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The Scars Of My Love, They Leave Me Breathless

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Ava pants, sweat dripping down her hairline. Sara is, quite frankly, dominating her in the Time Bureau’s state of the art sparring ring. Sara’s face is flush with excitement, just as sweaty as she is. Ava’s coworkers are subtly staring, and she smirks.

Sara once told Ava that in the League, when she would train with Nyssa, the two would grow progressively more exhilarated as they expertly danced around each other and gathered a crowd. Occasionally, they would land in a compromising position, leading them to excuse themselves to go back to their chambers for some alone time.

Once Ava learned this, she began to take full advantage, and their sparring sessions tended to be much more...heated. In the beginning, they traded blows equally and both were covered in an equal amount of bruises by the end of their sessions. Since then, however, Sara has adapted and made adjustments to counter Ava’s usual moves.

Today, Ava gets a few solid hits in, and even a few throws, but at the end of the day, Sara is still a two-time initiated member in one of the most skilled and ruthless groups of organized killers on the planet. Regardless, Sara sweats and pants just as hard as Ava is, exhilarated by the novelty of being able to move her body on instinct without having to worry about her opponent’s safety.

Ava smiles softly, and takes her stance, preparing for an onslaught of strikes from her girlfriend. Sara’s strikes come just a hair slower than usual and Ava wonders why before evaluating her girlfriend’s face, then flashing a cocky smirk. Sara’s eyes are planted firmly on her lips.

The former assassin looks mesmerized, an expression that is typically hidden behind stolen glances and bravado. Ava takes the opening to throw a savage left hook and she can feel the full force of it land on Sara’s jaw through her MMA-style sparring gloves, causing Sara’s head to snap back.

When Sara recovers, her cheeks are flushed, her eyes a little wider, and her pupils slightly dilated. It’s the first big hit Ava’s gotten in all night, as Sara was clearly working through some pent-up stress. She is obviously embarrassed to have given the Director such a clear opening, but Ava also knows there’s more than simple embarrassment and fatigue behind her reaction.

“Ugh, good one babe.”

“Thanks.” Ava flashes a quick wink and turns to take a sip of her water. Her co-workers are blatantly staring, so she snaps a short, “Get back to work,” voice commanding and filled with authority.

They scatter, but continue to steal glances at the pair in the middle of the gym. She can’t blame them, despite ordering them not to. When Sara fights, she’s a whirlwind of ferocity and strength. Her strikes are clean and precise, her blocks effortless and instinctive, and her motions flow smoothly in a way that few could achieve with a lifetime of training.

It didn’t help that Ava has personally handed nearly every agent in the room their asses back when they were cadets, and as part of their annual performance assessments. They know how good she is, and seeing someone not only match her, but also consistently slip past her defense so elegantly, is quite a sight. She glances at Sara and raises an eyebrow.

Sara was so intently focused on their sparring that she only just notices the stolen glances from the agents, whose efforts to remain subtle only made their attention more obvious. The former assassin flushes for a second, heat filling her body, and Ava knows she’s got her attention.

Sara, now caught onto the game, throws her shoulders back and saunters towards Ava. “Can I show you a move,” she asks, voice a little cocky, yet clearly deferring to Ava.

“Of course you can babe.” She knows Sara is going to try some crazy technical technique that she could never really learn in a single sparring session, and rather than focusing on processing her movements, she prepares to act.

Sara approaches, quickly grabbing Ava’s thigh. In a blur of motion, Sara quickly rolls her onto her back. Just as fast, Ava takes advantage of Sara’s momentum to continue the roll so that Sara is underneath her. Heat rushes to her face as she thinks of all the people watching them, and Sara’s eyes darken.

A dangerous smirk graces her face when she asks under her breath, “Color?”

Sara’s eyes light up as Ava confirms the scene. “Green,” she whispers in a rush, betraying how aroused she is.

Ava leans down and softly brushes their lips together, whispering softly so that no one except Sara can hear her instructions. “Good, now listen. You’re going to get up, and you’re going to follow me to the showers, and we’re going to wash off this sweat. You’re not going to look at anyone, you’re going to be quiet, and you’re going to be a good girl for me. Do you understand?”

