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Caeruleum Elisam

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“Did you grab them, Lisa?” Gold eyes looked at hazel ones.

    Lisa, covered in soot and a cut on her cheek, nodded, “Yes, but I risked getting smacked by a tree branch though.”

    Yukina stood up from the chair, and walked towards the coffee table in the room and grabbed the first aid kit. Once in her hands she opened the box, pulling out a bandaid and a small hand sanitizer wipe packet. She walked towards Lisa, and once the two were just centimeters apart, she ripped the packet open, and pulled out the wipe, “Does it hurt?”

    Lisa’s lip flinched at the small stinging pain from the wipe, “A bit,”

    “I’m sorry,” Once the wound was cleaned Yukina pulled a small pink bandaid out and placed it on the other girl’s cheek.

    Lisa smiled and waved her hand, “You don’t need to apologize Yukina! My injury wasn’t your fault. Besides, it was my turn to go pick up water today! I just made a clumsy mistake.”

    Yukina's stoic eyes stayed, “Just be careful..”

    When the two (and the rest of the school) were forced from their classroom in Haneoka, it was all strange. The class was taking a break at the time before moving onto their next subject, but then a loud scream was heard from a few classrooms down. The class ignored it at first, just thinking it was a student yelling at a teacher, but once they heard more screams and cries of “GO”, “GO”, the teacher told the rest of the class to stay in their seats. Butterflies filled Yukina’s stomach, and the class waited a few minutes until their teacher hadn’t returned. Worry filled the class and when running was heard, the girl closest to the door, slowly walked and opened the door, seeing many students running. Then the rest was history. The girls had ran and ended up at a storage place. Was there a person inside originally? Yes. There was. Or zombie to say the least, and how did two weaponless schoolgirls fight it? They “simply” ran and stood in front of an open storage unit. When the zombie was close enough they sharply turned. They heard a crash, and Yukina, who was closest to the unit, slammed the gate down, trapping the infected.

    “Yukina, don’t you ever think about how strange this all is?” Lisa sighed.

    Yukina arched her eyebrows, “What kind of question is that? Of course I do, all of this happened so quickly.”

    She wasn’t lying. From the classroom to here, hiding in a storage unit, was strange. All the events that have happened left the girls’ minds still trying to process (to this day) what was going on.

    Lisa stood, “Why haven’t we tried looking for the rest of Roselia..?” 

    Yukina gave a sad look, “I mean, we sent a text… I’m not sure whether they have any service or not.” Yukina paused, “Or if they’re… infected..”

    Lisa shook her hands, “Oh come on Yukina, the rest of our band mates are strong, I’m sure they’re still alive.”

    “I guess you’re right.” The silver haired girl continued, “We have some rice and eggs left. I was wondering if that sounded good to eat tonight.”

    “Whatever we have will be fine. We can’t really be picky,” Lisa awkwardly chuckled.

    “Rice and eggs it is then.”

    While Yukina went over to the hot plate and turned it on, Lisa walked out of the unit to another to find a pot. Where the two stayed wasn’t bad at all, their only issues would be food, but besides that, most units had useful items the girl’s could easily grab. Not to mention, a strange but helpful item was a handheld gun the two found in one of the units. Buying and owning a gun was a very difficult process, and the only people who really owned one were the military and Yakuza. The process of owning one was nearly impossible with all the requirements you had to have before even glancing at one. But here, in one of the many units, two high schoolers had the luck of easily having one in their grasp. Once Lisa acquired the pot she grabbed two plastic water bottles in the corner and walked back towards the unit she was previously in with Yukina.

    “Here,” The bassist handed the singer the two water bottles and pot.


Yukina turned on the hot plate and placed the pot over the plate.

    “We’re running out of bottles by the way.” Lisa spoke.

    As Yukina poured the rice in a bucket, she spoke, “We’ll just get more then.”

    “Yukina, please, just stop and look at me.” Lisa frowned.

    “The rice is going to burn.”

