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The Wizard's Painal Punishment

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As Kara awoke in her bed, the events of the night before played in her mind. The fires, the innocents. Dead in her wake, in her fury. She felt bad, of course, but knowing Damien got away from her yet again; That is what made her sleep restless and filled her mind with regrets. She would do it again though, in a heartbeat, to try and kill that monster yet again. She always said it, and she always meant it, that nothing would stop her from getting her revenge.


She rose, beginning her morning routine as any other day. She took across the room in the nude, only stopping when she catches her image in the mirror; a mess. With calculated precision she wove her hands through the air, speaking aloud a convoluted phrase which burned her throat like cheap whiskey, burning away all traces of the night before from her smooth alabaster skin. She paused, gazing at her own form in the mirror, letting her hands trail downward around the swell of her small breasts, teasing lightly the rosy buds, continuing past to her wide hips. She wasn’t in perfect shape - Days spent at a desk, perfecting the manner of conjuring and controlling fire, weren’t conducive to perfecting her form - but she always thought herself attractive regardless.


Not that she had something to show for it. Her last relationship - If it could be called that - went up in smoke years ago, and she wasn’t particularly invested in replacing it. Mira was company enough, the little time they spent together. Kara dropped her hands and frowned, contemplating. Mira often said she should get out there and find another, else Mira take her for herself. That all-too-often rang as a threat, more than a promise, though Kara was sure she meant well by it. By her standards, anyway.


Crossing the room to the wardrobe, she quickly donned a pair of tinted brass goggles, resting on her forehead, and light robes that ended halfway down her thighs. Nothing beneath them; Her inclination toward fire meant that the revealing outfit was actually protecting her from overheating. Looking back into the mirror, Kara finally cracks a smile as she notices a letter resting on the table next to it, adorned with a familiar seal. The uninitiated would find the leathery-winged humanoid an odd seal, not realizing it to be a warning from the sender.


Breaking the seal, Kara retrieves the small note from within, her smile sinking to a deep scowl as she reads;



We both know that your behavior last night was wholly unacceptable.


Kara suppresses the urge to roll her eyes. Mira had started no less than a dozen letters this way, they both knew she would be “more careful next time” right up until Damien reared his ugly face again. Nevertheless she kept reading.


More than a hundred of my people were buried this very morning. Only six of them were from the “serial killer” you were pursuing. This needs to stop.


...She hadn’t realized it was quite so many people, but the authoritative way Mira wrote - Kara could feel the disappointment from the ink itself - is what took her aback. She hoped Mira wasn’t quite so angry with her, at least; Despite living in the castle for so long, she really only knew the princess and a few maids and guards. It would be very… Awkward, if she were angry.


You cannot massacre people every time you think you can catch him. To facilitate that, I, in my official capacity as Princess, am going to be administering a punishment each time your actions lead to even one innocent person’s death, including last night. Report to my bedchambers the very instant you wake. I hope you’ll learn your lesson quickly.

~ Her Royal Highness, Mira Elwynna Kazumi.


Well fuck. She isn’t sure if she should be relieved - This punishment couldn’t be terrible if it’s not happening in the throne room… Or at the gallows. She shakes the thought from her mind. She ponders as she leaves her room. What sort of punishment would Mira give her? Pain spells might be possible, though that would be boring. It wouldn’t be simple jail time, she hopes. As she contemplates she walks down the long, beautiful corridor, lined with tapestries and portraits on either side. A rush of servants is almost enough to shake her from her thoughts, but her mind refuses to trail until she stands before the large, darkened wood doors of Mira’s chambers. 


She supposes it’s time to get it over with. Three quick nocks against the wood echo through the room within, and it is only a few long moments before the heavy doors creak open, revealing the terse, familiar face of the princess. Kara bows deeply - The more she sucks up now, hopefully the less annoying her punishment would be - But Mira quickly stops her and silently ushers her in.