Any agents watching them know better than to show any visible reaction, but the brief halt of weights clattering and strikes landing makes it clear where their attention is focused.

Sara chokes on a gasp and simply nods.

Ava clicks her tongue condescendingly. “Use your words, Sara,” she commands, slightly raising one eyebrow.

“Yes,” Sara whispers.

“Yes, what?” she asks threateningly.

“Yes, I- I understand, Director.”

Standing up, Ava offers Sara her hand. It takes a second for Sara’s body to catch up with her mind, and it takes her another second to reach for Ava’s hand. As Ava pulls her up, Sara is caught slightly off guard, her mind still clouded from arousal, and she stumbles into her girlfriend. Sara looks down, mildly embarrassed at her lack of control over herself before assuming a carefully neutral face.

Ava grabs her upper arm to balance her, her grip possessive. Sara can’t seem to focus on anything other than the feeling of her girlfriend authoritatively guiding her towards the locker rooms and the subsequent flush of arousal that leaves her dizzy and wanting. Ava smirks as she leads them into the supervisors’ showering room, entering a stall.

“Strip. And remember to stay quiet. We wouldn’t want my subordinates to hear how desperate the great Captain Sara Lance gets for me, hmm?”

Her tone of voice is the same one she uses to command her subordinates, and Sara can’t stop a light groan that slips past her lips. Sara obeys, slowly and silently peeling off her sweaty clothes while Ava begins removing her own. As Sara turns to put their clothes into a locker, Ava turns on the shower stream.

As soon as Sara returns to face her, Ava pulls her under the hot stream and kisses into Sara’s mouth with fervor. Sara closes her eyes as Ava’s lips place sloppy kisses from her mouth to her jaw, down her neck, continuing to her chest, chasing the water droplets that drip down Sara’s taut abs with her mouth.

As Ava travels down her body, Sara can feel the slick heat between her thighs growing and throws her head back, lips forming a silent “O.”

Ava teasingly skims her mouth over where Sara wants her the most, giving a slight chuckle, and skips down to bite a tender spot on her inner thigh instead. The gasp that escapes Sara’s lips tempts the Director to finish her off right then and there, but Ava is nothing if not disciplined and in control.

Just as Sara starts to wring her hands through her girlfriend’s long blonde locks, Ava abruptly stands up. Sara whimpers at the loss of the Director’s perfect mouth from her body, and she aches with heat and need.

She gasps when Ava, instead of pulling away, grabs her shoulder and swiftly turns her so that her back is flush with Ava’s front.

Brushing her hair aside, Ava starts palming her breasts, spreading soap over her wet body while kissing her way up Sara’s neck to the crook of her jaw, before biting down onto her shoulder.

Panting heavily, Sara presses her hands against the shower wall, bracing herself as one of Ava’s hands slowly begins to travel down past her stomach, then lightly scratches up her inner thigh towards its destination. Sara gasps as Ava’s fingers run through her soaked folds, gathering slick to circle around her clit.

“God, you’re so wet for me,” Ava breathes.

Suppressing a grunt, Sara instead lets out a sharp breath.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Sara, trying to one up me in front of my colleagues. Now I’m going to have to punish you.” It’s spoken as a mere whisper, and yet her tone is rich with authority that demands absolute obedience.

“Is that a promise?” Sara tries to challenge.

There’s a slight lilt in her words that betrays her attempt to challenge Ava’s authority, and her bravado has little impact when paired with her hungry voice and heaving gasps.

Ava’s eyes darken and instead of answering, she simply enters Sara with two fingers and starts thrusting, prompting Sara to throw her head back onto Ava’s shoulder. She keeps thrusting, until Sara is a gasping mess and her core is pulsing around her fingers, before pulling away.

Before Sara even has time to complain, Ava already has Sara turned around once more, this time pushing her against the wall lowering onto her knees. It’s a sight Sara could never tire of.

Ava groans as she takes in Sara’s hungry gaze and runs her hands against her slick abs, pushing her more firmly against the shower wall. One hand still pressing against her abs to steady her, she moves her other arm to hook it under Sara’s thigh, placing it over her shoulder. She looks up briefly, and smiles softly but expectantly as she catches Sara’s gaze.

