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The tragedy of Baz Pitch and his totally legal pet dragon

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Okay sure, maybe Baz was being a bit dramatic when he used “Make way for the king” to open the door to his room, but it turned out to be a good thing that he had his wand already out when he stepped into his room. 


Why? Because as the door slammed open...


On Simon’s bed sat a baby dragon, no bigger than a large house cat, with its wings spread in full alert. 


Leaping back on instinct, Baz pointed his wand at the creature, and took note of how it’s mouth was glowing orange. Before Baz could even process what was happening, a pillar of fire was thrown at Baz, and by some miracle— thank Morgana — he had managed to dodge the flame, though the wall behind him was now charred. It would take ages to spell away, since dragon fire was magical in and of itself. Could he get extra credit for removing dragon scorch?


When another blast of heat didn’t come, Baz took a cautious glance back at the creature on his roommate’s bed. They made eye contact. The dragon's wings dipped down and it was no longer trying to make itself seem more intimidating. That only lasted for a second, though, and its tail began to thrash and it assumed a defensive position yet again.


Baz raised his wand, which seemed like the most logical thing to do, and the dragon froze. 


“Where in Merlin’s name did you come from?” Baz approached the small beast, keeping his wand at the ready. He didn't want to frighten it away, but was wary of scaring it. He wasn't interested in becoming ‘ vampire en flambé’. The dragon backed away as Baz got closer, but soon there was no more space on the bed for it to move, and was cornered as Baz sat down in front of it. 


A moment passed as Baz examined the creature. It’s eyes were green as a result of the beautiful mixture of striking yellow and blue colliding. Dark red scales shined with sleek undertones of gold, and it had a lighter red underbelly that was expanding and contracting with every terrified breath the being took. It’s tail was thin, and was tipped off with an almost cartoony spade, but it didn’t look cartoony in this context. This was a real, live baby dragon. Baz reached his hand out slowly.


The air around him grew suffocatingly hot in a matter of seconds. 


The room was filled with a warning SCREEE , and the dragon’s mouth was brighter than burning embers. Baz didn't need common sense to tell him what was about to happen.


“Woah woah woah, I’m flammable, please don’t,” Baz scrambled back, dropping his wand in the process. He watched the dragon carefully as the air returned to normal temperature and the hint of flame disappeared from its mouth. 


The vampire’s body heaved with relief, and he uttered a nervous laugh. What was he, a flammable vampire, doing trying to tame a wild dragon?


“Okay, let’s just stay cool, how about that? Now I’m just going to—“ his hand crept slowly towards his wand, but the dragon beat him to it, snatching the thing up in its tiny mouth and leaping across the bed to bury it underneath Simon’s pillow. Something golden caught Baz’s eye as the dragon deposited his wand, but the creature moved too quickly for any second glances to be made. 


“Right,” he cleared his throat and shook his head.  “You’re a dragon. You hoard things.” He sighed and ran his hand through his hair, letting just a bit fall down into his face. Fucking hell. “We learned about you little creatures last year. Well... I guess we never learned about baby dragons, but we learned about your kind.” Baz looked down at the beast. The dragon was curled up on top of Simon’s pillow, its front two claws digging into the pillow and its wings fanned out like a leathery shield. The little thing was guarding what little hoard it had. It was almost cute, if Baz hadn’t been terrified out of his wits. Now he had to tackle this without a wand. This is fine. For once in his years at Watford, he found himself wishing Simon could help him.

“I suppose I should tell someone about you—“ an ear-splitting shriek interrupted Baz, and once again, the dragon was threatening to cremate Baz on spot. The tiny creature looked filled to the brim with fear. The room shot up in temperature once again, and Baz had to scramble backwards to open the window so he didn’t combust. 


When Baz turned to look back at the dragon, all he saw was a red blur as it launched itself out of the window and took off, flapping its wings as hard as it could. 


Well...bye then…?


Baz watched it fly off into the distance, until it dipped behind some trees and was lost to him. He stayed there for a minute, until he remembered he should probably retrieve his wand before Simon came back. The last thing he wanted was for Simon to see his snooping under his pillow and accuse him of even more plotting.


He lifted the pillow and examined the contents of the little dragon’s collected hoard. His wand, Simon’s wand (why didn’t that idiot have his wand with him?) , Baz’s lighter, a pair of scissors, one of Baz’s ties, and Baz’s copy of The Hobbit, which had gold leaf, edged pages. Fitting, since dragons hoard shiny things. 


With a sigh, he collected all of his items and went to tidy up his side of the room. How in Merlin's name did a dragon get into Watford?


Don’t worry about it Basil, he thought to himself. You have work to do , and the situation has resolved itself. So just like that, Baz cast aside all of his thoughts on the dragon and focused on his “Famous Witches, Wizards, Wiccans and Warlocks Throughout History” book. He’d be damned if Bunce finished ahead of him in his last year here. Flipping open the book allowed Baz to get lost in history and nearly forget about the incident.


It wasn’t until the door flung open an hour later that Baz even looked away from his work. 


Simon was standing, sweaty and disheveled, and beautiful as ever in the doorway. So of course Baz had to insult him. 


“What’s wrong, Snow? Been running away from your school work again?” Baz swung an arm over the back of his chair as his snide tone sept into his posture. “Or were you just trying to catch up to everyone else.” Nailed it.  


“Practicing magic, but it’s not like you’d care,” Simon mumbled as he trudged over to his bed and collapsed. Baz shrugged. Simon has always had an issue with magic that nobody could explain. That’s why the Mage had paid such close attention to him. Sure, there are mages with less magic than others, but nobody’s magic had ever acted like Simon’s had.


Clearly, though, the mage in question looked too exhausted to put up much of a fight, so Baz let it go. It wasn't fun unless it was an exchange, and it was hard to do that when one party was mere seconds away from losing himself to sleep.


“Oh,” Baz added as an afterthought. “Keep an eye out for dragons.”


He closed his school book and got up to walk to the en suite. He couldn’t see Simon’s face, but he hoped that his statement was just vague enough to send his roommates mind reeling.




The stars were beautiful.


Baz was forever grateful that Watford didn’t cause any light pollution; he could see the stars when he walked out to the catacombs. Despite all the changes that the Mage had made over the years, Baz found comfort in the fact that this sky was the same night sky that his mother had looked up at all those years ago.


“That one’s depicting a great mage from history slaying a dragon,” Natasha had said. Her little boy giggled in her lap and traced the constellation with his fingers. 


“Mummy, will I ever learn to kill dragons?” The five year old’s eyes were as bright as the stars above them, and glazed with curiosity as he looked up at his mother.


