apparently the kid whisperer?" Kirishima laughed, shifted closer to Bakugou. As much as the blond didn't like physical contact, he never really seemed to mind when it was with Kirishima. He put his phone down, turning to face Kirishima. 


"You were just fucking scary as shit, and I did what any logical good hero would do. Now piss off and let me fucking sleep," he put his head back on the couch cushions, closing his eyes. Kirishima knew he didn't actually want to sleep, though- if he did he would be in his room right now. This little motion was a Bakugou-approved 'get out of awkward conversations emotions free' card. Well, Kirishima didn't want to play Bakugou's emotional repression monopoly right now. 


He shifted even closer on the couch, until their legs were touch from thigh to ankle. If Bakugou noticed this, it didn't show. His head just stayed propped up at the top of the couch, his chin tilted. Kirishima slowly moved his shoulder until it was resting on Bakugou's. This, however, he did notice. 


"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" His eyes shot open, mouth in a sneer. 


"One of our favorite things to do, apparently." Kirishima shot back, shifting even closer to Bakugou. Why, he wasn't really sure. He couldn't really tell what made him move. Maybe it was the different side to Bakugou he had seen that night, or maybe it was the fact that they were both so tired- they didn't get back until about 3 in the morning. 


Bakugou scoffed, but his cheeks turned a surprising shade of pink when he did so. 


"I told you not to bring that up, Shitty Hair." But he didn't tell him to stop, which was interesting. Didn't tell him to piss off or move away. 


"What are other times you use that voice, eh? I've never heard Bakugou Katsuki sound so... soft," Kirishima huffed a small laugh, ever so slowly leaning his head toward Bakugou. 


"I, uh," He wouldn't meet his eyes- Bakugou was staring off into space, looking like he was wracking his brain to come up with an answer that wouldn't result in more teasing. "Fucking... never! I never use that voice. Ever," he added, choosing now to look at the carpet in the common room. Kirishima, caught up in this interesting new discussion and running on about 3 hours of sleep in the past 2 days, said something he wasn't meaning to. 


"Hm. That's a shame, it was kinda cute," He added, looking right at Bakugou's eyes, which were finally on him. 


"W-what?" He sputtered out, voice already raising in pitch naturally. 


"I said it was cute, when your voice gets all high and stuff. Downright adorable, even." Kirishima decided he'd dug himself into a hole- might as well keep digging until he found gold. 


Bakugou coughed into his left hand, then looked back at Kirishima with a bright pink dusting his ears. 


"Uh, thanks, I guess. You... um, you, too? If that's... shit, um" Wow. Just wow. Kirishima had never seen Bakugou at such a loss for words. He kind of wanted it to keep going- it was almost entrancing; the way he stuttered like Midoriya did when he got excited about All Might. 


"Yeah? You really think so?" Kirishima leaned his head down to Bakugou, who suddenly looked as though he got on a rollercoaster with an unexpected drop. 


"Uh, um. Maybe? Uh, fuck. I don't, I don't think it's cute when my voice get's high, that shit is just weird," he coughed into his hand again, not meeting Kirishima's eyes. "But um, you, you could maybe um. You're kind of, shit," Wow. Who was this person, and what happened to Bakugou? 


"Does this happen every time someone calls you cute?" Kirishima pondered, genuinely curious. Bakugou's face flushed a bright red, his left hand coming to scratch the back of his neck. 'He really shouldn't do that,' Kirishima thought absentmindedly, 'he'll open up his scabs'. 


"Fucking, no. No one's ever... said that, so no." 


"Are you serious? You go around looking like that all day every day and no one has ever thought to tell you how absolutely precious you look?" 


"Shit, um. Uh. No, um, no." Bakugou's voice was almost as high as it was when he was talking with the kids from earlier. 


"Then that's a damn shame." Kirishima said, his voice lowered in pitch and volume. Their faces were about an inch apart now, and Kirishima could feel Bakugou's breath on his lips. His eyes trailed over the other boy's face, tracing his freckles and acne. His eyes eventually found their way to his lips, which were parted. Expectant. Waiting. 


"Can I..." 


"Yes," was the immediate answer. The two moved in closer, and their lips met in the middle. Kirishima found himself sighing with relief, with joy. He tilted his head slightly, bringing his hand up to gently hold Bakugou's jaw. They began to move in sync, deepening the kiss ever so slightly. Bakugou's hand found its way into Kirishima's hair, grabbing ever so slightly around the short hairs by the base of his neck. 


They did this for a while- not quite making out, but not quite pecking, either. Eventually they pulled apart, gasping for breath. Kirishima's eyes scanned over Bakugou, waiting to see his reaction. It wasn't like this was the first time Kirishima had thought about doing this, but it was definitely the first time Bakugou gave any sort of hint that he'd be into it. Bakugou's face was still a bright red, a dopey grin plastered on his face, his eyes a bit hooded. Kirishima was sure that he looked about the same, maybe even a little worse. 


"That was... amazing," Kirishima gasped, voice cracking on the 'A' in amazing. 


"You could say that again," and Kirishima was surprised to find that not only was his voice higher than when he talked to the kids, but that he wasn't alone in the voice crack department. 


"Do you want to... try something? You can say no- you can always say no to anything, but if," 


"Yes, Shitty Hair. We can try something," Bakugou shifted towards him again, the grin never leaving his face. Kirishima returned it, then sat back on the couch. 


"Would you want to, I mean, you don't have to! But you want to maybe sitonmylap?" He said the last bit in a rush, trying to finish the sentence before he lost the nerve. Bakugou's face flushed even brighter, if that was possible. But he didn't say no. 


He rose off the couch, then put put one leg on either side of Kirishima, setting himself gently in the taller boy's lap. 


"This okay?" He asked, wrapping his arms yet again around Kirishima's neck, playing with his hair. 


"Better than okay," and he should be embarrassed about the voice cracks, he would be, if he didn't have a beautiful boy in his lap. He placed his hands on Bakugou's waist, and little firecrackers went off in his heart when he realized that his fingers almost touched


They started kissing again, reveling in the closeness. And Kirishima didn't care about his lack of sleep, didn't care that at any moment a classmate could walk in on them or that Aizawa could write them up for PDA. 


All he cared about was Bakugou Katsuki, the boy with the unexpectedly beautiful voice.