As the door closes quietly behind her, Kara takes in the sight of her friend, and her… Interesting garb. Gone are the regal wizard’s robes she typically wears, in favour of a dark purple strip of silk which only barely conceals her incredible breasts, and black leather pants open at the crotch, letting the world see the princess’ matching purple silk thong, themselves just barely hiding the parts beneath. She’s worn this before, not that Kara has ever taken the time to fully appreciate the outfit. She was always much more interested in the princess’ magic, or her eyes - Those beautiful dusky blue eyes that reminded her of the sea. It takes several long seconds of staring before the princess waves her bronze hand in front of her face to get her attention, and the enchantress’ spell over her breaks.


“Kara… Kara, there’s no time for you to stare. This is a very busy day for me, so we need to deal with your punishment quickly.”


As Kara’s mind focuses on her words, she quickly agrees, internally cursing herself once again. Mira’s magic is subtle and crafty, even when she’s fully aware of it.


“Right, yep! So, what’s my punishment gonna be Mimi?”


The princess scowls at the pyromancer before gesturing for Kara to step deeper into the room.


“I wish you would take this more seriously, Kara.”


“I’m being plenty serious, I just feel weird using your full name and title. ‘Sides, you didn’t answer the question.”


With a sigh, the princess beckons her friend towards the corner, her subtle magics weaving and drawing Kara closer to an odd addition to the otherwise picturesque room around her, only allowing her to stop dead a few feet away from the device with a concerned scowl.


“...You’re not actually gonna lock me in a pillory, right?”


Turning to look back at the enchantress, Kara is met only with a somber look and a simple reminder.


“You killed more than a hundred citizens, Kara.”


The sheer disappointment in that phrase is all it took for Kara to open the pillory and place her own arms and head down. A moment later, her auburn hair is draped forward, and the weight of her new restraints drop down onto her, accompanied by a metallic click as the lock removes any ideas that she might be getting off easy. She only gains the will to speak after several dozen seconds of silence.


“So, what now? Are you gonna whip me? Or am I just gonna sit here for a few hours?”


A few moments pass before the beautiful voice chimes back to her.


“I have no intentions of whipping you, Kara. That’s for criminals and scum. You, my dear, are one of the princess’ court mages.”

Mira takes a deep breath before continuing, a hint of excitement - Though Kara can’t tell if it’s forced - enters her voice.


“Kara Niemi, you are hereby compelled one day of community service, assisting her Highness with her magic. Effective immediately.”


A look of deep confusion crosses Kara’s face.


“Uh, Mimi, I can’t exactly help you while I’m locked up like this.”


To demonstrate her point, she shakes her body, forcing the pillory’s lock and chains to rattle, before a soft hand lowers upon her hip, stopping the motion. The hand strokes slightly, barely teasing the skin beneath Kara’s robes at it’s lowest motion.


“No, Kara, I think you’ll be most helpful exactly as you are.”


Without seeing her face, Kara can feel Mira’s smirk as she rolls her eyes, no less confused than a moment ago.


“Alright then Mimi. What do you need help with first? Should I sit here like a statue? Or should I sing you a song? Or may-HAY! Watch your hands back there or-”


“Or nothing, Kara. This is your community service, all you need to do is sit still and help.”


Her hand reaches lower, fully groping the defenseless wizard’s plump ass. As the pyromancer begins to protest again, she smacks the round globe, resulting in an undignified yelp from Kara.


“That’s about right. No more talking, or I’ll have to gag you.”


A rush of cool air brings another squeak out of the stunned mage as Mira flips the short skirt of her robes, exposing her bare ass and shaved pussy to the world.


“No underwear, Kara? It’s almost like you were prepared for this to happen.”


As both hands return to her plump behind, a light panic overtakes the enchantress’ magic in Kara’s mind, and all she can think to do is to try to get out of the situation. Her only option is to beg as she feels her virgin nethers stroked by the sex-fiend she calls a friend.


“H-Hey, Mimi? I get it, I’ll never do it again, okay? No more killing! In fact, no more fire in pub-LIC!”


Her voice comes to a squeak as she feels the princess’ warm tongue trail from her clit and over her lower lips, coming to rest between her sensitive ass cheeks. Only after the princess’ tongue lifts and she presses a feather-light kiss to Kara’s sensitive bud does Mira grace her subject with a response.


“I look forward to that being true, but it doesn’t change the past. This is, after all, a punishment. Not a warning.”


