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Maiden of Flowers

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Amidst the Flowers. 

There the Maiden of Flowers stood on the balcony of the tower, observing time and space with her Clairvoyance. 

With her father being sealed away by Nimue, she takes his place as the one who oversees the world from within the Garden. 

After being alone for so many years, she wanted to interact with the people on the ground. 

For she too had wished to live life normally like them. 

Thus she created a copy of herself, in the flesh. 

She cannot allow herself to leave the tower as she had to watch to keep everything in order. 

The white creature beside her feet, Cath Palug, mewled out a yawn. 

(Y/n) looks down at the creature, softly patting its head with her calloused fingers. 

She had heard of a school that teaches magecraft. Maybe, she'll enroll that copy of hers into that school, letting her interact with the people there. 

With a soft tap on the ground with her staff, the mimic embarks on a journey, to interact with different people. 

The mimic will soon live a casual, easy going life on the college. But as for the original one herself, she remains within her humble abode, where she'll stay there until the end of time. 

A single tear falls down from the Magus' eyes. 

As she'll never truly experience the beauty of life. 

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An Anomaly. 

Is what (Y/n) described the new student as such. 

She had claimed to come from another world, where magic nor magecraft don't exist. 

The others believed the newcomer's pleas.
—But as for her, she wasn't convinced.

The Magus only saw the Outlander as a pure threat. Possibly a Beast who's in a disguise of a damsel in distress. 

The newcomer resides in the once Ramshackle Dorm, now named, The Avalon Le Fay Dorm. 

Of course, (Y/n) requested for a name change. And Crowley obliged. 

The ghosts still reside at the dorm, with the Maiden giving them their own rooms despite they can't really interact with it. 

She had also gave the dorm a makeover. With her magecraft, she had altered the dorm's appearance. Similar to the interior design that she had on the tower. 

"····Eh?? Avalon Le Fay?? Wasn't that dorm called Ramshackle?" 

Asked a Heartslabyul Student to another. 

"It used to be called that, but (Y/n) Le Fay asked for a renovation and a name change." 

The latter explained, as they both glanced towards the dorm. The former groaned at the mention of the Magus' name. 

"Seriously?? That Le Fay bitch should know her place." 

"Now now, don't speak ill of her. You know she's of the same calibre as Malleus, right?

Now that I mention it... They both don't seem to use a wand, I wonder what's with that?"

"····So she'll be staying at my dorm...?"

The Maiden of Flowers trailed off, looking towards the Outlander with an icy stare. 

ーIf looks could kill, she'd be dead in an instant. 

Crowley nodded at her question. 

The Outlander, namely, Yuu lifted up her hand to the Magus. 

(Y/n) hesitantly reached for her hand. After she did so, Yuu shook her senior's hand lightly. 

"A pleasure to meet you, (Y/n)-senpai."

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Avalon Le Fay. 

(Y/n)'s temporary home here in Night Ravens College. 

And where the Outlander, Yuu, would stay until they found a way to bring her back to her world. 

As expected of someone who has a fancy name, (Y/n) decorated the dorm similar to those of royal houses. 

"Le Fay, huh? So she's a Descendant of Morgan Le Fay?" Yuu thought to herself, as she eyed her frigid senior. 

The Magus led Yuu to the room she'll be staying, without even so muttering a single word. 

Grim, who has not spoken nor uttered a noise, is now being carried by Yuu as he was terrified that (Y/n) would strike him down if he ever dared to stain the carpet. 

They soon stopped at a door. She turned the cold knob with a gloved hand, widening the door enough for the two to see. 

"This is where you two'll be staying." The Maiden of Flowers uttered, her bangs almost covering her eyes. 

The duo were left speechless when they saw the room. It was a room adorned with white marble walls, gold curtains covering the windows, a blue velvet king-sized bed and pearl white drawers with gold outlining. Yuu expected that (Y/n) would give them a disordered room, given the attitude she gave her. 

Perhaps she wasn't that bad. 

"If you need anything from me, my quarters are upstairs, it's the second door on the right.

If you need food for either you and that cat, the kitchen is downstairs, just take a left from the lobby."

Yuu nods at her senior's words, noting them down in her mind. 

"Also, here."

(Y/n) hands her two keys. 

"One is for your room, and the other is for the dorm itself." 

