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He was nervous, and part of him wanted to turn around and hide the dragon's tooth necklaces, which were wrapped neatly in silk, back in his quarters. That would have been the safer option. He could have a few pints with Sera and Krem, check on Cole, and have a casual romp with Bull.

But that was the problem, and the reason why Mahanon had the necklaces made in the first place. He didn't want a casual, no-strings relationship. He wanted something deeper, and he wasn't sure that Iron Bull would want something like that.

"Qunari don't have sex for love." Bull had told him. Would this drive him away? Or were things different now that Bull was declared Tal-Vashoth? The mage shook his head. He fell in and out of the Fade, was blamed for Corypheus' crimes when he first joined the Inquisition, fought through enemies all shapes and sizes, and was even hurled though time itself when he allied with the rebel mages. Not to mention everything that happened in Haven. Yet this of all things terrified him.

Taking a deep breath, Mahanon straightened himself and walked into Herald's Rest. Whatever happened would happen now. If Iron Bull didn't want such a relationship, then they would both cut their losses. Andraste, it would hurt,  but it would be better than extending any unhappiness for either of them. Krem nodded to him as he passed by.

"Your Worship."


There was Bull, lounging in his usual spot. Pushing through any lingering hestation, Mahanon walked up to the qunari reaver.

"Bull, do you have a minute?" He asked. 

"Sure boss, what's going on?" Bull replied, in his usual even tone.

"I..." The words got caught in his throat. Maker's mercy, spit out you idiot! "Have something for you."

"Really? I've got something for you too." He rumbled, pushing himself to his feet far too gracefully for a man his size. "Come on, I'll go first." Mahanon felt his cheeks grow warm as Bull place a hand on the small of his back. Iron Bull loved making him flustered, the evil man. They quietly went up to Bull's room, where Mahanon barely had enough to set the parcel on top of the the nightstand before large hands grabbed his waist with bruising strength and pressed him up against the cold, stone wall. Before he could think of anything to say, Bull met his lips with equal roughness. The smaller man sighed into the kiss, feeling a mixture of excitement and vulnerability.

"Remember your watchword?" Bull asked as they parted.

"Katoh." He replied, breathless.

"You'll use it if you need to?"

"Yes." Iron Bull eyed him, as if weighing the truth of his answer. He released his waist and place a hand on each side, trapping the elf in.

"Strip." He ordered. Swallowing, Mahanon wordlessly obeyed, unbuttoning his tunic under the qunari's piercing gaze. If he had felt small before, he was feeling completely helpless now. But it was a part of of the experiences he shared with Bull, and he admittedly loved every moment of it. Perhaps because he knew that Bull would keep him safe.

He shrugged off his top and dropped it on the floor. He the unlaced his boots and pulled them off. Mahanon glanced up at Bull, who looked at watched with a look so lustful it appeared almost predatory. It took all of his willpower for the mage to not simply beg Bull to take him then and there.

With one fluid movement, Mahanon pulled off his pants and undergarments. Bull grunted his approval.

"Very good." He whispered, a dangerous smirk forming on his lips. "Look how pretty you are." A large reached up, grabbed a fistful of his long, inky hair and pulled his head back, making Mahanon whimper. The larger man leaned down and kiss him again, this time slipping his tongue in and the Inquisitor moaned and shivered as their tongues pressed. "I'm going tie you up, little elf." Bull growled as they parted. "I'm going to tie you up, and I'm going to fuck you within an inch of your life."

"No...!" He gasped, and a hand came curled around his neck, not hard enough to choke or impede his breathing, but firm enough to keep him still.

"'No'?" Bull repeated mockingly. "Do you think have a choice?" His smirk turned into a feral grin that made  Mahanon's knees weak. "I wonder what people would say if they knew how turned on the great Inquisitor gets when he's about to be ravished." He released his neck and used the hand to grab the elf's half-hard prick, making Mahanon yelp as he gave it a firm squeeze.