The princess’ small giggle is accompanied by one of her bare fingers tracing the lips of Kara’s wet pussy, the simple motion leaving her a sensitive mess whose words come out as slurred moans and gasps. As the princess’ finger probes ever so slightly into the slit, Kara throws her head back in a deep moan that leaves her gasping for breath.


“Sensitive, are we? I certainly hope you stay that way for the rest of the day.”


Prompted by the small laugh which accompanies her words, Kara breathes a deep exhale as Mira pulls her fingers away. She sees stars as she stares deeply into the small fireplace lit before her, slowly coming down from the high the enchantress gave her. As her body relaxes, the princess’ hands return to her ass, spreading her cheeks before her warm tongue begins to probe once again. Her body tenses and clarity returns to her, however fleeting.


“H-hey, Mira! That hole is an exit only!”


As the tongue withdraws she can feel the palpable disappointment from the princess.


“I’m fairly certain you’re wrong about that, dear. I assure you it’s quite enjoyable.”


Her words accompany those slender fingers shifting, drawing across to her back hole and poking just the tip of one inside - Causing her entire body to tense and jerk.


“No! Nope! Different punishment! Please skip this part!”


Rather than withdraw, the probing finger pushes deeper, forcing a strange heat as Kara feels the princess’ knuckles rest against her tight, wet folds below, the princess meeting her hushed screams with a disappointed voice.


“Are you so sure, my dear? This is one of my favourite parts.”


“Positive! Now couldja get your finger out of my ass?”


With a slow, deliberately drawn out motion, the princess draws her finger from her friend’s tight behind, resting it on the tight ring for just a moment before walking around to Kara’s front.


“A pity, though I’ll simply have you help me another way, for now.”


As the wizard mentally scoffs, the princess loosens and drops her pants, leaving only the violet thong to cover her own slit. She spins around, making a show of stripping the violet fabric concealing her perky breasts, showing her fit, bronze body to Kara before stopping with her beautiful, plump ass inches away from Kara’s face. The princess hooks her thong in one hand and pulls it aside, spreading her thick cheeks and showing Kara her winking, beautiful asshole. She’s so close that Kara can smell her arousal, and she stares for several moments before being broken from her reverie by the enchantress’ calming voice.


“Well dear? You can get started now.”


After a long moment’s hesitation, Kara pushes against her restraints to plant her tongue between the large olive mounds before her, clumsily running her tongue over the princess’ wanting hole. Despite a quiet rumble of pleasure from the enchantress, she quickly sighs at her friend’s inexperience and pushes back against her mouth, forcing Kara’s head against her restraints and her tongue past the sensitive ring. Kara sputters and tries to pull her head away, though the pillory keeps her mouth firmly lodged between the princess’ firm asscheeks. After a few moments of resistance, Mira speaks with a theatrical impatience, a near taunt to the flustered young pyromancer.


“Oh Kara, you know we’ll be on this stage of your service until you make me cum, don’t you?”


Thereupon Kara stopped, taking a deep breath through her nose and closing her eyes a moment, before plunging her tongue as deep into her friend’s ass as she could. The dark ring squeezed tightly around her tense tongue as she quickly withdrew and thrust again, before pulling it out and lapping at the skin and repeating the process. She could only hope that her clumsy movements would get her friend off before she got upset, though her worries were slowly alleviated as she heard Mira’s quiet moans growing steadily into lustful encouragement.


“That’s right, keep going… Ooh, fuck Kara, right there! Yes! Fuck~!”


With a final moan that echoed through the chamber, the princess’ behind finally withdrew from Kara’s face as the two women caught their breath, their panting drowning the quiet crackling of the fires lit around the room. As relieved exhaustion only began to fill Kara’s form, the ever more-energized princess’ voice cut through the room and filled Kara with a dreadful excitement.


“I think that was a good warmup, dear. I think it about time we move on to the main event.”