With that, she turns her heel and began walking away.

"Looks like (Y/n)-senpai isn't that bad after all." 

Yuu muttered, sitting on the bouncy bed with Grim beside her. 

She stares at the ceiling, trying to reminisce the events that happened not too long ago. 

The weird thing is, why is she and (Y/n) the only girls at this school?

Maybe the same thing happened to her senior, or she just enrolled here. 

She'll never know. Unless she tried to settle along with her. 

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The Maiden of Flowers stood at the balcony of the tower. 

Observing time and space all alone. 

Most of the times, she isn't alone, for she had Cath Palug beside her. 

But however, no mews nor yaps of the creature were heard.

—It seems like Cath Palug went missing. 

(Y/n) panics after realizing that the little furball isn't beside her feet. 

Truly, a normal day at Avalon. 

"(Y/n)-senpai, I need your help on something·····?" 

Rang Yuu as she turned the knob. 

As she opened the door, she was met by a (Y/n) that was frantically roaming around, as if she was searching for something. 

Yuu came here so she would ask some help from her senior, but it looks like that it'll be the other way around. 

Wanting to help her senior, she cleared her throat hoping that it'll grab her attention. 

Said senior whipped her head towards the noise, seeing Yuu on the doorframe. 

"Hey, have you seen a creature that looks like a white squirrel and it yaps 'Fou Fou!' ?" 

(Y/n) frantically asked, the worriedness very clear on her eyes. 

Yuu guessed that the particular animal she was talking about is very dear to her, or it was probably something else. Either way, she still has to help her.

"·····No. But I'll help if you want." 

"No, no, it's fine."

Cath Palug roams around the campus, observing the scenery. 

So this is the beauty of the world·····?

The creature's nimble limbs danced as it gazed upon the beauty of the world. Taking it all in with such curiosity. 

····That mage··· I know that she's trying to protect me, but she should—at least once in a while, take me out to see the outside world. 

It pranced on the campus' main street, then stopping as it was looking towards the various things man had made. 

I wonder if I'll be able to witness more beautiful things····?

Unbeknowst to the innocent creature, a human had kicked it hard, its body slamming towards the cold pavement. 

Humans····are····terrible beings······

Truly, indeed. Humans are rotten to the core. Even the most illustrious ones have their own stench. 

The Maiden of Flowers scours the whole campus, in hopes of finding her small friend. 

She hoped that nothing bad happened to it. 

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(Y/n) is running late to a dorm leaders' meeting with Yuu. 

(Y/n): Sorry I'm late, I was doing stuff. 

Yuu, whispering: I'm stuff. 

(Y/n): OMG!!!! YUU!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!

The rest of the Dorm Leaders: Haha (Y/n), you are banging our kouhai.

Yuu: .. .----. -- / ... --- .-. .-. -.-- [translation: I’M SORRY]

(Y/n): What's that?

Yuu: Remorse code.

(Y/n), pinching the bridge of her nose: I'm even angrier now.

(Y/n): In light of you and Grim almost burning the dorm down, you both can hug me for approximately four to five seconds. 


(Y/n): NO! FOUR TO FI—

Yuu: Too late.

The First Years along with Yuu and Grim do a sleepover party on the dorm's lobby. 

(Y/n), flickering the lights on to see the living room in a mess, pizza smeared everywhere: What. The. Fuck. 

Yuu, notices her senpai's boiling rage: I-uh, I can explain—

(Y/n): No. Don't even. 
(Y/n): How dare you guys not fucking invite me?

(Y/n) invited Vil over for a tea session. Epel, Yuu and Grim spied on the duo. 

Yuu: You think they're talking shit about us?

Epel: No doubt. 


(Y/n), sipping her tea: Leona stinks real bad, doesn't he ever take a shower?

Vil: Honey, I swear he only does it every full moon.

Yuu: That reminds me, does Grim react the same way as normal cats do towards a pickle?

(Y/n): Dunno. Let's see for ourselves. 

Yuu places a pickle nearby Grim, as he saw it his entire being flew to the heavens. 

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She'd asked almost everyone, yet none had caught their sights on the creature. 

And at this point, she was slowly losing hope. With an exasperated sigh she toughens herself up, clinging onto hope that she'll eventually find her tiny friend. 

