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Hormone Surges

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Everyone reunited at the famous beach house for the summer break. It was a tradition in the Sohma family. Kids would go together to the lake house for the spring break and their parents would join them for the summer.
This year was different, the first time ever, Akito and Shigure responded positively to the invitation and came with Shiki. If most of the former zodiacs didn’t mind her presence, Akito was still uncomfortable with the reunion, she didn’t want to bother and trigger anyone so she would stay in the neighboring house with some other former zodiacs and their partners who didn’t mind her presence.
Today is an emergency crisis and after hours of discussion the parents decided that it’s the time for The Talk, since many parents didn’t know how to explain it to their children, a co-ed education was planned.

‘’Everyone sit down on the available space please.’’ Tohru is setting the coffee table with snacks and juices while Momiji is installing a clean whiteboard in the living room. All the children who are over 13 are sitting where they can. Riku sits on the ground to pick up the snacks more easily, Mutsuki sits next to Hajime on a small couch. Hinata, Hibika and Kinu face the boys on a another couch.
Chizuru, Rio, Shiki, Sora sit on the middle couch, Sora moves far away from Shiki and taps the empty space with her right hand.

‘’Sawacchi ! Come here ! Next to me !’’ She yelled with a high pitched voice. The latter joins the group on the couch and gets confortable on the couch.

‘’What a sheer coincidence, this is also next to Shiki.’’ Observes Rio, with a faux surprise tone, Chizuru snorts while Shiki blushes.

‘’I know, I’m a part-time matchmaker.’’ Sora replies with a big smile. ‘’Are you comfortable ? Do you want a blanket ?’’ She asks her friend who refuses politely.

‘’Here a glass of juice Sawa-san.’’ Machi kindly gives a glass to Sawa who accepts it with both of her hands. She looks at Kinu and her cocktail then looks at her own glass. ‘’Thank you. Is there any alcohol in it ?’’ She asks her, Machi frowns and shakes her head. ‘’Of course not ! You are underage Sawa-san…’’
She looks around and leans towards to whisper in her ear ‘’Why ? Do you want some too ? I can prepare you something. I’d rather you to do it here and in this house under my watch.’’ Sawa blushes more and refuses politely while Sora is laughing.

The rest of the children are playing at the beach with Hiro, Kisa and Momiji’s wife, Nina. The adults join everyone in the living room, some are happy, some are shy, some (Haru) are upset. They sit on the various chairs installed in front of their audience. Ayame, Shigure and Momiji are standing with a knowing smile on their face.

‘’Oh Hinata-chan, aren’t you supposed to go to the beach with the kids ?’’ Asks Shigure, the latter shrugs her shoulders. ‘’Hiro-nii-san and I switched our places, since I’m closer with the kids. Plus he was not ready.’’ She replies and sips her home cocktail. Rin snorts along with Haru. Shigure clears his throat and starts :

‘’Anyways, let’s start. Do you know the reason of today’s reunion.’’

‘’Mutsuki and his harem fantasies ?’’ Hajime replies and Mutsuki gently his arm. ‘’Just say you’re jealous Hajime.’’ He defends himself with playful tone. ‘’I have a girlfriend so I’m not.’’ Hajime replies to Mutsuki and rolls his eyes when he realizes the meaning of Mutsuki’s teasing.

‘’Yes and no. Today we are going to have The Talk. You see, high school is awesome and I remember our lovely days, right Aya ?’’

‘’Sure Gure, this was hands down one of the best chapter of my life, the birth of the burning desire, the awakening of the human nature in me. Ah, I remember the day I became a man, I was wearing this magnificent blue-‘’

‘’Ugh Dad can we not ? Let’s get straight to the point please.’’ Chizuru cuts Ayame in his sentence before he starts his never ending stories.

‘’We’re going to have a sex education class. In co-ed so it will less uncomfortable than small group, we want to normalise talking about it so nobody is scared. Please see us as normal adults and mentors, not as your parents for this hour. We won’t judge you and we will take turn to make sure you have many points of view on each situation. Feel free to take notes on your phones and to ask questions afterwards.’’ Shigure says with a reassuring smile. He notices his son’s red face.