“I should hope not, Basil,” the headmistress responded. “They're ghastly beings, and quite close to being endangered. Mages know next to nothing of their species, and the last known expert on them is living in the stars now.”


Young Basil looked up once again at the constellation. “Oh.”


Putting one foot in front of the other, Baz made his way to the catacombs, only stopping when he heard the suspicious rustle of leaves in some bushes he walked past. He’d quickly decided that it wasn’t anything to worry about, and he kept on going.


Ducking into the familiar darkness was almost a relief. He lit a small flame in his hand and began to stalk down a lesser walked pathway of the catacombs. Perhaps he did have a death wish, but he’d done this spell enough times to safely hunt without making a pyre of himself. 


He pushed on forward, getting lost on the rhythmic pattern of his footsteps.


Left, right, left, right, left, the clatter of rocks behind him, right, left, r—




He whirled around, trying to pick up any hint of a noise. Someone was following him.


“If you want to keep your tongue, I suggest you show yourself,” Baz growled out into the darkness past the light of his small fire. 


The vampire was met with silence, but he knew someone was there. The swimming sound of blood was all too clear to him, as was the shallow breathing that accompanied it. He slowly reached for his wand, his eyes scanning into the murkiness. 


Suddenly, he was met with vibrant green eyes that danced with the light of the fire. A small body pounced into view, a tail swishing behind it happily. Before Baz, standing proudly, was the dragon he’d met earlier. 


“Following me, hm?” Baz asked, followed by a short laugh. He let all the tension release from his shoulders now that he knew it was only his new friend. “Are you sure you aren’t my roommate? You haven’t met him, I’m guessing, but he’s absolutely the worst.” 


The dragon let out an inquisitive chirp and strode over to Baz, who sighed and resumed walking, now with the dragon at his side. 


“I suppose he’s gotten better, but in 5th year he would follow me down here just to catch me in the act, or whatever. That prick is obsessed with proving I’m a vampire, and I’ll be damned if I let him see that side of me. He doesn’t deserve that.”


Baz watched as the dragon spread its wings and flew up into the air to meet Baz at eye level. He smiled and rolled his eyes. “Guess I’m pretty lonely to be spilling all this to a dragon I probably should’ve killed hours ago.” 


The dragon screeched in alarm and dove off into the shadows, where Baz could no longer see it even with his assisted eyesight. 


“Fuck. I’m not going to--” Words trailed off into silence as he realized there was no point. “Serves me right I guess,” he mumbled. 


A flick of his wrist extinguished the small fire he’d been holding. It was years ago that he learned he could hunt better if the rats weren’t scared off by the light. Just his luck, though, that he came up empty. Probably the dragon’s fault. No matter. He sat down against the wall, shrouded in darkness. If he couldn’t find the rats, he’d wait for the rats to find him. True that spell would work, but Baz didn’t know how it would affect the dragon that was roaming the tunnels down here, so he decided to simply wait for something to come.


And something did.


The faint flapping of leathery wings. 


Reigniting the small flame, Baz looked around until he saw the dragon flying around a corner towards him. He couldn’t stop a small grin from splitting his face as the dragon landed beside him. That smile quickly turned to surprise, though, as he noticed that the dragon was carrying something. No— three things.


In its front two claws, as well as its back two claws and its mouth, the dragon was holding squirming rats, and by the way the dragon was nudging Baz’s hand, it seemed as though the dragon had gotten them for him.


“Wow, sorry for comparing you to Simon, you’re much more considerate than he is,” Baz laughed and took the rat from the dragon’s mouth. He felt his fangs pop, and the familiar wave of guilt overcame him. He raised the poor creature to his lips before he froze and looked over at the dragon watching him intently. 


“Look, I don’t know if you can actually understand me, but could you... maybe turn around? I know you’re just a dragon, but I still have difficulty eating in front of anyone...” Baz was almost surprised when the dragon did as he requested. I guess we freaks just get each other, huh.


He heard the telltale signs of fragile bones being broken, and felt the all-too-familiar stillness of death as he proceeded to sink his fangs into the rodent. This process was repeated two more times, and when Baz was done, he closed his eyes and leaned back against the wall. Sorry mum.


A comfortable silence blanketed the two, the only noise being the dragon’s rhythmic breathing and occasional puff of smoke.


“Why did you follow me?” 


Of course the dragon didn’t respond, but Baz felt better by asking. 


“And why me, not Simon, or anyone else? I’m a fucking vampire, you could literally kill me.” 


When Baz opened his eyes, the dragon was gone. Letting out a disappointed sigh, he stood up. Of course the dragon was gone, it was a wild animal. Like himself. He really should’ve killed it, or spelled it away, that’s what any other mage would do. Ms. Possibelf had taught them all a handful of spells to deal with beasts, and not once had Baz made an effort to use them. Why? Because it was clearly a baby?


The catacombs echoed as Baz walked back out. Maybe he saw himself in the dragon? A creature forced into a life where they’re made out to be the evil everyone expected?


The stars were still beautiful as the vampire made his way back to his room.



Morning came, and the dining hall was bustling with life. Friends shared dreams and homework answers, rivals shared seething glances, and Cook Pritchard shared the best French toast Baz had ever eaten. 


I mean seriously, the guy was inhaling the toast down almost as quickly as Simon would have.


In fact, across the hall, Simon was shoveling down waffles faster than he could manage, stopping every few seconds to breathe. Baz slowed down when he caught sight of this. He poked at his toast as he watched his roommate inhale breakfast food. 


What a horrible tragedy it was, that Baz Pitch fell in love with Simon Snow .


Especially now, because Simon started coughing, haven eaten one more waffle than he could reasonably eat. Penelope patted Simon’s back, but eventually murmured something to him, which Simon must’ve agreed with, seeing as he got up to leave, leaving Penelope alone at the table with her book.


Baz sat up straighter. 


Bunce! She would know about dragons, she did a whole report on them!


Disregarding his toast entirely (sorry toast) , Baz got up and strode over to the table where Penelope sat. Hoping it was clear that he meant business, he slid into the seat which had been occupied by Simon mere minutes ago.


“Baz?” Penny offered in greeting. “May I help you?”


“Yes, I believe you may be able to,” he said, keeping his calm demeanor. Now… how to approach this? Tell Bunce his dragon issue and get the poor baby killed when Penelope inevitably tells someone? Tell her it is simply a hypothetical? No, she’d see straight through that…


“I— my family has suddenly come to have a baby dragon following them around, and for obvious reasons, they don’t want the dragon to get attached.” 


What Baz was expecting, he didn’t know, but it wasn’t for Penny to squeal in excitement. 


“Baz, this is amazing!” She pushed her book aside and leaned in to listen to everything that Baz had to say. “How old is the dragon? And how long has it been following your family? Is it a western or eastern dragon? What color are its eyes?” 