Maybe she'll try to ask the other dorm leaders if they had seen it. 

Drowning in the depravity of the Human Order, the seemingly innocent creature takes it all in. 

Bit by bit. 


Its anger grows, feeding on the weak bond this world's Common Sense of Man had. 

I now···understood why···she wanted to protect me···

If possible, it'd like to teach man a lesson. To teach them to not interfere with nature, after all, humanity has no feat against the growing beast. 

We as humanity always try to go around the principle, yet inevitably fail in doing so. Therefore, our only choice is to coexist with nature, or else to repeat the tragic mistakes of humanity's forefathers who had fought against the violent cycle that is nature. 

Thus, these feelings coalesced at last into "Comparison". 

For he, Cath Palug is the Beast IV who embodies the Sin of Comparison.

A need to make humanity test themselves and be the dominating species. 

The true Apex Predator, solely keeping man in check. 

Yet the only way to defeat thy so, is to befriend him. To acknowledge and to live along side him. As it should be.

(Y/n) stood idly on the pavement of the main street, staring off towards the distance. 

She'd wondered, what did she exactly do for her tiny friend to go missing····? 

The only thing she could assume that the answer, was about her not letting him go out the outside world. 

With a defeated sigh, she gives up at last. 

For some reason, she had a gut feeling that something bad was gonna happen. But her Clairvoyance doesn't seem to work, thus not letting her know the impending doom. 

Without her knowledge, her tiny friend, Cath Palug had turned into a hideous creature, plotting to murder anyone who would dare to cross paths. 

Luckily, the other dorm leaders had acted accordingly and had cornered the beast to Savanaclaw's territory, making sure that it'll not wreck havoc on bystanders.

Oh how blissful ignorance could be.  

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Quiet mornings aren't that usual in Avalon Le Fay, as to the Ghosts residing in there somewhat cause ruckus, so does Yuu and Grim, but now it has regained peace with (Y/n) offering four dozen of canned tuna to Grim, to which she complained wouldn't shut up like another fae she knew. 

There she was, sitting on an outdoor table set on the garden of her designated dorm. Slowly rising the teacup to her lips as she gazed upon the various flowers in her garden. 

Her junior would often describe her as someone graceful, someone elegant without even trying, its as if that was natural to her. And it reminded her of someone... 

And that someone is her senior's ancestor. Morgan Le Fay. 

An infamous Fae who had planned of dismantling her own sibling's kingdom and had thought of using her son to kill his father with his own hands. 

Yet she wondered, was her senior a Fae too? 

Probably so. 

"...Senpai? Is it alright if I sit here?"

The Magus looked towards the Outlander. 

"It's fine." 

As soon as she said that, Yuu had already sat down on the chair that faced her senior. 

With a deep breath, she asks these words; "Is it... alright if we talked about your ancestor, Morgan?"

(Y/n) had felt as she had choked on something when Yuu asked that question. 

"Ah, Mothe—Morgan."

She placed her hand on her chin, expression as if she was trying to reminisce about her ancestor. 

"Well, first things first, you probably already know about her since stories of King Arthur's exploits exists in your world.

All you need to know about her is that she's somewhat misunderstood."

Misunderstood? No one in her world would describe the Fae as such. 

Was her senior biased due to her being Morgan's descendant, or was there something else to that?

"Uh what? Didn't Morgan do some bad stuff?"

(Y/n) had placed the teacup on the saucer rather harshly, almost breaking it in the process. 

"Of course, you humans wouldn't understand that." A visible scowl adorned the Magus' face, as she spat those words with malice. 

Yuu was rather confused on what her senior had said to her. Isn't she technically a human too?!

Before she could even say something, (Y/n) had stood up and walked away from the garden. 

Maybe this topic is too sensitive to her. 

At least she had managed to invoke a small talk with her, even though they ended up on bad terms. 

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From afar, three figures gazed upon the illustrious knights of the Round Table. 

A Fae, clad in black with a veil covering her face. Beside her was her children, one had the blood of King Arthur, while the other had the blood of Merlin. 

One born off of an incestuous relationship, the other born of a teacher-apprentice one. 

They were named, Mordred and (Y/n). 

Mordred had his most of his father's features while (Y/n) inherited her mother's looks. 

Of course, the older brother had sworn a vow.

"I'll become a knight for the sake of protecting my sister!" 