Momiji writes ‘’SEX’’ on the board with a question mark. The CEO in him is showing as he takes a serious tone. ‘’What is sex to you ?’’ He asks the small audience. Sora raises her hand, to the astonishment of her parents, especially Haru who whispers something to Rin’s ear. Momiji allows her to answer her question.

‘’Humping and jumping at each other.’’ She says, full of coincidence. Kinu and Hinata choke on their drinks.

‘’Mom, Dad can I leave ?’’ Hajime asks Kyo and Tohru.

‘’No.’’ They reply in unison. Chizuru raises his hand and Ayame gaps while Mine takes a picture of their son showing interest in the activity.

‘’Sex is one of the only methods for procreation.’’ He says calmly. Rio applauses to show him some support.

‘’Tell me the other methods I’m curious.’’

‘’Well, in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination.’’

‘’So to you, the only goal of sex is procreation ?’’ Momiji asks the child.

‘’I think so, I’m not interested in those things.’’ Chizuru replies and unintentionally breaks his romantic father’s heart.

‘’You fake asexual, your internet history is strangely contradicting what you are saying.’’ Rio emphasizes the ‘internet history’ so everyone can hear it. ‘’I love this reunion.’’ Drunk Hinata screams and applauses along with Hibika laughing at her younger sibling.

‘’Well, sex is also a source of pleasure and a physical expression of love. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.’’ Momiji finishes his part and exchanges places with Hatori. Sora raises her hand, giving heart attacks to her dad.

‘’So my parents had sex more than once ?’’ She says innocently, Rin goes ‘Aw’ and kisses Haru on his cheek.

‘’Of course silly, they did it at least twice since there’s you and me. Two kids.’’ Riku turns to face his twin sister with an sandwich on his hands. She smiles and nods because she gets what he means. Mayuko looks at Rin and Haru then at Hatori with wide eyes, the latter facepalms in silence. While some hide their face to laugh discreetly, some are in pure shock.

Hatori sighs and writes ‘STD’ on the whiteboard

‘’Sexual Transmiitted Demons.’’Answer Sora Kinu and Hinata cry in silence while everybody in the room gasp.

‘’Sora, what the fuck is the matter with you ?’’ Haru raises his voice and even swears because of his daughter’s intervention. ‘’I saw it on Twitter Papan, look this is real.’’ She whines and shows her phone’s screen, Rin gasps again.

‘’Did somebody say exorcism ?’’ Mutsuki cackles while drunk Hinata let herself slide on the floor, trying to breathe. Kinu could have helped her but she enables the situation ‘’More than sexorcism.’’ Hinata is now rolling her the living room carpet and since her laughter is contagious Ayame, Mine, Shigure and Momiji are laughing with her.

‘’STD are sexual transmitted DISEASES.’’ Hatori explains while Machi and Yuki are discreetly evacuating drunk Hinata by holding her hands and her legs. ‘’There are many kinds of diseases and the best protection is the condom, it works as a shield between the vagina mucosa and the penis. Akito please.’’

A pregnant Akito arrives with a box of condoms and starts to give one to each child, when it’s Shiki’s turn her hand is shaking as her boy tries to catch the small package. He manages to catch and Akito sighs on her way back to her chair next to Shigure who is about to tease her.

‘’Today I’m talking to you as a doctor not just Uncle Hatori. I won’t judge you and your ways to practice sex. Please stay safe. There’s every kind of diseases, some are curable some are not. Sex is good but safe sex is better. But let me remind you that condoms can break easily. So it’s important to get tested on a regular basis. Talk with your partner or partners if there is anything wrong or right. Also, you can fall with anyone so don’t have stereotypes about STDs ruining your vision of life. You can have HIV and be undetectable, it means you can have children and get married. Catching a disease doesn’t equal with body count, you can get married with somebody who hid it and have unprotected sex with them just like you can safely sleep with the entire world and stay healthy. You can accidentally use someone’s needle, you can help a wounded person, your mother can be positive and you born positive too…Life is unfair.’’ Hatori’s speech captivates everyone’s attention and he notices how his daughter takes notes as well.