    Lisa walked forward and tapped the shorter’s shoulder. Yukina didn’t budge, “Lisa, go sit. I’m trying to finish dinner. Lisa sighed and went to sit at the low coffee table in the unit.


    Yukina placed the bowls of rice down with chicken placed on top. Yukina took a seat across from Lisa, “What is it you wanted to so desperately talk to me about.”

    “Yukina… we should leave..or.. at least, look for the others.”

    The other placed her chopsticks down, “For what reason? They haven’t contacted us and we’re perfectly safe here!”

    Lisa angrily punched her fist on the table, “Have you not forgotten about the zombie that’s still alive in this place?! We might be alive right now, but will we be later?!” Yukina’s eyebrows furrowed downwards, “Fine, but you know we already tried to contact them.”

    Lisa’s fist relaxed, “We just have to try again. It’ll be way better if we know where they are, and you know..” She paused, giving a small smile, “all of Roselia being able to be together during these times.?”

    “We may be able to do that, I hope at least. Let’s finish up dinner and go to sleep soon. We have quite a few things to get tomorrow and the earlier we get up the better.” The singer finished.

    Once the two finished they threw away their paper plates and got ready for bed. Which was setting up their sleeping bag, using some expired mouthwash they found, and locking the unit door. Lisa sat on top of her sleeping bag with her phone out looking at the recent news. Not much except for forums blowing up because of some supposed ‘antidote’ someone made to stop all of this. Besides that the short notice the government would put out daily was full of nothing but words of ‘stay calm’ and ‘everything will be fine soon’ when all of it was just false reassurance. 

    Around three days after the virus of people showing sudden aggression (or also known as the zombies) left the government to hide. Hiding in some underground place and leaving their citizens they vowed to protect and help to fend for themselves. The silence had broken after three days of every feeling but happiness from everyone with a ‘ we will start a program called supply drops ’. Essentially that’s what it was like it’s name promoted. Scattered throughout towns huge crates full of food, personal hygiene, and first aid materials were inside the crates. 

    Yukina and Lisa had discussed the special crates, and decided they’d go pick up some items from the crate. Well that turned out to be a disaster. Yukina decided she’d go out and pick up the items they needed until it tuned into the fucking hunger games. When Yukina arrived at the crate it was peaceful until the silver haired girl got jumped by a group. It was unexpected for the silver haired girl and the only thing she could even thank the world for were the zombies. It started to get messy with people grabbing Yukina by the shoulders yelling at her to drop everything she had and being thrown around like a sack of potatoes. 

    Everyone at that site knew they had fucked up when one of them tried to shoot Yukina, and instead of shooting his target, he missed and hit the metal bucket nearby. Within seconds, like rats, many zombies appeared out of nowhere curious about the sound. Still held back by one of the people in the group she harshly bit down on her hand drawing not only blood, but along with a loud yelp that signaled the zombies there was food nearby. Yukina ran, ran with all her might back towards the unit hoping none of her attackers would follow her. 

    When she arrived back at the place, Lisa opened the door, horrified at Yukina’s state. Ever since they’d learnt (and Yukina feeling it) the ways people could be so selfish, they vowed never to go to a supply drop unless they were in dire need of whatever the cowardly government officials left. Lisa took a deep breath and opened up her messaging app. She scrolled a bit and found the Roselia group chat and sent out the message:


    Lisa ♥︎: Where are you guys? And is everything okay..? If you can, pls respond


    As Yukina arrived back in the room, she quietly put an old dresser in front of the unit’s door. She walked towards the bassist and sat on her sleeping bag next to her companion. Lisa looked up at the golden eyed girl, “I sent a message.”

    “Did they respond?” The singer responded.

    “No but I mean I didn’t expect them too, it’s a bit late, you know?”

    Yukina started to unzip the sleeping bag and lay in it, “That’s true.”

    “Goodnight Lisa.”

    Lisa turned to her side, “Goodnight Yukina.”

    Lisa assumed Yukina had fallen asleep and in the quiet room unknowing of what was happening outside the storage place,Lisa softly spoke, “I love you, Yukina.”

    Yukina in return, frowned.