As Kara’s mind began to wander in just those few moments, the princess’ face drew in close and planted her warm lips against Kara’s, the enchantress’ tongue quickly probing deep into her mouth and replacing her curious dread with a dull, growing heat she had never felt before this day. When Mira pulled away all-too-soon, Kara’s eyes locked onto the soft violet thong left before her, and the visible arousal leaking through and down her friend’s inner thighs. Without a thought the spellbound pyromancer leaned forward to lap at the perverted nectar, her tongue planting itself onto Mira’s covered mound before it all pulls away, leaving Kara to whine helplessly, rubbing her legs together and panting, trying to do anything to remove her own growing arousal.


“None of that now, dear. I have a much better project to busy your mouth with.”


Lustfully glancing up at her friend’s face, she sees the princess’ mischievous smile as her friend bounds off. A few moments later, Kara can hear the creaking opening of a chest, metallic locks shifting as something is removed from it. Not a dozen seconds later, her friend appears before her once more, holding two objects which give Kara pause, and validate the dread she felt before. One in each hand, large flesh-coloured objects shaped like a man’s penis. That alone would be enough to worry her, but the smaller item was nearly 8 inches in length, and the larger one was not only longer, at least by 4 inches, but much thicker. The smaller was perhaps thicker than two fingers, but the larger Kara could only think to compare to her own forearm. The idea of it being inside anyone gives her shivers - But her thoughts of worry are quickly replaced by excitement as the toys are set aside and Mira brings her attention back to the violet cloth that ruined her fun before.


As Mira pulls away the thong from her slick mound, the wet of her arousal drips off the fabric visibly, fluids dripping down her legs and tantalizing Kara, her friend standing just far enough away to deny her another taste. As though reading her mind, Mira lowers to eye-level with the pyromancer and brings their lips together again, speaking only as she pulls away, Kara drunk off of the lust of their kiss.


“Don’t worry my dear, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to taste again soon. When you’ve been properly punished, that is.”


The princess’ giggle and promise are almost enough to ebb the worry as Mira reaches for the larger toy, bringing the harness around her hips and fastening it to herself. The impressive toy hangs low against the small, olive-skinned woman’s body, but the enchantress wears it with enough confidence to strike a jolt of aroused fear through Kara’s body. It must have shown on her face, or in her subtle shifting, because as Mira smiled down at her, she spoke a word of… Warning, perhaps? Foreboding?


“Don’t worry. Think of this as a way to make the rest of your punishment easier. The better you lube it up now, the easier it will be to deal with.”


And with that, the girth was pressed against her lips, and a dangerous realization came to her as she opened her mouth as wide as she could, and was then forced wider to compensate the incredible, realistic toy. Mira was kind, at first, allowing Kara to get used to the brutal girth, and run her tongue along the head. As she did so she heard Mira make a sound between a squeak and a moan, sheepishly looking down to her friend to explain.


“The toy, it’s incredible magic. I’ve heard it’s just like actually having a man’s penis, though I suppose we’ll find out soon. You are the first I’ve tried this with. Isn’t it exciting?”


As Kara made a noise that sounded like she agreed, her friend simply smiled and used one hand to stroke the shaft of the toy, the tip still lodged in her friend’s mouth. Even this wasn’t enough for the princess, however, and she slowly began to thrust into Kara’s mouth, forcing another inch in with each motion, forcing Kara to choke and sputter around the thick toy. Despite the discomfort, she only began to worry when one powerful thrust lodged the toy into her throat, and she jerked her head against it, only prompting the princess to thrust deeper and harder into her. Her eyes began to water as Mira’s thrusts planted Kara’s nose against her pelvis, letting her breath in the flesh and arousal as her throat was thoroughly fucked to her friend’s satisfaction.


And satisfied she was, as her final thrust lodged deep into Kara’s throat and held, as Kara’s eyes shut and watered as she felt the warm fluid shoot deep into her body, sticking to the back of her throat as she processed the fact that her best friend facefucked her, and she only felt more needy despite - or perhaps because of - the discomfort. As Mira pulled out the thick rod with a heavy breath, Kara sputtered up the sticky white cum, the salty fluid lingering on her tongue and lips as it passed from them. 