‘’Oral sex requires protection as well. Sex is sex, no matter there’s penetration or…eating...there’s no hierarchy. Avoid unprotected sex with people you don’t know, if you can’t handle the sexual tension, mutual masturbation is a good alternative. Unprotected sex means getting tested on a regular basis okay ? Akito and Tohru are going to show you how to put a condom on after class.’’

‘’Why do we have to do it ?’’ Asks kindly Tohru, she is blushing.

‘’We say equal participation.’’ Replies Hatori.

‘’But I set the coffee table.’’ Says Tohru. ‘’And I gave the condoms.’’ Akito follows Tohru and she pats her small belly.

‘’They are right Tori, I know two shameless people who didn’t volunteer for anything.’’ Ayame says as he smiles to his younger brother and wife, they avoid his look.
‘’I served the drinks. And I carried the body.’’ Machi defends herself leaving Yuki facing his future. ‘’I carried it too.’’ He whines.

‘’So it was Machi who gave alcohol to Hinata-chan.’’ Shigure gasps and fakes his surprise.

‘’It’s okay my dear Machi, I was talking about your fabulous husband also known as my wonderful brother.’’ Ayame smiles and turns to face Hatori. ‘’Since Yuki tries to flee we should just assign him with Kyo on the condom thing. They have such a chemistry. This kind of bromance would totally make the children comfortable.’’

‘’WHAT ?’’

Yelled the former cat.

‘’Machi I can’t believe you betrayed me.’’ Yuki pulls his wife’s arm as she finishes her third drink. ’’Poor Yun Yun, Do you want me to call the whinebulance ?’’ She teases him again.

Hatori agrees Ayame’s idea and they ignore Yuki and Kyo complaining in the back. Mayuko stands up and gives her chair to Hatori. She cleans the board and writes ‘CONSENT’ on it. Sora raises her hand and Mayuko ignores her to any adult’s relief.

‘’Mom, I want to hear Sora’s answer.’’ Says Kinu with a faux serious face and Hibika nods with a big smile. ‘’Yes, me too.’’ Adds Riku followed by Mutsuki, Chizuru and Rio. Actually Sora’s interventions help the children to relax and to feel less embarrassed.


‘’I think it’s the noise of sex.’’

‘’The noise… of sex ?’’

‘’Yes, the human speech with different sounds and frequency levels. The moans and stuff.’’ She replies simply.

‘’It’s vowels and consonants Sora-chan.’’ Shigure bursts in tears and laughs hard before Mutsuki and Ayame could join him. Akito moves her chair to move away from her husband because she’s embarrassed but she suddenly stops as she realizes she’s too far now.

‘’Haru, she does that on purpose.’’ Rin tries to calm her husband down. He didn’t except his baby girl to be so curious about sex.

‘’Consent is….yes.’’ Mutsuki imposes his presence by raising his voice. Everyone naturally agrees with him. ‘’That’s my nephew. I almost raised him you know. Such a gentleman.’’ Ayame Iaughs in pride while Machi holds her husband because he wants to say something or to fight.

‘’Everyone calm down please. Mutsuki is a bit right but…’’ Mayuko explains her definition of consent ‘’Consent is yes for sure, but if you force someone to say yes with violence or blackmailing by exemple, the consent doesn’t exist. The willing to have sex must be clear, discussed and mostly important, it can be revocable. Basically, you can say yes but if you are not confortable or in pain you can say stop. It’s normal.’’

‘’But what if we say stop without actually meaning it ?’’ Riku asks. Rin gaps next to Haru, he whispers something to her.

‘’Well, in that case you can create safe words with your partner, in that way your partner will immediately understand you want to stop. The best safe words are colors, like red.’’ Mayuko answers with a soft smile and Riku takes notes on his phone.

‘’And if my boyfriend wants to have sex but I’m not ready and it affects our relationship, should I have sex with him ?’’ Hibika asks with a serious tone.