Sara looks to the side, avoiding eye contact. She is clearly flushed and struggling to think past the haze of arousal, but lucid enough to cling to her pride, and shakes her head. In response, Ava moves to nip at her inner thigh, sucking at the sensitive skin and eliciting a gasp.

Looking up, Sara shakes her head, gaze full of stubborn defiance and blatant arousal, and Ava groans. As much as she loves Sara’s unflinching obedience in scenes like this, having to earn it and break down her walls until Sara is a mess under her hands always makes their scenes that much sweeter.

She growls and heads back towards Sara’s inner thigh, and bites down almost hard enough to break skin. Sara’s hand shoots up to her mouth to muffle the desperate whine in her throat.

Ava firmly squeezes her thigh and drags her nail into her flesh, demanding her girlfriend's attention once more.

“Look at me,” she demands.

This time when Sara shakes her head once more, it’s not in defiance. Her eyes are clouded with desire, a result of her post-workout buzz and throbbing desire overwhelming her pride.

“Please,” she gasps.

Ava smiles softly and decides to go easy on her. They’ve been working on Sara actually expressing her desires, and while technically Sara’s supposed to be more explicit, Ava knows she struggles to openly express them. Besides, there’s more time to get Sara begging for her.

Ava runs her tongue through Sara’s wet folds as she begins to lick into her, causing Sara’s eyes to roll back in pleasure. Ava moans as she presses her tongue flat against Sara’s opening, the mild vibrations sending a new wave of pleasure through Sara’s core.

Sara’s hands shoot into Ava’s wet hair as she continues to lazily circle her clit. Ava can hear her struggling to stay quiet as she chokes over a muffled groan. The Director quickly squeezes her thigh in warning, and Sara obediently clamps her mouth shut.

When Ava gently runs her tongue directly over Sara’s clit, a stab of aching pleasure throbs between the ex-assassin’s thighs. When her legs begin to shake, Sara fists her hands tighter into Ava’s hair prompting a growl. Just as she’s nearing her orgasm, Ava pulls away and stands up, causing Sara’s eyes to shoot open in confusion as she whines needily.

Ava smirks and sternly whispers into her ear, “Did you really think I would just let you come? You undermined my authority in front of my subordinates, and we can’t have that now, can we?”

Chest heaving, Sara can only look at Ava, unable to form words.

Ava once again gives Sara instructions: "I'm going to leave the shower now. In 5 minutes, you're going to follow and portal back to my bedroom. The outfit I want you to wear is on the bed. Put it on and meet me in the living room. Do you understand?”

“Yes… Director,” Sara nods.

As soon as Ava leaves the shower, Sara turns around and places her forehead against the ceramic wall to cool down and to provide a distraction from the throbbing between her thighs that is currently dominating her attention.

Fuck,” she whispers, counting the minutes.


When Sara portals into Ava’s bedroom, she finds a black leather body harness that pulls the eyes to her abs and thigh straps with a D ring for extra attachments. Sara steps through the harness, and clips the cuffs onto her wrists.

The clips make it so she can remove the cuffs on her own with limited difficulty if she wishes to, providing a sense of comfort. She knows Ava would never do anything, but being bound without knowing how to get out of it is too much for her, and they had learned that the hard way.

She secures the collar sitting on the bed around her neck, and moves to the last item: a slim silver bullet vibrator they bought from a sex shop in 2082 that adjusts its vibration so that the wearer is stuck on the verge of orgasm. She easily slides the vibrator inside of herself. As she makes her way down the apartment stairs, Sara gasps lightly at the sight of the Director.

Ava is sitting on their dark suede couch, blonde hair twisted in ringlets and brushed over her right shoulder, one arm casually thrown over the back of the couch. Her black lacy bra peeks out from underneath an unbuttoned black dress shirt, sleeves rolled up to her forearms. Sara’s gaze lingers hungrily at her chest, and it takes her a second to move on, taking in her leather boots and pants. The final piece, a large silver belt buckle, directs Sara’s gaze towards the large bulge in her pants. She can’t help but bite her lip, moaning at the sight.

As she makes her way over to where her girlfriend is sitting on the couch, she notices the vibrator’s remote control in Ava’s left hand.