     Running was a norm in Misaki’s life now. Did she feel like throwing up her insides? Yes. Hagami being the fittest one in the group would force the others to run for thirty minutes each day, non-fucking-stop. Starting with the first fifteen minutes being a casual run to the last fifteen being run at full speed without Hagumi catching them. The first day the group started these runs it was a disaster. The only one who didn’t get tagged by Hagumi was (surprisingly) Tae. Well, there were only a few of them. The group included Misaki, Kasumi, Hagumi, Kanon, Eve and Tae. The rest had been separated at some point when everyone ran in their separate ways, praying it was all a dream and still hanging on to the desperate wish of living. The taste of bile and metal rose to the roof of Misaki’s mouth.

    “Three more minutes!” Hagumi yelled.

    ‘Oh thank the lords,’ Misaki thought.

    Currently Misaki and Eve were the last ones running with the others quietly cheering them on. Whether it be to prevent the infected from roaming towards them or not to make them distracted, Misaki was thankful. Thankful that she still had her friends. Her legs ached, begging to just give up and let Hagumi tag her. However, her legs, through all her internal suffering, continued to push. Eve was just a few feet in front of her, running a bit quicker than Misaki.

    “Time!” Kanon called,

    Both girls slowly came to a stop, Misaki, wobbling a bit. As soon as Eve felt her center of gravity return, the girl simply plopped face forward onto the grass. The white haired girl moved her body so she’d be laying on her back and smiled. Hagumi, who also slowly came towards a stop, put her hands on her knees, panting a bit.

    The redhead caught her breath, “That was..” another pant. “Great!” Standing up straight again she continued, “You guys actually ran the whole time! Good job!”

    The others who had been tagged also agreed, cheering for them until Kasumi had an announcement. Clearing her throat the singer spoke, “Meet me at the swing set in a few minutes! I’ve got news!” 

    Before anyone could ask what the girl was doing, the singer dashed, leaving the rest of the group to chat amongst themselves.

    “My chest hurts,” Eve spoke, panting.

    “Same here,” Misaki replied, both girls chuckling.

    “You guys did great.” Kanon smiled. The blue haired girl then groaned and put her hands on her face. Dragging out the h, the girl continued, “Ugh Hagumi caught me within the first ten minutes.

    Tae turned towards the drummer, “You’ll be able to outrun Hagumi at some point, you just need to build up more endurance.” Tae finished with a smile.

    Eve chinned in, “Honestly Hagumi, this was a great idea. We already saw how fast the zombies were and…” Eve paused, frowning before continuing, “how much a game of cat and mouse this is now..”

    Hagumi frowned as well, “Yeah.. but um don’t mention it! When we are against zombies we’ll just have to keep running until we find a hiding spot.”

    Everyone knew why it got quiet. The blonde singer from Hello, Happy World! was in everyone’s mind.

    Misaki bit her lip, ‘She was so close.’

    Tae, noticing the silence, said, “I think we should go see Kasumi now.”

    The others quickly noticed, shaking their heads quickly and went towards the tiny shed in their temporary haven. In the midst of running the group didn’t know where they were going. It’s as if their legs had separated from their mind and ran wherever fate took them to. After around twenty minutes of running (with part of those minutes almost being hit by a car), the group ended up in a place with many sheds and a large open area(?). Eve had broken the door down and with their luck, surprisingly, it was empty, abandoned really. Most of the sheds were empty, but some were full of items the girls didn’t imagine they’d achieve so easily. The open field, the large fence that was taller than all of them was amazing. 

    They’d found somewhere to live, for now. If you were to ask Misaki how they even got to this place she wouldn’t know. When Hagumi and Kasumi were dragging the dj out, everything felt blurry whether it be from the overflowing tears or shock of the whole situation. At some point the girl was forced to run with the rest of them and more or so just followed the others. Before, Misaki would’ve preferred to die with Kokoro or for their roles to be reversed, but now, She knew she had to stay alive. When they arrived at the small red shed Kasumi was in, they entered, seeing the girl standing behind the desk in the shed. The desk had a piece of blank manilla paper laying on the desk, and once they all entered they looked at the brunette.