The energy of Penelope’s inquiries caught Baz off guard. He cleared his throat and tried to answer her questions as best as he could.


“I’m not sure, it’s been less than a week, western,” He arched an eyebrow. “Is any of that important? I just need to know how to send the dragon away without harming it.” 


Laughter rippled through Penelope’s body. She had a bubbly laugh, one that almost made Baz smile. He almost did. But he would not lose his composure around her, not now. Imagine how Simon would react to that news. 


“Don’t tell me you actually have a heart, Basil,” she teased, eliciting an eye roll from him. 


“Nevermind,” he huffed, standing up, but Penny grabbed his wrist and pulled him down. 


“Wait!” Her tone was pleading, and she looked absolutely starved for more information. “Please, I have to meet this dragon! So little is known about them, especially their young. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, you have to let me study it. Break is in a week, I could stop by for a day...”


Right. Of course she’d want to study it. And he told her it was his family, not himself that had the dragon issue. Not the best of situations to be in, Pitch, he scolded himself.


“No, my father will have the dragon gone by then, I assure you.” Simple lie. Should hold up. 


Penny deflated and started absentmindedly tracing shapes into the surface of the table. 


“I suppose it’s for the best. As for how to get rid of it, your best bet would be to spell it away, but if that won’t work or you can’t do that, just don’t indulge the dragon. Don’t give it affection or any inclination that it has a place in your life.” She sighed and looked up at him. “Are you sure I can’t see it?” 


“Positively,” Baz responded, already getting up from the table. This will be great, he’ll just ignore the little creature at all costs. This will all be wrapped up in no time.




Okay so maybe ignoring didn’t work out.


Baz was sitting on his bed, revising his Latin notes, while the dragon lay asleep in his lap, making a sound that was a cross between a growl and a purr. Baz hoped that meant the dragon was content.


Simon was nowhere to be seen, but Baz didn’t mind at the moment. As he made a chart to notate different verb conjugations, the dragon let out a small chirp in its sleep. 


“Fuck, I think I need to name you,” Baz groaned, interrupting the heavy silence and causing the dragon to stir a bit. “Seeing as you’re clearly not leaving, and I’ve accidentally grown fond of you.”  


The dragon opened its green eyes ever so slightly, and flared out its wings as it stretched and got to its feet. It hopped down from Baz’s lap and flapped its wings just enough to get it to the window. 


“You like to disappear on me, don’t you…” Baz’s grey eyes followed the little creature as it made its way up to the window sill. “You’re seriously developing the same habits as my roommate. Shame you two haven’t met, but then again, I’m sure he’d turn me in for having a pet, firstly, and having a dangerous pet on top of that.” Baz laughed as the dragon flashed him a look and leapt out of the window. 


Baz tucked away his notes carefully and followed the dragon’s path to the window. He looked out, cheek resting in his hand in a way that was vaguely reminiscent of Juliet lounging for her Romeo. Of course it wasn't Romeo that Baz was waiting for, but rather a creature who understood him. His new friend.


The night sky was stunning, and Baz almost hated to see his new friend get lost in it. 


Surely he was doing the right thing, right? It was a baby dragon after all, and so looking after it every now and then was probably for the best. Just to make sure it didn't get killed out in the wild and all...


Or maybe I’m just happy to have met another dangerous lost soul. 


The door to the room opened slowly, and Simon trudged in. The poor lad looked exhausted, and Baz had to look away to stop himself from going over there to help him. 


A thud alerted Baz to the fact that Simon had fallen into bed, and a hollow sigh let him know that his roommate was about to say something. 


After being in love with one bloke for so long, you learn a thing or two about his mannerisms. 


Baz prepared himself for whatever semi-conscious thought his exhausted roommate was trying to put together.


“Good night, Baz.”


That... was unexpected. 


Baz carefully turned his gaze to his roommate, and could hear his even breathing and relaxed heartbeat. Gentle snoring filled the room, as Baz whispered two words he was so used to saying to sleeping ears. 


“Goodnight, Simon.”




The next week several more visits from Smaug. That’s what Baz had named the dragon. He’d watched Smaug try and steal his copy of The Hobbit several times, and so he thought it was fitting to name his very own dragon (that wasn’t technically his) after the dragon in the book.


Okay, technically he had named it Simon Smaug, but it was easier to just say Smaug. 


Tomorrow he’d return home for the holidays. He hoped that Smaug didn’t come here looking for him and think he’d abandoned the poor creature. Not that he would ever admit it to anyone, but he’d grown to care for the dragon, and it was nice to have a pet around, albeit a dangerous, fire breathing, endangered species as a pet. He’d been reading up on dragons. 


“Please tell me you didn’t go off again,” Baz groaned, even before Simon entered the room. 


He had been packing a bag of all the essentials for break, and he could smell Simon’s fiery magic from four stories up. 


“Hmph. ‘M sorry I’m not as good as you, posh twat,” Simon spat. “We can’t all be fucking gifted.” 


“Let me tutor you then.” 




He hadn’t meant to say that. Hell, he didn’t even know he’d been thinking that. 


Simon stared at him and then turned away, scoffing. “Right. So you can suck my blood behind my back and laugh when I can charm a feather to float?”


I would never suck your blood, you mean too much to me.


“If I were a vampire, which I’m not, I wouldn’t drink your blood, you probably taste rancid.” Nice going, Baz.  


Simon flopped down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. “You don’t have to be an asshole, y’know.” He turned his head to look at his roommate. “I’m positive that you have a soft side, you just choose not to show it.”


Eye roll. “Right, and I’m sure you have a side of you that isn’t as dumb as a goblin.” Oh for fucks sake, Baz, don’t compare him to monsters that are known for being attractive.


Simon let out a frustrated groan. “When do you leave, because I can’t wait for you to be out of my sight.” 


“Just close your eyes”


“It doesn’t work like that! I want you gone!”


“Is that why you’ve been following me for eight years, Snow? Because you want me gone?”


“No, I know you’re planning something evil, that’s why!”


“You know what, Simon, maybe you think you’re being a hero, following your roommate to every end of the campus to stop some disaster that isn’t going to happen, but to me, I’ve just been trying to have a moment of peace without your rubbish magic breathing down the back of my neck!” 


“Oh, so what, it’s wrong that I'm concerned for the safety of everyone here on campus?”


Baz and Simon were now inches apart, standing in the middle of their room. The air tasted like smoke and Baz could hear the blood roaring in Simon’s body. 


I could end him now. I could kill him and be done with it. I could end this tragedy of unrequited love.


I could end this now. I could kiss him and be done with it. I could end this rivalry and confess my love.


It could all end in this one moment. A single moment that felt much bigger than it was.