“Kneel,” Ava commands.

The authority seeping from her voice has Sara’s stomach dropping sharply and her heart skipping a beat. She unthinkingly obeys, dropping to her knees in front of Ava, slightly losing her balance due to the urgency behind her actions.

Ava firmly grabs the collar around Sara’s neck with her right hand, dragging down Sara’s head to rest it atop her lap, next to the bulge in her pants.

Sara closes her eyes contentedly. “You were very good for me in the shower earlier, baby.” Ava runs her fingers along Sara’s scalp lovingly. “So quiet for me.”

Sara flushes and whines, shifting her weight as Ava stands up and unbuckles her belt, stepping out of her boots and pants, exposing her cock.

Sara opens her mouth obediently without prompting and a low groan escapes her as Ava lines the dildo up with Sara’s mouth.

“Such a good girl, so ready for me,” she whispers adoringly.

She slowly enters and Sara wraps her lips around it. Ava grabs a fistful of Sara’s hair as she begins to fuck her mouth at a slow pace. Ava’s hand in her hair and cock in her mouth dominates Sara’s attention, and she startles when she feels the vibrator turn on to the lowest setting. Her hips buck and her clit throbs due to the flashes of heat from the bullet.

Ava lets out a groan, “God your mouth is so perfect, taking my cock like this.” Her voice is a low growl, husky with arousal at the sight of her beautiful girlfriend on her knees.

Ava begins to quicken her thrusts, knowing that she can take it. Sara revels in the feeling of Ava harshly grasping her hair with both hands as she sets a punishing pace. She closes her eyes and relaxes her jaw, enjoying the sensation of Ava’s cock harshly filling her throat. She starts rubbing her thighs together to relieve some of the tension building there.

When Ava begins to flush and her hips stutter, she slows her pace and removes the dildo from Sara’s mouth. Sara looks expectantly up at her girlfriend, awaiting Ava’s next move.

Ava loves how obedient Sara is for her right now. Sara, being the captain of the Waverider and an ex-assassin, often takes the weight of the world on her shoulders and rarely chooses to let her guard down. But when Ava takes charge in the bedroom, Sara revels in the ability to safely relinquish control. In turn, Ava revels in being able to exercise her authority, and having access to Sara’s vulnerable side.

“Oh, baby. You’re so fucking desperate for me, aren’t you?” Ava whispers in a low tone as she carefully strokes her girlfriend's hair.

Sara simply flushes and sways forward into her hand. Ava guides her to stand up on weak legs, still shaking from the vibrator’s infuriatingly weak vibrations that keep her mind clouded with arousal and making it hard for her to move.

Ava carefully walks her around to the back of the couch, and bends her over it, placing a soft hand at the small of her back. The director picks up a riding crop, about as long as her forearm with a medium sized swatch of leather at the end that she hid behind the couch, and lightly strokes it over Sara’s perked ass.

“I still have to punish you, but if you keep being a good girl for me, I’ll make sure to reward you. Can you keep being a good girl for me?”

Sara nods enthusiastically and Ava raises the riding crop, snapping it down over her ass. Sara doesn’t even flinch, but the sharp gasp that rips from her throat betrays her excitement. Ava continues to rain blows on her ass, alternating sides until clear welts form and a pained grunt escapes Sara’s lips.

Her legs begin to tremble and her chest heaves with excitement, pleasure ripping through her. She can feel her mind rapidly fogging, and she can’t pay attention to anything except the sharp throbbing on her ass and the vibrator still ripping flashes of hot pleasure through her core.

“What’s your status baby?”

She lifts her head briefly. “G-green.”

“We’re almost done, okay? 10 more. Count with me.”

Sara counts through the rest of the strikes and when the whole thing is over, she chokes on a sob.

“Color?” Ava’s voice drips with arousal, but is also tinged with a hint of concern.

She doesn’t respond for a moment, and when she does, it’s in broken stutters too incomprehensible for Ava to understand. She gently strokes up Sara’s spine with a soft palm to ground her.

“Hands, baby. Use your hands.”

Sara shakes her head and moans in pleasure.

“No, babe, you’re in subspace right now. Use your fingers okay? Do you need to stop?”