"Don't!" He moaned, his heart pounding in his chest as he squirmed in Bull's grasp. The qunari let go of his now fully erect member, but kept a firm grip of his hair as he pulled him over to the bed and shoved him onto the mattress. The elf attempted to struggle, but the mercenary held him down with frustrating ease. Producing a length of hemp rope, Bull took hold of Mahanon's wrists and expertly tied them together.

"Here's where it gets fun." He hissed, running a calloused hand down the pale, smooth skin of the Inquisitor's chest and stomach.

"Let me go!" Mahanon snarled, only to be rewarded with a stinging swat to his outer thigh. "Shit!"

"Struggle all you want, Inquisitor. Only makes it more fun for me." Placing in a knee on the bed, Iron Bull grabbed his bound hands and pinned them over his head. Mahanon groaned as Bull buried his face into the crook of his neck and began to bite and suck at the sensitive skin.

"Ooh..." He moaned. His breath hitched as large fingers began to tease one of his nipples, pinching and pulling at it. He writhed at the sensations as Bull took his sweet time. As if it weren't tortuous enough, the larger man start to grind against him, making him whine and quiver as Bull's clothed erection rubbed against his. By the time Iron Bull was finished with his neck, Mahanon knew there would be a giant love bite that would last for days.


He didn't have long to dwell on it, however. Bull proceeded to flip him onto his stomach and slapped his buttocks, making Mahanon emit a most undignified yelp.

"Stay still." The qunari ordered, and the Inquisitor obeyed. Mahanon listened to the clink of buckles and the sound of fabric hitting the floor, resisting the urge to turn his head and watch. Bull grabbed his hips and lifted them. He then spread his cheeks, exposing the tight ring of muscle. "Nice." He rasped before slowly running his tongue over it.

"Wha-?!" Mahanon blurted out, his voice failing him as Bull licked it again. He instinctively tried to pull away, but Bull kept a firm grip. The large tongue twirled over the sensitive bud, making the elf wriggle and gasp. He gripped the blanket, his knuckles. "Please... anything but-!" His mind went blank as the tongue pressed inside of him, probing and prodding and teasing him. A string of Common and Dalish words tumbled out of his mouth. He was an utter mess, his cheeks becoming impossibly redder as he panted for breath. Bull knew exactly how to drive him mad, the evil bastard. After a few long minutes, Bull pulled away and let him go, causing Mahanon to collapse, breathing heavily and aching to cum.

"Look at you, the Herald of Andraste, all hot and bothered by a little rimming." He hissed with satisfaction. "Such a clean little hole too." Dazed, Mahanon watched as Bull pulled out a vial of lubricant and coated his fingers with it. He whined as a large finger was pushed into him.

"Oh fuck!!" He moaned as Bull began to stretch him out, thrusting and rotating his finger slowly and carefully. Part of him wanted Bull to just take him then and there, but he knew that would cause serious injury. Instead, he laid there, twitching and mewling to the qunari continued, his thrusts becoming a little faster as he added a second finger.

"Your ass is just sucking these in." Bull whispered, grinning as he scissored his fingers. "I can't wait to shove my dick inside of you." Mahanon jerked as his ass recieved yet another smack. "You want that, don't you? Me to fuck you until you can't see straight."

Yes, that's EXACTLY what he wanted. However, mustering all of his willpower, Mahanon gritted his teeth and shook his head furiously. "Fuck you!" He hissed. Bull responded by adding a third finger, and thrusted them in and out of the elf with earnest. Mahanon cried out and instinctively writhed against those tortuous fingers, clenching his hands tightly. He wasn't going to last much longer if Bull kept this up. The qunari seemed to have picked up on this as well. He leaned down, his lips dangerously close to his ear.

"You don't come until I say you can, elf." He growled, sending shivers down Mahanon's spine. He whined as Bull pulled his fingers out and watched as he poured more oil into his palm, slicking his cock up and pressing the head teasingly against his twitching hole. 