    “We’re gonna leave.” Kasumi spoke. Before she let anyone protest she continued, frowning, “We don’t have a lot of supplies, especially food.”

    “What’s your best plan of action?” Misaki asked, averting her eyes.

    Kasumi scratched her head, “Well.. I don’t really have much right now except going to the nearest convenience store or grocery store.”

    Misaki sighed, “What’s the closest near us— does Google Maps even work?”

    The purple-eyed girl replied, “The closest near us is ten minutes away and is a 7-Eleven.”

    Eve’s eyes widened, “It’s a shock Google Maps is even working right now, I figured with where we are, we’d barely get any reception.”

    “That’s what I thought too, but with the amount of food we have left I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look.” Kasumi tilted her head a bit, eyes furrowing, “The only problem is, it's in downtown.”

    Hagumi’s eyes widened, “And that’s the only one nearby..?”

    “The second closest to that one is ten minutes more than that one, more near the east side of town.”

    Misaki sighed, “So we’ll be expecting lots of the infected.”

    Kasumi, along with the others, frowned, “Yeah, and I’m not sure how much of the city has them.” The brunette continued, “That’s why I asked you guys to come over, so we could figure out how to make this all work.”

    And for the next hour and a half the group brainstormed, brainstorming ideas for their safety and what could possibly be the easiest path to the convenience store.

    “I’m telling you Eve! If we split at sections around the store we can break in through different parts making it easier to kill a zombie if it tries to kill us!”

    Slamming her hands on the desk, “Splitting up has always been bad!” Eve threw her arms up, “Plus! What about Kanon?! True she can run faster and longer than before, but you know she has a tendency to overthink things!”

    Kanon, offended, chimed in, “Eve, I can protect myse—”

    Hagumi interrupted her bandmate, “Don’t underestimate Kanon! This way will work!”

    Misaki, getting irritated, spoke up, “All of you need to calm down. Let’s settle it this way, raise your hand if you like Hagumi’s entrance plan.” Everyone raised their hand except Eve and Tae. “Now raise your hand if you agree with Eve’s plan of going in as a group.” Only Eve and Tae raised their hand. “Please don’t argue, and as I’m sure you saw, we’re going with Hagumi’s plan.”

    The plan was finalized, and to make sure there were no more revisions needed, Kasumi ran through it one final time. “Any last minute comments?” The purple eyed girl asked.

    “I don’t think so..” Tae responded.

    Kasumi looked up, smiling, “It’s done then, we leave three days from now!” 


    Three days had passed and it was the day they were all awaiting. The group was currently walking towards their twenty minute journey to downtown. They weren’t that far from their base as their walk had only started five minutes ago and left the group quiet. Everyone had their eyes peeled for potential sightings of an infected, and the deep fear in their stomach wondering if today would be the last day they see the world correctly. Not blinded by the neverending desire of biting into human flesh hoping the desire would die down. What kind of weapons did the group have you might ask? For the most part it was just gardening and handyman tools laying around in some of the sheds. Misaki had an old axe she found by the entrance along with a first aid kit in her backpack. 

    Misaki’s setup was pretty much the same as the rests’. With a weapon and a first aid kit in their backpack, well besides Kasumi. Poppin’ Party’s singer was the only one without a first aid kit as there had been simply not enough kits for the group. Surprisingly, Misaki felt pumped about getting the supplies, hoping she could finally get a toothbrush and some toothpaste. The group had just been using these five year old breath mints they found in one of the sheds as a way to freshen up the smell. Everyone’s backpack was extremely bare, the first aid kit had everything they needed, and the reason why was hoping they could just shove food into their bags, relocate, and then get the hell out before they became someone’s feast. Where they would relocate was under a bridge and if anything went wrong to immediately run home. 

    The group found a handheld gun just laying on the floor in one of the sheds and before they could cheer, the gun was sadly empty, proving itself to be useless until they could (hopefully) find bullets. Despite the nearby sounds of agony, the world felt oddly peaceful. Maybe it was the field. Maybe it was the cloudy sky. But the walk felt great, including the nice breeze in the air. 