Clearly Sara’s lucid enough to understand her question, because she all but whimpers at the idea of stopping. She quickly flashes two fingers, indicating she needs a break.

“Ok, baby, thank you for telling me.”

Ava quickly shuts off the vibrator, leaving it there for Sara to settle. Sara nods in acknowledgement, and Ava turns her around and lifts her to sit her on the couch, wrapping Sara’s legs around her own waist. Sara whimpers as her sore ass makes contact with the sofa, but takes a deep breath. Ava isn’t concerned about that at the moment. She knows Sara can handle much more pain than this, and so she switches her attention to the restraints.

She reaches up and softly grasps Sara’s bound wrists, “Do you want these off?”

Sara shakes her head no, hoarsely whispering, “I-I’m so fuckin’ turned on right now, babe. Jus’...need a second.”

She’s panting slightly, there's a slur in her voice and her eyes are glazed over. Sara needily raises her bound arms and puts them around Ava’s neck, placing her head on Ava’s shoulder and sagging into her embrace. Ava chuckles, and begins massaging her shoulders, earning a satisfied groan.

Sometimes Sara is hit with a flash of anxiety, the fog of pain and pleasure sending her back to a darker time, and she needs a break to ground herself. They have it down to a science at this point, and she knows it’s only a matter of time before Sara is able to push aside her anxiety and refocus on the pleasure.

Sure enough, after a few minutes of a gentle massage into her back, Sara’s groans start sounding much closer to moans and Ava carefully grinds the dildo against her entrance, testing her reaction. She gasps, practically going limp in Ava’s arms, and jerks her hips up, desperately seeking friction. Seeing Sara responsive once more, Ava reaches down to run a finger through her slick folds, prompting a shiver as she pulls out the vibrator.

Sara lets out a sharp breath, and her walls twitch from the loss. Ava puts the vibrator to the side, still within reach. She aligns the dildo with Sara’s entrance, brushing the tip over Sara’s clit. The way her hips jerk and she throws her head back has Ava struggling to control her own throbbing desire.

“How bad do you want it baby?”

“S-so fucking bad.”

“And what exactly do you want? Hmm?”

Sara lets out a keen whine, and Ava takes a moment to appreciate how much of a mess Sara is before leaning in to tenderly capture her lips in a soft kiss.

She decides to be merciful. “You’ve been so good for me, baby.”

Sara’s breath hitches, “Yeah?” Ava groans at the pleased, whiny tone in her voice.

“Yeah, baby. So good for me. You keep silent now and I’ll give you your reward.” Her voice is a mix of tender seduction and unyielding authority that steals Sara’s breath away.

“Okay,” Sara breathes and nods sharply.

After aligning the tip of the dildo with Sara’s entrance, Ava wraps her hands around Sara’s hips and slowly begins to thrust forward. She enters only a few inches deep, and waits for Sara to give her a slight nod of approval to keep going. Ava thrusts the rest of the dildo to the hilt. She pulls out entirely, and Sara chokes on a sob before she roughly slams back in, and slowly begins dragging the strap against her walls hard enough to put pressure on her clit. Sara bites her lip and closes her eyes, just as Ava starts to set a quicker pace.

Sara is holding on tight to Ava’s neck with her bound hands, harshly panting into the crook of her neck. The slight pain from Sara’s tight grip encourages Ava to move faster. The only sounds in the room are skin slapping on skin, Sara’s panting breath increasing in volume, and the occasional mewl of pleasure that makes it past her lips.

Ava’s chest heaves with exertion, the pressure of the base of the strap on hitting her clit, causing her to throw her head back in pleasure. Her hips stutter mid-thrust and she screws her eyes shut, briefly stopping to pull herself together.

Sara doesn’t even try to suppress the needy whine of annoyance that makes it past her lips, so Ava roughly grabs the collar around her neck, “Did I say you could make noise? Hmm?”

Sara shakes her head, far too dazed to focus her eyes let alone give a response. Ava tightly grabs her jaw, and swipes her thumb over her lips.

“Are you being a good girl right now? I don’t want to have to punish you again,” Ava slightly raises her eyebrows.

Sara chokes on her reply, and hoarsely whispers, “Sorry, D-.”