"Ready, Inquisitor?" Iron Bull asked. Not waiting for an answer, he shoved himself in, Mahanon nearly screaming at the intrusion. There was slight pain and discomfort, but that was normal. Bull waited for Mahanon to adjust, running his hand lightly down the mage's flank. He then began to move his hips in slow thrusts.

"Stop... mmm... aah~!" Mahanon moaned, feeling small and wonderfully helpless, with Bull ravishing him just as he said he would.

"Shit, you're tight." He hissed. The thrusts gradually became faster and deeper, with Bull grabbing his hips for better leverage, groaning all the while. Though he had partners in the past, Mahanon couldn't say that he had ever met someone like Bull. Who made him feel vulnerable yet completely safe all the while. The way the mercenary held him down and tormented him like this was indescribable. Deciding to test the waters, the Inquisitor started to pull away, as if trying to escape. Bull yanked him back in a particularly brutal thrust, making Mahanon shou't as he arched his back. An intense jolt of pleasure rippled through him.

"Don't even think about it." The reaver snarled, slapping his thigh. Mahanon could barely register the sting. He was still overcome with the dizzying sensation. There was a short pause, which made him slightly nervous. Bull then pulled back, his dick almost completely out of him, then slammed it back in. Mahanon yelled as he hit that same spot. "Right there?" He could hear the grin in Bull's voice.

"No, oh Maker no!" Mahanon murmured in false despair. With that confirmation, Bull began to ruthlessly pound into him, making Mahanon cry out and moan in pleasure with each thrust. "No... no... ahh!" 

"Fuck yeah." The qunari moaned, fingers digging into his slender hips. "It feels so good inside of you." Mahanon whined in response, gasping for breath. Bull then pulled out and flipped the elf onto his back, lifting his right leg over his shoulder before pressing back into him. Mahanon threw his head back, groaning as Bull continued his assault. The sounds of flesh slapping fleshing and moans filled the room.

"You're enjoying yourself, aren't you?" Bull asked, lightly slapping the side of Mahanon's face. "You love having someone use you like this."

"Yes!" He cried out, unable to pretend otherwise. "Oh... Maker, yes...!"

"You're mine, elf." The larger man hissed. "No one else can have you." The words sent fresh shivers throughout his body.

"I'm y-yours!" Mahanon gasped. He felt an unusual ache in his heart as he spoke, and did his best to ignore it. "Until the day I die!"

Bull took hold of his cock and began to stroke it, his thrusts becoming quicker and more erratic. Mahanon moaned, legs trembling and heat pooling in his gut. He wouldn't last much longer. Crying out, Mahanon came and clenched down around Bull. The qunari groaned, and with one final thrust, found his own orgasm. Mahanon felt Bull's seed fill him and sighed.

The two were still for a moment, catching their breath. Carefully, the qunari pulled himself out and the Inquisitor felt a wetness dribble down his thighs. Bull then reached down and gently took his bound wrists. Mahanon watched as he untied them and was a bit surprised by the red bites they had left. He must have been pulling harder at them than he thought.

"You feeling alright, Boss?" Iron Bull asked. Mahanon grinned up at him.

"That was a pretty good gift." He said, his amber eyes glittering. Bull smirked.

"I have my ways." He helped Mahanon sit up, and something caught his eye.

"Bull, is that half of a pie?" He asked, peering over the side of the bed.

"Oh yeah. Want some?" Mahanon snorted.

"I'll pass. Andraste knows how long it's been there." Bull grumbled under his breath. The Inquisitor simply leaned against him, resting his head against the massive chest. Bull ran his large fingers through his sex-toussled hair and held him closer.

"You thirsty? I've got a jug of water."

"That sounds good." Pulling away, Bull stood up and retrieved the jug and a cup. Mahanon found himself staring, feeling a bit embarrassed. Iron Bull didn't seem to mind, though. He sat down on the bed and poured him some water. He took the cup gratefully and drank with gusto. "Thank you. You should have some too." He noted. He was about to give Bull the cup, but the reaver simply drank from the jug and set it aside. Shrugging, Mahanon placed the cup on the nightstand. He should retrieve his clothes, but at the moment, he was too comfortable. He wanted to stay near Bull.

