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Maiden of Flowers

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Amidst the Flowers. 

There the Maiden of Flowers stood on the balcony of the tower, observing time and space with her Clairvoyance. 

With her father being sealed away by Nimue, she takes his place as the one who oversees the world from within the Garden. 

After being alone for so many years, she wanted to interact with the people on the ground. 

For she too had wished to live life normally like them. 

Thus she created a copy of herself, in the flesh. 

She cannot allow herself to leave the tower as she had to watch to keep everything in order. 

The white creature beside her feet, Cath Palug, mewled out a yawn. 

(Y/n) looks down at the creature, softly patting its head with her calloused fingers. 

She had heard of a school that teaches magecraft. Maybe, she'll enroll that copy of hers into that school, letting her interact with the people there. 

With a soft tap on the ground with her staff, the mimic embarks on a journey, to interact with different people. 

The mimic will soon live a casual, easy going life on the college. But as for the original one herself, she remains within her humble abode, where she'll stay there until the end of time. 

A single tear falls down from the Magus' eyes. 

As she'll never truly experience the beauty of life.