Morgan had heard his oath, and decided to use it for her own benefit. 

Sooner or later, they'll understand. 

After all, Mother knows best.

With a huff and a puff, (Y/n) heads to the Diasomnia dorm. 

Well, almost everyone in the college knows that she's a Fae. 

And of course, she knows that some of her fellow schoolmates are faeries too. 

Others had expected that the inevitable meeting between a group of faes would end badly. 

But in reality, it's quite the opposite. 

They hitted off really well, despite (Y/n) being a different type of fae rather than the others. 

Though, she won't pray tell what type she is. 

Some things are left unrevealed for the better. 

Lilia cackles as the last few words left (Y/n)'s mouth. 

"Seriously? You got mad after something so trivial?" The senior mused, wiping off non-existent tears from his eyes. 

"Sh-shush! I won't accept this slander."

She huffed in annoyance. Mark her words, she will have vengeance...!

She then shifts her gaze to someone that has been quiet this whole time. 

She realized that Silver had dozed off once again.

Oh dear. 

She was quite used to hanging around with people with such colorful personalities, the Knights of the Round Table showed their varying personalities during her time there. 

Her mind lingers to a specific someone that had managed to win her heart when she was in Camelot. 

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....Its been months since her uncle, King Arthur had added Mordred into the Knights of the Round Table. 

Due to this, (Y/n) also resides in the palace, she now has a chance to interact with her other half-siblings. 

Of course, Agravain added his younger sibling to the list of women he actually tolerates. 

Gareth would hang out with her and talk about the KoRT's latest exploits. 

Gaheris and Gawain would keep an eye out to anyone who dares to court their dear sister. 

Other than her siblings, she would pester another knight who was the same age as her. The apathetic pious knight, Galahad. 

Her first impression of him was kind of... bad? She's deemed him as a dead person, as he seemed to be devoid of life. 

Their first interaction with one another was... awkward. 

She'd rather not pry on the memory. 

Its been weeks after that incident, (Y/n) just forgot about it. 

She received an invitation from Vil, who wanted to chat with her over tea. 

The Mage brought Yuu and Grim along with her, why? Just no particular reason. 

Their journey on the way there was plain awkward. As (Y/n) kept a stoic expression on her face not even muttering a single word. 

The only time she spoke was when they arrived at the place. 

"Ah. We're here." She said with a blank expression.

The Outlander trailed after her. 

Yuu was perplexed how she really looked like Morgan. From the long snow white locks to the elegant features which adorned her face. It honestly made her jealous. 

As her senior spoke to another, she couldn't help but notice that they were both beautiful. 

A gorgeous being talking to another. 

She couldn't help but stare. 

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With a knock, comes another. 

Yuu slowly wakes up just to hear her senior's knocking on the door. 

Before she could even get up and open the door, (Y/n) had blasted the door wide open— which also woke Grim up in the process. 
"Ngggyyaahh!! What was that?!" cried Grim. 

The Magus puts her hands on her waist with a disappointed look etched on her face.
"Seriously, how can you forget about today.." The dissatisfied in her voice was evident.

"...Huh? What's so special about today?" Yuu piped up, slowly sitting up.

"Even you, huh? Well, today's the student exchange program with the Royal Sword Academy." The fae briefly explained, waving her staff, she casts a spell to Yuu which controlled her body and whisked her away towards the bathroom. 

She glances to Grim next, a sinister smile akin to her father's—was inscribed on her features. 
"As for you, head down to the kitchen to eat your breakfast."

And with that, she left the room. 

She patiently waited for the two to pamper themselves up as the school was having visitors. 
Yuu, who carried Grim in her arms, followed (Y/n) to Crowley's office. 

Apparently, the two were tasked to look over the exchange student who was pitifully selected to be here.
Whomever that was, they'd have to be on good terms with the Fata Morgana—(Y/n) herself.
Who knows what kind of hexes she might inflict on them. 

Hopefully their headmaster will give them some kind of a good luck charm, right?....right?

The trio entered Crowley's office, where the headmaster and the unfortunate exchange student were. 

As they stepped in the room, Yuu suddenly feels a tension in the air. 

"So glad to see you again, my daughter." The bearded man laughed.

If you could only see the utter confusion on Yuu's face.