‘’Your boyfriend is an idiot. As a guy, trust me, your relationship won’t last.’’ Rio answers before Mayuko could do it. ‘’If I love you, I’ll respect you. If I can’t handle the wait I’ll leave you in good terms and not manipulating you into having sex with me. This is not love and there’s no consent, this blackmailing.’’ He continues.

‘’Oh, I don’t date anyone don’t worry. Especially an idiot like that, Dad would kill him.’’ Hibika sees how everyone has a worried look on their face and she laughs lightly.

‘’Yes, I’d strangle with a faux satin scarf. Right ma chérie ?’’ Ayame exclaims with clenched fists, Mine pats his shoulder. ‘’Sure mon coeur, I’d hang this trash of a human being in front of the boutique as a message to the ones who would try to follows his steps.’’ She says with a smile. A weird aura grows out of them. Akito moves her chair back to Shigure.

‘’Next chapter is sex practice, the fabulous couple, instead of planning to torture someone who doesn’t even exist, stand up and do your parts.’’ Hatori stops Ayame and Mine, he lets Mayuko sitting on his lap while the former snake and his wife are cackling and writing on the board. Chizuru sighs because he knows what is about to happen and his sister and his cousin clap happily.

‘’Mom can I leave ?’’ Hajime tries again. ‘’No.’’ Kyo replies and Tohru shakes her head with a bright smile.

‘’So I, Ayame the first, brother of Yuki the magnificent, husband of the hottest maid of the Asian continent, father of Hibika the sensational and Chizuru the poker face, uncle of Mutsuki the most terrific nephew, will do the talk while my delicious wife will do the practice thanks to those cute dolls.’’

‘’Did he call me a poker face?’’ Chizuru complains. ‘’Did he lie tho ?’’ Rio snorts.

‘’That’s a lot of information.’’ Shiki says and Sawa shows him her phone ‘’Don’t worry Shiki, I wrote it down.’’ Shiki laughs in disbelief ‘’Sawa, you were no suppose to- wow you wrote everything down.’’ She smiles at him and he pats her head.

‘’Look, he took after you. I know that move by heart.’’ Akito whispers to Shigure. ‘’Yes, I taught him that move along with the art of spoiling the one you love.’’ He kisses her forehead.

Ayame and Mine show a variety of positions to their audience (with their dolls). The older children and some adults even make special requests to the embarrassment of the younger ones.

‘’See sex can be funny and it takes a lot of energy.’’ Ayame says as Mine let the dolls in a 69 position to make Shigure and Mutsuki laugh. Sora raises her hand and which makes her parents panicking again.

‘’I want to say that position do not determine your sexual orientation. Like, a finger or two fingers or even a stick there won’t make you gay. Plus there's nothing wrong with being gay.’’ She says with pride and Ayame asks her ‘’There ?’’ She whispers loudly ‘’The stage door.’’

‘’Sohma Sora !’’ Haru chokes on his own saliva and Rin tries to calm him again. ‘’Haru she’s a teenager of course she knows.’’

‘’Uncle Ayame, I think she meant the asshole.’’ Riku says and Ayame nods energetically. Momiji snorts, Shigure laughs again and the other adults gasp.

‘’Sohma Riku !’’ Rin screams too, throwing away everything she said to her husband.

‘’Yeah Riku, Sora this was gross.’’ Adds Hajime giving his snacks to Mutsuki.

‘’I love you Hakkun but you should get an X-ray because you got a stick or two too.’’ Sora replies and Haru stands up despite Rin’s attempts to keep him down.

‘’I’m with Sora, Hajime needs to get an X-ray so he can find out how big is the stick up his ass.’’ Drunk Hinata comes back into the living room and Mutsuki spills his whole drink. If most of the people in the room are civilized and try not to laugh, the family clowns are rolling on the ground making a lot of noise. Saki snorts loudly. Machi laughs nervously and Yuki takes big breaths.


‘’Mom am I being punished ?’’ Hajime turns to Tohru, who has a red face. Kyo sighs and bites, he needs a moment. ‘’Hinata, that was rude. Hajime is just modest when it comes to sex. Who the hell told you to come back ?’’ He yells. Kinu stands up with a grin on her face.