Ava doesn’t allow her to finish, instead roughly palming her breasts and capturing her lips in a passionate kiss. She resumes her previous pace, ignoring her own throb of need. Sara pulls her mouth away and throws her head back, not even attempting to suppress her groan of pleasure. Rather than stopping the scene, Ava presses sloppy kisses across Sara’s neck before she bites down on her right shoulder hard enough to make Sara scream.

Sara’s legs begin to shake slightly and Ava adopts a brutal pace. Sara’s breath hitches, and Ava can tell she’s close, so she reaches down to circle Sara’s swollen clit with her fingers. Sara’s body tenses up as her moans die in her throat, choking on sobs as crashing waves of ecstasy overtake her. Ava kisses along her jawline as Sara finds her voice again, letting out a loud and throaty moan and rolling her hips to meet Ava’s rough thrusts.

The sound of her girlfriend desperately coming undone opens the floodgates, Ava unable to hold back her orgasm any longer. Her hips thrust erratically, knees shaking, and a warm silky wetness runs down the inside of her thighs. Ava squeezes her eyes shut and tightens her grip on Sara’s stuttering hips as she comes. Sara’s breath hitches as Ava slows down the circles her fingers are making around Sara’s clit.

Just as Sara starts to come down from her high, Ava finds the vibrator she had set to the side and pushes it into Sara’s clit, setting the vibrations to medium, immediately working her back up and pushing her over the edge for a second time. This orgasm is even stronger than the first, and Sara throws her head back in ecstasy, whining and gasping through the pleasure.

“Ah...fuck!” Sara cries, slightly out of breath.

Ava turns the vibrator up to a higher setting. Sara's body starts to convulse uncontrollably, and Ava tightens her grip on her hips, immediately resuming the punishing pace from before. Sara squirms away from the director, in a desperate attempt to ease the stimulation. Her body is reacting on its own volition: legs twitching, hips grinding to meet Ava’s rough thrusts, and her bound hands grip Ava’s neck hard enough to leave a bruise. She feels a rush of warm fluid escape her, but Ava is unrelenting, and she releases a loud cry of pleasure.

Ava grabs onto the collar around Sara’s neck in an attempt to steady her twitching body, and continues fucking into her harshly. Ava feels her own legs start to shake again and does her best to maintain the force behind her thrusts as she comes, letting out a long groan. Sara is pretty sure she’s blacked out from sheer pleasure, because by the time she feels her mind come back to her body Ava is already slowing down her thrusts. She is leaning her forehead against Sara's shoulder with her hands on her hips, harshly trying to catch her breath.

Sara’s whole body is buzzing, and she is overwhelmed with a massive rush of heady euphoria that fills her brain with static and has her muscles limp with satisfaction. She has no energy to move and sags against Ava’s embrace, trying to catch her breath. Ava pulls the dildo out of Sara’s entrance, arousal spilling from her swollen opening.

The sudden loss of Ava’s cock filling her triggers another, smaller orgasm for Sara and she distantly registers the wetness running down her face over the thick fog and the burning jolts of her overstimulated clit. Her legs shake involuntarily and she lets out a choked sob, tightening her grip onto Ava’s neck.

Ava brings her head back after Sara calms down again, and immediately adopts a look of concern.

“You’re crying,” She says softly, bringing up her hand to gently wipe away the tears.

Sara chuckles weakly, unable to form words. Ava knows from experience that if Sara was holding in stress when they have an intense scene like this, there’s a solid chance Sara will cry afterwards. Sara struggles to allow herself to be vulnerable in everyday life, and its private moments like this when Sara relinquishes control, that she can achieve some desperately needed emotional release.

She makes a mental note to pay extra attention to their aftercare tonight. Placing her right hand onto the small of Sara’s back, she softly nudges Sara’s nose with her own.

Her tone is soft and low when she asks, “How are you feeling, baby?”

Sara’s eyes are closed, and she has a blissed smile on her face as she slurs with a hum of pleasure, “...’mm feelin’ good.”

Ava chuckles fondly and wraps Sara's legs around her waist in a tighter embrace, hooking her arms underneath her thighs and standing to carry her up to the bedroom.

“You were so good for me baby.” Sara flushes, burying her head into the crook of Ava’s neck as she’s carried up the stairs.