Baz scoffs and turns on his heel, returning to his side of the room. “Try to learn some civility when I’m gone, Snow. Bad manners gets you in bad places.”


“Oh fuck you Pitch, I hope you burn in the loveless fire you’ve set in your heart.”


Baz folded a button down shirt and placed it in his bag just as the door to the room slammed shut.


I don’t care. 


I don’t care.


Baz grabbed his next shirt to fold, but when Simon’s words echoed in his ear, he tossed it to the ground and kicked his suitcase, spilling the contents out. 


He blinked tears out of his eyes.


He blinked tears out of his eyes again.


He blinked tears out of his eyes, which sent them falling down his face. 


He half-expected Smaug to show up. He didn’t know why the dragon would, of course. How was a baby dragon living Merlin-knows-where supposed to be knowledgeable of when some random vampire was crying heartbroken on the floor? But Baz still hoped, because right now he just needed someone there. Not Dev or Niall, those boys were useless when it came to emotions. Just someone who would listen, and so far, Smaug had been a pretty good listener. 


Of course… dragons can’t exactly talk back, so listen is pretty much all they could do. 


But Smaug didn't show, and Baz cried until he was dehydrated. Thank Crowley he would be headed home tomorrow. But… tomorrow was a day too long to wait, and the room had started to feel suffocating to Baz. 


Father wouldn’t like me home early. And Daphne would smile, and make me feel welcome, but would make a joke about her schedule being thrown off, and those jokes are never just jokes, she is just too polite to tell you when you’ve fucked up her day.


Fiona wouldn’t care, though.

Fuck it. Baz picked himself off the floor, wiped his tears and straightened out his clothes. He walked over to his desk in smooth strides, and grabbed the cell phone that he wasn't supposed to have. 


Fi’s number was on speed dial, so all Baz had to do was wait for her to pick up. 


And pick up she did.


“Whassup, boyo?” Her voice was enough to relax Baz. It sounded like mum. If mum had a phase where she smoked. But it’s close enough.


“Come pick me up,” Baz said simply. Sure, he was able to be himself around Fiona, but he wasn’t about to weep his sorrows into the phone.


‘Now? Basil, it’ll be near midnight by the time I get there, and I’ve got a game of poker to win.” There was no doubt about the second part, Baz could tell she was talking over the roar of a crowd. 


“Yes, Fiona, now. Would I be calling if it wasn’t important?” Baz waited a second and heard Fiona sigh. She said something to her poker buddies ( ‘sorry lads, diva nephew emergency “ ) and she hung up the phone. 




Baz grabbed his wand and his copy of The Hobbit (he’d been rereading it ever since Smaug took it for its hoard) and he exited the room. It was just past curfew, so nobody was out, and Baz saw no hint of Simon as he made his way to the gates. 


He stood outside for the better part of an hour, watching the creatures in the outskirts of the woods. He watched a dryad dance with a fox, until a jackalope chased them away. Jackalope were technically considered an invasive species, but they didn't cause problems for anyone unless you had a vegetable garden that you didn't spell safe.


Soon enough, headlights illuminated the ground around him, and Aunt Fiona pulled up, music pulsing through her car. Clearly she’d spelled it silent, but Baz could tell just how loud it was from the vibrations it caused.   


She flipped him off, and mouthed something along the lines of ‘ get in the fucking car’, before beckoning him in. 


With an appropriate eye-roll, Baz opened the door and was assaulted by 80s punk rock playing at a volume that was near-deafening to his sensitive ears.


BLOODY HELL, FI, TURN IT DOWN,” he snapped, fighting with the volume of the music.


Fiona rolled her eyes (hey, it runs in the family), and turned it down just enough to be tolerable for the resident vampire.


“That’s what you get for makin’ me drive all the way out here to getcha, Fangs.” Baz huffed at the nickname, but didn’t say anything, just got in the car and disregarded his seatbelt (“ I’m already dead, Fi, shove it”). 


Fiona hummed along to the music, occasionally using her steering wheel as an impromptu drum set as she raced through backroads and empty lanes towards her flat.


All the while, she turned to her nephew, who was gazing out the window and chewing on his lip, which cued Fiona into the fact that he was going through some tough shit.  


“Hey, what’s going on, kid?” She turned the volume down to an actual reasonable level, and glanced at the road briefly before looking back at Baz. 


“Simon fucking Snow, that’s what’s going on,” he huffed. 


“What, mad he hasn’t snogged you breathless yet?” Fiona laughed and played an air guitar solo in time with the music. 


The music was frustrating him beyond belief, so he broke the first— well, no, the second rule of Fiona’s car. He turned off the music. 


Oi! ” Fiona shot him a nasty look, but softened up when she saw how upset Baz looked. She pulled the car off the road and into a quiet spot, where she then turned to face Baz, sincerity crossing her face. “Talk to me, Basil.”


“I called his magic rubbish, and he told me that he wishes I’d burn, and normally I’d chalk it up to banter like usual, but it hurt so much worse this time, and now I’m whining like Mordelia,” he looked out the window to his left and stared out at the darkness surrounding them. 


“Wait he told you what ? Oh-ho-ho, no, there’s no way I’m letting anyone talk to you like that kiddo. Mage’s personal student or no, I’m beating his ass.” Fiona moved to put the car in reverse, but Baz stopped her. 


“Just drop it, Fi, I’m tired and I want to sleep in a bed tonight, let’s just go.”


Fiona eyed her nephew carefully. She sighed and pulled the car back on to the road. “What you see in him is beyond me.”


Baz didn't respond as the car drove off into the night.




>> Bunce 8:00AM: Basil

>> Bunce 8:00AM: Basilton did you run off in the middle of the night??


<< Me 8:25AM: No, I was kidnapped by fucking Numpties and im in a coffin below a bridge

<< Me 8:26AM: Yes I fucking ran off


>> Bunce 8:30AM: Simon thinks you’re plotting


<< Me 8:31AM: Good for him. 


>> Bunce 8:31AM: Why did you leave, break starts today anyways, so leaving in the middle of the night did much of a difference


<< Me 8:45AM: Fuck off Bunce it doesn’t matter


>> Bunce 8:46AM: Wait is it the dragon? Did you leave to help your family with the dragon?

>> Bunce 8:46AM: I read up a bit on baby dragons. 

>>Bunce 8:50AM: 1 Attachment.docx

>> Bunce 8:52AM: Thats a bit of the stuff I compiled. Hope it helps.


<< Me 8:59AM: Thanks. 


Baz put his phone away after transferring the document to Fiona’s computer. He hadn’t gotten sleep the night before, his mind still playing Simon’s words over and over. 