"Pleasant to see you too, father. Also, could you quit it with that appearance? We both know what you look like anyway."

He just laughed in response.
"Alright, alright, no need for disguises, huh?"

With another laugh he waves his staff transformed into his original form—as for that original form, he was dressed in robes and features younger than what his disguise was. 
Yuu could only stare in shock, surprised that her upperclassman's father is as attractive as her. 
Even his student was shocked, never he had seen his headmaster be this young!

His daughter only scoffed, annoyed the fact that he lied about getting sealed up by Nimue only to escape his duties guarding the world with his clairvoyance.
If only Yuu was here a year ago she'd saw her senpai almost beating the shit out of her own father after knowing that he just placed all of his duties onto her. 

"Now, now, (Y/n), I'm sure you know as to why your father's here." Crowley rang, trying to cease the tension between the father-daughter. 

"Of course, The exchange student program with RSA, how could I forget?"

"This is Peredur Galles, he was chosen to be RSA's representative." Merlin explained with an aloof smile on his face glancing towards the gray-haired student.

"The last name seems familiar... Are you perhaps Sir Percival's descendant?" (Y/n) questioned Peredur.

He nodded in response, "Yeah.. He's my ancestor... How'd you know that, by the way? Little to none know about his last name."

A never-seen expression creeps up to (Y/n)'s face. "Err.... I just happened to know, that's it!"
Yuu and Grim sweat dropped from her response.
Peredur seemed to have fell for the bait.

"Well then, Peredur will be under by (Y/n)'s care for a whole week. He'll also have to stay in your dorm for the time being." Crowley explained, pushing the three teenagers out of the room.
(Y/n) sighed deeply, as Yuu was a bit worried that a guy is staying over at their dorms.

"Come on then, we'll show you to Avalon Le Fay."

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The Knight of the Holy Grail, Sir Percival.
One of the two people who accompanied Galahad on their quest for the Holy Grail. 

If (Y/n) were to describe him, she'd call him "A Gentle Giant" of sorts.
Not only the mere fact that he's a bit taller than Lancelot, but also the fact that he's well-liked by children and animals that meet him for the first time, though said person is unaware of this fact. When he was alive, he used to stand in Camelot's garden in the morning sunlight, letting little birds rest on his shoulders and arms.

He's a good caretaker too, especially when it came to younger people and his juniors, he was very attentive.
(Y/n) was no exception either, he would often ask if she ate enough and that she was thinner than her other sibling, Gareth. 

If he was here now, he'd give her three servings of a full-course meal. 

She remembered how he would chase Gareth, Bors and Galahad (In that particular order) around the castle.

But of course, tranquility doesn't last forever. 

Everything Flows
All flames eventually go out. 

She wished she could return to those days, where everyone was in constant stillness.
Will this be, the answer to her eternity?

The death of her half siblings desolated her greatly. 
The joyful days of before suddenly became an eerie silence which mocked her relentlessly. 

She couldn't even stare back at his eyes anymore.

"Longevity is curse."
She muttered to herself, her eyes filled with the void, staring at graves of those she once knew.

And she knew, that she'll be able to outlive the ones she knows at the present. 

They'll have to leave her again.

"...(Y/n)-senpai? You've been staring at your food for the past minute, is anything wrong?" Yuu piped up, breaking her out of her thoughts. 

She looked up with those same void eyes from before. 

"It's nothing."
She answered nonchalantly before eating the food that went cold from being unnoticed.

Peredur just stared at her while he ate in silence. 
Thinking of ways to get a warm, genuine smile on her face. 
It doesn't take an expert to know that he's kind of attracted to her.

Yuu took notice of his frequent small glances at her.
Being that pretty must be exhausting, huh?

After minutes of awkward silence (Y/n) had finished eating. 
She stood up from her seat and bluntly spoke to the three; "Let's go back to the dorms."

They obliged as Grim continues to nibble on his sushi they had for leftovers.

No one muttered a single word on their way to Avalon Le Fay dorm.

When they arrived Grim just plopped down on the couch, Yuu sat beside the cat-like being, stroking its head as she sighs exhaustedly. 

(Y/n) led her guest to the room's gonna stay in for the whole week.

"Here's your room, if you need anything just tell me or Yuu about it."
She says with a small smile on her face.

Peredur just felt his heart skip a beat.

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