    Sick of the quiet, Hagumi spoke, “What are you guys looking forward to getting?”

    Kanon spoke first, “I’m hoping I can find a chocolate bar, I miss the taste..” She chuckled.

    Kasumi proceeded, “I really want to find a sticker page full of cute stars!” The brunette threw her arms up in excitement.

    Eve threw a fist in the air, “Waffles!”

    Misaki tapped her chin, “This might sound dumb, but honestly a toothbrush and toothpaste.” She nervously giggled, scratching her left temple.

    Tae smiled, “It’s not! I’m sure a lot of us miss you know..” Tae deadpanned, “personal hygiene.”

    The rest giggled and Kanon proceeded to ask Tae what she wanted, “Hmm,” She tilted her head, thinking, “Maybe celery and peanut butter since they remind me of Oddie.” She murmured the last part.

    “We’re only five minutes away from our destination”. Kasumi said.

    The reality of fighting the infected was slowly becoming true. Only five minutes until they were bound to at least see two or more. The uneasy feeling returned to everyone’s stomach making them feel a feeling of weightlessness. The city appeared closer and closer as Eve quickly whispered, “Get ready and keep a steady eye for anything that heads our way.”

    “Two.” Kasumi whispered.

    The group proceeded to split at that point knowing what way they’d be heading to. Misaki had the furthest point. She’d be heading towards the door in the very back of the store. Gripping her axe harshly her eyes darted around her surroundings, steps barely making a soft thud. Taking a turn towards the alley, the DJ paused. The sound of only her beating heart was heard. When the dark haired girl realized no one else was there she proceeded, making her last turn towards the convenience store. Pausing once again she listened for any potential groans or heavy pants. A groan could be heard in the distance leaving the girl frozen until she realized the origin of the sound was (thankfully) nowhere near Misaki. Misaki walked quickly towards the door and paused. Closing her eyes, she took a deep inhale and then slowly exhaled. 

    “Here goes nothing..”

    The dark haired girl twisted the door knob, slowly pushing the door in. Once she was inside she closed the door. With her heart thumping, hand gripping the axe tightly and the feeling of weightlessness she stepped in. The DJ seemed to be in the employees only part of the store with there being a few seats and tables which she assumed was the break room. Oh and not to mention the other door inside which she presumed was the office. With no sounds of the infected being present, she continued walking. She searched through the break room and looked for anything edible the group could eat. Thankfully, there was a bowl of granola bars on one of the tables. Unzipping her bag, she poured the bars from the bowl down her backpack. Besides the granola bars she found some drinks in a mini fridge. Misaki crouched down to see what was inside. 

    Opening the fridge door she saw inside there were a few beer bottles, some water, and some fruit sodas. The fruit sodas would probably explode on the way home which wouldn’t be the cleanest nor safest thing to do, so Misaki just picked up the waters. Pausing, she wondered if she should grab one of the bottles. In the apocalypse, did anything matter anymore? Did laws still apply? She didn’t even know how the status of her family was right now, whether they were dead, alive or injured. Hesitantly, she grabbed the bottle and put it in her bag. She stood back up and continued walking to the corridor of the employees only part of the store and paused once again listening for any moans. Only the sound of scuffling was heard which she assumed was someone from her group already in the aisles.

    Misaki walked past the corridor into the counter, and spoke somewhat loudly, “‘M’.”

    In return, Hagumi’s voice was heard, “‘H.’”

    Misaki smiled knowing the coast was clear. On the counter, there were a few roller hot dogs still running. Misaki took a few of them and put them in a 7-Eleven bag. Wrapping them up she put them in her backpack. She walked out of the clerk’s corner and into the store. Footsteps were heard and a door opening was heard.



    It seemed Kanon and Tae were in now, their heads appearing now that they were fully walking into the main part of the store.

    “‘M’ and ‘H’.” Misaki spoke even though their faces were fully in view now.

    Tae giggled, and Misaki smiled.