Maybe when my time at Watford is over I can just take Smaug and go raise my dragon in peace.


A sudden thought ripped through Baz’s mind. Simon is staying at school. What if Smaug shows up and Simon takes defensive action?


“Oi, if you’re going to be awake at this hour, at least make coffee for everyone.”


Baz turned around to see Fiona and all her beheaded glory, her arms crossed and her eyes squinting from the harsh kitchen light. Baz winked and took a sip from his coffee mug. Normally he’d have settled for tea, but desperate times call for desperate measures, so coffee it is.


“You’d better not be watching porn on my computer, lad,” she grumbled as she walked past him.


“What, afraid I’ll see the freaky shit you watch?” Baz was quick to respond, despite his sluggish mind. 


Fiona replied, but Baz didn’t hear it. The gears in his head were turning, and he kept getting more worried about Smaug having a run-in with his roommate. 


“Fiona, I need to go back.”


Baz looked over at her, and it became clear that he’d interrupted her, as her mouth was still open. She slowly regained her composure and shook her head.


“Kid, you had me pick you up in the middle of the night on the day before break started, and what,” she glared at him. “You’re going back?”


“Fi, can I tell you something potentially illegal?” 


Fiona turned her back to him as she went about making herself breakfast. “You’re a vampire, boyo. Everything about you is already illegal.” 


“I have a... pet of sorts. I have to go back, because I’m terrified Snow is going to behead it or something.” Baz held back the sensitive info from her until he could tell what her reaction was going to be. 


Fiona turned around to face him again, this time holding a mug of coffee. Must’ve used “ Some like it hot ,” because Baz was positive he’d never heard the machine.


“Kid, I know you hate him. Or.. love him… or ‘it’s complicated,’ or whatever.” She took a sip of her coffee, eyeing her nephew. “But that kid isn’t gonna just go and off your pet for the sake of it.”


“He would if my pet was a dragon…” Baz mumbled. Fiona spit out her coffee. 




Baz nodded, determined to stand his ground and not look sheepish. “Yes, Fiona, a dragon. Perhaps you’ve heard of them?”


Okay so sarcasm wasn’t the way to go here, since Fiona only seemed to get upset at that comment.


“Baz, you are flammable . Dragons are extremely dangerous and uncontrollable, oh, and not to mention endangered! ” Fiona set down her mug and ran a hand down her face, trying to collect herself. “How the hell have you kept a dragon as a pet?”


“It’s a baby. Found it on Snow’s bed one day.” Baz shrugged and stood up. “So will you take me back to school?”


Fiona stared at him like he’d grown another head. “ No, you Numpty. I have my own shit to do, I’m not your personal cabbie.” Baz groaned.


“Well what do you expect me to do, hail a real cab and spell the real driver stupid?”




Baz hailed a real cab, and spelled the real driver stupid. 


Using “ Take me on a trip ,” he spelled the cab to take him to Watford, and using “ What you don’t know can’t hurt you ,” he put the cabbie in a daze and buckled him into the backseat. 


So here Baz was, Watford-bound, mind filled to the brim with all the ways something wrong could happen. All the students were supposed to be gone by noon, except for Simon, and Baz wouldn’t get there until one at the earliest. If Simon wanted to put on a show by killing Smaug, he’d have done so already. Or maybe he wanted to do it in private, in which case Baz still had time, but there was no way he’d get to Watford before that happened.


“Numpties and Nereids,” Baz swore under his breath. 


When Baz could finally see Watford above the trees surrounding the car, he slowed down to hop out and send the cabbie home. Once that was taken care of, Baz raced back to the gates, thanking Merlin for vampire super speed. 


Baz was bounding up the staircase leading to his and Simon’s shared room, and once again, he threw the door open with more force than was required. 


He was met with thick smoke filling the room. He coughed and gagged and waved it away until it dissipated and he could see a confused looking dragon sitting in the middle of the room. Baz sighed with relief. 


“Thank Crowley you’re okay.” He knelt down in the doorway and Smaug came walking over to him, tentative but excited all the same. “I was worried that maybe Snow found out about you and killed you.”


Smaug chirped as if to say “I’m still here. Why are you here?”


Or maybe Baz made that up. Regardless, he picked Smaug up and carried him over to his bed, sitting with the dragon in his lap. 


“I came all the way back here for you, you stupid little thing.” Baz’s words were harsh, but they had no bite to them, and smiled warmly at the creature in his lap. “How did you manage to grow on me so quickly,” he asked as he ran his hand over Smaug’s scales. “Penny’s notes didn’t say anything about dragons ‘mind controlling emotionally unstable vampires into loving them forever’.” 


Baz found himself laughing at his own comment. Smaug seemed to perk up when Baz laughed. To his credit, it was nice when Baz laughed. The tension escaped his shoulders, and he allowed himself to smile shamelessly instead of holding the harsh scowl he presented himself with. The little dragon smiled wide (though it looked more like he was flashing his sharp teeth), and Baz only laughed a little more. 


“You know my mother told me dragons were dangerous. Hell, everyone has told me dragons are dangerous.” He looked down at Smaug, who was doing that half-growl-half-purr-thing. In this lighting, the little creature’s green eyes looked almost blue. 


Like Simon’s .


Baz sighed. “I can’t stop thinking about him.” The change of tone in his voice was evident to even the dragon on his lap, who now looked up at him, confused.


“Ever since 5th year…” he paused and closed his eyes. “No, no it was before then. Ever since first year… he just lights up the room. Sometimes literally,” Baz chuckled and leaned his head back against the wall. “And I hate him so much. I hate how much I feel towards him. He’s like the world’s strongest magnet, and my mind is a compass, forever pointed towards him.


“I suppose you wouldn’t know what it’s like. Feelings. They’re a pain. You’d think that when I got my life taken from me 13 years ago...You’d think that with it, those bloody vampires would’ve taken my ability to love. Maybe I should be the cold, heartless bastard he wants me to be, but how can I? 


“How can I just ignore him when he shines as bright as the sun? How can I stop loving him, when all he does is to help people. He hates me because he thinks I’m a danger to others. Even though his magic is fucked up, he tries and tries and tries, because he wants to be able to help people. He’s just so good , Smaug…” Baz looked down at the dragon in his lap, who was staring back up at him, eyes bright with an emotion that Baz was not equipped to comprehend. 


“I’ve been so mean to him. I thought if I could convince myself to hate him, I could live peacefully. ‘Course that didn’t work, and now I have to be mean to him or else I just might tell him everything I’ve wanted to say to him since I’ve met him. It would never work out, and that only makes it worse. Plus, my father would pitch a fit...”


Baz ran his hand gently down Smaug’s scales again, feeling the dragon purr beneath him. It was immensely relaxing. “What do you think? Am I stupid for being head over heels for Simon Snow?”