With a delirious hum in her voice Sara grunts in satisfaction, mumbling, “mm...s’ good to you s’ much…’n your tits, love ‘em.”

The shameless ramblings from her blissed out girlfriend prompts a genuine bark of laughter and an affectionate kiss between her collar and the bruise Ava left on her neck. In Ava’s opinion, the aftercare is just as fun as the sex. Sara’s complete lack of filter and the ease in which she drops into subspace almost always resulted in deliriously affectionate ramblings that she would never be caught dead admitting to otherwise.

When they reach her room, Ava gently lays Sara down on the bed. She removes the harness from her own hips and unclips her bra, dropping them on the floor to deal with later. Ava opens the bottom drawer to the nightstand, where they keep their aftercare items. She takes out the handcuff key and undoes the cuffs on Sara’s wrists, softly rubbing and kissing them.

“These feel okay, my love?” Ava asks sweetly.

“Mm... love you,” Sara smiles. While not technically answering the question, the love and adoration in her eyes tells her that Sara is more than okay.

Ava begins working at the buckles of Sara’s body harness, leaving her completely naked on their bed.

Ava leans down and softly pushes her lips to Sara’s forehead, then the tip of her nose, and lastly against Sara’s soft lips.

“I love you too baby. Turn over. Let me take care of you.”

Sara lazily rolls over as Ava grabs the cooling ointment from the drawer. She starts rubbing it into the welts on the back of her ass. The endorphins from their scene are still fresh, and so Sara hums in pleasure at the cooling sensation against her hot skin, not quite registering the pain yet. Ava chuckles, planting a light kiss to her shoulder blade.

“I’ll be right back, my love, I’m going to get us some snacks and water, and some ice packs for your legs, okay?”

“Nooo,” Sara whines and scrunches up her face, rolling over lazily to look at Ava, “don’t leave.”

Ava bends over to kiss Sara’s forehead, and firmly puts her palm over Sara’s chest. “Don’t worry, babe, I’ll be back before you know it.”

Ava comes back a few minutes later with two ice packs, two water bottles, and leftover pizza from last night’s dinner. She finds Sara lying on her stomach in the middle of the bed, head resting on crossed arms. Sara’s turned on a movie on Netflix, but her eyes are unfocusing and stare blankly at the screen ahead of her. Her eyes light up when Ava enters the room. She still seems out of it and it makes Ava’s heart swell to think about how affected her girlfriend is from her touch.

Ava puts the food and water onto the nightstand before carefully placing the ice packs on the backs of Sara’s ass. Sara gasps lightly, the sensation slightly overwhelming due to the lingering burn from the crop.

“Want a towel around the ice packs, my love?” Ava asks, knowing how the temperature contrast between the ice packs and her flushed skin can be a bit much.

“Yeah baby, thank you,” Sara says simply.

Ava grabs a thin towel from the dresser and wraps the two packs inside of it, placing the soft fabric onto Sara’s backside. She then hands Sara a plate of pizza and sits down on the bed next to her, turning her attention to the movie playing on the TV. They sit in comfortable silence for a few moments while they replenish themselves with the food. When they’re done eating, Ava moves the plates to the top of the dresser, then makes her way back to Sara.

“Want a massage?” Ava remembers the vulnerability Sara showed after their session tonight, and she still wants to take extra care of her.

“Mmm...sounds good.”

Ava straddles Sara’s lower thighs, careful to avoid the cooling packs on her backside, and begins a deep massage of her upper back.

Sara muscles melt under her touch and she starts to moan slightly from the sensations. She lays her head onto her crossed arms again, reveling in the feel of her girlfriend’s talented hands working through the seemingly permanent knots and scar tissue in her muscles from years of training and abuse.

Soon, heat starts to pool between Sara’s legs again and her moans increase slightly in volume.

“Baby, that feels so good. Mmm…” she breathes.

Ava chuckles slightly, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re getting turned on again.”

Now it’s Sara’s turn to chuckle. She can’t help it if the feeling of her girlfriend’s weight on her, mixed with what her hands are doing, gets her going again. Her girlfriend is extremely hot after all, and no one ever accused her of being chaste.