    Going into the toiletries section of the store, Misaki picked up what she’d been dying to get. A yellow toothbrush and mint toothpaste hung on the wall, she grabbed them. Shoving them into her bag she went onto the food aisle. She grabbed some of the lemon with cream rolls, shrimp chips and some more granola bars she found. Going into the frozen aisle she found some fruit, but wondered if she should pick it up or not. 

    “‘E’!” The sound of Eve’s voice was heard.

    “Everyone’s here except Kasumi.” Kanon replied.

    The chances of it going bad quickly were high and they’d probably have to eat most of it when they arrived back. They had a cooler and mini fridge but it didn’t have much space to hold this platter of fruit. Deciding to screw it, she grabbed the platter and put it in her bag. Lastly she went into the hot foods section which seemed a bit warm instead now. The heater was going in and out which left the food semi warm. She grabbed some fried chicken she found and the small packet of shrimp tempura with some rice. She walked back to the center where she saw Kasumi had walked in.

    The door’s jingle rang. Everyone froze, until they heard, “Poppin’.” Kasumi spoke. Kasumi’s word of affirmation was different since Kanon and Kasumi’s name started with the same letter. There was the thought of saying ’T’ instead for the singer’s last name but then they remembered Tae’s name started with a ‘T’.

    “We’re all here, Eve replied. 

    ‘That took a bit,’ Misaki thought.

    It confused the DJ, Kasumi had what they thought was the easiest opening, which was just simply walking through the front door. Misaki’s backup was getting pretty full at this point with all the items she collected, so she decided to wait in the center. 

    Kasumi came up to her, “What are you doing?” The singer questioned.

    “I grabbed enough, and Hagumi and I were like the first ones here, so she’s probably almost done collecting stuff too.” Misaki responded.

    “Oh.” Kasumi said.

    After Kasumi’s response the speakers started playing something.

    “What the—” Misaki cut herself off.

    The speakers started to play Initial by Poppin’ Party. Kasumi froze, eyes wide open. Tae came to the front too, shocked by the song.

    Kasumi turned to Tae, “D-Did we, d-did we make it?!” She finished with a rising grin.

    Tae grinned, “Yes!”

    The two quietly cheered as their song finally made it to the charts.

    “We did it Tae!” Kasumi jumped. “Well not just us. Rimi, Saaya, Arisa, you and I, we made it! Poppin’ Party made it to a 7-Eleven’s playlist!” The two squealed and hugged each other. 

    Soon after, the rest came to the front and congratulated the two for their achievement.

    “I think we’re all ready to go.” Kasumi said.

    The rest nodded and went through the front door. It’d been a success, the group got more food and learnt one of their songs made it. Hagumi opened the door letting everyone out quietly speaking amongst themselves, forgetting to listen and stay quiet. The song’s achievement was the topic in everyone’s mind, talking about the nice dinner they’d have at home. A few moans could be heard but the group disregarded it. Well they disregarded it until the alarm went off.

    “Fuck.” Tae cursed.

    The group tried to hush the alarm, but it was no use. The loud blaring sound kept going, and probably at some point had gone an octave higher. Loud running and screeches we heard, and that’s when the group knew it was time to run.

    “Run!” Misaki yelled.

    The group started to run and tried to listen for which direction the stomps and running was coming from but it made sense when a group of zombies appeared in front of them. They yelped and started running in the opposite direction. If it weren’t for the group of infected chasing them, their exit from the city would’ve been easy. Whilst running another group of zombies appeared from the other side, now combining with the other group wanting to get a taste of human flesh. The size of the group had tripled in size, making it impossible for Misaki and the rest of the group to stand their guard while trying to fight the zombies.

    Misaki bit her lip, ‘Shit, shit, shit!’

    Looking back at the rest of the group she spoke, “We’re gonna have to spli—”

    “WATCH OUT!” Kanon yelled. Another group of zombies had gotten the memo that humans were here, and decided to also chase them. The size of all the infected combined was unnerving.

    Starting to get tired Misaki panted, “We all need to split.”

    “What?!” Kasumi yelled.