Smaug stopped purring and looked up at the vampire with wide eyes. Baz could only wish he knew what the dragon was thinking. He closed his eyes once again, wallowing in all the emotions he’d just pulled from deep inside himself. 


“Don’t take off again,” Baz mumbled after a comfortable lull of silence. “I worry for you out there. You’re a baby, and I just fear that one day you’ll take off and I’ll find you caged for some Normal’s roadside attraction show, or worse…” he shook his head and opened his eyes, leaving the sentence hanging like a dark cloud in the sky.


“Plus, I can’t let you go, now that you know all my secrets,” he added, laughing a little. But his feeble attempt to lighten his mood died quickly and he looked down at Smaug again. “Will you let me keep you here and take care of you?”


As if to answer, Smaug closed his eyes and nestled into a tighter little ball on Baz’s lap. A smile ghosted Baz’s face, and he closed his eyes once again. Though it was only early afternoon, Baz found himself drifting slowly into a sleepy daze, tired from worry and from staying up late. Soon enough both he and his dragon fell asleep, letting the warmth of the sunbeams streaming through the window pull them into a comfortable peace. 


And so they slept like that until Baz was awakened by a pillow being thrown at him.


He jolted up and looked around. Smaug was gone, and across the room Simon was staring at him, holding his second pillow in a ready position. 


“What the hell was that for, you good-for-nothing prick?” Baz spat. He was never particularly agreeable when he first woke up. 


“Why are you still here?” Simon set his pillow down and crossed his arms while he glared at his roommate. “Or were you so caught up in torturing me that you forgot that break started today.” 


If he didn’t know any better, Baz would’ve said that Simon’s cheap insults sounded hollow and backed with no motivation. But Simon hates me, so...


Baz sent him a glare of his own in return. “I have my reasons, mind your own business.”


Simon nodded once. He gestured at his pillow that was on Baz’s side of the room, where it landed once he’d thrown it. “Could y’toss that back…”


Baz picked it up and tossed it out the open window. “Don’t throw things at me.”


With that he got up and straightened out his blazer (how he managed to sleep in that thing was a wonder), and he walked out of the room. Only when he was headed down flights of stairs did he realize he had no idea where he was off to.


More research into dragons wouldn’t hurt


So, Baz set his course for the library, glad he and Simon were the only two students on campus. Nobody could interrupt him. 




Break was over all too soon, and soon, students started flooding back to campus. It hadn’t been hard for Baz to avoid Simon. He had no clue where his roommate went all day, but Baz stayed with Smaug, usually in his room, or when he was sure nobody still on campus would see, he would take Smaug outside to watch the little dragon fly around freely. 


But now that dorms were filling up, the carefree little creature was nowhere to be seen, and neither was Simon. The Mage had him off on a little training retreat for the last few days of break and he hadn’t come back yet. But no Snow meant that Baz could walk through the dining hall without those unbearably blue eyes watching his every move. 


Like now. Lunch was in full swing in the dining hall, and ambient chatter filled the room as Baz nibbled on a protein bar. It tasted like cardboard. Dev and Niall were staying behind in charms class, getting scolded by the professor for something or another, as usual for this time of year, so Baz was alone. He was perfectly content like this, so when Penelope sat down across from him, he had to take a couple seconds to adjust to his new company.


“Are you still looking for information on dragons?” She hardly gave him a second to respond before she reached into her bag and pulled out the most unappealing leather-bound book that Baz had ever seen. The leather was cracked and peeling, and the pages (clearly once beautiful) were yellow and flaky with faded writing. He cocked an eyebrow, but accepted the book from his peer with hesitancy. 


After skimming through the pages and making mental notes of what sections to read, Baz sets the book down. “There’s a whole chapter missing.”


Penny blinked. “Pardon?”


“Table of contents,” he flipped to the page and turned the book so that Penny could see. “Chapter 18. Whoever owned the book last scratched out the title of the chapter here too.” He took out his wand and pointed it at the book. “ Fine tooth comb: Chapter 18 ,” but the book remained open to the same page, meaning it was the only mention of said chapter in the entire book.


“Like I said. Chapter missing.” 


Penny stared at the book, as though she felt personally responsible for the missing information.


“Where’d you get this?” Baz looked at her cautiously. If someone had removed an entire chapter on a species already so shrouded in mystery, Baz wasn’t sure he wanted to know what the chapter was about. Baz closed the book, and then slid it back over to Penelope. 


“I, uhhh…” she laughed nervously and stuck the book into her bag. “I asked Prem to nick it from The Mage’s office…”


Alright, Bunce(s). I’m mildly impressed .


He opened his mouth to express his admiration for Penny’s up and coming rebellious streak when suddenly a bone-chilling shriek rang throughout Watford’s campus.


The doors to the dining hall were unceremoniously thrown open and a gaggle of second years came running in, looking like they’d seen a ghost. 


The Dining Hall fell silent, which was a rather unusual occurrence.




“SOMEONE WAS CHASING IT AND, AND, AND—“ Another kid began, but was clearly too startled to finish. A couple of eighth years pulled the little ones into calming embraces when yet another scream was unleashed.


Baz saw movement out of the corner of his eye and his head snapped in that direction. 


A small red dragon was sprinting towards the dining hall, and behind it were three very determined looking monster hunters. 


Merlin’s merwolves, ” Penny swore. “Baz, that’s a—“


The rest of Penny‘s statement was unheard as Baz had sprung up to go intercept the terrified dragon.


The students that had been in the Dining Hall all arched around the shaking creature, though they gave it a wide breadth. At the entrance, standing in the doorway, where the hunters had drawn their wands and aimed it at the dragon. 


Just before any spells could be thrown, Baz stood his ground in front of Smaug, spreading his arms out in a protective warning. The terrified dragon wrapped itself around Baz’s right leg and stayed there.


Baz what are you doing?” Penny hissed at him. Baz shot her a look but then turned back to the hunters.


“Leave him alone, he’s harmless,” he said, maintaining his composure. He kept a calm, collected look, but his mind was racing. He wanted to turn his back on everyone and make sure his dragon was okay. He wanted to spell them all stupid for frightening his friend. 


“Mate, das’ a bloody drag’n, dat is. No such thing as a ‘armless beast.” The leader of the hunters stepped forward, challenging Baz’s protection for the dragon at his feet.


Smaug hissed at the hunters, who in return began casting, but Baz cast a quick “ Expelliarmus ” to disable their wands. (It’s really not surprising that Harry Potter spells work, so many Normals have read the books that the fake spells were given magic.)


“I’ve known Smaug for over a month and he hasn’t hurt me,” Baz snapped at them. “He’s a baby dragon. Are you that cruel that you’d harm a baby?”


