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What a feeling

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Eyes drifting off the metal bars, he looked beyond, with an expression like a lost cub. Looking at him right now, the descriptions emerging from your mind should always be, “a deer-like boy of innocence”. Yet, upon Jung Yunho’s appearance on the dance floor, his eyes began to shimmer in the dark—now, that’s an expression of a carnivore coveting a prey.

He saw the man on the dance floor, in a silk white shirt that perfectly shows his bodyline under the neon lights, and leather pants tightly wrapping his thighs, swirling in an extremely elegant way.

The man—Jung Yunho— it only took Shim Changmin an instant to know his name the very first time he saw him. Since Shim Changmin is a police officer.

And Jung Yunho is the boss of DongBang Gang.

Owing to the fact that Yunho is the boss of the most notable gang in South Korea, it took Shim Changmin mickle times to fulfill the plan.


Once six months, Jung Yunho would come to this club.

Since this is the only place where nobody knows him, he can dump all of the troubling thoughts; and be immersed in the flows of music, like nobody than him ever existed.

That’s why as soon as he entered this place, he then started dancing, dancing, and dancing—again and again. As if he’s never gonna stop dancing. The stars twinkling in his eyes and the bright, contagious, and sincere smiles will make you forget that his hands had been stained with numerous men’s blood.

Satisfactorily, Shim Changmin smiled with nostalgia.

There was a time that they would follow the broadcasted music coming out of a old radio, and spinning around together— like two butterflies, in that wooden house full of musty smell.

The voyeur lowered his eyes to these memories.


It happened swiftly.

With a silenced pistol, Shim shot his prey at the limbs by the moment he walked out of the back door.

Not even a chance given to him on seeing what was happening, the police injected tranquilizers into his neck gently. Right after it, Yunho had fallen asleep. He bandaged his wounds clearly but also rapidly, cleaned the blood stains on the ground , and carried Jung Yunho in his arms.


“I finally found you, Yunho hyung.” With reddened eyes, and a trembling yet soft voice, he smiled like a naive child.