The women stand panting once more, and certainly not for the last time that day, but the enchantress only grew more excited from her brutal facefucking. She dives to her knees again, meeting the exhausted pyromancer’s tongue with her own in a sloppy, open kiss. When Kara tries to pull away to speak, Mira simply grabs the back of her head and locks their lips together, forcing her tongue into the wizard’s mouth until she fully relaxes to the princess’ ministrations. 


“Now then, onto your punishment…”


The ominous words as her friend broke the kiss send shivers down Kara’s spine, but not wholly unpleasant ones. As Mira walked out of view, Kara could feel her taking position behind her exposed pussy, and she took a steadying breath. When the toy pressed against her lower lips, however, any stability gained through that breath was lost immediately, the girth immediately imposing icy doubt on the woman.


“Wait, wait! Mimi, I’ve never had anything in there before, that toy would split me in half. Is there anything else at all I could do for the punishment?”


After a moment’s contemplation, the princess rubbed the thick tip against Kara’s pussy, her arousal spilling over it in waves as it moved.


“I do suppose there’s something else we could do-”


“Then let’s do that! Please?”


With a look of surprise and a sigh of relief, Kara felt the toy pulled away from her body, it’s thick weight resting on her ass as Mira spoke again.


“Then we shall. Your hymen will stay intact for another night, my dear.”


Kara’s relief washed over her, but was replaced by an icy chill that forced her entire body to go numb with fear, as the thick toy was pulled back and placed between her cheeks, resting directly against her tight, unused asshole. It was a fear so great she couldn’t bring herself to speak until a growing pressure at her back door pressed against her mind directly.


“Wait! Mira, stop! Not this! Not my-”


Without releasing the pressure, Mira smacks Kara’s ass, interrupting her with words of excited arousal and a slowly waning patience.


“This was the punishment you asked for, my dear. I’m afraid there’s no turning back now.”


The pressure built again, the wizard begging for Mira to do anything else.


“NO! Please, don’t! Not my aAAAASSSSSS~!”


But that fell on deaf ears, and Kara’s begging was replaced by a shriek of pain as the impossibly thick toy forced itself six inches into Kara’s virgin ass. The pain was immediate and terrible, it felt as though her ass were ripped in half, and she worried it had been. Tears flowed freely from her eyes as the toy was forced yet deeper, a deep groan of pleasure tumbling from the enchantress’ lips as her magic cock was swallowed by her friend’s formerly-virgin asshole.


“Holy fuck Kara… Nnf, you’re so... tight… “


Kara’s screaming didn’t stop, if anything it only got louder as the brutal toy sunk until Mira’s hips slapped against Kara’s cushioned ass. The pain and soreness of her asshole combined with the empty ache of her pussy and her cries turned to pained whimpering as she struggled against the pillory. As Mira’s toy hit it’s deepest point she took a breath, only to be met with Kara’s begging once more.


“Please *sob* … Take it out… It hurts so bad!”


Heeding the request, she slowly pulled out, eliciting another incredible moan, before slamming her hips more brutally into the woman before her, forcing another shriek of pain from the woman’s lips as Kara’s vision went white. Her ears buzzed and she felt pain and shame and revulsion deep into her stomach as the world came back a hazy place. 


Her shrieks turned to quiet sobbing with each new thrust, each faster than the last, until the princess gets into a deep rhythm of her painful assfucking. As she builds speed, Kara’s sobbing renews into full crying, her ass exploding in pain once again with every new thrust, until she hears the magical words of relief that her subconscious was waiting for.


“Kara! I’m cumming!”


As her hips slam once more, her hips crushing Kara’s abused asshole deeper than any thrust before, the room is filled with both women’s screams, Kara’s agony only tightening her brutalized asshole against the incredible toy lodged in her ass, the ache in her pussy filled with yet deeper pain as her tears continue to fall. Her sobbing fills the room as the monstrous cock is slowly pulled free of her asshole, a rush of cold air filling the burning cavity as Mira walks around to Kara’s face once more. Her crying friend stared at the ground, refusing to make eye contact until Mira pulled her in for another searing kiss, only parting their lips when Kara’s sobbing had finally stopped. Where she might have expected some level of reassurance, though, Kara only shed more tears when Mira stood and said;


“Don’t worry, dear. You will enjoy it much more tomorrow.”