The hall fell silent, as if each person was waiting for someone else to do something. Smaug climbed up Baz’s body until he was perched on his shoulders. The dragon let out another hiss, and threatened to blow a plume of fire, but Baz stopped him with a wave of his hand.


“If you’ll excuse me, I have a terrified dragon to calm down.” 


Baz turned on his heel and walked out, with Smaug now flying close beside him. Hundreds of eyes were watching them as they made their retreat. Murmuring started. Rumours, no doubt. All of mage-kind would know about this by tomorrow. But Baz kept walking, keeping a close eye on Smaug. 


It wasn’t until the two of them got back to Mummer’s tower that Baz let himself freak out over the whole ordeal.


“What in Merlin’s name were you THINKING?” He snapped at the dragon, who recoiled in on itself at the explosive comment. Baz tossed his wand on to his bed and started pacing. 


“You could’ve been killed, or— or sold to the Coven, o-or, or…” he turned to face Smaug. “I know you can understand me. I don’t know to what extent, but I know you can. Did I not tell you that coming on to campus in front of everyone was dangerous! ” 


The dragon had its claws covering its snout and its wings wrapped around its trembling body. The poor thing was beyond terrified. Baz sighed and sat down on the bed. Anger was going to get him nowhere.


“Those were dragon hunters, Smaug. They were going to kill you. Do you understand that?” He looked down at the creature and gently stroked the glistening red scales.


Smaug nodded slightly, but shook off Baz’s gentle touch. He hopped down from Baz’s bed and made way across the room to jump up on to Simon’s, where he curled up on the pillow, clearly wanting to be alone. 


Baz eyed his roommate’s side of the room carefully. “I wouldn’t be there if I were you, I—“


Wait a minute.


There was something under Simon’s pillow...


Baz slowly stood up and crossed the room as well, kneeling next to Simon’s bed and peeking under the pillow. 


There are loose pages here. Pages that look like they belong to…


Pain suddenly erupted in his hands, and he snapped back to focus to see that Smaug…


Smaug had bit him .


Oi!” Baz gasped as he withdrew his hand. Smaug stood defensively on the pillow and snarled at Baz, meaning Baz hadn't been able to get a good look at the pages, and likely wouldn’t be able to for a while. Any mage knows not to mess with a dragon guarding its hoard.


I swear they looked familiar. 


And then it clicked. Lunging across the room to snatch his phone, Baz pulled up his conversation with Penny.


<< Me 12:13PM: Bunce

<< Me 12:13PM: Bunce

<< Me 12:13PM: Bunce I need that book you had

<< Me 12:13PM: Now.


>> Bunce 12:15PM: ok ok I’m coming geez 


And sure enough, a few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Baz swung it open to see Penny, shifting her weight nervously.


He snatched the book and slammed the door.




He sighed and opened the door. She was still standing there. “Nothing that happens in this room leaves this room, understand?” 


Penny nodded and pushed her way past Baz and into the room. Her eyes landed on Smaug, who now was looking nervously between Penny and Baz, and now had flames heating in the back of his throat. 


“Baz, don’t you know how dangerous dragons are?” Penny mumbled, but if her awe-struck tone was anything to go off of, Baz would say that Penny didn’t mind in this particular moment.


Baz was determined to get to the bottom of this, though, so he didn’t have time to enjoy the stupid-happy face that Bunce was making. He flung the book open to the missing chapter, Chapter 18. He glanced back at the pillow Smaug was standing on. 


Those pages… that’s Chapter 18, I’m sure of it… But why would Snow…


Baz cleared his throat and stood up. “Smaug,” he said sternly. The dragon looked at him. “Let me see the pages.” 


Had Penny not been there, Baz would’ve been burnt to a crisp. Smaug sent white-hot fire fuming in Baz’s direction, and Penny had only just managed to deflect it. 


“Let me see the pages,” Baz said again, taking a step forward once he knew he was safe. Smaug flared his wings in warning, but Baz kept approaching.


“Wait, let me,” Penny piped, and then raised her ring. “ Still as a statue.”


The dragon went rigid, every muscle frozen in place. Baz grimaced. He didn’t like restricting, or even using magic on the creature. It felt unfair. The little guy didn’t have magic of his own to defend himself with.


“You have five minutes, Basil,” Penny said. “And then the spell wears off.”


Baz nodded. He reached under his roommate’s pillow and retrieved the pages. When he brought them over to the rest of the book they belonged to, he laid them out and raised his wand, casting a quick “ as you were ” to restore them. 


There it was. Chapter 18.


“Dragons and their human identities,” Baz recited. Or maybe he didn’t. His eyes were skimming the pages as fast as they could. Or maybe he was staring at a fixated spot. Human identities ? Does this mean that


A shriek alerted Baz that the five minutes had passed. What had only felt like 5 seconds had gone by in the blink of an eye. He closed the book and turned around calmly. 


“Bunce,” he said, keeping his voice level. “I’d like you to leave.”


“Leave?! Wh—But—“ she sputtered and tried to come up with an argument, but the look in Baz’s eyes told Penny not to disobey. With a reluctant sigh, she left the room, and Baz waited until he could no longer hear her descending footsteps to turn back to the dragon.


Gone was the cautious beast who wouldn’t hesitate to send anyone who crossed him to the burn ward. Now, Smaug’s wings sagged with defeat, and his tail was curled in like a puppy who knew he was in trouble.


Baz sat on his bed. The room was still.


“Smaug,” he started. “It’s in your best interest to be honest with me.”


The dragon made no move to disagree.


“Is this book telling the truth?”


No response.


“Show me.”


Smaug shook his head.


Baz took out his wand and pointed it at the dragon. 


“Show. Me.”


A moment of silence passed, and then came the sickening cracking sound of bones shifting and moving around. Blood roared and flesh tore, and when all of that calmed down, a figure sat in place of the dragon, wearing a Watford uniform and clutching his knees to his chest, hiding his face.


But Baz knew. Baz would know anywhere. He gave a curt laugh and ran his hand through his hair, at a loss for words. He felt his magic roar to life inside of him. How could he…  


“Baz…’m sorry…” Simon’s muffled voice came, but Baz shook his head. 


“What the fuck.” His initial shock was melting away and he felt so many emotions all bubbling under his skin. The magic was no longer a small, match-lit flame inside of him.. “What the FUCK, SNOW!


Simon looked up, his blue eyes brimming with fear. “I-I can explain!”


“Explain?” Baz laughed. “Explain what, how— how you can turn into a-a-a beast? How you’ve been lying to me for weeks ? Right. Okay, go on, then Snow. Explain to me why it’s right that you’ve been deceiving me.”