"There we go." Bull whispered as he reclined lazily on the bed. "No Inquisition. No war. Nothing outside this room. Just you and me." Mahanon smiled at the words, a soft flush on his cheeks. "So, what did you want to talk about?"

Mahanon couldn't get a word out when he heard the dreadful creak of the door opening. In came Cullen, his eyes glued to a report.

"Sorry to disturb your rest, Inquisitor. But our fortifi-" the poor ex-Templar couldn't finish his sentence as he inevitably saw the two. Brown eyes widening, he shielded his vision as Mahanon lunged for a pillow and covered his groin. A vain attempt to protect what little dignity he had left. Iron Bull, on the other hand, didn't move a muscle.

"Oh, sweet Maker!" Cullen exclaimed.

"Cullen," Bull greeted as though this perfectly normal. "How's it going?" The Inquisitor's mind raced, his cheeks scarlet and feeling overwhelmed. He tried to think of something to say.

"Is the Inquisitor awake?" Came the lilting of Josephine. Mahanon was starting to panic now as their ambassador came in, unaware. "I thought perhaps we could-oh!" She gasped. The elf was now clutching the pillow for dear life, eyes darting between his advisors. Realizing there was no way to salvage the situation, he sighed in defeat, shaking his head and shot them a dirty look.

"I'm so sorry." Cullen managed.

"I cannot move my legs." Josephine said in a  coversational tone, her eyes glued to them, particularly Bull. As if the universe hadn't embarrassed him enough, the commotion had attracted the attention of Cassandra.

"Is something the matt- augh!" She cried out.

"Oh for fuck's sake!" Bull groaned, shaking his head in annoyance. Mahanon concurred. It was as if his mother had walked in.

"Do you see this?!" The Seeker demanded.

"No." Cullen answered immediately. Josephine didn't utter a word.

"So," Cassandra started, trying gather herself. "I take it-"

"Ha! Actually," Bull interrupted, pointing at Mahanon. "He's the one whose been taking it." Cullen snorted at the remark. Mahanon was tempted to hit him with the pillow.

"I apologize for interrupting what I assume was a... momentary diversion." Cassandra continued.

"Nothing wrong with having a little fun." Cullen added.

"Who wouldn't be a little curious?" Josephine chimed in, all eyes briefly on her. Mahanon swallowed and mustered all of his remaining confidence.

"This was more than a momentary diversion, and Bull and I intend to continue. Is that a problem?" He sounded a bit more defensive than he intended, but remained calm.

"No!" Cullen answered.

Not at all!" Josephine assured.

"A surprise, I'll admit." Cassandra stated, a slight, knowing smile on her lips. "But not a problem." Cullen took it as his cue to slip out.

"We'll leave you be." His face was bright red from embarrassment.

"Yes. Do enjoy yourselves." Josephine said in farewell.

After the door shut and they were alone again, Mahanon finally relaxed, setting his cover aside. Bull sat up next to him, his green eye filled with concern.

"You okay, Boss?" He asked. Despite still feeling a bit on edge, Mahanon smirked.

"I believe that we may have blinded poor Cullen." He quipped. Bull chuckled in response. Deciding that now was as good any, he picked up his gift and unwrapped it. "But since we have a moment..."

"What's that?" Bull asked curiously.

"A dragon's tooth, split in two." Mahanon answered, holding the pieces on his lap. "So no matter how far apart life takes us, we'll always be together."

Bull's face softened as he looked at the tooth, then back at Mahanon. The look was one of pure warmth.

"Not often do people surprise me, Kadan." He finally spoke.

"Kadan?" Mahanon repeated as Bull leaned in.

"Kadan. My heart." He explained as he gently cupped the Inquisitor's face.

"Kadan." Mahanon whispered as they laid back on the bed, and the two shared deep and slow kisses that set his heart alight.