‘’I’m done with this class, I’m taking her upstairs. She’ll apologize later. Hibika let’s go to the beach.’’ She pulls Hinata and Hibika waves her family before leaving with the duo. Mutsuki hugs Hajime in order to breathe properly but he pushes him ‘’Get off me. I’m upset.’’ He says dryly and Mutsuki whines and laughs louder.


Akito stands up and writes SEX on the whiteboard. The commotion caused by Sora’s intervention finally stops. She caresses her pregnant belly to calm her anxiety, she mentally counts to three and she starts to read her paper making sure to make eye contact with her audience from time to time.

‘’I think we should conclude the class for today, I’m glad everyone participated in their own ways. I, as every parent here, was worried about a potential discomfort with this talk. But to see everyone making jokes and giving advice to each other is the best result we could get. Since some have issues to discuss about sex with their parents, please feel free to disturb us and we won’t judge you or tell your parents unless it’s something grave. I wrote a silly speech but I don’t think it will be necessary.’’ She says confidently.

‘’Read it. I’m curious.’’ Rin snaps and look at Akito who ends up looking away.

‘’Please Akito-san read it.’’ Tohru encourages her. ’’Yes, you took time to write a speech, read it.’’ Adds Kyo. ’’Yes Acchan, read it.’’ Teases Saki with a grin. Shigure claps in his hands singing ‘Acchan’ and there is a whole new commotion.

‘’Okay.’’ Akito clears her throat. ‘’I wanted to talk about sex but also about love. See, I can understand how you feel, your body is changing, your hormones are boiling, you are not a child anymore but you are not an adult yet. You are confused and today’s society does not help you at all. Every person comes in a different shape so let me tell you that you are normal, you are beautiful in your own way. If you ever felt like your…boobs are too big or too small compared to the other girls. Or that your private parts aren’t accurate to what they show in p- I mean adult videos, don’t feel insecure. Don’t let anyone control you and how you must feel about your body. Many kinds of love exist and self love is as important as the love you share with your soulmate.’’ She flips her paper and look at her son. ‘’You can be as lucky as Shigure and find your soulmate in somebody’s womb or simply find it later. There’s no perfect timing in this world, you will never be late nor early. Don’t use sex for anything else than pleasure and reproduction, if you use it as a weapon you will hurt yourself, because you can just trust me on this. Don’t use sex at all, just do it.’’ She immediately sits back next to her grinning husband, she pinches his forearm and blushes ever harder. The room is silent.

‘’Wow, that was…deeper than I expected. ’’ Comments Machi, Yuki takes her fourth glass from her hand and drinks it. ‘’Yes Akito-san that was beautiful, look at my tears. I’m so happy she made it this year.’’ Tohru applauses Akito and she dries her tears. Saki pats Tohru’s head and adds ‘’Yes Acchan, that really personal, I felt like I was an intruder.’’

‘’It’s the pregnancy hormones, I’m too sensitive now.’’ Akito replies but she looks away. ‘’Yeah sure Aki-chan.’’ Shigure cackles and puts his hand on her pregnant belly.

‘’Thank you for your speech and thank you for coming with Shiki this year. He is really happy even if he doesn’t show it.’’ Hatori leans towards the couple to talk discretely as everyone starts to move and clean up since The Talk is over.

‘’He is very distant since we told him about my pregnancy. He spends a lot of time at Kinu’s after school and he barely talk to me.’’ Akito is tip tapping her fingers on Shigure’s lap. ‘’So when I heard from Hinata how he would like me to join everyone, I didn’t hesitate. He never asks for anything. I want to talk to him and tell him how the baby won’t affect my love for him but he is glued to Mitoma Sawa.’’ She explains. Hatori nods and smiles to her.''Just give him some time, maybe he wants you to rest.''

Shigure snorts and open his big mouth to quote her. ’’Ah but you said : 'You can be as lucky as Shigure and find your soulmate in somebody’s womb or simply find it-‘’ She cuts him. ‘’Oh, shut up Shigure. Don’t even start.’’

‘’Ah Akito-son you’re so mean with me. I got inspired by your sweet words.’’ He whines in faux horror.