Simon shook his head desperately. “It’s not like that!” He insisted. Magic was ringing in Baz’s ears.


“Oh, right, of course, it’s not like that at all. You just happen to be able to turn into a FUCKING BABY DRAGON!”


“I DON’T!” Simon roared as he jumped to his feet. His face was now inches away from Baz’s. Both boys were buzzing with magic, and their emotions were a hair’s breadth away from getting the better of them. But Simon stepped back and turned away. 


“I-I don’t turn into a baby dragon.” Simon mumbled. He sat down on his bed and looked up at Baz. “I am a baby dragon. There’s a difference.” 


Baz took a moment to let his magic simmer down, and when he was calmer, he sat down to meet Simon’s eyes. 


“Okay, Snow,” Baz huffed. “Talk.”


Simon flopped back on to his bed and stared up at the ceiling. 


“I’m a dragon. A baby dragon, though I’m still officially mature as a human. Dragon lifespans are… drastically different. My father, he, uhh… he was a mage. My mum wasn’t like me, but most of her side of my family is. Being a dragon can sometimes… skip generations, believe it or not.” Simon laughed meekly and closed his eyes. 


“I didn’t even know what I was— not really— until my— until the Mage came and got me from my care home. I knew I was different from the other kids, that whenever I got scared or angry, I’d... change , but it wasn't until Watford that I fully changed for the first time. Until then, it’d been my eyes going green, or nails turning into claws. But the Mage told me who— what I am, and…” Simon shrugged. “I s’pose I just had to accept it.”


Baz let this sit in his mind. “Is that why your magic is so…”


“Fucked up?” Simon filled in, opening his eyes to look at Baz. 


“I wasn’t gonna say that,” Baz said, but Simon shrugged again. 


“Yeah, well it’s accurate.” He sat up and reached for his wand. He fiddled with it for a second while he was thinking of how to best explain. 


“My mum, she… okay you know how in Harry Potter, the folks who are muggle-born?” Simon glanced at Baz, who nodded. “She was like that. Not a particularly strong magician, but a magician nonetheless.


“When she and my father had me, she hadn’t told him there was a chance I’d be...well… like this. So I was born and he— my father… killed her. Said there was no room in his life for a monster…”


Baz noticed Simon blinking tears from his eyes, but he knew better than to comment on it. Crowley knows he’d felt the same things when he’d been Turned.


“And so he tried to fix me. He hit me with every spell that exists, trying to turn me human. Creatures like me— like us—“ he turned to look at Baz again, but Baz averted his eyes. 


“We’re not supposed to have magic. It’s different for you, of course, you weren’t born like you are now, you were Turned. But I’ve always been this way. And so, because I’m a dragon, my magic was going to be funny to begin with. These two things don’t mix well, y’see. But The Mage hit me with every spell he knew, and some of them reacted poorly to my magic, and I was damaged. Can’t do magic properly anymore.”


Simon’s confession lay thick in the air, milling about in both of their minds. Baz wanted to reach out to him, to brush away those loose strands of bronze hair and kiss every freckle and mole on Simon’s body until that radiant smile returned. Baz wanted to fix him, though not in the way he’d just heard about. He wanted to be there and make sure nobody ever hurt his Simon Snow again.


“That’s...Simon, I—“ Wait . “Wait, did you say The Mage?” Baz’s softening expression steeled once again. 


Simon rolled over onto his side so his back was facing his roommate. 


“Yeah,” he mumbled. “I did. The Mage...My father.”








“I don’t need your pity, Baz. Go on, curse me out, o-or tell me how everything you’ve told me is a lie just to confuse me,” Simon mumbled. Baz arched an eyebrow,


“Everything I’ve told you?” 


Simon glanced over his shoulder to look at his roommate. “When you didn’t know I was...well… me. Like the night you came back at the beginning of break.”


Like the night I came back at the beginning of break. 


Oh FUCK , like the night I came back at the beginning of break.


He knows everything. Everything… Alastair Crowley he knows every-fucking-thing!


“You’re right, it’s all a lie,” Baz huffed and looked away. “I-I had figured you were listening in on the room or something, and I-I…”


He looked up to see Simon facing him now. 






“Oh shove it, Snow. You can’t actually think I meant those things I said, right? You think I meant it when I said I was desperately in love with you?” Baz forced out a laugh. “Of course I didn’t. Because we hate each other. Because we’re SUPPOSED to hate each other.” 


He stood up and faced away from Simon, from beautiful Simon.


“Baz you don’t mean that…” 




“I DO, SNOW!” Baz snapped. “I do mean it because I have to mean it. Because if I don’t mean it, I won’t be able to fight you like we’re supposed to. If I meant everything I said that night, I’d be disappointing my mother, and my father, and everyone who looks to me as the last hope for the Old Families!” 


Fuck, my fangs have dropped. And I’m crying. When did that happen?


“I hate you because you’re a fucking tragedy, Snow. You’re as bright as the sun, a-and even the fact that you’re a bloody dragon doesn’t change that. Why do you have to be the hero all the time, damnit!


“I hate you, Simon Snow, because you’re good . Because I’m the evil in your story, and I know that no matter what, no matter how I try to deny it, I can’t stop loving you, and if it comes down to it, I’d kill myself to see that you got a happy ending, far from a monster like me.”


I’m not sure when I ended up on the floor, but here I am, with Simon towering above me. He’s going to kill me now, so I can’t spill his secret. So this tragedy can be over. So he can move on. 


I might kiss him before I die, just to ensure that it happened.


And he’s leaning closer, and—


And then he kisses me.


Simon knelt in front of Baz, holding his face gently, and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. Both of them fell silent, and the magic buzzing in the air stilled, framing this moment.


Blue eyes met grey as the two of them pulled away. 


“I hate you too, Baz, because you’d never love me once you knew what I was.” Simon confessed, though his smile showed how he truly felt. He could never hate Baz.


“You— wait, you—“ Baz blinked.


“Yeah, somehow I fell in love with my probably-evil-definitely-plotting-vampire roommate,” Simon laughed. “Can you believe it?”


Baz didn’t answer in words. Instead he threw himself at Simon, landing on all fours on top of him and kissing him breathless, like he’d wanted to for so long. 


When both boys pulled away and could breathe again, Baz looked over at his roommate (boyfriend?) and dared ask a question that’d been on his mind for a bit now.


“If you were so secretive about your identity, why were you a dragon that day I found you?” Baz asked.


Simon flushed. “Oh, I’d been napping, and you opened the door so forcefully that it scared me, and uh… I sometimes shift like that when I’m startled.”


Baz laughed and leaned in for another kiss. 


“What a tragedy you are.”


“What a tragedy we are.”