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12:50 AM

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Clay had been in Sapnap's stream for a good 3 hours, Sapnap was trying to pull a all-nighter so he'd be streaming for 12 hours so he'd have 9 more hours to go, he was streaming Minecraft then switched to Valorant and then practicing for the MCC, George had left the stream the second hour since he wanted to sleep, but in reality he couldn't sleep without the soft snores his lover next to him who'd have his arms wrapped around his waist.

George tiptoed to Clay's office since he didn't want to get caught by Sapnap or the entire 20 thousand of people from the chat and slightly opened the door, Clay then turned over to the door and smiled softly.

"Hey Sap give me a sec" Clay then started to click his mute button when Sapnap let out a "okay", "Hey okay?" Clay's voice was soft,low and calm, he then opened up his arms, George only nodded and started walking over to Clay.

George straddled Clay getting comfortable, after a couple of seconds of comfortable silence, George started nibbling on Clay's neck softly which Clay let out soft chuckles at it.

"You tired?.." Clay then started running his free hand through George's locks and untangling some knots that were in his hair from having it ruffled to many times by Clay, George leaned into the touch feeling safe and cared for.

"what do you think?..." soon followed a short giggle from George, "Give me a second gorgeous" Clay then turned to his monitor and moved his hand from George's locks down to his mouse and then, 'click'.

"Hey Sapnap I have to go, I'm kinda tired and patches needs to be fed"

"That's fine Karl and Quackity are coming over anyways."

"Alright bye!" then there was another click.

George had already fallen asleep, Clay looked down to his computers time noticing it read '12:50', it wasn't the latest they'd stay up but after a long day, he didn't think George would be a ball of energy by this time, he then shut down his monitor.

Clay then stood up with George still holding onto him like a koala, he started walking towards their shared room and put George on the bed, he then removed his shirt and put on some sweatpants then went to the other side of the bed and then got in the bed with George.

Clay wrapped his arms around George's waist causing George to slightly open his eyes, George then flipped over facing Clay then smiling softly, they both lean in and share a soft passionate kiss.

They then close their eyes and fall asleep short after with a smile on both faces, they both couldn't picture a life without the other.