Ava subconsciously begins to rub herself against Sara’s leg, trying to relieve the tension from the heat pooling between her own thighs. The feeling of her girlfriend's wetness grinding against her body only turns Sara on more.

“Baby I need you,” she whines.

Ava snorts for a second, amused at how horny her girlfriend is. “Yeah? Okay babe, lift your hips a little for me.”

Ava removes the ice packs from Sara’s backside, not wanting to keep the ice on it for too long anyways. She hands her a pillow to put underneath her hips for leverage, and lightly drags her left hand down Sara’s spine, before placing her palm flat on the small of her back.

Her right hand starts kneading one of Sara’s thighs, and continues up Sara’s thigh towards her desired destination. She feels heated silky wetness dripping on Sara’s inner thigh, and Ava smiles to herself, loving how worked up she can get her girlfriend, even after such an intense session.

“You’re so wet for me, love. I love it when you get like this,” Ava says a bit breathy, but with a tenderness in her voice.

Ava feels herself getting worked as well, and begins grinding onto Sara’s leg again to relieve some of her own tension. Ava makes contact with Sara’s dripping cunt and slowly dips two fingers inside, careful to avoid her overstimulated and swollen clit.

“Mmmm...yes, please,” Sara whispers against her arm.

Ava starts a slow rhythm, wanting to keep this session soft, pouring all of her love into Sara as she gets her off again.

“You’re so perfect, Sara. I love you so much,” Ava leans her body against Sara’s and starts kissing the scars on her back.

Sara loves when Ava puts her body weight onto her and kisses her back. The feeling is grounding and sweet and makes her feel safe, a feeling that she craves after lacking security for so long. She feels Ava rest her forehead onto her back as Ava begins to pick up the pace extending her fingers to hit her G spot from behind. Sara raises her hips a little higher to allow Ava better access, and the new angle combined with her extended fingers has Sara panting underneath her.

“You’re so beautiful, you did so good tonight, baby. Such a good girl for me,” Ava whispers into Sara’s back in between sloppy kisses, each piece of praise met with a gasp and moan from Sara.

“Yeah baby, I want to hear you moan. You know I love the way you moan for me. That feels good doesn’t it?” After making Sara suppress her pleasure and remain quiet for most of their session, Ava wants to make sure she feels free to use her voice again.

“Yeah...fuck. Just like that,” Sara says breathily, as Ava’s long fingers pick up the pace. She’s also keenly aware of the increase in wetness on the back of her leg from Ava’s insistent rubbing.

Sara feels the warm pressure begin to build in the pit of her stomach, her hips moving in tandem with Ava’s gentle thrusts, now beginning to stutter as her pussy throbs around Ava’s fingers. Ava slightly bites down on a knot of sensitive scar tissue on her upper shoulder, where she had been shot by an arrow on a hit, and she comes undone.

Sara clenches her hands into fists and lets out a loud moan of relief as her body tenses up and her hips shake uncontrollably. Ava feels warm silky slickness dripping between her girlfriend’s legs and onto her hand. Seeing the erotic sight of Sara coming underneath her sets off Ava’s orgasm as well. She rests her forehead against Sara’s back as she rubs her clit against Sara's leg and grunts out her satisfaction as her body tenses up and she feels Sara’s thigh become slicker.

Shortly after Ava comes, she collapses on top of Sara’s back, both trying to catch their breath. Ava plants a few more soft kisses on her scars before carefully lifting herself up so that Sara can turn over to look into her eyes, then rests on top of her again.

Sara clasps her hands around Ava’s neck and smiles adoringly up at her.

“Thank you baby,” Sara says shyly.

“For what, love?” Ava asks leaning down to rub her nose against Sara’s.

“Taking care of me. Knowing me well enough to know that I needed this today. I love you,” she whispers the last sentence.

Ava rests her forehead against Sara’s and closes her eyes contently, “I love you, too,” then tenderly captures Sara’s lips in a soft and lingering kiss.

Ava rolls off of Sara’s front, wrapping their blanket around them as she does so. Sara follows and places her head onto Ava’s chest, looping her thigh over Ava’s. In turn, Ava puts an arm around her and kisses the top of her head as they drift off to sleep.