    “They’ll latch onto us easier with us in a group, it’ll be better if we split, we all have to run in different directions! That way we can leave easier and meet under the bridge.” Misaki breathed harshly, “Kasumi you said that’s where we’d meet, right? Well for all of us to relocate and get back to the base, we need to meet there. Plus we can call each other if something happens.”

    Kasumi opened her mouth but no words came out.

    Hagumi frowned, “Three… two..” The group got ready to change directions. “ONE!”

    Everyone turned, running in opposite directions from each other. Misaki turned to the right, running straight into the alley. She didn’t know where the others were going, and instead focused on her and the zombies. She managed to attract seven zombies to follow her based on the quick look she took, and the snarling coming from the running infected. She made another turn and quickly using the axe broke a fence through the wood blocking the way. Two zombies ran into the wall while another got stuck by the wood. She continued dashing, heart feeling like it was gonna burst. She made another turn and saw a toolbox in the corner. Quickly snatching it she grabbed it, turned and threw it at the zombies. One got a direct hit while the one behind it also fell with it.

    Misaki turned again and continued to run, ‘Only two left..’ She coughed.

    The DJ’s eyes went wide. “Fuck!”

    She’d run into a dead end.

    “Shit, shit, fuck fuck, fuck!” She chanted. Turning around and immediately getting into position both zombies came rushing towards her. When one of them got close enough she swung the axe with the last amount of strength she had, striking down on its head. The injured zombie screamed while the other tried to bite. She moved quickly to the side, taking out her axe and swinging once again, this time harsher. Blood splat, leaving some on her face. When it slowly stopped screaming, Misaki remembered the other at the last minute. Trying to get the axe out the head, her heart pounded trying to quickly get ready for the next until she’d been too late. She slipped and while trying to get up the zombie took a bite at her waist. Misaki screamed.


    Her heart was screaming, and with her axe swung at the side of the zombie’s neck. It paused, stopped biting and slowly fell to the floor. Misaki sat petrified. She threw the axe to the side. With shaky hands the dark haired girl lifted up her shirt. A dark blue bite mark was shown on her waist. She threw her back pack off, and moved everything out the way and looked for the first aid kit. The bite stung so much and left some blood coming from the bite. Opening up the kit she pulled out a bandage and some alcohol.

    Grabbing a cotton gauze, she poured some alcohol on the gauze and put it on her waist, Chanting, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck.” She breathed in.

    Choking out a sob, she grabbed a bandage and  some tape. She placed the bandage on the wound, taping it along the side of her waist. She slowly pushed her shirt back down, and cried, “How could I be so fucking stupid! I should’ve just stayed in the group with them!

    Regretting her suggestion, she grabbed her phone from her pocket and looked for Kasumi’s pocket. She clicked on her contact, and clicked the call button.

    Ring… Ring…

    “Hello?! Where are you Misaki?! It’s been thirty minutes. Where are you?! We can come get yo—”

    “Kasumi!” She sniffled.


    “I need you to listen.” Trying to hold back her voice from cracking, “I got bit.”

    There was silence from the other phone.

    “Yeah… I got bitten. I just wanted to say” She finally burst into tears. “I’m sorry.” She hiccuped. “Could you put the phone on speaker right now.”


    “Hagumi… Kanon… Eve—”

    “Misaki, where are you?!” Hagumi interrupted.

    “Hagumi, shut up! I got bitten okay?!” The DJ yelled through the phone, sniffling. She continued, “I wanted to say goodbye. I got bitten and this is it. Please stay safe and survive.” Before she could let anyone respond she cut them off, “Goodbye all.”

    Hanging up she put her phone back in her pocket and brought her knees to her chest. Wrapping her hands around her knees she wept. She didn’t know how long she cried for until she was laying on the floor, eyes puffy and red. Voice hoarse. She moved her body towards her backpack and leaned on it, watching the orange sky slowly turn pink. She thought about Kokoro and wondered if she would see her soon. Deciding to finally close her eyes, she whispered, “Happy… smile, lucky.. yay.”